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I like to see barefoot fat black women bonked over...
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The Key

The Key

I like to see barefoot fat black women bonked over the head leaving them seeing stars

Posted by on in Uncategorized

Ms Spice was at the NYC Pride Parade having a great time.
Spicee Pride Parade by keymakernyc  
Then a as usual.
Anvil Drop 2 by keymakernyc  
Ms Spice was flattened by a larger then usual anvil.  But Ms Spice's blubber could not contained for very long so she was sprung back into shape right away. But she was very cuckooed seeing a new very colorful star pattern.
Spicee Pride Parade Cuckooed by keymakernyc  
The large woman stood the middle street very dazed wobbleing with her eyes spinning, drooling tongue sticking out of her mouth then this happened again.
Anvil Drop by keymakernyc  
This time Ms Spice was sent straight down on her big fat ass.  A few people laughed at the big fat dazed woman on the ground. Even though I wasnt at the parade (not my scene plus I don't do parades the only one that I would even consider going to is the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn) I was passing thru I saw the cuckooed Ms Spice on the ground cuckooed.  I asked " Ms Spice Diva are you OK?!?" she blabbed back "all the pretty stars and birds tweet tweet".  At that point I understood what needed to be done.  I slipped off her size 12 white and black Jordan 11s (my favorites) off her big feet and sniffed them of course I enjoyed the smell Ms  Spice's big sweety feet left in those Jordans. Then I of course took a taste of her big exposed feet and tickled them for a minute or two she giggled while she was in lala land.  So I walk away with my new prized Jordans and left Ms Spice there snoring in the middle of the street with stars spinning around her head.
Spicee Big Feet by keymakernyc

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Posted by on in Fight KO

Spicee had a man come over.  He brought over some Tacobell.  Spicee said "hey can you go to my bar and make me a Ciroc with crushed pineapples on the rocks and you could make what ever you want for yourself my bar is fully stocked.  While you that I will change into something more comfortable and bring the food into my room.". The guy came back with Hennessy Coke for himself and Spicee's drink.  What he saw he couldn't believe.  Spicee ate the whole thing 6 tacos and 6 burritos. Spicee then said " oh you wanted some I am sorry I was really hungry"  Then the greedy beauty burped.  The guy said "so you don't excus yourself and how did you eat all that I was only gone for 2 mintues" Then Spicee let out a smelly loud fart.
Spicee fart by bbwkofan  
The guy was disgusted with Spicee's unlady like behaviour.  She could tell that he was upset she got up to apologize but she farted again. This one was louder and smelled worse than the first one.
Spicee fart 2 by bbwkofan  
She made a half hearted effort to excuse herself the guy was upset with the disrespect she showed towards him.  He made a tight fist punched Spicee in face.
Spicee punched by bbwkofan  
Spicee's eyes rolled behind her head her tongue flew out her mouth. Stars started to circle her and then she heard birds chirping.
Spicee lala land by bbwkofan  
Spicee started saying "tweet tweet pretty birdies" she fell backwards on her bed with legs open and she peed herself.  You could cout to ten because she was out.

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Posted by on in General

Cherokee is in bed mind her own business like she always does 
Cherokee by keymakernyc  
Then this happenes 
Piano Drop by keymakernyc  
Now poor Cherokee will have a head ache for a while after her cuckooness wears off.  Tweet Tweet
Cherokee seeing silly stars by keymakernyc  

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Posted by on in General

One day I am at the gym and I saw this stunning lady named Cherokee working out
Cherokee by keymakernyc
I said to myself she is sexy, but Funko woukd really appreciate her.  So I walk up to introduce myself and tell her I have a friend named KO I would like to introduce you to.  She agreed and wanted to get ready at my place.  Of couse I had no problem with this. I told Funko to meet me at my house for a surpise. As we walked to the parking Cherokee started doing streches.  
Cherokee 2 by keymakernyc
She paused for a moment and asked "what does KO stand for?"  I asked "do you teally want to know?" She replyed "yes" Then a loud CLANK!!! Sound could be heard.
star field by keymakernyc  
She was out cold among  a sea of stars.  I hit her over the head with a crowbar.  She awoke in my apartment few hours later.  She asked "what happened?" I replied "an anvil fell from the sky and hit you on the head" She anwsered back "thats been happening alot lately to my friend Spicee." I responded back "wow thats werid".  Cherokee started to change she got down to her bra and panties the I released 2 sandbags that fell and bopped her on the head.  She was dazed swaying back and forth with colorful stars dancing around her head she said "at least it wasn't an anvil this time" then she plopped on the bed dazed her eyes wide open and a silly smile on her face.
Cherokee Dazed by keymakernyc  
When she came to she tried to swat away the stars thinking that would help clear her head faster.  She was finally able to get ready.  She changed her wig to a short style and she wore a very tight fitting dress that showed off all her sexy curves.  I could not resist the temptation, so I pressed a button that drops a mini anvil (didnt want to get her dress wrinkled ). It hit her with a big WHAM!!!  She fell on my couch face down ass up with stars spinning around her head her mouth was wide open with drool coming down on the side.Cherokee Stared Out by keymakernyc  
Just then FunKo walks in and she is in full cuckoo mode.  The stars were replaced by blue and yellow birds tweeting.  She was babbling in the background "all the pretty birds"  Then I said to KO "she is all yours"

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Posted by on in Fight KO

Legendary actress Jackee Harry entered the room.  Before she could take off her hat she was clobbered by a giant mallet.  She saw a cluster of stars her eyes crossed and she was out cold.  
Jackee Harry Bonked by keymakernyc  
Jackee was stripped naked with just a towel covering her.  Her big size 10 and a half feet were sticking out the towel.  She awoke hours later in a cuckooed dazed and confused state with stars spinning around her head.
Jackee Harry Dazed by keymakernyc  
Tweet Tweet

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Posted by on in General

Trixie decided to go to the gym.  She did some stretching and a little warm ups.  She built up a little sweat.
Trixie Work Out1 by keymakernyc  
After a while decided to try out the free weights. She started off with some light ones then she decided wanted to try some heavier one. The heavier weights were on a high shelf. Trixie not known for being the sharpest knife in the drawer too the first weight she saw not at all thinking about the weights on top of the one she picked.  The weight that was directly on top of the on she choice fell and WHAMM!!!! Landed on top of her head.  Everything went black then starzzzzz every where.
star field by keymakernyc  
The weak minded beauty stood no chance. She was immediately cuckooed.  Her lips puckered up and her eyes opened up wide with stars spinning around her head.
Trixie Work Out2 by keymakernyc  
She wobbled for a few short seconds her eyes were blinking fast to match the fast bird chirping she heard.  She then smiled up her pointer finger in the air. And fainted backwards she hit the ground with a loud thud.
Trixie Work Out3 by keymakernyc  
There the cubby cutied layed in cuckoo land with a silly smile on her face and her eyes crossed.  TWEET TWEET

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Posted by on in Fight KO

Ms Cleo is about to go to sleep.
Ms Cleo chilling by keymakernyc  
But I had my own plans to send her to slumber land.  BONK!!!
KO Stars by keymakernyc  
I dropped an anvil on her head and now she is cuckooed.
Ms Cleo cuckooed again by keymakernyc  
Now she is out cold with her tongue sticking out.
Ms Cleo dazed by keymakernyc  
So now she sleeping and her snoring could be heard from outside her house.  I took advantage and began to lick her big feet and once I am do I will bring out my trusty feather to tickle her soft soles.
Ms Cleo big feet by keymakernyc  

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Posted by on in General

Footcess 2 by keymakernyc  
Introducing the Footcess.  The Footcess is an instgram foot model from The African Island of Cape Verde.  She has a size 9 foot I know my victims are usually women with size 11,12 or 13 feet but this pretty momma caught my eye and I want to see her cuckooed.

Footcess was getting ready for a cam session with her fans.  Then a sound caught her attention.  She looked in that direction then she was beaned in the head  by a baseball that I hit into her living room. For few seconds it was was lights out for her until the stars came to brighten things up for her.
Footcess by keymakernyc  
She was surrounded by serval stars.
Footcess cuckooed by keymakernyc  
She was motionless for a few moments while the starz danced around her head.   Her eyes started to follow the stars that circled her head this of course made her dizzy and her eyes turned into swirls as this happened.
Footcess swirly eyes by keymakernyc  
She then dropped to her needs and then she was out cold head down with her big ass in the air snoring.
Footcess Ko'd by keymakernyc  
I took this chance to play with her pretty feet.

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Posted by on in Sleepy

Cherokee was taking some mirror selfies (what year is this?) Well while she was distracted trying to find the perfect pose she didn't notice that snuck in.  Damn she got a fat ass so while I enjoying looking at her big old butt.  I was setting up my armmounted crossbow.  But I didn't load it with arrows, I loved it with a syringe filled with a sleeping agent I invented. Aimed and shot.
Cherokee selfie by keymakernyc  
Yeah she going going to deserve just because of her phone get a new phone. The syringe found its target.
Poke by keymakernyc  
A loud POINK sound was heard one the needle pierced her large derriere.  She opened her eyes cartoon wide and screamed when she felt her ass pricked.  But she soon sleeping and fell forward right on her chin. As she laid sleeping on the ground I undress her and carried her to her bed.  While she was out I smacked her ass. She started to wake up so I stuck her with another syringe in the ass.
That's going to hurt by keymakernyc  
She was sleeping again and just because I could I bopped her over the head with a frying pan. I motorboated her butt before I left.  Damn I was so turned on by the sight of her  snoring with the syringe sticking out of her ass.
Cherokee poked by keymakernyc  

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P_Lickity has been a real bad girl lately.  Going around breaking the hearts of men from city to city.  These are not just any men these are men with foot fethishes.  She entices men about telling them about her big size 12 feet and how tickish her feet are.  Of course she has a ton of men interested in playing with her feet.  She usual distracts these poor guys and steal wallets.  The worst part is they never even get get to see feet because she usally wears shoes.  Now she doesn't even take the time to even remember the names of the men she dates.  This continues until Bill came back into play.  It was clear she didn't remember him but the important part is that he  remembers her.  So after a night of dancing and dinner they go to Bill's place.  Bill steps into the bed room P_Lickity makes her move.  She goes for his wallet in his coat then makes her way to the to the front door.  Just then she was in for a big surprise.  A giant boxing glove comes towards her.  Before impact the look of fear on her face was priceless.  Her eyes and moutth were wide open.  She was hit with a big pow and was knocked off her feet and she was instantly knocked right out of her shoes.  She was out cold and snoring before she hit the ground. 
P_Lickity snoring by keymakernyc  
 She awoke tied up and her mouth was gagged and she was cuckooed seeing colorful stars. Bill told her his orign story she begged for mercy. He said "now you going to pay".  He took off her fistnet stocking and sniffed it and pulled out a giant feather and said " let's rock"
P_Lickity all tied up and dazed by keymakernyc

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Posted by on in General

Candy is out in her back yard in the nude enjoying the sun.  Then she noticed something strange that caught her attention.
Candy by keymakernyc  
Just then the cowardly chubby woman's eyes popped out of her head and she move her fat legs as fast as she can but getting no where fast just kicking up alot of dust.  A canon was heading direct for her and all she could do is stand there with her eyes and mouth wide open.  Then she was clobbered on her noggin with loud DING!!! sound.
Candy shock and bonk by keymakernyc  
She said in a very dopey voice "duh who turned off off lights?" The birdies soon came flying around her head.  The tweeting and chirping further disoriented her as she wildly swiped at the birdies faster and faster.  The more she did the more dizzy she became spinning around in circles until she was in her house she then bumped into a wall that over a potted plant that hit her on the head BONK!!! Her already enlarged eyes crossed and made a silly face with her tongue sticking out. She then said "nighty nighty" the big woman fell backwards and then her big legs went up in the air in a comedic fashion.
Candy feet up cuckoo by keymakernyc  
She was out cold snoring with colorful stars dancing on top of her head.  I then stop by her house to drop off some of her mail that was deliveried to my house by mistake.  I put the letters in her mailbox I noticed door was open but I didn't think anything of it then I started to walk away until I headd her loud snoring so I went to investigate.  First think I saw was her size 9 1/2 chocolate soles peeking out of a corner.  I took a further look and to my delight I saw Candy's plump naked body laying in a cuckooed state. Like any other red blooded American I did the right thing and took full advantage of being in lala land.  I started to tickle her feet and lick them and I took a few moments to enjoy her big breast by giving them a squeeze.  I turned her around and smacked her fat ass a few times.  After I was done I carried her to her bed room placed her in her bed covered her up left.  I think left her snoring and seeing stars.
Cuckooed Candy snoring by keymakernyc

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Lola was one the beach enjoying a nice quiet relaxing day in the sun.
Lola by keymakernyc  
Until she heard what started out as a faint sounding whistle (like the cartoon falling sound effect) Just thing she noticed  a shadow around her and as the shadow got bigger the whistle sound got louder and then she heard a womans voice scream "look out belowwwww"
Boink by keymakernyc  
Lola's cousin Tracy randomly fell from the sky and crash landed on Lola's large ass.  As she landed her chin hit the back of Lola's head cause both girls to become cuckooed and dazed seeing stars.
Lola and Tracy dazed by keymakernyc  
Lola had a dopely look of disbelief on her face while Tracy was in full cuckoo with eyes crossed and her tongue sticking out. Right before the dazed ladies were able to recover they where both wiped out by large wave.  If course this caused them to see even more stars.
Lola and Tracy wipeout by keymakernyc
Damn Lola has a really nice ass.

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Ms Cleo was getting ready for a webcam session, but she didn't notice that someone was getting ready to hit her over the head with bat.
Ms Cleo by keymakernyc  
Then CRACK!!! BONK!!! POW!!! She was hit multiple times over the head with that bat.
Ms Cleo Clobbered by keymakernyc  
She was left very cuckooed.  At at first she saw stars that quicked turned into chirping birds.  Her eyes crossed and she had a very silly smile on her face as the tweeting it louder her eye got X'ed out.
Ms Cleo cuckooed by keymakernyc  
At that point wad she rocking side to side.  She then started to snore she was now snoring while she was still standing up.
Ms Cleo sleepy by keymakernyc  
Soon she fell face first to the ground and soon as her ass was up in the air she let out a fart which was the first thing her cam watchers saw and heard.  Till the batteries of her webcam died her viewers saw her laying on the ground cuckooed with bright yellow stars circling her head in a pool of her drool with her giant ass in the air letting out loud farts every few minutes.
Ms Cleo KO'd by keymakernyc

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Cherokee is setting up her booth to advertise her websites at the Big Bootie Convention.  Just then a mysterious figure appear behind her with a bat.
Cherokee meets Bat by keymakernyc  
Then there was a loud CRRRRRACK!!!! sound.
star field by keymakernyc  
Cherokee was hit over the head with that bat.  She is cuckooed within in seconds. The big booty beauty was out of her mind seeing stars and stumbling around until what she thought was a soft pillow, which was in reality MsCleo's big soft fat ass and Cherokee laid her head there.
Cherokee Lala land by keymakernyc
Ms Cleo didn't know what to make of this other than she had a dizzy Cherokee's head on her larger than your average sized rump.  Cherokee was dizzy to the point where her eyes turned into swirls and stars danceing around her head.
Cherokee swirly eyes by keymakernyc  
Ms Cleo trying to make her own name in the big bootie community and make connections has no time to deal with a cuckoo Cherokee picks her up and throws the unconscious beauty to the ground.
Cherokee Ko by keymakernyc  
While Cherokee lay on the ground ass up motionness the mysterious figure sees a new target to subject to random head clobbering and avil drops.  What does this mean for Ms Cleo?  To be continued in her upcoming adventures.

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Margo saw her self in Victorian times in a strange dress.  Everything fuzzy and hazy to her.  And it was like she seeing thru a star filter  because there was stars everywhere.
Margo Victorian by keymakernyc
Just then a a voice said "what's your name" she replied "Margo".  Just then the damn of her dreams walked into the room.  He pushes her against the wall and undressed her.   And threw her on the bed and put his finger in her mouth and said I could put put things your mouth but I will do this instead.

Mature Content

Margo pleasured by keymakernyc  
He put his mouth in-between her legs. She squealed with pleasure.  Her mouth started watering and more and more stars appeared. This was the best feeling ever as she felt sharp bites around her outer pussy lips. She became even more wet and her eyes were inside her due the pleasure she felt. She then felt his tongue enter her pussy.  
Margo climax by keymakernyc  
Her cuckooness started to wear off slowly and things were starting clear up for her to her horror.  The man of her dream transformed to a fat black bully.  The orgasm she was going to have stopped once she really saw what was going on.  The little bites she felt wasn't the man of her dreams giving her love nibbles but Spicee clamping her pussy with clothes pins.  The sweet tongue she felt enter her pussy wasn't the man of her dreams but it was Spicee slobbering on her pussy.  Her first clear vision was Spicee's big pink panties and big feet swayig in the air.
Spicee takes advantage by keymakernyc  
Margo could not co t contain her angry any longer.  She had be cursed at, bullied, robbed, kidnapped and now violated by this big savage woman.  And she was not any more of it.  She made the tightest fist she ever made in her life and raised it in the air.  Spicee could see the rage and fire in Margo's eyes.  The shameless oversized woman begged for mercy.  The fear the cowardly Spicee felt was real.  As Margo's fist hit Spicee's head with such epic fury.
Spicee defeated by keymakernyc  
Spicee is someone who has been hit by bricks, sledgehammers and even falling avails but she was never hit so hard in her life.  She was way passed cuckooed.  She was seeing stars, moons, planets and galaxies.  All you could see was the whites of Spicee's eyes because her eyes were in the back of her head her mouth was wide open her feet frozen in the air.  Spicee was in deep slumber there is no telling when she would be up.  Her snoring were was loud and hard it shattered all the windows in her house. Margo continued to relentless beat Spicee but it made so sense she Spicee was done for and defeated. Mago eventually stopped. And made her way out of Spicee's lair making sure she covered her nose as she pasted Spicee's feet  becaus they smelled aweful. Margo looked at the defeated Spiced and said "damn this fucking fat bitch's snoring is giving me a headach". Then Spiced farted.  Margo ran to avoid smelling aweful stench. Before Margo could make her exit.  She stepped on a random rake.
Margo zonked by keymakernyc  
The rake went up and smacked her across the face.  Of course this had her once again cuckooed .  She was seeing stars and her eyes were swiring.  Margo dropped the ground and the bird tweeting started.

Tweet Tweet

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Margo got some nice expensive pair of new shoes.
Shoes by keymakernyc  
So the whole day she was getting great compliments on her shoes making her feel great and glad she brought the shoes until.  She heard an an aggressive voice yell "nice shoes I like those" Margo nervously said "thank you" and tried to get away as quick as she can because she sensed trouble.  Again that aggressive voice yelled "I like those shoes".  This time Margo decided it was a good idea to run.  Then Spicee yell " you fucking skinny white bitch where do you think your going with my new shoes"
Bully Spicee by keymakernyc  
Against her better judgement Margo stopped running and marched towards Spicee. 
Margo by keymakernyc  
 She was not going to let this big bully push her around.  The brave much smaller Margo asked "what's your problem" The big brute said "I want those shoes" Margo said "oh you can buy them at---" Spicee interrupted with "no I want the shoes your wearing." Margo replied "I get it now your crazy, have you ever saw Cinderella, my little shoes won't fit your big ass feet." This made Spicee enraged sonshe swung at Margo and missed. Margo saw an opening and slapped Spicee.

Spicee slapped by keymakernyc  
For an second Spicee was dazed and in shock total disbelief that Margo dare hit her.  Margo then realizing she made a big mistake tried to talk herself out of trouble.  But Spicee didn't care and want to tear Margo apart she than charged at her doing Bill Goldburg's old special move the spear but missed Margo and flew head first into a brick wall.  A loud CRASH was heard Spicee was stuck in the wall.  Margo thought she safe because she could see was Spicee's huge ass because the bitchof her body was inside the wall.  Margo made it to her car and she was about to in until she heard hello bitch.
Margo punched by keymakernyc  
Spicee punched Margo in the face and Margo was instantly cuckooed.  She was seeing birds and heard loud bird chirping.  She then had a silly grin on her face and her eyes got swirly.  
Margo Cuckooed by keymakernyc  
It did not take long for her to see stars her nipples got hard and she hit the ground with a THUD. While Margo was on the ground she slipped off Margo's shoes.  She said while they are off she might as well sniff Margo's feet and she was right they smelled of sweet freshed picked strawberries.  Spicee took off her shoes and placed them next to Margo's head.  She stupidly tried to force Margo's size 8 heels on her big size 12w feet.  Spicee was finally after a few minutes able to stuff her feet into those heels.  She tried to walk in them but both heels broke and a loud BONG was heard as Spicee feel on her big fat ass. Spicee then said stupid shoes.  Margo was beginning to come to and just then the wind shifted and then the funky odor from Spicee's shoes hit Margo her face turned green eyes rolled behind her head stuck out her tongue and was knocked out again.  Spicee stood puzzled and wondered why that always happens when she takes off her shoes.  Then noticed Margo's nipples were hard and she was wet.  Spicee then had an ide.  She lifted Margo over her shoulder and then stuffed Margo in her trunk.  Spicee then began to drive home.

To Be Continued
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Trixie and I were having a heated cam session.  She wanted to know why I always wear a mask during our cam session.  I said "that's non of your business" and then she had the nerve to to accuse me as being the one that's always knocking her and her friends out.  Of course I denyed it (of course that's a lie lol).  I was going to let her go I really was until she made a grave mistake.she stuck up her middle finger at me.
Trixie middle finger by keymakernyc  
So of course you know this means war.  I turned off my cam. Grabbed my trusty sledgehammer.
Sledgehammer by keymakernyc  
One thing this silly girl doesn't realize is one of my secret headquarters was the empty apartment across from her's that I took over.  One thing I always say about Trixie she is pretty girl sexy as hell but not that bright.  I ringed her door bell she opened up door and with out hesitation raised my sledgehammer and well you know the rest.
Bonk comic by keymakernyc  
I just love Trixie's silly faces when clunked on the head.  Her big googly eyes start rolling around and tougue comes flying out her mouth dripping drool. Her huge breast almost bursted out of already overlowing bra.  As the dazed beauty stood there wobbleing around with birds flying around her head her eyes crossed indicating she was about to go down.
.Trixie not so bad now by keymakernyc    
I blew air in her direction and down she went like a stack of bricks with a big thud.  I was done with her for the night remember all I wanted to have a quiet evening and a nice video chat. So of course I locked up my secret lair but I left Trixie on the ground barefoot in just her bra and panties.  Now for her safety I put up a force field around her door even though I left her in cuckooed in lala land I still care for her very much and don't want anything bad to happen to her.  Before I left I did kiss the bottom of her feet.
Trixie feet 2 by keymakernyc  

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