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Joe Anton created a new topic ' New 3 Girl Clip' in the forum.
We have a really exciting new clip this week! My Three Girlfriends follows stealthy villain Donovan as he chloroforms 3 hot girls, carries 2 of them, strips them and keeps them in a semi-conscious state with chloro-soaked cloths inside dust masks. It's a really exciting scene. The girls are Megan Loxx, Violet October and, in her first appearance with us, Ashley Lane. Ashley is really beautiful and gives an excellent performance. Check it out here.

1 day ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Hit on Head Clip' in the forum.
Our new clip this week is a get 2 scenes on one clip! The first scene is longer. Sinn Sage is hit on the head multiple times during a robbery. She's groped and manipulated, carried over shoulder, stripped and groped more intimately. It's really hot. In the shorter second scene, cuties Morgan Del Ray and Nikki Next are office rivals. Nikki knocks Morgan out with a blow to the head and plays with her rather innocently. It's cute. Check it out here.

7 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Clips, New Models, Hooters' in the forum.
We have 2 excellent new scenes out this week! "Waiting for the Waitresses" stars 2 models who are new to Anton - Eva Long and Megan Loxx. The girls play waitresses in orange shorts and white shirts and socks. They're chloroformed and played with by a mysterious intruder. The girls are both beautiful and give great limp performances. The part where Eva tries to crawl away and is grabbed by the villain is particularly exciting. Sinn Sage and Drake star in "Return of the Dark Intruder". Sinn is asleep when villainous Drake enters and caresses her body. She's chloroformed twice, fondled and carried. It's a sexy and dramatic scene. Check them out here. There's a preview for the Sinn clip but a better one can be found on our Twitter: @antonvideo_com I'll try to get a preview up for the other clip soon.

28 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' NEW Hit on Head Clip' in the forum.
We have a great new clip out! "Stealing His Boss" stars the very sexy Raven Rae as a businesswoman who gets knocked out and played with by a demented janitor. Raven is an excellent actor and her limpness and eye work are top notch. Some nice carries too. Check it out here. There's a preview

38 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Clip with Ember & Sablique' in the forum.
"Villain and Victim" stars cute, petite, Ember Stone and sexy, 6 foot tall Sablique Von Lux. There are actually 2 scenarios on the clip, one where Sablique sneaks up on Ember in the kitchen, chloroforms her, carries her to the bedroom and plays with her and one where Ember sneaks up on Sablique in the office and chloroforms her from the front. Check it out here.

50 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Chloo Clip, New Models' in the forum.
We have a fun new scene this's pretty clean for nudity. Two super cute girls, Nikki Next and Morgan Del Ray have fun playing with chloroform. Check it out here.

56 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' Check out our Patreon page!' in the forum.
We decided to give it a try! Check it out at If you support us, not only will we make some awesome new videos but you'll also get FREE CONTENT!

As I say on the Patreon site, we want to make videos like we used to. We've been in business in the west for 20 years and I'm sure a lot of people remember the days when many of our scenes had 3 or 4 models and more elaborate stories. It just isn't possible to shoot that kind of stuff on a regular basis anymore. So, we are asking for donations on Patreon to help finance some really exciting new content. AND, each donor receives "Rewards" to thank you for your support. We're keeping our Rewards system very simple. When you become a donor, you'll get a gift certificate for MORE than the amount of your donation! You can use the certificate to get the new content we're going to shoot or you can use it
58 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' Taking Customs with Ashley Lane' in the forum.
We're taking orders for custom videos with beautiful and very talented Ashley Lane. Ashley is very popular...and for good reason. She's an excellent model and actress, known for her great bondage scenes. She's also stunning. We're shooting her in April and we're very excited. If you're interested in a custom, e mail me your idea at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need
59 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Clip with Jolene, Star' in the forum.
Two of our favorite models star in this week's new scene. "Truth or Dare" is a very sexy scene where friends Star Nine and Jolene Hexx have a sleepover and decide to play chloroform games. Jolene knocks out Star and plays with her and Star returns the favor. When both girls want to pass out, they kiss...with a chloro-soaked cloth between them. It's totally hot. Check it out here. There's a preview there but you can watch a better one on Twitter: @antonvideo_com

63 days ago
Been busy trying to fix Sleepflix. I think you can still view videos but you can't upload. Unfortunately the software is so old that it's hard to find the libraries and dependancies I need - especially for a modern OS.
63 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' DVDs Available on Ebay' in the forum.
A lot of our DVDs are available on Ebay. There's a variety of stuff there including some knocked out and knocked out/tied up titles. We plan to make more DVDs available soon. Check it out here. You have to be signed in to your Ebay account and verify your age before you can see them.
67 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Chloro Clip with Raven' in the forum.
Our new scene this week is "Taking Control". Raven Rae plays a dominatrix who is chloroformed by one of her clients. There's no nudity but it's very hot with great eye rolling. Raven gives an excellent performance and looks great staggering around. Check it out here. There's a preview there but you can watch a better one on Twitter: @antonvideo_com

70 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Self-Chloro Clip' in the forum.
Cute as hell Keegan Kade wants to try chloroform for fun. She's really hot as she inhales it and touches herself. There's a bit of POV fondling as well. It's $2 off till March 16.
Check it out here. Follow us on Twitter: @antonvideo_com

76 days ago
We have 2 great new scenes this week. One is a chloro/foot fetish scene, one is a hypnosis scene with some nice sleepy content. "Sleepy Foot Party" features Nickey Huntsman as a naive girl who gets chloroformed by pervy Star Nine. Star soaks Nickey's socks in chloro and uses them to knock her out. Then she has her way with Nickey's sexy feet. Check it out here. There's a video preview on Twitter: @antonvideo_com

In "Entranced by an App" Sinn Sage is hypnotized by a phone app. Once she's in a trance, her lecherous roommate orders her to strip and then fondles her hot body. Just for fun, he makes her fall asleep a couple of time and fall limply to the couch. While she's asleep, he fondles her some more. Check it out here.. There's a great video preview.
85 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Hit on Head Clip' in the forum.
Our new clip this week is a really fun hit on the head scene. Dresden and Jolene are rivals at work. They knock each other out with a club and pose each other in embarrassing positions.Check it out here. There's a video preview.
Follow us on Twitter: @antonvideo_com

91 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Chloro Clip' in the forum.
We have a hot new chloroform clip this week. Two of my absolute favorite models, Star Nine and Jolene Hexx, star in "Sleepy Spy Games". The story doesn't make much sense but it's about rival spies. Both girls do a great job. Check it out here. There's a video preview there but there's a better one on our Twitter @antonvideo_com

96 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Clip - Star, Nickey Huntsman' in the forum.
We have another great hit on head scene this week. "Stepsister Smackdown" stars Nickey Huntsman and Star Nine as rival stepsisters who knock each other out with a club, a karate chop and a punch. There's some great stripping and body manipulation. Check it out here. There's a video preview.

102 days ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Clips, New Models' in the forum.
We have 2 scenes this week, 1 stars 2 current favorites, the other has 2 models we've never presented before. Janira Wolfe and Jolene Hexx are awesome in "Hitting on Her". Jolene is obsessed with the lovely Janira and, after stalking her, she knocks her out with a blow to the head. There are a couple more hits plus some great carries and very sexy fondling and manipulation. Check it out here.

On our Knocked Out/Tied Up store, we have "What Are Friends For". Stunning blonde Summer Day is chloroformed by her friend Keegan Kade who is cute as hell. Summer is bound, gagged, fondled and knocked out again while bound. The tables are turned and Summer KO's Keegan. In a really hot scene, Summer is forced to knock herself out. Both girls end up tied and gagged with tape. C
110 days ago
??If you're seeing something strange in the site - it's me debugging an issue. It should be fine by Saturday.??
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Joe Anton created a new topic ' New Clips' in the forum.
We have 2 great new scenes this week. The awesome team of Janira Wolfe and Jolene Hexx is back in "Keeping the Boss Quiet". Secretary Janira knocks her boss Jolene out, ties her up and gags her, torments her with her feet and then knocks her out again. The first KO is pretty fun...Jolene opens a gift box and gets a burst of gas in her face. The second is a really good chloro while Jolene is still tied. Check it out here. It's $3 off till February 1.

We also have "Sleepy Party Girls". Jolene is joined by cute and sexy Dresden, who gives a great performance in her first Anton appearance. Dresden rejects her friend Jolene's sexual advances. So Jolene chloroforms her, strips her and enjoys her body. Dresden is knocked out a second time before waking up and chloroforming Jolene twice. Jolene is knocked out as she tries to crawl away. It's hot. More
119 days ago
Sorry guys, I didn't know the chat went south until I got an email today. Please feel free to contact me using the form under 'contact' on the top right. Thanks.
119 days ago
Chats not loading at all for me, I'll work on it.
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??Sorry about the interruption but it looks like Sleeppeeps is up again! I'll work on getting the chat back up and running. Please report all issues you encounter.??
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Administrator created a new topic ' banned girls' in the forum.
I was recently asked why the site bans so many girls. Answer: I personally haven't banned any girls and none of the admins here have informed me about any girls being banned. (They msg me when they ban someone.) It could be that the girls have closed their accounts - unfortunately the software shows a closed account as being banned. I've emailed a couple of the girls who have been 'banned' and received no responses. If you get banned unexpectedly or you know someone who has, make sure to email me at