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Luis Miguel Cabrera
Hi, I like the videos on the sleepysoles, but the video quality is poor, m4v format is low quality image, because they do not sell videos in wmv, wmv videos on are good.
Cap MayersCap Mayers on Thursday, 06 October 2011 08:23

m4v is HD quality. wmv is lower quality. Quality comes from poor lites. If she has lites like paragon she would have high quality. Her movies are very good but lites suffer

Cap MayersCap Mayers on Thursday, 06 October 2011 08:25

For good example of perfect lites you should study velvets fantasies. She always has perfect lites. you can learn from her lites.
can you agree Anna?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 23:58
sophia twizted
Nice looking product you have there. Keep up the good work!
Thursday, 11 August 2011 14:39

Recent activities
The Secret Is Out

Starring Nicole Oring and Sleeperkid

We fade in on a frustrated Nicole Oring ready to head out to a party, but her under-dressed boyfriend (SK) shows up with a bag filled with sleepy toys…and a secret he’s been dying to share with his woman. He confesses his fetish for all things sleepy, but Nicole’s reaction is less than stellar. She freaks out, to be honest, and decides to leave for the party on her own. SK traps her with a hard grip and a chloroforom-soaked rag, slowly rendering her unconscious. He proceeds to guide Nicole through his intense tastes, putting her out each time she wakes up…stripping her down to sexy lingerie, carrying her limp body around the living room, and watching in ama
8 days ago
PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON: 8 MORE CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS / CHLORO VIDEOS' in the forum.
Anyone looking for a custom chloroform video or bondage video (or bondage & chloro videos) send me a PM. Lots of incredibly hot new girls available.
12 days ago
PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON: 8 MORE CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS / CHLORO VIDEOS' in the forum.
Also the Christina Carter WW & Jasmine chloro videos have been remastered with key scenes color corrected.
14 days ago
Out Of This World

Starring Eden and Sleeperkid

Our scene opens with a beautiful humanoid alien beaming down to earth. She scans the area checking the oxygen levels and for signs of life. The first creature she encounters is a household cat, who is cute but unresponsive to her questions. Suddenly a human male (played by SK) walks down the hallway and is perplexed by the strange woman in his house. She explains she is from another planet here to study other species and their habitats. Completely amused by her curiosity and seemingly naivety , SK can’t help but to show this beautiful alien what it means to be a human from planet earth. Unfortunately for the sexy extraterrestrial, her first human subject has a few kinks he
15 days ago
PARAGON created a new topic ' PARAGON: 8 MORE CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS / CHLORO VIDEOS' in the forum.
Hey Guys! We just posted 8 more video clips featuring LOTS of sexy chloroform KOs including A LOST CHLORO SCENE THAT HAS RECENTLY BEEN FOUND!
Many more releases (previously only sold as DVDs / VHS & streaming) finally seeing their debut as video clips in the complete FULL LENGTH form!
Also, the super HOT debut of a new BUXOM CHLORO SCENE compilation series featuring some of our most busty models getting chloroformed and fondled!

Check out the PICS:
17 days ago
Chris added 13 new photos in the group album Sleepy-Club Tales Vol 11 - Tini's Adventures
21 days ago
Jacquelyn Velvets created a new topic ' IMMERSE YOURSELF: with Jessica Nicole' in the forum.
Immerse Yourself: with Jessica Nicole

Starring Jessica Nicole

One fine afternoon, a fatalistic ring at the doorbell reveals the brunette beauty: Jessica Nicole. It appears that her car had broken down, and she’s stranded, alone, and in need of a phone. You kindly let her in, while taking a better look at her and noticing just how pretty she is up close. Would it be so bad to want to take a closer look at such a thing of beauty?

While her back is turned, you get the chloroform and begin to soak the rag. She doesn’t suspect anything when she turns around to a surprise chloroform cloth to her face, and her eyes look at yours in fear until she slowly succumbs to the fumes and gently passes ou
21 days ago
Sinfully Suite With: Christina Carter Part 2

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Christina Carter

Our scene begins with Jacquelyn Velvets intently watching a movie on TV when Christina comes home. Jacquelyn tells Christina about a KO scene that has inspired her to play some knockout games of her own with Miss Carter. At first, Christina seems a little apprehensive, but Jacquelyn offers her a glass of wine while they watch the scene together. As an intrigued Jacquelyn watches the screen, she watches Christina as well, because it turns out Jacquelyn had a plan to convince her all along, even if she has to use some sneaky methods to get her there. As she watches Christina’s eyes begin to lose focus, Jacquelyn sets th
25 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' Tini's "Pink" Adventures' in the forum.
Now available; a brand new episode of "Sleepy-Club Tales".
This special compilation includes exclusively storys & k.o. scence by the lovely Tini.
All scences are unique and was never showed in other videos before.

Watch e.g. when Tini gets chloroformed as a bikini agent by an evil guy, or she gets fainted, carried and bounded in boots and jeans.

Content Highlights
- Fainted
- Chloroformed
- Eye Rolling
- Arm & OTS Carry
- Open Mouth
- Bondage (Hogtie)
- Jeans & Boots Combo
- Agent In Bikini
- Pumps / High Heels
- Multiangle
- Tini

25 days ago
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36 days ago
Staying In & Going Out with: Karlie Montana

Starring (and introducing!) Karlie Montana

Another beautiful new model is out to join the Velvet’s Fantasies roster, and this time it’s the stunning California model: Karlie Montana! Having been a fan of Miss Velvets for years, Karlie agrees to a sit-down audition with SK as Velvets watches via a live camera feed. Sleeperkid starts off with a healthy dose of chloroform that she assumes is just a prop, until the drug slowly sends her to sleep. She wakes up confused and slightly angry…until the Kid offers her a cash bonus that convinces the beautiful actress to stick around for even more knockout fun! SK proceeds to repeatedly send Karlie to Dreamland, strippi
37 days ago
PARAGON created a new topic ' PARAGON - 7 CHLORO VIDEOS / VIDEO CLIPS - SALE!' in the forum.
Hey Guys! Just posted 7 more video clips most of which are FULL LENGTH videos!

Don%27t miss these great sale prices!

Check out the PICS:
40 days ago
I think the site issues are fixed. Also, PLEASSE don't put javascript or any other programming language into your post. It's dangerous and breaks the acitivities stream. I've written software that will sstrip javascript from all posts rom now on. Thank you again for your patience.
41 days ago
Chris added 8 new photos in the group album Taken By A Stranger
43 days ago
I'm having some server issues and may need to replace the hard drive soon. Thank you for your patience.
43 days ago
PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS' in the forum.
Sasha is also available for custom videos.
47 days ago
Laid And Betrayed

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Lucy Purr

Based on a custom script! We fade in on two of the world’s best secret agents (Jacquelyn Velvets and Lucy Purr) unconscious on a bed. Agent Purr comes to and explores the room, only to have Agent Velvets wake up and attack her from behind. She traps Lucy in a choke hold, demanding to know where she is. Lucy tries to tell her that she’s not her captor but Velvets refuses to believe her. As she nears unconsciousness, Agent Purr slams her her skull into Velvets’, knocking her out right before she too passes out on top of her. Minutes pass and the ladies wake up…this time deciding to team up and find out what’s going on. A voice (SK’s in this case
50 days ago
PARAGON created a new topic ' PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS' in the forum.
sasha_wondergirl_chloro_video.gif sasha_wondergirl_bondage_ko_video.gif

Hey Guys! Just posted 2 more brand new superheroine scenes - 1 'All Chloroform' video and 1 Bondage video with 3 chloro scenes! Lots of groping in these videos.
New barely legal cutie Sasha makes her fetish video debut with these 2 releases and she does a great job passing out and struggling, "MMMMMPH"ing, GAG TALKING, etc!

Check out the PICS:
52 days ago
Bats For Cats

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Caroline Pierce

Based off a custom script! We fade in on Gotham’s very own Batgirl (Caroline Pierce) as she makes her way through what she believes to be Catwoman’s lair. She carefully traverses the backyard, only to hear a meowing sound from a nearby cat statue. She investigates and gets a face-full of sleeping gas for her troubles! Batgirl comes to groggily, making her way to the back door. She grabs the handle only to get electrocuted into unconsciousness. Turns out Catwoman’s been working with the Joker as of late, so booby traps are definitely on the menu. A stunned Batgirl comes to and carefully makes her way into the house. She avoids a second cat statue but finds
56 days ago
She Was Maid For This

Starring Jessica Nicole and Sleeperkid

There’s a knock at the door. SK greets the beautiful Jessica Nicole as she announces herself as his temporarily new cleaning lady. SK seems a bit wary but lets her in anyway. She gets to work and eventually finds herself near a drawer filled with valuables. She grabs an antique pendant and chain and decides her boss won’t miss it if it’s gone, but he instantly does. He confronts her about the theft and she denies everything, but he scoops the pendant out of her pocket and proceeds to dangle the jewel in front of her face. She protests but slowly falls into a tranquil spell. SK’s voice fills the room as he slowly lulls her into a deep sleep…and h
63 days ago
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66 days ago
Exercising Her Unconsciousness

Starring Serena Voxx and Sleeperkid

Serena stars as an Olympic gymnastics medalist who invites her trainer over to help her work on her form. She complains that she doesn’t feel like she’s been on point with her poses, and demonstrates a few stretches and poses to her coach. He suggests maybe it’s an issue with her feet, and he begins to examine them. He admits to her how nice her feet are, but Serena thinks nothing of it. She goes back to showing him a few more poses, in turn makes SK go in for the opportunity to see his favorite gymnast unconsciousness and barefoot!

He gives Serena a series on frontal and standard bearhugs, squeezing the air out of her, and all the
70 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' [Sleepy-Club] Bound'n Helpless (starring Tini)' in the forum.
Tini enters the living room of her apartment and gets immediately attacked by a masked man. The cute girl screams and struggles but the chloroform on the rag in her face makes Tini very sleepy. After an intense fight Tini lays unconscious on the floor of the apartment. The motionless girl gets bounded with handcuffs and a long rope into a hogtie. Tini awakes and tries to escape.

- Chloroformed
- Struggling
- Eye Rolling
- Groped
- Handcuffs & Rope
- Bondage (Hogtie)
- Blue Jeans & Boots Combo
- Multi-Angle
- Tini

70 days ago
Zara (the buxom all natural brunette) is available for custom videos (chloro videos, bondage & chloroform videos, etc.) Zara is brand new to the fetish world (this was her first fetish video ever) but she is naturally sensual & has lots of potential so let's see what she can do to bring your fantasies to life.
72 days ago
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73 days ago
Chris added 8 new photos in the group album Poupette Stripped & Inspected
75 days ago

Hey Guys! Just posted a SUPER HOT brand new SUPERHEROINE chloro video featuring 2 gorgeous new all natural models Zara and Lana (their first time doing fetish work). This one is filled with sexy CHLOROFORM attacks featuring lots of groping, a hot bondage scene with mouth stuffing, microfoam tape gags, sexy muffled protesting / GAG TALK, more chloroformed superheroine action, and a very hot HYPNOTISM scene with WW's Amazon sidekick being ordered to destroy her!
78 days ago
Chris added a new video untitled
Anesthetized Therapy - Part 01 & 02 (Preview) 00:00
79 days ago
Chris added 12 new photos in the group album Anesthetized Therapy
  • Anesthetized Therapy Part 02 Cover NEW
  • Anesthetized Therapy Part 01 Cover NEW
  • 09 <
83 days ago
A Stalk In The Woods

Starring Luna and Scott Torvea

We fade in on the lovely Luna taking a stroll near some unknown woods. A stranger in a pickup truck (played by Scott Torvea) approaches her, asking if she needs a ride. Luna politely refuses but he presses on. She finally gets rid of him and makes her way into the deep, dark woods…but that escape comes with the cost of getting lost. She starts to panic, and she has good reason to…as the pickup truck man has made his way to her. He attacks, chloroforming her into unconsciousness and cradle/OTS carrying her to his truck. He ties her up, spread eagle, and toys with her…playing with his chloro-soaked rag. A worried Luna is forced to engage in a terrifying sort of
86 days ago
jjkocomp1.gif shcompch2.gif

Hey Guys! We just posted lots of videos including a super hot JJ Plush chloroform & fondling compilation as well as the 2nd superheroine chloroform & fondling compilation (over 22 minutes). ALSO The video clip debut of 2 Christina Carter scenes we shot a few years ago that people have been requesting (in a single clip), AND the full movie length debut of Tyler Scot as the beloved chloroformed, bound and gagged superheroine Sindra, along with the sole appearance of her partner Tammy as Black Dove! ALSO, Liana's full length chloro & bondage video - 2 scenes. Lots of great action to check out!

90 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' [New Video Realease] Anesthetized Therapy' in the forum.
Tini has a doctor's appointment and is sitting tense in the doctor's chair. The doctor told Tini he have to numb her for further examinations and she agrees to an anesthesia. It takes a litte time for the gas to make Tini complete limp and sleepy, but after some deep breaths of the gas, Tini is unconscious and the Doctor begins to strip his sexy patient. Tini wakes up very dizzy and noticed slowly that she is tied-up to the doctors chair. The doctor covered the mask over her mouth and nose while Tini is struggling and tries to escape. Tini fights very intense against the stunning gas, but finally she looses the fight and gets unconscious again.

Content Highlights:
- Gassed / Anesthesia (Intense Acting)
- Eye rolls / Crossings / Checks
- Limp Play / Hand Play
- Medical / Clinic Fetish
- Doctor & Medical Props (Gloves, Stethoscope etc)
- Gas & Heartbeat SFX
- Groped
- Hair Fetish
- Tie-Up &
91 days ago
The Bedroom Battle
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and (introducing!) Vika

We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets primping and preening in front of her mirror, getting ready for what seems like a romantic rendezvous when her roommate Vika walks in, looking furious. Turns out SK left Jacquelyn for Vika, but Miss Velvets found a way to entice him into a romantic dinner. Vika attacks, dragging Jacquelyn into the bedroom by the hair and knocking her out COLD with a single punch! The lovely Russian girl plays with Jacquelyn’s limp body, regretfully admiring her beauty as she admits how attractive she is, even leaning in for a few kisses on her neck. As she re-arranges her outfit, however, Jacquelyn attacks with a chloroform-soaked rag, putting the tall blonde out! Velvets whips out a bag filled
91 days ago
The Doll Trap Part 3
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Saya Savage, Sumiko and Sleeperkid

The story continues… We fade in on Saya and Jacquelyn, both turned into “dolls” by an evil warlock who seems to have disappeared. Jacquelyn suddenly breaks out of her spell, however, and tries to awaken Saya…to no avail. She grabs a phone and calls her friend Sumiko, asking her to help, but the very phone she uses emits a subliminal signal that turns Jacquelyn right back into a frozen state! Minutes later we see Sumiko make her way into the house. She finds her friends and is terrified at the situation but tries to help anyway, snapping Saya out of her spell. Saya carries Jacquelyn over her shoulder to escape but is suddenly switched back into doll state. A horrified Sumiko decides to make
97 days ago
Jacquelyn Velvets created a new topic ' IMMERSE YOURSELF w/Nyssa Nevers!' in the forum.
Immerse Yourself With: Nyssa Nevers
Starring Nyssa Nevers

t’s the perfect day….to knock out the beautiful Nyssa Nevers! You find yourself walking up the stairs encountering the lovely sun bathing babe all by her lonesome. Wearing nothing but a small string bikini, the Japanese beauty lays unsuspecting of what’s about to come. When you approach, you can’t help but to notice how stunning she is. I wonder what she would look like unconscious by my hand? As you wonder no more with a leather clad hand smother.

After playing with Nyssa’s limp form, you then decide to have a bit more fun with her and all of the knockout toys you brought just for the occasion. When she awakens, she crawls away from you helplessly, only to greet her with another new knockout each time.
100 days ago
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104 days ago
matthew Hey ladies of los Angeles, im starting a sleeoy fetish website and need women for the videos.
119 days ago
matthew Hey ladies of los Angeles, im starting a sleeoy fetish website and need womw
119 days ago
Behind The Pillow
Starring Eden and Sleeperkid

After a long and drama-filled day at the beach, an exhausted Eden comes home and decides to self-medicate. She spikes her own drink with a strong sedative and quickly passes out on her bathroom floor. Minutes later her roommate finds her and freaks out. After checking her vitals, however, he figures out what happened and carries the completely limp beauty to her bed. She is barely conscious, her eyes rolling as she begs SK to put her to sleep using a few implements she hid behind her pillow. The stunned SK discovers a gas mask, sleepy spray, chloroform, and even a drug-filled syringe amongst her collection. He decides to help her get some rest, using the dosed gas mask to put her out. He ragdolls her and carries her around, making sur
119 days ago
Chris added a new video untitled
Easter Hypnosis (Preview) 00:00
120 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' [Free Clips] Easter Video Hunt 2017' in the forum.
visit sleepytainment ( and watch previews of each clip to find free videos. ;)

124 days ago
Chris Happy easter!!!!
124 days ago
Chris added 8 new photos in the group album Easter Hypnosis
128 days ago
The Super Battle: Part 2
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Serena Voxx, and Sumiko

Super Sumiko captured by the evil Black Velvets? It cannot be! At least, that’s what drives Super Serena to break into Velvets’ lair to save her dearest friend, who she finds unconscious on a chair. She quickly wakes her downed partner up and tries to make a break for it, but a sly grin suddenly crawls over Sumiko’s face as she suddenly attacks Serena with a low blow to the crotch. Stunned, Serena realizes Sumiko’s been brain-washed, and a battle between two former comrades ensues! Sumiko knocks Serena out cold, only to take a face kick KO from Serena after going in for a devious kiss. Serena does the same, reminiscing about their “old days” as she manages to pull Sumiko out of her tranc
131 days ago
Hey Guys! We just released an INCREDIBLY HOT brand new RED WONDER prequel filled with LOTS of chloroform, bondage and sexy mind control scenes that are very satisfying to behold!

Check out the PICS:

132 days ago
Chris added a new video untitled
untitled 00:00
No description
132 days ago
PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS' in the forum.
More hot brand new chloro videos are on the way!
136 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' [NEW CLIP] Limp & Carried' in the forum.
Kessi van Strange is alimp doll and gets carried by a masked man. The man enjoys the limpness of Kathy and her sexy body while he is holding and feeling her weight on his shoulder.

- Arm Carry
- OTS Carry
- Limp Play
- Eye Checks
- Groping (Ass & Tits)
- Pantyhiose


139 days ago
Staying In & Going Out With: Nyssa Nevers
Starring (and introducing!) Nyssa Nevers

The scene opens with yet another new audition for Velvets Fantasies, and this time it is with the beautiful Nyssa Nevers! This is the first time Nyssa has worked for! As before, Sleeperkid steps in on Miss Velvets behalf, explaining to the sexy and super-talented Miss Nevers that she's being watched LIVE by the head of VF! She can't wait to get started, so they do...with the first "performance" being her reaction to a healthy dose of chloroform. Unbeknownst to the lovely actress, the chloroform in the rag is REAL, and within seconds she begins to feel its effects! SK toys with her limp body, carrying her around a bit until she comes to. She naturally seems he
140 days ago
Careless Knockouts
Starring Eva Avon and Diva Diamond

The lovely Diva Diamond and Eva Avon make their way to Jacquelyn Velvets’ house for a girls’ night out, only to find the door unlocked and Jacquelyn absent. As they wait, Miss Velvets texts them and tells them she’ll be delayed. Eva and Diva relax on the bed and suddenly feel lumps under the pillow. They discover a variety of knockout “toys” (accidentally?) left behind by Jacquelyn. Surprised and intrigued, the girls decide to play a series of knockout games while they wait. Having had some experience being knocked out, Diva starts the game off by letting Eva have the first turn (via chloroform), leading to some sexy clothing-removal and what turns out to be multiple knockouts from the (eventually) lingerie-clad bea
145 days ago
Chris added a new video untitled
untitled 00:00
No description
146 days ago
Been busy trying to fix Sleepflix. I think you can still view videos but you can't upload. Unfortunately the software is so old that it's hard to find the libraries and dependancies I need - especially for a modern OS.
147 days ago
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150 days ago
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151 days ago
PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / VIDEO CLIPS' in the forum.
Super heroine Red Wonder chloroformed back to sleep to prevent her from powering up in this hot superheroine chloro video clip:

153 days ago
PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / VIDEO CLIPS' in the forum.
Isabella is also available for custom videos.
157 days ago
A Tinder Date Obsession
Starring Sumiko and Sarah Brooke

Our story begins with Sarah Brooke nervously looking at her phone. She can’t believe she met a beautiful new woman on tinder, who she’s certain is one of her favorite sleepy actresses: Sumiko. Soon thereafter, there’s a knock on the door, and sure enough standing before her is THE SUMIKO she’s fantasized about for years! But, she has to be 100% sure first. Sarah goes in the other room and makes Sumiko a “special” drink. Unbeknownst to Sumiko, she drinks a drugged drink that slowly works it’s way through her system before she passes out on the floor. When Sarah gets a closer look at the unconscious beauty, she exclaims: “It really is THE SUMIKO!!” and proceeds to live out her fantasies by knocking out, und
157 days ago
PARAGON created a new topic ' PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / VIDEO CLIPS' in the forum.
isabella_superheroine_chloro__www_gaggedgirls_dot_tv.gif kelly_ko_chloro_natasha_1__www_gaggedgirls_dot_tv.gif

Check out the PICS:

Hey Guys! Just posted some new chloro videos as well as some requested scenes from our early days. New gorgeous buxom model Isabella makes her debut in 2 amazing superheroine scenes!
162 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' [Sleepy-Club] Lift & Carry Compilation' in the forum.
This video is a festival for fans of the lift & carry fetish. The compilation includes more than 30 arm and OTS carry scenes from the Sleepy-Club. The best carry scenes of Poupette, Cassandra, Tini & Co. in accompaniment with matching background music.

168 days ago
Immerse Yourself with Harley Quinn
Starring Kayla Lael

Kayla stars as your beautiful blonde therapist: Doctor Harleen Quinzel. The scene opens with you at the beginning of a therapy session. She introduces herself, and explains her methods of unconventional therapy that she will be using in this session. Hypnosis, devices, and shock therapy are some that are mentioned, and you willingly agree despite this being your first time.

Once the Doctor has debriefed you, she starts the session by asking, “Tell me how you feel today?” and with that, the session you’ve been waiting for has begun. You quickly whip out your can of sleeping gas, and spray her with a healthy dose that she attempts to resist it’s effects. After watching her babble, her eyes flutter and she so
169 days ago
Chris added a new video untitled
untitled 00:00
No description
172 days ago
The Night Shift
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Andrea Rosu

Based off a custom script! Andrea Rosu and Jacquelyn Velvets are superheroines tasked with taking down a devious villain (played by an offscreen SK) in his own lair. They make their way in, both aware of their prey’s ability to disappear, hypnotize, and shape shift, but within seconds the room fills with sleeping gas, putting both superheroines down and out. We see the villain’s hand touch Andrea’s body, causing her to teleport to a nearby bedroom…with him appearing in her place disguised as Jacquelyn’s partner. “Evil Andrea” toys with her dazed partner, repeatedly knocking her out with sleepy spray and a sleeper hold, just for fun. Bored, Andrea leaves Jacquelyn unconscious and transforms into her exact
175 days ago
Chris added a new video untitled
untitled 00:00
No description
181 days ago
Chris added 8 new photos in the group album Shoe K.Ollection
183 days ago
Hypno Way To Treat Your Friends Part 2
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Serena Voxx, Sumiko, and Saya Savage

Based off a custom sequel script! After receiving a special package from her friend Eve, Jacquelyn gives her a call as she unwraps her gift…which happens to be a tablet programmed to almost instantly hypnotize anyone who glances at it. Eve gives her Velvets specific commands over the phone as her lovely victim falls deeper and deeper under her control. Velvets hangs up and proceeds to lure her beautiful roommates (Serena, Sumiko, and Saya) into her own hypnotized state, using key words and phrases to turn them into her own trio of mind-controlled slaves! She forces them to strip down and engage in a few knockout games, leading to multiple KOs, body piles, over the shoulder c
184 days ago
Chris replied to the topic '[Sleepy-Club] Be my Valentine....' in the forum.
Two user of this board are already Sleepy-Club's Valentine and they got a gift.
When will you choose the Sleepy-Club as your Valentine? Join us on Sleeppeeps, Facebook or Slumberville for a free k.o. scene by the Sleepy-Club.
185 days ago
Chris thanks user 'pavelo290' in the forum message ' [Sleepy-Club] Be my Valentine....'.
186 days ago
Chris thanks user 'Chloro90' in the forum message ' [Sleepy-Club] Be my Valentine....'.
186 days ago
Chris created a new topic ' [Sleepy-Club] Be my Valentine....' in the forum.
Nothing to do on valentine's day??
Make the Sleepy-Club to your Valentine and earn a gift

How?? - It's very easy! Just comment "be my valentine" on this picture until Valentines day ends and get a sleepy-club scene for free.

Happy valentines day and love to all of you :)

P.s. check out monsieurpaul's profile at deviantart for some great chloro-artworks

186 days ago
Chris started a new discussion, Be my Valentine in Sleepy-Club group
186 days ago
Chris added a new bulletin, Be my Valentine
186 days ago