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Anna sighed, slowly rising up from her knees. She had been on the floor, picking up the remote she had dropped seconds before. She was spending the day off from work to relax and catch up on her favorite shows. Picking up the remote, she placed it back on the table and sat down again, crossing her legs.

She was dressed in a simple white dress that showed off her long legs and a little bit of her thigh. Her shoulder length blonde hair was let loose around her shoulders, and her blue eyes were focused intently on the screen in front of her. She absentmindedly but her lip as the characters on the screen began to kiss passionately.

Ding Dong!

She jerked her head to the doorbell, sighing as she turned off the TV and stood, pushing her feet into her slippers and heading towards the window beside the door. Pulling her curtains open just a tad, she peeked out and saw a tall, handsome man with a sharp jawline and a light stubble standing there, dressed in a black, with a newspaper.

She couldn’t help but crack a smile. With her two younger daughters out of the house, and her older daughter, Violetta, who was 20, was upstairs watching a moving a movie. Now was a great time for a tall dark and handsome stranger to sweep her off her feet. It was ideal.

Brushing a strand out of her face, she opened the door and leaned against the frame in a sultry manner. Speaking softly, she asked “How can I help you, sir?”

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” The man said, taking off his hat to reveal brown hair slicked back “I’m with the US Aviation Institute. I was wondering if you had a moment to talk about our countries soldiers?”

Anna sighed. She really wasn’t interested in talking, so she just turned around and went to look for her purse, calling out “Here, I’ll just make a quick donation. How much is okay? Is- SHIT!”

She jerked up as a sudden sharp prick had stung her backside. Instinctively feeling behind her, she found a small syringe-like dart with feathers at the end sticking out. She looked up at the man with fury.

“What the hell was that!” She shouted attempting to take a step forward.

The man was silent.

“I said wha…” she trailed when a sudden wave of drowsiness hit her, stopping her dead. She stumbled woozily “Whathehellwastha….” She slurred, her eyelids drooping as her speech slurred. Her head started to drop as it became increasingly heavy and difficult to hold up.

‘My head’ she thought ‘i'm not… i'm not gonna make it… gotta keep her safe… don’t let him know she’s here…” Anna took another woozy step, away from the staircase leading upstairs and towards the kitchen, her knees wobbling as she did.

She turned and saw the man raising his gun again, ready to fire  “Noo…” she moaned loudly, before he fired another dart into her hip. She winced with pain and tried to speak before the second wave of sedative hit her, dropping her to the ground. The world span out of control, and for a moment she thought she could hang on, but quickly her eyelids rolled and the drowsiness took over, sliding her onto the floor, asleep.

The man took off his hat indoors, being a gentleman, and placed it on the rack, stooping over to see to his victim. Her breasts were looking incredibly inviting, being at least a D cup. He had barely put a hand on her thigh when there was a shout from above. “Mom? Are you okay? I was in the shower and I heard a thump!”

Quick as a fly, the man stepped back and carried Anna, swooping her up and carrying her over to the couch, placing her in a normal looking sleeping position and placed a box from the mantel on the floor. He then waited.

The girl stepped into the corridor and the man had to hold in a gasp. She was absolutely stunning, her legs shapely and tan, and her figure a perfect hourglass. To the man’s great pleasure, she had a simple white towel wrapper around her body, which barely covered her breasts and just barely made it down over her hips. However, from down the stairs, he could see more than he could ever hope over.

“Excuse me?” She said, trying to pull it down more than it could go. The man averted his gaze, smiling politely as he spoke.

“Sorry, I’m a work friend of your mothers. She invited me over today. She didn’t say her daughter was over.”

“Oh.” She said, taking a seat on the steps and crossing her legs to avoid showing him anymore. “Sorry, I just got out of the shower. I thought I heard something…”

“Oh believe me I’m not complaining,” The man said with a chuckle. The girl giggled too. “And uh, yeah, I knocked over this box over here, my bad…” He said, pointing to the chest he had placed on the floor earlier.

“Oh no! That was an antique!” She said, jumping up and rushing down the stairs. She ‘bounced’ down them, rushing over to inspect the box for new damage and imperfections, bending over to do so and giving the man a view of her ample bosom and excellent cleavage in doing so.

Up close, he got a much better view of the girl, and she was even more beautiful than he had thought. She had fair skin, a nice tan complexion, cute facial features, and the same dirty blonde hair her mother had as well. She had bluish-green eyes and appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties.

“It looks okay.” She said, looking up to see the man staring. Once more he averter his gaze and she stood up, brushing a strand of wet hair out of her face. She turned to face him, smiling a bit awkwardly.

“You must be V? Right? Going to college?” The man said, checking with a disarming smile. V nodded, glancing away and seeing her mother on the couch.

“Mom?” She said, stepping toward her. Quickly, the man took his dart gun and, deciding against just firing another shot, removed two or three darts and held on in his hand, walking behind her. He spoke disarmingly, saying “Oh she’s just taking a nap, don’t you worry. She’s been asleep since I got here. Out like a light.”

“Mom?” She said, taking another step into the living room. Something occurred to her. “Wait, if she was asleep when you got here then how did you get-”

She was interrupted by a sharp prick in her backside. She yelped and whirled around, angry and confused. She reached down to pull out the dart in her ass but her fingers slid over her bum, numbly drifting to her sides. She looked up, confused when it hit her.

“What did youdottoomeee…” She began to ask but trailed off as the drug hit her, making her feel dizzy and lightheaded as a grey tunnel began to surround her vision. She moaned softly, looking up at the man one last time before her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out, falling limp into the man’s arms.

He smiled; this girl was quite the catch. Letting her gently onto the floor, he took a moment to admire her sleeping body; her plump breasts slowly rising and falling as she slept, peacefully unaware of the world around her. Then he got to work, reaching down and gently opening her towel, exposing her body fully. He breathed heavily, his heart pounding as he caressed her breasts, the slightest touch of his fingers making her nipples stand erect. He began kissing them and teasing them, moving down her stomach and closer to her legs, her body shuddering unconsciously to his touch.

He turned to Anna; she had been left alone far too long. Picking her up, he laid her on the floor beside her daughter and removed her dress, caressing every inch of her body. He was beside himself; two women were far greater than what he had expected to get.

He almost didn’t know what to do, he was so excited. Alternating his attentions to either woman, tasting them on his tongue as he explored their bodies; it was surreal. He was close to Cumming himself, but he didn’t act on that yet.

Instead, he rose up to take a look at the prizes below him, thinking to himself‘oh, what a wonderful world’

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Posted by on in Chloro


“Can I help you with anything, Ma’am?”


Judith whirled around to face the store clerk that had appeared behind her. The fit shop keeper was dressed in a black dress shirt, black pants, and a white tie with the store logo on it. His dark brown hair was spiked up, and he smiled politely at the women before him.


“Yes you can! Do you know where the leather gloves are?” She asked, a bit impatiently.


“Of course Ma’am. Right this way.” He directed her towards the correct section “Are you buying for a friend?


“Whoever I buy these for is none of your concern. And stop calling me Ma’am. It makes me sound old.”



The young clerk groaned “Very well. These are all our top products. I hope you find everything to your liking!”


Judith was a young woman out looking for a new pair of leather gloves. She was slim, with a nice bust and curves that filled out all of her dresses. She had dark brown hair, which came down to her shoulders, and an attitude that was an occasional problem. She was, at the moment, checking out a new pair of leather gloves, and what appeared to be a matching leather catsuit.


“Hmm…” She said, feeling the fabric “Yes, this will do nicely… Clerk!” She summoned, waving her arm. He appeared at her side.



“Yes Ma’am?” He asked, slightly wearily.


“What did I say about calling me-” She stopped. “If possible, I’d like to try this on. Where can I do so?”


The clerk gestured across the hall, where a purple door was closed. “If you’ll just head in there and get undressed, I’ll get this for you right now.” H said, pulling the catsuit off the rack and handing it to Judith.



“Thank you!” She said, carrying it over her shoulder into the changing room. Once inside, she quickly stripped off her blouse and her skirt, revealing a simple black brassiere and matching panties, which she took a moment to admire herself in.



Unbeknownst to her, she wasn’t the only one admiring her figure. In the upper corner of the changing room, a small camera whirred and focused on her body, which was pulling the zipper up on the catsuit as she checked herself in the mirror. The clerk behind the camera smiled, satisfied that this was the girl he had to have.


As Judith check herself in the catsuit, she realized what was missing. With a sigh, she turned and called out “Clerk! Can I get the gloves in here!”


A muffled voice cried out “Of course! Just a moment.”


Sighing, Judith turned back to the mirror and admired her body once again. It looked absolutely gorgeous, the catsuit fitting her perfectly, hugging her curves and accenting her best assets.



She was so busy admiring herself that she didn’t notice a pair of black leather gloves that emerged from the door behind, carrying a brown bottle and a gauze path. She didn’t see those hands pour some of the brown bottles contents onto the gauze, causing a chemical smell to rise. She did, however, notice when those hands clamped themselves over her nose and mouth.


“MMMPPPPHH!!” She shrieked into the sweet smelling cloth, whose medical scent assaulted her senses. She shook violently, trying to shake off her attacker.



“No, no. Don’t fight it darling. Just relax, take a little nap…” The clerk behind her cooed, holding her tight as she tried to fight and claw her way from him.


“MMMPPPhhhh!” She shrieked, a dull ringing beginning in her ears. She blinked, slowly, as her vision started to slow down, her eyes losing focus as she struggled against her attacker. She momentarily forgot about where she was, fighting to maintain her grip on her attackers arm.



It was a losing battle, as the more time went on the heavier she started to feel, the ringing in her ears having become a throbbing that filled her mind. Her fingers felt warm and numb, and she felt them beginning to slide off of the clerk’s hands.



The clerk clamped another arm around her chest, copping a feel. She moaned, her eyes widening for a moment as she felt him, but quickly they started to droop again as her head began to loll. She weakly kicked at him, her long legs feeling like lead pipes as she sagged deeper into his arms.


“mmmpppphhhh….” She moaned weakly, her eyelids fluttering lower and lower over her eyes,  her struggled growing more faint and indistinguishable as she felt herself losing her last shreds of consciousness, a dark tunnel surrounding her vision, slowly getting smaller as she felt her eyes closing. 

With a sigh, she let them close, exhaling into the rag that still covered her face. The attendant felt her breast again, squeezing it gently to see if she would respond. She didn’t.


“Sweet dreams, darling…” he whispered in the sleeping woman’s ear, gently lowering her to the floor as he lifted the cloth from her mouth. Her bent lower and scooped her up, checking to see if anybody else was in the store before taking her into the back room.


There, behind the soundproof walls and triple-pad locked door, lay an ornate bed with red silk sheets, covered with little toys and trinkets of a rather erotic nature. It was a sight that the sleeping brown didn’t get to appreciate as she was laid across the bed, her long hair splaying out behind her.


The clerk took a moment to admire her body, running a hand along her thigh in his leather gloves. It was then that he noticed he was still wearing them.


“Oh dear. Ma’am, I believe you requested these,” He said, pulling them off his fingers and slowly slipping them onto Judith’s hands. She didn’t resist, nor could she, as the smooth leather slid over her skin and fit snuggle on her hands.


The clerk smiled. It was a perfect fit. Everything fit her so nicely.



“Right then, love,” He said, turning the toys on the bed and examining each one “time for us to get started. What should I do first…” He paused, spotting a simple black vibrator on the bed “I think this will do quite nicely!”


He picked it up and turned it on, already rock hard (He had been since he’d seen her in that catsuit) turning, her found the zipper of her catsuit and pulled it down gently, slowly lowering it past her breasts, which burst free, her busty bosom rising and falling evenly with her sleeping breaths.



He stopped breathing for a moment, his hands immediately sliding to her breasts. He squeezed them slowly, playing with them sensually as he felt his erection growing. He noticed that her nipples hardened almost immediately, incredibly responsive to his touch.


“Holy…” He whispered, reminding himself to continue with the zipper. He pulled it down, past her stomach and all the way down to her pussy. She was clean down there, not even a peaches fuzz visible when he saw her.



“Good girl.” He said to himself, taking the buzzing toy in her grip and bringing it down to her tender flesh, feeling her body tense immediately as the pleasure hit her like a truck, making her unconscious form gasp for breath as the toy continued to push against her.



Judith, who was still asleep, writhed against the sheets, her body almost shaking as wave after wave of intense pleasure hit her. Her body moved as her hips stated gyrating to the vibrations, moving slowly at first, then faster and harder, until she was bouncing on the bed.



The clerk felt her nearing the climax, her movements growing more and more intense, more and more intense, until she felt as if she was about to burst. And she did.


Judith gasped, her back arching as the orgasm blew through her, unlike anything she had ever felt before. If she had been awake, she would have appreciated it much more than she did.  Still, even unconscious, she still felt the massive pleasure.


The clerk smiled, switching off the device and wiping it off, his own erection still obvious. He was about to select the next toy when he felt someone moving beside him.



“Mmmuuhhh…” Judith groaned, groggily rolling her head to the side as she started to come to. The clerk realized that the force of the orgasm had sped up the drug’s effects, making them wear off much faster than they were supposed to.



Quickly he pulled out a pair of leather lined handcuffs and locked each of her hands to the bedposts. Just in time, too, as she was starting to wake up.


“Ohhh, my head” She groaned, slowly opening her eyes “Where am I?”



“You’re right where I want you, dearie…” The clerk whispered softly, brushing a strand of hair from her face.



At the sound of his voice, Judith’s eye’s shot open. “What?! You!” She groggily shrieked, trying to move away. That’s when she realized that her hands were bound.


“You crazy little bastard! You drugged me! You handcuffed me! What the Hell!” She shouted at him, struggling against her bonds. He placed a hand gently on her side.


“Please relax. I’m not going to hurt you. I only want to play a little game…” He said, with a smirk.


“A game? With you? Are you out of your mind?” She shouted furiously.


“Now,  now,” He said, condescendingly “This could be a fun game for both of us. Admit it, you like this. The sexy leather, being tied up, being helpless.” He smiled “You like being my plaything.”


In truth, Judith did like it. Deep down, it had always been a fantasy of hers to have something like this happen. But she wasn’t letting the crazy freak that kidnapped her know that!


“No way in hell do I enjoy being drugged and groped by some madman!” She angrily said, struggling a bit more for effect.


The clerk frowned “Hmm, I guess not. But don’t worry; I have plenty of time. Maybe you’ll be more agreeable when you wake up.”


“Wake up?” Judith asked “What the hell are you talking-”


She was interrupted by a sharp stinging in her legs, which caused her to yelp. Looking down, a small syringe full of a milky-white fluid was being emptied into her body by the smiling clerk. When it was empty, he pulled it out and tossed it aside.


Judith hissed as she felt her leg growing numb at the site of the injection. A warm haze began to spread through her.



“What… what did you… give me?...” She asked, feeling her mind growing fuzzy as the lights in the room seemed to grow brighter and hazier.


“Just a little something to help you sleep…” The clerk said with a  mischievous grin “Just sleep it off darling…”


“No… I’mmm finnnnee…” She slurred, her tongue going numb as she felt her body going limp. Her arms fell limp beside her, her legs falling to her side. Here eyelids grew heavier, her vision fading to black as she slumped back down, completely unconscious.



“Propofol,” The Clerk said, with a grin, “lovely drug.”


Trailing a hand down Judith’s exposed skin, feeling her goosebumps, he smiled softly at the sleeping woman beside him.


“Oh my dear…” he turned to the wall of toys behind him “The fun is just beginning…” 

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Looking at the woman in the car beside her, Amelia shifted nervously. Maggie was sitting next to her, in the car, discussing their plans for the heist later tonight. They were planning on stealing back a list of agents names from international business woman and criminal mastermind Clara Coleman.

“You know the plan?” She asked, nervously.

“Yes, I know the plan” Maggie replied boredly. She was fiddling with the zipper on her cat suit, which was significantly more formfitting than any type of public clothing. Amelia smacked her hand away from the woman, secretly harboring slight attraction to the whole spy get up.

“Focus!” She hissed, rigidly. She was not used to breaking orders and running off like this, and the whole experience was setting her on edge. She looked down at her own black catsuit, which was much like Maggie’s except that Maggie had unzipped hers to reveal a more than appropriate amount of cleavage.

“Go through it one more time” She said, watching the back exit.

“Oh my god, you are such a bore” she said, rolling her eyes “We go in through the back exit. We get up to the main suite. We ask her where the flash drive is. We take it, we make sure she won’t be remembering this. Then we leave” She pulled on her gloves, making sure they were tight.

She spotted Coleman walking across the street into her suite, her red dress contrasting highly with the night. She was returning from a fundraising event that made her seem like a concerned and caring citizen to the ordinary people, and which raised suspicion for the government agencies.

The two climbed out the car, walking across the pavement quickly and efficiently. Upon reaching the lock, Maggie gave it a quick picking and it sprung open, allowing them access to the inside. They walked down the well-furnished hotel corridor, their boots thumping against the carpeted floor.

Soon they reached the service elevator. It was only a few more seconds before they were off towards the penthouse suite. Maggie and Amelia took the time to pull out their guns and make sure they were ready. The clicked them back into their holsters and the metal doors creaked open.

Amelia and Maggie stepped over to the penthouse door. Placing an ear, she heard the gently hums of an old record playing. Satisfied that Coleman was in fact the one standing in the room, she signaled for Maggie to unlock it. She did so smoothly and pushed the door open, walking into the room with a gun in her hand.

Coleman looked shocked for a moment, before she returned to normal and stood up to face them.

“Hello Maggie. I see you’ve come for the flash drive.” She said, her smooth, northern England accent oozing sophistication. “And I see you’ve brought yourself a little bit of help, didn’t you?”

“Where is it Coleman?” Amelia asked, angrily.

“How on earth should I know?” She said, with mock sincerity.

“Cut the games!” Warned Maggie, waving the gun.

“Are you threatening me, Miss Taylor?” She asked, smiling.

“I might be” She said, gesturing to the gun.

“All I needed to hear” She said, sitting down. Silently, she pressed a button on the side of her chair, which activated the camera’s in the corner of her office. The camera was heat seeking, but the chair told the camera not to register whoever was sitting in it. As the camera locked onto the two hostile heat sources, it lined up the small tubes underneath then targeted any exposed muscle it could find. Once it had a lock, it was ready to fire.

Maggie saw the tube aiming a moment before it fired. “Amelia get down!” She yelled, running over and throwing herself onto her protectively. The darts that had been aimed at her thigh missed, embedding themselves into the floor. The cameras were preparing themselves for the next strike, once they reloaded in two minutes.

Coleman jumped up, momentarily terrified. In the confusion, she reached for a drawer under her desk.

“Thanks” Breathed Amelia, on the floor next to Maggie.

“No problem” She breathed back with a smile.

Coleman pulled out a gun and went to fire it, but Amelia saw her coming and pushed off Maggie, grabbing her wrist and tossing it to the side. Maggie went over with her and grabbed for the gun. There was a brief struggle, but Coleman pushed off Maggie and then twisted Amelia’s arm, breaking her grip and pushing her to the side. She stepped back, the two agents on the floor beside her, and pointed the gun triumphantly.

“Did you really think you would accomplish anything so easily?” She said, with a small laugh.

She stepped back for a moment, to rest her butt against the side of the desk. She noticed Maggie and Amelia’s lack of fear or disappointment.

“What?” She asked, steadying herself on the desk “What’d I misss?”

“Don’t waste your breathe, dear” Maggie said with contempt, gazing over her body and ending at her thigh. Clara Coleman looked down at her own thigh, where a hollow syringe protruded lazily.

“No, but thatss imposssibleee” She slurred, slouching slightly as she laid a hand on her desk. “When diddd youuu…” She lurched forward slightly, losing her balance for a moment. She tried to raise her gun but her arm felt limp. She dropped the gun, felling to her knees as the world spun around her. Amelia and Maggie were up in a flash, kicking the gun away.

Coleman’s body slumped to the floor, her chest heaving. "Mmmpphhh..." She groaned, trying to crawal upwards. She felt herself leaden, and with one final, orgasmic sigh, she stumbled to the floor. She took slow, even breaths, her large, plump breasts heaving as she slept. Amelia help Maggie up. Maggie stumbled slightly, steadying herself onto the desk.

“Are you ok?” Asked Amelia looking concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, the adrenaline is wearing off” She blinked, her speech slurring a tiny bit. “So it’s kicking in”

“What’s kicking in?” Asked Amelia. Maggie turned towards her, showing Amelia her backside. A small needle with a purple tassel was embedded in her skin, the contents of its vial now empty. “When did that happen?” She asked, realizing immediately when. Maggie had covered Amelia, taking the dart herself. She had sacrificed herself for Amelia.

“I don’t… I can’t…” She stumbled on the desk, almost falling. Amelia rushed over to steady her. Maggie tried to smile as she sleepily pressed her face against Amelia’s chest. She tried to stand, but her knees gave away and she fell to the floor, weakly trying to stay awake.

“Amelia… Amy… a…” She muttered weakly, before her arms gave way and the fell to the floor, her sleeping looking calm and relaxed.

Amelia looked at her friend, and she realized she now faced a decision. What was she going to do with Maggie?


Turn her in? (Comment A)


Let her go? (Comment B)

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Amelia sighed as she pushed the key into the lock of her own door. Earlier, she had told the agency what happened in the street, and how she woke up in nothing but her panties. It hadn’t done much for her reputation, but the agency knew just how well they had trained Maggie, and how any other agent in her position would have been subdued just as easily.

She rubbed her sore neck, and she tossed her purse to the side. She had ditched the police vest but she still had on the tight skirt, the stockings and the white blouse. Kicking of her shoes by the front door, she clambered up the stairs and went into her bedroom, quickly pulling off her blouse and tossing it into her hamper.

“Hello Amelia” Said a smooth voice from behind her.

She whirled around to face the woman who was sitting in her chair with her legs crossed.

“Maggie?” She said, glaring at the buxom beauty before her.

Maggie Taylor, the spy for hire who had used to be her lover, and who had more recently drugged and robbed Amelia, uncrossed her legs. She tried to sit up.

“Amelia, let me explain-” She began, pushing herself up from the chair.

“No, not another word out of you!” She cried, reaching for a drawer by her bedside.

Pulling the drawer open with one swift move, she reached in and pulled out a small pistol, pivoting back to face Maggie who had managed to stand up before pressing the trigger and releasing a small whoosh of air followed a hypodermic dart being launched out.

“Ow!” Yelped Maggie, pulling the empty needle out of her hip.

“Amelia, whyyyyyyyy…..” She trailed off, going limp and falling to the floor.

Amelia didn’t even step forward to catch her as she fell to the floor




Amelia gazed down at the sleeping woman before her. She trailer a hand down the side of her leg, feeling goosebumps form as she did. She remembered the nights they had spent together, how much fun they had had, and for a moment her resolve slipped.

She reached over and pulled off her shirt, tossing it aside. She did the same to her skirt, throwing it onto the pile on the floor. She ogled the black woman’s smooth skin, her chest rising and falling gently as she slept. She reached down and cupped her bra.

She pulled it down, gently rubbing the tips of her fingers on her skin as they used to. Maggie’s nipples quickly hardened. Amelia breathed out quickly, unable to hold her lust back any longer, she slid onto Freema and straddled her as she began trailing kisses down her collarbone. She moaned, orgasmically as she made her way downwards. She heard another moan, only this time it wasn’t her own.

‘Crap’ she thought, her make out session cut short. She rolled off of Maggie and got into position, waiting for her to wake up.

Maggie groaned and rolled around on the bed. She moved to slide her arm under her head but when she pulled she was met with resistance. Moving slightly, she saw that her hands were bound to the posts on the side of her bed, with some industrial grade black handcuffs. Scrambling slightly, she looked around.

She was tied to a simple bed, and her shirt and skirt had been stolen from her. She looked down at her now obvious magenta bra and panties. She was spread eagle, and she felt the rush of the cold air on her exposed stomach. She looked around and saw a familiar face. From across the room, Amelia stood with her arms crossed.

“You had a lot of nerve coming here after the stunt you pulled earlier today.” She said, stepping closer. She had changed into a red shirt and a black skirt, so short it almost could be reclassified as a belt. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t pick up the phone and call headquarters, then have you arrested?”

Maggie twisted herself upright and began speaking.

“You mean other than the fact that I hid a signal jammer in your house?” Amelia groaned, but Maggie continued “I need your help”

“Huh” Amelia snorted, chuckling lightly “Why on earth would I help you?”

“Because I can get you that list back” She said, trying to sit up comfortably.

“I thought you had it” Amelia said, narrowing her eyes.

“It… Was stolen from me” She said, pulling on her bonds.

“Someone robbed the thief?” Amelia said, with a smile.

“Not someone, I know who.” She said.


“Let me out and I’ll tell you”

“Not a chance” Said Amelia “All I have to do is pick up a phone and you’ll be locked away for the rest of your life.”

Maggie shifted nervously. “Fine. It was Clara Coleman.”

The Clara Coleman?” Asked Amelia incredulously “The world class criminal? And you were going to sell state secrets to her?” Amelia looked absolutely furious.

“Look, I’m sorry. But right now, there’s the small issue of getting the names back”

“Why would you even tell me anything?” Asked Amelia, hands on her hips?

“Because you want the names back.” Said Maggie, smiling mischievously.

“And what’s in it for you?”

“Revenge” Said Maggie, eyes ablaze.

Amelia considered it. Time and time again, Maggie had proven to be untrustworthy beyond belief. She had double crossed her on more than one occasion. But one thing Maggie had always been was a formidable foe, and right now, Maggie’s enemy seemed to be the same as Amelia’s, so Maggie’s skill sets would be directed at her and not Amelia.

Maggie waited while Amelia came up with the verdict. Eventually, Amelia looked at Maggie. “We do this, we do it by my rules. Rule one, you do what I say”

“Fair enough”

“Rule two; No stealing while were working together”


“And rule three; when were done, you don’t get to run along. You get a 24 hour head start, that’s all. Understood?”

“Yes” Said Maggie, smiling. “Now uncuff me.”

“In a second” She said, turning around and rummaging through a drawer. Maggie tilted her head back, closing her eyes. Today had been stressful day, and the relief of knowing that Amelia would be one her side was incredibly high.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her leg. Looking down, she saw Amelia emptying the contents of her own syringe into her thigh muscle.

“What the hell Amelia?” She asked, angrily.

“I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. So the handcuffs don’t come off unless you’re asleep” She said. Noticing Maggie’s drooping eyelids, she smiled, realizing that soon, she could finish her interrupted fantasy “And sleep seems to be coming sooner than expected. Higher dosage for me?”

“I’m not… I just neee… need a mommeeee…” Her syllables slurred as her tongue grew heavy. Her head started loll, and she felt herself sinking deeper into the bed. Amelia bent over, climbing in top of Maggie, and spoke “Sorry darling. You started this” And as Maggie’s head sank deeper into the pillow, she leaned down and kissed her on the lips, the taste of Maggie bringing back many memories.


She pulled herself off when she felt Maggie go limp. She then undid her handcuffs and carried the dark woman down into her car, sliding her into the backseat. She clicked in her own seatbelt and drove off into the night.

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Maggie closed the door to her hotel room. Removing the flash drive from her pocket, she placed it on the table, and took a seat on the couch. She pulled off her high heels, placing them on the floor near the couch, and pulled out a bottle of wine, in celebration of her victory. She plucked a bottle from the rack, and placed it on the counter. She then went to change.

Removing her ridiculous get up, she removed the long floral dress and denim jacket, throwing them to the floor and instead picking out a red button up blouse and a more form-fitting skirt. She threw them on, and walked back into the living room, pouring the champagne into a glass and drinking it slowly, a smile on her face.

Soon she received the call from her employer, asking if she had the device.

“The flash drive is in my possession. When will you arrive for pickup”

“Very soon” Said the voice from the receiver, before hanging up.

Smiling to herself, and regarding the promise of half a million euros. She sipped her champagne. She was aware of a faint odor, and she sniffed the air apprehensively. She didn’t notice the small ripple of air coming from the vents. Strangely, she felt slightly lightheaded. Chalking it down to drinking the champagne on an empty stomach. She stood up and almost immediately knew something was wrong.

The floor seem to warp slightly, at an awkward angle. She blinked, trying to walk forward but her balance seemed so off that she lurched forward and almost fell over. She pushed a hand out to steady herself, gripping the wall tightly. She tried to move up and out of the hallway, but the room started spinning again. She took a step and stumbled forward hazily.

The door to her hotel room opens, and a woman in a sharp business suit steps forward. She’s wearing a gas mask that covers the lower half of her face, but not her sharp, hazel eyes. Her long brown hair flows freely down to her shoulders, and she walks forward easily and determinedly.

Maggie tried to walk past her but her legs gave away and she dropped to the floor. The whole world is spinning, and she can barely move her arms. The woman walked over to the table and took the flash drive. She turned to walk away, but Maggie moaned “Who… are …you?”

The woman bent over, closer to her. She spoke through the mask “Don’t recognize me?”

Maggie remembered the voice, her drug addled brain putting together the voice of her employer. “Coleman…”

“Oh please” She said “Call me Clara.”

Martha groaned, trying to keep her eyelids open. Clara place a finger on Maggie’s lips, stopping her. “Don’t waste your breath. Did you seriously think I would give you half a million euros?”

Maggie tried to move but she was too weak. Her eyelids drooped even more, fluttering slightly. She gave a sigh, and rolled out onto the floor unconscious. Clara smiled, picking her up and placing her on the bed. She gently positioned her so that she would rest comfortably.

She looked at the sleeping beauty sadly.

“I’m sorry it had to be this way dear” She said to the drugged Maggie, sensually caressing her stocking-clad thigh “I truly am. But you were too expensive for my taste.” She lifted up her mask, and blew a brief kiss to the buxom beauty before reapplying the gas mask. She gave the air a sniff. The knockout gas had washed out. She pulled off her mask, revealing her lovely face and gorgeous features.

Stroking Maggie’s chest, she pulled her blouse open, and admired her magenta bra before tossing her shirt to the floor. Stroking her now iexposed stomach, she kissed the flat of her belly, moving from from her chest to the bottom. 

Not stopping, she pulled off the dark skinned woman's skirt, revealing her panties whcih matched her bra. Tracing a finger of her inner thigh, she illiceted a shudder from Maggie. Smiling, she stripped off her own shirt, admiring her ass in the mirror as she undressed.

'my god i look great' she thought, stripping her skirt and panties. She looked over to Maggie, who was still sleeping peacfully and nakedly on the bed. She climbed onto her, her busy chest buncing with every step. Her nipples were already errect, and she was beyond controlling herself now. 

She pressed herself closer to martha's body, panting and sweatign as she did so. She gyarated her hips, getting a quick response from maggie.

'She's very eager' She though, rubbing maggie and herself. Panting and moaning, she exploded, with such force that she rolled off of Maggie, onto the bed. She heaved, her perfect breasts rising anf falling evenly. Sighing, she rolled off and slid on her clothes, wiping her hair back into place in the mirror. 

Taking Maggie's clothing, she redressed her casually, and placed head onto the pillow. She took a small bottle of chloroform, and dribbled some onto the pillow, ensuring Maggie wouldn't awake for several hours at least. She caught a wiff of the vapors as she poured.


She took a step forward, slightly dizzy from the fumes, before walking away from the luxurious apartment and the luscious women that lay sleeping in it.

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Amelia shuffled down the building steps. She was dressed for her job, a short black skirt, a simple white blouse, and a black vest with the words ‘Police’ written across her chest. Underneath, she wore sheer grey stockings. Her stunning red hair flowed down to her shoulders, and as usual, she looked stunning.

She was walking around the street in her police uniform, watching the people crossing the street at the busy intersection. She kept a close eye on the people that walked past. Today, she wasn’t here on official police business. She was never here on official police business. That was mainly due to the fact that she was not herself a police officer.

She was a spy.

Amelia had worked for the SIS for quite some time now. This morning, she was preparing for a high risk trade off. Inside her purse, she had over half a million dollars. She was looking for the woman in the purple shirt. She was giving her the names of twenty undercover agents working for a radical anarchist group.

“So you enjoy the weather?”

She turned to face the woman behind her, who was wearing a purple shirt. Racking her brain, she remembered the code word.

“Yes, but I prefer the winter.”

The woman smiled, reaching out her hand for her to shake. Inside her palm, Amelia saw the flash drive, and she reached over and grasped it, sliding her purse off her shoulder. The woman took the purse as the two women smiled falsely. She placed the flash drive in her breast pocket, then, with a quick glance around, headed towards her base.

Walking quickly but confidently, she walked down the street. All around, she saw a lot of men and even a few women eyeing her long, slender legs. She smiled them off, however, and continued her focused walk. Eventually, the streets cleared up and she was alone.

“Excuse me, polizia, which way go Downing Street?”

The accent was heavy. She turned to look at who it was.


The woman in the large blue sun hat held a map in front of her. There were circles in blue and red ink all around the national landmarks. Judging by her accent, she had come from some Greek or Roman country.

Sighing, she realized that there was no way that the foreigner would understand that she wasn’t a police officer, she gave in and took the map. The tourist moved up to her left, pointing to downing street.

“No, that’s not the right direction. TO get there, you need to move north-”

She began but she was cut off by a sharp stinging sensation in her ass, just above her left leg. She pulled away, sharply, turning to look at her wounds. Looking down, she saw an empty syringe sticking out of her fatty tissue. She yanked it out, to examine it better.

“What the hell is this? What did you give me?” She yelled, angrily.

The woman pulled her hat off, revealing gorgeous dark features and a slender complexion. It took Amelia a second, but she recognized the woman’s beautiful face.

“Maggie?” She asked, blinking.

“Hello darling.” She spoke, softly rubbing grasping Amelia’s shoulder.

“What are doin… what are you doing?” She said, her speech slurring.

She took step back, trying to distance herself from the secret agent, but she found herself stumbling back three or four feet. Maggie Taylor, spy-for-hire, rushed forward to steady her. Maggie and Amelia used to work for the same agency (and date as well) before Maggie decided to go freelance, splitting the two down a rocky road.

Amelia’s legs began feel heavy, her head feeling lightheaded. She blinked a few times, to try and recover, but her vision blurred over and her eyelids started drooping.

“Hey, hey, hey, relax.”

“Noo, get o… get off, I nee… I need…” She tried to argue, her tongue numb. She tried to stand up but her legs felt like lead pipes and she felt so tired, she started to drop. Maggie was there, easing behind her, the soft touch of her hands steadying her. Maggie brushed a strand of hair from Amelia’s face, Amelia shuddering at the touch.

Amelia slumped deeper into Maggie’s soft touch. Her arm weakly flopped against her chest in an effort to push her away. Maggie stepped back, lowering her gently to the floor, her legs sprawling out into the street. Maggie placed a finger on her thigh, gently running her hands against the smooth nylon. Amelia took a sharp breath inwards, her chest heaving suddenly. She struggled to keep her eyelids open. Her head lolled into Maggie’s embrace and, and she mumbled out a few soft sentences.

“Shush now, go to sleep.” Said Maggie softly, stroking the side of her face gently.

“No, let goo of meeeeeee…” She trailed off, her eyes rolling back and her breathing falling into a steady, stable rhythm. Maggie laid her down onto the ground, stripping off her vest. She ran her flinger over the lest, looking for any bulges. Finding nothing, she instead searched her person. Searching her breast pocket, she took a moment to be distracted by her see through shirt, which showed her maroon lace bra clearly.

All of a sudden, she was distracted. Busting Amelia’s blouse open, she cupped her firm, C cups in her hand, playing with them. Almost immediately, her nipples went rock solid. She felt a tightness build up in her own chest, and she quickly moved Amelia to the building across the street, carrying her in her arms.

Tossing her onto the bed, she climbed on top of her seductively. Running her hands down the side of Amelia’s body, she pulled her skirt down of her perfect ass. She tossed it aside and admired the view of the stunning redhead in her lingerie. She reached under her and grabbed her ass, fondling it as she trailed kisses down the side of her neck. Amelia’s unconscious body shuddered at the touch. She slowly started to gyrate her hips, Amelia’s body moving in rhythm as she rose and fell. Quickly, Maggie shoved off her own clothing as well.

She then reached for the strap of Amelia’s bra, sliding it down off to the side. She looked at the gorgeous woman while she trailed kisses down the flat of her stomach, causing Amelia’s back to arch. She remembered a simpler time when the two had been lovers. She moved her hips in slow rhythm, which sped up slightly as Amelia’s movements began to match her own. She moaned loudly, before exploding. Seconds later, Amelia’s back arched, her sleeping body inhaling sharply before collapsing once more onto the bed.


Amelia groaned, signaling her waking up. Hurriedly, Maggie dressed herself and went through Amelia's clothing. Searching her shirt, she felt the cold plastic flash drive, and pulled it out. Grinning, she pocketed the disk and disappeared. 

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