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in a relatioship
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I like my women pinch my nose
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cinéna do like this site, swimming, with nose-clip
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Chloroforme KO, KO injection, drogué boissons. hypnose érotique
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nose piching woman,
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I like my women pinch my nose, do something else, et je parle francais

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when will you come tour quebec, I want to make a movie, that I pinched nostrils and on me after a nose clip
Thursday, 18 September 2014 23:09

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PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS!' in the forum.
Let me know which models you want to see in the next chloroform video / chloro video compilations.
3 days ago
Immerse Yourself with: Lucy Part Part 3

Starring Lucy Purr

The stunning Lucy Purr returns for another edition of Immerse Yourself! We begin our journey with Miss Purr as a character in a Virtual Reality program that you have designed to initiate a training session. You put your Virtual Reality goggles on, and instantly a life-size replica of Lucy stands before you wearing a tight spandex suit. She introduces herself, activates the training session and then the sleepy games begin!

We are then treated to a series of tests against the training bot, yet she responds and acts like a real human to all of your attacks. You attempt to use tactics against her via sneak attack; some successful with others proving how
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Aubrey's Episode 63 00:00
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PARAGON replied to the topic 'PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS!' in the forum.
Here%27s the 3rd sexy new chloro filled video with Selena:

Check out the many other chloroform videos in our store:
15 days ago
PARAGON created a new topic ' PARAGON - NEW CHLORO VIDEOS / CHLORO VIDEO CLIPS!' in the forum.
Hey Guys! We just released 3 brand new CHLOROFORM VIDEOS featuring gorgeous buxom new model Selena!

The action in these clips is RED HOT! Selena%27s sexy struggling and moaning is incredibly arousing and the villains fondle her relentlessly throughout the videos (the new WW superheroine video features a hot %27magic belt%27 removal in mid-chloro).
If you like seeing a beautiful woman get chloroformed & fondled you won%27t want to miss these super hot videos.

Check out the PICS:
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A Scripted Ending

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Luna Lain & Angel Lee

We fade in on the lovely Luna Lain as she arrives for a KO audition with Jacquelyn Velvets! Velvets gives her some details on the shoot and then asks for some sample knockout reactions from the eager redhead. Luna displays her proficiency at selling faint, karate chop, and sleepy spray KOs, all to Miss Velvets’ delight. After she asks Luna to remove her shoes, however, the devious Miss V sneaks up and delivers a REAL karate chop that knocks Luna out almost instantly! She plays with Luna’s limp body, caressing her pantyhose-clad feet. Luna awakens but Jacquelyn sends her back to sleep with a karate chop. There’s a knock at the door, signaling th
19 days ago
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