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In a relationship?
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my girlfriend
she is a sweet and petite brunette
Regular Interests
sports and going to gym
play soccer
drinking partying
Fetish Interests
carrying sexy unconscious women
girls getting knocked out
girls getting drugged and fainting
Favorite Fantasy
me and my girlfriend want to abduct and knock out Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly in all sort of knock outs
then my girlfriend gets knocked out accidently
i play with her limp body and while the others are still unconscious
i carry them around
a lot more can happen
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hey Rocka, if you like sweet petite brunettes... Check out Shiva & Mimosa at our website
Their performances are worldclass like Natalie & Keira ;D
Amber KoumiAmber Koumi on Saturday, 04 June 2016 05:56

nah their much better than natalie n keira man :))))

Saturday, 04 June 2016 02:49

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2 days ago
A Stalk In The Woods
Starring Luna and Scott Torvea

We fade in on the lovely Luna taking a stroll near some unknown woods. A stranger in a pickup truck (played by Scott Torvea) approaches her, asking if she needs a ride. Luna politely refuses but he presses on. She finally gets rid of him and makes her way into the deep, dark woods…but that escape comes with the cost of getting lost. She starts to panic, and she has good reason to…as the pickup truck man has made his way to her. He attacks, chloroforming her into unconsciousness and cradle/OTS carrying her to his truck. He ties her up, spread eagle, and toys with her…playing with his chloro-soaked rag. A worried Luna is forced to engage in a terrifying sort of breath play as the stranger clamps the rag over her mouth and d
3 days ago
The Bedroom Battle
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and (introducing!) Vika

We fade in on Jacquelyn Velvets primping and preening in front of her mirror, getting ready for what seems like a romantic rendezvous when her roommate Vika walks in, looking furious. Turns out SK left Jacquelyn for Vika, but Miss Velvets found a way to entice him into a romantic dinner. Vika attacks, dragging Jacquelyn into the bedroom by the hair and knocking her out COLD with a single punch! The lovely Russian girl plays with Jacquelyn’s limp body, regretfully admiring her beauty as she admits how attractive she is, even leaning in for a few kisses on her neck. As she re-arranges her outfit, however, Jacquelyn attacks with a chloroform-soaked rag, putting the tall blonde out! Velvets whips out a bag filled
8 days ago
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11 days ago
The Doll Trap Part 3
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Saya Savage, Sumiko and Sleeperkid

The story continues… We fade in on Saya and Jacquelyn, both turned into “dolls” by an evil warlock who seems to have disappeared. Jacquelyn suddenly breaks out of her spell, however, and tries to awaken Saya…to no avail. She grabs a phone and calls her friend Sumiko, asking her to help, but the very phone she uses emits a subliminal signal that turns Jacquelyn right back into a frozen state! Minutes later we see Sumiko make her way into the house. She finds her friends and is terrified at the situation but tries to help anyway, snapping Saya out of her spell. Saya carries Jacquelyn over her shoulder to escape but is suddenly switched back into doll state. A horrified Sumiko decides to make
14 days ago
Jacquelyn Velvets created a new topic ' IMMERSE YOURSELF w/Nyssa Nevers!' in the forum.
Immerse Yourself With: Nyssa Nevers
Starring Nyssa Nevers

t’s the perfect day….to knock out the beautiful Nyssa Nevers! You find yourself walking up the stairs encountering the lovely sun bathing babe all by her lonesome. Wearing nothing but a small string bikini, the Japanese beauty lays unsuspecting of what’s about to come. When you approach, you can’t help but to notice how stunning she is. I wonder what she would look like unconscious by my hand? As you wonder no more with a leather clad hand smother.

After playing with Nyssa’s limp form, you then decide to have a bit more fun with her and all of the knockout toys you brought just for the occasion. When she awakens, she crawls away from you helplessly, only to greet her with another new knockout each time.
17 days ago
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Born: July 22, 1992 Height: 5'5" Best Known For: Wizards Of Waverly Place, Spring Breakers, Behaving Badly
17 days ago
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32 days ago
Behind The Pillow
Starring Eden and Sleeperkid

After a long and drama-filled day at the beach, an exhausted Eden comes home and decides to self-medicate. She spikes her own drink with a strong sedative and quickly passes out on her bathroom floor. Minutes later her roommate finds her and freaks out. After checking her vitals, however, he figures out what happened and carries the completely limp beauty to her bed. She is barely conscious, her eyes rolling as she begs SK to put her to sleep using a few implements she hid behind her pillow. The stunned SK discovers a gas mask, sleepy spray, chloroform, and even a drug-filled syringe amongst her collection. He decides to help her get some rest, using the dosed gas mask to put her out. He ragdolls her and carries her around, making sur
36 days ago
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43 days ago
The Super Battle: Part 2
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Serena Voxx, and Sumiko

Super Sumiko captured by the evil Black Velvets? It cannot be! At least, that’s what drives Super Serena to break into Velvets’ lair to save her dearest friend, who she finds unconscious on a chair. She quickly wakes her downed partner up and tries to make a break for it, but a sly grin suddenly crawls over Sumiko’s face as she suddenly attacks Serena with a low blow to the crotch. Stunned, Serena realizes Sumiko’s been brain-washed, and a battle between two former comrades ensues! Sumiko knocks Serena out cold, only to take a face kick KO from Serena after going in for a devious kiss. Serena does the same, reminiscing about their “old days” as she manages to pull Sumiko out of her tranc
48 days ago
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56 days ago
Staying In & Going Out With: Nyssa Nevers
Starring (and introducing!) Nyssa Nevers

The scene opens with yet another new audition for Velvets Fantasies, and this time it is with the beautiful Nyssa Nevers! This is the first time Nyssa has worked for! As before, Sleeperkid steps in on Miss Velvets behalf, explaining to the sexy and super-talented Miss Nevers that she's being watched LIVE by the head of VF! She can't wait to get started, so they do...with the first "performance" being her reaction to a healthy dose of chloroform. Unbeknownst to the lovely actress, the chloroform in the rag is REAL, and within seconds she begins to feel its effects! SK toys with her limp body, carrying her around a bit until she comes to. She naturally seems he
57 days ago
Careless Knockouts
Starring Eva Avon and Diva Diamond

The lovely Diva Diamond and Eva Avon make their way to Jacquelyn Velvets’ house for a girls’ night out, only to find the door unlocked and Jacquelyn absent. As they wait, Miss Velvets texts them and tells them she’ll be delayed. Eva and Diva relax on the bed and suddenly feel lumps under the pillow. They discover a variety of knockout “toys” (accidentally?) left behind by Jacquelyn. Surprised and intrigued, the girls decide to play a series of knockout games while they wait. Having had some experience being knocked out, Diva starts the game off by letting Eva have the first turn (via chloroform), leading to some sexy clothing-removal and what turns out to be multiple knockouts from the (eventually) lingerie-clad bea
62 days ago
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69 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Roses #1 (Jamie Daniels and Velvets)' in the forum.
Jamie Daniels arrives home to find fresh roses on her table. She didnt put them out so she has no idea how they got there. Befgore she can examine things closely Levi jumps out from the shadows and renders her helpless.

he lays he on the table and strips her clothes off leaving her in her underwear and tights.

He then places her in the livingroom for Jacquelyn Velvet to find.

Velvets tries to wake her up but instead she joins her when Levi sneaks up behind her and renders her helpless too.

70 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Spy Lily Freezes Eve' in the forum.
Lily is a spy who's broken into Evangelines home looking for the microfilm. if she can get it before Eve can deliver it to her contact her agency will be very happy with her, but Eve walks in on her and confronts her. Lily immediately injects her with a freeze toxin which makes Eve freeze almost instantly.

Lily then goes on searching but when she finds nothing in the apartment she starts stripping Eve to see if she has it on her. Lily gets Eve undressed but still cannot find the microfilm which is when Levi shows up and injects her with the same toxin.

Now Lily and Eve are both frozen.


70 days ago
Mike added a new comment on the photo IMG 252
  • Absolutely stunning!!! So beautiful!!! The thought of you about to pass out like that is driving me wild!!!
70 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' The haunting of Jamie Daniels' in the forum.
The haunting of Jamie Daniels:
Jamie has been having a seriously hard time lately.

She's been losing time, doing things she doesn't remember, and having strange things happen like her entire wardrobe changing in what seems like the blink of an eye.

She has called her friend Dee over to help her make sense of it but then while she's away Dee is attacked by a ghostly evil demon. He renders her helpless and plays with her limp limbs.

She arrives back to find Dee completely out and she wonders if she blacked out and did something to her.

Ultimately the demon makes himself known and Jamie cant handle it. her fragile mind has snapped and she refuses to believe he is real.

He gives her a choice and she doesn't believe he's real so he inhabits Dee and takes it from there.
71 days ago
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72 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' The Beach' in the forum.
Evangeline takes the ferry to Fire Island to catch herself some amazing rays but leviathan is there and he renders her helpless on the sand, fondles her limp body, and then carries her over the shoulder to a nearby location thats secluded and he can do his work in privacy and peace.

72 days ago
A Tinder Date Obsession
Starring Sumiko and Sarah Brooke

Our story begins with Sarah Brooke nervously looking at her phone. She can’t believe she met a beautiful new woman on tinder, who she’s certain is one of her favorite sleepy actresses: Sumiko. Soon thereafter, there’s a knock on the door, and sure enough standing before her is THE SUMIKO she’s fantasized about for years! But, she has to be 100% sure first. Sarah goes in the other room and makes Sumiko a “special” drink. Unbeknownst to Sumiko, she drinks a drugged drink that slowly works it’s way through her system before she passes out on the floor. When Sarah gets a closer look at the unconscious beauty, she exclaims: “It really is THE SUMIKO!!” and proceeds to live out her fantasies by knocking out, und
74 days ago
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Who Else Loved Watching AJ Go Limp In The Ring... Enjoy!!
77 days ago
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77 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Sleepy date Night foot Worship with caroline' in the forum.
Caroline Pierce is really excited about her upcoming blind date with a friend of Evangelines. She set them up and Caroline is so excited she begs Eve to tell her more about him. What does he like, etc.

Evangeline tells her he has certain fetishes and caroline is excited!

shes all for interesting people.

Eve tells her that he likes the whole damsel in distress and limp limb play and lift and carry and caroline is a bit confused so Evangeline shows her exactly what he likes.

But the truth is that there is no guy.

Eve made him up in order to get caroline here.

She renders caroline helpless and then starts playing with her limp body.

Eve has had a crush on caroline and has fantasied about what sex would be like with caroline but she also has a fetish for Carolines feet.

She strips Caroline and rubs her feet, the smells her feet and ends up sucking and licking
78 days ago
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79 days ago
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79 days ago
Mike added a new comment on the photo at a party..tipsy and teasing...i guess :)
  • Perfection!!
79 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Free Movies with order' in the forum.
I'm building up my Custom request system.
Currently we have 582 registered custom clients
in the last year 459 opened every single email sent
over 300 customs were ordered.

this system has saved me a lot of time and has made my work life far easier so I'm going to push its use only.

If you order customs or have entertained the idea please join our mailing list here:

its free to use and all you need to give is a working email address.

you will be emailed 1-3 times a month (usually only once a month though)
and given a list of models who are available.
Members of this mailing list ge
80 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Terror (with Jacquelyn velvets)' in the forum.
Jacquelyn Velvets is being hunted.

Levi is after her for as good time and he knows how to make a damsel in distress feel tired!

he renders her helpless and the carries her over the shoulder to the stairwell where he puts her down and leaves her tied up while he makes other plans for her. then when ready he comes back for her and carries her back to be stripped and played with.

80 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' The doll Collector (PT.2)' in the forum.
After the events of Part one:

Levi is up to his old tricks again this time adding Goddess Dee to the pool of growing dolls he's collecting by rendering them helpless, stripping them into new clothes and putting them on display. sure they can get a little out of control during the process but in the end all the hard work is worth it for another doll to his collection of damsels.

82 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' {EVW} Supergirl meets the evil genie' in the forum.
The below release is also this months SUPERHEROINE Patreon for pledges over $5
(NOT the sleepy Patreon which a completely different topic and has its own post)

if you are on our Superheroine patreon page and pledged $5 or more this movie is already sitting in your inbox or soon will be
Please do not spend full price on this item as you have already gotten it for your $5 superheroine Patreon pledge.

Jamie Daniels is a cat burgler who has returned with a museum find. she wishes for a million dollars but all she gets is a Genie who looks like a street bumb and seems to have a foot fetish.

Jamie makes a deal with teh genie that in exchange for helping her with Supergirl she will show off her feet to the genie so he can get his creeper on!

Soon the genie has helped Jamie render the heroine helpless and thats when the action gets Foot-Centric with a boot removal, nude tights ripping a
83 days ago
Immerse Yourself with Harley Quinn
Starring Kayla Lael

Kayla stars as your beautiful blonde therapist: Doctor Harleen Quinzel. The scene opens with you at the beginning of a therapy session. She introduces herself, and explains her methods of unconventional therapy that she will be using in this session. Hypnosis, devices, and shock therapy are some that are mentioned, and you willingly agree despite this being your first time.

Once the Doctor has debriefed you, she starts the session by asking, “Tell me how you feel today?” and with that, the session you’ve been waiting for has begun. You quickly whip out your can of sleeping gas, and spray her with a healthy dose that she attempts to resist it’s effects. After watching her babble, her eyes flutter and she so
86 days ago
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91 days ago
The Night Shift
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Andrea Rosu

Based off a custom script! Andrea Rosu and Jacquelyn Velvets are superheroines tasked with taking down a devious villain (played by an offscreen SK) in his own lair. They make their way in, both aware of their prey’s ability to disappear, hypnotize, and shape shift, but within seconds the room fills with sleeping gas, putting both superheroines down and out. We see the villain’s hand touch Andrea’s body, causing her to teleport to a nearby bedroom…with him appearing in her place disguised as Jacquelyn’s partner. “Evil Andrea” toys with her dazed partner, repeatedly knocking her out with sleepy spray and a sleeper hold, just for fun. Bored, Andrea leaves Jacquelyn unconscious and transforms into her exact
92 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Sleepy Girlfriends Foot Worship' in the forum.
Evangeline and Star are all dressed up to go out and have fun.

Star has been looking forward to going out and cutting loose with her girlfriend but Evangeline has a different idea.

She would rather stay home and play some sexy role playing with Star.

When Star asks what kind of fun Evangeline shows her first hand.

After rendering Star Helpless she plays with her taking her clothes off and worshiping her feet.

Eve licks, sucks and even nibbles on stars feet and toes.

Taking great care to make sure her entire soles has been worshiped.

Every time Star comes around she is rendered helpless again and the worship continues.

92 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Chloroformed, bound, and forced to cum' in the forum.
Evangeline is greeted by her neighbor who has laid out a trap for her.

Once under his control and rendered perfectly helpless he ties her up enjoying her struggle and eventually ties a hitachi to her pantyhose covered pussy and sets it off watching her have three back to back orgasms until she cant take it any more.

93 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' The KITTY Abductor' in the forum.
Levi is visiting jamie daniels to house sit her cat while shes away. he is so mortified by how terribly she takes care of the cat that he takes matters into his own hands to teach her a lesson. rendering her helpless and carrying her to the table where he strips her and leaves her there taking the poor cat with him.

98 days ago
Leviathan created a new topic ' Chloroformingthe nurse for play' in the forum.
Gigi is a nurse who is interviewing for a home aide position.

Levi is asking all the right questions but then starts asking very strange personal questions.

Thinking he might be a creeper she starts to leave which is when he pounces on her.

He renders her helpless and starts to strip her when Evangeline walks in and demands to know whats going on!


Except that she is mad because he chose to play with Gigi without his wife and as punishment he must go away so she can play all by herself.

Eventually Levi tires of this arrangement and offers Gigi a chance to get even HD, MP4 SD, WMV

99 days ago
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