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(Based on Sandman's wife and his stories)

Mrs. Sandman was feeling pretty good about herself. She was a high level employee at her company, and she'd just delivered some fantastic news in a conference call. A promotion, a raise, and the admiration of her husband Sandman and her fellow employees were on the way. 

Yet, all was not right. During the call, she had acted fairly condescending to one of her coworkers, who added some onstructive criticism and voiced concerns about Mrs. Sandman's plans going forward into the future. This coworker, a good looking gal by the name of Anna, had no qualms with Mrs. Sandman but only wanted what was best for the company. Mrs. Sandman, however, shut her down quickly and cast suspicion on her intentions, though deep down she knew what Anna was saying was right.

Anna wasn't going to take any of it. It wasn't so much that Mrs. Sandman wasn't taking Anna's advice, but it was moreso that she put Anna down so much. She had worked hard to get in this company, and she wasn't going to let someone humiliate her.

The next day, Anna and Mrs. Sandman were both the last people in the company building. They worked on the top floor, which had a nice big conference room. Everyone else had gone home for the night, but they were finishing up a little work in the conference room. It was quiet, and Anna decided she might as well strike up some conversation.

"Hey, Mrs. Sandman. How are you doing tonight?"

"Oh, doing alright. Just a lot of work to go through, no thanks to your team." Anna was incensed by this comment. Her team had been working hard on this project and Mrs. Sandman didn't give any of them credit for their effort. But she kept her cool, if only for a while longer.

"My team has been doing a lot of work. If I may, can I come over and see what you have? It might be that we sent you an earlier version by accident." This was her chance to make something happen.

"Fine, but if it is, make sure it doesn't happen again or I'll mark you up for not being careful." 

Anna walked over and checked. It was as she suspected, someone had sent an earlier version. 

"Yeah, someone sent an earlier version. Come walk with me to my cubicle and I'll show you the latest one."

The two women walked together to the end of the conference room when Anna suddenly stopped and started thinking.

"So? Why'd you stop?"

"I was thinking, I actually have it saved on my laptop here. Let's check it out."

Little did Mrs. Sandman know, there was a small surprise for her. Mrs. Sandman sat down at Anna's laptop and pressed down on a key...

ZAP! The laptop was rigged! This laptop wasn't Anna's, but a fake, and anyone who touched it would get electrocuted. Mrs. Sandman had just become a conductor for a strong current, and was shaking uncontrollably, moaning and stuttering and going "uhuhuhuhuhuh" the whole time. Anna switched up the voltage via her remote access. The current became stronger, Mrs. Sandman's started shaking more, and her noises became louder and higher pitched. Finally, Anna made the current the highest. Mrs. Sandman's noises became extremely high pitched and she started screaming, the noise being music to Anna's ears and making her admittedly a little wet, and she shook uncontrollably. A bright flash happened, and for a moment Anna could swear she saw Mrs. Sandman's skeleton. 

The battery in the fake laptop ran out, and the current stopped. Mrs. Sandman was still shaking, but her noises became little whimpers. She tried standing up and turned towards Anna. She raised her finger to point at her, but halfway through, she moaned. A long, sexy, drawn out moan. She tipped forward and fainted on the floor.

Anna had gotten her revenge, but she still had one more idea left. First, she took off Mrs. Sandman's top and bra, exposing her firm breasts. She then took off her skirt and panties, showing her wet parts. And finally, she took off her pantyhose and shoes. The shoes, expensive designer ones, would be Anna's trophies for the night. 

Mrs. Sandman was now naked on the floor and passed out. Anna placed her on the conference table, her pussy facing the door, legs spread wide, spread-eagled. She took Mrs. Sandman's phone and quickly wrote a large note on it saying "Take me, I'm all open." Anna, devious as ever, finished the note and shoved Mrs. Sandman's phone into her pussy, sticking it out enough to be visible, but deep enough for her to feel it. Anna gave Mrs. Sandman a quick kiss and walked out with her clothes.

The next day, corporate had a meeting in the conferenc room. They walked in, and what a magnificent sight awaited them! It's still unknown what the remainder of their meeting looked like, but all people know is they had to schedule another one and, when walking out, had a large black trash bag with something inside it. They dumped it into the dumpster and left the building.

As for Mrs. Sandman? Well, she ended up getting that promotion after all, but her husband had to get her from the landfill first.

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Gina exited the elevator, still in the garbage collector's uniform, and knocked on her door. She was covered in filth and cum and desperately needed a bath. She knocked again, but there was no answer. She looked around for the spare key and found it, inserting it into the lock.

What she didn't know was that the door knob was connected to another power source, albeit weaker. Once she inserted the key, electricity began surging through the knob, and she began going "uh uh uh uh uh uh ah ah uh uh ah uh" like she did before. However, Jared stopped the power early, and Gina was still left standing. She was shaking and swaying back and forth. Jared, with all his might, forced the door open right into Gina's face. She stood still, before sighing, moaning, and fainting backwards, legs in the air. They spread apart as they came down, and Jared saw a huge wet spot in her nether regions. The electricity had made her ejaculate intensely yet again. Jared grabbed her ankles and dragged her inside.


Gina awoke to a refreshing sight for once: she was in a nice bath, with candles and decor. She was naked, and Jared was cleaning her and massaging her. The garbage uniform was neatly folded to the side, washed already. For once, she hadn't woken up, only to be knocked out again.

"Oh, Jared, how I've missed you." She leaned in to Jared's face and planted a big, sloppy, wet kiss. Jared returned, and their tongues played a little. "Thank you for doing this for me, baby. I've been so sore lately. I don't even know what went on the last few days. I started vacation two days ago and then all of a sudden, I went through a series of crazy events. I was shocked, knocked out, and I even fell some stories! Each time I lost some of my clothing, and eventually I was naked! And then I woke up in the dumpster with cum all over me! Can you believe that?"

Jared tried his best to hide a smile. "Gina, that's so weird! I saw you come in the day before but I couldn't find you after, and you were totally missing yesterday! You're telling me you were in the dumpster the whole time?"

"Yeah. It's like, I spent more time passed out the last few days than actually awake! And to think I wanted to rest in this vacation, not like this! I wanted to spend time with you, Jared, relax with you, sleep with you. You know, not being electrocuted and plummeting a few stories."

"I understand entirely. But hey, now you're here, and you're being given a nice refreshing bath and massage."

"Yeah. I found who did it though, and I made her pay."

"Oh, really? Who did this?"

"Some random garbage girl. She was pretty, yes, but she wanted to see me knocked out and made me go through all that. I gave her what she deserved, though."

"Oh yeah? What did you do?" Jared's ears perked up, he needed to hear this.

"I knocked that woman out, that's the first thing I did. Can you believe the stupid girl gave me a note confessing she did it? Anyways, knocked her out so hard her legs went up and down. Then I stripped her of her uniform, because I didn't want to go outside naked, my beauty's just for you, babe. And then guess what. I ripped off her bra and panties and threw them on her. I took out her phone and took a bunch of pictures of her before throwing her into the dumpster, then I took pictures of her there too. Finally, I dug her deep into the trash, so only her feet stuck out. I have to say, her feet were really pretty, well-pedicured and with white-painted nails, I gotta get those done on my feet."

"Gina, your feet are the prettiest I've ever seen. They even taste great!"

"Aww, thank you, Jared! So then I did something you won't believe. I took her phone, saved the pics, and shoved it right down into her vagina for someone to fish out."

Jared was pleasantly shocked. Even he didn't expect this! "Wow, Gina, you totally showed her!"

"Yup. Then I told the garbage truck driver to collect the trash and go to the landfill. And he totally fell for it! That girl's on her way to the nearest landfill right now."

"Dang, Gina, you gave that girl a punishment! You were wearing her uniform, it says 'Emma'. Guess that was her name."

"Emma? Guess so. She really was pretty, but I'm not bi. I'm only for you, Jared."

"Thanks, Gina." Jared thought a bit. "Hey, can I tell you something?"

"Sure, Jared, what is it?"

"Well, first, I know who did all this to you. And it wasn't her."

Gina's smile turned into a frown. It wasn't Emma? "Are you telling me I was fooled? And I punished that poor girl so severely and she's innocent?"

"Yup. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn't do any of this to you."

Gina felt faint. She'd punished the wrong person, an innocent girl. "Oh, no, no. How could I...She didn't deserve this. Oh no...then who...who did it?"

Jared looked at Gina and smiled. "It was me, Gina."

Gina stared at Jared, and gasped. It all made sense now! But the shock of the revelation, and the weight of what she had done, caused her to emotionally faint one last time. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her eyelids fluttered shut, and her head slid underneath the water.

"Sweet dreams, Gina..."

Jared's vacation had been wonderful.


Her eyes slowly opened, and her nose caught the stench of garbage and rotten stuff. Emma awoke to the sight of a landfill. She was on the top of a mountain of trash, and she was totally naked. How'd she get here? And then she remembered, she'd been punched out by that crazy dumpster woman. She must have stolen her uniform and thrown her in the dumpster, then told her incompetent partner to take away the trash! Oh, when she got her hands on that woman.

She heard her phone ringing and looked around, but couldn't find it. Oddly enough, she started becoming aroused, and she soon realized that her phone was lodged deep in her vagina. Dumpster Lady must have done that too. She reached in, groping around, until she grasped it and pulled it out. It was covered in her lady juices, but still functional.

"Hello? Yes, boss? OK, you won't believe this, but I'm stranded in the landfill...I'll explain later, but I need someone to get me. Please hurry. And bring some clothes." She'd have a hard time explaining this one to him.

She started scaling her way down the mountain of garbage, though she checked her phone for anything the woman might have done. Thankfully, she had made no texts or social media posts, but she checked through her photos and...oh gosh, the woman had taken all these pictures of her? She selected all of them to delete.

But suddenly, she walked over a rotten pile of fruit mush. She looked down and saw her beautifully crafted foot, ruined. She screamed, hopping on her other foot around and around while trying to get the stuff off. Her other foot landed on a banana peel and she slipped. Being on the side of a mountain of trash, slipping meant a high fall...and that's exactly what happened. Emma lost her balance and fell off the mountain, screaming all the way.

She fell the equivalent of a few stories before hitting the bottom of the mountain and lodging herself firmly in the floor of trash; Emma was rendered unconscious from the fear and impact of the fall, and her movement ceased. If one could see her, they'd see her lower body protruding from the ground: a pair of fine legs and feet pointing straight up connected to a base with a beautiful butt and succulent vagina.

Emma had lost her phone on the fall down, and it eventually fell and somehow lodged itself halfway in her vagina again. She'd selected the pictures to delete, but rather than delete, the impact told the phone to send these pictures out to her boyfriend instead. He'd be in for quite the treat when he opened them.

Eventually, Emma would be found, but for now, she would remain like this, unconscious in a literal wasteland.


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Emma was a 5'7 young girl, around the age of 24 or so, with medium sized but firm breasts and a small, round, tight butt. Her long brown hair flowed down past her shoulders, and her delicate hands, with their slender fingers and white-painted fingernails, should not have been used for heavy work.

And yet, here she was, acting as a garbage collector, next to her new partner who was driving. Her partner was super lazy and incompetent, and cared neither for his job nor for Emma.

As she came in, she sighted a man walking towards the dumpster room. His eyes met hers, and she could've sworn she saw a glimmer in them, like an idea flashed in his head. He walked over to her and signaled that he wanted to talk to her.


Jared stopped this girl. Seeing her beauty gave him a new idea. He asked her for a pen and paper and wrote something down on them. Folding the slip of paper, he gave it to the girl. "When you go inside to get the dumpster out, there'll be a woman in there. Yeah, it's weird, but don't worry, it's alright. I just need you to get this note to her, alright? I'd go but I have somewhere to be right now." The girl, nice and friendly, said she'd do it for him. Jared beamed and walked back into the building.


Emma took the slip and walked into the dumpster room. What could be in it? It didn't matter, she needed to find this woman. She walked to the dumpster, which had been filled to the brim with trash since yesterday, and scanned for a woman. She couldn't find anything, until she looked a little harder and spotted a pretty foot with pink toenails extending from one side. This woman looked like she was buried.

Walking over, she grabbed the foot and attempted to pull the woman out. No luck, Emma wasn't strong enough, so she climbed into the dumpster (her uniform protected her from the trash) and dug the rest of this woman out. What surprised Emma was that this woman was fully nude. She was covered in garbage and a crusty yellowish-white substance. She was passed out, her mouth open, and Emma shook her awake.


Gina woke up to the sight of a pretty brunetter shaking her awake. She was in a garbage collector uniform, so she must be here to get the trash and found her. Gina was covered in garbage and the hardened cum from two nights ago, and she was still entirely naked.

"Hello, ma'am. Um, I need to get this trash out of here. I don't know why you're in here in the first place, but please step aside so I can set this trash up for delivery."

She helped Gina out of the dumpster and onto the floor. This barefoot naked woman covered in trash was an odd sight, and she had no idea why the man wanted to do anything with her even though she was extraordinarily beautiful, but she had to give her the note.

"By the way, someone wanted me to give this note to you while I was walking here."

Gina took the note and unfolded it. Here's what is read: "Gina, I'm in love with you. I love seeing you unconscious and I decided to put you out for the whole day. It was really amazing and I hope we can get to know each other more. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood trash girl."

Though normally this note would be totally seen through, Gina's mind wasn't entirely settled yet, and she believed it. She did exactly what Jared expected she would: she got mad. She glared at the girl in front of her before breaking into a mean smile.

"Thank you for giving me this note." "Happy to help," said Emma, beaming but a little weirded out. "Here, let me give you something in return." And Gina swung her fist right in Emma's stomach, knocking the wind out of her. She then punched Emma's right breast, causing her to reel back. Emma was slightly dizzy now, and Gina took the opportunity. She wound up her fist and let loose on Emma's face with a loud connect. 

Emma was totally out. Her face went into a goofy grin and her eyes went cross. She stumbled back and forth before raising her hand, her finger pointed upwards. With a drawn out sigh and moan, she fainted backwards, her legs going up into the air and falling back down.

Gina looked at the brunette beauty out cold on the ground. She needed to get back to her apartment, but she couldn't go outside naked. She also had a burning desire to punish this girl, regardless of how pretty she was. Gina came up with an idea to take out two birds with one stone.

She started stripping Emma, first taking off her shoes and socks, exposing her white painted, extremely well-manicured toes. She then pulled off her shirt and pants, leaving her in just her white bra and panties. Gina could've stopped there and dressed and left, but she needed to humiliate this girl. She took off Emma's bra first, snapping it off rather than normally taking it off, and proceeded to rip off her panties. She threw both onto Emma's sleeping body. 

Gina started putting on Emma's clothes. First the shirt, then the pants, then the socks and shoes. She felt something in Emma's pocket and pulled out her phone. She opened the phone and, with and evil smile, she took multiple pictures of Emma and saved them.

Gina picked up Emma and threw her into the dumpster, taking a picture of her in there. Then she climbed up and buried Emma deep into it, with only Emma's two feet sticking out to give any indication that she was there, taking a picture of this too. With a devilish smile, she reached down into Emma's tight vagina and shoved her phone in there. It was waterproof, so it would survive.

Gina walked outside to the lazy truck driver. "The trash is all ready to go, I'll head over to HQ later." The driver, who was too busy playing games to question this, backed up and picked up the dumpster. The trash, along with poor innocent Emma, was dumped into the truck. Without further ado, the driver set off to deposit at the landfill.

Gina smiled, waving after the unconscious brunette, and walked back into the building...

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As Jared rode the elevator back to his floor, he reflected on the events of the day. He'd knocked his wife out in various different ways, each one getting him more excited, each one getting progressively more creative than the last. And now, his loyal and beautiful wife, who came home to him from work in a nice sexy business dress, was now passed out naked in the new dumpster, her body totally covered in their cum.

It had been a good day, that's for sure. But now, he was tired. And having sex with her twice, the first time in the lobby while she was fainted in the aquarium, and the second long hardcore session in the dumpster, he was dead tired. Reaching his apartment, he went to his bedroom, took off his clothes, and lay down on his bed. He would go see his wife tomorrow.

Or, maybe he wouldn't. Jared's mind woke up, and he started working on one final vacation plan...


The next day arrived, and Gina's eyes slowly opened. Her body was sore, and she had a headache. Falling down seven stories after a day of rough knockouts and emotional faints does that to people. She was in the dumpster, her legs sticking out against its walls. There was very little light seeping from under the door, and right above her was the trash chute.

And she was entirely covered in a sticky substance. She looked at it a bit before realizing what it was: cum, both hers and someone else's. She licked her lips, which tasted of cum, and her hair was glued together in clumps with it. Gina froze, a devastating thought creeping into her mind. What if she had been taken out by an intruder yesterday, and this man had his way with her? She loved Jared and would never go with another man, yet if she was taken by one...oh no, oh no. Had she been raped by a stranger? She had fully consented to sleepy sex with Jared, but if it was anyone else...

She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't hear the whistling of a large object falling down the chute. A large trash bag plummeted straight down and hit Gina right in the face, bursting all over her and showering her with an assortment of garbage. She had no time to react and only a muffled groan could be heard from underneath the trash, as Gina was knocked out yet again. However, since she had already been through so much the day before, even though this wasn't as strong of a knockout as electrocution or falling multiple stories, it was going to keep her out for the whole day.

Gina wouldn't wake up until the next day.


Jared returned to his apartment after taking out the trash. His plan was this: tomorrow would be the day the trash would be collected and sent to the landfill. He would see how that would go, and then he would follow his wife to the landfill and pick her up from there. Until then, Gina could sleep some more.

But as for today? He'd have some alone time. Sports, games, food, and sleep. A relaxed start to his own vacation.

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Jared exited the elevator and entered the middle of the stairwell, where his naked wife Gina lay unconscious, her pretty heels to either side of her head. Why was she unconscious? Well, she had just endured a series of tumbles and quite a high fall, impacting on the ground face first.

Her face was on the ground, not as in her cheek was against the ground, but as in she was facing the ground, her forehead was on the ground. Her arms were bent at the elbow and her hands were parallel with her head. Her butt was imploring him to come slap it, and he indulged its desire.

Well, no harm in playing with her a little more. He kissed Gina's backside all over and kissed her pretty lips, both the ones on her face and down there. By the time he was done, she had Jared's lips all over her, with his saliva here and there. He went to her legs and feet afterwards.

Now, for the final part of the day. He grabbed Gina's legs, deciding not to flip her over, and dragged her into his apartment lobby, her face and breasts being dragged against the ground. For some reason, the lobby was empty, and nobody was coming up and down the elevators. 

Gina began making a noise, and Jared knew his time was almost up. Time to reset the clock. He positioned Gina and hid behind her.

Gina opened her eyes and was met with the carpeted ground of the lobby. With great effort, she pushed herself up and onto her knees, then stood up, her balance worse than ever. She remembered falling down the stairs, the dizziness, and her fall from the third floor. Oh, what had she endured today. Cockroaches, loud noises, a sleep dart, electrocution, and now a nasty fall.

Jared wound up his fist and let it go against the back of Gina's head. "UGH," she exclaimed. The force of the impact pushed her forward and her lack of balance cause her to keep stumbling with the momentum. She kept moving forward until she finally arrived at the destination Jared had set for her: the lobby's aquarium. She reached it and, though her lower body had nowhere left to go, her upper body did.

She fell forward and dunked herself right into the aquarium; she was still standing, but her head and breasts were in the tank. She was so unconscious after all she went through today that the water couldn't shock her awake. The fishes were disturbed. What was this foreign intruder? They swam around and avoided her. 

Jared looked at his naked wife. Now that she looked like she was leaning into the tank, her backside was totally exposed. He couldn't hold it in any longer, and he dived right into her vagina...


Jared finished his business inside Gina and hugged her tightly for a bit, before checking on her in the tank. She was breathing the air bubbles from the volcano, so she was fine, just wet. He pulled her out of the tank and plopped her wet figure on the ground. Everything from her chest up, including her arms, was soaked. Oh well, the lobby could figure it out later. He grabbed Gino's legs and dragged her outside behind the building. Every so often,  Gina's head would smack against a stray rock, which would put her out for longer and elicit a slight moan each time. Finally,  Jared got to where he wanted to be. He opened the door and entered the room where the dumpster was. But upon getting there, he had another idea. See, his building just got a new clean dumpster, and he wanted to sex Gina in there, but there was a better way of setting that up... 

He took Gina back inside the building and into the elevator. He pressed the button for the seventh floor and waited the ride up. Upon arriving, he dragged Gina straight to the trash chute. He opened the chute and started to slip Gina in. 

It was at this moment that Gina started to wake up. Her upper body was already in the chute, but her legs were still sticking out. She couldn't see anything, but the rush of air and gaping hole told her she was in for a long fall. 

"Oh no, anyone, please help!" Jared knew it was too late and he hurriedly pushed the rest of Gina in. Gravity took over the rest. 

"Anybody he-AHHHHHHHH!" Gina began screaming as she began to fall. Jared stuck his head inside the chute to watch his wife slowly disappear into the darkness, her high-pitched scream echoing all the way...

Until he heard a loud crash and bang signaling the end of her fall. That, and her screaming had stopped. Giddy with glee, he rushed back downstairs to the dumpster. Inside, there she was, flat on her back this time but otherwise the same position as when she fell down the stairwell. 

Jared took off his clothes. He was going to screw her, and screw her hard, right here. And he did. He sucked on all of her, kissed everything, and had his way with her entire body. By the end, Gina was covered in both his and her own cum. Not a squeaky clean dumpster anymore, huh. 

He dressed himself and propped his wife up against the wall of the dumpster, so her legs stuck out. Thanks to gravity, their cum now trickled into Gina's open mouth and hair. It was nighttime, and the sex had him tired. "Night night, Gina. Sweet dreams, sweetie. I'll see you in the morning..." And he opened the door and left, leaving his wife to sleep. 

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It was time for the couple to leave the apartment. Jared dragged Gina outside into the apartment floor's hallway, but not before grabbing a pair of her prettiest and highest heels in one hand. He dragged the sleeping beauty by her ankles to the stairwell's door, opening it and taking her inside. 

Their stairwell was one of those spiraling ones, where the stairs go around each wall with a large hole in the middle leading straight to the bottom. Their apartment was on the seventh floor, so it was pretty high up. 

He slowly slipped Gina's right heel on, but not before kissing and caressing her beautiful foot and sucking on her big toe. It tasted of strawberries, with a hint of molasses. The heel accentuated her foot's look, and since it was peep toe, her big toe showed through. He repeated this ritual for her left foot. Both heels on, he took her feet in hand and clapped them together before dropping them.

Jared put a sign up that told Gina to go down the stairs to the bottom. After doing this, he left for the elevator. Jared would meet her at the bottom and take her outside.


Gina awoke, the ground feeling harder than the carpet of her apartment. She sat up, looking at herself. She was fully nude! And in the stairwell? No wonder she felt colder than in her apartment. And how did she get those heels on? Those weren't the ones she was wearing to work today.

She stood up, wobbly and unbalanced but she eventually steadied herself. To her right was a sign reading "Go Down." In her unfocused mind, she needed to follow these directions.

The girl took her first step slowly, slowly; she was already unbalanced and these heels wouldn't make anything easier. Almost there...yes! She made it! She shivered with excitement at this small feat and attempted jumping up and down in celebration.

Bad idea. She lost her balance and her heels perched precariously at the edge of the stairs. Gina gasped, sticking her arms out to regain her balance. Would she make it back? Come on, come on...

And then she found out that gravity won. "Uh...oh...." she said, before tipping forward and falling. 

She tumbled down the stairs, her head striking every other stair, her body ricocheting off the walls and onto the next set of stairs. Sixth floor. The tumbling turned to sliding on her back, her head hitting every stair. Fifth floor. She flipped and slid downward face first, her face hitting every stair. Fourth floor, she started rolling on her sides, every part of her hitting the stairs. All this time, she kept making noise, a constant stream of "uhs" and "ughs" and "ows" and "ohs" and "ahs" and anything when she hit the stairs and when she kept falling. Sometime during her tumbles, she lost her heels, and was now a fully nude girl tumbling down.

It was at the third floor that she flipped and landed on her feet. Momentum carried her forward and she stumbled right into the wall, her face planting itself on it. She bounced off, turning around, a dizzy expression on her face not only from the hit against the wall, but the tumbling and head hits on the way down. She stumbled toward the railing separating her from the hole in front of her and stopped right in front of it. Her hand came up to her head, her finger outstretched, the pink-painted fingernail pointing to something above...

And then she tipped forward, falling into the hole from the third floor. The screams began, echoing around the stairwell. She passed the second floor. Passed the first floor.

And made contact with the bottom floor, her face and frontal body impacting against the ground. She didn't bounce up or anything: her face, her breasts, her stomach, her pubic mound, her legs, all hit the ground and stayed there. Her arms were bent, with her hands parallel to her head. Her face was flush against the ground.

It took a minute, but somehow, Gina had barely enough strength to lift her head up. She slowly moved her head up, looking in front of her, as the elevator almost reached the bottom...

Now, remember how her heels had fallen off early on? One heel was on the edge of the railing on the fifth floor, with the other on the fourth. Both were on the edge early on, but the impact shook them to near falling. Now, a minute later, they fell. The first heel hit Gina right on the back of the head, and the second impacted not long after.

With only a soft moan, Gina's head fell to the ground and planted her face into it.

Just then, Jared's elevator stopped off at the bottom. He was greeted by his facedown nude wife, her heels to either side of her. Oh, how he wished he could've seen her. It must've been glorious.

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Jared dragged his sleeping wife Gina by her ankles, spreading her legs apart as he did. The beauty was now only in her bra, as she decided to take off her panties earlier thanks to an overflow of juices. 

The day was almost over as sunset began to come. Jared had all but exhausted the ideas he had for Gina in his apartment, but that's what the outside was for. He knew his floor was empty, as they had all gone to their families and friends for the Friday night, so there was no risk of him being seen dragging his near-naked wife.

But before he left his apartment, Jared decided to play with Gina one or two more times. He dropped her and went to check through their dirty laundry. He found the dirtiest, stinkiest article of clothing he could find, that being a sock, and brought it back with him. As he returned, Gina began to come to, and he walked nearby her.

Gina opened her eyes and sat up. The sun had begun to set; she'd been passed out almost the whole day! This day had been so weird and confusing, she had been knocked out, emotionally overwhelmed to the point of fainting, electrocuted, and subject to cockroaches thus far.

Jared snuck up behind her and dropped the sock on her head. She felt something and reached up, grabbing the sock and bringing it in front of her face to see what this thing was. No sooner had she seen the sock that the horrid smell reached her nose. Gina gasped, dropping the sock. Her eyelids began to flutter and she wobbled back and forth. Moaning, she fainted backwards.

It was about time Gina was relieved of all her articles of clothing. Without hesitation. Jared took off her bra and tossed it to the side, digging in to his wife's large and firm breasts. Those sweet, succulent melons.

As he finished his meal, he reflected on what happened. Jared thought this one was fun to see, but he wanted one more head knockout. Something new, though.

He got it. He left and grabbed the item he needed...


Gina woke up again, remembering a horrid smell. She looked to her right, where the sock was. The smell wasn't as strong from this distance, but almost made her pass out again, so she quickly grabbed and threw it far away.

Gina had only just begun to get up, her head barely lifted off the ground, when Jared dropped the flower pot he had brought. Still filled with dirt and a single flower.

The pot connected with her face, and any efforts she had made to get back up were nullified as, with only a grunt and groan, she fell back on the ground. The flower pot broke in half, each one falling to the side, and her face was buried in a small mountain of dirt from the pot. At the top of this mountain? Well, at the top of this mountain stood a lonely, pretty flower.

Jared took out a camera and reveled in the sight in front of him. His beautiful wife, fully nude, unconscious, spread eagle on the ground, and her head completely buried in a mountain of dirt with a flower on top.

He took a few pictures from different angles. This was one for the ages...

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It took a long while, but eventually Gina woke up from her electric slumber. Somehow, being electrocuted vaporized the molasses and flour on her, leaving her totally clean. However, she was still in shock, and when she woke up her body resumed shaking; she was barely able to get sentences together without constant stuttering and stammering.

"J-j-j-jare-d, a-a-re you th-there?" She weakly called out to her dear husband, the mastermind behind all these events, though she did not know this. Gina noticed that now her dress and skirt were gone, leaving her in only her bra and panties, the set she specifically picked out for her husband.

She didn't have the strength to walk, so she slowly crawled along the linoleum floor, twitching and shaking and letting out little moans and noises from the aftermath of the heavy electrocution. However, it only took a few seconds before she stopped, unable to continue, her arms and legs too weak to move on. She moaned again and fainted on the floor, face down on the ground.


It had been over 45 minutes since Jared had left Gina after electrocuting and stripping her, and the time was now nearing sunset. He knew she was OK, just shaken up, and had used this time to set up his next trap. Briefly pausing to consider whether he should drag Gina here or wait for her to come, he decided to wait for her. Seeing his weak wife stumble around before falling for his trap would be a great sight.


Gina's eyes slowly opened. She hadn't made much progress toward the bathroom door, but the added rest she got after fainting was enough for her to stand up. As she did, though, she felt something running down her leg. She immediately thought it was a cockroach; she hated cockroaches, and would most assuredly pass out upon seeing one in this state. 

It wasn't a cockroach, however, but a stream of juice flowing from her vagina. It was upon seeing this that she noticed her panties were soaked and that she was standing in a puddle of her own fluid. She looked toward her original point near the sink: a trail of juice led from her puddle to there, where there was an even larger puddle near the sink.

Gina was extremely confused, but found it a little...nice. However, her panties were becoming uncomfortable as she noticed them more and more, and she decided to take them off. Her bra, however, stayed on. Nothing like a little bottom nudity in the space of your own home, right?

She took a few steps before she realized that she was still weak, but not weak enough to walk. She wouldn't be able to walk normally right now, but rather stumble around. Better than being a slug. Gina started walking around, her juice still leaking down her leg and off her foot, but she was still shaky and lost her balance multiple times.

Gina walked to her bedroom entrance and opened the door when she saw a string hanging down from the ceiling. She looked up, but it seemed to go elsewhere. Curious, she tugged on it.

If she wanted to stay conscious, she shouldn't have. By tugging on it, she activated Jared's latest trap. She didn't notice anything, but a few cockroaches crawled out of the top of the doorway and onto her hair. She walked a few steps before feeling something on her leg again. She thought it was her juices, but this started moving elsewhere, and did she feel something on her back? Why was her juice crawling up one leg?

She looked down and saw the three cockroaches on her body. 

Gina screamed harder than she had ever screamed before. There were three large cockroaches crawling over her almost fully nude body! 

The poor woman, after going through what she had all day, had no more strength. Her scream faded to a whimper, and a long drawn out moan signaled her next faint. She fainted backwards, her legs going in the air and spreading apart, giving a full view of the goods. When they landed, the impact shook the cockroaches off her body and they scuttled away.

Jared saw his wife but didn't expect her to lack her panties. This was earlier than he expected, but that moment, oh that moment, that made it so worth it. He grabbed both her legs, spreading them apart to take a look at the goods, and, after planting a kiss on her lower lips, dragged her away...

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For what seemed like the millionth time that day, Gina opened her eyes. Except, this time, it was harder to get them open. She sat up, taking a little while to get herself together. She was in her bathroom for some reason, even though the last time she remembered being awake she had just left her closet before being greeted by the loudest sound of her life.

She stood up and walked over to the sink to check herself in the mirror. See, when Gina had the molasses dumped on her, she was too frightened and on the brink of fainting to notice, so when she looked in the mirror, she was greeted with a surprise.

"Oh my- what? Is this...molasses?" Gina looked back at her reflection, covered in the substance. She tasted a little to confirm that it was, indeed, molasses. Where did this come from? Why was she covered in it? She looked at the rest of her body: it too had molasses on it, albeit not as much, and her legs had no molasses at all. She also noticed some flour on her. How did all this get on her?

A little frantic, Gina decided she needed to clean it all off. She reached for the sink knobs, her long, pink-painted fingers grasping for them.

Jared watched from nearby. Though Gina could not see it, he had set up the metal knobs to a nearby power source, which was powerful but not deadly; he had remote access to the power and could raise and lower it at his discretion. Right now it was an unfinished circuit, but once there was a connection, the current would begin to flow...

Gina had only just gripped the sink's metal knobs when the electricity started moving. She couldn't remove her hands! Gina's body was being electrocuted by the closed circuit and shaking because of it. "Uh uh uh uh uh ah ah uh uh zz uh," she yelped, the sound one makes when being electrocuted. Her noises mixed with the zaps of the circuit.

Hmm, that wasn't enough. Jared upped the power. Sparks flew out of the knobs and Gina started shaking more. Her noises became louder and her eyes became wider.

Jared increased the power yet again. Even more sparks flew out of the knobs and Gina's noises grew louder, on the verge of screams. Her body was shaking much harder now, and her hair began to stand up.

Finally, Jared set the power to maximum. Sparks practically exploded and Gina's noises turned to high pitched screams. She was shaking uncontrollably, her hands still glued to the sink knobs. Her hair was standing straight up and her eyes were open all the way, looking like they might pop out. What was odd, though, was that Gina's face was in a smile, rather than a painful expression, almost as if she liked this.

Gina was still unable to let go of the sink knobs, and her consciousness was rapidly fading. And suddenly, for five seconds, she was replaced by her skeleton, almost like a cartoon. She saw her skeleton in the mirror! Jared could see it too, and once he saw that, he decided to shut off the power.

Gina was finally able to let go of the sink knobs, being pushed slightly back by the force of the disconnect. She was still standing, though still shaking a lot and letting out little noises and yelps. She saw herself in the mirror, pale, her long black hair standing straight up, the molasses and flour pretty much all gone somehow.

The literal shock she experienced had pushed her to fainting. The sight in the mirror just made it happen. She moaned along with her little yelps and fainted backwards, her legs going up in the air and coming down.

Jared came over. He noticed a little smoke coming out of her hair and promptly fixed that. He finally decided to remove Gina's business dress and skirt, leaving her in just her black bra and panties. Wait...her panties were wet, and still leaking fluid! Come to think of it, Jared had noticed some fluid gushing from under her skirt when she was being electrocuted at the highest power, running down her leg. Did she enjoy it?

Either way, Gina would be out for a while. Enough time for him to decide on the next plan of action...

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Gina stirred, waking up to the mess that was her closet. She nearly passed out again upon seeing it, but as she scanned around, she found that it wasn't as bad as it seemed: her jewelry was near its box, which she promptly put together, and nothing in the closet was irreparable.

First thing she had to do was leave the closet and get changed. Just find out what was going, find her husband, and begin her vacation. She could easily clean this up later. As she started walking toward the door, she noticed her legs and feet were bare. She was definitely wearing her stockings the last time she had been in a light room. What was going on?

She opened the door and stepped outside.


Two horns, on both sides of her, exploded in a loud blaring. That wasn't all, though: they shot out flour and confetti, covering Gina entirely. And if that wasn't enough, a bucket over her head dumped some sweet molasses on her.

Gina was susceptible to loud noises, but these horns were especially loud, and having two of them...well, Gina couldn't take it. The poor woman jumped when the horns went off, but by the time they ended their sound, she was shaking uncontrollably. With a drawn out moan, she fell on her knees and fainted forward. 

Nearby, Jared watched the scene unfold. It played out perfectly, down to the shaken expression on Gina's face. He walked over to her and examined his work. No inch of her was spared, she was entirely covered in flour and molasses, with some confetti to color her up.

Poor girl, he mused, but she would be alright. He grabbed her by her bare legs, but stopped for a bit. No harm in helping her out a bit just this once, he figured. He dropped her legs and began licking the food off of her legs and feet. He already loved them bare, but the molasses made them that much sweeter. He eventually cleaned her legs up, after which he resumed dragging her over near the sink in their bathroom. 

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In the pitch black of her closet, Gina lay face down on the ground, unconscious. Earlier, she had escaped from the confines of a clothes hamper, only to bang her head into a shelf in the ensuing excitement. As such, the business-dress clad woman, an otherwise smart and reputable woman, fainted face down on the ground. This being a closet, there were clothes and other items as well, and both the intial crash and the following faint resulted in multiple clothes and things falling onto Gina, effectively burying her. Were the lights on, one could see a pile of clothes, with a single beautiful bare leg and foot extending from a part of it.

Meanwhile, her husband Jared was hiding outside. He'd set up a little surprise for Gina when she eventually left the closet. So far, everything was going great, and he was enjoying every moment of this.

Gina slowly regained consciousness, and as she moved the stuff on top of her began to slide off. Noticing this, she began to think in that groggy mind of hers, eventually realizing that she was in her closet. What is going on? As she thought, she began to get up, but remembering how getting up quickly worked out for her last time, she took it slowly. However, after being rendered unconscious multiple times, she was still disoriented, and while getting up she lost her balance. In an effort to regain it, her arm shot against the wall.

What Gina did not know in this darkness was that when she initially banged her head against the shelf, there was one box filled with some random stuff that had been pushed to the edge. Now, this box wasn't particularly large, nor was it particularly heavy, but it did have weight. So when Gina tried to balance herself, the force she put against the wall was enough to tip this little box over the edge and straight onto her head.

"Oof," and without any struggle, down Gina went. 


It was about five minutes before Gina came to. The impact of the box was enough to knock her out, but not for long. This time, she decided to crawl around, eventually using what she could get from her memory to find the light switch. 

Maybe it would've been better to leave the switch off. When she turned the lights on, she was greeted by a massive mess. Her clothes were everywhere, boxes fallen on the ground, and, worst of all, one of her boxes of jewelry was open and missing some pieces.

Gina looked around, taking in the sight, and whimpered. "Oh no, oh no, what a mess, how could this..." And with a moan, Gina fainted facedown again onto her clothes.


Jared checked his watch. How long was Gina out for?

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Jared, Gina's husband, was giddy with glee as he carried his full clothes hamper to the next room. It wasn't filled with clothes, however, but with his sleeping wife, still in her business dress but lacking the stockings and heels she was originally wearing. He had some more games in mind for his wife, and the next one was coming right up. 

He entered their bedroom and moved to the spacious closet, putting her down there. This trick still needed to be set up, so he left his wife in the closet and turned off the lights. Closing the door, he got to work...

Gina woke up in pitch black. Why was she so uncomfortable? A little attempted stretching and she found out she was in some container; a very small one, since she could move her legs a little. What was going on? She shifted around a little, but in doing so the hamper began to tip over. A slight sense of dread, Gina tried pushing against it, but to no avail. The hamper fell down and rolled over enough for Gina to attempt getting out. She was still groggy, but eventually managed to crawl out. "Yes," she cheered in a low voice as she settled into a more comfortable sitting position.

Jared heard the crash and froze. She wasn't supposed to wake up yet! Did he remove the dart before all of the drug had entered her system? He heard the grunts and the low celebration. Oh no...

Gina decided to find out where she was. She looked around before seeing light coming through a door. Perfect! In her excitement, she stood up extremely quickly. As Gina stood up, she didn't take into account the fact that she couldn't see and promptly crashed her head into a shelf. "OHHH," she yelped, as her vision exploded into stars. She swayed on her feet, trying to get balance, before eventually giving up. She sighed, moaned, and fainted facedown onto the ground.

Jared heard his wife get up and bang her head. He hoped it would be enough to take her out, and sure enough, he heard the sigh and moan, enough to make him wish he could see what was going on. His work was almost done, and in little time he finished it up and moved to a better spotting location. Gina had another surprise in store for her... 


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As Gina's husband carried her to another room, the sleeping beauty slung over his shoulder, he pondered about how to proceed. He had some interesting ideas in mind and eventually decided on one. Bringing a large, empty clothes hamper, he laid his wife down next to it, kissing her on her pretty lips as he did. Then he went and grabbed a sleepy dart gun and waited nearby.

Gina began to wake up. Where was she? Her memory must be acting up, she didn't remember much. Why was she passed out next to a hamper? And did she take off her shoes? What was going on? Slowly, she pushed herself up and got on her feet. She was still a little disoriented and had a little trouble staying on her feet. Confused, she decided to call out to her husband.

"Jared? Jared, where are you?" She looked back and forth, waiting for her husband to reply.

Jared waited for his wife to get in the perfect position before deciding to reply. Only, he didn't reply with words, but with a sleepy dart. Carefully aiming, he fired, the dart lodging itself securely in Gina's firm, tight, round butt.

"Jare-oh." Gina exclaimed, feeling something in her back. She didn't have time to look back before the tranquilizer administered its effects. She barely managed to move her hand to the location of impact.

Gina was losing consciousness yet again. With a whimper, she fainted backwards...right into the clothes hamper! Her legs stuck straight out into the air, the only parts of her visible as the rest of her lay passed out in the hamper. 

It was a sight to behold, and Jared was in awe of it. He walked up to his wife, unconscious in the hamper, and got to work on her stockings. He grabbed her right leg, reaching down and removing the dart from her butt, and slowly took off the stocking from her leg, exposing her pink painted toenails, just how he liked them. He did the same for her other leg, leaving Gina with two bare legs and feet. He kissed her legs and feet and sucked on her toes before picking up the basket and moving on...

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Gina's husband savored the sight of his wife. After bonking her on the head with a rolling pin, Gina fainted onto the floor with a moan and a grin. Now, still in her business attire, she was spread eagle on the ground, eyes closed, mouth curled up in an open-mouthed smile.

He grabbed her ankles, her heels still on, and lifted up her legs. He took care to look between them, but his wife had done a good job of hiding what went on down there. Ah well, the goods weren't his priority. He dragged her across the floor to the living room, her arms and hair trailing behind. Once in the living room, he dropped her legs to the ground.

A frontal view was fine, but what about the back? He flipped Gina over onto her stomach and examined her like this. Ah, yes, her slim back, the curves along her body, and that astounding derriere of hers. A sight to behold. He placed his hand on her butt and felt it, caressed it.

It was as soon as he did this that Gina began to stir. He weighed his options, how to proceed from here, and decided to play it out a bit. He grabbed the rolling pin and walked back a little.

Gina moaned, waking up. She had a slight headache and couldn't remember much; the last thing she knew was that she walked into her apartment and now she was in her living room. Strange. She pushed herself up onto her knees and was about to get to her feet when her husband struck again. He caught Gina on the head and her world exploded. She kept her position for a bit before moaning, a sexier moan this time, and falling face down onto the ground, her arms outstretched.

Her husband came over and ran his fingers through her hair before flipping her again. Time to start with some fun, he thought. His hands moved down along her legs to her feet. Her shoes were still on, but he decided to fix that. He took off her short heels, slowly each time, and set them aside. Her feet were still in stockings, but that didn't stop them from looking fantastic. He caressed them, massaged them. And before he moved on to the next part of the game, he planted a kiss on each sole.

Standing up, he grabbed his wife and hoisted her over his shoulder. 

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Hey guys, trying out a new story here. It's multipart and a little more slapstick. Let me know if you like it and want more!

It was the middle of the day and Gina was on her way back from work. The fairly tall (about 5'8), jet-black haired beauty decided to leave early as she was given the privilege of doing so for being a hard worker who was dangerously close to getting her company sued for not using her vacation hours. Truth be told, she just wanted one long vacation, rather than a bunch of short ones, and since her husband was using his vacation hours right now, she decided to do the same. She thought about going somewhere nice with her husband, who she dearly loved and would do anything for. He was a lucky man for having Gina as his devoted wife.

Unknown to Gina, her husband had some "interesting" kinks. See, he loved Gina as well, and the sight of her, clothed or not, was enough to get him wild. But it was when she was knocked out that his excitement turned up to 11.

Gina parked her car in the garage and entered her apartment building. She was a little tired, having come out of a meeting earlier. She was wearing a business dress, with a skirt that went slightly below her knees but had a slit that went a little too high, and black stockings with heels. Not something one would want to spend much of the day in. As she approached her apartment, she brought out her keys and unlocked the door.

She began calling out to her husband, who she knew was already in the apartment. "Honey, I'm-ugh." Her husband, hiding to the side of the door, snuck up on Gina and bonked her on the head! She was totally unaware of what just happened, except that the world seemed to start spinning and she started seeing stars. Gina swayed on her feet, losing her balance, her face in a goofy little grin. With a sigh and a moan, she twirled and fainted onto the floor. Her stockinged legs went up in the air, heels still on, and then came down. What stars she saw were now gone, replaced by the sweetness of unconsciousness.

From her husband's point of view, as soon as he got Gina on the head with a rolling pin, she began swaying back and forth, her voice going high and low. He thought about helping her but wanted to have his fun, so he let her do her thing. She spun around, a smile on her face, and went down on the ground. Now he looked at his beautiful wife out cold on the floor, spread eagle. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open in a slight smile. Her large breasts stared back at him from under those clothes, but it wasn't time for that yet.

Her husband was going to enjoy this vacation.

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Brian's summer break had been the best summer break of his life. Though he had always been attracted to his stepmom, Brenda, he had never gone too far with her. The most he had ever gotten was seeing her partly naked once when she fainted thanks to his pet rat, Roscoe. It was a view only a very lucky few would ever get, and Brian had gotten very hard thanks to it. He got even harder when she kissed his lips and covered his cock, making him faint. This was as far as he had gotten before.

Not anymore. Brian had just scored a huge win with Brenda, having sex with her for the first time after knocking her out in a boxing session. It was amazing and both of them loved it. After that, Brenda allowed Brian to have sex with her when he wanted, but she also said that he was always allowed to have sex with her if he knocked her out. A sort of trophy, so to speak, a reward for his efforts. She challenged Brian and he was up to it.

After that, Brian had tried taking her down a few times. He had sex with her while she was awake when they were both in the mood, but he had also managed to make her faint thanks to his rat, Roscoe. Each time, he would play around with her body and strip her until she woke up, after which he would have sex with her. Sometimes she would even blow him, and when she did that, Brian felt like fainting, it was that amazing.

However, Brian wanted to try something new. He wanted to knock out Brenda differently and, most importantly, he wanted to have sex with her while she was unconscious and finish without waking her up. Sex while she was unconscious and she would never even know.

Brian decided to give Roscoe a break and went out hunting for spiders. Brenda had a greater fear of spiders than of rats, and she was beginning to get used to Roscoe anyways, so Brian had to find something else. He found a tarantula that was as big as his hand and decided to take it home. Brian knew tarantulas weren't dangerous, he didn't want to poison his mom or anything.

Brian hid his spider above one of the doors of the house, specifically above the door of her bedroom, where she was right now, taking a shower. Well, not really her bedroom anymore, since they both slept in it now. Anyways, he set the tarantula above the door so that when it opened, the tarantula would fall down. Brian hid nearby and waited for Brenda to come out of the shower. When he heard her coming out and humming in that sexy voice of hers, he called out.

"Hey mom, I think there's something here you need to see." "What, Brian?" "Come out, I'll show you."

Brenda had just come out of the shower, so she was in literally nothing but a bathrobe. She opened the door to see what was going on when, suddenly, something fell on her face. Something big and hairy and with eight legs.

Brian took in the sight. His mom looked so amazing in her bathrobe, when the tarantula fell on her face. She was quiet for about 5 seconds before she figured it out. Brenda started screaming, louder than she ever did with Roscoe. The tarantula climbed into her hair and jumped off, but Brenda didn't notice. Suddenly she stopped, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she let out a soft whimper, sexy enough to give Brian a hard-on right then and there. Without warning, she fainted backward and hit the floor. Her legs went up in the air and down and her bathrobe opened, exposing her breasts and body.

Brian knew Brenda would be out for longer since spiders scared her more than rats did. He moved over to her and sat her up, taking off her bathrobe and leaving her totally naked. Her body was still wet, her hair covered her face. Her nails weren't painted this time, just the natural light shade of pink, which was hotter to Brian than her previous color. He started kissing around her body, feeling her up, taking in her curves. He moved her hair from her face and saw her mouth was open in a small smile. He kissed her on the lips and then moved to her nether regions.

When he arrived at the promised land, he saw that it was wet not only from water, but also from her ejaculation. For some reason, being knocked out turned Brenda on. He inserted a finger and felt around for Brenda's G-spot. After a bit of searching, he found it and started stroking it, causing Brenda to start moaning. He then used his other hand to stimulate Brenda's clit, which made Brenda gush even more, soaking Brian's hands. He didn't care, in fact he loved it, and he licked a little bit off. It tasted sweet and amazing, and Brian decided to spread it around Brenda's pussy for a nice meal. He began to eat away, and as he did, even more of the sweet juice came out, and Brenda's moans became slightly louder.

After he was done enjoying his meal, Brian decided to give Brenda something to eat too. He moved over and inserted his cock in her mouth, slowly moving it up and down, feeling her tongue and warm breath on it. It was amazing and Brian came from it. He let a little of his cum go in her mouth, while the rest he shot onto Brenda's face. He played around a bit with Brenda's feet while he waited to get ready again. Brian wasn't a huge foot guy but for some reason he recently started appreciating them more. Her sexy, clean feet made for quite a treat.

Brian then played with Brenda's 42DD breasts and rolled them around in his hands, feeling their softness, groping and squeezing when he became ready again. This time, Brian went inside Brenda and aimed for her g-spot, while trying to bump her clit at the same time. Brenda started giving some soft moans. Brian finished his business and came, while Brenda came at the same time too, mixing their fluids together. Excited but done, Brian took his cock out and got dressed. He picked up Brenda in both his arms and carried her to the bed. Brenda was so hot, with her pussy filled with both of their cum and spread with hers, and her face with Brian's cum, with some in her mouth. Brian decided he would come one more time and fooled around a bit, then came on Brenda's breasts and stomach, trying to draw a heart sign. Satisfied, he left.

Brenda would wake up to a vagina full of cum, a mouth with Brian's cum, and a body covered in fluid. She was somewhat confused about what happened and wondered if she came a lot, but she did not know it was Brian's doing. "Brian, what happened?" "Nothing, mom, a spider fell and you fainted. I got rid of it and moved you to the bed. Boy, you were really wet after the shower, and fainting made you cum a lot." "Oh, I see. Brian, do you want to come give me a massage? My back and breasts feel really sore, and my feet could use some work."

Brian decided to keep his secret for a bit, but he was sure going to enjoy the massage.

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Today was an exceptionally hot day. There wasn't much to do, as almost all of Brian's friends were on vacation or busy with something. It was summer break, after all. For most of the morning, Brian sat around doing nothing. The occasional video game here, a snack break there. It got boring fast, and so the boy sat around thinking. Thinking on the couch, thinking in front of the TV, thinking in front of the computer. His thoughts eventually began to turn to his stepmother, Brenda.

Brenda was an extremely beautiful woman, known to all of Brian's friends and around the neighborhood. With her 42DD tits, her tall figure, her nicely built physique, blonde hair, amazing thighs and butt and hands and feet and everything about her was gorgeous. She had a reputation for making men around the street stare at her too long. Brian had only seen her naked once before when she had fainted thanks to Brian's no good (but secretly very useful) rat Roscoe since she had a fear of rats on a night they were supposed to go out for dinner. And even though she was his stepmom, he had been very turned on by her figure. So much so that he fainted not long after. Brian thought about her more and more and remembered how she had kissed him on the lips. Oh boy, he was so turned on by her. And he loved how she looked unconscious.

Brian had made Brenda faint a few more times after that, each time by letting Roscoe out nearby, but he had never done more than play around with her. She'd always wake up fully clothed and with Brian apologizing for Roscoe.

Brian remembered that Brenda was downstairs practicing her boxing. Brenda was also a boxer, and Brian loved to spy on her in her tight little clothes, sometimes sweating as she worked out making her clothes more transparent. He didn't need to masturbate, he could just go downstairs and watch her again.

Brian went down to the garage. His stepmom had installed a one-way window that looked into the training room but not the other way into the garage. This was one of his favorite spots. His stepmom was boxing alone, hitting the sandbag. Brian was so turned on by Brenda, especially by her clothes. She was wearing a tank top that struggled to keep her breasts in, though Brian could see the tan bra behind it. She was wearing very tight jeans that showed her figure very nicely, and was wearing training sneakers as well, though Brian didn't know if she was wearing socks. Her signature pink gloves were on. Her hair was loose and fell down and whipped around as she moved her body, and Brian so desperately wanted her. But instead of having to imagine it, he came up with a plan.

He went inside and knocked at the door of the training room. His mom came over, her body only barely beginning to break into a sweat. "What's wrong, Brian?" she asked. "Nothing mom, but I was watching you box and decided I wanted to learn how to box as well." "Oh, is that so? That's great, Brian!" Brenda ushered her stepson in and put on a pair of standard red gloves.

Brenda taught Brian a couple of moves, like the right hook and uppercut. Soon after, she said Brian had learned enough for one day. "Alright Brian, let's a have a practice sparring match for a bit to see what you learned." The two began circling around each other, Brian vs Brenda. He was about the same height as her so there was no disadvantage there. Brenda kept her distance and so did Brian. Suddenly Brenda moved forward with a jab, but Brian saw it coming and dodged. Brenda moved forward with the punch and was unable to react when Brian hit her with a right hook smack on the jaw. Brenda stopped and wobbled. Her eyes fixed forward, slowly going crosseyed, her mouth slightly open, but before her eyes became fully crosseyed Brian followed with a strong uppercut. Brenda's eyes rolled back in her head, her mouth opened a little more, and she let out one of the best sounds Brian would ever hear: a nice, soft moan. "Uhhhh..." and she toppled to the floor. Her legs went up in the air and came back down, and her boobs bounced a lot.

Brian stopped and took in the situation. He had just knocked his mom out. His beautiful stepmom Brenda was on the floor in front of him. This was what he had been waiting for. He took off his gloves and set them aside. Brenda had a small smile on her open mouth and her eyes were closed and her breaths were shallow. She was knocked out for a while, Brian could tell. He decided it was time to get to work.

He got on the ground and, before he did anything, softly kissed Brenda on the lips. He then moved to the rest of her body and felt around. Her curves were so nice, he never felt anything like it. He worked up the courage to start taking off her clothes and started with her sneakers. Brian slowly took off the sneakers off both of Brenda's feet, she was wearing green and pink socks which barely went past her ankles. He slowly took off both socks, exposing Brenda's fantastic feet, her painted toenails showing. He couldn't resist and kissed both her feet. Brian then sat Brenda up and removed her tank top, leaving her in her bra. Fortunately he knew how to remove bras as he had done so for Sandy and took off her bra, exposing Brenda's perfect 42DD breasts. He felt them in his hand, moved them around, softly kissed them.

Then came the part Brian had been waiting for. He tried to take off her jeans, but they were extremely tight. He put in more effort, first unzipping the jeans, opening the button, then wiggling Brenda out of the jeans. This left Brenda in just her gloves and her panties. The panties weren't transparent, but right where Brenda's pussy was there was a huge wet spot. Brian's heart jumped, she was very turned on by being knocked out. He slowly took off her panties and was amazed by what he saw. Brenda was wet, so very wet, and her pussy was covered in the right amount of hair. Brian spread Brenda's legs as far apart as possible to expand the view. He braved himself and put one finger in. Then he put another. He started playing around with Brenda's clit, which made her moan a little.

And then he took off his own clothes, laid down on top of Brenda, and went in her. It was the best sex he'd ever had, she was so tight and sweet and amazing. The view of her unconscious body was great.

Brenda slowly woke up to the sight of Brian on her, his cock in her vagina. Brian froze, thinking that it was over, he was caught in the act. "Brian, what are you doing?" Brian couldn't say anything.

"Oh, Brian, you naughty boy. You wanted to knock me out and then have sex with me. Did you find me that attractive?" Brian shyly nodded, his cock still in her.

"Well, Brian, you earned it. Don't be shy, we can do this whenever you want." Brenda said with a smile and a wink. "Oh, and Brian? You're always welcome inside me when I'm unconscious. If you ever knock me out, think of it as your reward."

Brian smiled. He loved Brenda. And as he went on having sex with her, Brenda slowly passed out. Brian finished his business, put on his clothes, and carried Brenda over his shoulder naked, both her and Brian's cum still dripping down her leg. He was going to put her to bed, it had been a long day. When she woke up, Brian would tell her what happened, and keep Roscoe handy for more.

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