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Jake :

It was the first friday in a long time that I had nothing to do. So I was excited when Jake had invited Buttgirl
and I to come check out his new big screen TV. *knock knock knock* Jake answers the door. "Heyyy, what's up! Come on in!"
he says. I try to control my breathing as I gaze upon his large biceps while his hand gently encourages me into his house.
"Dibs" I say to buttgirl as she rolls her eyes in agreement. He had a big comfy couch that I let myself fal onto. *Smack*
"OWWWW" I scream as buttgirl takes advantage of my position. "Make yourselves at home ladies." Me and buttgirl shriek with
excitement. It was such a nice condo and it had a beautiful view of the city. We had so much fun dancing and drinking wine
until we settled down and watched a movie on the big TV. I had my head in his lap and I could hear butt girl snoring on my
ass. This was the first time I have seen Jake in person and I was very impressed. I remember him telling me about his 9 inch
cock and it made me curious. As far as I could tell, he wasn't lying. He wasn't even hard and he was making quite the
impression on my face. I deciding to tease him and bit. I kept accidently touching his junk when I adjusted my hair or itched
my face. He would make cute noises and I could feel him getting hard. After a while, I said something and I could see he was
a little embarrased.
"Hey, it's okay.....I don't mind" I said as I gently ran tapped the tip and sloooowly ran my finger up and down his long shaft
I could see the definition of his cock through the thin pajama pants and I traced every vein. "I find it interesting that you
didn't wear underwear under these." I giggle as he looks down at me speechless and hardly holding onto his sanity. Buttgirl
wakes up and we stop. "Did I fall asleep?" she says as we laugh at her. "Yes baby, and you looked so hot" we both agreed.
"What do you guys wanna do now" Jake said but no one had any ideas. "Okay, well I am gonna go take a shower while your two
figure it out" then jake disappeared from the room. I look at buttgirl "Hey, did you know he has a 9 in cock?" ...."No!"
I have a theory about guys with big cocks. Wanna hear it?" (And thus began the biggest mistake we ever made.)

After quick planning we sprung into action. We hid behind the door as Jake got undressed and I decided to take a video of his big
bouncing cock as he walked into his bathroom. "You are such a pervert" Buttgirl pokes at me. "Sorry! I need it" (We laugh)
We hear the shower turn on and the see-through shower door close. Butt girl walks in and gets naked and joins him in the shower.
She seducingly wraps her arms up around the back of his neck and makes out with him. "Good girl" I whisper as I waste no time
running in, soaping my hands and standing behind him. I nod at her and she pulls Jakes face down and smothers him with her boobs.
I reach around and grab his cock, jerking him as hard and as fast as I can. *A minute goes by* "Okay now!" I say and we
both let go of him. "Whoa..." he say stumbling around in the shower. He looks down at his big hard cock and falls to his knees
"I feel...light head" he doesn't even finish his sentence as his eyes roll back and he falls flat on his back. "OHhh baby
are you okay" I get down on my knees next to him and touch his biceps and his muscular chest. Buttgirl amazed by his size slaps
his hard cock around. "It's huuuge!" we giggle. "I told you! If he gets to hard to fast all the blood gets zapped from
his head hahah!" I grab his arms and buttgirl grabs his legs and we carry him into the living room. We toss him on the couch
and laugh as his sack makes a flopping sound....(anyone feel free to jump in)
Jake Jake on Thursday, 20 April 2017 21:36

can't wait for the "climax"

Thursday, 20 April 2017 17:13
Daniel Spacey
sup Jake,

Merry Xmas from DIDmovies
Thursday, 24 December 2015 23:08
Hey Jake ;)
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 01:34