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Don Juan

Don Juan

2 years ago
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Ideal Man or Woman
Woman - Sexually Submissive / Always Kinky / Long hair / pretty feet / no more then 160lbs / no younger then 18 and no older then 45 / sexual interests pairing = multiple orgasms :)
Regular Interests
Women in 2 piece bikini's and strappy heels :P
Fetish Interests
Chloro or any sleepy render acts / Sleepysex / Foot Fetish / Carrying or dragging a limp woman
Favorite Fantasy
Roleplaying Sleepysex in all kinds of ways / Foot Fetish
About me
6'2" 215 lbs Ital/Germ decent / 6" when hard / drinks occasionally but not before sex (that's all you) / Dominant sexually

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United States

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12 hours ago
A Stalk In The Woods
Starring Luna and Scott Torvea

We fade in on the lovely Luna taking a stroll near some unknown woods. A stranger in a pickup truck (played by Scott Torvea) approaches her, asking if she needs a ride. Luna politely refuses but he presses on. She finally gets rid of him and makes her way into the deep, dark woods…but that escape comes with the cost of getting lost. She starts to panic, and she has good reason to…as the pickup truck man has made his way to her. He attacks, chloroforming her into unconsciousness and cradle/OTS carrying her to his truck. He ties her up, spread eagle, and toys with her…playing with his chloro-soaked rag. A worried Luna is forced to engage in a terrifying sort of breath play as the stranger clamps the rag over her mouth and d
1 day ago
jjkocomp1.gif shcompch2.gif

Hey Guys! We just posted lots of videos including a super hot JJ Plush chloroform & fondling compilation as well as the 2nd superheroine chloroform & fondling compilation (over 22 minutes). ALSO The video clip debut of 2 Christina Carter scenes we shot a few years ago that people have been requesting (in a single clip), AND the full movie length debut of Tyler Scot as the beloved chloroformed, bound and gagged superheroine Sindra, along with the sole appearance of her partner Tammy as Black Dove! ALSO, Liana's full length chloro & bondage video - 2 scenes. Lots of great action to check out!

6 days ago
The Bedroom Battle
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and (introducing!) Vika

We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets primping and preening in front of her mirror, getting ready for what seems like a romantic rendezvous when her roommate Vika walks in, looking furious. Turns out SK left Jacquelyn for Vika, but Miss Velvets found a way to entice him into a romantic dinner. Vika attacks, dragging Jacquelyn into the bedroom by the hair and knocking her out COLD with a single punch! The lovely Russian girl plays with Jacquelyn’s limp body, regretfully admiring her beauty as she admits how attractive she is, even leaning in for a few kisses on her neck. As she re-arranges her outfit, however, Jacquelyn attacks with a chloroform-soaked rag, putting the tall blonde out! Velvets whips out a bag filled
6 days ago
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Curvy and KO'd !!
8 days ago
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10 days ago
The Doll Trap Part 3
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Saya Savage, Sumiko and Sleeperkid

The story continues… We fade in on Saya and Jacquelyn, both turned into “dolls” by an evil warlock who seems to have disappeared. Jacquelyn suddenly breaks out of her spell, however, and tries to awaken Saya…to no avail. She grabs a phone and calls her friend Sumiko, asking her to help, but the very phone she uses emits a subliminal signal that turns Jacquelyn right back into a frozen state! Minutes later we see Sumiko make her way into the house. She finds her friends and is terrified at the situation but tries to help anyway, snapping Saya out of her spell. Saya carries Jacquelyn over her shoulder to escape but is suddenly switched back into doll state. A horrified Sumiko decides to make
12 days ago
13 days ago
Jacquelyn Velvets created a new topic ' IMMERSE YOURSELF w/Nyssa Nevers!' in the forum.
Immerse Yourself With: Nyssa Nevers
Starring Nyssa Nevers

t’s the perfect day….to knock out the beautiful Nyssa Nevers! You find yourself walking up the stairs encountering the lovely sun bathing babe all by her lonesome. Wearing nothing but a small string bikini, the Japanese beauty lays unsuspecting of what’s about to come. When you approach, you can’t help but to notice how stunning she is. I wonder what she would look like unconscious by my hand? As you wonder no more with a leather clad hand smother.

After playing with Nyssa’s limp form, you then decide to have a bit more fun with her and all of the knockout toys you brought just for the occasion. When she awakens, she crawls away from you helplessly, only to greet her with another new knockout each time.
15 days ago
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Born: July 22, 1992 Height: 5'5" Best Known For: Wizards Of Waverly Place, Spring Breakers, Behaving Badly
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