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tall.busty dark haired,green or blue eyes
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b movies,
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sleepy/ chloro/ armcarrying/ limpness/ fainting,
roleplaying with women who enjoy the sleepy/carrying roles
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chloro/ drugging / carrying limp women

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Super Ninja Showdown! ORIGINS: The Final Showdown

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, Nicole Oring, Eden and (introducing!!!) Kat Van Wylder

The END has finally COME! (or has it??)

After years of never-ending strife, violence, and PG-13 nudity the factions comprised of the Supers (lead by Jacquelyn Velvets) and the Ninjas (headed by Sumiko) do battle for the last time! For this climax, Jacquelyn comes armed to the teeth with two powerful minions (Eden and brand new fighter Kat Van Wilder), and the trio have already captured the stunning Nicole Oring, second only to Sumiko herself! They torture the lovely fighter, knocking her unconscious…only to suddenly meet the Sandman after ninja Sumiko land
2 days ago
Danielle Greystoke I'm in the mood to put someone under anesthesia! Any volunteers? Just take some nice, deep breaths for me...
5 days ago
pete thanks user 'mranton1' in the forum message ' Custom Videos - Chrissy Marie, Rachel Adams'.
6 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' Custom Videos - Chrissy Marie, Rachel Adams' in the forum.
I'm really excited about upcoming shoots with 2 excellent models. I've worked with beautiful Chrissy Marie many times and the results have always been fantastic. Chrissy is coming to shoot with me on June 25 and I can take a limited number of custom orders. Chrissy is great at sleepy fetish and bondage as well as hypnosis, superheroine, for fetish etc. If you're interested in a custom, please e mail me your idea or script as soon as possible.