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all women who have a sleepy fetish and like playing unconscious.
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i have many
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chloro,unconscious women,drugged drinks,sleep darts,roleplay
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i love playing scenes in which my partner is put to sleep in various ways.

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Constance created a new topic ' Head-bonks w Eve' in the forum.
Eve was just minding her own business when this creepy guy came into her house and head-bonked her. She gasped and her eyes fluttered and she fainted on the sofa. Then creepy guy (Levi), decided to fondle her limp body. Eve woke up a few times, not knowing someone was in her house and each time, she was head-bonked and she fainted. Levi lifted and carried her for a bit. Stripped her naked and eventually took her to her bedroom. She woke up as she was getting fucked but then Levi head-bonked her again and she fainted and he continued to fuck her. She will never know.
xoxo Eve Von Winter & Levi Customs? Eml Located on Clip Site..

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Constance created a new topic ' Limp Via Belly Punches' in the forum.
Constance is known for her strength in wrestling men and women. So she knows that a few belly punches won't hurt her at all. But Scott knows that his punches are strong and wants to see if she can stand up to it. So Constance says bring it on. Scott does a few punches on Constance, then a major punch causes Constance to fall limp on the ground. Scott taunts Constance, but then proceeds to fuck around w her limp body. Constance eventually wakes up for round 2. She is in disbelieve that she fell limp from Belly punches but is willing to do it again, but it can't happen twice.. right?? Wrong. Scott knocks Constance limp again w Belly punches, and proceeds to fondle her limp body even carrying her around a bit. Does Constance take more or does she fight back??
xoxo Constance & Scott Torvea Customs? Eml Located on Clip Site

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