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Don Juan

Don Juan

10 months ago
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Gender Pref
Ideal Man or Woman
Woman - Sexually Submissive and Kinky / Med - Long hair / pretty feet / must be at least 18 /
Regular Interests
Women in 2 piece bikini's and strappy heels :P
Fetish Interests
Chloro or any sleepy render acts / Sleepysex / Foot Fetish / Carrying or dragging a limp woman
Favorite Fantasy
Roleplaying a Sleepysex scenario in all kinds of ways / Foot Fetish
About me
6'3" 225 lbs Ital/Germ decent / Dominant sexually

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United States

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Learning The Hard Way

Starring Coco and Sleeperkid

We fade in on college professor Mister Brooks (played by SK) grading a terrifyingly bad test when the student who took it (the stunning Coco) waltzes in, wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and tempting her professor with a wild night at her place in exchange for an A+. Coco whispers sweet nothings in his ear, but when he accepts she reveals her phone, which had been recording the entire conversation. Enraged at the idea of being blackmailed, Mister Brooks tries to take the phone from Coco, but she puts up her fists and offers to beat the crap out of him instead. Brooks warns her, putting his own dukes up as the devious Coco laughs at him. He strikes and she catches his blo
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Yummy, but your presence would be required... and who knows... you just may take a long nap too :P ...
10 days ago
Obsession Come True

Starring Cali Logan Jacquelyn Velvets

An unsuspecting Cali Logan stands in front of her studio mirror primping herself for an upcoming shoot. What she doesn’t see is that Jacquelyn Velvets is behind her soaking a rag in chloroform. When the opportunity strikes, so does Jacquelyn with a long teasing chloroform knockout on the unsuspecting Cali. They watch themselves in the reflection: one with eyes of horror, the other with eyes of lust. Jacquelyn has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and she’ll savor every second of it.

Jacquelyn tosses Cali over her shoulder with ease as they make their way into the bedroom. From there, Cali is knocked out repeatedly, undressed, kisse
11 days ago
Brock created a new topic ' Foot Hypnosis: Chloro Soles' in the forum.
Hey everybody,

I just released a new sleepy foot-fetish story. The story is about a female who uses her soles to hypnotize and knock out her prey -- in this case it's a man. It's currently available on my Patreon page. $5 allows full access to my collection of stories. The library now includes:

Sleepy Soles Vol. 1: Jamie's Sleepy Bet (M/F drugged drink photo story)
Sleepy Soles Vol. 2: Double Teamed (M/F drugged drink, chloro)
Sleepy Soles Vol. 3: The Nurses Nap (F/F chloro, illustrated)

Foot Domination Vol. 1: Customer Service (F/M domination, smother + KO, illustrated)
Foot Domination Vol. 2: Aired Out (F/M chloro, bondage)
Foot Domination Vol. 3: Wrestling Practice (F/F wrestling, smother, chokeholds, barefoot)

And lastly but not least...

Foot Hypnosis Vol. 1: Chloro Soles (F/F foot hypnosis, smother, chloro, sleeping gas, footjob)

You can find all my stories here: More
12 days ago
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