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EVW Death Fetish movies only $1 month!

Discussion started by Sandman , on 07 August 07:42 pm

Evangeline Von Winter has setup a Patreon page for Death Fetish movies!. Instead of paying $1 a minute for one movie imagine paying $1 for the entire movie!

If enough people surround the project and support it with a few dollars we can gather enough for it to be worth the time producing it while giving it to everyone for less than anyone else.

Here is an example:
10 people give $1 a month everyone gets one 10 minute movie a month
10 people give $3 a month everyone gets one 20 minute movie a month
25 people give $1 a month everyone gets one 20 minute movies a month
25 people give $2 a month everyone gets two 10 minute movies a month
50 people give $1 a month everyone gets two 10 minute movies a month
50 people give $2 a month everyone gets two 10 minute movies a month, and one Female/Female movie a month
50 people give $4 a month everyone gets Three 10 minute movies a month, and two Female/Female movie a month

This is how it works.

1) Go to

2) There will be a bright red button on the left that reads: "Become a Patron" click that button. It will take you to a new page

3) This page will show a box that reads: "Select your reward" there are no rewards setup yet. That’s for if/when the goals get to higher levels. At the moment we are just starting out so that "rewards" box doesn't apply. Just put down $1 (or however much you want to give) and hit continue. We are asking everyone who wants to contribute to only give $1 for now. If you want to give $2 or $3 or more that’s OK, but we are asking everyone to start at $1 to see if they like the service. If you like the service and you want to try for the next goal you can up your personal pledge to whatever you like. if enough people do that and we hit the next goal everyone will get rewarded.

4) At that point you can decide what payment source you want to pledge from either a credit card, a debit card, or a paypal account.

5) That’s it. You're done.


Whats the point?
If enough people join at a low $ level we can get enough to make projects that everyone gets to enjoy every month.
The more the goal grows the more content gets released.
The higher the total goal that is reached the more everyone gets for their money.

When do the movies get released?
Every month towards the last week of the month we will be releasing a new movie.
as the goals expand and more movies are added they will be released every week in reverse
( If it’s a one movie a month goal that movie is released the last week of the month. if its a two movie month the first movie will be released the third week of the month and the second one will be released the last week, and so on)

What’s with the "no reward" message I thought that the movies were the reward?
No....the movies are not the reward. Rewards are something that’s set aside for when the campaign is far larger. For example if and when we get to the $500 point I can add a reward for anyone contributing $50 in one shot. and that reward will be to write a scene and it will get filmed. In that case you're looking at a custom movie.

Will I get asked to repay every month?
No. When you signup you will enter how much money to donate every month. you can raise this to add more or reduce it to give less. if you want to give nothing you can do that too. but understand that giving nothing means you get nothing as well.

How do I get my movie every month?
Whenever we release a movie you will get an email, also there will be a link printed in the post section of the page. you can click it and download directly

Why should I even bother doing this?
You really don't if you don't wish to. the purpose of this is to offer a full movie to a large group of people and all of them pay just a little to get a lot. On top of that a portion of the profits will be sent to charity and I mentioned earlier we will be posting a screenshot of the donation for full transparency. My main goal here is to be able to make things a bit easier for everyone, while also giving to charity. It works across the board.

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