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Gonna start doing some storys check them out guys ...

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Gonna start doing some storys check them out guys :)
Photo shared by on in Fight KO

Noq watched from the distance as a woman walked through the halls of the resort she was vactioning at in a rather short dress with a bikini underneath and black flip flops a brimmed hat covering her head. 

The woman wasn't just any other woman it was a local lawyer that he had been dreaming about putting to sleep for quite some time now. The woman was a quite popular lawyer around town not only for her skill but because of her attractive looks as well.

Noq had been tortured for so long now watching the sexy woman walking around all the time in her tight buisness pants and skirts and high heels. He just couldn't take it any longer.

He watched as the woman made her way to a beach chair off in the distance by the pool laying back in it completley relaxed. Smiling to himself he waited until the coast was clear and then began to make his way over towards his sexy lawyer.

Noq moved very carefully making sure not to be seen by anyone as he came closer and closer toward the woman who was lounged back in her short sun dress,hat,sunglasses and now smoking a expensive cigar. He licked his lips more aroused watching the womans full lips around the cigar before blowing out the smoke.

Luckily for him there weren't all that many people outside near the pool area of the resort at the moment and she was prime for the taking. He clenched the blackjack he was holding behind him and neared the woman watching as she took a sip of her drink before sticking her cigar back in her mouth.

In a swift motion Nos moved forward and brought the blackjack down over the back of the sexy lawyers head.

"ohhhh!...." she moaned not knowing what hit her before slinking down into her beach chair unconsious.

Noq smiled stepping around to look at the woman the cigar hanging loosely from her lips about to fall out. He reached over taking the cigar from her lip and took a puff himself "mmmmm cuban...' he said delighted before laying the cigar down.

He then looked at the unconsious woman in front of him that he had been wanting to send to dream land for so long. Knowing he had to act fast Nos picked the woman up in a cradle and carried her further toward the back where they wouldn't be seen.

Laying the woman down he looked her over admiring her toned slender figure. He slipped her hait off her head lowered her sun glasses down peeling her eye lid back to gaze into her sleepy eyes.

Noq loving the sight moved his hands down feeling the womans breasts and running them along her legs hitching her sun dress up a bit to get a good squeeze of her ass.

"mmmmm....wh...what happened...where am I?" she moaned beggining to come to a bit but still dazed.

Noq watched as the woman awoke and simply smiled looking at her "your about to be in dream land my dear have a good trip" he said before slapping the blackjack over her head again.

"wha....ohhhhhh!" she groaned her eyes fluttering for a moment before rolling back and falling back again out cold.

Noq smiled once more enjoying the sleepy body of his unconsious lawyer. He felt her up a bit more and then sighed knowing that it was about time for his fun to end. 

He grabbed the woman by her ankles dragging her across the floor arms spreading out wide above her head limp back toward the pool area.

Lifting her up and placing her limp sleepy body back in her beach chair Noq tilted her head back up right and placed her hat over her tilting it down a bit to cover her sleepy face.

He smiled reaching over and grabbing the cigar and placing it back in her mouth taking in one last sight of the sleepy lawyer "nothing like a good ko and smoke" he said before walking off.


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Photo shared by on in General

Jake was already highly enjoying himself just as he knew that he would be but things were just getting started.

He walked around outside back in the restraunt making sure to keep up his limp in cas he needed to use the ploy again. He moved his eyes around the room trying to figure out his next move. His eyes stopped resting on a female as she seemed to be making her way toward the front door of the retsraunt carrying some food.


He smiled to himself as it just seemed everything was going perfectly for him tonight. He watched as the blondes as swayed in her orange shorts walking outside to hand off some food to a customer outside.

Jake made his way outside the restraunt and made sure to wait until the car that the blonde whos name tag read Casey drove off. He then faked a very realistic looking fall holding on to his legs "ah damn it!" he yelped holding his fake injury and sitting on the ground. He waited with a fake look of pain barely able to hold back a grin as he began to hear the sound of sneakers running toward him.

Casey kneeled down touching the mans shoulder "oh my gosh are you alright sir! I can get help" she said looking at him.

Jake shook his head "no no if you could just help me to ym car it'll be fine" he said forcing himself up hobbling.

Casey helped him up holding him up a bit on her shoulder "are you sure?" she asked moving with him toward his car.

Jake nodded 'yeah yeah it'll be fine" he said taking ahold of the car and turning himself around as they reached it "could you open the door for me please?" he asked

Casey nodded "yeah sure of course" she said leaning over and opening the car door.

Jake watched her moving a bit back toward his open back window "and one last thing if it's not to much trouble could you reach in there and hand me my phone on the other side?" he asked

Casey nodded "no problem" she said reaching into the car looking around.

Slipping a blackjack out from his backseat through the window Jake smiled moving over behind Caey and slapping it over the back of her blonde head.

"ughhh" Caseys eyes rolled back bouncing limp off the car seat.

"to easy" Jake said with a smirk as he grabbed Caseys socked ankles stuffing her in the car. He ran his hands along her thighs and ass before stuffing her in the back seat where she couldn't be seen "I might actually get to keep you for later" he said with a smile reaching over and grabbing soem chloroform and a rag soaking it. He placed it over Caseys lips and closed the door.


Jake grinned and headed back into the restraunt and just in time to. He watched as a woman a bit on the older side side but still with quite the body for her age stood up from her table and began to make her way toward the restroom where Jake had left the bodacious blonde Hannah and sultry red head Megan limp and in dream land.

He followed behind the woman her dark red flip flops flapping on her feet ass her ass hugged her matching red colored jeans. Jake shurgged and smiled to himself. Maybe this was just a little bonus for him. He watched the blonde woman walk into the bathroom.

Julie scrunched her eyes as she noticed some feet under the bathroom stalls. It was a bit off that someone was barefoot in the bathroom after all "hello?" she called out but continued walking forward after getting to answer "are you alright in there?" she asked.

Julie slowly reached over and opened the bathroom stall door to see a completley naked blonde propped up on the toilet unconsious "oh my god!" she said covering her mouth but before she could even think an arm wrapped around her throat tightly "guhhhh!' Julie stumbled back her flip flops flying off her now bare feet.

Jake smiled "sorry about this wrong place wrong time but i'm not complaining" he laughed squeezing her neck in a sleeper hold watching as her bare red painted toes stretched out struggling his recetion growing pressing into her ass in her tight jeans from behind.

Julie gasped for air her face turning quite red "" she tried to choke out calling to her husband outside in the retsraunt. Slowly Julies eyes rolled back and then finally her arms fell limp. Julies legs slowly slid down on to the floor as she was rendered unconsious. 

Jake smiled as he felt Julie go limp allowing her to lie flat on her back out of it. He laughed "night night" he said looking her over "hmmmm..." he reached down pulling her shirt off and then her tank top over her head her breasts falling out not wearing a bra. He smiled groping Julies mature breasts  before standing up and getting one last look at her topless in her tight jeans.

He dragged her over toward the stall with Hannah and placed her across the blonde hooters waitress lap giving her ass a smack in her tight red jeans.

Walking out of the bathroom Jake walked across back toward his table 

A man walked toward Jake "hello sir would happened to have seen my wife I was ordering and i'm not sure where she went. Shes blonde and had on some red jeans red flip flops" he said.

Jake shook his head "no sire haven't seen her i'm afraid" he lied 

"alright thank you" the man said walking off confused.

Jake just smiled taking his seat at his table pleased with his work so far.


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Photo shared by on in General



Jake licked his lips as he walked into the restraunt that he had been picking out for quite some time now. Jake had been planning on sending some ladies to dream land and figured what better place than Hooters itself. They kept the exy girls by the stock pile and put them on display.

There were several different hooters restraunts though and he had been taking his time knowing that he would have but one shot at making his dreams come true. He had been scoping out different hooters until finally he had found the perfect one. Completley stock piled with different sexy women for him to put to sleep.

He stepped inside the place glancing around. It was in full swing and some of the ladies where walking around handing out food while others chatted up the costumers as hooters girls always did. Two others behind the bar. After spotting all of the girls he smiled to himself making sure he had allof his details right about the place.

Moving his eyes along the entire restraunt he nodded to hismelf happily having it down to a science of how he was going to go about this whole thing. Jake looked down at his foot that was in a cast but in reality was perfectly fine. This would give him an advantage in getting the girls to do what he wanted them to do.

Now it was time. 

Jake walked over to a free table and took a seat making sure to limp a bit as he did. He scanned the room waiting and then watched as one of the lovely hooters girls began to walk up toward him with a notepad in hand. He watched as her thick hips swayed in her tight orange shorts nearly riding up her ass in her equally tight shirt showing off her large breasts. 

So this blonde would be his first target of the night it seemed. 

"hello sir i'm Hannah what would you like to have today? she asked leaning over the table a bit "you look nice tonight by the way" she said with what looked to be a sort of a wink.

Jake just grinned at the usual tactics of the hooters girls to chat up their costumers and smiled "yeah wish I felt nice" he said making his cast visible.

Hannah looked down at his cast her blonde looks hanging on her shoulders "oh i'm sorry about that well anything that we can do just let us know" she said with a smile.

He nodded and scratched his head a bit 'well I hate to be a bother but i'm really having trouble walking and it causes some pain would you mind helping me to the bathroom real quickly" he said shaking his head "I hate to ask"

Hannah looked at him and shook her head thinking it was a bit odd and unusual but it made sense and it was their job to help the costumer and do as they wished. She nodded "sure no problem come on" she said reaching over and helping him up.

Jake stumbled up a bit catching a great glimpse of Hannahs clevage under her tight shirt as he did. With her help her began to make his way to the bathroom oing a bit fast so that none of the other waitresses would notice Hannah going back there with him.

Hannah smiled as they got to the bathroom doors "will you be alright or do you need my help? I can come back right after I take this next order won't be a second" she said looking at him.

Jake smirked and shook his head resting his fake injured foot down "no need your coming with me" he said covering Hannahs mouth and jerking her into the bathroom the doors closing behind them.

"mmmmm! mph mmmm!" Hannah gasped struggling aginst the man dropping her pen and notepad once they were inside the bathroom.

Jake pulled Hannah into the stall and sat down on the toilet keeping hold of her. He quickly moved his arm around her neck and applied pressure in a choke hold.

Hannah gasped grabbing at her throat kicking around trying to free herself from his grasp but could feel herself weaking.

Jake held Hannah tight watching as her face began to turn red and her struggle slowed.

Hannahs eyes fluttered as she coughed a bit of saliva dripping down her chin as her vision began to leave her.

Jake watched Hannahs lovely eyes flutter his erection growing pressing against her orange shorts as he held her in place and then finally her eyes rolled back and she want limp. He held the choke a few seconds longer and then raised Hannah limp arm watching it fall.

He smiled raising up and sitting her limp body up on the toilet.  He smiled looking at the sexy blonde hooters girl that was now in dream land and reached over groping her large breasts in her tight shirt "yeahhhh there we go...." he said looking up to see the slight drool on her chin from the struggle.

Jake leaned over licking the drool from her chin and lips savoring the taste. He then ripped her shirt open her breasts spilling out not wearing a bra. He felt them rubbing his thumb along her nipples before bending down and raising her tan toned legs up. He slid her white sneakers off rubbing her thick white socks. Slowly he rolled the white socks down and off of Hannah feet. 

He grinned licking the unconsious blondes bare sweaty feet rubbing her wrinkled soles. Next he pulled her tight orange shorts down her legs allowing her legs to drop limp after they were off. He sniffed the orange shorts and laid them down he would take them for a prize later. He looked over the blonde waitress sitting on the toilet now in just her black and pink thong.

He reached down under her thong feeeling her lightly and moving one finger inside of her. He took a moment and was about to insert another when he began to hear foot steps outside the door.


Thinking quickly Jake grabbed Hannahs feet raising them up on the toilet so that she wouldn't be seen from under the stall. He then stood back watching as to white sneakers with fluffy socks walked by.

"Hannah ya in here we got some orders to fill?" Megan called out looking around but shrugged once she got no answer "guess not..." she said turning to the sink to wash her hands.

Jake peaked out from the stall to see the sexy red haired waitress at the sink looking her up and down. Her breasts were modest compared to Hannahs but her ass was on a whole other level looking like it could burst out of her tight orange shorts at any moment. 

He smiled and twitched his fingers a bit. This one had come right to him making things even easier. Jake moved as quietly as possible squeezing through the crack in the stall door and moved up closer and closer behind the red haired goddess.

Megan oblivious to what was coming stood at the sink washing her hands about to go back out and take some orders "mpppph!" she gasped her eyes widened as a hand clamped over her mouth. Megan looked up in the mirror to see the man behind her struggling with him 'mmmmm mmmm!'

Jake gritted his teeth holding the red haired girl in place this one was stronger than the last and putting up a decent fight. He moved his arm up toward her throat but found she was fast sliding out from under his arm.

Megan slipped free and darted toward the door "help! hel...." she tried to call out sliding on the wet bathroom floor a bit losing he balance and falling to the ground.

Jake grabbed Megan by her socked ankle pulling her back towards him and raised her up. He covered her mouth as she tried to scream again mufflinf it and looked around trying to think fast. Jake took Megan by her red locks and banged her head off of the sink. He took a deep breath letting go and watching as her sexy body crashed down to to ground on her stomach her ass jiggling in her skin tight orange shorts on impact.

That was a close one...he thought to himself grabbing Megan by her ankles and dragging her over toward the next stall. He picked her up over his shoulder getting a good feel of her perfect ass and sat her up on the toilet just like he had her blonde co worker Hannah. He moved some her away from Megans face and smirked "lovely" he said sliding her shirt over her head revealing her white bra before taking it off as well. 

Next her removed her sneakers getting a whiff of her stinky white socks drenched in sweat. She must have been working harder than sweet Hannah. He rolled the fluffy white socks down her feet and let her bare feet drop.

Jake reached over sliding Megans shorts down struggling a bit to get them down over her ass and licked his lips at the white thong under neath. He leaned Megan forrward smacking her ass and getting a good feel for it before sliding her thong off. He stepped back admiring his work at another sexy waitress sent to dream land.

The night was far from over for him though.




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Photo shared by on in Fight KO

Marvin moved around the room with his camera "yeah okay like that" he said circling around and snapping pictures "now what you'll do is you will start doing push ups and pretend to faint and make it look like i said!" he said waiting "and go!" he said waitign watching with the camera up to his face.

Macy was in postition and started to do some push ups "uhhh one!" she said in a forced strained voice like she was hving trouble making her voice sound as girly as possibly "twoo...." she said again pushing herself up "three...!" she said holding herself up "ohhhhhhh...i think i think i'm feeling dizzy" she said trying to do what she had been told but sounding very unrealistic and forced "oh my" she said dropping down to the ground as if she fainted very quickly with not much build up.

Marvin rolled his eyes and sighed pulling the camera back "no! come on now Macy i've told you how to do it a hundred times can't you act any better than this!" he said shaking his head.

Macy glared at him pushing herself up and standing walking over to him and throwing her hands up her ass jiggling in her tight underwear "hey!" she said pointing at him before placing her hands on her hips "listen okay you were the one that asked me to do this alright?" she said tapping her yellow socked foot on the ground "wasn't my idea your the weirdo that would ask his sister to do this little thing it's not my fault if i'm not good at it" she said.

Marvin looked at her and rolled his eyes shaking his head "yeah well I thought you would eb able to act a little better than this" he said throwing his hands up. He had been going to make a sleepy video for quite some time to put online and it wasn't like girls just jumped at you to do such a thing. It wasn't his fault that his sister also just happened to be one of the hottest girls in the whole town even he could see that he wasn't blind. It would have been crazy not to get her to do it. He didn't have to pay her and she was a better candidate than most others if only she could act.....wait a second...

Marvin thought to himself. What if she didn't have to act. He grinned a smile crossing his face as he thought about it.

Macy looked at him her hands on her hips 'what are you smiling about?" she asked.

"oh nothing" he answered "lets just try it one more time" he said getting his camera ready.

Macy sighed "ughhh fine but if it doesn't work this time i'm done" she said bending down and getting into postition. Macy held herself up in push up postition "ready?" she asked.

Marvin quickly and quietly grabbed a little hammer sitting on the table and flipped his camera on "yeah ready..." he said.

Macy sighed beggining to do the push ups once more "ughhh one...." she said pushing herself up "two....uhhhh!" her eyes widened groaning lightly as something impacted off of her head.

Marvin smiled after bonking Macy on the head stepping back with his camera and recording "there we go" he said happily.

"ohhhh" Macys eyes fluttered for a moment before crossing and falling down her ass jiggling in her underwear as her body hit the floor out cold.

Marvin grinned walking around Macy with the camera getting every shot possible . He reched down pelling her eye lids back to see the knocked out rolled eyes of hers. He then picked up her limp arm letting it drop to the ground. Marvin rolled Macy to her back her limp body moving easily and got a nice shot of her breasts and unconsious face lips slightly parted.

Macy groaned "ughhhh wha...what happened..." she said raising up a bit still dazed.

Marvin smiled "sorry sis that was the best take all day gotta go back to dream land for a bit" he said bonking her head one more time.

Macys head dipped forward at the impact wobbling back and forth as her eyes crossed and fluttered "ohhhhhhh..." she moaned falling back again.

Marvin circled Macy grabbing her by her socked ankles and dragging her up against the couch. He slowly peeled back her yellow socks revealing her bare feet. He got some close ups of her wrinkled soles rubbing them. Marvin then sat the camera down to where it could record them and picked Macy up in a cradle carry walking around. He then tossed her over his shoulder carrying her around the camera getting a good shot of her ass and bare feet.

Marvin smiled "now that's some method acting" he said happily.


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Photo shared by on in Chloro

Arnold had been watching the woman from across the street for quite some time and it was beggining to become just to much for him. Cindy was his next door neihbour. A brown haired mother of three that was just to tempting. Arnold couldn't count how many times he had fantasized about putting her to sleep when she walked out in her robe of the mornings to get the paper or any other time he had seen her about really.

Cindy was the standard great mother. She got up early to take her kids to school. She could always be seen going with them to sporting event....oh that was definatly one day he had to restrain himself when she came out with her kids in knee high socks and sneakers in daisy dukes getting ready to go cheer on her kids at their game.

That and the time in their yard when she was play fighting with one of her kids in some tight yoga pants barefoot and pretended to get knocked out on the grass. Arnold shook his head as he thought about it trying to get it out of his head to focus.

Arnold had tried his hardest to resist but it was just to tempting and today was going to be the day that he finally got to see Cindy go to sleep. Arnold waited inside of his house carefully watching outside the window as Cindy walked outside with her kids that morning to take them to school noting that her outfit seemed to be some pants and heels though he couldn't see well behind the cutrains. He waited until her car pulled back into the yard and then watched her walk back inside the house.

Arnold prepared himself and then walked over to the house next door after a few minutes knocking lightly.

"one second please!" he heard Cindy call out from inside it seemed that she was doing something. He waited and then blinked looking the woman up and down from her perfect face to her high waisted pants all the way down to her heels "sorry to bother you Cindy I was just wondering if I could borrow some milk"

Cindy stood at the door leaning against the frame with a smile on her face 'oh it's no problem I was just cleaning ya know the kids" she laughed. Cindy nodded looking at him "yeah sure come on inside and i'll grab it for you" she said stepping back from the door to let him in.

Arnold hadn't expected her to actually invite him inside this would make things even easier.

Cindy smiled as he stepped inside "just one second" she said turning and walking toward the kitchen.

Arnold watched her slender hips turn and her ass move in her pants as she walked her heels flapping as she did allowing him to see the heels of her feet. He waited until she was in the kitchen and turned aroudn slowly and quietly closing the door behind him. 

Arnold moved toward the kitchen watching carefully. He watched Cindy open the refridgerator bending over slightly.

He licked his lips feeling like he was about to explode. He was finally about to get what he had been wanting for so long. He slowly moved up behind Cindy.

Cindy blinked lightly hearing someone behind her and turned bumping into Arnold the milk in her hand splashing on the floor "oh!" she looked down at the spilled milk and then held her chest laughing " I didn't know you were going to come into the kitchen" she laughed looking at him.

Arnold almost let out a sigh of relief as she didn't think anything of him coming into the kitchen. Things had almost went badly there "sorry about that" he said.

Cindy shook her head "no big deal" she said with a smile walking over and grabbing some paper towels and kneeling down soaking the milk up with them "hey if you still want the milk you ca....mmmmmmpphhhhh!"

Arnold watched Cindy kneel down her heels dangling on her feet and clamped the wet chloroform soaked rag over her mouth.

Cindys eyes widened grabbing at his hands "mmmmm! mppphhhhh ummmmm!" 

Arnold watched Cindy struggle holding the rag tight to her mouth.

Cindy kicked out one of her heels flying off across the room as her eyes fluttered her vision starting to get hazy "mmmmmm........."

Arnold watched as Cindys struggles slowed "yes...that's right go to sleep Cindy" he said.

Cindys movements slowed more and more her eyes rolling back and then after a moment longer her arms fell limp to her side along with her one bare and one heeled foot.

Arnold held the rag over Cindys mouth a bit extra and then slowly moved it. He looked down at her unconsious face lips slightly parted a bit of drool having escaped her mouth.  He slowly stepped back letting her head touch the floor and looked down at her limp body spready out across her kitchen floor.

He licked his lips at the sight pulling out his phone and sapping a few pictures from different angles. He then reached down grabbing her already bare foot and rubbing her wrinkled solves before letting it drop and reaching over sliding her other heel off and rubbing that sole. He took a close up shot of it and then licked it. 

Arnold walked over raising Cindy up her her arms sliding her shirt up and over her head. He let her set up in a sitting postition like that and snapped a few more shorts her belt digging into her stomach. He reached over taking off her belt and then flipped her over her ass showing nicelyin her pants. he snapped a few more shots and then slid her pants down. He looked down at her in her blue bra and thong.


Arnolds eyes snapped open as he noticed Cindy beggining to wake up.

"wha...what happened" she groand grabbing her head as she began to look up.

Arnold looked around reacing over and grabbin the remote from a table and quickly hit her over the back of the head with it.

"uhhhhh!' Cindys eyes rolled back and she fell straight back again out cold.

Arnold snapped a few more shots and then flipped Cindy over smacking her ass and feeling it up before snapping a few final pictures. Arnold grabbed Cindy by the ankles dragging her across the kitchen and into the living room. He raised her up sitting her in a chair in the living room "cindy...cindy wake up" he said smacking her face lightly.

"mmmm..." Cindy groaned her head throbbing slowly blinking her eyes open.

Arnold walked aroudn behind Cindy in the chair and wrapped his hand around her head

"what's happening..." *Crack!* with one swift motion Cindys head snapped to the side eyes widened and then her eyes glazed over head slumping to the side.

Arnold let out a sigh of relief stepping back and taking one final picture. He then walked toward the door leaving Cindy in her blue bra and thong motionless in the chair for her kids to return home to.


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Posted by on in Sleepy



Kevin smiled to himself as once again he sat back in his desk on his computer. He couldn't help but think back to how well things had went last time as he scrolled through bios for women that had sent them in to him for his decoy sleepy fetish site.

Now it was just a matter of choosing his second target. He tapped his chin as he looked closley through his optioions "hmmmm" he hummed o himself "" he continued scrolling stopping as s grin crossed his face "there we go" he said clicking a bio and looking at the information that came up.A woman named Amber standing at five foot nine with long legs and brown hair age thirty two. There wasn't much more information given on the woman but it was enough for him.

A few days later Kevin waited until he heard  aknock at the door and stood up answering it with a smile "hello hello! welcome!" he said with a laugh letting Amber inside looking her up and down as she walked in from chest to her long legs in her tight jeans and heels "did you make it here alright?" he asked.



Amber nodded a "yeah traffic was pretty crazy though" she laughed as she stood rocking back on her heels a little bit sliding her hands into her back jeans pockets.


Kevin nodded going over to his desk "well get right to it then Amber do you have any expirence in sleepy fetish?" he asked.


Amber nodded a bit sitting down crossing her legs on the couch across from him "a little yes I did some eye rolling stuff but I haven't did full on sleepy but I know a decent amount about it" she said looking at him.


Kevin nodded "that's good that's good" he said throwing his hands up "well then let's get right to it then if your ready?" he asked atanding up.


Amber nodded with a smile standing up and taking a deep breath "sure".


Kevin stepped over a bit "alright so heres what were gonna do" he said "your going to walk outside and then walk back in and i'm going to bonk you on the head playing an intruder and you know what to do from there" he nodded with a smile "i'll tell you when to get up" he said.

Amber nodded "alright got ya" she said walking toward the door and walking out.She waited then quickly opened the door "oh wait I got an idea!" she said reaching over and grabbing her purse "what do you think about coming in with my purse going through it like i just got back? you think it'd make it look more ya know?" she asked.

Kevin nodded with a grin "love it!"

Amber laughed 'alright cool" she said walking back outside the door and closing it waiting "ready?" she called out.

Kevin nodded "yup"

Amber smiled and opened the door pretending to be going through her purse and then looked up surprised "who are yo....ohhhhhh..." as Kevin pretended to hit her in the head she woblled back a bit eyes flutering "uh.....i'm feel dizzy" she moaned holding her head. Amber dropped to her knees wobbin back and forth on them for a bit before rolling her eyes back and falling forward her ass jiggling a bit in her tight jeans as she landed. Amber lay there on her stomach motionless.

Kevin smiled to himself walking around her. He kneeled down rolling her over on her back and pulled her lids back checking her eyes. He then stood up nodding with a smile "good" he said.

Amber laughed raising up "was everything alright?" she asked.

Kevin nodded "yup perfect now just one more to continue on that after you wake up" he said smiling "if you could take your shoes off now" he said with a nod.

Amber nodded with a smile reaching her foot up "oh yeah sure" she said inzipping her heels and sliding them off revealing her hosed feet.



Kevin nodded 'good alright now were going to start back up and I want you to wake up and i'm going to bonk you again and play with your feet and everything a little ya know"

Amber laughed a nodded "yeah got it"

"alright" he said nodding for her to start and stepped back.

Amber laid back down motionless in the postition she had been in and waited.After  amoment she slowly began to scrunch her eyes and bring her hand to her head 'uhhhh....what happened" she moaned slowly raisng up a bit "where am I...."

Kevin smirked staying behind her moving closer and closer.

Amber blinked looking around a bit "did....did I get knocked out?" she asked pretending to be confused.


Kevin grinned up close to her now behind her "not yet dear" he said and quickly dropped the backjack and dropped down locking his heads around her neck tightly in a choke.

Ambers eyes widened and she gasped kicking around a bit "what are you doing...!" she choked out grabbing at his hands.

Kevin laughed squeezing tightly "sshhhhss your about to go to sleep for real sweetey" he said holding the choke in place.

Amber could feel her vision getting hazy eyes blinking tounge sticking out a bit trying to get some air "ple....please sto....." she clawed at his hands but her face a bit red soon her eyes rolled back and her head fell to the side out cold.

Kevin smiled wiping some hair from her face 'their we go" he said letting her limp body drop spreading her out like an X. Kevin played with her hosed feet a bit and then unzipped her jeans sliding them down her long legs and off of her. He then rolled her panty hose down her legs rubbing them. Kevin turned her over and gave a light smack of her ass watching it jiggle in her Zebra panties. He then slid her shirt and bra off allowing her breasts to fall out. Kevin dragged Amber over setting her against the couch looking at her unconsious face tounge stikcing out a bit. He admired her there for a bit.


Another great decoy.





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Kevin sat at his desk on his laptop scrolling through possible candidates for the role of his first victim.Kevin scrolled through the pages of women who had sent in applications for what they thought was a job with his new up and coming Sleepy fetish web site where they would take roles in fantasy kos and other things.They were only half right


The girls were definetly going to be going to dream land but they were going to be going for real! and the only pictures being taken would be for his personal collection.By offering a bit more than the usual amount of Cash and advertising that there would be no nudity involved in the shoots.So it was pretty much a perfect role.


Kevin clicked one of the applications bringing up photos and going through her information "you're the one" he said looking through the womans photos and information.


A very pretty blonde woman standing at 5"3 32 years old.A stay at home mother to two young children by the name of Susanna Wilson.


With a smile he accepted the womans application and now things had been set in motion.


The next week Kevin awaited the arrival of his first victim looking up as there was a knock at the door "come on in it's open" he called out.He watched as the woman walked inside looking her up and down.Just as she had looked in her photos belt hugging her waist with some loose jeans and flip flops "close the door please" he said with a smile.


Susanna smiled as she walked inside and stopped "oh okay" she said with a laugh turning back to close the door then walking inside.


Kevin stood up walking over to her extending his hand to her "Nice to meet you finally Susanna i'm Kevin" he said with a kind smile.


Susanna smiled shaking his hand "nice to meet you" she said sitting down on the sofa as he motioned for her to have a seat crossing her legs rocking her foot back and forth her flip flop dangling.


Kevin watched her sit down and looked at her "alright Susanna so from our previous discussions you haven't done anything like this before correct? Sleepy fetish and limp play I mean"he said looking at her.


Susanna nodded looking at him "yeah I haven't done anything like it before" she said truthfully.


He smiled and nodded " alright i'll help you out so don't worry about it i'm sure you'll be great" he said looking at her "pretty much the focus is you getting knocked unconcious in different forms and in different postitions" he explained "there are different things that people prefer some people like girls eyes rolling back and things of that nature some like them seeing birdys and playing with there limp bodys and so on" he said


Susanna nodded "I think I get the general idea of it I watched a few videos as well this week to get a better idea" she said "i'll do my best" she said with a smile and laugh.


Kevin nodded with a smile and stood up slapping his hands togeather "alright well let's get this things started them shall we?"


Standing back a bit with his camera Kevin looked at her "okay" he said after setting it up and pushing record "to start things off your going to be talking on the phone and i'm going to come up and hit you in the back of the head and you do your best with it give a little eye roll for sure" he said 


Susanna laughed and nodded "okay got it" she said taking the phoen as he handed it to her and stood waiting for him to say go.




Susanna brought a casua smile to her face placing her free hand on her hip "yeah I thought so to" she said laughing phone to her ear "mhm really?"


Kevin watched her from behind with a smirk as she acted out the scene having a look at her ass in her jeans.He moved behind her bringing the slapjack down making it look like he hit her in the head.


Susanna eyes widened a bit to wide to look very realistic and she stood up on her tip toes "oh......" she dropped the phone wobbling around a bit letting her eyes flutter "uhh......" she moaned wobbling a bit more and then rolled her eyes back and allowed herself to fall straight back legs up in the air.She held them there up in the air a moment then let them drop and laid there not moving letting her tounge stick out a bit.


Kevin walked around her lookign her up and down feeling himself getting hard looking at her on the ground tounge out.He then forced himself to laugh a bit out loud "oh damn!" he said with another laugh "sorry i'm new to this whole thing to couldn't keep myself from laughing mind doing it again?" he asked


Susanna opened up her eyes and raised up laughing herself "yeah sure" she said taking his hand as he helped her up both of them still laughing "was it alright?" she asked as he walked back behind her again.


"yeah great!" he said with a smirk backing up.He waited and then grinned to himself  "go!"


Susanna smiled holding the phone up to her ear "mhm yeah oh really?" she said laughing.


Kevin moved up behind her and brought the slapjack down again like he was hitting her in the head.


Susanna eyes widened still not very realistic but better this time and she dropped the phone "ohhh..." she wobbled around eyes fluttering and "uhhhh..."


Kevin watched her with a smirk and then slowly brought back the slapjack and this time brought it down hard across the back of her head.


"oh!" Susannas eyes widend for a moment and then her eyes rolled back falling forward mouth open a bit hitting the ground out cold.


Kevin smirked looking down at her unconsious body "much better" he said kneeling down and running his hands along her ass in her loose jeans.He then grabbed her by her shoulders dragging her over toward the couch her flip flips sliding off in the process.


He grabbed his other camera and began snapping pictures of her out of it putting her into different poses.He then laid it down going back over to her.He took off her belt around her waist and then slid off her shirt before taking off her purple bra.He groped her breasts as they fell out kissing her neck.


Letting her fall back down to the couch he moved down sliding her jeans off and then her purple panties.He leaned overtop of her kissing her his hand down moving it along her pussy.He felt up her breasts with his free hand while still kissing and fingering her.He then pulled down his pants and sat her up.He moved inside her mouth and moved her head back and forth until he finally finished inside her mouth and all over her face.He picked his camera back up snapping a few more pictures.


This was the start of something great.

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Billy sat in his room at his desk his pen moving steadily across the papers in front of him.He was a very good student the model child never missed a day of school since he was a small child.He cringed as a loud noise screeched through out the house.His older sister Angela on the other hand.....


Angela had always been a wild child since they were kids.He was always the bookworm growing up and she was always the cool chick that got along with just about everyone and as she got older all the guys loved.She was pretty tall almost 5"7 with long legs.She had long dark hair and was the gitarist for a local rock band that was very popular with all the kids in their school.


His sister sometimes drove Billy absolutley crazy.The screeching sound of her guitar being played all day inside the house and going in and out at night sneaking out well into the ams half the time.He had dealt with it his entire life bit he was just about up to here with it and the screeching sound echoing through the house right now as he tried to do his homework was just to much.


Laying his pen down and closing his notebook Billy walked out of his room and down the hall.He knocked on his sisters door barely audible over the sound of the guitar "Angela cut it out im trying to do ym homework!" he called out but got no answer only louder playing "Angela! i'm serious jesus" he banged a bit harder on the door.


"Sorry can't hear you!" 


Billy gritted his teeth angrily as his sister called out walking away from the door back toward his room.He'd had enough of this.


Later that day Billy sat on the couch watching tv a smile crossing his face as he began to hear the sound of someone at the door.He glanced over as his sister opened the door and walked through bending over and pulling off her ankle high combat boots walking over in her black socks.


Angela scrunched her eyes glancing around and then looking at him "Where is my guitar?" she asked seeing that it wasn't in the usual place that it was.


Billy just smiled looking at her "oh it's right here" he said pulling it out from behind him on the couch.


Angels eyes widened looking at him before narrwing them "what the hell are you doing with my guitar runt!" she exclaimed grabbing at it in his hand but not getting it.


Billy just smiled pulling the guitar back as she grabbed for it.He then stroked a random cord on it lightly the sound echoing through the house as it had already been plugged in "mmmm nice" he said looking at it.


Angela gritted her teeth "give it here now brat!" she exclaimed reaching for it again more agressivley.


Billy pulled the guitar out of reach again and smiled looking at her "I think it needs a little something though" he said drawing the guitar back and then bringing it down on his sisters head the guitar echoing loudly throughout the house as it hit her.


"ughhh...." Angelas eyes rolled back and fluttered as she wobbled around for a second and then fell straight back hitting the ground legs  and arms spread out wide like an X.Lips parted open a bit.


Billy smiled looking down at her unconsious sister on the ground "ahhh there perfect" he said laying the guitar down on the couch before pulling out his phone.He put the phone up snapping a few pictures of Angela out cold on the ground "ah you'r internet friends will love these" he said moving around her snapping from more angels.


Billy then reached down grabbing ahold of Angelas socked ankles dragging her limp body over toward the couch and sitting her up against it hair falling over her face a bit.He then reached over grabbing the guitar and laid it across the lap snapping another picture "The perfect note" he said with a smirk walking up to his room in the peace and quiet.









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Hatter got out of her car with a smile closing the door behind her.She walked down the street towards her new friend Brendas house her black heels clicking on the ground as she walked.She reached up knocking on the door lightly awaiting an answer.

Brenda was bent over cleaning when she heard  aknock on the door "wonder who that could be?" she said walking over her ass moving a bit in her tight yoga pants.Opening the door she smiled seeing Hatter "oh hey hatter!" she said leaning over and giving her a hug "what's up?" she asked looking her up and down.


Hatter laughed and smiled "just thought i'd run by looks like your busy though" she said noticing the duster in her hand and what seemed to eb cleaning attire Brendas long legs in the tight yoga pants.


Brenda laughed "just cleaning day" she said once again looking her up and down.


Hatter nodded then looked to her with a kind smile 'well I could help you if you'd like?" she offered.


Brenda grinned a bit to herself beggining to have other ideas in mind.Leaning against the door frame she looked at Hatter "actually i beileve i'm going to take a little break but i've got an idea" she said with a smile "how about we have a little boxing match?" she asked.

Hatter tilted her head to the side a bit looking at her "a boxing match? I don't know anything about boxing" she said truthfully "i'm not much of a fighter and i'm not exactly in boxing attire" she laughed pointing toward her cut off pants and heels.

Brenda laughed and shook her head.She knew Hatter knew nothing about boxing but that was the best part of it "oh come on it'll be fun!" she exclaimed "my step son absolutley loves boxing and loves to watch it" she said looking at her "it'd be great if we could do a little match for him i'd really appreciate it!" she said.


Hatter listened to her and thought for a moment "hmm couldn't he just watch it on tv or something" but she laughed and shook her head "okay we'll have a little boxing match" she said stepping inside the house with her.


Brenda smiled closing the door behind them "great" she said with a smile walking over in the corner grabbing the two pairs of gloves "Hey Brian honey come down real quick!" she called out reaching the set of gloves over to Hatter as she began to put on her own.Brenda smiled and looked over toward Brian as he walked down the stairs "Hatter and I are going to have a little boxing match hoey thought you might like to watch" she said looking over to Hatter who was having trouble getting the gloves on.She laughed walking over and helping her with them.

Hatter laughed as Brenda helped her with the gloves stretching her fingers inside of them "thanks" she said looking over toward Brian with a smile "so your mom says you really like boxing" she said not thinking anything of it just taking it that he had a love for the sport or something.Hatter stretched her arms out a bit laughing looking over at Brenda.

Brenda smiled bouncing on her toes a bit looking over to Hatter "ready?" she asked

Hatter nodded with a smile "mhm"

Brenda walked over touching gloves with her with a smile and began circling hr.

Hatter watched smiling a bit throwing a light danty punch with  a laugh missing.

Brenda laughed as well moving around her ass swaying back and forth in her tight yoga pants.Brenda snapped a jab hitting Hatter in the chin with a smile.

Hatters head whipped back a bit eyes widening a tad "oh wow" she laughed shaking her head a bit putting her hands back up.Hatter threw a couple more little danty punches not hitting Brenda as she dodged them.Hatters head snapping back again as Brenda jabbed her once more.Hatter stumbled back a bit her heels almost coming off ankles quivering like a baby deer as she caught her balance.

Brenda watched as Hatter began to come in toward her to swing again and threw a hard cross connecting square on Hatters jaw.

Hatters head snapped a bit stumbling back wobbly.Her eyes crossed and she swayed back and forth a bit "ughhhh" before falling forward and hitting the ground one of her heels flying off wrinkled sole exposed.Hatter lay there out cold on the ground.

Brenda laughed pulling off her gloves and looking hatter over on the ground.She walked over toward her kneeling down and smacking her ass a bit in her loose cut off pants.She looked over toward Brian "got your phone honey?" she asked with a smile taking ti as he handed it to her.She moved around taking pictures of the unconsious Hatter flipping her over on to her back she snapped a few of her unconsious face mouth open a bit.Brenda smiled and handed the phone back to her step son "weak jaw on that one huh?" she laughed grabbing her duster and starting back on her cleaning as they waited for Hatter to wake up.





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Sharon walked down the streets her ass wiggling in her tight dark jeans.She meant buisness today and was going to waste no time about it.


She stepped up to Brendas house knocking on the front door.Brenda was her ex husbands mother and she was going to speak with her about some ear rings that she had left here at her house.Sharons eyes locked on the tall 6"2 blonde scanning her up and down.Brenda stood there in a tight shirt with a low cut skirt to abot three inches above her knees along with knee high boots and knee socks.Sharon put her hands on her hips looking at the woman a bit smaller standing at 5"4 in her tight jeans t shirt and sneakers.


Sharon crossed her arms "I am here for the ear rings I called you about before"


Brenda just looked at the brunnette and laughed "and I told you you'r not getting them honey"she said with a smirk.


Sharon gritted her teeth a bit looking the taller woman down "Oh really well im taking them then!"she exclaimed roughly pushing her inside the house.


Brendas eyes widened and she caught her narrowing her eyes grabbing Sharon roughly by the hair of the head "bitch!" she said jerking her around.


Sharon gritted her teeth as she was pulled inside and jerked around her brunette hair whipping she clawed at the taller womans hands pulling away and putting her hands up.Sharon threw a hard straight punch connected with Brendas mouth.


Brendas eyes flashed a bit stumbling back catching herself using a table and came back at Sharon swinging a wild haymacker.


Sharon quickly ducked dodging the punch and came with a hard right cross connecting square on her former mother in laws jaw.


Brendas head snapped back blonde hair whipping as she stumbled.Brendas vision became foggy for  a moment before her eyes rolled back to the whites and she crashed down to the ground hair falling over her face.


Sharon watched as the woman fell to the ground.She stard at Brenda out cold on her stomach skirt having went up showing her ass underneath.Sharon smirked and kneeled down reaching toward Brenda.She lifted one of her long legs up inzipping her boot and sliding it off her socked foot in her hand.Sharon was about to take the sock off when Brendas foot came forward smashing her  flush in the chin.Her eyes rolled back and she fell back legs up wide and laid there out cold in an X postition.


Brenda smirked raising up "fooled ya" she said  standing up and walking over toward Sharons unconscious body.She took off Sharons belt before sliding her tight jeans off.She gave her a light smack on the ass watching ass it jigglled moving down and sliding off her sneakers and then her socks.Brenda raised Sharon up sliding off her shirt and then let her drop only in her bra and panties.Brenda walked over toward the counter grabbing her phone her son would enjoy these later.She snapped some shots of his knocked out ex .270





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Samantha kept her eyes in the road as she drove through the country side looking ahead "This is like the middle of knowhere' she laughed looking around out the windows it really was.A few minutes later she scrunched her eyes a bit looking down pressing the gas "huh?" she muttered.


Jermiah grinned watching from a distance as a car came into site "Think we got one here Billy!" he called out watching as the car began to slow down.It was rare anyone drove through out here especially a woman but when they did Jermiah and Billy took advantage of it.


Samatha looked around as the car began to stop and shook her head "no way...." she said shaking her head.She reved the engine trying to get it going again pressing her heel to the gas but nothing.She sighed letting her head drop back to the head rest.She tried once more and then shook her head "grrrreat" she muttered opening the car door and unsnapping her seat belt stepping outside of it wobbling in her heels a bit.


Jermiah and Billy watched as she got out of the car and he whistled a bit "looks like we got us a good one here Jermiah" he said grinning.He chuckled "yeah boy!" he said "must be from the city no country girl dressin like that" he said watching her wobble a bit in her heels as she looked over the car.


Samtha raised her phone in the air trying to get signal and shook her head "of course not" she said looking at the car.She sighed.She knew absolutley nothing about cars but what choice did she really have at the moment? She walked toward the front of it grunting a bit raising the hood up and looked inside of it bending over a bit "it looks normal" she muttered confused about it.She then looked over as another car began to pull up and let out a sigh of reilef "thank god maybe they can help" she said.


Jermiah pulled over and stepped out of the car with Billy walking over toward the girl.He held back a grin looking her up and down definatly a city girl.He smiled as they got closer "everything okay there maam?" he asked.


Samantha threw her hands up and shook her head "I don't know I was driving and it just kind started slowing down and then stopped" she said looking at it then back to them "and my cell doesn't get service here so I couldn't call anyone to help" she said.


He nodded looking over at it "let Billy here take a quick look at it he's pretty good with cars and such" he said 


She nodded "yeah sure thanks" she said stepping back a bit smoothing out hirt skirt watching him as he leaned over looking inside the vehicle.


Standing a bit behind her Jermiah grinned looking her up and down stopping on her backside for a moment and then looked over toward Billy.


Billy raised his head up and looked over at her "seems to just be some minor cable problems" he said making it up "just gotta hold these two cables in and give it some good gas for a minute" he said looking at her "not a long term thing of course but should get you were your going".


She nodded "thank god" she said to him "I thought I was never gonna get out of here" she said shaking her head a bit.


Jermiah just smiled nodding to Billy.


Billy held back a grin and stood up looking over at her "here honey you hold these two wires togeather the red and blue and i'll give it the gas" he said walking over to the car door.


She nodded "okay" she said taking out her keys and unlocking the car with a beeping noise and walked over toward the hood leaning over a bit taking ahold of the red and blue wires and looking down at them.


Billy opened the car door and grinned to Jermiah as she leaned over toward the hood and sat down.Jermiah slowly moved behind her very quietly watching her leaning over the hood.


She held the two cables togeather focusing on them "like this?" she called out.


Billy just smiled "yeah honey just like that" he said.


Jermiah nodded as he got behind her "yeah honey just like that" he said raising his arms up and bringing the hood down on top of her head.


Samantha scrunched her eyes as she noticed Jermiah was behind her but then with a thud her eyes rolled back and her vision went black as the car hood hit her in the head.Her knees quivered and she fell forward on to the car then slid off falling on to her back on the dirt spread out like an X.


Jermiah smiled as Billy got out of her car looking down at her.Jermiah grabbed her by the arms dragging her through the dirt toward their car heels scrapping against the dirt.He let her arms drop as they got to the car leaning down pickin her up bridal style head dangling over lips parted a bit neck out legs dangling on the other side.He tossed her into the trunk as Billy opened it and looked over at him with a grinas they look her over laying in the trunk out cold.They laughed closing the trunk "another for our collection" they said with a laugh.





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Michael walked down the street with one goal in mind.He knew that he had to be very careful about things for this to work but he was detrmined.He glanced up and looked ahead as a local bar came into view.A smile crossing his face as he looked at it. 


This wasn't just any bar it was the bar that a new girl had just started working at as a bartender.He smiled thinking about it having already vistied the bar a couple of times.


The moment that he had seen her he knew that he had to see her unconsious.The sexy blonde named Misty was around 5"5 with the perfect body and was just something else.


He had returned to the bar a couple of times already to figure out Mistys work schedule and when the bar was usually crowded of course the night being when it most was.Today was a Sunday and around 5 pm the middle of the day.Not a single car was parked outside the bar and only one person had walked inside all day and they had left a few minutes ago.


Michael knew that he had to do this just right and with that he quickly walked over and then into the bar.He glanced around until she came into site a grin crossing his face.He looked Misty up and down behind the counter cleaning a glass in a tight pair of jeans.


He smirked walking over to the counter "a shot of Whiskey please" he said taking a seat.


Misty glanced up hearing the mans voice and smiled sitting the glass she was cleaning down "starting early are we?" she asked with a laugh turning around to get the bottle and glass.


Michael watched her as she turned around to get the drink her ass formed tightly in her jeans.He licked his lips a bit feeling himself getting a bit excited looking at her but stayed calm "something like that" he said with a smile taking the glass as she slid it across the table to him.He looked at her "ya usually get much buisness during the day?" he asked taking the shot.


Misty laughed shaking her head as she moved around cleaning different things behind the bar "no honestly I would be surprised if we got another person in here within the next hour or two" she said truthfully.


Michael held back a bit of a smirk listening to her and nodded "I see" he said looking at her "another shot please" he said then waited a moment standing up "i'll be right back going to use the bathroom" he said standing up from his seat.


Misty looked back toward him with a smile making the drink "sure" she said.


Michael walked back into the restroom making sure that she slapjack in his pokcket was still there and it was.He then waited a couple minutes before walking out of the restroom toward the counter "hey!" he called out as he walked.


Misty turned around toward him as he walked back toward the counter "yeah?" she asked


"This is kind of embarassing" he laughed "but I kind of lost my contact somewhere in the restroom just now would you mind please helping me look for it?" he asked looking at her.


Misty looked at him and blinked a bit then laughed with a nod "yeah sure no buisness right now anyway" she said opening the counter and stepping outside of it walking with him toward the restroom.


Michael watched as she stepped out from behind the bar and then let her walk a bit in front of him he ass swaying in her jeans black heels clicking on the floor.He then stepped inside the restroom behind her letting the door close behind them "thanks I really appreciate this" he said pretending to start lookin for the contact.


Misty laughed bending over looking around the floor "no problem like I said no buisness anyway" she said scanning the floor.


Michael stopped turning and watching her as she looked for the contact bent over jeans riding up a bit squeezing against her ass tightly.He was full blown hard now.He slowly pulled out the black jack and began moving quietly toward her.


Misty continued looking around the floor "ya sure ya lost it in here?" she asked stopping for a moment as she didn't get an answer and laughed a bit "did ya hear m......" she was cut off as the blackjack smacked her in the back of the head.


"ughhhhh...!" Misty stumbled forward on to her hands and knees eyes fluttering "ohhhhh..." she groaned falling forward as her eyes rolled back heavily.


Michael smiled watching as she fell forward and looked at her in a bit of an akward postition face down ass up out cold one of her heels dangling a bit off her foot.He walked over toward her reaching down and feeling up her ass in her jeans "yes..." he muttered standing up.


Reaching down Mihceal straightened her legs out and sat down lightly on her mounting her right onf her ass his rubbing against it.He ran his hands down her sides and tighs before standing up again and grabbing her by the ankles and dragging her inside one of the stalls.He sat her up on the toilet seat wiping some hair from her face "perfect" he said looking at her.


He slipped off her heels rubbing the solves of her feet before letting them dropand moving up sliding her shirt off over her head.He licked his lips as he un did her bra her breasts falling out in front of him.He brought his hands up groping them tightly closing his eyes.After a moment he stopped and un buttoned her jeans sliding them off over her toned legs.He then slowly slid off her white thong.Running his hands down her side he stopped at her vagine running his finger along it lightly.


He lingered a moment longer and then stepped back taking out his phone and snapping a few pictures.He then picked her up bridal style and carried her back into the ront of the bar smiling as there wasn't anybody there yet.He laid her down on the bar face down on her stomach and then smiled giving her one last slap on the ass and grabbing the shot still sitting there that she had prepared downing it "nothing like a mid day drink' he said with a grin walking out of the bar leaving her there for the next customer to find.










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Kenny figeted with his hands nervously.Was he really going to actually go through with this? Jared had been Kennys best friend since they were little kids.They played togeather went to school togeather and ..... stayed at each others house.He shook his head.He was suppossed to be dropping off a game he borrowed from Jared at his house while he was at basketball practice and that was the problem.He stopped as he got to the house and reached up with a sigh knocking on the door.


"One second please!"


He heard the familar voice call out getting chills.He then looked up as she answered the door.


"Oh, hey there sweetey if your looking for Jared he's still at practice but you can wait here if you'd like" Mrs Williams said with a warm smile.


He kept his eyes locked on her swallowing a bit trying to stay calm.There she was standing there.He looked from her bright blue eyes to her red lips all the way down to her shiny red heels on her feet.Jareds mother Mrs Williams had always been around.Always at every sporting event they had anything involving school and where he had always been tempted the most when he stayed over at Jareds.He had been tempted by her ever since they were little kids.He had to do it! today was the day this was just to much.He snapped back into it looking at her not mentioning the game "Yeah thanks Mrs Williams that would be great" he said.


She smiled stepping back opening the door wider letting him in.


He walked inside turning his head watching her as she turned her back to him closing the door.He watched her ass move a little in her pants as she closed it turning his head back around swallowing hard.


She turned back around waving toward the couch as she walked back toward the kitchen looking at him "make yourself at home you know your like a second son to me" she said with a smile.


He nodded slowly sitting down watching her walk back into the kitchen hearing the clatter of metal from pots and pans and the sound of her heels clicking on the kitchen floor.


She smiled bending over in the kitchen looking into the oven "i'm baking cookies Peanut butter your favorite" she said sniffing them "I'm taking them to the church in a little bit so go easy on them when there done" she laughed.


He sat there half listening to her trying to come up with a gameplan "yes maam" he called out looking around then turned his head around as she walked back into the room.


She reached over grabbing her car keys off the table and looked over at him smiling "I won't be gone lonng just gotta drop some of these cookies off once there done.If Jared happens to get home before me tell him dinner will be done in a little bit" she said turning back to walk into the kitchen to get the cookies.


"Mrs Williams!" he said trying to think on the fly "what are the cookies for is the church having some kind of service?" he asked.


She stopped turning on her heels to look at him and and smiled answering "There going to be giving free meals to the needy and I figured i would help out some" she said.


He nodded "oh!, hey Mrs Williams I almost forgot I brought this game here.Jared and I are going to trade for the weekend"He said pretending to reach into his bag and look through it "uh could you go over to Jared games and grab it for me it's called ....... Galactic warrior battle three" he said.


She listened to him tilting her head to the side a bit and then smiled "sure honey" she said turning around and walking over toward the tv "I don't remember that one" she laughed kneeling down toward the cabniet under the tv with Jareds games in it.


He continued pretending to go through his bag watching her out of the corner of his eyes as she walked over and kneeled down.He watched her as she went through the games her red heel dangling off her foot a bit as she kneeled.


She continued looking through the games but tilted her head to the side a bit not being able to find it "i'm having trouble finding it" she said reaching in further and looking.


He looked around the room quickly scanning it "uh yeah it's an older game it may be toward the bottom" he said his eyes stopping on a large glass lamp.He glanced at her and then slowly moved his hand toward the lamp but quickly jerked it back relaxing casually.


She turned her head around frowning a bit looking back at him her pony tail moving a bit "are you sure it's in here hun?" she asked.


He nodded with a fake smile "yes maam i'm pretty sure" he said waiting until she began looking again and then reached over grabbing the lamp and slowly stood up his eyes locked on her back.


She looked and flipped over a game inside picking it up looking down at it "is this maybe it honey it's called space something and has a bunch of ships on it" she asked looking don at it.


"Never mind Mrs Williams I forgot it doesn't exist" he said standing directly over top of her behind her.


"Huh?" she scrunched her eyes about to turn around but then with a loud shattering sound the lamp smashed over her head.She fell over with a thump on her side fingers twitching a bit then going still out cold.


He looked down at her on the ground swallowing.He stared at her her long lashes closed lips parted a bit.He swallowed hard slowly reaching hit foot over tapping her lightly and nothing ..... she was out.He looked down at her it had finally been done.He stepped over some of the broken shards of glass and looked down at her kneeling down running his thumb slowly down her bottom lip.He smiled standing back up and reached down grabbing her by her wrists and dragged her limp body to the center of the room.He let her arms drop moving down toward her feet taking one and lifting it up the light sparkling off the red heel.He slowly removed the heels squeezing the wrinkled sole of her foot then did the same to the other.He reached over slowly rising the bottom of her shirt up her bare stomach showing running his hand along it.Standing up he walked over raising her up into a sitting postition.He sat down behind her raising her limp arms up like a doll moving them around smiling.He slid her hairbow off allowing her blonde hair to fall down her back.He smiled caressing her face slowly turning it around toward him and moving in and locked lips with her kissing her.He took it in licking her bottom lip a bit tasting it and then let go allowing her to drop back down to the floor limp.He then looked over as there was a knock at the door 


"mom? i'm home"


He smiled looking down at her knowing time was up.He stood up walking toward the kitchen to go out the back door and reached over grabbing a cookie biting it.He swallowed it and smiled "your right Mrs Williams..... my favorite" he said.



 The End Comments appreciated :) more to come just a starter.Take requests as well.


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