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Posted by on in Fight KO

Part 3

It was early evening and I was sat on the sofa in Jen’s living room. I was still dressed in my sport shorts and T-Shirt, my boxing gloves were on the floor by my bare feet and both women were sleeping off their Kos in the bedroom. I had a glass of wine in hand and was sitting dreamily re-living the Kos that already been enjoyed by both myself and the two women. As I sat I heard the bedroom door open and out staggered Jen, her hand on her head, clearly still seeing stars.

“Oh my head, I think I need some aspirin!” She said. She was dressed in a sexy black bikini which made me feel aroused as she went into one of her kitchen cupboards and popped some pills, she got another couple out of the bottle and put them on the side, probably for Sandi. She then opened another cupboard and pulled out a couple of wine glasses, before filling each glass with some white wine from the fridge and then coming over and sitting next to me. “Well honey, I do not remember much but from what I remember, we had a good time while I was in cuckoo land.”

“We certainly did.” I smiled back. She leant in close and her newly applied perfume penetrated my nose and filled my head. I felt myself stiffen, then I heard the bedroom door open and out staggered Sandi, also obviously still seeing stars. She stumbled over to the aspirin, took it and staggered back over to the sofa. I noticed she was wearing a similar black bikini to her cousin, also barefoot. She then sat down on the other side of me, her own freshened perfume smelt gorgeous and I felt myself getting more excited. We all chatted and drank our wine before we decided upon a kickboxing match.

I stood up and picked up my boxing gloves and put them on, both women grabbed theirs and soon I was standing opposite Jen. Sandi called for us to start and off we went. I dodged Jen’s first left jab and her follow up hard right, following up with a hard right of my own, she ducked and went for another hard right, which I ducked from. I did not see her rock back onto her left foot and swing her right straight for my already weakened chin. SNAP! Her bare foot connected with my chin with a hard slap sound. I saw a white flash and my head whipped up facing the ceiling, my senses going fuzzy instantly. My arms dropped to my sides and my head came back down. My eyes were now crossed and I was seeing clear cartoon yellow stars, everything else was blurry. I staggered dizzily on my bare feet, my tongue out and a goofy grin on my face, loud tweeting ringing through my ears “Got you baby!” Jen said happily. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with you now.” She then hopped onto her right foot, did a 360 degree spin and snapped her left foot hard into the side of my head, spinning me around 360 degrees as I dizzily came to a stop now seeing cartoon purple doves, she then swapped onto her left leg and did the same back the other way, hitting me hard with her right foot. I span around the other way this time another 360 degrees, finally stopping, but staggering dizzily, my eyes spinning and my head rolling on my neck. My mouth was hung open and as well as tweeting and I was now hearing faint cuckoo sounds. I was seeing two halos of intermixed multi-coloured stars and carton-pink fat birdies.

“Duh…Did you get the number of that truck?” I asked dizzily.

“Of that cuckoo truck? Nope, but here comes a few more!” Jen said excitedly, before kneeing me in the stomach, and then bringing both boxing gloved fists down hard on top of my head with a loud thud. Stars flew out from my head as her fists connected and I fell face-down onto the mat, coming to rest with my head between her bare feet, a lump pushing out the top of my head, my eyes stopped spinning but went crossed again, my mouth hung open with lots of stars, birdies, pink unicorns and small images of Jen circling my dizzy head to the tune of loud cuckoo clocks. I was pitching a tent down below. Jen laughed at how silly I looked, as did Sandi in the background. “That was one!” Jen said. “Now kiss my foot my little cuckoo boy! ”She held out her right foot in front of my mouth, so I obeyed and kissed it gently. “That was nice, I have you exactly where I was you now! At my feet, KO’d and excited, but we are not done yet and when I am done, it will be my cousin Sandi’s turn.” She placed her bare foot gently on top of my lump and pushed it back into my head, before she stopped and rested her foot triumphantly on top of my dazed head. “Oh look honey, you have me on your mind!” She laughed, then turned around, lifting up her foot she then exclaimed “Here come three more cuckoo trucks!” WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! She stamped on my head hard three times, causing three more lumps to raise and for me to stiffen down below. I was now in a dreamy fantasy world of big yellow, white, green, and pink stars; purple unicorns, white cartoon ponies, big white bunny rabbits and of course, images of a barefoot Jen in boxing gloves, all circling my head to a loud “cuckoo cuckoo” echoing through my empty head and I could not think. My body was limp and relaxed (except one thing) and I was well and truly the plaything of the two women at this point.

“Hon, I am so aroused right now!” Sandi called out from where she was, “but am disappointed that I did not get to do anything to put you in this state!”

“Well. It will be your turn soon cousin.” Jen replied to Sandi. “I have a little more playing to do with him first though. She then held her right foot in front of my face. My foot feels sore now, kiss it better?” With loud cuckoos ringing through my head, I could only obey. “That’s better. Good boy.” With that, she swapped onto standing on her right foot and stamped on my head three more times with her left. I now had six lumps, but otherwise I could not really get any more cuckoo than I already was, however I unloaded, cuckoos loud in my ears which bother women noticed. “Good boy!” they both said. They then dragged me off to mop me up and change me into my nightwear.

The next thing I was aware of were multi-coloured stars still circling my head. I was lying on my back, in my pyjamas, a loose fitting t-shirt and pair of loose fitting shorts. My tongue was still out and I could still hear faint cuckoos and louder tweeting birdies. I lay there for a while, before I finally recovered and sat up on the boxing mat. Facing the soles of my bare feet, both women were also in their nightwear. Sandi was wearing black leggings with pink stars all over them and a loose fitting T-shirt with a single pink stars on her chest, wearing no bra. Her feet were bare and the sight of her made me feel excited down below. Jen was wearing a lilac night dress and long white socks that went up towards her knees, no longer barefoot, but I got the feeling it was what she usually wore to bed.

Sandi walked over to me, smiling happily “Well honey, after watching you get knocked cuckoo by my cousin, I am extremely aroused and we’re going to have spend the night in the bedroom, first though I want those handsome eyes spinning again. I don’t want to fight you this time, as I just want to knock you out. Will you cooperate hon?”

“Sure, if you want to knock me out, I will happily cooperate.” I said, a little surprised, but I did not mind.

“Good.” Sandi said, stepping round behind me, then I felt a hard SLAM! Sandi had slammed the sole of her bare right foot hard into the back of my head.

“Uh!” I cried out and I sat there, head rolling on my neck, mouth hung open, cross-eyed, hearing tweeting again and seeing stars, multi-coloured ones.

“He really does look so hot like that.” Jen said, watching from the sofa, seeing me sitting there, feet facing her, seeing stars.

“Yes he does.” Sandi answered. She then picked up a wooden mallet and brought it down hard on top of my head, three times. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Three lumps sprouted out the top of my head and I saw cartoon blue birdies intermix themselves with the stars, tweeting happily.

“Duh, birdies and stars!” I said, again pitching a tent.

Sandi smiled. “Yes, and this is only the beginning honey!” She stepped round in front and slammed the mallet one final time on top of my head. I heard two loud cuckoos and fell on my back, watching pink doves circling and hearing tweeting.

“Duh, I think I’m on the cuckoo train.” I said stupidly.

“The slow one yes. I will transfer you to the Cuckoo Express!” Sandi said, feeling herself get wet below thinking about it. She knelt down beside me and played with my tent for a moment, before rolling me back onto my front. She gently pushing all of my lumps back into my head with her bare foot. “Now honey, I am going to give you a first class ticket to the Cuckoo Express. When you are deep in cuckoo land, remember it was me who put you there, ok?”

“Duh…yes mommy!” I said goofily, growing harder in anticipation.

“Good boy, though I am not your mommy!” Sandi replied. She then raised her bare foot and slammed it down hard on top of my head. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Each of the hits sent stars flying out of my head and made them orbit my dazed head. After the third one, Sandi rested her bare foot on top of my dizzy noggin. My triple-lumped head was rolling in circles and my mouth was hung open. Loud tweeting was continuous in my ears along with faint cuckoos. I was seeing multi-coloured stars in two halos circling my head and as I lay there in that cuckoo state I knew it was Sandi who had done this to me, which caused my tent to swell. “How do you feel now hon?” She asked, still resting her bare foot on my head.

“Duh, I have you on my mind!” I said, she was literally resting her foot on top of my cuckoo-mind. “I see lots of stars!”

“And I know how much you like those hon!” Sandi replied. She winked at Jen who was loving the show and smiled back. “And now for you to see the cuckoo animals, you are only on a third class ticket right now!” She raised her foot off my head and then put it in front of my head, then with a fast pendulum motion, she swung it backwards, connecting with my forehead, snapping my head back, stars flying out on impact. Before I could take in any new things in my cuckoo show, she then swung her foot forward, bouncing it off the back of my head, with more stars flying out. She kept going, bouncing my head backwards and forwards, causing stars to fly on each impact. She was breathing hard as she did it, knowing she was sending me deeper into cuckoo land and feeling hugely aroused. Jen was looking on and playing with herself as she watched, also feeling deeply horny and my tent was growing on each impact. With one final SLAM! Off the back of my head, Sandi came to a stop, to see what level I was at.

I was lying there, my body now entirely limp and relaxed, back in a similar dreamland that Jen had sent me to only a few hours earlier. My eyes were spinning and I could see lots of large yellow, pink and red stars, along with white rabbits, pink unicorns, sexy images of Sandi and cartoon Lady-style doggies from Lady and the Tramp. I could hear loud cuckoo sounds echoing through my dazed mind and my tongue rolled out of my mouth “Duh…” I muttered, unable to think of any other words to say and I was rock hard. I knew I was in this state because of Sandi.

“Well honey, welcome to second class.” Sandi smiled. I felt a twinge below as if I had been able to form any thoughts, I would have been thinking ‘What would first class be?’ Sandi smiled again. “Now for you to join first-class, cuckoo!” She then jumped up and landed both bare feet on top of my head. She then jumped three more times, landed her full weight on my brain all those times. After the final time she stood there on my head and taunted me. “Now you definitely have me on your mind!”

My eyes were crossed and were now love-heart shape. I was now Sandi’s plaything and always would be and had a permanently lower IQ. I was seeing pink stars, birdies, doggies, vixens and rabbits. I could hear loud cuckoos and my tongue was out the corner of my mouth and I was smiling goofily. My body was limp and I was ready to unload, but couldn’t as I felt I needed to please Sandi. She stood on my head a moment longer and then stepped off, causing me to see extra winking stars for a few minutes. Sandi placed her bare right foot sole in front of my face and I kissed it. I was the most cuckoo I had ever been in my life and it was all because of Sandi. She walked off to the bedroom to get a quick breather before she came back for me.

While she was gone, Jen walked over, lifting up her socked foot high above my cuckoo head “You are ours now honey, forever!” And then she slammed her socked foot hard on top of my head three more times, WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! My love-heart shaped pupils now span “Sweet dreams honey, when you wake up, you’ll be having sex.” As she said this, my dreamy cuckoo world faded out into blackness.

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I slowly came to on the bed a few hours later. I was naked and still had a ring of stars spinning around my dazed and sore head and I was still hearing tweeting. I lay there for a while, staring at the stars before I finally closed my eyes and shook them off. I finally saw that it was daylight outside as the light was coming in through the window. There was evidence everywhere of how I had spent the night being taken advantage of by the two women, although my memory of it was pretty hazy. Still, the thought of it turned me on. The women were not in the room and I could hear them laughing and chatting out in the living room. I found my underwear and boxing shorts and put them on before staggering out of the bedroom shaking my head to clear the remaining cobwebs.

When I reached the Living room, both women were sitting there in their fighting attire. I saw my T-Shirt flung over the sofa and went and put it on. My boxing gloves were still on the floor by Sandi’s bare feet. “Mmm, Morning honey” Jen grinned, winking at me. “We had a lot of fun with you last night, I hope you enjoyed what you remember?”

“Yes, I did. I have a bit of a headache this morning though!” Jen smiled and stood up, walking towards me. She placed her hand around the back of my head.

“Aw, poor baby” she said, stroking the back of my head. “Would you like a chance to get your revenge? How about a kickboxing session?” I nodded, “Excellent!” She replied, “How about you versus me first?”

“OK then.” She and I both put on our gloves and started bouncing on our bare feet. Sandi called for us to start and I swung for her cousin. She dodged and went for me, this time I ducked too and snapped my bare foot upwards. It caught her on the chin and she went cross eyed.

“Oh stars!” She muttered in a daze trying to hit them with her glove. I smiled and then hit her with a body shot, then both fists down on top of her head. She fell, head between my feet with a lump on top of her head, eyes spinning and saying how cute the robins circling her head were. A lump rose out of her head where each fist had connected. I looked over at Sandi.

“Wow, that’s hot hon, make her see more birdies and cute animals for me?” Sandi bit her lower lip. I obliged by raising me right foot over Jen’s head and slamming it down once, twice, then a third time. Three more lumps had arisen and she said later she had been hearing cuckoos and seeing two halos of stars and winged horses. As she lay there with her eyes spinning I rested my foot on her head and Sandi counted her out.

I pulled off my gloves and Sandi helped me carry her to her room to sleep off the KO. Sandi and I then each donned our gloves for a match between the two of us.

“Well, now it is just the two of us, how about some real KO fun?” Sandi asked, staring into my eyes, letting hers burn into mine.

“Sounds fun, what did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Oh I have plenty of things in mind.” She winked.

“Not for much longer.” I replied. We started circling one another, then she swung, I ducked and her bare foot rose up fast, aiming for my chin, I saw it just in time, dodged left span around and brought my own bare foot up in a roundhouse kick and snapped it across Sandi’s jaw. She span around with the force and came to stop facing me, swaying dizzily, eyes crossed, tongue out and seeing stars!

“Duh, ooh pretty stars!” She muttered “Tweet tweet master!”

“Oh I’ll give you tweets!” I replied, I then jabbed a left and swung a hard right at her chin, then followed up with another jab to her forehead, then slammed my foot up into her chin. She staggered backwards, talking about seeing blue jays and hearing loud tweets and faint cuckoos then fell onto her bum, bare feet facing me, head rolling around dizzily on her neck as she sat there, her mouth gaped open, eyes spinning. She looked so hot! “Wow, you look so hot foxy lady!” I then walked around behind her “Here is a gift” And with that I lift up both fists and slammed both of my gloved fists down on top of her head with a loud thud.

“Uh!” She cried out a lump grew out the top of her head and she continued to sway, “Duh, master I see lots of cute foxes…I can hear cuckoos and see stars too master, duh!” She said in a dazed voice. She sat there, enjoying the foxes and stars, with a goofy grin. I knelt down beside her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You sit there and enjoy your dreaming honey!” I said. I then stood up and pulled off my gloves “I win!” I grinned.  I then went and poured myself a glass of wine in the kitchen.

After I had finished my glass of wine, I came back to find Sandi still dizzy. I sat in front of her, raised my legs and snapped my bare feet into her chin. Her head whipped back and she landed on the floor in front of me. I could feel she was extremely aroused and decided to take advantage of her. Her eyes were spinning and her tongue was out. I grabbed her bare ankles and dragged her into the bedroom alongside her cousin, so I could play.

End of Part 2.

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I knocked on the door of the apartment. I had been let in by a woman after saying that I was here to see Sandi. Sandi and I had been chatting online for a couple of years and she had finally come to the UK to visit and was staying with her British cousin. It was a summer’s Saturday and both she and her cousin were keen for me to come over, so I was now waiting for them. I was wearing a yellow T-Shirt, beige shorts and sandals on my bare feet.

The door opened and standing behind it was a pretty dark haired woman, wearing very short black shorts and a white t-shirt. “Are you Sandi?” I asked. I was expecting a blonde woman. She smiled.

“No Sandi is waiting in the living room. I am her cousin, pleased to meet you!” She held out her hand and I shook it. “Can you take your shoes off please honey? I am trying to keep my carpets nice!” She asked. I obliged and slid the sandals next to other shoes by the door. “Did you bring your gear? We would really like to waste no time in getting started.” I nodded. “Good, please go into the bathroom, three doors down and change. Come and find us in the living room.” She motioned to the door she meant and I went to get changed.

Once in there I opened my backpack and pulled out my black boxing gloves, black shorts and a white T-Shirt. I changed into them. I had also brought my nightwear, but would not need that just yet. I put my t-shirt and shorts back into the backpack, picked it up and walked back out the bathroom, carrying my boxing gloves. I found the living room and both women were sat on the sofa, wearing matching black shorts with Sandi wearing a pink top and her cousin wearing a white one. Sandi also had red boxing gloves on while I noticed pink ones resting against Sandi’s bare feet, obviously they belonged to her cousin. Sandi stood up on my entry and walked over. “Nice to finally meet you hon!” She beamed at me, leant round and kissed me on the cheek. “We are going to have so much fun.”

“So how are we going to do this?” I asked. I put on my boxing gloves. The living room was very spacious, there was plenty of space to bounce around and box one another.

“This is going to be a two on one tag match” Sandi’s cousin replied. “Us vs. You.” I gulped, both women were older and actually looked like they could be stronger than me and I knew from conversations with Sandi that they were both seasoned boxers. She then put on her pink boxing gloves and walked to the edge of the room, giving me a cheeky wink.

“I will start with you hon.” Sandi smiled. “Don’t worry, I will go easy on you to start with.” She did a few shadow boxing punches first, followed by a couple of kicks, showing off her bare feet. I did the same and soon our eyes were locked into each other as we circled the room. Sandi’s cousin called for us to go and off we went, throwing punches at each other. I thought I was doing pretty well until without warning, Sandi dodged left and slammed a fist hard into my left temple.

My head whipped sideways and I staggered dizzily on my bare feet, seeing yellow stars and hearing bells. “I think I just had my bell rung!” I said dazedly. Sandi smiled then launched herself into a flurry of hard left and right punches, slamming my head from side to side several times before giving me a hard uppercut, whipping my head backwards. I swayed, my bell now well and truly rung, seeing circling pink stars with faces that were winking at me. My eyes were crossed and I could hear tweeting in the distance along with the bells. My mouth hung open and I muttered “Duh…I see stars.” Sandi bit her lower lip and then winked at her cousin. She then stepped forwards giving me a hard right body shot, causing me to bend over and then slammed both fists down hard on top of my head.

I fell straight down on my front, head between her bare feet. I was now seeing pink doves and hearing them tweet loudly. My eyes were spinning and my tongue was out, while I was sporting a goofy grin. A lump was pushing out the top of my head where her fists had connected and my head was shaking side to side as I saw the birdies. “Duh…pwetty birdies, duh….” I said in a dazed, childlike voice.

“Aw, enjoy the birdies for a minute hon!” Sandi said excitedly, she pulled off one of her boxing gloves and bend down, feeling between my legs at my crotch. “Yep, you are standing to attention!” She laughed, “While lying down at my feet. Tweet tweet!”

“Tweet tweet!” I echoed back stupidly, causing more laughs from both women.

Sandi walked over to her cousin, who was obviously trying hard to contain her own excitement. “Your turn cous, he’s so ours!”

“Definitely is. I’ll make it so he lasts all this next week, while you are here so we can have a slave!” Sandi nodded, breathing heavily, obviously excited by the idea. Her cousin walked over to my prone body and spoke to me. “Well honey, as hot as you look down there, we have not quite finished with you yet. You see? It’s my turn and I have knocked out hundreds of much bigger men than you. By the time I’m done with you, you will be our slave for the week and that jaw will be glass for the rest of your life. You and I are going to have lots of fun, even after Sandi has gone home!” Sandi breathed even heavier, she knew roughly what to expect and was looking forward to what her cousin was going to do to me.

She lifted up her bare foot and pushed the lump back down into my head before pulling me up to my feet, I swayed with my arms down by my sides, still dizzy from Sandi’s assault. Her cousin tilted my chin with her left fist and said “Aw honey, shake it off for me. We have a lot more fun to go before you can sleep!” I did as she asked and shook my head. The stars and birdies flew off and my eyes returned to normal. “That’s better honey.” I shook my head again and brought up my fists, ready to get a small measure of revenge on this woman. I was rather hot though so I pulled off my white T-Shirt, revealing my bare chest. I got stuck though as I still had my boxing gloves on. Sandi smiled and came over to help me and pulled it off over my gloves, tossing it onto the sofa and she went back to her tag position, before telling us to fight.

Me and her cousin started throwing punches backwards and forwards at each other. Although it started off quite light, she very quickly started throwing power punches at my chest and head. I managed to block them, then one found its mark and slammed me hard across the side of my chin. My head whipped sideways and my mouth hung open as I saw cartoonish yellow stars and heard “CUCKOO! CUCKOO!” echo through my dazed mind. I staggered dizzily, but quickly shook it off. I turned and went after Sandi’s cousin again, throwing her a hard right hook, but she easily anticipated my shot and ducked and came up with a hard right cross right across the side of my jaw, following that with a left hook on my other side and then she ducked a dizzy retort from my left hand and then came up and slammed me so hard I span round 360 degrees, finally staggering dizzily, seeing white stars and hearing cuckoo clock sounds ringing through my head. My head was going round on my neck with the stars and my mouth hung open gormlessly.

“Ouch mommy, did you get the number of that truck? Duh, that hurt.” I said stupidly.

“No, and I am not your mommy honey.” She replied, before slamming me with another hard right, this time connecting it with my temple. I drooled as I started seeing blue jays flying around my head. She followed that up by stepping round behind me and then slamming both her boxing gloved fists together with my head in between. My body jerked as her fists made contact and my eyes went crossed and I swayed, guard completely down and unable to think. I was seeing cuckoo birds now and they were cuckooing at me constantly. “Mmmm honey, you look good. Good and tired. How about taking a load off of your feet?” She walked back around in front of me, lifting her gloves high above my head and then slamming them down on top of my head, causing a lump to rise yet again and before I could gawp at the extra yellow stars that flew out on impact to join the cuckoo birds, she then ducked down and brought a hard right uppercut right under my chin.

My head whipped back with the force and power that had gone into that uppercut and I flew upwards and backwards, my bare feet leaving that soft carpet of the living room floor, the back of my head slammed into the wall, giving me a double-tap and I slid down the wall coming to rest on my bum, sitting against the wall. I was now seeing two halos encircling my head, one of cuckoo birdies and white stars and the other of yellow stars and moons. I was hearing very loud cuckoos, tweeting and bells echoing through my very dazed and confused mind. I had a large lump pushed up through my hair on the top of my head where the boxing gloves had bonked me on top of the head and a lump at the back where I had met the wall. My head was rolling around on my The soles of my bare feet were facing the women and I was pitching a very large and sturdy tent. “Duh…” I groaned, unable to think up any more of a sentence.

Both women were feeling very wet at this point as they looked on at me. Sandi’s cousin put her boxing gloves down to her hips and stepped towards me, placing a bare foot down on my chest and feeling the relaxed breathing. “Well, he’s as good as out now. What do you think Sandi? Is he done? Or shall we give him some more sights to see?”

Sandi walked over, breathing hard and hardly able to keep her own composure “I really think he could do with some more sights. I want to make him see more animals anyway.”

“OK, well I think this boxing match is over as I don’t think he can stand right now.” Sandi’s cousin mused. She removed her boxing gloves and sat down in front of me, sliding her now bare hands over my bare feet. “Now honey, this is what I like to call a nightie night ten count.” She lifted up her bare feet so that they were inches away from my chin. “One!” WHAM! Her feet slammed into my chin and my head whipped back and slammed against the wall. My eyes span with the force and my body juddered, going limp again. Stars flew from my head during both the connection with her feet and the wall. She laughed. “Well that is one. Two!” WHAM! WHAM! The same thing happened again. “Three!” WHAM! WHAM! “Four!” She was getting so wet seeing my eyes spin on impact, and the two halos above my head were getting bigger with each hit as the cuckoos got louder. My tent was pitching harder each hit too and she was far from finished. “Five!”

Sandi was watching with interest, knowing from the chats how much I liked to see stars from bare feet hitting me. She felt a little jealous, but it was fun to watch.

“Ten!” WHAM! WHAM! My head bounced off the wall for the tenth time.  The back of my head was now covered in lumps, my jaw was a little bruised, my mouth was smiling very goofily, with my tongue hanging out of the side of my mouth. My body felt very tingly and relaxed and my mind was foggy and calm. All that was going through my head was the sound “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” and some faint tweeting in the background. I had two halos still spinning above my head, one now being of yellow stars and pink doves and the other being of yellow stars and multi-coloured winged cartoon ponies. Sandi’s cousin pulled back her feet and knelt staring into my eyes. “Well that’s him done Sandi, probably the biggest KO of his life. He won’t remember a lot of it!” She then leant over to my right hand side, kissing my cheek and whispering in my ear “Will you, my little cuckoo slave?”

Sandi smiled and took off her boxing gloves, before kneeling down and crawling over to my left hand side. She kissed my left cheek and whispered in my left ear “It really is hot seeing you like this hon, we are going to have some fun in the bedroom now.” Both women laughed happily and then took me from either side and dragged me into the bedroom.

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I rang the doorbell in anticipation. I had met this woman online, Clarissa. Both of us shared an interest in concussion, knockouts and erotic boxing. We had been talking for around 6 months, both doing online roleplay and talking about our experiences and what we liked. We had Skyped and chatted in chatrooms and finally had agreed to meet, she had invited me round her house.

Clarissa had knocked out numerous men and women inside and outside the boxing ring that she had in her basement. She was a bit older than me, aged in her mid-thirties, me in my late twenties. She had described to me that seeing either a man or a woman losing consciousness made her excited and that as soon as we had Skyped and she had seen what I looked like, she wanted to see me in that state.

I stood there, waiting for Clarissa to answer the door. There was always a chance that she would not. You never knew fully if an online person was who they said they were and she may not even live here. It was a hot summer’s day so at least I was not out in the cold. I was standing in my yellow T-Shirt and dark green shorts, in my flip-flops awaiting Clarissa to open the door. I rang the doorbell for the second time and was about to sigh and leave when the door opened and there was a beautiful, slightly curvy blonde woman who opened the door, smiling in a way that could hardly contain her excitement. “Are you Clarissa?” I asked, the excitement in my own voice obviously prevalent. She nodded and asked me to come in.

“Welcome to my home, please take off your shoes and I will show you around.” She said smiling friendlily. I slid off my flip-flops and felt the nice soft carpet beneath my bare feet. She was standing in a white T-shirt and black shorts that were very north of the knee. She was also barefoot. She started to show me around the house, finally ending in the basement, where there was a boxing ring, surrounded by mats. “And this is where we’ll spend most of our time together, except maybe the bedroom afterwards” Clarissa said, winking at me.

“How many men and woman have you knocked out in here?” I asked, in awe of the place.

“Around twelve women and six men. You’ll be the seventh.” She answered confidently. I felt a twinge between my legs. “I have knocked out more men and women in other places” she added, including my bedroom upstairs, usually using chloroform and such up there, down here it is usually my fists, feet or through choke out my victims’ worlds fade away to. “Want to lie down and I’ll make you see stars?” She asked, raising her right foot up as if to encourage me to lie beneath her foot. I felt myself feeling more excited, however I calmed myself.

“Maybe later.” I replied, winking back at her.

“Oh you will see stars.” She answered definitively. “So, shall we get ready and start? I want you out cold as soon as possible!” She winked. I nodded and she handed me some red boxing gloves, grabbing some pink ones for herself.

“Should we not get changed first?” I asked. “I brought some sports shorts and a T-shirt.”

“Yes of course, but I want us to box naked, except for the gloves.” She replied. I paused.

“What?” I felt a thrill, but was surprised by this development.

“I want us to box wearing nothing except for our boxing gloves.” Clarissa repeated. She smiled.  “Come on now honey, don’t be shy. I’d have stripped you once you were unconscious anyway so this will just save the winner some play time. Now, strip.” And with that she put down her gloves, pulled off her top and then stripped off the rest of her clothes, her beautiful naked body standing in front of me. She stared into my eyes and so I followed her example and stripped too. “That’s it, you have a nice body, and I’ll explore it while you are napping.” She smiled again and picked up her gloves, putting them on. It was pretty warm down in the basement, though I still felt myself shiver with both excitement and fear. She looked like a dangerous opponent, but she did looked massively hot as she shadowboxed in my direction, holding my gaze. I put on my gloves and we both entered the ring, finally standing opposite each other. “OK, we’ll go in rounds until one of us is counted out.” She said, I could not help looking her over. “Hey, honey, did you hear me? She asked, smiling as my distraction.

“Yes sorry, I heard you” I confirmed. I started hopping on my bare feet, and doing some stretches, trying to warm up. She smiled and did the same. Finally we both stood toe to toe, ready to fight.

“OK then, let’s go.” She said excitedly, bouncing lightly on her own bare feet and then she and I went in on each other, guarding our faces with our gloves. We touched gloves and then started throwing punches back and forth, nothing connected until she threw one at my gut, my elbows blocked it and I responded by stepping sideways and lunging at the side of her head. I caught her by surprise as my fist connected, whipping her head sideways. She staggered dizzily, seeing yellow stars, her guard dropping, so I took advantage and gave her a body shot. She gasped as my fist connected while bending forwards, then I brought my fist down on top of her head, she fell to the floor at my feet, lying dazed and cross-eyed on her front, seeing blue birdies and hearing cuckoos. I rested my bare foot on her head and started to count her out. I felt excited as I counted, wondering whether I would win this and get to play with her body. I got to number eight and felt her head lift under my foot. I lifted my foot from her head and she stood up. She was a little wobbly on her feet initially and said “Nice moves there honey, I was not expecting that. You win the first round! Now let me just get rid of these remaining stars.” She was referencing the stars she still had before her eyes. She went back to her corner and drank some water from a bottle and shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs.

I sat down in my own corner and took a swig from my own water bottle. After a few minutes she stood up and walked back to the centre of the ring, I did the same, ready for round two.

We touched gloves for the second time and started circling one another. She went for a left jab, then another, I stepped back from each swing, guard still up, then followed up with my own left jab, then right cross., she blocked it so I again went for it, as I swung my second right cross, she used the opening to snap her fist into my right cheek. I staggered, seeing yellow stars and felt a twinge below, feeling that Clarissa wanted revenge right now and she was not going to go easy on me. I shook off the stars, however it was then that I felt her body shots. One, two, three, four. I brought my guard down to protect my stomach from a fifth and then she caught me with a hard right hook right in the left temple. My head whipped to the right from the force.

“Ouch!” I cried out, as I again saw yellow stars spin around my head and heard tweeting in my ears. Clarissa had rung my bell and I felt dreamy and dazed, but before I could recover, Clarissa sent a hard left to the right side of my head, then another left and right, whipping my head from side to side. My arms dropped down significantly as I staggered dizzily on my bare feet seeing a ring of yellow stars and blue birdies. I was rocked and nearly out on my feet, feeling my cock grow hard between my legs. She stepped forwards and slammed both gloves quick and hard on top of my head with a thud, stars flew out of my head and my eyes crossed and my tongue hang out as I gave a goofy grin. I could hear cuckoos now as a lump pushed up through the top of my head. I started to see white cartoon rabbits. Clarissa let me stand there naked and cuckoo for a moment, then she drew back her right hard and then threw a hard right uppercut right under my chin.

My head whipped back hard and fast and I saw a white flash. Clarissa told me later that my as my head whipped back from her knockout shot and my eyes had rolled up into my forehead and I had been out pretty much instantly, my body went stiff and I fell back onto the mat, the back of my head rebounded off the mat and had probably received a second K.O, as my body then flopped limp. I was still rock hard between my legs though and she could see some pre-cum on my tip. I rested still, my arms ending in my red boxing gloves, facing away from my limp, naked body. My bare feet faced away from each other slightly and she looked at my peaceful, sleeping face. My lips were parted slightly and my chest was heaving slowly. She smiled, she had knocked me out. She was not yet sure for how long, but she felt really aroused seeing me ‘asleep’ like that, knowing that she had put me there. She stepped over to me and placed her bare foot on the centre of my chest, feeling it gently rise and fall. “And now for the count out honey!” she cooed to me, then she remembered me placing my foot onto her head in the first round and decided to repay me the humiliation. She placed her bare toes onto my forehead and then lowered her foot over my face. She felt my breath on the sole of her foot and felt herself growing increasingly wet. She started to count.

“One. Two. Three…” As she counted she felt more and more aroused. Her nipples hardened and her breathing grew deeper. Finally she reached “Ten. I win!” She removed her bare foot from my face and I did not react at all. I stayed in the position I was before. She knelt down and patted my cheek “Oh you are well and truly out hun!” She exclaimed excitedly. She bit her lower lip and then removed her boxing gloves, sliding her now bare hands between her legs. Gasping, she then crawled on all fours so that her knees were either side of my head and she was facing the tops of my feet. She then slipped her knees back and lowered her clit over my nose and mouth, then she started pushing back and forwards, rubbing herself over my nose and mouth, gasping with passion as she continued “That’s it, sleep for me boy!” She cried out, gasping and going faster and faster, occasionally fingering herself until she came, all over my face and head as I slept. She finally pulled herself back onto her knees and looked down at my soaked face and head. Looking down at me she smiled, before leaving the ring to get her white towel from her corner and mopping us both up. Finally she knelt down beside my prone body again.

“Let’s do some exploring as I promised honey.” She said and started to kiss and play with my body, starting with suckling my toes, then the soles of my bare feet, working her way up my legs, over my belly and up my arms. She had left my boxing gloves on as being unconscious I did not need to use my hands. Finally she started to hear me moan as I started to come to. She then massaged the soles of my feet and slid her mouth over my hardening cock. She started to suck. My eyes fluttered open and I groggily lay there, punch drunk and still seeing white rabbits and stars from the knockout, but I felt her sucking below, I gasped grew increasingly aroused as she kept going, finally I came hard and she swallowed. As I lay there panting, still seeing the rabbits and stars, unable to think properly she asked “How about round 3 in the bedroom stud? Don’t worry, I’ll get you there!” She then rolled me over onto my front and said. “Well, I know you’re cuckoo already, but here’s some stars from my bare feet, like I wanted to do before the fight. You should have let me!”

WHAM! She slammed her bare foot hard on top of my head. The rabbits seemed to fly off from the force and the stars got bigger, cuckoos getting louder “Duh…” I replied. WHAM! WHAM! She hit me two more times with her bare feet, alternating between them to save from hurting one of her feet, did not help my head though as my eyes became hypnotic spirals and the cuckoos became much louder as the stars grew even bigger, along with my cock between my legs. “Mistress, did you get the number of those three big trucks?” I asked stupidly.

“Mmmmm.” She said. “No baby, but you had better go to sleep!” And WHAM! She hit me one more time, causing my whole body to recoil, then I blacked out again.

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Dangerous Housemate

Claire was 19 and was new in her house. She had three female housemates who had been there for at least a couple of years. One was a big, muscular kickboxer, called Lisa who was around 33 years of age. The other two were a 20 year old university student called Kim and the other a 25 year old magazine journalist called Laura. The first two weeks were pretty uneventful, except for going out one Friday and getting monstrously drunk with all three of them, then all nursing hangovers in their PJs all of next day while watching TV in the living room.

Anyway, it was Friday night again and both the 20 and 25 year olds had gone out separately with their friends. Claire was all settled for an early night as she had had a busy week in her retail job and had had her second week of Kickboxing. She was low level at the moment in her kickboxing, only kicking the hell out of a bag, but she felt she was doing ok. Lisa was in the house too, but Claire had not heard a peep from here except for the usual good evening after she got home from her training.

Claire stepped out of her room, all snug in her pyjamas. She felt like a glass of wine, then she would curl up in bed, watching some TV and then fall asleep. She felt the nice soft carpet beneath her bare feet and felt happy for the softness. She reached the landing at the bottom of the stairs where the carpet stopped and became cool, bare wood. It was not as pleasant as the carpet, but was not exactly unpleasant either. She glanced into the living room, to see Lisa still in her kickboxing costume. Her powerful thighs were up on the double seating sofa as were her bare feet. She looked over to Claire and smiled. Claire smiled back “Hi Lisa, are you ok?”

“Hi honey, yes I am fine thank you. You all ready for bed?” She motioned at Claire’s Pyjamas.

“Yes I am. It’s been a busy week and I have had trouble sleeping.”

“Oh? Well I’m sorry to hear that.” Lisa got up and walked over to Claire, standing round behind her and resting her hands on Claire’s shoulders. “I know how to make you sleepy, very fast!” Before Claire could answer she felt Lisa tighten her strong arms round Claire’s neck, instantly she struggled to breathe, soon afterwards she felt lightheaded. Lisa was holding her in a sleeperhold, what was she going to do with her? She struggled, but Lisa’s hold tightened and she started to feel very dizzy and also started to panic

“N…” Claire tried to call out the word “no” but could not get the words out. Lisa may have heard her, but instead, tightened her grip further, soon Claire knew she was about the black out. She felt slightly aroused by this, but she was scared more than anything and wanted out. Without thinking it through she sat down, hard and fast, landing on her bum with her legs outstretched and her bare feet facing the sofa. Lisa was not expecting this and suddenly her chin slammed hard off the top of Claire’s head with a loud “WHUMP!” That was it, and Lisa flew backwards and lay unconscious on the living room floor. Claire did not come out of it unscathed however, she sat there eyes fixed upwards, seeing cartoon blue birdies tweeting round her head. It was the first time she’d seen anything from a head bump. The tweeting in her ears and the birdies were nice distractions from the massive lump and the headache forming from the point of impact with Lisa’s chin and she sat there, feeling a bit goofy and enjoying the birds for a few minutes.

After 5 or maybe 10 minutes had past, Claire recovered herself enough to shake off the birds. She stood up unsteadily on her bare feet and instantly felt dizzy and saw yellow stars, though they soon faded after a few seconds. She felt a little sick and had a sore head. She felt a small lump on the top of her head and felt a little confused. She thought people only saw stars and birds in cartoons! She knelt down and tickled Lisa’s unconscious foot. There was no response, she was out for the count. “Good” Claire said to the sleeping giant. “I hope you wake up with a sore head yourself.” She then grabbed Lisa by the hair and wrenched her up, talking angrily to the unconscious amazon “I hope you can hear me bitch!” She yelled. Suddenly Lisa’s hand grabbed Claire by the throat, causing Claire to choke, her tongue out as she struggled to breathe.

“I heard you.” Practically effortlessly Lisa stood up, soon she was dangling the choking Claire by her throat, her bare feet off the ground. She shook her head, clearing the cobwebs. “That was a good move honey, I’ll teach you to fight well yet, but for now you need to learn respect. If I want to sleeper hold you out in future, you will let me put you out. Understand? I have free rule in this house, anyone I want to go to sleep, goes to sleep!” Claire continued to choke, her eyes started to roll up, she knew she was going to black out. She would obey this amazon in future, no question. Then, without warning, Lisa let her go. Lisa fell to the floor, and coughed, hand around her neck, struggling to breathe again. After giving her a few minutes to regain her breath, Lisa helped the young Claire back to her feet. “Well honey, I hope you have learned the lesson?”

“Yes” Claire coughed “May I go to bed now? I have a big headache!”

“Don’ worry, I’ll carry you to bed!” Without any warning Lisa slammed her bare foot hard into pretty young Claire’s chin. Claire’s head whipped back and she fell, the back of her head slammed hard into the wall and the force knocked her cross-eyed. She slid down the wall, her bare feet facing Lisa. Claire’s mouth was hung open and a second lump pushed out the back of her head. Yellow stars and blue jays were now intermixed and circling her pretty head and she heard cuckoo sounds echoing through her thoughtless head. She felt extremely goofy and happy and felt wet between her legs. Her head swayed around in circles as she watched the stars and birdies. “Cute!” Lisa exclaimed watching her new young student sitting in cuckoo land. “Don’t worry honey, you will have plenty of chances to render both men and women in this cuckoo state. Night-night now!”

“Night-night!” Claire muttered back in a childlike voice, before she slumped to one side, unconscious. Lisa smiled and pulled her up onto her unconscious feet, before slumping her limp body over her shoulder.

“Time to put you to bed honey. I might have a play while you sleep, you will be out for the night!” And with that, Lisa carried Claire up to her bed.

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More Sights for a Sore Head

Sandi knocked on her mom’s front door, holding a heavy suitcase with both hands. She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts allowing her bare legs to breathe in the warm summer’s day air. Her bare feet rested in sandals and she felt great. She had a great surprise for her mom that she had brought back from England. Her mom opened the door, “Hi Mom!” Sandi said chirpily.

“Hi hon!” Mrs Thompson exclaimed, surprised by pleased to see her daughter. “It’s a nice day outside isn’t it!” She remarked as she motioned for her daughter to enter, carrying that huge suitcase. “What’s in there?”

“A new plaything for us!” Sandi replied and with that she slammed the suitcase down on the floor. She then unzipped the case and out rolled her cargo.

I rolled out the case and ended in a sitting position. I had recovered for the most part from the mighty KO I had received in the hotel room from Sandi, however that slam on the floor of the suitcase had caused me to bump my head again and now I sat there, still in my pyjama T-shirt and shorts, barefoot with my mouth hung open, a small lump risen on the top of my head, hearing faint tweeting, eyes crossed and seeing stars.

“Aw, he’s great!” Said Mrs Thompson. “Sandi, you promised you would bring me back a new toy from the UK and you did not disappoint. “He might need something for the jetlag.” With that she walked off to her storage cupboard and brought back an old wooden mallet that Sandi knew only too well from past experience. It caused her numerous headaches in the past and she guessed in total had made her see a few galaxies worth of stars and a few zoos worth of animals. Her Mom stood over me and grinned. “Here honey, have a nap!” and with that she swung the mallet hard on top of my head, on the already formed small lump. WHAM!

“Oof!” I cried out as the mallet connected, then small white doves appeared amongst the already formed yellow stars and started to circle my head, chirping happy. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Sandi’s Mom hit me again and again, then stood back. I was swaying, my head lolling around on my neck, my mouth hung open stupidly, stars and birdies circling my dizzy, sleepy, dreamy head as I sat there, hearing cuckoos.

“Good boy!” Sandi’s Mom then turned to Sandi, now for your jetlag!”

“But M…” WHAM! The mallet slammed down on Sandi’s head. Stars flew out of her head as the mallet connected, then started circling along with blue jay birdies. Sandi started to sway, smiling goofily as she looked up at the pretty stars and birdies which circled her head. Her Mom then put down the mallet, admiring her handiwork as she looked at both me and her daughter, both crossed and cuckoo. She still had some brain cells to scramble, but she wanted to use other things to cause it. She walked up to Sandi, kicking off her own sandals as she walked, revealing her bare feet. She winked at her daughter, before slamming her bare foot into Sandi’s chin. Sandi flew up into the air, leaving her sandals behind and landed barefoot on her bum against the now shut front door. She slid down, her eyes spinning in the sockets, mouth hung open, hearing cuckoo sounds and seeing cartoon owls circling her head “Oh Mommy, I see cute owls!” she said, sounding like the 7 year old that her Mom remembered. Mrs Thompson laughed.

“You enjoy those owls hon!” She then turned back to me. “Now I’m not done with you yet. Time to wipe that mind of yours so you don’t remember anything you don’t need to be my punch bag and cuckoo toy!” She marched over and then standing over me, brought both fists down hard on top of my head with a loud THUD!

“Uh!” I heard louder cuckoos and fell limp on my back at her feet, a circle of stars and white doves circling my head. She then reached down and pulled me to my feet. She winked at me and then turned me so my back was towards Sandi, lying cuckoo at the front door, then she took a step back, then forwards, slamming her bare foot hard into my chin, causing me to fly into the air and then then back of my head slammed into the front of Sandi’s rebounding the back of her head off the front door again and causing me to slide down so I rested, head in Sandi’s crotch, hearing very loud cuckoos echoing through my mind, eyes now in hypnotic spirals, seeing growing yellow stars and lying limp, unable to think. Sandi with the new head bonks from me slamming into her was now also hearing louder cuckoos and also had her eyes as hypnotic spirals.

Sandi’s Mom smiled and walked over to us, rested her bare foot on Sandi’s head. “Now my beautiful sleepyhead, he is right where a man should be at a woman’s crotch, between her thighs. Squeeze him out for me!” Obeying her Mom’s orders, Sandi squeezed those bare thighs hard around my neck. My tongue started to roll out as I felt her squeezing me out. Sandi’s Mom watched as her daughter put me to sleep. Finally as my eyes fluttered and then closed she ordered her daughter to release me. I slumpt unconscious and Sandi’s Mom smiled and then brought back her bare foot “See you in the morning!” and then slammed her bare foot hard into Sandi’s forehead once more. Sandi shuddered with the force as heard one final loud “Cuckoo!” and she faded into blackness.

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Sights for a Sore Head

I had just arrived at the hotel room. It was in a nice hotel in London, the rooms being spacious and well separated from one another. The corridor was dimly lit and I had not seen another soul since the lobby. I was to meet Sandi in the room for a night of games which she had come all the way over to the UK for. I had been told to bring my nightwear, just a set of pyjamas consisting of a T-Shirt and Shorts, which I had done.

I placed my key card into the reader and the door unlocked. I pushed it open and walked into the room. It was big, as expected with a large double bed against one wall and a smaller single bed pushed up against another wall. The wallpaper was dark pink and there was a soft glow from the dimly lit lights lit up around the walls of the room. I saw women’s sandals resting on the floor by the door and in response I kicked off mine and lay them next to them. I was now wearing a summer T-shirt and shorts, bare legged and barefoot. I called out to the shower “Sandi?”

“In here hon, could you make sure you are in your nightwear when I come out, I’ll be in mine!” Her voiced echoed from the shower and I obeyed and quickly changed, popping my clothes into my bag I then turned and sat on the double bed, facing the bathroom, waiting for her to come out. I heard the shower stop and heard her say “I’ll be out soon honey, thanks for waiting!” I sat there, waiting patiently. Ten minutes later the shower room door unlocked and opened, out she stepped. She looked incredible, I hadn’t actually seen what Sandi looked like until now, she was about average height with a strong looking medium build. Her dark blonde hair lay still slightly wet at her shoulders. Her breasts stood out at 34D. She glided closer on her bare feet, wearing a midnight blue night robe. “Finally we meet hon.”

She walked up to me and motioned for me to stand, At just over 6ft I stood a bit taller than her. She stopped so her bare toes were inches away from mine and stared into my eyes with her blue-green ones. “Mmmmm, you’re cute, but I think I’ll make you cuter.” And with that she slammed her bare foot hard into my chin. I went flying up into the ceiling with the force and my head slammed into it, causing cracks to appear around it. I fell back to the floor and landing on my bum at the foot of the bed, my back resting against the end, the soles of my bare feet facing Sandi. A large lump rose out the top of my head where it had connected with the ceiling and my eyes crossed into each other. Yellow cartoon stars and blue jay birdies started to circle my dazed sore head and loud tweeting echoed in my ears. My tongue lolled out my mouth and my mouth curved into a goofy smile. “Mission accomplished, so much cuter!” Sandi exclaimed. She hadn’t finished yet though.

Sandi turned away from me and proceeded to talk “Remember me telling you I was a boxer?”

“Duh…” I replied stupidly.

“Well, I brought my gloves!” She reached into one of her bags and brought out two huge red boxing gloves. She put them onto her hands and walked back over to me. Using her feet to push my legs apart far enough for her to kneel between them she then did so. “Nowhere for you to go but fly with the stars and birdies!” She laughed. She brought up her fists, then punched me squarely on the forehead. My eyes span with the force as it scrambled my brain yet further. I started to grow hard. She laughed and slammed her fist into my forehead again and again and again, alternating her fists, the back of my head kept bouncing off the foot of the bed and my body jerked with each punch. Finally after around twenty punches she stopped to take a breather. I flopped backwards leaning against the bed, my body limp and my head lolling around in circles on my neck, my mouth hung open, hearing loud cuckoo sounds and seeing yet more stars and now cute little puppies running round my head. I pointed up at them “Duh, look at the cute puppies!”

Sandi smiled “Yes you are one of them aren’t you? Come on boy on all fours”! I obeyed and went forwards onto my hands and knees. “Quick, sniff around the room.” She ordered her new puppy. I obeyed, she threw off her boxing gloves, then ordered me to stop. “I need a horse to ride!” She exclaimed then walked up behind me, still on all fours and slammed her bare foot hard into the back of my head. My head snapped forwards from the force and my eyes span in their sockets, stars flying out from my head. She then swung her foot forwards further, then in a pendulum motion swung it back into my forehead, snapping my head backwards, causing more stars to spark out from my head and my eyes to spin again. I had a total look of confusion on my face with no idea what was happening. Sandi felt wet between her legs and excitedly swung her bare foot forwards as hard as she could, one last time. WHAM! Her foot impacted hard on the back of my skull once again and my head snapped forwards, even more stars flying out from my head this time and I cried out “Uh!” My eyes spinning once again from the force. I heard the thud of her bare foot echoing inside my now empty mind as loud cuckoo sounds repeated inside my head and lots of rocking horses started to circle. I fell forwards, landing on my front as my arms went completely limp and gave way and my pupils were facing opposite directions. I had a very silly grin on my face and was now lying face down, bum up.

Sandi laughed “Oops, I think I may have gone too far in my excitement, that’s you out for a while!” She put her bare foot on my bum and pushed it down so I was now just lying dazed on my front, my bum now slightly pushed up by me pitched a hard tent. She felt the wetness “Oh my god I am soaked, I’d better get cleaned up, but first you need to release. She turned and walked away, before running back towards me. She jumped up in the air and landed both bare feet right on the top of my head, stars flying everywhere when she landed. My bare feet flapped up from the force, then rested down. Large yellow stars pushed the rocking horses up and out of sight, my body went completely limp as I became a rag doll, and I came, hard, hearing loud cuckoos in my ears all the way. Lumps from each foot pushed Sandi up, making her feel like she was growing.

As she stepped off my head, Sandi turned back to survey the damage. She knew she had completely blanked my mind. I was a ragdoll and her plaything permanently now and she looked to her largest suitcase, which was empty “I think I’ll take you back to America my cute little plaything!” She laughed and off she went to get the suitcase.

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The Fighting Dungeon – The First Fight of the Night

Kerry had just finished getting ready. She had arrived at the address she had been given on the online forum she frequented by the host of this event and been told to have a shower, freshen up and to put on her gear, go down into the basement and she’d know she was in the right place.

Well she was now in her gear, a pair of very short pink shorts that were above the knee and a white tank top. She had long black hair which she had slicked back and tied in a bundle behind her head. Despite it being winter outside and her wearing not that many layers she still felt pretty warm as the heating had been turned up especially for this occasion. This occasion was a fight between Kerry and another as yet unknown woman. It could not finish until one of them was unconscious on the floor. There would be plenty of other fights going on this evening, between other girls, men and even mixed ones, however Kerry was unsure whether she’d get to see many as for all she knew she could be lying spark out while they were going ahead.

She finally got down the stairs, feeling the silky red carpet beneath her bare feet she was greeted by many men and women, standing around chatting, some in similar gear to her, others dressed more normally. Her eyes fell on a young man who was wearing short black shorts with thin white stripes down them. He was bare chested and barefoot so she guessed he would be fighting later. She smiled at him and he smiled reassuringly back. A fully clothed woman in her mid-forties came over.

“Hello Kerry” she smiled, “I’m Vicky. Well done on finding us. I trust you found your room, as you are very welcome to stay tonight, all the fighters are. We can’t force them to drive home or otherwise find their way back after they’ve been knocked out can we?”

“No.” Kerry smiled looking down at her feet. She felt slightly self-conscious. In 20 minutes or so she could be lying limp and unaware in the centre of the ring and completely at the mercy of everyone else here. It certainly sent a thrill through her, likewise the thought of maybe putting the other girl out did.

“Don’t worry darling, we’ll look after you if you are knocked senseless.” Vicky smiled friendlily. “We’ll have plenty of other sleeping bodies to take care of too.” She motioned to the ring. “You and Claire are up first.” Kerry looked into the ring and her heart skipped a beat.

Claire was very scary looking. She was tall and quite well built. She was not fat, she was nicely proportioned, except her chest which seemed to stick out further than average. She had long black hair and was aged in her early forties, whilst Kerry was in her mid-twenties. Claire was also barefoot, but wearing black leggings that stopped midway down her shins. Unlike Kerry, she had also painted her fingernails and her toenails with a black nail varnish. Her eyes glistened as she saw Kerry enter the ring, she smiled to herself. She had knocked out so many pretty young things at these events ever since her best friend Vicky had started them and this girl Kerry would be no different. She had a history of beating one girl up so much she landed her in a coma for 3 weeks. She’d also knocked out a few men at these events too and had once been knocked out herself, by Vicky.

Both girls started to circle one another slowly, Claire talking down to Kerry with the crowd getting excited around them. “I am going to knock you completely out. You are such a pretty young thing that I want to admire your limp body for a long time. Maybe I’ll knock you into next week so I get a while to play. I hope you are ready for a nice rest.” Kerry just glared back at her thinking that maybe it would be Claire who’d be sleeping off the KO. She hopped onto her left foot and swung her right leg up, aiming for Claire’s chin. Claire saw it coming and stepped backwards, catching Kerry’s foot with her left hand. “Nice try sweetie.” She said, kissing the sole of Kerry’s bare foot. She then yanked it towards her, forcing Kerry to hop towards her on her remaining free leg and as she did Clire swung her right fist straight into Kerry’s jaw. There was a loud SNAP as Kerry was forced to look at the ceiling for a moment. Claire let go of her foot and she staggered backwards, seeing lots of white stars blocking her field of vision. Claire did not give her time to regain her full senses and ploughed forwards with a left hook, then a right, before thudding a body shot into the young brunette’s stomach. Kerry bent over letting out a “whoosh” as the air left her body. Her mind was foggy and her vision was murky around the edges. Claire did not stop yet though, she brought both fists together and swung them like a mallet onto the top of her dazed and breathless opponent’s head.

The hit brought an explosion to Kerry’s mind as she collapsed forwards with the force, landing between Claire’s beautifully decorated bare feet. She could feel a lump rising out of the top of her head where the fists had connected. It felt like she was in a cartoon. She could hear loud tweeting in her ears and she could swear she could see cartoonish blue birds flying around her head, she stuck her tongue out at them, staring up at them, feeling goofy and stupid.

Claire looked down at her floored opponent then flew her arms up in the aim for the crowd to cheer as she did this she posed for the photographs, resting her bare foot on the head of her concussed opponent. She could feel a small lump under her foot, she smiled to herself, knowing that Kerry probably thought it was far bigger than it actually was. After a minute of posing she decided to carry on the onslaught on Kerry. She bent down and gently pulled Kerry to her feet. “You look tired honey, sleep will come to you soon.” She then punched Kerry straight in the gut again, then again and again. She loved listening to the gush of air coming from Kerry’s lips and the punches were forcing Kerry back into a corner.

Through her starry eyes, Kerry saw the young man she’d seen earlier. He looked concerned, Kerry knew at this point she was most likely going to be the one unconscious on the mat, however if that young man took care of her, she would at least be happy. “Ooof!” She cried out as Claire hit her with another body shot. Claire smiled at her, she now had her right in the corner, nowhere to go. Claire now stepped back then forwards, swinging her right foot up and slamming it into Kerry’s chin. She stepped back, Kerry’s head was rolling on her neck, her eyes were crossed and her tongue was poking out the side of her mouth. She was hearing more tweeting and seeing yellow stars, again like the ones the rabbits saw in cartoons. She staggered forwards, then fell on her bum, resting in the corner, the soles of her feet facing her opponent. Claire loved the sight in front of her right now, Kerry looked yummy in this state. However, the fight did not end until she was out cold so Claire had some more fun to have yet.

Claire bent down and pulled Kerry to her feet once again. Kerry was unsteady on her feet, but Claire managed to get her to stand upright after a few moments, she then spun her right hand around and around her head (mainly for the crowd) then snapped an uppercut right into Kerry’s jaw. Kerry’s head snapped back again. Her eyes glazed over and she fell forwards, her face landing inbetween those firm large breasts belonging to Claire. Claire put her arm around the sleepy beauty and slowly sat down, letting the cute young thing down gently. Kerry’s eyes were half open, and she had a punch drunk smile on her face. Claire stood up, leaving Kerry lying dazed on the mat. She stood one foot next to Kerry’s head and raised the other above it. Then to the crowd’s amusement she stamped on the top of Kerry’s head once, twice, a third and a fourth and final time. Kerry lay there dizzily, she was seeing yellow stars and large pink elephants. Her dreamy hallucinations were a sign she was on the brink of a long sleep. Claire put her arms up again to the loud cheers from the audience. She put her right hand to her right ear to which the crowd knew what was coming and all did a thumbs down. Both men and women wanted this youngster out cold for a long while. Claire bent down and pulled Kerry up to her feet one final time. “Just this last thing sweetie pie.” She said reassuringly to the young brunette. Kerry could no longer think, she just smiled air headedly. Claire kneed her in the stomach and jammed her head between her legs, she looked around at the crowd who cheered loudly and lifted her opponent up so her legs were up in the air, her head down, then Claire dropped hard to her knees, driving Kerry’s head hard into the mat. Kerry’s body jerked and she saw once last mass of stars, before her whole body went limp and she fell onto her front, sprawled on the floor. Her ordeal was over.

Claire slid over to the side of her sleeping opponent and used her feet to push Kerry over onto her back so that the crowd could see her sleeping face. She leant over and brushed the hair out of Kerry’s face to make it clearer to see, then hooked the leg, Vicky yelled back “One, Two, Three and we have a winner!” Claire smiled and stood up, resting her foot on Kerry’s heaving chest for another picture pose, then to humiliate her downed opponent more when she came to, she then rested her foot on Kerry’s face, for more cheers and camera flashed from all the men and women in the audience. Vicky walked into the ring and motioned for the young man who Kerry had been eying to come and carry her over to the sleeping zone, where all the victims of the night would lay before being put to bed at the end. Vicky winked at her friend Claire, Kerry was only the first, she would have other sleeping partners by the end of the night.

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It was early on Christmas morning about two years ago. I came to and groggily went to put my hand on my girlfriend, instead feeling the empty mattress beside me. I shook the sleep from my brain and sat up, looking around the bedroom. No sign of my girlfriend, so I climbed out of bed, still in my pyjama T-Shirt and Shorts, I walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs towards the kitchen, to see if my girlfriend had for some reason decided to start preparing the Turkey early. There was no sign of her in the kitchen so I walked into the living room.

My eyes were captured by a massive red box with green trimming, tied in a bow, sitting by the Christmas tree, below a large shelf, which we used as a mantelpiece. I shouted out my girlfriend’s name asking if she knew what was in there, all of a sudden, the red box burst open and she stood right up hard and fast, throwing her arms out saying “tada!” and wearing nothing but a red festive Santa hat, red bikini, red panties and red nail polish on her fingernails and (I’d see later) her toenails. As she stood up though she misjudged the shelf and slammed her head hard onto the bottom of it, muttering “ouch!”

She stood there, silver stars, like the one on top of the Cristmas tree appeared and circled her head, I could hear tweeting coming from her direction and she was now swaying with a goofy smile upon her pretty face. Her eyes crossed and her mouth hung open. She then stumbled out the box, revealing her bare feet and staggered around. I did feel a bulge, she did look hot!

“Happy Christmas!” I smiled and walked over to my dazed girlfriend. I brushed her blonde hair out of her face, then, wanting her a bit more dizzy, I slammed my own bare foot hard against her chin, sending her flying backwards, causing the back of her head to hit the wall by the shelf. The force caused a statuette to wobble and fall on her head. She was now seeing robins chirping around her head and her eyes were spinning. There were cuckoos coming from her direction now too. I then leant forwards and kissed her on the lips, she was totally gaga and happy in blissful world of cuckoo stupidity.

I then told her to sleep tight, slammed my foot against the top of her head and knocked her out. I then picked up her limp form and carried her up to our room, to bed. She needed to sleep it off, I also wanted a bit of fun with her.

Once I had laid her down on the bed I started to play, moving her limp form around, kissing her neck and massaging her all over, including her head, to try and remove any headache she may have gained from the knocks. I started kissing her legs and worked my way down towards her feet, which I started to massage. All of a sudden, one jerked and then kicked me hard in the chin, I went flying off the bed and was left sitting there with yellow stars circling my head. My girlfriend peered over at me, a playful smile on her face.



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This story goes back to around 10 years ago, when I was 16. As a bit of backstory a girl my age and I used to play KO games when we had sleepovers, as we reasoned we had to sleep anyway and the knockouts were a lot of fun. We started aged 16 and played until we were both 18. Usually it was just us and the rules were simple, we stopped when one was knocked out; the other being the winner. Sometimes one would just be the victim that once and other times we would have a game of “Hide and KO.” Other times we’d just bonk each other on the head harder and harder until one of us went “out” for the night, though sometimes we were both left in a daze and called it a night there.

My friend were having a KO competition, we were in her bedroom, having got ready for bed and now dressed in our pyjamas, mine being a T-Shirt and loose fitting shorts and her being in pink and blue leggings and a pink top with blue stars, both of us barefoot. Anyway she and I sat on her double bed and played rock paper scissors, the winner would get to choose which game we played and who would be the victim, I won and decided we would just play Victim. I would bonk her over the head and let her have an early night, maybe rag dolling her a bit while she was sleeping, but then going to sleep myself.  We sat opposite each other and I picked up a blackjack we used, sand slammed it hard over her head. She sat there, eyes rolling up, muttering about seeing stars before she slumped forwards.

Half an hour later, her Mum came in to check on us to find me moving her sleeping daughter around on her bed. She was limp like a rag doll and fun to play with.

Her Mum was a professional kick boxer at the time and knew it was a knockout, rather than just her daughter sleeping and was angry, she told me to come downstairs. However, as I was about to get dressed as I was thinking she was going to throw me out the house, she said to stay in my pyjamas and to meet her in the basement (which had a ring and doubled as a training room for her).

So I did as I was told and went down there, leaving my friend sleeping in her room, she wasn't getting up for a while. It was cold down there and I was a scared, my friend's Mom was a big strong woman, (6ft6 tall, pretty muscly, but well-proportioned with size 12 feet) - and being a pro kickboxer whose husband had just left her for another woman, I wasn't sure what she would do in her anger

I was sitting there in a corner, huddled and shaking (for the aforementioned reasons) for probably around 10 minutes, before the door open and in stepped my friend's Mum. She was now wearing a black sports bra, black boxers shorts, her fists were taped up and her big feet were now bare. She motioned to the ring and I meekly stepped into it. She glared at me for a minute, then also stepped in. She started to circle towards me in the ring, and I circled away from her. She had a maddened look in her eyes.

“You men are all the same, using us woman for your fun, not caring about what happens to the women that you use! Now, My poor daughter is suffering from concussion. Is there anything you want to say for yourself?"

 I looked at her "I-I-I'm sorry Ma'am!" I stammered.

 She looked at me; a wicked smile appeared upon her lips. She then said "Well, at least you have apologised, but nobody does that to my daughter. I will have to teach you one hell of a lesson.” She then took a step towards me and hit me in the stomach with her right fist., I doubled over, in pain falling onto my knees. She stepped round behind me and slid her bare foot against one of mine. “Stand up!” she commanded. Still clutching my stomach I did as I was told and stood up, crouching a little with the pain. “I’m not yet done” and with that she then punched me in the shoulder, then kicked me in the thigh. She then stepped back and then forwards bringing her foot up high, spinning as she did so, thus colliding her foot with my temple. Stars exploded into my visual field and I was nearly out on my feet. She could tell she now had me fully at her mercy, “I’m not done” she said and with that she kicked me in the chest and then took another step back. Stepping forwards again she then slammed her right bare foot into my chin. My bare feet left the floor with the force and I flew for a second before I landed on the back of my head in the centre of the ring.

I groggily came to, lying flat on my back, seeing stars dancing around in front of my eyes. I swear I could also hear birds singing. My friend’s mum was smiling, looking at her handy work. I must have been out for a good 5 minutes or so as I had no recollection of her moving into her current position, she was currently kneeling on top of me.

“Ouch, that hurt!” I muttered, putting my hands up to my temples. “I’m seeing stars!”

"You'll be seeing more stars by the time I'm done Mister!" She replied, “However it is a nicer way to see stars” and with that she slid her hand into my shorts, “That’s nice, you are hard for me!” She started to stroke and then brought her lips down to mine. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was concussed and dazed so clearly I was being taken advantage of in that state, by this amazon-like woman, who was gorgeous. She quickly pulled off her clothing and my pyjamas and with her on top she slid her hands and mouth all over my body. I had a whopping great headache, but it was nicely relieved by all the kissing and massaging she was doing to my body.

Finally, when she was done she stood up, sweating and pulled me up too. I was in a total dreamy dazed state now, seeing stars from both the sex and the whack on the head. I staggered naked. She then said “Well thanks for that honey, now sleep!” and with that she punched me in the stomach again, causing me to double over. She then brought her foot high above her head, holding it for a second with her hand, before bringing it down with a monstrous force onto the top of my head. I saw stars yet again and fell forwards onto the mat, this time a small lump forming where her foot had connected.

She stood over me for a minute, leaving me dazed and then stamped on my head, hitting the lump with yet more force, causing my eyes to water and then for everything to fade out and I passed out again, this time for the night.

She then got dressed, dressed a limp me in my pyjamas again and carried me to the spare bedroom, taking care to slam my head against the wall when she laid me down on the bed, causing another lump to rise out of my head. “Sweet dreams honey!” She smiled and with a wicked laugh she bounded off to her own room.

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Amy Vs Sharon

Both girls were very used to the art of mat fighting. They were both level 22 and therefore at the top level. They were from different backgrounds with how they were trained, with Amy initially trained in gymnastics and Sharon in boxing. This had led to two very different styles in fighting so it was a very interesting matchup. Both had the choice of wearing boots, but liked to fight bare foot.

Amy was about average height, with quite a slim build, she had long red hair, whilst Sharon was a bigger, more muscular built woman, who was pretty tall, even comparable to a man, standing at around 6ft1. Her hair was black in colour.

In this particular match Amy and Sharon were ready for each other, Amy wanted revenge as Sharon had KO’d her boyfriend 3 days before hand and he still had the huge lump on his head. Sharon just liked putting both boys and girls out cold with her bare fists and had fancied the idea of laying Amy out for ages. The girls stood on the mat, ready to fight, Sharon putting up a boxer’s guard, whilst Amy stretched. The bell rang to start as the referee, Sandra stood back to watch.

Sharon quickly went straight in, punching Amy so fast and hard she had no time to react to the punches being flung at her head. There was a left jab, two right hooks and three uppercuts, all hard and in quick succession. The flurry left Amy seeing lots of small white stars. “Ouch! What just hit me?” She moaned. Sharon just smiled and then sent a couple more punches to Amy’s stomach, causing her to drop to her knees, her eyes still rolling up into her forehead, the white stars spinning around her head.

Sharon stepped up behind the dazed Amy and brought her fist down hard onto Amy’s head. Amy let out a loud grunt “uh!” and fell forwards onto her hands, now on all fours, her hands and knees, the white stars flickered and turned golden. “Ooh pretty stars!” She muttered, smiling and dazed. She could hear tweeting now. Her tongue lolled out her mouth and her eyes were twinkling with the stars.

Sharon then stepped around behind Amy. “You’ll be seeing prettier things when I’m done with you!” She said gleefully. She ideally wanted to punch down hard on Amy’s head again, but being bare-fisted her fists were feeling a little sore now, however she did have other weapons. She flexed her bare right foot, stepped back and then lunged forwards, thrusting the sole of her foot hard into the back of Amy’s skull. “Ouch!” Amy cried out. Some of the golden stars flew off from the force of the hit and the remaining ones flickered, being replaced with beautiful white doves. They were tweeting loudly, singing the song Ode to Joy at her. She sighed happily, the bird song was beautiful. Her eyes were spinning. She was feeling very happy, though her head would hurt a lot when she finally recovered.

Sharon looked down at her handy work, she could actually feel a twinge between her legs, she felt a bit wet, and knew that Amy probably felt the same, being in La La land she almost certainly was. However she was going to control herself, she had a match to win. She could put her opponent out right now if she wanted or she could play a bit and settle herself in private later. She decided on the latter option and pulled a very punch-drunk Amy to her feet.

The redhead was very wobbly on her feet and was smiling stupidly “Duh, pretty tweeting doves!” She mumbled in a stupid voice, pointing above her head. She felt so goofy and happy right now, and looked rather silly. Sharon started working on her body now, body shotting her and occasionally giving her the odd top up chin shot, not hard enough to knock her out, but hard enough to keep those pretty eyes rolling. After a while though she got a little bored and stopped to take a breather, leaving Amy stumbling and mumbling in the ring, seeing both yellow stars and blue birdies now, hearing tweets, eyes still spinning. Sharon started talking to Sandra.

Sharon was getting so tied up in conversation she didn’t noticed Amy stop staggering and hold her head in both hands. She shook it, clearing the birdies, stars and cobwebs away and turned her attention to her opponent, Sharon. Head aching now, Amy composed herself and walked quietly over to Sharon, creeping over on her bare toes. She then tapped Sharon’s should and swung hard with her right arm, smacking a surprised Sharon hard in the cheek. Amy wasn’t quite as strong as Sharon, but the shot was still hard enough to give Sharon a turn at being rocked. She span round 360 degrees to be met by a softer left and another less powerful right. It was enough as she was now seeing four yellow stars going round and round her head.

Feeling a sense of comeback Amy then stepped back and forwards, bringing her feet into play, slamming the sole of her right foot hard into the chin of her opponent. Sharon staggered, hearing cuckoos and her eyes watered and span. Brown chickens appeared and encircled her head. “Chickens!” She muttered, eyes rolling. Amy grinned; revenge was sweet, although she did kind of miss her own birdies. Amy then started using her gymnastics background to do a backwards flip onto her hands, slamming each foot in rapid succession hard into Sharon’s chin, making her stagger dazedly. She then ran forwards and did a cartwheel to one side, past Sharon again, again catching her in the face with her bare feet. Sharon was confused now and goofy. Her eyes were spinning uncontrollably in their sockets and she was seeing pink doves now. Her own bare feet were hardly keeping balanced and her muscular frame was struggling to keep upright. Amy now wanted Sharon down. She was not going to make the mistake Sharon had and play, though she was enjoying this.

Amy started walking away from the dizzy dark haired amazon, then she turned round and ran at Sharon, doing a hand stand infront of her and slamming her feet together on either side of Sharon’s pretty and dazed head, then clutching Sharons head between her feet, all in one motion she flipped Sharon over her and landed Sharon squarely on her head right on the mat. It made a loud clunk and Sharon was left in a heap. Amy let go of her victim and stood up and back to examine her handy work.

Sharon was lying on her back, eyes spinning madly, her head lolling around in circles as well,  her tongue out, looking stupid, she’d seen a mass of stars shoot out before her eyes as her head had made contact with the mat and was now seeing huge yellow stars going round and round her head. She was hearing cuckoos and faint tweeting in the distance and now she could not remember her name, her age, even where she was, but she felt fantastic and very wet between the legs, she had cum and she smiled, knowing the faint tweeting meant that the birds were coming back.

Amy smiled too. That was the dizziest she had ever rendered somebody. Now all she needed to do was knock her out, which wouldn’t be too difficult, given she was in a half dream world already. She loved her feet and was going to use her bare feet to put Sharon out of her misery. She leant down and rolled Sharon onto her front, who just flopped into position like a rag doll. She caught a glimpse of a wet patch between Sharon’s legs and smiled, thinking that after the match she’d have to relieve herself too. She then slid her hands down to Sharon’s feet, which were now posed with the soles facing up, being on her front, she lifted the left one up to her face and kissed it saying “Good night darling!” And with that, let go of it, allowing it to land next to the other one.

Amy stepped round and raised her foot up high above Sharon’s head. Then on one last “Sweet dreams honey!” She slammed her foot down hard on the top of Sharon’s head. There was a loud “UH!” and her feet flipped up into the air and then rested still. Her eyes were closed and she was out. Amy checked on her then looked at the referee, Sandra.

“Nice beating there Amy!” Sandra exclaimed. She walked over and checked the prone body of Sharon. “She’ll be out for the night!”

“Good!” Amy answered smiling. She was already daydreaming of the possibilities.

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Sophie and I were lying in bed, just after making love. We snuggled up close and I kissed her gently on the neck, where she liked to be kissed, she smiled, kissed me back on the lips, then she turned over.

“I should get to sleep, I have work tomorrow” she whispered quietly, and with that she turned over so that her back was facing me. I smiled, leant over and kissed her gently on the cheek,

“Would you like me to help you sleep?” I asked mockingly, sliding my arm gently round her neck so it was almost like a sleeper hold, though I didn’t tighten my arm. I had never discussed my sleep fetish with her and at the moment the slight thrill was enough.

“You have no idea how much I’d like that!” She replied. I felt myself bulge at the thought and wondered if I should tighten my grip, then she added to her statement “Though I’d rather knock you out.” I was not sure I had heard her correctly, but my heart started thudding hard in my chest and I stopped.

“How would you do that?” I asked, bulging some more. She must have felt me because she turned around to face me and smiled. She lay on top of me, leant in and kissed me full on the lips for a moment before pulling away. She was grinning at me, she leant in again, kissing me, teasing me as she again pulled away, her hands had found their way party on the top of my chest, loosely hold the front of my neck. I leant upwards to kiss her again which she allowed, this time she allowed me to kiss her longer. She then moved herself backwards until I was in a sitting position on the bed, kissing her again and again with her straddling me. After a long while of this position I was very much erect for the second time of the evening. She then pulled away, grinning from ear to ear and looked me in the eyes.

“You know, I always think you are very hot when you are sleeping. Good night!” and with that she very quickly kissed me on the lips again then her hand pushed my chest hard so I fell backwards, She had edged me up into that sitting position to make sure that I would not just land on the pillow.  I fell right back hard and fast and the back of my head slammed hard into the wall.


“Ouch!” I groaned loudly, I saw a white flash as the back of my head connected with the wall. I lay there dazed, everything was blurred and started to fade, including the sound. I felt Sophie kiss me on my chest and start working her way down and at that point I completely blacked out.



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