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The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sex...
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I like to see barefoot fat black women bonked over...
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First experience of sleep fetish

Discussion started by m4st3rkr0n , on 05 November 01:32 pm

How long have you had a chloro fetish and what do you think was the trigger that brought it out to you?

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Surprisingly easy. I actually had no idea it was a fetish in the first place when I experienced it the first time. I was pointing out to my girlfriend that I thought certain scenes in movies where the woman was put out cold and suddenly became a limp rag were really hot.

She did not seem to look at me like I had six eyes so I asked her if she would play home invasion victim and she smiled "Like really, you want me to do that?"

I said "No I would love it."

Well OK she said seeming both nervous and excited and asked exactly what I would do and she went along and came of wit her own later on.

Some woman I never approached the subject with but I guess trust is the most important issue. Trust she will trust you, trust that you trust her with your fantasies and really what is sex without trust. Many would say any sex is great but I've only left those situations feeling empty. Part of the thrill is knowing this beautiful person you are with trusts you tyo bare everything to me in an unconventional way and knowing that she is comfortable, and usually for the first time, sharing there secret turn ons.
Sunday, 22 January 2017 00:48
Don Juan
Developed when I was about 14. I had 3 sisters but one of them was 12, really hot and looked exactly like Cali Logan. At that age I just reacted to what turned me on and didn't know about incest. A couple years passed and we'de innocently wrestle and RP in which I always got turned on by. She always lost by being ko'ed in some kind of way and she seemed to enjoy it which added to the turn on factor greatly. I could go into much further detail but if someone wanted to read that they'de HAVE to friend me and HAVE to be a female...
Friday, 09 September 2016 23:56
When I was 8, it could commonly be seen on films choro scenes. One day at an aunt's house I saw a female cousin sleeping on her bed. She was 18 and was using a short skirt and a shorter t shirt so her beautifully belly and navel exposed. She was so pretty... I imagined me chloroing her in order to have her limp to be seen (later when I was a teen I developed the sex complement of fantasies). So with the same experience I got three fetishes: sleep, fellow females (later I understood that I am bi) and navel.
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 23:07