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The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sex...
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The Key
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I like to see barefoot fat black women bonked over...
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seeing stars...

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phil redding

just breathe into this rag, and...


yahoo messenger: larry.jones225


New to this site. Looking for female friends...


I love the idea of rendering a girl unconscious and reviving her by making her orgasm. In fact I like the idea of being rendered unconscious and having a girl revive me by making me orgasm.


i faint easily, and have been knocked out in different ways..on occasion. it turns me on if it's with the right person or people...


I'm now on Trillian. ID garciaterri

CH Mask

Just found this site and am pretty excited to meet people with my interests.

The Incubus

Just Looking To Increase My Friends List (Ignore If Your Not Interested) Press That Add Button And Check Out My Extensive Celebrity Gallery While Your At It, Thanks For Your Time.


Yoo the spam ads on here are 222 classic like how did these indonesian hair cream companies find this site do you think they're watching us thoughtsss?


How does one approach someone to become a pornstar in a fetish film anyways? And just how much money does it take?

C Fel

Cfel150 on yahoo. Let's chat

Uwe Neumann

Catching and carrying a women that fainted or was rendered unconscious from chloro or drugs or somethink. I enjoy watching them slowly slip away from reality..this is one of my fantasies.If she love this to make with me, lets do it....ohhhh pore boy ...
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