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I prefer that she be sedated, that would be perfect.. 8)
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chloroform anesthesia gags bondage medical themes, kidnapping themes, sex slave themes
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I make sleepy bondage videos, that's my specialty.
I just moved to South Beach Miami.

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South Beach
United States
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What kind of woman do I prefer???
.......the sedated kind 8)
Saturday, 20 August 2011 21:38
Updates posted every day.
Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:06
Topless Sleeperholds


Taylor and Jayne want Kelly to put them in sleeper holds, knocking them out. She puts them under, and when the wake, they are confussed to what happened and how long they have been out. At the end they force Kelly to take a nap. /> />
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 21:10
his one is from the dustmask collection I released a while back.
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 21:05
This is a fan appreciation thread, to show thanks for all your support.
So from now until July 4th, I'll show some free stuff.
It's for everyone, for those that support and for those that wish they could support but can't due to this crazy economy and crazy weather.

As you can see, I started off small, just one girl, non-nude.
I took those sales and made more videos, I repeated this process, sinking the money back into the videos.
That's why I have 3 girls full nude videos now, and hopefully much naughtier videos to come.
So none of this would have been possible without the financial support of the fans.

And one last thing, hopefully in a week I'll have a huge announcement that could change Put Under Bondage for the better in a huge way!

Ok, so enough of me running my mouth, let's get on with the good stuff.
Here's the first video.
It's Alexis Grace sleepered by Kelly Minx.
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 21:04

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Chris created a new topic ' [New Video Realease] Anesthetized Therapy' in the forum.
Tini has a doctor's appointment and is sitting tense in the doctor's chair. The doctor told Tini he have to numb her for further examinations and she agrees to an anesthesia. It takes a litte time for the gas to make Tini complete limp and sleepy, but after some deep breaths of the gas, Tini is unconscious and the Doctor begins to strip his sexy patient. Tini wakes up very dizzy and noticed slowly that she is tied-up to the doctors chair. The doctor covered the mask over her mouth and nose while Tini is struggling and tries to escape. Tini fights very intense against the stunning gas, but finally she looses the fight and gets unconscious again.

Content Highlights:
- Gassed / Anesthesia (Intense Acting)
- Eye rolls / Crossings / Checks
- Limp Play / Hand Play
- Medical / Clinic Fetish
- Doctor & Medical Props (Gloves, Stethoscope etc)
- Gas & Heartbeat SFX
- Groped
- Hair Fetish
- Tie-Up &
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Curvy and KO'd !!
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Easter Hypnosis (Preview) 00:00
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Chris created a new topic ' [Free Clips] Easter Video Hunt 2017' in the forum.
visit sleepytainment ( and watch previews of each clip to find free videos. ;)

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Chris Happy easter!!!!
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Chris created a new topic ' [NEW CLIP] Limp & Carried' in the forum.
Kessi van Strange is alimp doll and gets carried by a masked man. The man enjoys the limpness of Kathy and her sexy body while he is holding and feeling her weight on his shoulder.

- Arm Carry
- OTS Carry
- Limp Play
- Eye Checks
- Groping (Ass & Tits)
- Pantyhiose


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Been busy trying to fix Sleepflix. I think you can still view videos but you can't upload. Unfortunately the software is so old that it's hard to find the libraries and dependancies I need - especially for a modern OS.
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The "MRS. SANDMAN" group is moving to DeviantArt. Please follow: Click on the 'Watch' button to join!
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Chris created a new topic ' [Sleepy-Club] Lift & Carry Compilation' in the forum.
This video is a festival for fans of the lift & carry fetish. The compilation includes more than 30 arm and OTS carry scenes from the Sleepy-Club. The best carry scenes of Poupette, Cassandra, Tini & Co. in accompaniment with matching background music.

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