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Turn the Tables
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Turn the Tables
Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Only a few people seem to enjoy both the role of victim and "abductor". This group exists to try and pull together the small community of people who like being put the sleep as much as having a sleeping body at their disposal.

This could be spy versus spy, wrestling, or even a couple who shares the same fetish.

While picture posting is allowed, the primary purpose of this group is to identify those with "switch" roles so those of us with the rarer part of this already rare fetish can find the right chat partners or just share experiences.


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Conner, your abductor/abductee roleplay sounds really arousing, as does Steve's teacher/student. One thing I fantasize is a kind of knock-out strip game, where the partners try to sneak up on each other and KO them (maybe with different methods). Each time you get knocked out, one article of clothing comes off the victim. My story "Folllow Instructions" was originally designed in my head as being something like that, but I couldn't make the story work, soit became a different kind of play altogether. Maybe I should try something like the original concept again...
Last replied by DPsleepy on Saturday, 04 January 2014
Conner, I don't roleplay a lot in real life, mainly online. Like you, I normally like putting someone out, but getting knocked out myself is something I fantasize about. There is one person who I roleplay with online who likes to knock me out (and occasionally get knocked out). It's a guy (and neither of us are gay), but it's just play. There's one woman I've played online with who was OK with us being KO'd together by something outside us (like a third person non-player attacker), but she never knocks me out. And Steve, the idea of being "finished off" or killed also appeals to me, even though I know that isn't really the focus of this group. Another pretty cold thread, but I hope my thoughts are welcome.
Last replied by DPsleepy on Saturday, 04 January 2014
I know this is a kind of cold thread, but I'd like to put in $0.02, if I may. I like the idea of pretend knockouts. To me, one of the big turn-ons is that the victim is making themselves vulnerable to me, and I make myself vulnerable and helpless for my attacker. Even really fake scenes are great for me because I know the 'victim" wants the attacker to be there, taking advantage of me/her. I even lke it if the victim "wakes up" accidentally, and then says something like "Oh, wait, I'm knocked out..." and then drops back down. One thing is that I really don't want to hurt my playmate, and I don't want to be really injured. If the victim is just playing, I know the victime willl let the attacker know if the attacker isunintentionally hurting the victim. Like "Ow! That hurts! ... Wait. Let me put my arm here... Yeah, that works. ... OK, I'm out cold again." And another thing when I'm attacker is that I don't want to think of myself as a rapist. That was my #1 fear when I became honest with myself about this fantasy: that I was really a rapist. I like to leave myself a lot of space there. Now, most of my stories, and a lot of my online roleplay, has me knocking someone out and getting knocked out "for real." Of course, in stories or online roleplay, all the things I like about fake play, and worry about real play, are irrelevant. The whole thing is pretend. So anyway, Conner, those are my thoughts. This is a topic I think about pretty often, and I'm glad you brought it up. Sorry I didn't respond sooner.
Last replied by DPsleepy on Saturday, 04 January 2014
A just wrote a blog about my first time living out my fantasy in real life with my then-girlfriend, who became my wife. Read it if you like "My Best Ever Trip To The Vets".

Amazingly, I managed to get her into the fantasy with me, but she never cared to role-play. She preferred the real thing, which we did often, with the anesthesia machine at the vets office in her building, and later with Halothane, Isoflurane and then Chloroform.

She was nervous with each the first time, but she really got into it and we had absolutely the best sex ever while keeping the cloth on the nightstand and taking turns using it on each other while making love.

Once I woke up in the middle of the night, horny as hell, and went and got the chloroform out of out closet. I dripped a bit onto our favorite hanky and placed it under her nose on her pillow. I started playing with myself as I excitedly watched her unknowingly breathe in those sweet vapors, but I must have made a noise because she suddenly opened her eyes and asked what I was doing standing over her.

But she immediately smelled the chloro and was very excited (and a little high already) to realize that I wanted to knock her out and have her in her sleep without her even knowing.

She rolled over on her back and put the cloth right over her own mouth and nose, smiling at me while the gas took slow effect on her. God almighty I was so hot right then!

The chloro always made her very horny, so she was wet immediately and I moved her legs apart and started to have my way with her even before she was under.

She wrapped her legs around my waist to receive all of me and was really enjoying the sex as I felt her legs and grip getting lower and looser by the second.

A minute later, her beautiful face went completely limp and rolled over to the side - out cold.

I pulled the chloro rag off of her face and enjoyed myself inside her for about a minute until she started to come back to herself. She was more or less awake by the time I came and I do believe she joined me in that.

One adventure of many with this beautiful lady...!
Sunday, 01 November 2015 09:31
I used to be the chloroformer all the time. But one day a few years ago I was watching movies with my GF at her place. Suddenly she was behind me giving me a massage. Then she clamped a cloth over my face with real chloroform. It was so so exiting, I was really fighting to stay awake and of curse I lost.

When I wake up I was just in boxers spreadeagle on a bed. It was so cool.

After that I like to switch roles.
on Wednesday, 27 November 2013 04:56

wicked cool!

simonsimon on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 06:38

Very nice !!!!!

Monday, 04 November 2013 07:30
steve beve
The other night i stayed over at a female friends house, we watched a few movies and drank quite a lot too then she put her feet in my lap as she sometimes does and i duly massaged them as they are absolutely perfectly shaped. Within a few minutes i looked over and she was asleep , i slowpy moved her feet off my lap so as not to disturb her and lay on the floor with some cushions face down. I wasnt yet asleep when i heard her getting up, before i knew it she was turning me over onto my back, i just pretended to still be fast asleep. She took my arks and legs and spread them out in a spread eagle position then slipped her hand under my boxers and wanked me off, when i went to cum i couldnt help but move and open my eyes which made her jimp back to the couch where she pretended to be sleeping as she didnt want me to know what she had been doing. After i cleaned myself off i went back to sleep on the floor and i didnt let on that i knew what shed done, better that way as hopefully itll happen again ;)
seeker619seeker619 on Friday, 22 July 2016 17:38

I always had a fear of telling my girlfriends about this but when I finally did I had one reluctant who later said she loved it, the other two were indifferent and they loved it as well. I've asked others and they had the same experience. I know this does not deal with turning the tables but it shows how much fun things can be when you are free to express your desires. Hope this is not out of line with the topic but after reading what Steve wrote it reminded me of that old fear and the freedom that comes from open communication.

Sunday, 27 October 2013 07:56