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Last replied by Ralph Mirto on Sunday, 03 July 2016
Cbiscuit, i love darts for the same reason but also because they dont obscure the features on the victim as they get loopy and drowsy and very sexily fall asleep. but nice story, i did love it.
Last replied by Seth on Tuesday, 30 April 2013
C.Biscuit Survivor Knock Out Jason talked to the 5 girls as Justin drove the yacht toward the island. He told them the rules and how much money was involved. The girls would be hunted for 2 rounds, and there would be 2 challenges in between the rounds. The winner would receive $25,000 in cash. The others were paid $2000 each for participating and would get $5000 if they won one of the challenges. Since the girls were all models, photos would be taken by Justin. They didn’t know about the knock out part yet. Plenty of time for that once they were on the island. Each girl was dressed in the same red string bikini. They were different size women so some girl’s breasts overflowed and some didn’t fill the suits out much. They were also wearing sneakers without socks. Due to the terrain of the island, they could not go barefoot and sandals wouldn’t do. Jason went into the cabin to check on things. He had 2 dart rifles and one pistol. There were 50 darts. There were about 20 water bottles. These were laced with Rohypnol, the date rape drug. If a girl drank half of the bottle she would get dizzy and pass out after about 20 minutes. If she drank all of it she would pass out within 10 minutes and sleep for 3-4 hours. Small sips would make her dizzy and disoriented after a while. The darts were specially made. They injected 80% on impact and the rest was injected when the dart fell out or was pulled out. The dosage was made for a 200 pound male, so the 100 pound models would be especially vulnerable. They would fall within 5 seconds and pass out within 10 seconds. They would be out for 2-3 hours, depending on how much of the drugged water was in their system. They would always pull the dart out, not realizing that it only injected more that way. It was a natural reaction. Besides, if they didn’t pull it out, he would when he went to them after they fell. The girls didn’t know it yet, but they just couldn’t win. They would get the money alright, but they had no chance of avoiding capture. The money was pennies to the boys. Their father died last year and left them each $50 million dollars. The boat was slowing down. The island was in sight. It wouldn’t be long now. Within 5 minutes the boat was tied to the dock and all were ashore. The island was just under a mile square. It was lush with trees and there were places to hide, but capture was inevitable. Once docked the boys unloaded photo equipment, chairs, tables, and a large tent. These were set up just out of sight of the water’s edge. Within an hour everything was in place. All the provisions were inside the tent. The girls were ready to be briefed for round one. Number 1 was Anna. She had long black hair and average size breasts. She was about 5 feet 5 and slender. Number 2 was Britney. She was 5 feet 2 and had large breasts that bulged out of her top. Her blonde hair was long and silky. Number 3 was Cory. She had tiny breasts and shiny brown hair. She was the smallest, barely 5 feet tall. Number 4 was Debbie. She was a brunette also with shorter hair and long legs. She stood about 5 feet 3, and her breasts perfectly filled out the bikini top. And then there was Number 5. Enya was from Brazil and had awesome breasts that pointed straight out. Her hair was jet black and her legs turned heads everywhere she went. She was five feet 7, the tallest, but still slender and would be easy to carry. Justin started taking photos of the girls right away. When Jason got out one of the rifles the girls looked startled. He told them not to worry, that it was only a dart gun. When the girls were found and shot with a dart, they were to lie down and play dead. They would then be carried back to the tent and would wait for the next round. They kind of giggled then, and he handed them each a water bottle. They were told they would only get one per round and to make it last. The island was a very hot steamy place. The girls were told that they would have a 30 minute head start. Then they would be hunted. The last girl found would win the first round and be on her way to the big prize. They were warned not to stay near each other. Girls that were found together talking would be eliminated from the round. Justin snapped one last picture and said “Survivors Ready, go hide!” The girls, still giggling, scattered in several directions. Justin put down the camera and got a dart rifle out of the tent. Even though he didn’t share Jason’s sleepy fetish, he sure loved to strip and play with the girls when they were out. He liked to carry them too. Jason eagerly looked at his watch. He couldn’t wait for the hunt. In half an hour there was no sign of any of the girls. The boys set out in opposite directions. Within 15 minutes Jason spotted a girl. He looked through his telescopic site. It was #4 Debbie. He aimed for her right hip and fired a dart. She turned around as it struck her and she went down as she was told. As he approached her, he watched her head roll to the side. She was really out now. When he reached her, he put down his rifle and removed the dart and placed it in his pouch. Then he lifted her limp body off the ground and untied her top. Her breasts fell free and he looked at them in awe. After fondling them for a while, he looked at her long slender legs. He untied one of her sneakers and took it off. Her feet were beautiful too. He removed the other sneaker and pulled her hanging top the rest of the way off. Then he posed her on the ground and took some pictures with a tiny digital camera. As Cory walked through the trees she was feeling light headed. She took another sip of water and wondered if the heat was getting to her. She could barely walk. Suddenly she felt a sting in her left leg. She looked down and saw the dart. Oh no she thought I’m caught already. Before she could lie down as she was told, she fell down. Her head was spinning. Her eyes wouldn’t focus. She tried blinking, but it didn’t help. That’s the last thing she remembered. Justin smiled as he approached her limp body. He lifted her head off the ground. She was a total rag doll. He pulled out the dart and looked her over. She was small and cute. Like a little doll he thought. He checked her water bottle. She had consumed about a third of it. The dart was very potent due to her size as well. This one would be out for at least 4 hours. Before he could play with her, he heard a rustling in front of him. He hid behind a tree and got his rifle ready. Britney was only 10 feet away! He fired and hit her right shoulder. She fell almost instantly. He watched as she tried to hold her head up and her eyes started to flutter. Then her eyes rolled closed and her head fell limp on the ground. Her beautiful blonde hair sprawled all over. Justin was elated! In less than an hour he had 2 captured. He carried Britney and placed her on the ground next to Cory. He took Cory’s top off first. He liked small breasts and her were as perky as they were tiny. He sat her up. They didn’t droop at all. Awesome he thought. After playing with them for about 15 minutes, he put her down and looked over Britney. He pulled the dart out of her shoulder and untied her top. Her huge breasts flung out like water balloons. Wow! These were awesome too! He played with them for a while. Then he decided to see if she was a real blonde. He pulled her bottom down to her knees. She was a real blonde alright. He played there for a while and then redressed both girls. He picked up Britney first and carried her back to the tent over his shoulder. Then he went back for Cory. He cradle carried her tiny limp form back next. Then he placed her next to Britney. After playing with Debbie for nearly 45 minutes, Jason put her top and sneakers back on and cradle carried her back to the tent. When he got there he was disappointed that Justin had already knocked out 2 girls, and he only had one. He smiled as he put Debbie’s limp body down next to Britney and Cory. Justin said that he would now stay with the girls while Jason hunted down the other 2. Justin said “I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of pulling for Enya to win this round.” We’ll see about that very soon!” Jason said. Then he grabbed more darts and left for the hunt. Enya needed to win. She would have to be smart. She needed the money to get her parents out of Brazil. She quickly realized that the water bottle was drugged. She drank a lot of water by nature and soon felt the effects. She knew it was Rohypnol, since she sometimes used to take one before sex with her boyfriend in Brazil. It made her dreamy and incredibly loose. She found a good hiding place within the first 15 minutes and covered herself with leaves. Then she drank the rest of the water bottle. She would be hidden and asleep for several hours and when she woke up, the others surely would have all been caught. As she waited to pass out, she could tell there was more than one pill in the water bottle. She had never succumbed so quickly before. She checked to make sure she was well hidden. That’s the last thing she remembered. Her eyes rolled closed and her head fell limp. Jason hunted for nearly half an hour, before he spotted a shadow behind a tree. It was Anna. He aimed the rifle and fired the dart. The dart penetrated her right thigh, and she quickly reached around and pulled it out. He could see a startled look on her face as the tranquilizer took effect. After all she was expecting to play dead after just a dart. She fell to her knees in a few seconds, and then her body fell sideways. She struggled to hold her head up for a few seconds, but it was no use. Her eyes fluttered and closed and her head fell limp to one side. Her lovely black hair covered part of her face. Jason smiled with satisfaction as he watched her pass out. The others had been too far away when it happened. Damn! She was beautiful he thought. He quickly lifted her up and untied her top. Her breasts were not huge, but were very well formed. After a few minutes he put her top back and carried her over his shoulder back to the tent. The boy’s got their wish. Enya had won this round. Now he would have to find her though. Justin gave him thumbs up as he put the very limp Anna down with the others. Then he checked the others. He lifted each of their arms, and when he released them they fell limp. He had nothing to worry about for now. They were all deeply under. Enya slowly opened her eyes. She jumped and heard the leaves she was hiding under rustle. She looked around. Her head was fuzzy and she couldn’t remember why she was there. The drug did that. It caused a loss of memory from the time it was taken. She pushed herself up off the ground and stood up to get her bearings. As she looked around she saw Jason coming towards her with the rifle. She tried to duck behind a tree, but it was too late! The dart had already hit her left shoulder. She tried to quickly yank it out, but that was her folly. She had just pulled it clear when her lights went out. She fell like a stone and was totally out before she hit the ground. The other drug was still in her system, and the powerful tranquilizer knocked her out almost instantly! Jason wondered why she fell so fast. When he got close, he saw the empty water bottle. “Oh man!” he said out loud. She’s gonna be out for a long time now! He lifted his prize doll and was drawn first to her long lovely legs. He lifted one and stroked it. Then he slowly untied her sneaker and partially unlaced it as if he were unwrapping a present. Finally the sneaker was so loose that it fell off by itself. Her feet were incredible! He slowly removed her other sneaker. He played with her legs and feet for quite a while before he undid her top. When he undid the other girls’ tops, he just untied the part behind their backs and lifted the top off over their heads. With Enya he carefully untied the string behind her neck first. The breasts started to pop out over the top now. Then he slowly pulled the bow behind her back the top suddenly fell completely off and revealed the most awesome breasts he’d ever seen. Back in the tent, Justin wondered what was taking so long. There weren’t that many places to hide. Surely he’d found her by now. Then he knew what the delay was. If he had found that one and darted her he wouldn’t bring her back anytime soon either! Especially when all the others were accounted for and he had nothing but time. After about an hour Jason was back with his prize over his shoulder. She was totally naked. He had put her top, bottom and sneakers into his pouch. Justin was stunned in awe as she was put down in the tent. Justin said that the others were still pretty far out. Then he took his turn playing with Enya, while Jason checked the others. After about half an hour, they redressed Enya together. Then they stepped out of the tent and had a couple of beers while the models slept. This was really fun so far they thought. Britney woke up first. She pushed on Cory but got no response. Debbie woke up next and shook Anna. Anna slowly awakened but, Enya wouldn’t budge and Cory was now awake but still pretty out of it. She soon passed out again. The dose was way too much for such a small girl and she had a fair amount of drugged water in her when she went down. The other 3 girls left the 2 sleeping beauties in the tent and started looking for the guys. When they found them outside the tent they all bitched about the guys using real knock out darts on them. The guys said that that’s why they were getting paid so much and that they wouldn’t hurt them. They gave each girl something to drink to calm them down. Eventually Cory woke up and joined them. She was still pretty groggy but wasn’t too mad about the darts. In fact she thought it was kind of cool passing out and being carried back like that. The other girls were a little surprised by her thinking it was cool to be knocked out. Finally after another hour Enya woke up and joined them. She was unusually calm about the whole thing. The other’s didn’t know how sedated she was compared to them, and that she used drugs to knock herself out during sex fairly often. The boys took the girls back on the boat for a rest and some food. It would soon be time for the first challenge. They wanted them awake, alert and ready to play the game. After a few hours, Jason said “OK! Let the games begin. It was time for the next dart challenge!
Last replied by CBiscuit on Saturday, 27 April 2013
Welcome, new members!
Thursday, 09 October 2014 02:25
I love tranq dart knock outs. If the girl gets hit in the breast or the ass it's the best. I find it even more erotic if they get shot in the ass and then fall unconscious ass up ready to be taken advantage of.
JohnJohn on Monday, 15 September 2014 01:20

I like your idea a lot. Do you like to Ko, or be KO'd?

Sunday, 14 September 2014 19:41