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The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sex...
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The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.


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Pix 1


                                                          Minimum Security


            From a distance it looked like a luxury resort. Then as you got closer, you could see the fences. They were not that high, but looked threatening. There were cameras around too. Then there were the guards. Several middle aged women patrolled the grounds with handcuffs, pistols, and night sticks.

            Jessica had been transferred here from a state women’s prison. Her sentence still had 5 years to go. She had been convicted for embezzlement and stock fraud. She had hidden a stash of millions and knew a way out of the country. Now, Jessica just had to get out of here. It looked pretty easy compared to her prior home! She would check it out and soon find a means to escape.

            Maggie was the senior guard on the staff. She was stationed near the edge of the large property. She used an old carriage house as an office. The area was almost beyond view of the main building, and had no cameras. There was no need. Few attempted escape, and those that had, never got this far.

            Maggie was in her 40’s and stocky. She had brown hair and had a muscular body. Maggie had been a school gym teacher, but was discharged because she liked the girls a little too much. That hadn’t changed. She carried a tranquilizer dart pistol instead of a real gun, and often had her way with attempted escapees.

            When Jessica was released for transfer, she was allowed to put her original office outfit back on. This was a rather short red dress, sheer black pantyhose, brown leather boots, and a frilly white bra and panties set.

            Jessica was 35 years old and very attractive. She had shiny light brown hair with a few blonde highlights. Her eyes were brown, and her body was sleek and slender. She was about 5 feet 5 and weighed about 115 pounds. Her legs were her major asset. They turned heads everywhere she went. Her breasts were very small. She had a tiny waist and a narrow but cute and tight butt.

            When she arrived, she was sent to a nurse’s office for a check up and a strip search. Her hands were still handcuffed behind her from transport. The nurse had her sit on an examination table. Then she said “Before I remove your handcuffs, I’m supposed to give you something.” Then she picked up a small needle and injected Jessica’s right arm.

            As the nurse was removing the cuffs, Jessica felt lightheaded. The nurse unzipped her dress and slipped it over her head. Jessica was now too weak to sit up. The nurse gently lowered her onto the table on her back. Jessica felt one of her boots being slowly unzipped. Then it was slipped off. Now the other boot was being unzipped. Jessica’s eyes were losing focus. As her second boot was being pulled off, Jessica passed out completely.

            The nurse smiled as she looked over her newest prize. She slowly pulled down Jessica’s pantyhose and slipped them off. Then she held her in a sitting position and unsnapped her bra. As it flew open, the nurse admired her tiny but perfectly formed breasts. Next she put her back in a lie down position and slowly removed her tiny panties.

            The nurse moved her naked body all around and checked everywhere. Then she installed a special patch on the back of Jessica’s neck under her hair. It was for control. Each girl had a patch, and they could be activated by computer. The women inmates could be sedated or knocked out completely by remote control. It could be done on an individual basis, or all could be activated at once in case of a riot or a mass breakout.

            The patches were foolproof. If a woman tried to remove hers, it would inject a knock out dose and send a tracking signal. They would go right to the fallen sleeping woman and bring her in and fit her with a new patch. Then she would be disciplined. The numbers on the back of their orange jumpsuits were also the patch numbers.

            Two clever girls once tried an escape. They switched suits. When the guard saw #21 going over the fence, she activated the number in the computer. When the girl didn’t fall, she didn’t understand why. Then she got a message that #15 had fallen in the yard. She suddenly realized the plan. The girls had switched suits!  She quickly fully sedated #15. Then she went to the fence and found #21 unconscious on the ground not far from the fence. She was dragged back, and both girls woke up in the discipline unit.

            Jessica woke up after about 2 hours. She was in a bright orange jumpsuit with a zipper down the front. A large number 11 was on the front and back. The remainder of her clothing, her underwear, pantyhose and boots were the same as she came in with. Then she reached behind her neck and felt the patch. The nurse warned her not to touch it. If she did, it would knock her out and send a tracking signal. She would then be disciplined. She was not told that she could be sedated or knocked out by remote control though.

Jessica spent the remainder of the day in her room. She looked out the window and checked out the grounds. She could see an area in the distance with what seemed to be a small carriage house. The fence looked lower there. She would have to check this out soon.        

The next morning, after breakfast, the women were allowed outside to walk around the grounds for exercise. Jessica started exploring. A young blonde girl named Kelly came up to her. She quickly befriended her.

Kelly had been a high end call girl. She was 26 and was here for 8 years. She had green eyes and was built like a perky cheerleader. She was about 5 foot 3 and had well rounded breasts. Her legs were bare and she was wearing sneakers. The guards let her keep them, but had removed the laces.

Kelly told Jessica the rules and ropes. Kelly warned her that she could be sedated of knocked out by remote control with the patch. She also told her about some of the guards. When Jessica asked Kelly about the small carriage hose in the distance, she didn’t know much about it. She did know however that some girls were taken there at night. They would never say why though. They were all afraid to talk it seemed.

Jessica thanked Kelly and bid her goodbye. As Kelly walked away, she noted her number. It was #15. Jessica continued to snoop around. When she got about half way to the end of the property, she was stopped by a guard and asked not to go any further. She knew now, that she must wait until after dark.

After lights out, Jessica carefully sneaked outside. She kept a low profile and advanced in small leaps like a soldier on a military mission. Soon she was where she was forced to turn back. She continued on this time and worked her way to the distant fence near the small house.

Maggie was sitting at her desk in the small house when the phone rang. She was told that someone was headed her way. She thanked the other guard and looked outside. It was dark, but the orange suit stood out. It was #11. She checked the roster. It was the newest girl Jessica. Ah fresh meat!  She waited for her to get closer. She thought about sedating her with the computer. Then she thought otherwise. She didn’t want anyone to know. She would dart her instead.

Jessica went around the small house. It was dark inside. Maggie had turned off the lights. Jessica worked her way to the fence. There was a spot with a stone wall half as high as the fence. She climbed up on the wall. When she lifted her right leg to go over the fence she felt a sudden sting in her right thigh.

Jessica reached around and pulled a feathered dart out of her leg. She tossed it on the ground and continued her escape. As she lifted her leg back up, she became dizzy and lost her balance. She fell off the stone wall onto the grass below. As she tried to get up, her vision became blurred. She saw an older woman approach her. Jessica was too out of it to even realize what had happened.

Maggie approached her new prey with flashlight in hand. She was on the ground and her eyes were glazed and fluttering. She watched for a few seconds and then saw Jessica’s eyes roll and close. Then her head slumped to the side as she passed out. Maggie put the flashlight in her pocket and grabbed Jessica from under her arms. She dragged her to the carriage house and carried her inside over her shoulder. Then she placed Jessica’s totally limp body on a small sofa and turned on the lights.

Maggie was awestruck at her beauty! She was hers now! She would be out from the dart for several hours. When she woke up she would be given options. For now though, it was time to play. Maggie slowly pulled the zipper of Jessica’s jump suit all the way down. Then she held her up and slipped it off her shoulders and tossed it on the floor.

Next she slowly unzipped Jessica’s boots and eased them off. Her legs and feet in the pantyhose would amuse her for some time. But first she had to see those breasts. She lifted her up and unsnapped her white lace bra. The boobs were tiny and precious! Maggie had a thing for small breasts! Oh yes, this one was special all right. She played with her stocking legs and feet until she started to wake up. Then she handcuffed her.

When Jessica woke up, she as groggy and disoriented. She was in her underpants and pantyhose. Then she saw Maggie standing over her and was startled. Maggie spoke softly.

“You are in a lot of trouble now #11.” Maggie said. “I have you for attempted escape. If I turn you in, you will get 3 more years.”

Jessica begged “Please don’t turn me in! I’ll do anything you want!”

Maggie told her that she would have to come to her in the evenings whenever asked. Jessica agreed. Then Maggie told her that she had something for her to wear.

            Jessica watched as Maggie picked up a white dust mask and strapped it over her nose and mouth. Then Maggie opened a brown bottle. “Chloroform” it said on the label. Jessica was frightened! Wasn’t that supposed to knock you out? Jessica watched in horror as Maggie poured some on the front of the dust mask right under her nose.

            The fumes were sweet and intense. Jessica felt lightheaded right away. Maggie told her to relax and breathe normally. Soon Jessica could hear a dull ringing in her ears. Next her eyes lost focus and started blinking on their own. She tried to stay awake, but it was hopeless. Her eyes suddenly rolled up into her head and she collapsed onto the sofa.

            Maggie was all smiles as she watched her new plaything pass out. She slowly peeled of her pantyhose. Then she carefully slipped Jessica’s tiny panties down and off. She left the mask on her and cradle carried her into her bedroom. After she placed the very limp Jessica on the bed, she removed her own clothes. Then she enjoyed Jessica in every possible way.

            When Jessica finally woke up, she was on her back on a bed, totally naked and her hands were cuffed over her head and through the bed frame. Soon Maggie entered the room and introduced herself. She told Jessica that she would be going back to her room soon. If she told anyone, she would be turned in for escaping. She would be escorted back here by the guards often from now on.

            Jessica listened in total disgust. She had been sucked in and made a sex slave on her first day. She would play along. She had no choice. She would find a way to escape anyway though. She was fairly confident. Right now she had other problems though. Maggie had the bottle of chloroform and was pouring some on a small white cloth.

            Maggie approached the helpless Jessica with the dripping wet cloth. She then gently, but firmly held it over Jessica’s nose and mouth. Jessica umpped and tried to pull away, but it was hopeless. There was nowhere to go. She was still groggy from the previous drugging also. Jessica finally just gave in and inhaled willingly. She passed out completely after about 30 seconds.

            Maggie undid the handcuffs and slowly re-dressed the limp Jessica. When she was fully dressed, she let her sleep off the chloroform. Then after she woke up, she escorted her back to the main building. She turned her over to another guard there and told the guard to bring her to the carriage house after sundown tomorrow.

            Jessica was escorted back to her room. She would talk to Kelly about Maggie in the morning. She wouldn’t tell her what happened though. She didn’t know if she could trust her. This was not going to be as easy as she thought. They could track her and sedate her by remote control with the patch. They knocked her out for the strip search. The guard knocked her out with a dart and chloroform! So much for “minimum security”!


Pix 2


            It was 9 AM and time for Kelly to report to the nurse. She had been reporting for 6 weeks. It was only once a week now. In the beginning it had been every day. Kelly had been caught in an escape plot, and had aided another inmate by switching jump suits. The other girl Carol was ordered to report to Maggie for discipline. Kelly had to report to the nurse. Kelly had never had a chance to talk to Carol since the escape attempt. Carol was moved to another building.

            Kelly wondered what would happen at today’s session. In all sessions so far, the nurse had her sit on the table. Then she gave her an injection in the arm. Kelly would pass out within a minute, and wake up hours later. After that, she was allowed to leave. Lately she had been waking up after two or three hours. In the beginning it was much longer though. She was out for the entire day sometimes.

            The beautiful 26 year old blonde didn’t really worry about what went on while she was under anymore. It was way better than other forms of discipline. She had been a call girl for years and there was little anyone could do to her body, that hadn’t already been done. Still she wondered what the nurse meant when she said that today would be different though.

            As usual Kelly was asked to sit on the nurse’s examination table. This time there was no shot though. The nurse had a black rubber mask with 2 hoses attached to it. She placed it over Kelly’s nose and mouth, and fastened a strap behind her head to hold it firmly in place. Then she put her arm around Kelly’s shoulder and turned on a valve.

            Kelly could hear a hissing sound and the fumes smelled sweet. There was some kind of fruit scenting to the gas. As Kelly inhaled she felt relaxed and disconnected. If the nurse wasn’t holding her, she surely would have fallen down after about 30 seconds. Her head was light as a feather and everything was spinning around.

            The nurse smiled and held Kelly firmly as she continued to inhale the powerful sleeping gas. Kelly’s beautiful green eyes had blinked a few times, but were now beginning a rapid flutter. It was about that time! Suddenly Kelly’s eyes rolled up and closed tightly and her head went totally limp on the nurse’s arm. She continued to hold Kelly in that position for several minutes as the gas hissed on.

            Finally the nurse carefully lowered Kelly’s limp body to the examination table. She placed her on her back, but left the mask on and the gas running. The nurse slowly pulled the zipper of Kelly’s orange jumpsuit all the way down and pulled it open. Next she slipped her sneakers off. Since she was not allowed laces since the escape, they slipped off easily. Kelly’s bare legs and feet were awesome.

            The nurse lifted Kelly into a sitting position and removed her jumpsuit completely. Then she put her on her back again and admired her in just her bra and panties. They were a pink matched set and were shiny and easy to see through. The nurse slipped Kelly’s bra straps off her shoulders. Her breasts were larger than average. When the nurse lifted her to sitting position, the boobs started to pop out over the top of the bra now that the straps were down.

            When the nurse reached behind Kelly and unsnapped the bra, it flew open and the breasts popped out to play! The nurse quickly pulled the bra off completely and tossed it aside. Now it was time to put Kelly on her back and slip off her panties. She was a real silky haired blonde everywhere! The nurse tossed the panties aside and turned off the gas.

            When the nurse lifted Kelly’s head up to remove the mask, she was delightfully limp. She had inhaled the gas for 15 minutes now! Kelly would be out for several hours. The nurse opened Kelly’s mouth slightly to complete the look. Then she got her camera and snapped some photos. When enough pictures were taken, the nurse cradle carried Kelly into an infirmary room and placed her on a bed. The nurse then undressed and had her way with Kelly’s limp body for nearly two hours.

            When the two hour mark approached, the nurse carried Kelly back to the table and strapped on the gas mask once more. Kelly never woke up. This time she left the gas on for over twenty minutes. Then she removed the mask and dressed Kelly in a black string bikini and took more pictures. This went on for hours. Outfit after outfit, picture after picture, then more gas and back to the infirmary room.

            Kelly woke up on the examination table dressed exactly as she was when she went to sleep. It was nearly six! She went under at just after nine. She was helped off the table by the nurse and was sent to dinner. Kelly felt lightheaded and dreamy as she walked away. She had to return in 3 days now. As Kelly went to dinner, she saw Jessica being led away by a male guard. It was only her second night here. Could Jessica be in trouble already?

            Jessica was in trouble all right! Maggie had her under her power, and Maggie had a lot of power indeed! But her troubles with Maggie would come later. Jim was a heavy set guard about 30 years old. He lifted weights and had huge arm and shoulder muscles. Jim had a foot fetish and especially like boots and pantyhose. Jessica was wearing both, and he was told to bring her to the carriage house at 9. She had no way to know that though. He picked her up a 6 and led her his own way.

            Jim had a friend in the office. He told her Jessica’s number and she would activate her patch to sedate her any minute. After about 5 more minutes, she would be put to sleep completely by computer. Jim had a place in mind already and was walking her in that direction.

            It was almost completely dark now and Jessica wasn’t sure where she was being led. It seemed like a roundabout route to her, but she didn’t say anything. She could not afford any more trouble. As she was led past a small building, she suddenly felt lightheaded. She continued to walk, but was beginning to stagger. Suddenly, Jim put his strong arm around her and helped her around the side of the building. It was a supply shed. Jim opened the door with a key and led the sleepy Jessica inside. It was very dimly lit inside.

            Jessica could no longer stand up by herself. As Jim picked her up and began to cradle carry her, she felt relaxed and safe in his strong arms. He put her down gently on a wooden bench. Jim sat on the bench and put Jessica on her back with her legs over his lap. Then he began to slowly unzip her left boot.

            Jessica knew what was happening, but could not seem to move. She could feel her boot being unzipped and gently slipped off. Then he started to unzip the other one. Soon, it too was removed and tossed on the floor. Jessica was way past caring. She lay in a relaxed and dreamy state, staring at the ceiling of the small shed. All of a sudden she felt the zipper of her jump suit being pulled down. She tried to lift an arm to stop it, but her arms were limp as noodles. She lay there helpless as the zipper was pulled all the way down.

            Jim was watching Jessica’s eyes carefully. She should have passed out by now! Then it finally happened. Her eyes began a delicious rapid fluttering. Then in a few seconds they rolled up and closed fully. Her head slumped to the left as she went out completely. She was his now!

            Jim removed her jump suit and bra. He wasn’t into breasts that small, so he focused on her panty hosed legs and feet. They were way beyond his expectations. He played with them for several hours. He must have put her boots back on just to take them off again 10 times! Then he dressed her and waited for her to wake up.

            Jessica woke up nearly 2 hours later and felt great. There was no more dizziness. She got up and walked out of the shed on Jim’s arm. She asked Jim what had happened. He told her that she got dizzy and passed out. She really couldn’t remember anything. She continued to walk at a steady pace until they reached the carriage house. Jim knocked on the door and waited.

            Maggie came to the door and led Jessica inside. She told Jim to pick her up and take her back to her room at midnight. Then he left. Jessica was told to sit in a large stuffed chair.

            Jessica didn’t know what would come next. When Maggie returned with a small white cloth and a bottle of chloroform, she soon knew her fate. She sat quietly and didn’t move. Maggie pulled the lever on the chair and put Jessica in a reclined position. Then she soaked the cloth with what seemed like too much chloroform. Jessica choked on the strong fumes as the cloth was held tightly over her nose and mouth.

            Maggie was speaking now. She told her to breathe normally and relax. Then she warned her not to resist. If she did as she was told, she would not be harmed or turned in for escaping. Suddenly Maggie’s words were difficult to understand. She sounded far away. Jessica could not see either. Everything was a blur. Maggie said “There now, that’s a good girl.” That’s the last thing Jessica remembered.

            Maggie held the cloth on her for over a minute after she passed out. She wanted her deeply under for a while. As she lifted her first leg to remove her boot, she realized just how out she was. Jessica was as limp as a rag doll. Just the way Maggie wanted her. She slipped off her boots first. Then she took off her jump suit. Her pantyhose were carefully peeled off next. Finally she carried her over her shoulder to the bedroom in just her bra and panties.

            Maggie played with Jessica for several hours. Then she started to wake up. Now for the real fun and games Maggie decided.

            Jessica woke up on a bed in just her bra and panties. Maggie was standing over her. Maggie told her to remove her bra. Jessica obediently reached behind her back and undid both snaps. Then she pulled it off as she was told and laid it on the bed. Maggie took the bra from the bed and put several tissues inside one of the cups. Then she opened the bottle of chloroform and soaked the tissues thoroughly. She handed it back to Jessica.

            Maggie was talking again. She said “I think you know what to do with this bra now.” Jessica held the cup with the chloroform soaked tissues over her nose and mouth and inhaled normally. Maggie watched as Jessica slowly and helplessly passed out again. Then Maggie tied the bra around the back of Jessica’s head to keep the chloroformed cup in place. Maggie had her way with Jessica’s limp body for several more hours.

            Jessica woke up suddenly and was in just her panties now. Maggie was still there. Jessica looked at the clock. It was after 1. She asked why Jim hadn’t come for her yet. Maggie said that she called him and told him that they were a little behind schedule. Then she ordered Jessica to remove her panties. Jessica complied. She already had a pretty good idea of what would come next.

            Maggie took the panties and opened the bottle of chloroform. Then she poured so much on them, that the excess dripped on the floor. Maggie then gently held the soaking wet panties over Jessica’s nose and mouth.

            Jessica’s mind reeled from the intense fumes. She was dizzy almost instantly and passed out within 20 seconds. She felt like she was spinning in a free fall as she went out.

            Maggie smiled and pulled the panties away after a few seconds. Then she wrung them out and hung them to dry next to her bra. While they were drying, Maggie enjoyed Jessica’s totally limp, and now nude body. After an hour or so, she began to re-dress the still unconscious prisoner. Then she placed her back in the reclined chair.

            Jessica woke up about an hour later. She was dizzy and disoriented. She was back in the chair fully dressed. She seemed to remember a bedroom. Then there was something about her bra. She felt it and it was there and dry. Then she reached under her pantyhose and felt her panties. They were dry too. Was it all a dream? She had been drugged so much, that she couldn’t be sure. Anyway, it was over. Jim was there to take her back.

            Jim enjoyed the walk back with her. She was delightfully drowsy and had to lean on him all the way. He liked that. Nothing was more fun than taking a sleepy girl home and putting her to bed. Once he had her inside her room he called his friend Laura in the office. That was the favor he owed her. Then he left.

            Jessica sat on the edge of her bed and unzipped her boots. As she slipped the first boot off, Jessica suddenly went limp and fell back onto the bed. She never knew what hit her.

            Laura had knocked her out her by computer right after Jim’s call. Now she was entering Jessica’s room with her pass key.  Jessica was out like a light, and was on her back on the bed. She still had one of her boots on. That was a good thing. Laura liked boots and pantyhose too! For the next 3 hours Laura would now enjoy the limp Jessica. What a friend she had in Jim and vice versa. Ah life was good!

Carol was in a very small room in a special building. She had been there for 6 weeks since her last escape attempt. Carol was already in for 15 years when she was caught the first time. That time she was given 3 more years for her trouble. This time was even worse. Maggie had agreed not to turn her in and get her sentence increased. Instead she had to report to Maggie often for so called discipline.

            Carol was 24 and pretty tough and street smart. She had been a model in the city. Carol did pantyhose and underwear modeling mostly, and had a great body. She had long silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She was 5 foot 5 and slender with long and shapely legs. Her feet were especially attractive too.

            One day a photographer got out of hand during a bra and panties shoot and she hit him with the camera tripod. He went down, and she thought he was just unconscious. She got dressed and went home. It turned out that he was dead, and the police soon came and arrested her. Since she was so attractive, she was sent here instead of the regular women’s prison.

            Carol had been kept isolated since her last escape attempt. She was worried about what had happened to Kelly, the girl that tried to help her. There was nothing she could do for now though. Carol was due to be brought to Maggie in less than an hour.

            Carol remembered the first time she had to go to the carriage house. Maggie made her take a pill and drink some wine. Soon she felt sleepy and dreamy, and remembered Maggie starting to undress her. Her jumpsuit zipper was slowly pulled down. Then she remembered it being pulled off over her shoulders. The next thing Carol knew she woke up naked on a bed with a needle taped to her arm.

            Carol remembered trying to pull the needle out, but her arm wouldn’t move. Then Maggie pushed the needle’s plunger in slightly. Carol passed out instantly. Then later when she woke up, she could hear Maggie’s voice. She asked question after question. Carol answered every one without hesitation. Then the questions became very revealing about sexual fantasies. Carol tried to resist. Maggie injected her with more of the drug and she passed out again.

            That was all Carol could remember. She knew that she had revealed every secret in her life to Maggie though. She knew her fears, phobias, and sexual preferences. Carol was into both men and women. She also had a sleepy fetish. As a child she always imagined what it would be like to be put to sleep. Maggie could now totally control her.

            The first time that Maggie had given her chloroform; she pulled the cloth away just before she passed out. Then when she became more alert, she would give her more. It went on and on and drove Carol up the wall. Carol desperately wanted to slip under completely. Maggie kept depriving her though. Then she made Carol promise things. In that vulnerable “nearly out” state, Carol only knew one answer. “Yes!” After she would say yes to several demands, Maggie would finally put her under completely.

            After 6 weeks of almost daily treatments and drugging, Carol was a total slave to Maggie. She would get down on her knees and beg to be put to sleep. She would do anything Maggie wanted. Tonight she was told that she would get a special treat. She waited patiently for the guard to come for her.

            When Carol finally entered the carriage house, she knew somehow that things were different. Maggie was smiling and had her sit on the sofa. Now Maggie was pouring chloroform on a small square of white cloth. Carol hoped she would put her all the way under right away.

            As soon as Carol was getting lightheaded, Maggie pulled the cloth away. Maggie told her not to worry and that she would be going to sleep soon. She had never promised anything like that before. Now Maggie was removing Carol’s jumpsuit. Carol helped, and it was quickly removed and tossed aside. Carol was now in a skimpy black bra and panties set with ultra sheer nude colored pantyhose and black sling back high heels.

            Maggie decided to sedate Carol a little further before continuing to undress her. This time she held the cloth until her eyes started to flutter. Carol’s sleepy head fell back onto the sofa as Maggie began to remove her shoes. Maggie could have easily just slipped them off. Instead she unbuckled the straps first and then slipped the shoes off. After that, she carefully peeled off Carol’s sheer pantyhose.

            Carol was barely aware of what was happening. She was too far gone from the chloroform. Now Maggie was sitting beside her with the cloth in her hand. Maggie placed her arm around Carol and held the cloth ever close to her nose. Carol instinctively inhaled deeply to try and put herself under. Maggie pulled the cloth away to keep her awake just a little longer.

            Maggie spoke softly. She told Carol that Kelly and a new girl that she didn’t know named Jessica would be there soon. They would be making a video. Carol would get to put both girls’ to sleep and play with them. It would all be recorded on video. Carol was very excited. Now Maggie held the cloth firmly on Carol and told her it was time for her to go to sleep. As Carol’s eyes began to flutter, Maggie said “sweet dreams.” Carol’s eyes then closed and her head fell limp on Maggie’s shoulder. Maggie held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and pulled it away.

            When Jessica and Kelly were brought in, Carol was out like a light with her head resting on the back of the sofa in just her bra and panties set. Her mouth was half way open. The girls didn’t ask why she was out. They knew Maggie had put her to sleep. They both knew the routine by now. Tonight wouldn’t be anything like the normal routine though.

            Maggie ordered Kelly and Jessica to remove their jumpsuits. Maggie took them and put them aside. Next the girls were told to sit on the sofa on either side of Carol. Maggie soaked the cloth with chloroform and held it on Kelly first. When her eyes began to flutter, she pulled it away and held it on Jessica. When Jessica’s eyes were fluttering, she pulled it away and started the camera.

            The camera was on a tripod and a wide angle lens showed the width of the sofa and then some. Unconscious Carol was in the center, and the heavily sedated Jessica was on the right and sleepy Kelly on the left. All was ready. Maggie waited for Carol to wake up.

            When Carol woke up, she saw Kelly first. Kelly’s eyes were glazed and sleepy looking. Then she turned around and saw Jessica. Carol was entranced by her immediately. She looked glassy eyed and drugged as well. Now Kelly was asking her if she was all right and kissing her. Carol kissed her back and answered.

            Maggie handed the wet chloroform cloth to Carol and told her it was time to put Kelly to sleep and remove her sneakers. Carol took the cloth and gently placed it over Kelly’s nose and mouth. Kelly inhaled normally and was not afraid of Carol. Carol on the other hand was in fantasy overdrive as she watched the helpless Kelly slowly pass out! Soon Kelly was totally limp with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Carol pulled the cloth away and placed it on the sofa.

            Next Carol got up off the sofa, got down on her knees, and slipped off Kelly’s sneakers. Once they were off, Maggie suggested that Jessica should be relieved of her big heavy boots. As Carol turned that way and reached for one of Jessica’s boot zippers, Maggie told her to stop. “Put her to sleep first!” Maggie ordered.

            Jessica sat disgusted as she helplessly watched Carol pick up the cloth. Maggie came over and snatched it from her. She soaked it with fresh chloroform first. Then she handed the cloth back to Carol and told her to proceed. Jessica braced herself as the now dripping cloth was placed over her nose and mouth.

            Jessica could only cooperate. There was no other way. Carol tingled all over inside as she watched Jessica’s beautiful eyes go into rapid flutter. Soon they rolled closed and Jessica fell limp against the back of the sofa. Carol held the cloth on her a little longer and then put it down.

            Carol was soon on her knees ever so slowly unzipping Jessica’s boots and slipping them off. Once the boots were put aside, Carol began to rub Jessica’s legs to enjoy the pantyhose. Being a pantyhose model, Carol loved the feel of nylon. She played with them for about 10 minutes until Maggie told her to take them off.

            Carol slowly peeled off the sheer hose. Jessica’s legs were awesome! Maggie took the hose from her and asked her to sit on the sofa. Maggie said “so you like pantyhose do you?” “Why don’t you sniff them?”

            Carol held Jessica’s pantyhose up to her nose and inhaled in ecstasy. Then she saw Maggie open the bottle of chloroform. Maggie took the hose from Carol’s hands and poured chloroform all over them. Then she handed them back to Carol.

            Carol didn’t need any prompting! She held the soaked hose over her nose and mouth and inhaled her deepest. She kept looking at Maggie, thinking it was too good to be true. She thought Maggie would take them away before she went under. To Carol’s surprise, Maggie didn’t interfere at all. She let Carol go all the way under. After Carol passed out, Maggie rested her limp head in Kelly’s lap and left the soaked hose on her face for now to keep her under.

            Kelly was waking up. Maggie took the still soaked pantyhose off of Carol’s face, and held them in her right hand. She waited for the right moment that she knew would come.

            Kelly woke up dreamy and saw Maggie standing over her. Then she looked in her lap and saw Carol’s limp head there. Then Maggie spoke. “Carol likes pantyhose. These are Jessica’s. Carol was sniffing them. I want to see what you look like in these but they are too wet now you see. In fact I think they are still wet enough to put you under! Why don’t we try them now?” 

            Kelly umpped as the soaking wet hose were placed over her nose and mouth. She was dizzy within a few seconds. Everything was spinning around like she was falling. There was little question that they were wet enough as far as Kelly was concerned. Her eyes were blinking and losing focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Maggie smiled as she watched Kelly pass out and go limp once more. Then she waited for Jessica to wake up. She left the still damp hose on the sofa next to Kelly.

            Jessica was awake now. She looked around as her eyes came back into focus. Kelly and Carol were still out. Maggie was giving her instructions now. Jessica stood up as ordered. Next she lifted Carol up and removed her bra. Carol, now topless, was placed in a sitting position next to Kelly. Now it was time to remove Kelly’s bra. Jessica unsnapped it and slipped it off of Kelly’s limp body.

            Maggie picked Jessica’s pantyhose up from the sofa. She held them up and told Jessica how Carol sniffed them and put herself to sleep. Then she explained how she put Kelly under with them. Next, Maggie opened the chloroform bottle and re-soaked the hose for Jessica. As Maggie held the soaked hose over Jessica’s nose and mouth she told her that it was only fair that she be put under with them now. After all they were her pantyhose to start with.

            Jessica inhaled willingly. Actually she felt kind of erotic being put under with her own hose! When Jessica heard that the others had been put under by them, it excited her even more for some reason. She breathed her deepest ever now.  Jessica went under much quicker than normal this time. The dose was heavy and the hose didn’t absorb much. Within 30 seconds she was long gone. Maggie held the hose on her for another 30 seconds after she was out. Then she pulled them away and unsnapped Jessica’s bra and removed it. Jessica was placed against the back of the sofa topless just like the others.

 Maggie stepped back and looked into the camera viewer. Yes, everything was in perfect frame. It was all on tape. Maggie watched her 3 topless sleeping beauties while she decided how their panties would be removed when they woke up. She already had a few scenarios in mind. Perhaps she would let Carol decide and direct that scene….








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                                  Over The Hill Model                                     Over the Hill Model


            Lindsay’s car was making noises as she drove down the highway. She was broke and in trouble. She had been out of work for months and her landlord was about to throw her out. Lindsay had just applied for a job and failed to get it. She was on her way home now. The car was nearly out of gas and sounded like it was going to die. She was very worried. She owed thousands and had no prospects.

            Lindsay used to be a model. She was 33 now and jobs were dwindling. She wasn’t trained for anything else. Her once yellow blonde hair was turning brown. Her large breasts were sagging and she needed a support bra. She still looked great in clothes though. She was 5 foot 5 and had great legs. Her blue eyes stood out from her perfect “cover girl” type complexion.

            She went to the interview dressed like a 25-year-old. She wore a white see through blouse and a denim mini skirt. Her pantyhose were sheer and black and her boots were shiny brown leather. It hadn’t helped. They still wanted someone younger.

            The engine was really getting loud now. There was a sudden noise and it stopped. The car coasted to a stop as she reached the side of the road. She had remembered passing a gas station not too far back. She hadn’t stopped since she didn’t have any money. Now she had no options. She walked back to the station.

            A young guy named Jon was closing the station when she got there. She told him of her problem. He said he could tow the car back to the station, but could not do anything with it until tomorrow. Without letting on she was broke, she let him tow the car. At least it would get it off the road for now. She rode with him in the Jeep and directed him to the car. Once they reached her car, he connected the winch and began to tow it back to the station. On the way back Lindsay noticed he was looking at her legs.

            Lindsay had been used to getting her way with men. She had to hook this one and fast or she would be stranded. She crossed her leg and slowly unzipped her right boot. Then she took it off and shook it out. She rested it on the floor of the Jeep and took off the other one as well. Then she turned that boot upside down and pretended to shake it out as well.

            She could see that her ploy was working. He was so busy watching that the Jeep was all over the road. She waited for him to park the Jeep before she put her boots back on. Then she did it slowly waving her sheer black nylon encased legs around. Once she was finished he got out of the Jeep and lowered her car to the driveway. Then he invited her to have a drink with him at a bar across the street. She said yes and they headed for the bar together.

            They sat in a booth and ordered drinks. Jon was 25 and about 6 feet tall. He had broad shoulders and was slightly overweight. His hair was long and blonde and not well groomed. While they were waiting for the drinks, Lindsay excused herself and went to the ladies room. As soon as she left, the drinks came. When no one was watching, Jon put one Rohypnol pill in her drink. He moved the swizzle stick around to dissolve it.

            When Lindsay returned, they began to drink and she asked him some questions. She admitted that she had money problems and he didn’t seem worried. Jon told her that he lived in a trailer behind the station. He also mentioned that he had a friend that might be able to get her a modeling job. Lindsay’s beautiful blue eyes widened! She was feeling more relaxed by the minute. Too relaxed!  She suddenly had trouble sitting up. He moved over to her side of the booth and sat next to her. As he put his arm around her she dropped her sleepy head onto his strong shoulder. That was the last thing she would remember.

            He started kissing her and she kissed back with abandon. Lindsay no longer had any idea what she was doing. She was totally putty in his arms. He knew he didn’t have much time. She would pass out completely in a few minutes. He helped her up, paid for the drinks, and with his arm tightly around her, helped her back to his trailer. She didn’t quite make it. About 10 feet from the door she went limp in his arms. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her the rest of the way.

            He opened the door and carried her inside. Then he laid her on her back on the bed. He stepped back and looked in awe at her unconscious and very beautiful body. Not many girls looking like this came through here alone! He had gotten lucky. He slowly unzipped and removed her boots. Then he played with her black stocking encased legs and feet for a while. The shades were down and it was now dark. There was no one anywhere around to hear her scream. He locked the door with the key and hid it in his pocket. Then he hid her boots and purse in his locker.

            After about 3 hours Lindsay woke up. Everything was fuzzy. She didn’t remember anything after the drink. Jon was standing over her. Her boots were off and nowhere in sight.  He told her to relax. She would be staying the night. In the morning he had a friend that wanted to meet her about a job. While she was meeting with his friend, Jon said that he would fix her car. She reminded him that she didn’t have any money. Then she asked where she was and how she got there.

            Jon told her that she had passed out in the bar. He had carried her to his trailer. He didn’t know what else to do. While she was asleep he checked her car. It would need a new engine. I would cost about 2 thousand dollars. He lied and said that he had left her boots and purse in the bar across the street. 

            Lindsay was terrified and broken in spirit. She was helpless without her boots and purse and was even more in debt than before. She had no idea what she would do. Then he told her more about his friend. He made damsel in distress videos. The girls were captured and bound in various states of undress. She asked if she could see one of the videos. Lindsay was horrified at the idea, but had to humor him. He went to a shelf and grabbed a tape. After he placed it in the VCR, he sat down next to her. When he put his arm around her and told her to relax, she leaned against him.

            The movie started with a pretty young blonde getting out of her car. A man in a ski mask came up from behind her and held a white cloth that looked wet over her nose and mouth. She tried to scream, but the cloth muffled her words. She struggled violently, but he lifted her off the ground and held her tightly. After about 30 seconds she stopped struggling. He was telling her to relax and take deep breaths. Her eyes began to flutter as she inhaled deeply. Then suddenly her eyes rolled closed and she went as limp as a rag doll in his arms. He held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and then threw her over his shoulder.

            He carried her limp body to a van, placed her in the back of it, and drove away. Finally the van parked in front of a house, and the man carried her still limp body inside. Once inside he placed her in a kitchen chair and tied her hands behind her back. Then he tied her ankles to the chair legs. Another rope was placed around her waist to hold her to the chair. Then he took a scarf and knotted it in the middle. He stuffed the knot in her mouth and tied it around her head. The still unconscious girl was now bound and gagged and totally helpless.

            When the girl woke up she slowly began to struggle to get free. It was hopeless. Then she tried to scream but only faint muffled sounds came out. Then the man with the mask came into the room. There was sheer terror in the girl’s eyes. The man spoke softly. He told her she would be safe if she was a good girl. Then he told her she needed something to relax her. He picked up a brown bottle from the counter and poured some liquid on a white rag. Then he walked over to her and held it over her face.

            This time struggle was not an option. She could not move at all. Her terrified eyes were soon fluttering again. Then her head fell limp against the back of the chair. She was all the way out again like before. This time he held the cloth there much longer after she was out. When he pulled it away, she was deeply under and totally helpless. It sent shivers down Lindsay’s trembling body. Still somehow there was something strangely erotic about it she thought.

            Jon stopped the tape. Lindsay asked how much the girl was paid. He told her $300 a day plus a hundred-dollar bonus for each knockout scene. He said that the girls were knocked out several times in each video. Then she asked how the girls were knocked out. With chloroform he said. We pour it on a cloth and hold it over her nose. It only lasts about 20 minutes to an hour depending on how long we hold it there after she’s out. Then he mentioned that there was bonus pay for partial or full nudity.

            Lindsay was appalled at the idea. Once she was unconscious, these creeps could do whatever they wanted to her. But then there was the practical side. It paid a lot of money, and it might at least get her car fixed and get her out of there. Then she saw Jon holding a brown bottle and a cloth. She said, “Wait a minute! No way are you putting me under now!” He told her to relax and that he was just going to show her how it was done and give her a little so she could see what it felt like.

            Lindsay wasn’t thrilled, but agreed to go along. He soaked the cloth and sat down on the bed beside her and put his arm around her. He told her to relax and breathe normally and describe how she felt. He promised to pull it away before she went out completely. She rested her head on his strong shoulder and inhaled. The first breath had strong fumes and she jolted a little. Then she inhaled again. Her ears started a dull ringing sound and she felt a little lightheaded. As she continued to inhale her vision got fuzzy. She warned him that she was about to pass out. Her eyes were beginning to flutter. He pulled the cloth away.

            Lindsay wasn’t afraid anymore. He had pulled it away like he promised. She felt sleepy but OK. Then her head started pounding. She complained about her head pounding, and he told her that a little more would fix that. He placed the cloth over her face again and she inhaled. He was right. The pounding went away quickly. Then her eyes were fluttering again. He asked her how she felt now. She could barely speak. She said she was about to pass out again. He asked “are you sure you want me to pull it away this time?” She started to say yes but the word never came. Her eyes closed and her head fell limp on his shoulder. He pulled the cloth away quickly. He would let her have a little nap.

            Lindsay woke up after about 15 minutes and was on her side on the bed. Her head was clear and she was still fully dressed. He was there smiling.  He told her she needed to go under for a few minutes so she wouldn’t have that hangover feeling. Then he went into the kitchen. Is this all there is to it? She wondered. Going under was quite pleasant compared to some things she had done, but she still wondered about his friend and if she could trust them. After all, once she was under she had no control. That still worried her. Right now she was just with him though and so far he had been good to her, or so it seemed.

            She would take a chance. She would have him put her under again for a longer time. She would test him. If he failed she would not meet his friend and go any further. But how could she tell. She unbuttoned the third button on her blouse. Then she unsnapped one of her bra hooks. If he undressed her while she was out she would know. He would fasten both bra hooks or re- button the button on her blouse.

            He came back in a few minutes. She asked him if he would put her under for an hour his time so she could see how she felt afterwards. He was surprised, but was quickly soaking the cloth. Lindsay shuddered when she saw how much he was pouring on the cloth this time. She strongly considered changing her mind. The cloth was on her now. She was swooning quickly since there was so much on the cloth, and also because she had already been under. She quickly forgot about the danger as she inhaled the fumes. She went out suddenly this time.  There were no warning signs at all. She was just gone. He held the cloth there for over a minute.

            Now it was time to explore her further. He held her up and unbuttoned her blouse. Then he slipped it off and began to pull her skirt from around her. Once the blouse and skirt were off, he slowly peeled off her pantyhose. He tossed everything on the floor and removed her bra next. Her huge boobs popped out and fell loose. They were awesome! He left her panties on for now. He played with her limp body for nearly an hour. Then he tied her hands behind her back with a silk scarf. He used her own pantyhose to bind her ankles. Then he waited for her to wake up. He had the bottle and the cloth ready.

            When Lindsay woke up she was groggy for a few minutes. Then she was shocked to find out she had been stripped and bound. She was furious and glared at Jon. All she had on were a tiny pair of white bikini panties that barely covered anything! Now she was scared.

            Jon told her to relax, and that he wanted her to get used to what would happen in the video. She would wake up bound and would be missing clothing. That meant nothing to her and she ordered him to untie her at once. Then she watched in horror as he started to heavily soak the cloth with more chloroform. He placed it over her face he said that he wanted to see her without her panties and he would need to put her to sleep to remove them.

            “Oh my god he’s a perv!” she thought and she thrashed around for all she was worth. It didn’t help a bit. She wasn’t going anywhere and the cloth was well soaked. She was out again in less than a minute. This time he untied her pantyhose from her ankles and used them to tie the cloth over her face. Once the cloth was secured he slowly removed her panties as if he were unwrapping a long awaited gift. Finally they were at her ankles and he slowly finished the job and threw them on the floor.

            Jon had his way with her limp body for several hours. Then he poured more chloroform on the cloth. He kept her under all night. Then in the morning he dressed her and allowed her to awaken with just her hands bound. She awoke confused. Her clothes were back on. Had it been a dream? Wait it was light outside! Her blouse was fully buttoned. She couldn’t check her bra with her hands tied but she was sure she had been stripped. As she tried to get up, Jon entered the room with another man. He was older and looked like a real creep. Lindsay was terrified.

            He introduced her to his friend Bill. She was not impressed. She said, “you can’t force me to do this.” They both laughed. Bill said he would like to see all of her now. She started to get up. Bill stood alongside of the bed and held her down. Jon was soaking the cloth again! He placed it over her nose and mouth and said, “don’t worry! We’ll put you deeply under before we strip and explore you.”

            Those words were somehow less than comforting! Lindsay fought to no avail. Soon her eyes were losing focus and she knew she was out of time. She surrendered and took a few deep breaths. Her eyes were in rapid flutter again. Suddenly they rolled closed and she went limp in Bill’s strong arms. Jon held the cloth on her for a while. Then they both stripped her. This time they turned her over and looked at her awesome nude backside. Oh yes she would do very nicely.

            They wrapped her naked body in a blanket and put her in the back of a van. Bill drove and Jon rode in the back holding the bottle and the cloth. The ride to Bill’s studio would take several hours. Jon would have to keep her quiet along the way.  He couldn’t wait for her to wake up, so he could put her under again. He would have to do it several times during the ride.  

            Lindsay woke up suddenly and tried to sit up. Then she realized she was totally naked and in a moving vehicle. As she tried to sit up the blanket fell from around her, and Jon got a look at her awesome bare breasts. She grabbed the blanket and quickly pulled it back over her. Then she watched in horror as Jon poured chloroform on a large white rag. She pleaded with him not to put her under again and promised she would cooperate.

            Jon said that he had to at least put her part way under for the ride. She wasn’t thrilled, but it was better than the alternative. He held the cloth on her until her eyes began to flutter. Then he pulled it away. Next he told her that she didn’t need that much blanket around her and exposed her to her waist. She tried to stop him, but she couldn’t move. When she protested vocally he put the cloth back over her face.


            Lindsay tried to turn her head to the side, but he just held the cloth in place and followed her. This time he almost knocked her out completely. Her eyes were starting to roll up into her head when he pulled it away. Now he pushed the blanket down even further. She was exposed to her knees. She felt uneasy being naked in front of him. She tried to grab the blanket and pull it up. He yanked it away and tossed it aside. Now she had no cover at all!

            It didn’t matter; he was pouring more chloroform on the rag. He held it over her face again and waited till her eyes were fluttering. Then he asked if he should pull it away. She said “No! Let me go to sleep this tim…” She was out. He held the cloth there for over a minute. Then he arranged her on her side on the blanket. Yes she looked awesome! She was knocked out and naked. Just the way he liked them. He would have to chloroform her over and over again until they got there. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!




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 The Headache Cure 1


                                                                The Headache Cure

            Cora walked down the street slowly, checking the numbers on the doors. She had headaches all too often and was told that a certain clinic might have a cure for her. The strappy sandals, with laces that wrapped around her ankles and tied in a bow, clicked on the pavement as she looked for number 1101.

            Cora was about 5 feet 4 and very slender. Her long dark hair was blowing around in the wind. She was wearing tight denim hot pants with a wide belt. Her black sleeveless top was low cut and revealed her huge well rounded breasts.The top was short and revealed some of her mid section as well.     

            There it was, “number 1101.” Cora opened the large door and walked inside. There was no one at the reception desk so she rang the small bell. Soon an attractive woman with short dark hair, that looked to be in her late 30’s, appeared wearing a nurse’s uniform. The name Nadia was on a pin on her lapel.

            “Hello I’m Nadia,” the woman said smiling, “I guess you must be Cora.”

            “Yes I am.” Cora replied.

            Nadia had Cora fill out a form, and then led her into a room with a sofa and a desk. The room looked more like a psychiatrist’s office than any doctor’s office she’d ever seen. Cora was told to sit on the sofa and relax.  

            Nadia asked Cora some questions about her headaches as she took her blood pressure and listened to her heart. Then Nadia prepared a syringe with a reddish liquid and swabbed Cora’s arm.

            “What’s the shot for?” Cora asked warily.

            “Your headaches are from tension.” Nadia replied. This will relax you.

            Cora winced in pain as Nadia injected her with the drug. Almost immediately Cora felt the throb of her headache get duller.


 The Headache Cure 2

            “Hey it’s helping already!” Cora said in an excited voice.

 Suddenly Cora felt dizzy though. Nadia told her it would soon pass and helped her to lie down on the sofa. As Cora lay there looking at the room, her vision was starting to get fuzzy. Nadia told her not to worry as she began gently untying and unraveling the laces of Cora’s sandals. Cora felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t move. She tried to speak but no words came. That’s the last thing she remembered.


 The Headache Cure 4

Nadia smiled triumphantly as she watched Cora’s eyes suddenly flutter and close and her head slump limply to the side. Afterwards, Nadia finished removing Cora’s sandals and just stood there and admired Cora’s beautiful body as she let the drug take a firmer hold. Several minutes later Nadia lifted one of Cora’s arms and let it go. It fell like a stone. Then she did the same thing with one of Cora’s legs. She was as limp as a rag doll. The huge dose Nadia had given her would keep her deeply under for at least 4 hours now.


 The Headache Cure 3

Nadia gently pulled Cora’s top off and tossed in aside. Then she lifted Cora into a sitting position and unclasped her bra. Cora’s breasts were huge and fell free beautifully. That fascinated small breasted Nadia! Nadia laid Cora back down and tossed the bra aside. Then Nadia put Cora’s legs close together and pulled down her frilly red panties. After they were off, Nadia tossed them on the floor.

Nadia stood back and admired her prize! Oh yes, she would do nicely!  Nadia climbed onto the sofa and gave Cora’s helpless body a closer look. She looked and felt ever so sweet! Nadia suddenly pulled away and stood up.

Nadia began to undress herself quickly. She unzipped her uniform and let it stay where it fell. Then she kicked off her white shoes. The soles of her stocking feet felt cool on the tile floor. She reached around and unsnapped her bra. After the bra hit the floor silently, she quickly pulled her white pantyhose down and off. Finally her tiny panties joined all the rest of her clothing on the floor.


 The Headache Cure 5

Nadia jumped back on the sofa and had her way with her sleeping companion. It was over an hour before Nadia had finally enough of her. Nadia pushed herself off of Cora’s limp body and washed herself off with a damp cloth. Then she quickly got dressed. Nadia washed Cora all over as well, and carefully put all of her clothes back on including her shoes. Then she pushed a button.

Kurt was watching TV in the basement when he heard the buzzer. He knew what that sound meant! There would be another unconscious woman to carry to the cells and lock up. He turned off the TV and headed for the examination room.

Kurt was huge and dangerous looking, but was actually quite gentle. He stood 6 feet four and weighed close to 300. He had blue eyes and was actually quite handsome. When he reached the room and saw the sleeping Cora he was breathless. She was just his type and just the right age for him!

Following Nadia’s orders, Kurt picked Cora up and cradle carried her downstairs. He carried her like she was weightless. His wide shoulders and huge chest had enormous strength. Nadia was excited as she watched the totally limp Cora hang from Kurt’s strong arms. She wished he was carrying her off limp and helpless like that!

Once downstairs, Kurt carried Cora into an empty cell and placed her on the bed. He carefully removed her shoes and enjoyed her legs and feet for a few minutes. Then he left her shoes on the floor next to the bed and peeked inside her top. Kurt loved huge breasts too. Too bad there wasn’t much time left to enjoy this one! Kurt pulled the door shut and locked it. Then he went back to his room.

It had been nearly five hours since her injection, and Cora was just starting to awaken. It took a few minutes for everything to come into focus. Then she finally sat up on the edge of the bed. When she felt the cool floor with her bare feet, she looked down and noticed that her shoes were off and slipped them back on and retied them. Her headache was still gone. She felt really relaxed, and wonderful. Then her euphoria faded when she realized that she was locked in some sort of a cell.

The room looked like a small bedroom on 3 walls, but the fourth wall was wire mesh. In the middle of that wall was a locked metal door. Cora looked around but she could not see anything beyond her cell. She went to the door and called out. From her left she suddenly heard a female voice in a harsh whisper.

“Keep it down! They could come back any minute.” the voice warned.

“Who might come back?” Cora asked in a soft and frightened voice.

“The white slavers that own us now.” the voice responded.

“You mean we’re prisoners here?” Cora asked in a terrified voice.

“That’s just the good news!” the voice answered. “There will be an auction in 2 hours and we will be sold and sent out of the country.”

“Are there just the two of us?” Cora asked.

“As far as I know, it’s just us.” The voice answered. “Listen, nothing can save me from being sold tonight, but there might be something you can do.”

“Just tell me what it is! I don’t want to be sold and shipped off!” Cora replied.

“The big guard named Kurt. He’s looks to be sweet on you. He seemed to like your large breasts and your shoes and legs anyway. You need to seduce him and get him to knock you out again. That way you will miss the auction tonight and there won’t be another one for a month. Maybe in that amount of time you can escape or be rescued somehow.”

“I don’t know. How would I do it?” Cora asked.

“Just work your charms on him and tell him that your headache is returning and you want another one of those shots. The shot will render you completely unconscious for at least 5 hours, and you will miss this auction. Make it clear that you will do whatever he wants if he will give the shot to you. It has to be soon though! The clock is ticking!” the voice said in desperation.

Just then a door opened and a huge man walked into the cell corridor. “This must be Kurt” Cora thought to herself. He was carrying a brown bottle and a white cloth. Terrified, Cora went back to her bed and sat down.

Kurt unlocked her cell door, stepped inside, and relocked it. Then he placed the brown bottle and the cloth on a small table near her bed. He was very big and strong looking, and seemed to be the dangerous type. Going along with the idea she had just been given, Cora crossed her right leg and waved it around to show off. Then he began to speak.

“Hello I’m Kurt.” He said. “I’ll be taking care of you for a while.”

“I’m Cora.” she replied. “As long as you’re taking care of me, that shot the nurse gave me made me feel much better. Do you think you could give me another one?” Cora asked flirtingly.

“Maybe I’ll give you one later, if you behave.” Kurt replied. Right now, I have something else for you.”

Cora watched with wide eyes as he folded the white cloth into a small square. Then he opened the brown bottle and poured a clear liquid onto the cloth. Next he put his left hand behind her head and placed the cloth over her nose and mouth.

“This is chloroform.” Kurt said. “Just breathe deeply and it will relax you.”

Cora found the fumes a little intense and tried to pull away. Kurt just held her tighter and kept the cloth in place.

“If you want that shot you‘ll have to inhale willingly and behave.” Kurt said.

Cora relaxed immediately and inhaled just as he asked. She was too lightheaded to care by now. There was a dull ringing in her ears as well. She blinked her eyes to try to focus. Then everything suddenly went blank.

Kurt held the cloth on her for a few seconds and then let her limp body drop onto the bed. He put the cloth down and slowly untied and removed her shoes. Then he lifted her into sitting position and pulled her top over her head. After he removed her top and her shorts, he focused on her bra.

Kurt undid the 2 hooks of her bra and her huge incredibly round breasts flew out instantly. Kurt slipped the bra off of her shoulders slowly. Then he slipped off her panties. Kurt noticed the she was damp from Nadia’s washing. “I guess Nadia has already had her way with her,” he thought to himself. Now it would be his turn.

Kurt enjoyed his prize for a while. He started with her partially open mouth. He used 2 hands to pull it all the way open and probed deeply with his tongue. Next he moved her limp body into various positions, and especially enjoyed the feel of her smooth legs and thighs. Finally when Cora showed signs of waking up, Kurt stood up and watched her.

  When Cora awoke her head was spinning.  She blinked her eyes for clearer focus. Then she looked up and saw Kurt standing over her. When she saw the way he was looking at her, she looked down and realized she was naked!  It took only a few seconds for Cora to imagine what Kurt might have done while she was asleep.  

“Have I earned my shot yet?” Cora asked.  

“Almost my dear, but first you will be taking another nap from the chloroform.” He said.

Kurt picked up the bottle and began soaking the cloth again. Cora was appalled and didn’t know what to do. She knew if she wanted the shot, she would have to comply again, but how many times would he chloroform her until she got the shot? And worse, what would he do each time while she was under and helpless?

Cora’s time to think it over was up. The cloth was on her now. She inhaled willingly and felt the effects quickly. As her vision blurred she pictured herself in a room, probably naked, with a bunch of old and creepy foreign guys bidding on her. Then she finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Kurt held the cloth there a little longer this time after she was out. Then he went to get his camera. He took shots of her in various limp poses. He put her shoes and panties back on for even more photos. Then he held her in his lap and rested her limp head on his shoulder. He enjoyed the sweet essence of her shiny black hair in his face.

Suddenly Kurt realized Cora’s lips were moving, and that she might wake up any second now. He reached over for the bottle of chloroform. He could reach the bottle easily, but the cloth was too far away. He quickly removed her panties and soaked them with the chloroform.

 Cora’s eyes opened slowly and took a few minutes to focus. When she realized he was holding her in his lap, she tried to move her arms. They felt heavy and would barely move! As she tried to speak, he stuffed something over her face. It was her panties and they were soaking wet.

“Oh no more chloroform!” she thought to herself as she recognized the sweet odor. She struggled and tried to speak, but no words came. Her head was spinning and her vision was fuzzy. She tried to pull herself away from the chloroform soaked panties, but it was hopeless with her arms limp and useless. Before she could struggle any further, she suddenly passed out.  

Kurt smiled as he watched her eyes flutter and close. Then he lifted her limp body   and stood up resting her on his shoulder. He slowly carried her upstairs to a bedroom and placed her gently on the king sized bed. She was now on her side, sleeping ever so peacefully.

Kurt got onto the bed beside her and began to play with her awesome breasts. Her nipples were relatively small and became erect with the slightest touch. After a few minutes Cora was awake again.  She was looking into Kurt’s blue eyes as she came into focus. She also noticed that she was in a different room. Finally she spoke softly.

“Don’t you think I’ve earned my shot by now?” Cora asked patiently.

Then she heard the same whispering female voice that she had heard in her cell.

“Of course dear, I’ve got the needle right here.” The voice said.

Cora turned around and was in shock when she realized it was Nadia standing there with the needle in her hand! As Nadia injected her in the arm, Cora cried out.

“It’s you!”

“Who else would it be?” Nadia asked smiling.

“You said I was going to be sold.” Cora whined with slightly slurred words.

“Nonsense, why would we sell such a perfect love slave?” Nadia answered.

Cora tried to struggle but she was already paralyzed from the powerful drug. Her vision was blurred and Nadia’s last words had an underwater ring to them. Suddenly Cora’s eyes closed and her head fell limp onto the bed.

Kurt slowly removed her shoes. Then he turned towards Nadia. Nadia removed her own panties and walked to the nightstand. She opened a larger bottle of chloroform and soaked the panties completely. Then she handed it to Kurt and climbed onto the bed.

“You creep! I got so excited watching you carry her off her like that!” Nadia said nearly panting. “Now be a good husband and put me deeply under and play with me like you did to her!” Nadia begged.

“I thought you’d never ask!” said Kurt as he put the chloroform drenched panties over his lovely wife’s nose and mouth. Nadia started to thrash around on the bed and struggle. She knew that would help excite him. She even tried to say “Please don’t!” as she struggled, but her words were slightly muffled by the chloroform soaked panties.

All of Nadia’s tricks were working!  His wife’s struggles and vocal protests had made him really enjoy the moment when his plaything was finally limp in his arms. He held the panties on her for over a minute after she passed out. After all she did say “deeply under.”  As he finally pulled the chloroform soaked panties away, he noticed that Nadia’s mouth was open. That would be as good a place to start as any Kurt decided. After all she did say “like you did to her” as well. He was merely being a good husband and doing exactly what his good wife asked!




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Sarahs Day Out                                                

                                                     Sarah’s Day Out

            Sarah was in a hurry. She had a dentist appointment and an important modeling interview. She also had an appointment to see about breast implants. She had to be careful driving though. She had had several license suspensions and had almost enough points to lose her license again. This was just not an option.

            Sarah was 22 and was about five foot three. She had long shiny brown hair and cute brown eyes. Her legs were her major asset, and she was wearing a tight mini skirt and nude but very silky pantyhose with brown leather boots. Her blouse was white and easy to see through and her white lace bra was slightly small on her. Her breasts were average size, and she wore a slightly small bra to make them appear bigger for the interview.

            The interview was for a crime magazine that showed pictures of damsels in distress. She would be well paid if any of her pictures were selected and needed the money badly. She knew she would be bound and partly stripped for the pictures and she somehow found that exciting. She had done mostly dull runway work up to now.

             As she turned the corner, she pulled into the dental clinic parking lot and parked her car. She was running late and the dentist was waiting for her. Her tooth had been bothering her for several days and she wanted it fixed before this interview. She quickly climbed into the dentist’s chair and waited.

            The doctor came in wearing a surgical mask and asked her what the problem was. He checked it out and told her she would need a procedure right away. He unhooked a black gas mask attached to a hose from the side of the chair and began to strap it over her face.

            Sarah was worried. She asked the doctor how long it was going to take and if he would be putting her all the way under. He said it would take about a half hour and that she would be completely out for the procedure. He assured her she would wake up fresh and have no side effects from the gas. She agreed to be put to sleep.

            As soon as the mask was strapped on tightly, the gas was turned on. It smelled sweet.

 “Its strawberry scented for children.” the doctor told her as she inhaled.

 After about 30 seconds her eyes were blinking. He asked her to count to ten. She started “one two three fou…..” She was out. Her head went limp as her eyes fluttered and closed. The doctor left the gas running for several minutes.

            When the gas was turned off and the mask removed she was deeply under. The procedure actually took just over 10 minutes. As he cleaned up, he put the mask back on her and turned the gas back on. As it hissed away, he started slowly unzipping one of her boots. Then he slid it off and admired her awesome leg and foot. He slowly removed the other boot as well. He massaged her stocking feet for a while and then unbuttoned her blouse. He let her boobs pop over the top of her tiny bra and admired them as well. Then he fixed her bra and blouse and after more leg play, put her boots back on. Then he turned off the gas and removed the mask.

            Sarah woke up and felt a little dizzy. This soon passed and she got out of the chair and went to find the dentist. He had already left and the receptionist took her money. As she glanced at her watch she noticed that she had been out for over an hour. The girl told her that she was finished in about half an hour, but that she didn’t wake up as soon as other people did. Her small size made her vulnerable to the gas.

            Sarah hurried to her car and got moving. She was late and she didn’t want to miss her breast evaluation appointment or be late for her interview. She was about half way there when she heard the siren. Oh my god! She was being pulled over for speeding! As she slowed down she quickly unbuttoned three buttons of her blouse. She had to charm her way out of this one or lose her license for sure!

            When the young officer came to the window, Sarah was horrified to find that it was a woman. She asked for her license and registration. Then she went back to the police car as Sarah waited, dreading the outcome. As she predicted, the officer asked her to get out of her car and get in the back seat of the police car. Then the young woman got in beside her and closed the door.

            The officer had checked her record and told her she was in deep trouble. Sarah asked if there was anything that could be done since she was in financial trouble and had an interview soon. The officer smiled and said there was one other option for her. They had just been issued new knock out stun guns and she needed a volunteer to test hers. She showed Sarah the gun. It looked like a stun gun, but had a glass bottle attached that was filled with a reddish colored liquid. There was a dial on the side that had a pointer. It could be set for as little as 15 minutes and as long as 3 hours.

            Sarah asked how long she would be knocked out. The officer told her she would set it to the minimum 15 minutes first and see how long Sarah was actually out. After that she would move the time and test it again. Sarah would be detained about an hour and would be asleep for most of it. Sarah asked if she could just do it once instead since she was in a hurry. The officer said that she would have to be knocked out twice by the gun, or go to the police station and face her speeding charge.

            Sarah reluctantly agreed to be knocked out twice by the gun. The officer placed the rounded end of the gun against her shoulder at the base of her neck and fired. Sarah heard a chirp sound followed by a burst of air. She then felt a sting on her neck. That’s the last thing she remembered.

            The young officer smiled as she watched Sarah’s head go limp and her eyes close almost instantly after the gun was fired. Her limp body then fell over into the officer’s lap. The officer looked at her watch. She had it set for the minimum of 15 minutes. It would be longer of course. She hadn’t told Sarah that the times were based on a 200 pound man. Sarah weighed half that and would he out for at least half an hour. The officer then went to unbutton her blouse. She noticed that only 2 buttons were still buttoned anyway. She undid them and lifted her bra out of the way. Not much in the way of breasts here, but her legs looked awesome though!

            Sarah woke up in just under half an hour. Her blouse was back to the way it was. The officer was turning the dial on the gun, but Sarah couldn’t see where it was set. The officer asked why her blouse was so far unbuttoned. She told her that she didn’t realize that the buttons were loose. The officer became angry, knowing that she was lying, and moved the dial again. It was now set for 2 hours! Sarah pleaded with her not to put her under for that long since she had an important appointment. The officer placed the gun against her neck and fired.

            The officer checked the dial as Sarah passed out. Yes it was set for just over 2 hours. The officer slowly removed each of her boots. Then she pulled off her skirt. Her blouse came off next. Then she unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. After she slipped off her pantyhose, the tiny bikini panties were pulled down ever so slowly next. The officer had her way with her naked body for just over 2 hours before she re-dressed her. About 20 minutes later, Sarah woke up. Nearly 3 hours had passed since she was pulled over. The officer told her she as free to go and gave her a card. If anyone else ever pulls you over, give them my name. I will get you out if it, if you let me knock you out again. Next time it will be three times and longer each time though.

            Sarah moved on to the cosmetic surgery center. She parked her car and went inside. Once inside, they said they would still be able to evaluate her. She called the job interviewer and said she would be late. Now she was back on track

            Sarah went into the Dr’s office and sat on the examination table. The Dr asked her to remove her blouse and bra. Then he put them aside and took a few pictures of her chest. Then he prepared a needle. Sarah asked what the needle was for. The Dr said it was a sedative to make her limp and sleepy so he could draw marks on her chest and do some sculpture models. Reluctantly Sarah let him inject her right arm. Then he had her lie on her back on the table.

            Sarah felt sleepy almost right away. She told the Dr that the dentist had already put her to sleep earlier with gas. He said that if that were the case, she might fall asleep now as well, since some of the other drug may still be in her system. She was too embarrassed to tell him about the stun gun knockouts. After a minute Sarah began to lose focus. She blinked her eyes, but it only got worse. Suddenly her eyes rolled closed and her head fell limp to the side. She was out completely now.

            The Dr smiled as he watched her pass out. The dose he gave her would have knocked her out anyway; he just didn’t bother to tell her! He was dying to take her boots off and have a better look at her awesome legs! He carefully lifted one of her legs and slowly unzipped her boot. It was slightly large and slipped off easily. Then he slowly removed the other one. He began to rub his hands over her sheer pantyhose. Finally he put the boots back on and finished his work. Then he watched Sarah sleep for a while.

            Sarah woke up about 2 hours later and was aghast when she saw the clock. She was still later for the interview than she said she would be. The Dr told her to return in a week and they would have some finished models for her to evaluate. Then she put her blouse and bra back on and left.

              Sarah went straight to her interview. She was still nearly an hour late. When she went inside she was told that the job was already given to someone else. She asked if she could go inside anyway, and was led into the studio. Another girl was tied to a chair. Her hands were behind her back and a gag was tied around her mouth. She was totally helpless. The camera was set up and pictures were already being taken.

            The men asked why Sarah was there, and when told why, they said that she could possibly be used on another shoot. She was escorted into a room and set up in a chair similar to the other girl. She asked what was different about this set up. They told her she would be chloroformed on camera, and shown limp and knocked out in the chair. She would also be chloroformed from behind and carried away in another scene. They coached her about the cloth and eye work and did some practice takes. They were all rejected. Her eyes weren’t convincing and her body wasn’t limp enough.

            Sarah asked what could be done about it. They said that her acting was awful, and short of knocking her out for real, they couldn’t use her. She asked what they would pay her if she let them knock her out for real. They looked at each other and said $200 an hour. She agreed immediately since it was way better that the $50 an hour for the regular job, and she’d already been knocked out four times today anyway. What’s wrong with a few more she thought?

            She was tied to the chair and gagged. Then a creepy looking guy in a ski mask came into the room. He was holding a white square of cloth and a brown bottle. He opened the bottle and soaked the cloth with the clear liquid until it was dripping. Then he came over and held the wet cloth over her nose and mouth. She umpped and tried to turn her head away, but he just held the cloth tightly and followed her. The fumes were intense and made her head swim. She heard a dull ringing in her ears. Then her eyes lost focus and began blinking on their own. That’s the last thing she remembered. The man held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and took it away. Then they took sleepy photos while she was out.

            When she woke up she was pretty groggy. She rested for a few minutes until she felt well enough to do it again. She was knocked out three times in the chair. Then it was time for the standing scene. By then she could barely stand! They untied her and posed her for the scene. The creep came up behind her and held the cloth over her face. She was terrified and fought for her life. The man just lifted her off the ground and held the cloth fast. She went limp in his arms after about 30 seconds. Then he cradle carried her away.

            That scene was done 4 times and Sarah was placed on a sofa to sleep it off after the last take. About an hour later Sarah woke up and was ready to leave. She made her way to her car. As she drove home she was having trouble keeping the car on the road. Then she saw a flashing light in the mirror. When the police pulled her over she had no choice but to hand them the woman officer’s card. This day was far from over she thought!

            Within 15 minutes the woman officer was at the scene. She said she would handle it. She placed Sarah under arrest and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Then she put her in the back of her police car. She drove for about half an hour and pulled up in front of a small house. Then she led Sarah inside and sat her on the sofa and removed Sarah’s handcuffs. Sarah could see the gun on the end table. It was set for 3 hours!

            Without moving the dial, the officer held the gun against Sarah’s neck and pulled the trigger. Sarah felt the sting and passed out instantly. The officer left the dial set for 3 hours and shot her again. Sarah’s limp body jumped, but she was totally out and couldn’t feel the second injection. She would be out for 8 hours or so now. The officer put down the gun and started undressing Sarah. She still owed her 2 more knockouts. What Sarah didn’t know was that the officer was now off duty for 2 days! Each knockout would be multiple too! Sarah would be out for most of the next 2 days!

            Within 2 minutes Sarah was stripped to just her bra and panties. Then the officer easily cradle carried her limp form into her bedroom and placed her on the bed. On the bedside table was another knockout stun gun. There was also a bottle of chloroform and a white cloth. The officer picked up the phone and called her boyfriend. She told him to come right over. When he asked what she had in mind, she said ‘Remember how you always been asking me for a threesome?” “Well she’s here and very ready right now!” He said that he’d be right over. She knew he wouldn’t be long!!

            Sarah would be out for the night. The gun was ready for when she woke up. Then the officer looked at the chloroform bottle and cloth. He would use that only on her! She hated the gun’s sting. She couldn’t wait to inhale the sweet fumes and slip under. Then he would work on both of them. The very thought made her tingle all over!

            When the boyfriend arrived he was in his police uniform. He went in the bedroom and found his girlfriend with Sarah on the bed. Sarah was in just her bra and panties. He told his girlfriend to stand up and hold her hands behind her back. Then he handcuffed her. He told her she had been very bad by having an undressed woman in her bed, and would have to be disciplined. He soaked the white pad with chloroform and held it over her nose and mouth. She pretended to resist and gave a muffled “No!”, but he held the cloth tighter. She pleaded with him not to put her all the way under!  Soon her eyes began to flutter and she went limp in his strong arms. He removed her handcuffs and stripped her. Then he put the handcuffs back on her.

            He removed Sarah’s bra and played with her for awhile. After that he slowly pulled off her tiny panties. Then his girlfriend woke up. He asked her how long Sarah would be out. She told him it would be at least 7 more hours. Then she asked him if he would take off the handcuffs. He asked her if she would be good if he removed them. She promised she would.

            After he removed them she gave him his reward. She picked up Sarah’s tiny panties and soaked them with chloroform. Then she lay on her back and held the dripping wet panties over her face and inhaled deeply. He watched in awe as her eyes fluttered and rolled closed. One hand fell away as she passed out, but the other still held the panties in place. He left her like that and had his way with Sarah’s limp helpless body for over an hour. Then he pulled the still slightly damp panties away so his girlfriend could wake up.

            When she woke up she asked him when he had to go back on duty.

“Not for 2 days.” he answered.

 She replied “me too!”

Sarah will have to be kept out for most of the time though.” She said.

He quickly replied “So will you my dear!”

As he said it he was soaking Sarah’s panties again. She quivered all over as she inhaled deeply once more and slipped into that beautiful void…




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                                                      Batgirl VS Phantom 32

                                                         Part 1 The Capture

            Batgirl had been hunting Phantom 32 for some time. He had abducted and turned dozens of young women into sex slaves. All the victims had the same story. They were rendered unconscious somehow, taken to a secret lair, and plied with drugs and hypnotic suggestions. They would eventually wake up in a local park, and remember only bits and pieces of their ordeal. Pictures and videos of the released women, in all kinds of compromising sexual positions and situations, would soon flood the internet on his “Phantom 32” site.

            So far the guy was a ghost. He wore a black hooded mask and costume and was unidentifiable in all the videos. His on line activity was bounced all over the world and was untraceable. Batgirl was not discouraged. All the women had disappeared from the same general area. She spent every night watching and following single women that were leaving popular bars and clubs. Sooner or later, she had to find something that would lead her to the Phantom 32 and his lair.

The only solid lead was that at least three of the victims had disappeared from this particular club. There was a side exit door, into a large well lit alley, where the people would often go out for air or a smoke. Batgirl was intently watching the alley from the shadows. There was a security camera aimed at the alley, but all footage had already been screened by the police and revealed no abductions. Still, Batgirl suspected something was going on here.

Rob, or “Phantom 32” as he liked to be called, was in the back of a van about a block from the club. The van was from a company that Rob worked for, that installed security systems. They had the contract for this club’s security, and also for that of other similar clubs around the city.

When Rob installed the camera in the alley, he also installed a fake fire alarm box on the wall below it. Inside that box was a robotically controlled dart gun, loaded with a clip of a dozen darts. The darts contained a potent cocktail of sleep inducing drugs. They would bring down a 200 pound man in less than a minute. They had a devastating effect on the girls of half that weight that Rob preyed on. So far no girl had remained awake for more than 10 seconds after being darted.

The camera was not a problem. Before he would strike, Rob would remotely switch the feed to the club’s security desk with looped footage of the empty alley, or to pictures of people standing around smoking. Now only he could see what the camera was aimed at. Then he would expertly aim his dart gun with a joy stick, and render his victim unconscious. Once she was down, he drove up to the alley, collected his prize, put her in the back of the van, and pulled away. Then he would remotely switch the security feed back to normal.

Rob had been watching the alley for hours with no results, but he was about to get lucky. A petite blonde, wearing a mini skirt, dark pantyhose, and high heels, was going out for a smoke. Most important, nobody else was in the alley. Rob quickly controlled the dart gun, aimed for her left thigh, and fired.

Jenny had been at the club for the entire evening, and had not met any suitable guy. She had several drinks and was feeling lightheaded. It was time to go outside and get some air, and have a smoke. As she stepped outside into the alley, the night air had a reviving effect on her. But as she opened her purse to get her cigarettes, she suddenly felt a sting in her left upper leg.

Jenny looked down and saw a projectile dart sticking in her thigh. She quickly pulled it out and tossed it on the ground and looked around to see where it came from. All she could see was the cement wall of the building and a red fire alarm box. But something was wrong. Jenny’s vision was blurring, and she could no longer stand.

Jenny was on her side on the ground now, and felt like she was floating on air. She couldn’t move now, but didn’t care at all. She felt wonderful and relaxed until she suddenly passed out.

Batgirl had seen Jenny leave the club through the alley door and suddenly fall down. She did not see the dart, and just assumed that the girl drank a drugged drink in the club. In seconds Batgirl was kneeling over the unconscious girl, trying, to no avail, to awaken her.

Rob was still watching through the camera and could not believe what he was seeing! Was that Batgirl? He quickly aimed a dart at her upper thigh and fired. He always had a thing for Batgirl, especially in her costume with those boots and purple tights! Now he would have her as well!

Batgirl felt the sting of the dart and recognized that it was a tranquilizer at once. She knew not to pull it out. It only injected more that way! She fought the drug’s effects as she was trained to do. It wasn’t working too well though. This dart was way more potent than any she had experienced so far. It was also hard to resist the delightful euphoria she was feeling.

Rob knew that Batgirl would not go down easy. He fired another dart and hit her in the butt. Within seconds, the already doubled over Batgirl fell to the ground. She was still awake, but could no longer move. Rob waited for the drugs to take hold and watched carefully with the gun still aimed at his target.

Batgirl didn’t feel the second dart hit, but was suddenly on the ground and had a delightful floating sensation. Everything around her was spinning in slow motion. Her training to strain all her muscles to fight off the drug was useless. All her muscles were relaxed and had turned into jelly. Her head and eyes were about all she could move. Still she struggled to stay awake.

Rob grew impatient and was worried someone would come along. He fired a third dart, and hit her in the leg. Five seconds later he watched Batgirl’s eyes close and her head fall limp to the side. It was time to pull around and collect his ladies now. He left the van running, with the door open, and carried Jenny inside first. Jenny was delightfully limp, but when he got around to Batgirl, this was something different for him.

Rob pulled out all 3 darts from Batgirl, allowing each to inject its maximum dose as they were removed. He placed those, and the one Jenny had dropped, in his pocket. Then he picked Batgirl up in a cradle carry position.

Batgirl was so limp that he had to check her breathing to make sure she was still Ok! He had never given any woman 2 darts, let alone 3. As he carried her, he was aroused seeing her shiny brown hair hanging loose from the bottom of her cowl mask. Her legs in the purple tights looked great, and were hanging as limp as if she were a doll. He had carried off dozens of limp girls, but never one as limp as Batgirl was now.

Rob carefully placed his prisoner in the back of the van and closed the door. Just before he pulled away, he switched the camera feed back so the security desk could see the actual alley again. Then he began the long drive back to his secluded estate. He didn’t have to worry about his captives for now. The blonde would be out for at least 5 hours, and Batgirl? She would probably be unconscious all night and most of the next day!

Rob was smiling like never before in his life. He would enjoy the blonde for the usual few days and leave her unconscious in a public place. But Batgirl would not be so lucky. She would be his new slave for a long, long time to come!




                                           Part 2 “Welcome To My Lair Ladies!”

            For the entire 2 hour drive to his country estate, Rob was in deep thought. He would need a plan to control Batgirl when she wasn’t drugged. All his other girls had only been kept short term, and could be drugged and hypnotically controlled until he let them go.

            Batgirl would be there much longer, and would most likely not be as vulnerable a hypnotic’s subject, even with the potent drugs he had. Had he captured Wonder Woman, he could take her belt, boots, and bracelets away, and use her own lasso against her. Batgirl had only her boots and utility belt. Even without those, she would be a dangerous captive. He would think of something though. He always did!

            Rob was a trust fund kid in his late 20’s. He was tall, dark, and handsome and had a sculpted body. His hair was dirty blonde and one of his major assets was his penetrating blue eyes. They would mesmerize his captives, even through his Phantom mask.

            Rob’s wealthy parents were killed when Rob was a teen. Their private jet went down over the Pacific. He now had the estate and many millions all to himself. He had let the staff go a few years ago, so he could have his privacy. Then he spent months building his lair to hold the women captives in.

            He made the room by combining 2 smaller rooms. The huge estate had 33 rooms to start with. He now called this “Room 32.” It had a bed, a sofa, several stuffed chairs, and thick wall to wall carpet. At one end there was a computer desk, with a large one way mirror on the wall behind it. Also there were 2 operating tables with restraints. The restraints were heavily reinforced. There was a large cabinet filled with drugs, sex toys, women’s clothing and shoes, and special vibrators of his design. These vibrators could be activated and adjusted by wireless remote control.

            Electronics and security was his major thing though. The only door in and out of the room had an electronic lock. There were hidden cameras in the room, and everywhere else on the property. All visible cameras were decoys with blinking red lights. Anyone trying to block, disable, or stay out of sight of those would still be seen by the actual hidden cameras.

            Even if a girl was able to stay awake, get out of the restraints, and get past the electronic door lock, escape was impossible. All doors and hallways only led to traps. He could watch the escape attempt on video and activate jets of sleeping gas, dart guns, and bring down special entrapment walls with mere clicks of a mouse. On the other side of the one way mirror, there was a special control room. From there he could watch the girls and talk to them through an intercom system.

            More important, he could control their vibrators and hear their screams through the speakers from there. That was his ultimate goal. All women Rob had been with, in a normal dating sense, wanted his looks, his money, and most of all a relationship. The women be preferred were strong, independent, and usually bitchy control freaks. Now he had his own special ways to control them, for a change, and took great delight in doing it. Batgirl would now be the ultimate challenge for him to control!

            Rob opened the driveway gates from the remote in his van. Then he closed them behind him and drove up the long winding driveway into a concealed garage. Once inside he turned on the lights and closed the outside door. Finally he opened the side door of the van and looked over his captives. They were both deeply under and would remain that way for some time. Especially Batgirl, after she had been darted 3 times.

            Rob brought Jenny into the lair first, along with her purse. He had already tossed both girl’s cell phones and electronic devices away when he was still just outside the city. He placed Jenny on an operating table, on her back, and went for Batgirl. Batgirl was still amazingly limp for the slow carry into the lair. The silky feel of her purple tights was getting him aroused. He carefully placed her on the other operating table and locked all doors.

            He didn’t bother to restrain either of them yet. There was no need to. He would just explore and enjoy their lovely limp bodies for now. As he started to lift up Jenny’s pantyhose legs, and remove her high heels he said out loud,

            Welcome to “Room 32” ladies!”




                                                    Part 3 “Costume Party”

            Rob admired his sleeping companions that were lying helpless on his tables. He decided that he would strip Batgirl of all identifiable costume parts before Jenny woke up. It would be best for all if Jenny just thought that Batgirl was just another unconscious captured woman in his collection, at least for the time being. Rob had already removed Batgirl’s utility belt, and had left it in his van.

Rob started the undressing process by unzipping Batgirl’s shiny black leather boots. The zippers went way down, making removal easy. Batgirl’s purple pantyhose legs and feet looked and felt awesome! He played there and enjoyed himself before continuing. Since it was summer, Batgirl was only wearing spandex from the waist up. Below her waist was a tight black leather miniskirt, and or course her signature purple tights and black high heeled boots.

Rob lifted Batgirl’s limp body up off the table and held her in a sitting position. He grabbed the zipper behind her neck and began removing her famous purple spandex top. The zipper seemed to go down forever, until in finally stopped at her hips. Now he could easily slide the top off of her shoulders and remove her arms. Once her arms were free, he slid the top down over her hips and removed it completely. It slid nicely over her pantyhose.

Rob was not surprised that Batgirl was not wearing a bra under the spandex. Her voluptuous breasts stood out firm and her nipples were small and inviting. He slowly started removing her purple pantyhose. He hated to do it, but those would be a dead giveaway as to who she was. They slipped off easily, revealing long shapely legs and very attractive narrow feet with slender ankles.

Batgirl was now in just a tiny pair of black and very sheer panties and her cowl mask. He would leave the panties on her for now. He slowly removed her cowl as if he were un-wrapping a prized package. Her long brown hair was so shiny that it distracted him as he slipped the cowl off and tossed it aside. Her now revealed face was beautiful beyond his imagination! Then he suddenly jolted from an idea that came over him! He knew how he could make Batgirl totally helpless and under his control, even if she was awake and not bound or drugged!

Rob would place Batgirl back in her costume, all but her cowl mask, and as she woke up, he would snap several high resolution photos as soon as she opened her eyes. Then she would helplessly watch him upload the photos to a computer and start entering things.

Restrained and helpless, Batgirl would be told that unless he entered a secret code every 20 minutes without fail, her photos revealing her identity would be all over the internet. She would have no choice but to do as she was told, and any attempt to harm him or fight him would result in the photos going viral. One late or missed code entry and all would be lost forever.

But Rob had still another idea! He would strip Jenny now, and put her in the Batgirl costume. Then he would take pictures of her without the mask too. He could later use these as a threat to Batgirl, since she would not know that those photos were not actually of her. Yes, those decoys may just come in handy later on!

Since Jenny would awaken many hours ahead of Batgirl, He would do her photo’s first. That way Batgirl would never know Jenny was ever in her costume. He would drug Jenny so heavily, that she would not remember ever being in the costume either. Yes this had the makings of a great master plan.

Rob left Batgirl in just her tiny panties and hooked up her wrist and ankle restraints. Then he turned his attention to Jenny. He lifted her legs one at a time and slipped off her high heeled shoes. He loved seeing her bright pink toenails through her dark and sheer pantyhose. After stroking her nylon encased legs and feet for a few minutes, he lowered her legs and turned his attention to her wrap around miniskirt.

After undoing a couple of straps, the skirt unwrapped and slipped off easily. He tossed it on the floor with her shoes, and began unbuttoning her white blouse. Once it was fully unbuttoned, he slipped it off over her shoulders and tossed it with her other clothing. Since he had placed her in a sitting position to remove the blouse, it was now convenient for him to remove her white lace bra.

As he pinched the strap behind her back, the bra flew open, revealing her large breasts. After tossing the bra aside, he lowered her back onto the table and removed her silky hose. She was now down to just a pair of white frilly panties that matched her bra. At this point, Rob made another decision. Before he put the Batgirl costume on her, he would put Batgirl’s panties on her as well. That way the costume would be 100% authentic!

First he slid Jenny’s tiny white panties down and off. After he tossed those on the floor, he undid Batgirl’s ankle restraints and slowly removed her panties as well. Then he re-attached her ankle restraints. Batgirl’s panties fit Jenny perfectly, and now it was time to add the rest of the costume.

The purple pantyhose fit Jenny fine, but the spandex top was stretched to shape for Batgirl, and was a little long in the torso and small in the breasts. No matter! That’s why they called in spandex. He slipped it on Jenny, and all looked fine, once he zipped it up. The mini skirt went on easily, but Batgirl’s boots were a size or two too large for Jenny. Not a problem though once they were put on and zipped up. After all she would never stand up or walk in them.

All was ready. He had only to prepare the camera, have a syringe with a strong sedative in it standing by, and wait for Jenny to awaken.




                                                     Part 4 “A Rude Awakening”

            While Rob waited for Jenny to show signs of waking, he turned his attention to his other prized captive. Batgirl was totally nude now, and her wrists and ankles were restrained. Her body looked breathtaking everywhere. He undid her wrist restraints and lifted and dropped her limp arms. They fell like stones. The 3 extra strength darts had really done their work. Batgirl would remain completely unconscious for some time to come yet. Just to be safe though, he reattached her wrist restraints.

            Jenny was finally showing signs of waking up now. Rob quickly injected her in the neck with the powerful sedative. It would take a few minutes for the injection to knock her out completely, so he prepared the camera now. Her eyes would only be open for the photos for a short time.

            Jenny awoke smacking her very dry lips. She opened her eyes, but could only tell that there was light in the room. Nothing else would come into focus. She tried to move, but her limbs all felt disconnected. The sedative that had kept her asleep had worn off, but the potent muscle relaxers were still very much in effect.

            Jenny was beginning to see shapes and images now, but nothing seemed real. It was like she was in a dream. She was on her back on a table and could not move. She could make out the figure of a man, but he was dressed in black and hooded. Her clothes didn’t feel right either. She was in some kind of costume and was wearing boots and tights. She had to be dreaming.

            Rob undid Jenny’s wrist restraints and lifted her into a sitting position. Next he placed the Batgirl cowl in her hands in front of her chest. Then he stepped back and began taking pictures. He knew that time was short. Even though Jenny’s eyes were open wide, they were showing signs of glazing and fluttering. The injected sedative was working its magic quickly.

            Rob got seven great images saved before Jenny began to falter. She dropped the cowl mask and fell on her back onto the table. Her head was rolling from side to side and she was moaning softly and blinking her eyes to try to stay awake. It was no use though. In less than a minute Jenny’s eyes gently closed and her head slumped limp to one side. She would be out for at least 5 hours now.

            Rob put down the camera and began removing the Batgirl costume from Jenny. Once Jenny was naked, he placed her own tiny white panties back on her. He didn’t bother with restraints. She was now sleeping peacefully and not any threat. Then he began the loving task of redressing Batgirl. The panties went on easily. The pantyhose were a tough battle though. Finally he got to the boots and spandex and zipped everything up.

            She was an awesome sight, unconscious on her back on the table, in her costume, but without her cowl mask. Her hair was sprawled. She looked ever so sultry that way! Rob began taking pictures of his prize from every angle. Jenny lying unconscious, in just her panties, made for a nice background in some of the shots.

            Rob prepared a sedative needle for Batgirl for her photo shoot. Just to be sure, he used more than double the dose he used on Jenny. After all, she would be sitting up without her arms restrained for several minutes. Rob knew all too well how dangerous a captive she would be.

            Several hours passed before Batgirl stirred. Rob had uploaded the photos of Jenny in the costume and saved them for possible later use. He had also prepared the computer for his Batgirl control trap. The website would show her photo in her costume without her mask and would have a countdown clock threatening to send the photo viral every 20 minutes if a code was not entered by him. As soon as Batgirl opened her eyes and tried to sit up, he gave her the injection in her shoulder.

            Once Batgirl had been injected with the sedative, Rob undid her wrist restraints so she could sit up. As soon as she was able to push herself up into a sitting position, Rob started snapping picture after picture.

            Batgirl had awakened into a nightmare. Her cowl mask was off and she was still in the rest of her costume. As soon as her eyes came into focus, she was aware of flash pictures being taken. She tried to cover her face with her hands, but her arms were still limp and sluggish. Over a dozen photos had already been taken before she could hide her face. In disgust, she lowered her arms and looked over her adversary. Her speech was slurred as she said,

“So I assume that you are the infamous Phantom 32.”

“Yes I am.” He replied in a very cocky and confident manner.

Batgirl tried to get up, but soon realized her ankles were restrained. Then she played him. “You can’t be so tough if you have to bind me!” she said.

Rob laughed and said; “OK, have it your way,” as he unshackled her ankles. That was just what Batgirl had hoped he would do. Now she was free to launch an offensive at any time. She carefully sized him and the room up first though. That would be her first mistake. She didn’t know that she had already been injected with a double dose of a powerful sedative and had only a few minutes to remain conscious. She had wasted some of the little time that she had observing things.

Batgirl watched in horror as Rob posted her revealing photos on the computer. Then he told her that if he didn’t enter a code every 20 minutes, the photos would go global. She could already see the time display showing a menacing countdown to her doom! But something else was wrong now. She suddenly felt oh so sleepy. Then the Phantom spoke again,

“I gave you a nice strong sedative. You’ll be taking a nap for a few hours very soon. I promise to keep you identity secret while you are asleep. Once you awaken though, you will have to do as I say at all times, or I will let the clock run out.”

Batgirl wasn’t just sleepy now. She was frightened for the first time in her life. She was totally under his power, and there was no escape. She suddenly could no longer sit up. She fell on her back onto the table and the room started spinning around. She made no attempt to fight the drug this time. She knew that she would be much safer for now if she was unconscious. She simply closed her eyes and drifted off into peaceful sleep.









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 Conditioner photo

                                               The Conditioner Part 1

            Tina, or so the white slavers had named her, was an Asian beauty. She was about 5 feet 4 and very slender with long shapely legs. Her hair was long, silky, and black. Her eyes were brown, and her breasts were average size and had little sag. Her nipples were tiny, like those of most Chinese girls. She looked more like a fashion model than a prostitute. The lack of tattoos and piercing was also unusual for a girl her age.

           When she was Sun Li in China, she wanted desperately to get to the US. She had little going for her in her own country. By the time she was 24; she had finally saved enough money to buy passage on an illegal ship, and ended up being betrayed. She got to the US only to be sold into slavery and forced into prostitution. Even her name was no longer her own. She had been beaten, bound, raped and tortured. All attempts to control her had failed. She was just too spirited for her own good! Her captors had only one option left. They had a special man named Carlos. He was called “The Conditioner.”

           Carlos had a proven track record. The girls usually were back in a few days, and were no longer a problem. He charged a fortune, and the girls would have to go back to him for a few days every other week. No one ever had any idea how he did it, and really didn’t care. They wanted results and they got them. They knew he used drugs. That was about all they knew though. No girl had ever talked.

            Tina was terrified as she was dragged to the limo. She was still in her street outfit. This was a white see through blouse and a short denim miniskirt, with sheer black nylons and high heeled shiny red pumps. She cried and sobbed, promising to behave from now on, and to do whatever they said. She begged and pleaded, kicking and screaming all the way. It was too late for that now. Two men with ski masks put her in the back seat between them. As the car started one man took out a white handkerchief and folded it. He said that she was not allowed to see where she was going. She thought they were going to blindfold her.

            The other man took a bottle out of his pocket. He poured a clear liquid on the handkerchief and it quickly soaked all the way through the thin cloth. Then one man held her arms while the other placed the wet cloth over her mouth. Tina screamed,

 “No!” and tried to pull away.

The man held the cloth fast. The scream was a mistake! It used up most of her breath. She fought and screamed for all she was worth. The fumes were strong and sweet like cleaning fluid. They made her dizzy and disoriented almost immediately. Her arm coordination was reduced to nothing. Her vision was fuzzy also. Finally, she just surrendered. Her eyes soon fluttered and closed before she went totally limp, and her head fell against the back of the seat.

            After about an hour, Tina woke up. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back and her shoes had been removed. Her head pounded and she couldn’t move. Her limbs felt like noodles. Finally a big man with a beard and tattoos all over his arms opened the car door and got inside. He introduced himself as Carlos and said she would be spending a few days with him now. Tina was terrified! This guy was 6 feet 4 and weighed at least 300 pounds. He looked as rough as he was big.

            Carlos then took out a needle and stuck her in the arm. He injected the contents and then put his arm around her gently. He told her she would soon be going to sleep and would be safe in his care. Somehow Tina felt anything but safe! She felt lightheaded and her hearing was suddenly dulled. Her eyes kept blinking, and everything was spinning around. Suddenly her eyes closed and her beautiful head fell limp on Carlos’s shoulder.

            Carlos smiled as he removed her handcuffs. Then he slipped her red high heeled pumps back on her sexy stocking feet. This one was going to be a special pleasure he thought. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her inside his house. Her long black hair sprawled all over, as her head hung limp over his huge, wide shoulder. Once inside, the fence gate was locked and the double door to the house was electronically locked as well. Even if she was ever awake, and not bound, escape was now out of the question.

            He placed her on a single bed and slowly removed her shoes. Her feet were exceptional. Carlos was a leg and foot man. He lifted her limp body slightly off the bed and removed her skirt. Then he slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Her pantyhose were ever so slowly peeled off next. He almost hated to take them off. Next he lifted her up and unhooked her white lace bra. Her breasts fell free, but stood almost straight out. Then he lowered her to the bed and removed her tiny white panties.

Once she was naked, he gathered up all her clothes and put them in a cabinet out of sight. Then he bound her wrists and ankles to the corners of the metal bed frame. She was now on her back, her legs spread, fully naked and unable to move. Then he strapped on a ball gag.

            When Tina woke up she jumped. She instantly realized she was nude and helpless. They had put her in this position many times before. How was this going to be different? She would soon see! Carlos walked over to her carrying a small case. He pulled out a large dildo with a wire attached. Then he attached the wire to a small control panel. He plugged the control panel into an electrical outlet and turned it on. Lights on the control panel now started flashing. Then he put some ointment on his fingers and carefully prepared her for insertion. Then he slowly slipped the dildo inside her and went to the control panel.

            As soon as the first button was pressed, Tina felt warmth inside. Then he pushed another button and a vibration started. So far Tina was un-impressed. She had heard of vibrating dildos, even heated ones. Then he turned another control. The dildo telescoped in length until it bottomed out inside her. Then it started to thicken. Suddenly she had more than she could handle and she started to whimper.

            Carlos smiled and pressed another switch. A small extension came out and started pulsating right on her clit. She was instantly aroused beyond all control. Then the end inside her started a pumping motion. Her hips started to move in rhythm and she helplessly surrendered to the machine. She kept getting closer and closer to climax, but it just wasn’t happening! She struggled and moved with abandon. She knew she was about to go off like an alarm clock, but she just couldn’t get there! After 5 minutes of teasing and torture, he finally asked if she was ready for her first orgasm. She eagerly nodded her head yes, and he pressed a red button. Instantly she went off like a fire doused in gasoline! Then she lay shuddering. It didn’t stop there though. She was back to more than half way there in less than a minute. Once again, after holding on the brink for what seemed like forever, he asked the magic question once again, and she nodded. This time he held the button down.

            Tina shook and exploded and went off again like never before. She kept it up though. As long as he held the button she just kept cuming and cuming. She thought her body was going to shake itself apart. Finally he asked if she was ready to stop. She was about to pass out, so she reluctantly nodded yes. He pressed a lever and the machine stopped. All she felt was the warmth and tightness inside her. Then he picked up a white square of cloth. He poured chloroform on the cloth and held it near her face. Then he pressed it over her nose and mouth.

            There was nothing Tina could do. She was too relaxed and satisfied to care anyway. Just as she was about to go under he pulled the cloth away. He spoke softly almost like he was hypnotizing her. He said that he would be putting her to sleep many times in the next few days. He also said if she behaved, she would be rewarded. If not, “well she would soon see” he told her. Then he placed the cloth back on her. She inhaled willingly and went out in about 10 seconds.

            When Tina awoke, she was on the bed on her side in a pair of tiny black panties, not her own. She was bound at the ankles and her hands were bound behind her back. The ball gag was still in her mouth. He approached her with a glass of water. He said he was going to remove the gag. She was still not allowed to speak. She must nod her head yes or no. If she spoke she would be punished. She nodded that she understood. Then he removed the gag and held the glass up to her mouth so she could drink.

            Tina’s mouth was as dry as cotton. She drank the water quickly. She had to pee very badly now. To her surprise, he asked her if she needed to use the bathroom. She nodded and he picked her up and cradle carried her to it. He was very strong and could pick her up like she was a little child. He placed her down in front of the toilet and pulled down her panties. Tina relieved herself and he soon wiped her and pulled her panties back on. As he carried her back to the room, Tina wondered how a burly guy like this could be so gentle. It gave her chills to think what he might also be capable of though!

            Carlos once again was soaking the white cloth with chloroform. He placed her on her back on the bed. Then as he held it on her, he said that when she awoke, she would be ready for him. She had a pretty good idea of what that would mean, and she whimpered an emphatic “No!”, and tried to escape the cloth. He only laughed and held it on her ever tighter. Finally his face became only a blur in her eyes and faded out. He pulled the cloth away as soon as she was out.

            Carlos untied her ankles and removed the panties. Then he bound her to the bed frame on her back as before. As soon as she awakened, he was standing over her naked and smiling. He was erect and huge! She quivered, knowing he would practically split her apart. But he went down on her first. She felt his beard between her legs. Then there was his tongue. It was long and pointed and ever agile. He was in her and all over her with it. She was appalled to be violated, but her flesh betrayed her. She was started within a minute.

            He worked her over with his tongue until she screamed out in orgasm. Then he paused for a few seconds and started right up again. He probed deeper and deeper and carefully held her clit captive and aroused. She screamed to orgasm again in less than a minute. Then he let her rest for a while. Suddenly he was all over her again. This time he went on for over 5 minutes teasing her. Finally he focused on her clit and let her explode. She fell back exhausted.

            Now he was mounting her! She was soaking wet there and more than ready. She nearly passed out on his insertion alone. Then he pressed ever deeper. By the time he hit bottom she was already half way there again. The bondage and his size and strength were intimidating enough, but having him in her was something else. She felt like she would split open like a little toy doll! She soon exploded in orgasm again. Then he held very still. He reached next to him and picked up the chloroform soaked cloth. Then he began to move again. She was half way there again in less than a minute. His size and his movements drove her beyond all control.

            He told her to warn him when she was about to cum, by nodding her head. That didn’t take very long. When she nodded, he gently placed the cloth over her mouth and nose. The rapid breathing from her shattering orgasm caused her to inhale the fumes as never before. She was still quivering as she passed out. As he watched her eyes roll closed, his own climax overwhelmed him as he flooded her limp and helpless body. He kept moving and pulsating within her as she lay totally limp, helplessly inhaling the chloroform from the wet cloth still resting over her nose and mouth. Finally he pulled out and removed the cloth.

            When Tina awoke nearly 2 hours later, she was dazed and dreamy. When she tried to move she suddenly realized how sore she was. She felt like she had been violated with a baseball bat! That was not all that far from the truth either. She was also disgusted with herself for not being able to resist being turned on. She had been ravaged by the slavers many times while bound, and had even pulled a train of 14 horny men. She was always able to lie with her eyes staring into space, and wait for it to be over. Why was this so different?

            Carlos came back into the room holding a glass and a needle. He put a red pill into the glass and she could see it dissolve. He removed her gag, while warning her not to speak. Then he told her to drink the glass of wine. He told her the pill was a sedative to ease her pain and would not hurt her. If she refused to drink it, he would inject her with the needle.

            She drank the wine, and he pulled the glass away. He told her that when she was sleepy, he would set her free from her bonds. She could not escape, since all doors were locked and there were guards and dogs outside. As long as she was here, she was his total slave. He would do whatever he wished, and she would totally comply. The first time she broke the rules she would soon regret it for life!

            Suddenly Tina felt dizzy. He started undoing the straps that held her ankles. After that, he released her arms. Then he removed his pants. Tina was on the bed with a floating sensation and could not move and was afraid to speak. He lifted her up from both sides of her waist and placed her facing him in his lap, as he sat on the edge of the bed. Her naked breasts were now against his hairy chest. She could feel him getting hard. Then he lifted her up and placed her on his manhood like a paper on a spindle. He was huge and hard but Tina was numb and disconnected from the Rohypnol he had given her.

            He grabbed her tiny waist in his hands and lifted her up and down on him, bottoming out each time. The angle at which he held her caused his huge cock to rub back and forth over her now hypersensitive clit. Within 2 minutes she was screaming that she was cuming. He kept it up over and over again. She exploded screaming 3 times. Then she felt the needle in her arm. Tina suddenly lost sensation. Her vision blurred and she fell on Carlos’s huge chest.

            As Carlos watched her pass out, he too finally exploded inside her. He moved her now limp, tiny body up and down on himself until he had no more to give her. Then he lifted her off and placed her on the bed to sleep it off. Wow! She was beautiful asleep and naked like this! He placed her on the bed on her back. When she woke up he knew he would want her again. She would be out for about 3 hours from the shot though. He put his pants on and got a cold beer. He would watch TV for a while now as she slept.

            When Tina woke up she was alone in the room. She was naked on the bed and was not bound or gagged. She could hear a football game on a TV from the next room. When she tried to stand, she nearly fell. She was even sorer now, and could not remember anything after drinking the wine. Suddenly Carlos was back carrying a bottle of chloroform and a small white cloth.

            Carlos soaked the cloth and gently held it on her. She was on her back on the bed again. When she felt like she was going under, he pulled the cloth away. Then he removed his pants again. He went down on her first. He was ever gentle with his tongue. He carefully licked and soothed all her sore spots. Within 10 minutes she had 3 powerful orgasms. Then he put the cloth on her again. When she was nearly out, he took it off and mounted her. The pain was less now. He started pumping again.

            Carlos would never cum until the girl was asleep, so that enabled him to go on pumping forever, making her cum over and over and never lose it himself. He made Tina shatter and cum 3 more times. After that, he waited until she was nearly there again, and then he put the cloth on her. She went under after about 30 seconds with her eyes rolling as he made her cum yet again. As soon as she went over the edge and exploded, she passed out, Carlos burst inside her again as well. It was weak this time though. He was getting numb. He would keep her out for the night now. Tomorrow would be the first day of her actual conditioning. This afternoon and evening were just a warm up session to get her ready. Tomorrow the real games would begin!

                                                      The Conditioner Part 2

            When Tina finally woke up, it was morning. Carlos was standing over her smiling. He was holding a leather collar in his hand and he asked her to sit up on the edge of the bed. As Tina sat up, she felt very sore and drowsy. Carlos buckled the collar around her neck and attached a small padlock on it. Only he could remove it now. He told her it was time to start her conditioning.

            Carlos opened a cabinet and gave her a sheer and very short red nightgown and a pair of black thigh high stockings. Then he reached in another cabinet and gave her own high heeled red pumps back to her. He told her to put the outfit on right away.

            Tina complied with his request and put the stockings on first. Then she put the nightgown on. Finally she stepped into her shoes. When told her to kneel before him, she gave him a nasty look and said, “Yeah right!” Carlos pulled a small remote out of his pocket and pushed a button. Tina felt a powerful electric shock jolt her neck. Then he pushed another button and Tina was thrown to the floor. She felt like she was hit with a karate chop.

            Carlos repeated his instructions. This time she knelt before him. Then he said,

 “That’s better!” and asked her to get up and follow him. He led her to a kitchen and asked her to sit at the table. Then he poured her a glass of orange juice. He put a small packet of powder in it and ordered her to drink it all. Terrified, Tina compiled. Then he gave her some breakfast.  

            Tina was starved and ate everything. Then he gave her some coffee. She was still feeling sleepy and the coffee looked good. The hypnotic he put in her orange juice was starting to work however. Carlos sat next to her and put his arm around her. Soon her sleepy head was resting against him. He told her to relax. That’s the last thing she remembered.

            Carlos sat holding a very limp Tina and looked into her glazed eyes. He started talking to her slowly and softly. He told her she was now his total slave. She would need him to make love to her often. From now on she would only cum when she was with him. She would have to do as she was told by her people from now on, or she would be punished. If she was good, she would be brought back to him for more sex.

            Suddenly Tina’s eyes rolled closed and she passed out completely. She would sleep for an hour or so and respond to the suggestions. He had many more to give her though. This would take time. He carried her in to the bedroom and placed her on her back on the bed. He would let her sleep for a while now.

            When Tina woke up this time she felt wide awake. Carlos was nowhere in sight. She figured that the remote for her shock collar would have a limited range. If she could get a few rooms away, maybe she could slip out a window and escape. The house was huge! She went through 4 rooms and found a den. She looked out the window and could see a fence around the property. There must be a gate somewhere. She would climb out the window and try to find it.

            By the time Tina was half way out the window, Carlos was already in the room holding a chloroform soaked cloth. He grabbed her and pulled her back inside. Then he held the cloth over her nose and mouth. She tried to scream, but not much sound came out. Tina was demoralized from being caught so quickly, and soon surrendered to the cloth. Once she fell limp, Carlos carried her to the basement.

            He placed her on an old sofa and removed her shoes, stockings, and nightgown slowly. Then he opened the door to an oversize closet and placed her on a mattress inside it. The mattress was attached to a sheet of plywood and was on the floor. There were many straps fastened to the plywood. As he placed Tina on her back, he bound her wrists and ankles first. Then he strapped down her knees, waist and her upper torso. He placed a ball gag in her mouth, and waited for her to wake up.

            When Tina woke up she was bound and naked. She was in the most helpless position she had ever been in. There was only a dim light lit, and Carlos was standing over her, looking    more menacing than ever. She was shaking, wondering about the retaliation that was sure to come. Carlos spoke softly. He told her she had been very bad and had to be disciplined. His associates would handle the job this time. He stepped out into the room, and came back holding a small animal cage. It had about 7or 8 assorted size rats in it!

            Tina started to thrash around. There had been rats on the ship she came over on, and they gave her the creeps. He told her he would be leaving her alone with his associates for a while. When he came back later, and removed her gag, she would know only 2 words. “Yes master!” He placed the cage on the floor and left the closet once more. When he returned he was holding a flour sifter. He sifted flour all over her feet, legs and thighs. He stopped at the tops of her thighs. Then he put some on her upper torso around her breasts. He opened the door of the rat cage and left the room carrying the sifter. A few seconds after the door closed, the light went out.

            Tina was in total darkness and was unable to move at all. In less than a minute the rats were all over her lapping up the flour. Tina’s screams were piercing even with the ball gag in her mouth! The warm fluttering rodents were crawling all over her helpless body. She screamed and thrashed with abandon. The rats went on crawling and licking. One was nibbling on her leg! Nothing could ever be worth this! She screamed and fought on. She would never be bad for Carlos again! If this was for openers, who knows what would come next!

            After an hour that felt like 10, the light came back on. Carlos put the rats back in the cage one at a time, using a small net. He knew they were all harmless lab rats. The girls didn’t know that detail though, and this was about control, not real torture. When they were all back in the cage, he placed it on the floor and removed her gag. He asked if she was going to behave now. She replied,

 “Yes master.” She was out of breath from an hour of thrashing and her voice was hoarse from screaming. He undid her straps. Then he lifted her off the mattress and carried her back to the couch. He placed her on it and asked if she would like a bath. Again she replied,

 “Yes master.”

            He cradle carried her into a spa room. There was a whirlpool tub filled with bubble bath.  He placed her in it. She floated around and came to rest sitting on the seat on the side. Only her head and shoulders were above water. Carlos removed his clothes and got in the tub with her. There was a bottle of chloroform, a white washcloth and some soap on the floor next to the tub. Carlos soaped up the washcloth and began to wash her. Then he rinsed out the cloth and soaked it with chloroform. He asked if she was ready to go to sleep. She replied,

“Yes master.”

            Tina inhaled the sweet fumes without the slightest resistance this time. She passed out in his arms in about 30 seconds. He pulled the cloth away quickly and lifted her out of the tub. Then he carried her over his shoulder to a massage table and placed her on her back. He dried her off carefully, and waited for her to awaken. Watching her sleep had made him as hard as a baseball bat.

            When Tina awoke, he was standing over her. He was naked and erect. She shuddered at the thought of him entering her. She was still throbbing from the day before. It wouldn’t be that simple however. This time he stood before her and ordered her to suck him. She said,

 “Yes master,” and took his huge cock in her hands and went down on it.

            As she worked on him, Carlos was pouring chloroform on a cloth again. He held it near her face, and let her continue sucking. Tina was getting lightheaded, but sucked on. She was on her side on the table and was having trouble keeping her eyes open from inhaling the chloroform. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Carlos was close to popping as she passed out. He grabbed her limp head in both hands and moved her open mouth up and down on his rigid shaft. He loved to have his way with a limp girl’s mouth! Finally he exploded and filled her helpless mouth with his seed. As he burst, he held her limp head steady and moved in and out of her mouth. Once he was spent, he pulled out and rested her limp head on the table with her mouth still wide open.

            Tina woke up 15 minutes later and was soon choking on the load in her mouth. He was standing there and ordered her to swallow all of it. She attempted to say “Yes master.” and complied. Tina gagged as she swallowed every drop of his vile seed. Then he walked her back to where he had left her nightgown, shoes, and stockings. He ordered her to put them back on. She replied,

 “Yes master,” and slowly put the outfit back on.

            Then he brought her back to the kitchen. He poured another glass of orange juice and put another packet of the white powder in it. She drank it as soon as he handed it to her and put the glass down. Then he led her to another room and had her sit on a large sofa. He sat down beside her and ordered her to remove her shoes slowly. Tina said,

 “Yes master,” and slowly eased off her shiny red pumps. Then he told her to put her black stocking clad feet in his lap.

            Carlos massaged her beautiful feet while the powerful drug went to work on her. It happened sooner this time and her head fell limp against the arm of the sofa. Her eyes were staring into space as he started more conditioning. He spoke quickly this time. She would pass out soon. When she awoke, she would beg him for sex. She would not escape. She would beg to return to him. She passed out suddenly while he was still talking. Her eyes closed suddenly and her mouth stayed open.

            When she awoke this time she was still on the sofa with her shoes off. Her collar was gone. Soon Carlos was back. She smiled at him, and he told her to get down on her knees. She said,

 “Yes master.” Then she instantly complied with his request. When he asked her if she was ready to have him, she said the magic words again. Then she got on her back on the sofa.

            He went down on her first. He made her cum over and over. After she had exploded about 3 times, he soaked a cloth with chloroform and mounted her. She shuddered in pain as he thrust inside her. As before she felt like she would split open. He continued thrusting until he bottomed out once again. Tina started screaming as she kept cuming again and again. Then he handed her the cloth. He ordered her to put herself to sleep. After saying,

 “Yes master!” she held the well soaked cloth over her nose and mouth and inhaled deeply.

            Tina felt totally consumed with passion for some reason, and struggled to stay awake for one more orgasm. As she began to cum, she let herself go and passed out almost instantly. As Carlos watched her go under, he too exploded within her. He continued moving in and out as he watched her limp body and her closed eyes with the cloth still covering her face.

            Tina woke up in about an hour and felt really dreamy and satisfied. She looked at Carlos, and suddenly wanted him all over again! What was wrong with her? It must have been the drug he was giving her. Carlos had her lie on her stomach this time. Then he started to probe and tongue her around her tiny anus. “Oh my god!” she thought. The size of him there would surely rip her apart. He applied some gel to her and himself and started to penetrate.

            The pain was severe, and she cried out. Suddenly she felt the sting of a needle in her right arm. Tina felt relaxed like she was floating within 20 seconds. The pain disappeared. She was suddenly very excited. He ordered her to make herself cum. She took her right hand and started to fondle her own clit with 2 fingers. He continued to thrust within her. She exploded into orgasm in a few minutes. Then he told her to do it again. This time it took longer, but once again she exploded. After she screamed that she was cuming, she suddenly felt like the room was spinning around. She passed out and went limp under him. As soon as her body went limp, he filled her ass with his seed. When he pulled out she was bleeding slightly. Carlos gently cleaned her off with a damp cloth and applied some ointment. Then he let her sleep for several hours.

            When Tina woke up, she was sore in 2 places now. One of her stockings had fallen part of the way down, so she pulled it back up. Her shoes were on the floor, so she put them on. Carlos wasn’t around. She sat on the sofa and fantasized about the sex she had just had. Why was she getting so hot? Suddenly she felt an uncontrollable urge to cum again. She took her right hand and used 2 fingers to bring herself off again. When she looked up, Carlos was back watching her. He asked her to do it once more. She replied,

 “Yes master.” Then she brought herself to another shattering orgasm in less than 3 minutes.

            Carlos asked her to slowly remove her shoes once more. Once they were off, he asked her to remove her nightgown. Then he asked her to slowly remove her stockings. Once she was naked, he gently lifted her up and sat her in his lap again. Then he placed her willing body on his now hard shaft and started moving her up and down. He wasn’t as hard this time, since he was getting numb again. He suddenly set her down. Tina winced as he bottomed out in her. He was soaking a cloth with chloroform again!

            This time Tina was actually aroused about the idea of being put to sleep. He thrust her body up and down on his shaft, and made her cum once again. Then he held the cloth on her. She inhaled deeply, as he continued to move her up and down. Suddenly she went limp and he was holding her up while moving her up and down. He couldn’t see her eyes, but he knew she was out. He finally he fired his last load into her and lifted her off him. Then he placed her beautiful limp body on the sofa.

            When Tina awoke this time, Carlos was standing there with her clothes. He told her to get dressed, since her owners would be coming for her soon. Once Tina was dressed, he told her that she had better behave for her owners and do everything they told her. He also said that she would soon crave the white powder he gave her. She would be sent back to him for more conditioning in about 2 weeks as long as she behaved.

            Tina didn’t want to leave now. She wanted Carlos badly and hated the idea of being put back on the street again. He told her not to worry. Next time she came, he would not need to punish or torture her as long as she behaved. He would only give her pleasure next time. Carlos had her sit on the sofa near the door. Tina could hear the limo pull up outside. It was time now.

            Carlos went outside and told him that she wasn’t quite ready and to wait for a while. Then he came back to her. He picked up the bottle of chloroform and soaked the cloth again. Tina was excited as she saw him pour so much on the cloth that it dripped onto the floor. As he placed it over her face, she pleaded with him.

 “Please put me to sleep for a long time! I don’t want to go back there too so….”

Suddenly she passed out, before she could finish uttering the word soon. Carlos held the cloth on her for over a minute. Then he pulled it away and slowly lowered her limp body onto the sofa. Carlos was in no hurry to send her back. He undressed her very slowly…..

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LA Bound


                                                            L. A. Bound

It was late summer 1958 and Los Angeles was hot and sticky. It was especially hot in Jim’s photo studio, so he turned on the air conditioner. Jim had mixed emotions about how this crucial day would turn out. He had placed the ad, as per his assistant’s instructions, in every suggested publication. All he could do now was hope for the best.

           His employer, “Bound & Kidnapped” magazine was in trouble. It was no surprise. The concept was 20 years old, and newer and better “pin up girl type” publications like “Playboy” had been stealing the show for several years. The Eisenhower recession was raging on, and although that was contributing to the financial problems, there just might be a way to use it to save the day.

Many were out of work, and that included models, especially young upstarts. An ad was placed for some high paying modeling jobs. “Earn from $10 per hour all the way up to $200 per hour.” the ad promised. The one girl selected for the cover would get $1000.

The minimum wage was 75 cents an hour. They were already getting hundreds of models for $3-$5 per hour. This work would be different though. The stories would describe the girls being stripped fully naked now, along with some underwear ripping. There would be new girl on girl story themes as well. The new pictures would have to match that story content, and would be in color for the first time. That’s why the magazine had hired a special female assistant to help recruit and orient the girls.

Lori was 27 and was too old for the kidnapped and bound teenage girl theme. None of the girls were really teens, but most were still young enough to look the part, especially in the former black and white pictures in the crime stories section of the magazine. Lori was tall, 5 feet 8 and had a slim build, large firm breasts, and great legs. Her raven black hair that went nearly to her waist and her soft brown eyes completed her look.

Lori would not be there for another hour. After that, the models would start pounding on the door any time, provided the ads had worked their magic. Jim was worried. Many other magazines like this one were already gone. As he sipped his black coffee, Jim day dreamed about his early days with the magazine.

On the first Monday of the month, the latest issue of Bound & Kidnapped would hit the streets. The newsstands would all be swamped with buyers, and some would be sold out early in the day.

Also on that exciting day, over a hundred models would be at the door of his studio, hoping to get in the next month’s issue. All were photographed while bound and gagged, and usually in various states of undress. Only about 20 or so would make the final cut for the issue, and only one would make the color cover and get the big check.

The girls came from all over the world. Some spent their last dollar for some kind of transportation, and others even hitch hiked to get there. Jim knew that the chances of any girl being discovered and going big time from this low budget magazine were slim indeed. That never seemed to discourage them though. They all seemed to think they would be the next Marilyn Monroe!

In those early days, the ropes and handcuffs that the girls were bound with were all props. The handcuffs had a small button that the model could reach that released them. The ropes all had elastic sections that could be stretched. The girls were never actually bound.

Over time that changed, and the girls soon got used to real ropes and handcuffs. Then later on knock out scenes were acted out. The girls were photographed being chloroformed, and then sitting or lying limp in bondage. The readers went wild, and sales soared, but other magazines soon copied the idea.

The magazine was about to go all color and contain nudity. To earn the new and higher wages promised, the girls would have to do things they had never done before. That’s where Lori came in. She would make them feel comfortable and ease the transition. Lori would also be the one to decide what each model would do, and how much she would be paid.

The top was down in Lori’s T-Bird convertible as she sped down Sunset Blvd. The wind was blowing her long hair and cooling her face as she approached the studio. Lori had made good money as a model but she was past that phase. She was management now. She was almost drunk with a feeling of new power!

Lori was a closet lesbian. She licked her lips at the thought of the power she would now have over the new young models. Hollywood was full of casting couches. Those were run by men though. Now she would have one of her own. It sent chills down her spine just thinking about it. Never in her life had she been this anxious to get to work on a Monday morning!

Jim suddenly jumped to present day from his daydream when he heard the side door open. It was Lori. “Wow is she gorgeous!” he thought to himself. “If only I was 20 years younger…” He politely wished Lori good morning and told her she could use the front office to screen the models.

Lori returned Jim’s greeting and proceeded to the office. She placed her purse, and a small briefcase that she was carrying, on the large desk and sat down. She looked at the clock on the wall. Ten minutes to model call. When she looked out the window she was both aghast and elated. The line of young models at the front door was so long that she could not see the end.

As usual, some of the girls looked under 18. She would have to check ID’s carefully. The cops would shut them down if they were caught using underage women. Lori closed the curtain so nobody outside could see into the office. Then she looked around. There was a small love seat between her desk and the door to the dressing room. It wasn’t a full couch, but it would do.

There was a wooden audition chair and a table full of bondage supplies, mainly ropes, gags, and handcuffs. On the floor, under the table, were 3 clothes baskets. One was filled with panties, another with bras, and the last one with many pairs of high heeled shoes. There was also a photo light and a camera set up. Lori would take a shot or 2 of each applicant and keep it for her records.

At exactly nine AM, Lori opened the door and called out,

“Ok girls, I’ll take the first 5 blondes.”

In seconds 5 blondes pushed their way to the head of the line and entered the office. Lori checked their ID’s first. All papers looked legit and the youngest was 19. As she checked their ID’s Lori wrote down their names. Then she sent them to the dressing room. They were ordered to strip to just their bra, panties, and shoes and to come into the office as they were called.

Cindy’s name was called out first. She shrieked in delight at being the first and ran into the office. Cindy was about 5 feet 2 and had bright blue eyes. Her breasts were large and her body looked like that of a typical high school or college cheerleader. She strutted into the room wearing just a baby blue bra and panties set and brown leather high heeled pumps.

“Sit in this chair.” Lori politely ordered. Lori quickly handcuffed Cindy’s hands behind her back. Then she knelt down and wrapped a thick rope around Cindy’s ankles. She didn’t bother to tie it. Finally, Lori gagged Cindy with a long scarf.

Lori flipped the bright light on and started snapping photos. Now came the hard part,     getting the girls to show a look of terror in their eyes. Most girls were giggling and unthreatened by the quick, and obviously fake, bondage routine.

Lori coached her until she got at least one appropriate photo. Then she uncuffed Cindy and had her do the walk in front of her desk. The instructions were the same for every girl,

“Pull your bra straps completely off both shoulders. That’s good; now pull your underpants down to just above your knees. OK step out of your high heels, and sit in the chair by the desk.”

Now the interview would begin. Lori quickly asked questions and checked boxes on a form. Their age, where they came from, marital and boyfriend status, and where they were staying. Girls with no place to stay were told to report to a boarding house that was run by Paula, an ex lover of Lori’s.

Cindy sat in the chair and eagerly awaited her interview. Lori looked her over carefully as they spoke. With her bra straps off her shoulders, Cindy’s nipples were visible. They were small and erect. Lori could also tell that Cindy was a real blond since her panties were down. Cindy’s bare feet looked OK, but she would need a pedicure.

Cindy was 22. She had no boyfriend and no place to stay. Lori gave her the address of the boarding house, told her to put her shoes back on, fix her panties and bra, and report to the studio. She would start at $10 an hour. If her first shoot went well, she would be asked back to Lori’s office to discuss advancement.

Within 4 hours, Lori had processed all the girls that they would need for that month’s issue. She went to lunch, and would be re-interviewing the “special” girls at 3 PM.

Cindy had finally reached the boarding house after walking nearly a mile in the heat. She was wearing a tight white T shirt, a pair of very short shorts, and sneakers. Everything else she owned was in a small duffel bag that she carried. She climbed the 4 steps and rang the bell.

Paula was watching out the window and had seen Cindy approaching. When the bell rang, she eagerly ran to answer the door. Paula also had been a model, and was still beautiful. She had red hair and green eyes. Her breasts were small, but firm, and her legs turned heads every where she went. Modeling stockings and garter belts had been her specialty.

Paula let Cindy in and had her put down her purse and duffel bag by the door. Then Paula gave Cindy a small glass of lemonade to drink as she wrote down the information to sign her in. Cindy drank the lemonade down quickly since she was hot from the walk.

“Ok, let me show you to your room now. Get your things and follow me.” Paula said.

The room was on the first floor. Cindy was told to place her things on the bed on the right.

“Your roommate will be Jill.” Paula said. “She is still at the studio working now. The other girls are all out back by the pool. Why don’t you put a swimsuit on and join them.”

Cindy was elated. The heat was awful and the pool sounded wonderful. After Paula left the room, she opened her duffel and pulled out her swimsuit. It was red and slightly small on her. It was one piece and zipped up the back. Then a top flap portion covered her breasts and tied behind her neck.

Cindy stripped down to just her sneakers and pulled the suit on. Then she quickly pulled up the zipper and afterward she tied the strings around her neck carefully. If that bow were to come undone, she would suddenly be topless!

When Cindy walked back to the living room to find the way to the pool, Paula was standing there holding a bottle of sun tan lotion.

“Sit on the sofa, and let me put this on you first.” Paula warned. “It’s really sunny out there and you won’t be much good for modeling with sunburn!”

As Cindy sat on the couch she was feeling a little lightheaded. When she revealed that fact to Paula, she was told that it was probably the heat.

Paula knew Cindy would pass out soon now. She didn’t want any lotion on her yet, if she could help it. She would stall for time. Paula said,

“Here, let’s take your sneakers off first.”

Cindy sat on the couch as Paula untied and partially unlaced each of Cindy’s sneakers. When they were really loose, Paula slipped each one off slowly.

Cindy’s bare feet finally felt the cool carpet. She was totally relaxed now and wasn’t worried about anything! The sedative that Paula had put in her lemonade was working nicely. Paula was pulling on Cindy’s top string now. Cindy was barely aware of what was happening as the bow was untied completely and the suit flap fell down revealing her large breasts.

Paula looked at Cindy’s breasts in awe as they fell free. Cindy’s eyes were glazed and beginning to blink. Paula could tell that she was losing focus. It wouldn’t be long now!

Cindy tried to blink her eyes to focus, but it was hopeless. She just couldn’t do it. That’s the last thing she remembered as her pretty blond head fell limp in Paula’s arms.

Paula held Cindy’s limp body against her and pulled the zipper on the back of her bathing suit all the way down. The tiny suit slipped off easily now and Paula tossed it on the floor next to Cindy’s sneakers. Finally Paula stretched Cindy out on the sofa on her back. Then she stepped back to admire her new prize.

Cindy’s naked and unconscious body took Paula’s breath away. Lori had really sent her a prize with this one! Paula had her way with Cindy’s limp body for nearly 2 hours. Then she applied suntan lotion all over Cindy’s body, and carefully put her swimsuit back on.

Cindy woke up about 10 minutes later. Her head was resting on the back of the sofa and she felt wonderful, although a little bit sleepy.

“You fell asleep while I was putting the lotion on you.” Paula said. “I decided to leave you alone and let you take a little nap. Why don’t you go to the pool now?”

Cindy got up and walked into the back yard. She had no way of knowing that she had just lost over 2 hours. There were several other girls already swimming in or sitting around the pool. As soon as Cindy dove in the cool water, her sleepiness passed. In fact, she had never felt better in her life. Never had she been paid so much for such easy work! The living quarters were fantastic. It was only her first day, and she loved L.A. already!

Lori returned to her office after lunch and waited for the next group of girls. They would each want to earn more money, a lot more money. The ad promised up to $200 an hour. Lori was ready to show them what it would take to move up the ladder.

Jackie was excited when she entered Lori’s office for the second interview. Most girls didn’t get this second chance. They had all done simple $10 an hour shoots and were dismissed. Jackie’s black patent leather pumps clicked on the floor as she walked around Lori’s desk and sat in the chair.

Lori admired Jackie as she sat down. She was a tall willowy blond with blue eyes. Her legs were awesome and her breasts, although smaller than average in size, stood out like bullets. As Jackie sat down, she crossed her legs. Her stockings were slightly darker than nude and gave her legs a suntanned look.

Jackie noticed Lori looking at her legs and dangled the shoe on her crossed leg half way off. Then the negotiations began.

“For openers you will be bound wearing just underwear that we give you. Then that underwear may be ripped or cut off you rendering you totally nude. The photos will all be in color now. Are you with me so far?”

“I think so.” Jackie replied. “How much does it pay?”

“It pays $100 an hour.” Lori replied.

“The ad said up to $200 an hour.” Jackie said. “What do I have to do to get that kind of money?”

Lori explained to her that, up to now, the magazine was only about girls being abducted, stripped, bound, held captive, and tormented by men. Going full color, along with adding underwear ripping and full nudity may not be enough to save the dated format.

We will also be doing scenes where the girls are taken by women now. The forced methods of abducting the girls will be replaced by gentle and more seductive methods. The girls will be slowly stripped, fondled, bathed, oiled, and dressed in various outfits to please the captor rather than tormented.

“Wow; that sounds sexy and ought to drive the men wild!” Jackie exclaimed.

“That’s what we’re counting on.” Lori replied. “Jill will be here any minute to help you with your first audition. Just do everything she says and you just might get the job! I will be here filming it as well as snapping still pictures.

Jill was Lori’s current lover. As a favor, Paula was keeping her at the boarding house. Jill was 26 and about 5 feet 4. Her hair was baby soft and shiny brown. Her hazel eyes gave a loving look to her cover girl model face. Jill had long and slender legs and small narrow feet. Her breasts were tiny.

Those tiny breasts, along with her soft hair and beautiful face, had been what had attracted Lori to her in the first place. She was totally different from most of the other models. She dressed differently too. Jill wore boots and stockings in weather when most girls wore sandals and had bare legs. Short dresses and skirts to show off her legs were also normal for her.

Lori’s heart literally skipped a beat when Jill walked into the office. Jill was dressed as a cowgirl. She wore a hat, a frilly white blouse and a short, tight, wrap around skirt. Her stockings were dark brown in color and her white patent high heeled boots came to mid calf and zipped up the sides.

Jackie was also amazed at Jill’s look and outfit. Jill’s blouse had the first 2 buttons undone. She was braless, and the nipples on her small breasts were erect and visible through the thin blouse. She even had a small lasso hanging from her wide leather belt that matched her boots.

The introductions went quickly. Lori ordered Jill and Jackie to sit next to each other on the love seat and await direction. Lori quickly set up both the film and still cameras and turned on the lights. Then the direction came.

“Jill plays a lesbian. Jackie you are her close friend, but don’t know that yet. Jill is going to make advances. Jackie, you go along at first, not knowing how far this is going. At some point you start resisting. Jill backs off and offers you a drink.”

“Jackie, you accept the drink and drink it down quickly. Then you sit back down with Jill. Jill slowly starts seducing you again. Now we pretend the drink has been drugged. Jackie, you start getting sleepy and much more receptive to Jill’s advances. Are you both ready?”

Both girls eagerly nodded their heads “Yes!”

“Any questions before I start filming?” Lori asked.

“I have one,” Jackie said. “At what point should I start resisting Jill’s advances?”

“Good point!” Lori replied. “Do you have any suggestions Jill?”

“How about having Jackie start to resist after I take her shoes off and start running my hands up and down her legs?” Jill said. “Up until then she goes along with everything I do without question though. We need to get the guys watching really worked up first!”

“Ok, that sounds good.”Jackie said. “Up until then, I will just play along like Jill said. We’ll act like lovers and really get the guys panting.”

Lori couldn’t believe how easy this was going to be. She started the camera and gave the order for the girls to begin.

“Ok, Jackie. Your boyfriend has been cheating on you and Jill is consoling you. We aren’t recording sound so don’t worry about lines too much. Just wing it.” Lori ordered.

Lori had lied about the sound. A hidden tape recorder was running. The writers would use the dialog to write the text that went with the pictures. Lori watched with breathless anticipation as the girls turned to face each other.

Jill was softly stroking Jackie’s silky blond hair now. As she stroked, she told Jackie not to worry about her boyfriend so much. Then suddenly Jill put her hand behind Jackie’s head and pulled her closer. Next she gently and quickly kissed Jackie on the lips.

Jackie returned the kiss, smiled, and thanked Jill for being so nice to her. Then Jill took Jackie’s head firmly in both hands as she whispered,

“Close your eyes and open your mouth part way.”

Jackie obeyed instantly. Jill pulled Jackie towards her and placed her open mouth over Jackie’s now open and willing mouth.

Jackie was never into women, but was still aroused by Jill’s kiss! No boyfriend had ever used this kind of approach. Jill was holding her head firmly so there was no pulling back, yet the kiss was the softest and most erotic Jackie had ever experienced. The whispered instructions beforehand were a nice touch too.

Jackie willingly open mouth kissed Jill for several minutes. She also knew that this would have the men going wild and may help insure that she could earn the $200 an hour. She needed the money desperately!

Finally Jill broke off the kiss and released Jackie’s head from her hands. Then the girls both smiled at each other.

“You sure are brave to go braless and leave 2 buttons undone like that.” Jackie said.

Jill smiled and reached for Jackie’s top button. As she undid it, she said,

“Actually, with that thick padded bra you have on, you could afford to have at least 3 buttons undone!” Jill said, as she undid the first 3 buttons of Jackie’s blouse. “There, you still can’t even see cleavage.”

Jill reached inside Jackie’s blouse and slid her right bra strap off of her shoulder. Then she pulled Jackie’s right bra cup down and let her breast pop out.

“Oh my God, your breasts are perfect!” Jill said. As she spoke, Jill pulled Jackie’s other bra strap off her shoulder so her other breast would pop out.

“Do you really think so?” Jackie asked. “I think they’re too small.”

“Well, let’s have a better look.” Jill said. Jill undid all the remaining buttons on Jackie’s blouse. Then she put her hand inside behind Jackie’s back and unsnapped the loose bra. The bra fell down as Jill opened Jackie’s blouse fully and pulled it out of her skirt.

“Yes, they are perfect.” Jill said. “They have perfectly matched nipples and no sag. Almost no models here can say that!”

“Come to think of it, your legs are very sexy too.” Jill said. Jill ran her hand over Jackie’s filmy stocking and slipped off one of her shoes. After the first shoe hit the floor, Jill removed the other one.

Jackie took her cue. “Hey that’s enough undressing!” she said. Jackie stood up abruptly, but made no attempt to re-dress.

Jill jumped up and said, “Hey I’m sorry I got so carried away. Let me pour you some wine.”

Jill went to the table and poured a small glass of wine. Jackie was looking the other way now, so Jill pulled a small bottle of real knock out drops from her purse. She tried to put 2 drops in Jackie’s wine, but 3 drops went in by accident. Jill stirred the glass with the eyedropper and hid the bottle in her purse.

Jackie said, ‘Thank you” for the wine and apologized to Jill for lashing out at her.

Jill told her not to worry about it and both girls sat down again. Then they made more small talk about Jackie’s boyfriend trouble. Soon Jackie’s wine glass was empty and Jill took it from her and placed it on the table.

When Jill sat down again, she put her arm around Jackie. Jackie melted and dropped her head on Jill’s shoulder. Jill could tell that the drug was working. Jill turned towards her and kissed her gently. Then she said,

Why don’t we get you out of that blouse?”

Jackie did not speak or resist as Jill slipped her open blouse off her shoulders and tossed it on the floor. Then Jill removed Jackie’s bra that was hanging around her waist now, and tossed it with her blouse. Jackie rested her sleepy head against the back of the love seat and tried to thank Jill for making her comfortable.

The words never came. Jackie’s eyes suddenly closed and her head fell limp against the back of the love seat. Lori was applauding now.

“Bravo!” She said. “That’s just the kind of seduction we need to sell the magazine. How many drops did you give her?”

“I tried to give her 2 like you said, but it ended up being 3.” Jill answered.

“That’s fine!” Lori said. Go ahead and strip her all the way.

Jill slowly undid and removed Jackie’s skirt. Then she undid her garters and pulled each of Jackie’s stockings off lovingly. The garter belt and the panties were slipped off next. Then Jill and Lori admired Jackie everywhere. They had their way with Jackie’s limp body for several hours, only stopping to kiss and fondle each other along the way. Then they selected a bra and panties set from the baskets and put them on her.

When Jackie woke up, her hands were cuffed behind her back. Her ankles were bound with rope, and she was wearing a black bra and panties set, not her own. Her shoes were back on, but her stockings were missing. When she tried to speak, she noticed a knotted scarf was stuffed in her mouth and tied around the back of her head.

Jill was behind the cameras now, and Lori was standing over her. Finally Lori spoke.

“Just nod your head yes or no if you understand.” Lori ordered. “I am your mistress and captor now. Jill will film and snap photos when we are ready. You are to look terrified when I tell you that if you don’t obey my every wish you will be sold into slavery. I will rip and cut your bra and panties off to inspect you everywhere and take pictures of you naked. You will cry out “Please no, I’ll be good!” as I do things to you. Do you understand so far?”

Jackie eagerly nodded her head, “Yes!”

“OK.” Lori said. “This is the work that will get you $200 an hour.”

Jackie was elated. She also felt kind of excited at being tied up like this. Then she remembered her instructions. “Be frightened about being sold, promise to obey the mistress, and answer yes or no by nodding my head.” She was ready.

Jill started the camera and said, “Action!”

Jackie had terror in her eyes as Lori stood over her. She struggled and whimpered in her bondage as she was told.

“If you behave and do everything I say I will keep you. If not, you will be sold and sent out of the country. Do you understand?”

Jackie stopped whimpering and nodded “Yes!”

Lori told her that she would need naked pictures of her. She didn’t trust her untied yet, so the clothes would have to be cut off. Then she would show the pictures to her men clients and see how much they offered to pay for her if she was not a good slave.

“No! Please don’t sell me. You can untie me and I won’t run away. I’ll be good I promise!” Jackie pleaded, although her words muffled by the gag.

Lori approached Jackie, holding the scissors. Then she gently and carefully cut both of Jackie’s bra straps just above the cups. Next Lori put the scissors between the cups and snipped the thin material. The elastic gave way and the bra flew open, exposing Jackie’s taut nipples. Lori grabbed what was left of the bra and tossed it aside.

Jackie lay nearly panting, wondering what Lori would do next. She wouldn’t have long to wait. Lori went to the desk and opened a small briefcase. She pulled out a brown bottle and a white cloth. Then she was back standing over Jackie’s now topless body. Jill was snapping picture after picture.

“This is chloroform.” Lori said. Lori opened the bottle and held it near Jackie’s nose. It smelled strong but sweet. Now Lori was holding the white cloth in one hand and the open bottle in the other. Lori held the bottle high above the cloth so Jackie could see the steam of clear liquid running out and landing on the cloth.

Lori soaked the cloth so much that some of the excess dripped on the floor. Then Lori put the bottle down and approached Jackie’s sweet face with the soaked cloth in her hand.

Jackie was squirming in her bondage and shaking now. “Please no!” she begged.

“I’m going to put you deeply under now, so I can get into your panties!” Lori said in a threatening tone. “Are you going to be a good girl and inhale deeply for me now?” Lori asked.

Jackie did not know what else to do so she nodded her head “Yes.”

Lori had the cloth tightly over Jackie’s nose and mouth now. Jackie choked on the fumes at first, but inhaled deeply as she was told. Almost immediately Jackie’s ears were ringing. Soon the sounds in the room dulled like everything was under water. Jackie’s eyes would no longer focus so she blinked them. It didn’t help. That’s the last thing she remembered as she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Lori held the cloth there for about a minute after Jackie passed out. Then she held it up and shook it beckoning Jill to come over.

Jill eagerly ran towards the love seat, leaving the film camera running. Lori handed her the scissors and said, “You know what to do now.”

Jill carefully slightly cut the sides of Jackie’s panties part way through. Then she put down the scissors and pulled at the tiny panties. The right side ripped first. Now Jackie’s blonde hair was proven to be real! Jill pulled harder and the panties ripped free and were now in her hand.

Lori handed her the chloroform bottle. Jill soaked the panties thoroughly and handed the bottle back to Lori. Then Jill sat on the edge of the love seat next to Jackie’s limp and naked body. Lori took the soaked panties and gently held them over Jill’s nose and mouth.

Jill inhaled in ecstasy, as Lori watched the gleam in her eyes. Soon Jill’s eyes became glazed and distant. Then they began a rapid flutter. The flutter didn’t last long. Jill’s eyes suddenly rolled upwards and closed as Jill fell limp on top of Jackie.

Lori held the soaked panties on Jill for several minutes. Then she tossed the panties on the floor and slowly unzipped one of Jill’s shiny white boots. When the zipper was all the way down, Lori slowly eased the boot off her and put it on the floor. Now Lori slowly removed Jill’s other boot.

Lori massaged Jill’s beautiful nylon encased legs and feet for some time. The she turned her attention to Jill’s frilly blouse. Lori unbuttoned the buttons that weren’t already undone and slipped the blouse off Jill’s shoulders. Now Jill’s tiny breasts were pointing straight out. Lori sucked on each of Jill’s tiny nipples. They became erect instantly.

Lori unbuckled and removed Jill’s wide belt and lasso. Then she unzipped and removed Jill’s skirt from around her and tossed it on the floor. Next, Lori grabbed Jill’s lasso. Lori put it around Jill’s arms and middle torso and tied it. Jill would be helpless when she awoke, just the way Lori wanted her. She would remove her stockings, garter belt, and panties later. Much later! Lori removed Jackie’s high heels ever so slowly, rendering her full naked.

Lori returned to the camera. This was a picture moment if there ever was one!

Cindy stepped out of the pool and grabbed a large towel. She dried herself off quickly, and sat on a chaise lounge. As she looked at the palm trees and other beautiful surroundings, she remembered her day so far.

She had passed the first interview easily, as she knew she would. Now she had to get to the second interview to get more money. Her roommate, Jill, was still at the studio. Cindy would try and befriend her and perhaps get some pointers on how to get the $200 an hour tonight.

Cindy sighed and remembered today’s experience. She reported to the studio, after her first interview, as she was told. They gave her a cheerleader outfit to put on. Cindy stepped behind a wall, sat on a makeshift bench, and undressed. Then she put on the clothing that she was given. She wondered why she was to change her bra and panties as well, but she went with it. When she finished dressing and stepped out, a good looking guy named Phil gave her instructions.

She was to walk into the room slowly. A big guy named Curt was to grab her from behind and hold a wet cloth over her nose and mouth. She was to struggle and try to scream, as he held her back. After about a minute, she was to weaken and let her arms fall limp at her sides. Then she was to roll her eyes upward and close them as she melted into his arms.

When he picked her up and carried her off, she was to remain like a rag doll, with her eyes gently closed and her mouth part way open, pretending to be totally unconscious. She was not to wake up until she was slapped on the butt.

Cindy had giggled in delight as she heard the instructions. She had seen girls that were chloroformed and kidnapped in the movies and on TV, and knew just what to do. When she acted out the actual scene it felt really cool to lay helpless in the guy’s strong arms and be carried off like that!

It got a little rougher later on though, as he threw her on a bed and started to undress her. She felt him crudely pull off her sneakers without untying them. Then he quickly pulled her white socks off and tossed them away. Now he was holding her from behind the neck and lifting her upper torso into a sitting position.

Her shirt top was pulled roughly off of her next, slightly pulling on her silky blond hair and hurting her arms in the process. Then he dropped her back onto the bed and yanked her shorts down over her legs.

Cindy lay limp, as she was told, while she felt him tie her ankles tightly together. Then he turned her on her side and handcuffed her hands behind her back. She was really helpless now, even if she wasn’t actually unconscious. Next he stuffed something made of silky cloth into her still partly open mouth and tied it tightly around the back of her head.

Cindy was lying on the bed, still pretending to be asleep, when she felt a sharp spank on her left upper thigh and butt. She opened her eyes slowly and tried to adjust to the now bright lights in the room. She had been able to hear several cameras snapping picture after picture ever since she had walked into the room

When Cindy finally saw what Curt looked like, she didn’t have to fake the terrified look in her eyes! He was huge! Curt stood at least 6 feet 5 and weighed in at 300 pounds. He had wide shoulders and a barrel chest. His muscles were rippled like the guys in the body building magazines, and he had tattoos on both of his forearms. In her mind, she could imagine him getting off a motorcycle and swinging a chain!

Curt was standing over her now. He had a gleam in his eyes as he spoke in a gruff voice.

“Well now Missy, it’s time we finished undressing you now!”

Curt grabbed one of Cindy’s bra straps and pulled hard. It snapped off at one end and hung useless after he let it go. The he roughly tore the other one as well. Cindy’s breasts were popping out now, as he grabbed the front of the white bra between her breasts. He pulled so hard, that Cindy was lifted off the bed a few inches before the hooks tore out of the material in the back and the bra came off in shreds in Curt’s huge hand.

Curt tossed what was left of the bra on the floor like trash and quickly focused on Cindy’s tiny white panties. He grabbed the panties in each of his hands on both sides of her hips. Again, Cindy was lifted off the bed, nearly a foot this time, as he pulled the panties. Cindy could hear cloth ripping, but the tiny panties were still intact enough to hold her up off the bed.

Finally Curt moved one of his hands under her crotch and pulled with all his might. The panties tore apart now and Cindy dropped onto the bed, now totally naked, as he tossed them aside. Curt stepped back to admire his work, and then suddenly left the room.

Phil yelled “Cut!” and the cameras finally stopped snapping. The bright lights were turned off next and Phil gently undid Cindy’s hand cuffs. Then he carefully untied her ankles as she herself untied the gag and removed it. She was then told to go behind the wall and get dressed.

When Cindy came out fully dressed, only Phil was there. He told her she was done for the day, and asked how she liked it.

“I must admit, there were times that I wished that I was really chloroformed and unconscious!” Cindy replied.

“Don’t say that too loud around here!” Phil replied, looking almost serious, as if he was warning her.

Then she saw him smile, and realized that he was just kidding. Cindy smiled back, thanked him and left.

Cindy was suddenly awakened from her daydream by a familiar voice. It was Paula with another glass of lemonade for her. Paula was wearing a tight blue swimsuit and looked stunning. “She’s so sweet to me!” Cindy thought to herself as Paula sat down on the chaise lounge next to her.

As she sat down, Paula eyed Cindy. Her silky blond hair was now dry. Her swimsuit looked like it was still damp though. The wetness made Cindy’s nipples stand out. Paula licked her lips as she watched Cindy drink the lemonade in large gulps…

Jackie woke up suddenly and felt her head spinning. She was totally naked, and Jill was next to her. Jill was wearing only panties, a garter belt, and stockings. Her lasso was tied around her, rendering her arms and hands helpless. She also appeared to be unconscious. Then Jackie noticed Lori standing over her.

Lori said, “Ok, It’s your turn now,” as she undid Jackie’s handcuffs. Then she untied her ankles. Her gag was left on though.

Lori handed Jackie a pink bra and panties set to put on, and told her to put her high heels back on as well. When Jackie stood up, she was a little lightheaded at first. This quickly passed, and she began to feel great though.

Jackie was all smiles as she was told that she would be Jill’s mistress now. She was to leave her gag on for a few pictures though. After the pictures were taken, Lori helped her remove the gag and tossed it on the love seat.

“Jill is your little pet now.” Lori said. “Do whatever you like to her, without hurting her of course. There is chloroform and a cloth on the table for when she gets unruly. Do you know how to use it?” Lori asked.

“I think so.” Jackie replied. “I pour it on the cloth and hold it over her nose and mouth until she passes out right?”

“That’s about the size of it.” Lori answered. “The longer you hold it on her after she’s out, the longer she will stay asleep.”

“Ok I’ve got it!” Jackie exclaimed, bursting with joy over her new found power. Jackie stood over Jill and eagerly waited for her to wake up, as Lori got in position behind the cameras.

After a few minutes had passed, Jill’s lips started to move. It was almost as she was kissing in a dream.

“You better take off her stockings while she’s still groggy.” Lori advised. “Remember, her legs aren’t tied!”

Jackie quickly undid both garters on each of Jill’s stockings and started pulling them slowly down. By the time the first one was off, Lori was starting to struggle and fight her.

Jill woke up slowly and took a while to focus. Lori had held the chloroform soaked panties on Jill much longer than she had held the cloth on Jackie. As Jill became alert she realized that her upper torso was bound with her lasso. She tried to move her legs and suddenly realized that Jackie was taking her stockings off. She tried to fight with her legs, but one stocking was already completely off now and the other was more than half way down.

Despite Jill’s kicking and struggling, Jackie was able to hold Jill’s leg by the ankle and get the second stocking off easily. Then she looked Jill in the eyes and smiled.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?” Jill asked with fire in her eyes.

“I’m Mistress Jackie, and you are my little sex slave now.” Jackie replied.

“We’ll see about that!” Jill sneered as she started to get up off of the love seat.

Jackie pushed Jill back down and started to pull down her garter belt. They struggled, but with the lasso around Jill, there was only so much she could do. Soon the garter belt was down around Jill’s ankles.

Rather than pull it off, Jill doubled I like a rubber band, and Jill’s ankles were now effectively bound together. As Jill lay helpless, Jackie took a length of rope and properly bound Jill’s ankles. Then she slipped the garter belt off and tossed it on the floor.

Jill was uttering obscenities now and Jackie decided that she would need to be gagged. She wadded one of Jill’s stockings into a ball and stuffed it in her mouth. Then she grabbed the other stocking and tied it around Jill’s head to hold the gag in place.

Jill was really angry now, and Jackie decided to use the chloroform to subdue her. Jill thrashed around like crazy as she saw Jackie begin to soak the cloth. Jackie firmly held the soaked cloth on Jill as she continued to fight like a wildcat.

Jill was feeling dizzy now, and knew she would soon lose the struggle. She was really mad at Lori for putting her in this position. Jill was supposed to be chloroformed only by Lori. That was their special secret fantasy together! How could she let a stranger do it to her?

Jackie felt Jill’s struggling weaken now. All her fighting just made the chloroform work quicker in the end. Jackie continued to hold the cloth there until Jill was completely out. Jackie was actually aroused by watching Jill’s eyes as they lost their anger, became glazed, and fluttered and closed. In fact Jill passed out with an actual smile on her face.

Jackie pulled the cloth away quickly and undid the lasso from around Jill’s torso. Then she handcuffed Jill’s hands behind her and used the lasso to put her in a hog tie. Next she began to play with Jill’s tiny breasts. She sucked each nipple, causing them to become erect. Then she ran her hands over Jill and put her fingers inside the waist band of Jill’s panties.

Jill woke up suddenly and was in worse danger than before! Her hands were tightly cuffed and she was in a full hog tie. She started to thrash around and struggle in her bondage. But wait, she felt something even worse! Jackie had her fingers in her panties!

“Get your hands out of there!” Jill hissed, her words clear, although heavily muted by the stocking gag.

“Oh, I’m afraid that your panties will be coming off soon.” Jackie said smiling.

“You’d have to untie me for that, and then you’ll be the one losing your panties!” Jill threatened.

“I don’t think so.” Jackie said calmly. Then Jackie soaked the cloth with more chloroform.

“No! That’s not fair!” Jill whined in a muffled scream, starting the thrash around.

This time Jackie pulled away the stocking that was holding the gag in Jill’s mouth. As she placed the cloth over Jill’s nose and mouth she suddenly got an idea. She used the stocking that was tied around Jill’s head to hold the cloth there.

Jill was fuming now, as all she could do was helplessly inhale the strong fumes!

Jackie stood over her, smiling triumphantly as Jill slowly and erotically passed out. Then she left the cloth there.

Jill was totally limp now and her head had slumped to the side as her eyes closed. Lori was highly aroused as she ran the cameras. She had never thought of the strapped on cloth idea, and couldn’t wait to try it herself!

Oh well, “No time like the present,” Lori thought to herself as she said the word “Cut” and stopped the cameras.

Jackie stood up and asked Lori what she should do next. Lori asked her to find her stockings that had been removed earlier. Jackie quickly picked up both of her silky dark stockings from the floor and handed them to Lori.

Lori put them on the loveseat next to Jill, and told Jackie to hold her hands together behind her back. Lori quickly attached a pair of handcuffs and locked them. Then she told Jackie to lie on her back next to Jill’s limp body. Jackie settled in right away as she was told. Jill was deeply under, and Jackie could hear her helplessly breathing in more chloroform as she slept.

“Will she be all right with the chloroform left on her like that for so long?” Jackie asked.

“Oh sure,” Lori answered, “She just won’t wake up until it evaporates though.”

Lori was tying Jackie’s ankles together with rope now. As she finished, Lori said,

“I want to get some photos of you two bound exactly the same way, side by side, for the big finish.”

Jackie lay still as Lori wadded up one of the stockings and stuffed it inside her mouth. Then Lori tied the other stocking around Jackie’s head to hold the gag in place.

Then Jackie suddenly got a nervous feeling. Lori said, “Exactly the same way!” Did that mean that she too would have a real chloroform cloth tied on her as well?

Jackie’s worst fears were realized when she watched Lori fold a small white cloth and open the bottle of chloroform. Lori poured a large amount of the liquid on the cloth and approached her.

Jackie started to protest and say, “Hey, why does it have to real like this?”

“You didn’t ask that when you gave it to Jill!” Lori answered.

Despite Jackie’s protests that were muffled by the stocking gag, and her nervous squirming in her bonds, Lori was pulling back the stocking that went around Jackie’s head and placing the wet cloth under it as she spoke. Then Lori ran behind the cameras and started snapping.

“You just lie there looking frightened and breathe normally.” Lori ordered. “And don’t forget about the $200 an hour while you’re at it.”

Jackie didn’t have to fake the frightened part! She was totally helpless, and knew that she may be unconscious for hours to come! She tried to take small shallow breaths to slow the process. It wasn’t helping, since she could already hear a dull ringing in her ears in a matter of seconds. Her vision was starting to blur and she began to feel relaxed and euphoric as well.

“Oh well, I do need the money!” Jackie thought to herself just before she passed out.

Lori was highly aroused watching Jackie try to fight the drug. Her eyes told the story in photo after photo. First the anger and fear could be clearly seen. Then a glazed and spacey look took over for about 20 seconds. Finally an ever erotic rapid flutter began. During the flutter phase, Jackie’s eyes suddenly rolled up and closed ever so gently. As she passed out completely, her body went totally limp and her head turned to the side.

Lori was elated! Both girls were bound, gagged, and knocked out with strapped cloths on them. They would stay that way for as long as Lori wanted. As Lori finished the last photos, she felt a marvelous chill go down her spine. Ah; what to do next? Her work for the day was over. It would be all play now.

Lori opened the bottle of chloroform and re-soaked Jill’s now almost dry cloth. She wanted Jackie to wake up first this time…












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Beauty Salon

                                                         Part 1 “Amy”

            Alison looked at the clock as fantasies raced through her mind. It was just after 11 AM. The shop would close for lunch at noon. The next appointment wasn’t until 2PM. That appointment was the main focus of Alison’s mental dilemma! It was Mandy, a young model that she lusted for. Mandy had the longest, thickest, and shiniest hair she had ever seen. Mandy was a brunette about 5 feet 5 and slender. Her breasts were well rounded and her eyes were a deep blue.

It was Mandy’s thick and beyond waist length hair, and oh yes her legs that were giving Alison fits. Mandy always wore sheer dark hose and black patent thigh high boots that covered all too much of her legs. Alison needed a way to get Mandy’s boots and hose off and see those legs up close. The shop did hair only though, so there was no easy way to do this.

Alison and her new partner Amy ran a new and upcoming salon. They only did hair by appointment and only had a small number of clients so far. Alison was 30 years old and used to be a pantyhose model. Her legs and feet were exceptional. Her beasts were small though, and that limited her to leg modeling work. She had dark hair and brown eyes.

Amy was in her mid 20’s and was only 5 feet 2. She had long, thick, black hair and green eyes. She had large breasts and also had legs that turned heads. Alison also had her eye on Amy as well. Several times Alison had done Amy’s hair. Alison was holding Amy’s head in her hands and shampooing her long hair. The suds were everywhere. She lovingly ran her hands through Amy’s hair and suds for a little too long. Amy balked at the time it was taking and she had to stop and rinse her.

As Alison dried Amy’s shiny hair, she was looking at her legs. Both Alison and Amy wore black, soft leather, spike heeled boots. They were below calf in length and zipped up the side. From just above where the boots left off and the short protective cape’s bottom began, Alison could see Amy’s legs through her sheer and silky black hose. Alison was lifting the cape up and unzipping Amy’s boots and slipping them off in her mind each time she did her hair.

Allison would always end up with Amy’s hair dry, down, and slightly below shoulder length. She hated the next part. She had to bundle it up in an upswept do. Alison loved to see Amy with her hair down like this. Both Alison and Amy wore their hair in upswept dos since it was good for business. The “slutty” upswept hair, along with tight short skirts, and short spike heeled boots was all the rage among the clients they had.

Alison liked men and had a steady boyfriend. It was a close kept secret that she also liked women. The salon gave her a chance to be with attractive young women up close, but that was no longer enough. Every time she had a woman in the chair, she imagined her unconscious. Yes, that way she could live out her fantasies in secret. But there were hurdles to cross. How to do it, and also what about Amy? Would she go along? Alison sensed that Amy also liked women. Perhaps she could be seduced into it somehow.

The unconscious part could be arranged. She had already given that much thought. Alison had considered roofies, but that would knock the woman out for 5 or 6 hours. It would also take too long for them to take effect. No, chloroform was the answer. It worked quickly, and didn’t last too long.

Alison had duped her boyfriend into getting her the chloroform for bedroom play. She had him pour it on a small cloth and put her under. As she faded into unconsciousness the first time, she fantasized about putting a woman to sleep in the salon chair! Not just any woman either! It had been Mandy in her fantasy all along.

Now the bottle of chloroform was in the cabinet with the shampoos and conditioners next to Alison’s chair and work station. Alison desperately wanted to put Mandy under in the chair and have her way with her. They would be alone in the shop and all else was in place. All but Amy, that is.

Alison suddenly had an idea! She had several hours until Mandy got there. She would try things out on Amy!

“Why don’t we close for lunch early, and I’ll do your hair?” Alison asked out of nowhere. Amy paused and said,

“That’s a great idea! My hair is a mess.”

“Let the games begin!” Alison thought to herself as Amy took her place in the chair. Once Amy was seated, Alison positioned the cape around her and snapped it around her tiny neck.

Amy was all smiles as she relaxed in the chair. Alison went to the shop door and placed the “out to lunch” sign in place. Then she pulled down the shade so nobody could see inside.

Amy lowered her head back into the basin, as Alison reclined the chair. Once Amy’s head was well soaked with warm water, Alison applied the shampoo. She put much more on than normal and made a huge lather.

Amy sat in mini ecstasy as Alison’s skilled hands massaged her scalp and washed her hair. Finally Allison was finished and said that she would try a new conditioner on her. Amy smiled and said,

“OK; go right ahead.”

Alison slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and opened the bottle of chloroform. Then she poured a generous amount into Amy’s sudsy hair and made sure that the chloroform soaked portion was over her face in front of her nose and mouth.

“Close your eyes, this stuff may burn them.” Alison warned her unwitting prey.

“I already have them closed.” Amy said. “That conditioner smells sweet compared to our others, but strong though.”

“It’s already making your hair extra shiny” Allison said as she worked the chloroform into the suds. She carefully kept that portion of Amy’s hair away from herself and over Amy’s face so it could work its magic.

Amy was suddenly feeling lightheaded and dreamy. She couldn’t open her eyes yet since she had not been rinsed yet. Amy said to Alison,

“You better rinse me now; the odor of that stuff is making me diz…”

Suddenly Amy fell silent. Her head was now limp in Alison’s hands. Alison’s heart was pounding in the excitement! She quickly rinsed Amy’s silky hair and wrapped a towel around it. Then she took a small towel and poured some chloroform on it. She held this over Amy’s nose and mouth for over a minute to keep her out for at least an hour.

Alison raised the chair away from the sink and pulled off the cape. Then she got on her knees and slowly unzipped both of Amy’s boots. They slipped off easily, once undone. Alison caressed Amy’s stocking legs and feet for some time. Then she turned her attention to Amy’s head.

Alison removed the towel and started the blow dryer. She rested Amy’s very limp head against the back of the chair and slowly dried her hair. Once it was dry and fluffy, she left it down. Then she stepped back to admire her unconscious partner.

Oh yes, it was everything that Alison had dreamed about and then some! Amy was totally limp in the chair with her eyes closed and her mouth part way open. Her boots were off, but Alison still needed more excitement. She slowly began undoing the small buttons on Amy’s white blouse. When they were all undone, she pulled the blouse out from Amy’s skirt and slipped it off of her.

Amy’s white and frilly bra was visible now. One of her shoulder straps was already partly off of her tiny shoulder. Alison pushed it down the rest of the way and did the same to her other shoulder strap. Then she pulled Amy’s limp body away from the chair back and unsnapped the bra.

Alison was in awe as Amy’s huge and well rounded breasts flew free. She tossed the bra aside and fondled the now nude breasts. They were firm and for sure they were real! Alison tasted both her tiny nipples. Then she adjusted Amy’s sprawled and shiny hair so that it was touching the tops of her breasts. That gave her a nice sultry look Alison thought to herself. Then she finally replaced Amy’s bra and skirt and repositioned her in the chair. Alison knelt down and played with Amy’s legs one last time before she replaced Amy’s boots. Finally she replaced the cape and put Amy’s hair up the normal way and left her in the chair sleeping peacefully.

Amy woke up suddenly and felt a little woozy. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she noticed that her eyes were out of focus at first. Then she slowly returned to normal and could see the beautiful job Alison had done on her hair. Alison was standing behind her. Then Amy noticed the clock on the wall.

“My God, I’ve been asleep for nearly 2 hours!” she remarked. “What was in that conditioner anyway?”

Alison decided to take a chance now.

“It wasn’t conditioner, it was chloroform.” Alison admitted as she held her breath awaiting the dreaded outcome.

“That felt really cool and I don’t remember anything that happened after you lathered me!” Amy said. “We could use that on the customers and have some fun.”

“Use it on the customers?” Alison asked. “What kind of fun did you have in mind?”

“You know; we could undress them, explore then, and maybe take some interesting photos.” Amy replied.

Alison was a little taken aback, but not all that surprised since she had long suspected that Amy liked women. Then she said,

“We have Mandy coming in today. How would you feel about trying it out on her?” Allison asked.

“Wow, Mandy’s really hot! Let’s do it,” Amy answered eagerly.

Yes, everything was in place now, including Amy. Alison could not wait for 2 PM to roll around!


                                            Beauty Salon

                                           Part 2 “Mandy”

Mandy arrived at the shop a few minutes early. As she walked inside, the heels of her shiny and squeaky black patent leather boots clicked along the salon’s floor. Mandy’s ultra long hair was darker than usual and a little oily. It was normally a shiny brown. It was below her waist by several inches, but she didn’t want it cut. Only the shampoo and blow dry were to be done today.

Alison escorted Mandy to her chair and placed the cape around her. Amy stood by watching and not knowing what to say or do. Mandy was dressed as usual. A tight blouse and a very short denim mini skirt. Her boots came to her thighs and only a slight amount of her nude hose could be seen.

Alison ran the water to get the temperature right and gently lowered Mandy’s head into the sink to get it wet. The huge amount of hair overwhelmed the small sink and required an awful lot of shampoo. “The more suds the better,” Alison thought to herself as she began her work.

Mandy sat happily as Alison’s skilled hands gently and lovingly washed her hair and massaged her scalp. Mandy was a little worried about the extreme thickness of Mandy’s hair though. She would have to apply the chloroform carefully so that enough would be close to Mandy’s nose and mouth.

Alison had her gloves on and was ready to apply the “so called” conditioner now. She held some of Mandy’s hair up over forehead and applied the chloroform carefully. Then she lowered that part of Mandy’s hair and let it hang over her face.

Mandy suddenly sensed that something was wrong. The conditioner was usually put on her after the rinse and not mixed in with this much lather. She started to complain and pushed her hair away from her face to do it.

Amy had seen that the plan was going south and jumped into action. She grabbed some of Mandy’s long hair and forced it back in front of her face. The suds were now in Mandy’s eyes and she started to complain and ask what was going on. When she didn’t hear any logical explanation, Mandy started to thrash around in the chair.

Alison had not been idle. She had soaked a small hand towel in chloroform and asked Mandy to calm down. She pretended that the towel was to wipe the shampoo off of Mandy’s face and out of her eyes.

Mandy stopped struggling and allowed Alison to wipe her face. Just as her face was free from the shampoo though, Alison suddenly held the cloth tightly over Mandy’s nose and mouth. Once again Mandy umpped and started to struggle. Alison held the cloth tightly in place. Mandy’s hands were under the cape and not of much use. Her eyes stung badly and she could not open them. Her struggle was all in vain.

Mandy was weakening now. She still couldn’t open her badly stinging eyes and was feeling light headed. All she had been able to breathe with all the suds around her was the chloroform. Then there was the chloroform on the towel.

Alison and Amy watched in excitement as Mandy started to melt in the chair. Her arms relaxed and her choking and umpping noises had stopped. Finally Mandy’s head was delightfully limp in Alison’s hands.

Alison wasn’t taking any chances. She held the chloroform soaked towel over Mandy’s beautiful face for nearly 2 minutes. Then she finally pulled it away. Mandy was as limp as a rag doll now, and Alison and Amy began rinsing her hair and cleaning up the mess from all the excess shampoo.

When they were done, Alison moved the chair to a more upright position and both she and Amy switched on blow driers and started the long task of drying all of Mandy’s hair. As Mandy’s hair dried and became its ever shiny brown, both of them ran their fingers through it and admired the smooth texture.

The driers were put away now and Mandy’s hair was finished. Now it was Amy and Alison’s turn for some fun! Alison knelt down and slowly unzipped one of Mandy’s boots. It was a long unzip from way up her thigh down to her foot. Finally there was the squeak of the patent leather boot being slipped off.

Alison now turned her attention to the other boot. Once it was off, she stepped back and admired Mandy’s awesome legs. To Alison’s surprise, Amy dropped to her knees and began massaging and worshiping Mandy’s stocking feet.

“This is going to be easier than I thought.” Alison thought to herself as she stood up and focused on Mandy’s slightly open mouth. As Amy was engrossed in nylon delight, Alison gently kissed Mandy’s open mouth. She was soon carried away and pulled Mandy’s jaw down and fully opened her limp and helpless mouth. Then she continued the open mouth soul kiss and probed deeply with her tongue.

Alison had always wondered why men always did this in passion. Now she knew! It was deliciously sweet to get that deep and close to a woman! Amy had not been idle. She had unzipped Mandy’s mini skirt and was pulling it down her long slender legs. Once Amy had the skirt off, she tossed it on the floor and began to pull off Mandy’s sheer pantyhose.

Alison had moved on and was unbuttoning Mandy’s blouse. That slipped off quickly and easily. Now Mandy was a breathtaking delight in her pink bra and panties set. Alison positioned Mandy’s limp head against the back of the chair just so and moved her hair around. Then Amy began taking pictures.

Amy put down the camera and reached behind Mandy’s neck and pulled her slightly away from the chair. Then with her free hand she reached behind Mandy’s back and unsnapped her bra. Mandy’s firm and pointed breasts popped out of the slightly too small cups and were a huge excitement for both of them! Amy finished removing the bra and tossed it on the floor with Mandy’s other clothes.

Alison was soon at work placing Mandy’s long hair around her nude breasts. Amy had other ideas and was pulling Mandy’s tiny panties down and off. Finally both Amy and Alison were satisfied. Mandy was limp and naked in the chair and her hair was sprawled around her like Lady Godiva’s! They took picture after picture.

Alison soaked the towel with more chloroform and once again held it over Mandy’s nose and mouth. After about a minute she pulled it away. Then both Amy and Alison began the task of re-dressing her. Finally Mandy was fully dressed and sleeping peacefully in the chair. Both girls watched her sleep and wondered what would happen when she woke up.

Mandy would doubtless complain! What would they say? How would they handle her? Both were past caring. They had both tasted their fantasy on the reality side of the line and were hooked. They would just have to wing it when Mandy woke up. After all, they could always chloroform Mandy back to sleep again, and again, and again if necessary.


                                                         Beauty Salon Part 3


Mandy was moving her lips and showing signs of waking up. Amy and Alison waited to see what would happen next. This time it was Amy that was getting the small white towel and chloroform ready just in case.

As Mandy finally opened her eyes, she could see her own fuzzy image in the mirror. As her vision came into focus, she could see the beautiful job that Alison had done on her hair. The sting in her eyes was gone, and all the shampoo had been cleaned up.

“I’m sorry the new conditioner we used made you cough and burned your eyes.” Allison told her, while holding her breath and dreading the outcome!

“New conditioner my ass!” Mandy snarled. “That was chloroform! A perv of a photographer put me under with that stuff when I first started modeling. At least he told me what he was going to do and paid me well. He also did it gently and didn’t use force like you two!”

Alison and Amy were shocked and didn’t know what to say. They started apologizing to Mandy.

“You know I could call the police and turn you two in.” Mandy said.

“What would it take for you to forget about this?” Amy asked.

“Well; let me think.” Mandy answered. “How about giving me a chance to experiment with the chloroform?”

“Sure; whatever you like.” Amy said handing Mandy the bottle of chloroform and the small towel.

Mandy told Alison to sit in her chair. As Mandy poured the chloroform, she held the bottle nearly a foot above the towel and Alison could see the stream pouring out onto the towel through the air.

“You don’t need to use that much!” Alison gasped.

Mandy placed the well soaked towel over Alison’s nose and mouth and held it gently. Alison didn’t dare struggle. She inhaled normally, just as she had with her boyfriend. Because of the huge amount Mandy had used, the room started spinning quickly and Alison’s eyes soon began to lose focus.

Mandy watched Alison’s eyes as they took on a glazed look. Then she noticed her eyes go into a rapid flutter. The flutter was cool looking, but rather brief. Alison’s eyes suddenly rolled upwards and gently closed, as her arms went slack and her head went limp.

Mandy was tingling all over with excitement. The rush of now having total control over a beautiful woman was awesome! She continued to hold the cloth on Alison for over a minute. Finally she pulled it away and put it down.

Amy was also very excited watching Alison being put to sleep. Then she was given instructions from Mandy.

“Take off her boots.” Mandy ordered.

Amy knelt down and gently unzipped Alison’s boots and slipped them off.

“Now kiss and worship her stocking feet.” Mandy commanded.

Amy had no choice but to comply. It was hardly punishment! Amy had been hot for Alison’s legs and feet from the beginning. After all, Alison had been a pantyhose model!

While Amy enjoyed her nylon fantasy, Mandy was busy unbuttoning Alison’s blouse. She had it off within a minute and also unhooked and removed Alison’s black lace bra. Alison was topless in the chair with her limp head resting on the back rest.

Mandy stood back a few feet to admire her prize. She was not used to seeing a woman with such small breasts topless. Alison’s tiny boobs pointed straight out and had no sag at all. The nipples were also small and perfectly round. Mandy bent over and sucked on each of them. They became erect and pointed almost instantly when stimulated.

“OK; time for you to take off her skirt.” Mandy ordered.

Amy complied once again and slipped Alison’s short skirt over her tiny hips and slender legs. Once it was off, Amy tossed it on the floor. Without Mandy asking, Amy removed Alison’s pantyhose next. When Amy reached to pull down Alison’s tiny black lace panties, Mandy stopped her.

“I’ll take care of those!” Mandy said.

Mandy slowly slipped off the tiny panties and sniffed them. Then she put them on the work station table. Alison was naked and totally helpless now. Just the way Mandy wanted her.

“Take off your skirt and blouse and sit in the chair next to her.” Mandy ordered.

Amy complied and quickly unhooked and unzipped her skirt first. It fell to the floor instantly. Then Amy slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. After her blouse hit the floor, Amy sat in the chair.

Amy knew that Mandy was going to put her under now. She was a little disappointed that she would miss what would happen from now on, but still she was excited about being clothed by such a hot woman!

Mandy had the chloroform bottle in her hand again, but she wasn’t about to use the towel this time. Instead she picked up Alison’s panties and began to totally saturate them with the chloroform!

“My God; I’m going to be out for hours!” Amy thought to herself as she shuddered over how much chloroform Mandy was pouring on the tiny panties.

Amy didn’t dare resist though, as Mandy held the soaked panties over her nose and mouth. The panties didn’t absorb like the towel, and the dose was overwhelming! Amy’s head was spinning and her ears were ringing almost immediately.

           Mandy watched Amy’s sultry green eyes carefully. They soon had the flutter that she had begun to crave. Then Amy’s now drug glazed eyes suddenly rolled up and closed. Mandy held the panties there for nearly 2 minutes this time. Then she held them over Alison’s nose and mouth for a minute as well. Finally when she was satisfied that both women would be out for some time, Mandy put the panties back on the table.

Mandy knelt down and unzipped Amy’s boots. They slipped off easily and revealed her silky hose. Mandy enjoyed the hose for several minutes before she removed those as well. Then she stood up and admired Amy in just her bra and panties.

Eventually Mandy pulled Amy’s limp body forward and reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Her huge boobs flew out and amazed Mandy. Mandy tossed the bra aside and slowly removed Amy’s panties. Afterwards she placed them on the table next to Alison’s.

Mandy now played with each of her sleeping and naked companions for some time. Then she soaked Amy’s panties with chloroform. She held them on each of the women for over a minute again. Then she sat in another chair and slowly and sensually removed her own boots. Once they were off, she held the chloroform soaked panties over her own nose and mouth with her left hand. Then with her right hand she began unbuttoning her blouse. One button, two buttons, three buttons, four buttons, five buttons, and six….

           Alas, Mandy passed out with her fingers still on the last button. Her left arm then fell limp and Amy’s panties fell on the floor. Mandy’s thick waist length hair sprawled as her head fell limp to the side. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was half open.







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    Karen stood by helplessly as Amy and Jill closed their gift shop. They had caught her stealing. They were going to call the police. That was not an option. Karen had already been caught 3 times. The women that owned the shop said they would forget about the matter if she went home with them for the weekend and let them have their way with her. It was the lesser of evils. Karen had been with women before in prison. They were very rough with her but she survived. These women seemed harmless enough, and she didn’t want to go back to prison.

    Karen was 24 years old. She was always a bad girl. School was a nightmare. She was forever in trouble over something. Karen was cute though, and that got her out of many pinches. This was no exception. Her shiny brown hair had red highlights. She was about 5 foot 2 and had a stocky build, kind of like a perky cheerleader. Her deep brown eyes also helped convey a very flirty manner. Karen's breasts were huge and well rounded. Usually she would be caught by men and could easily flirt her way out of trouble.

     “Thank god these women found me attractive!” Karen thought. She would be in a cell by now otherwise.

    Jill held Karen’s arm and escorted her to the back room of the store. Once they were in the room, Amy locked the door, and Jill suddenly snapped a handcuff on Karen’s wrist. Before Karen could protest, the women both grabbed Karen’s wrists and cuffed them behind her back. Amy giggled and said,

     “I guess you’re in our custody now.” 

     Then they marched her out the back door towards their SUV.
      It was a spring day and all 3 women were wearing short skirts and boots. Karen wore black pantyhose and the other 2 wore nude hose. They arrived at the car within 2 minutes and Amy got inside the back seat first. Karen was ushered in next, and to her surprise, Jill got in on the other side of her. Karen asked,

     “Who’s going to drive?”

 Jill said that she would, but that they weren’t quite ready to leave yet.
    Amy was a blonde about 30 with blue eyes. She was slender and had small breasts. Jill was a brunette and also had blue eyes. She was about the same age as Amy but was a little taller and had larger but not huge breasts. Both girls were in very good shape. You could tell they were into fitness and health. They had lived together for about 3 years.

    Karen suddenly felt the zipper on her right boot being pulled down. Amy smiled and said that she was going to remove her boots so she wouldn’t be a flight risk. Amy slowly and lovingly slipped off Karen’s boots and revealed her silky black hose. Next Jill handed Amy a short length of white rope and Amy wrapped it around Karen’s ankles and tied it tightly. Amy had an intense foot and leg fetish, especially when nylon was involved!

    “Aren’t you two getting a little kinky here?” Karen asked.

 Jill replied “Not quite yet!” as she handed Amy a long and shiny white scarf.

     Amy started at the back of Karen’s head and had the ends meet and cross over Karen’s mouth. Then she pulled the ends behind Karen’s head and tied them together. Karen tried to speak in protest but her words were muffled. Since both women were giggling, she didn’t take it too seriously.

    Karen, now unable to move or speak, watched helplessly as Jill took a white cloth and a brown bottle out of her purse. Jill poured the liquid onto the cloth. Then Amy grabbed her from the other side. As Karen turned towards Amy, Jill held the wet cloth firmly over Karen’s nose and mouth.

    Karen started thrashing and trying to scream, but it was futile. The fumes were strong, but sweet and not that unpleasant. Karen soon became lightheaded. Finally she stopped struggling and inhaled deeply. Karen felt like she had jumped into a pool and was under the water. All sound became distant and muffled, and her vision was all hazy. She heard a dull ringing in her ears. That’s the last thing she remembered.

    Amy was ecstatic as she watched Karen helplessly slip under and go delightfully limp in her arms. Jill was very excited too. The girls kissed deeply after Jill put the bottle away. Then Jill got in front and drove as Amy stayed in the back seat with Karen.

    As Jill drove, Amy unbuttoned all of the buttons on Karen’s blouse and spread it open. Then she slipped Karen’s bra straps off her shoulders and let her huge breasts pop out over the top of the lacy bra. Jill watched in the mirror and said that it was going to be a great weekend! 

    Jill drove the car into their garage and closed the door behind them with the remote. Then she opened the back door of the car and helped Amy carry a very limp Karen inside. They carried her to a large bedroom with 2 double beds in it. Then they placed Karen on one of the double beds and began stripping her. They took off the handcuffs and the ankle rope, but left the gag in place. Then Amy slowly pulled off Karen’s skirt and pantyhose, while Jill rendered Karen completely topless.

    Then they placed Karen on her side and bound her wrists and ankles with rope. Finally they put her in a hog tie and positioned her facing the other bed. They would first have fun and games with each other in front of Karen after she woke up.

 That was already starting to happen. Karen was gradually becoming alert and was struggling in her bondage.

    Karen woke up startled and was shocked that she was bound and gagged in such a way. She was in just her panties now. She could see her pantyhose, bra, skirt, and blouse. She guessed that her boots and purse were still in the car. Suddenly Karen’s eyes focused at what was happening on the next bed. The girls had been kissing each other, but suddenly Jill was pouring liquid from another larger brown bottle onto a cloth.

 “Oh my god they’re going to put me under again!” Karen thought.

    Karen was pleasantly surprised when Jill held the cloth on Amy instead! Amy sat unresisting as Jill put her gently to sleep and lowered her limp body to the bed. Then she put down the cloth and started slowly undressing her partner.

 Karen watched in amazement as Jill slowly unzipped one of Amy’s boots. She removed it very slowly and then started on the other one. When both boots were off Jill stretched Amy’s limp body out on the bed and began unbuttoning her blouse. She unhooked her skirt next and removed it as well as her blouse completely .The pantyhose came off next. Then the bra was carefully removed. Jill kissed and caressed each of Amy’s breasts before she moved down and started to slide down her panties. Soon the panties were off and Jill got on the bed and began worshiping Amy’s limp body in a way Karen had never seen or even heard of. Karen was actually getting aroused herself. She was never into women, but the putting the partner to sleep and stripping and loving her like this was something she hadn’t bargained for. 

    Amy began to wake up. Jill kissed her lovingly and said,

           “Welcome back.” 

            Amy   looked down and saw that she was naked and thanked Jill for getting her ready. Then Jill said,

           “It’s my turn now, and make sure I wake up helpless.”

             Amy told her that she wouldn’t let her down.      

    Amy opened the bottle and soaked the white square cloth. Then she held it on Jill. Karen watched carefully as the same thing happened to Jill. Her eyes soon fluttered and then rolled and closed and her head went limp in Amy’s arms. Amy held the cloth on her longer this time and then placed it back on the table. Then she stretched Jill out on the bed and went to her boots. She slowly unzipped and removed each of them and started to kiss Jill’s stocking feet. She ran her hands up and down her legs and seemed to be really turned on by the nylon.

    After a while Amy sat up and started to unbutton Jill’s blouse. Amy continued to hold the totally limp Jill up, as she stripped her of her blouse, bra, and skirt. Then Amy gently laid her back down and started on the pantyhose. It looked like she didn’t really want to take them off, but she finally did. Then she pulled down Jill’s panties and started to kiss her down there. After that, she got up and moved on to Jill’s breasts. She sucked on the nipples and fondled the breasts for a minute. Then she handcuffed Jill’s hands in front of her. Next she took some shiny red tape and taped Jill’s ankles together. Jill’s knees were taped close together after that, and finally Amy picked up Jill’s tiny panties and stuffed them in her mouth. Jill’s mouth was then sealed with 3 layers of the red tape.

    Jill woke up about 10 minutes later and was smiling. She struggled in her binds and thrashed around the bed. Amy sat breathless as she watched her try to escape. Then Amy picked up a feather and approached Jill. Jill’s eyes showed fear and muffled sounds came from under the tape. Amy only laughed and stated to tickle Jill’s inner thighs.

    Jill was unbelievably aroused by the tickling and thrashed so much that the tape on her knees eventually came apart. Then she was easily able to break her ankles free as well. Next she raised her cuffed hands to her mouth and pulled off the tape and spit out her panties.

    “This is going to be some weekend!” Jill said.

           “Oh yeah, a weekend to remember!” said Amy, “Let the games begin!”

            They traded places, and Amy undid Jill’s handcuffs and handed them to her. Jill handcuffed Amy’s hands behind her, and then tied her ankles together with her pantyhose. Next she gagged Amy with a long red scarf and picked up her own panties.

          “You were a bad girl to stuff these in my mouth and now they will punish you!” Jill remarked.

    Jill picked up the brown bottle and saturated the panties with chloroform. Amy had a look of fear in her eyes when she saw how much chloroform that Jill was using. Then the drenched panties were held over Amy’s helpless face. The effect was swift and devastating, and Amy was totally limp in less than a minute. Then Jill threw the panties on the floor and had her way with Amy’s limp and bound body for a while.

    Eventually Amy woke up and Jill untied her and unlocked her handcuffs. Both girls put their panties back on. Jill’s were already dry since the chloroform evaporated quickly. Then they approached Karen.

    Karen was relieved when the back part of her hog tie was undone and her legs were untied. Suddenly Karen felt the sting of a needle in her left arm. Jill smiled as she injected the liquid and pulled the needle out of Karen’s arm. Then she told Karen it was just something to relax her while they prepare her for her punishment.

    Karen was shocked since she thought the bondage she had already suffered was   her punishment. Her handcuffs were removed, but she couldn’t seem to move her arms. Her entire body felt disconnected. Her muscles were all like jelly from the shot. Then she felt her panties being pulled off. Jill handed them to Amy, and Amy started pouring chloroform on them. Karen tried to thrash around, but she could not move.

    Amy held the chloroform soaked panties over Karen’s face and told her to relax and inhale deeply. They were just going to put her to sleep to get her ready. As soon as Karen passed out and her head slumped to the side, the women spread her out on her back in a spread eagle position and tied her ankles and wrists tightly to the bedposts with ropes. Next they removed her scarf gag and replaced it with a ball gag.

    Amy and Jill had their way with Karen’s helpless limp body for nearly an hour before she woke up. Now it was time for some mild torture. First they used one feather to tickle her. Then they used two. Karen thrashed for all her worth in her binds, but they did not let up. Then Jill picked up a vibrator and turned it on. Karen could not resist that for long. As soon as it was near her danger zone she became aroused.

    Then they teased her! They would let her get just so far along and they would stop the vibrator. Karen was losing all self control. They asked her if she was going to be a good girl when they untied her. She said, in ball gag suppressed words,


             Then they asked if they could put her to sleep whenever they wanted. She said,

           “Yes!” again, her words muffled by the ball gag.

             Finally Jill held the vibrator in place until she could hear Karen’s screams, even with the ball gag in her mouth.

    Jill kept it up for half an hour, and made Karen explode screaming 5 more times. Karen was too relaxed and sated to care about anything now.

            Karen lay perfectly still as Amy picked up a small bottle with an eyedropper. Karen could see the label as Amy brought the tiny bottle near her face. “Chloral Hydrate” it said on the label. Karen was not aware that these were fast acting and powerful knock out drops.

           Amy and Jill both started to giggle as Amy started to apply the drops all around the edges of Karen’s ball gag. The drops swiftly found their way into Karen’s helpless mouth. The drops tasted a little salty, but were still a relief to Karen’s mouth which was very dry from the ball gag. After about 5 drops were already in Karen’s mouth, Amy asked her.

          “Would you like some more?”

           Not knowing what she was doing, Karen actually
nodded her head,


           Amy continued to generously apply more drops.

           Karen suddenly felt light headed as she continued to swallow the saliva containing the powerful sedating drops. Her eyes gradually lost focus as time went on as well. Eventually Karen felt euphoric and as if she was floating on air. That’s the last thing she remembered.

    Amy and Jill watched with giddy excitement as Karen’s beautiful eyes closed and her head slumped limply to the side. Her face was relaxed and in a total smile. They untied her and removed the ball gag. Karen would be out for several hours now!

           Amy picked up Karen’s silky black hose and begged Jill to put them on. Jill put them on. They fit perfectly and looked great on her sleek and shapely legs. Then Amy asked her to put her boots back on. Again Jill complied. Then Jill asked,

         “What’s in this for me?”

          Amy told her not to worry, and handcuffed Jill’s hands behind her back. Next she gagged her with a scarf. Then she put another scarf around Jill’s nose and mouth.

Jill was perplexed as to what would happen next, until Amy opened the chloroform bottle and heavily soaked the scarf that was in front of Jill’s nose and mouth. Jill could only lay helpless on the bed inhaling the potent chloroform! Amy then slowly started to unzip Jill’s right boot. When it was fully unzipped, Amy slowly slipped the boot off and tossed it on the floor. She looked up at Jill’s face now. Jill was totally under. Her eyes were closed and her head was limp to the side. Amy slowly removed the other boot and began to play with Jill’s legs and feet in the silky black hose.

    After nearly an hour, Amy got up and opened the brown bottle.  Then she poured even more chloroform on Jill’s scarf. She didn’t want any interruptions from her any time soon! Next Amy slowly peeled the silky pantyhose off of Jill and put them on Karen. Jill helplessly inhaled the chloroform, drawing herself ever deeper into unconsciousness as Amy went to the garage, while wearing just her panties, to get Karen’s boots.

     “It will be a great weekend indeed!” Amy thought as she slowly eased Karen’s boots back on, only so she could take them off over and over again.

    Jill woke up 3 hours later. She found herself dressed in only her panties and was on her stomach on the bed in a hog tie. She was tightly gagged with a scarf. Next to her on the bed was Karen. Karen was totally naked and also hog tied with ropes. Karen was still unconscious and still had the red, but now dry, ball gag in her mouth. Amy was standing over the bed in a tight black spandex outfit. She winked at Jill as she cracked a whip.

    Karen’s actual punishment was about to begin…..






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Bridal Suiteimages 


                                                Bridal Suite Dreams


            It was Anna’s wedding day. She was in a guest room at the hotel where the wedding was to be and she was getting dressed. So far she had put on her panties and sheer white thigh high stockings. Now she was working on getting her tight push up bra fastened. The way the wedding gown was cut, her large curvaceous breasts would look awesome, and stick out for all to see, especially with this bra in place.

            Anna loved having men look at her breasts. She knew when they were admiring them, even from a distance, at all times. She was very perceptive. Anna was average height and had shiny dark hair and brown eyes. Her breasts and body developed early in her life, and as a result, she was noticed by boys, and even older men, at a pretty young age.

            Now things were different. She was about to marry the man of her dreams, and be whisked away for a honeymoon. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were pushed up nicely. Her hair was shiny and baby soft. Her shoes would come next, but first she paused and her mind drifted off to the past.

            She remembered her first lover. His name was Alex, and he was tall and very strong. His hair was dirty blond and he had deep blue bedroom eyes. His hair was long and he usually had beard showing. Alex was the rough and tumble kind of guy that you saw on the cover of the romance novels. He could pick any woman up like she weighed nothing, and carry her off to wherever he wanted.

            It still gave her the shivers to think about it! But that was in the past. No marriage to him could ever have worked. Alex was unreliable, never could hold a job, and was always being hit on by other women. No, James was the man for Anna. She was sure now.

            Up in the penthouse bridal suite a young man was giving the room the last once over to ensure all preparations for the “wedding night” were in place. The bed was made, the wine and glasses were there, and flowers were on the table. Yes, all was ready, and it was about time for him to get into position.

            The only trouble with this scenario was that the bride for the wedding night in this suite wasn’t his! Alex had a smug look on his face as he checked his tranquillizer gun and darts. The gun held 6 darts and all were in place. He had back up darts just in case. His plan was going perfectly so far. In 10 minutes he would proceed to the elevator.

            Anna reached for her new shoes. They were white high heeled sandals. The straps had not been buckled yet. She placed one on her foot, decided on the second notch, and clasped the buckles. Then she slipped the shoes on. They were just right. The straps were fairly loose, and the shoes would slip off easily without undoing them. Now she began to get into her dress. Anna had recently lost weight, and the dress was loose on her now. That was a good thing, since nobody was there to help her zip it up. Once the dress was on, Anna made a final check in the mirror. All was well.

            Anna left the room and pushed the button for the elevator. It was time to go downstairs and meet her bridesmaids. Something was wrong though. The elevator was taking way too long to come.

            Alex had been working for the hotel. He had pass keys to everything, including the elevators. He had made sure this elevator was empty and turned off all the floors except Anna’s and the penthouse bridal suite. Now he finally sent it to Anna’s floor.

            Anna was relieved when the elevator finally arrived and the doors opened. She eagerly jumped inside and pushed the lobby button. The doors smoothly closed, but the elevator started to go up rather than down. Anna reached for the panel and started frantically pushing buttons. Nothing changed, the elevator continued rising.

            Finally the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. Before the doors were fully open though Anna heard a swoosh sound and felt a sting near her right shoulder. She turned to look and saw a small red dart sticking in her arm. By the time she tried to reach to pull it out though, she suddenly fell to the floor. Her head was spinning as if she had just gotten off a merry go round. Her vision was very blurry as well.

            Anna could see a man standing over her. She couldn’t focus enough to make out his face. She tried to speak but no words came. She couldn’t move either. Then there was another swoosh sound and a sting in her other arm. Suddenly she was floating on a beautiful cloud in total ecstasy! That ever so sweet feeling was the last thing she remembered before she passed out completely.

            The elevator doors were fully open now, and Alex could admire his prize. She was beautiful! Her dress looked awesome on her, and really displayed her beautiful breasts. The dress had ridden up when she fell, and revealed lots of leg and thigh. The stockings were sheer and filmy looking and drove him wild.

            Alex bent over her and easily picked her up in a cradle carry position. Her shiny hair was hanging down from her totally limp head. He could smell her hair and perfume and it sent him over the edge. Then he turned his attention towards her legs. Her shoes had straps and high heels. He liked that part too.

            He was carrying her over the threshold of the bridal suite now, just like he had been fantasizing about for months. He slowly walked into the room and carefully placed her on the bed. After he put her down, he carefully unbuckled the straps of her shoes, slowly slipped slipped them off, and placed them on the floor. Now he could see the bright red toenails from her recent pedicure shining through the sheer stockings. He thought that looked pretty hot.

            But the big thing was her shiny long hair. It was sprawled loose, and a few strands were inside her partially open mouth. That was sultry all of itself. He gently pulled the loose strands out of her mouth and opened her mouth the rest of the way. He placed a deep open mouthed kiss on her and probed her sweet mouth with his tongue.

            Alex finally pulled away from her willing mouth. It was time to undress her now. He reached behind her shoulders and lifted her limp body into a sitting position. Then he felt for the zipper behind her back. Once he found it, he began pulling it down. He slowly kept lowering that zipper. It seemed to go down forever! His fingers were well below her waist when the zipper finally hit bottom.

            He gently slipped the beautiful dress off of her shoulders and eased it off of her. He had to place her back on the bed lying down to finish removing it. Then he carefully placed it on the floor. She was breathtaking on the bed in just her bra, panties and stockings.

            What was really turning Alex on though was the fact that she was totally limp and unconscious. He could finally enjoy her without her constant complaints. She would never just let go for him. She was always watching out for something and directing him not to mess her hair, and to be careful of her clothing, etc.

            Alex almost hated to do it, but he slowly eased each of her her sheer white stockings down and off. Now it was time to release those tight bra hooks and let those awesome breasts out to play! Once again he lifted her into a partial sitting position. He reached behind her and felt for the hooks, just like he had when they were first dating. His hands carefully found and counted the hooks and prepared for the pinch that would allow those sweet boobs to fly free.

            His agile hand was in position now. He was ready to make that one carefully centered pinch that would release all three hooks at once. With a final flick of his fingers, the bra snapped open, with a fair amount of force, and the tightly pushed up breasts were finally free. Alex quickly pulled the loose bra off of her shoulders and tossed it on the floor.

            Once again he lowered her limp body back onto the bed and admired those breasts. Her nipples were relatively small, and were a pleasing light pink color. The well rounded breasts looked especially awesome when she was on her back and they had no sag. He began to fondle her breasts and suck on her delicious nipples.

            The powerful tranquilizer in the darts had been circulating through her system for a while now. She was under her deepest and would remain that way for several hours now. He carefully pulled out the darts. As they were removed, a small remaining amount of the drug was injected into her, deepening and lengthening her unconsciousness. She was just the way he wanted her now!

            It was finally time for the sex part. Alex quickly stripped off his clothing. The breast play, combined with having her limp like this, had made him as hard as a baseball bat! But that was just foreplay. Now it was time for the two things she would never let him do before.

            Alex always wanted to ride her bareback, with no condom. That part was a given now, but that wasn’t all. He always had a fetish for doing a girl with her panties still on. He would slip the crotch part to one side and enter her. The tight panties rubbing along the side of his cock drove him wild and enhanced the experience. It gave the illusion that she was even tighter. But there was still more to this. Her excitement derived wetness quickly soaked into the panties and added to the feeling even more. Soon he would pull out, slip the panties to the other side, and go back inside her. That way the panties would be evenly wet all the way across.

            This was something he never even attempted to ask her to do. He knew the answer would be no from the start. But now she was strictly a yes girl, and he slipped the panties aside and went down on her. For some reason she was already damp. He had no way to know that she had a secret fantasy of being rendered helpless and carried off. From the time the dart hit her, until she passed out, she was aroused and living a sweet fantasy of her own! Once she was good and wet from his tongue, he held the panties to one side and entered her slowly.

            It was even better than anything he had fantasized about. The panties rubbed him just the right way, and were quickly getting wet. The ability to thrust inside her, with no protection, and without her complaining about something was nice too. Her beautiful head was resting limp to the side, and she was sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face. Anna had been transformed from control freak to the perfect lover now.

            His thrusting inside her went on for some time. Finally he could feel that the panties were now totally saturated on this side. He pulled out slowly and reached down and slid the crotch of the panties to the other side. Then he re-entered her even deeper than before. The tight panties were now rubbing the other side of his hard cock. It was total ecstasy for him now!

            It wasn’t long before the panties were soaked on this side as well. Alex was starting to feel pulsations. He was about to fire his load into her. The excitement of doing this unleashed, without protection, was too much to bear. He thrust his hardest and deepest, and finally it happened. He exploded, and shot gush after gush of his seed into her. He just kept pulsating and thrusting without end.

            Finally he was spent, and he gently and slowly pulled out of her. The panties were now saturated with his seed as well as her secretions. He decided he had better get her out of those wet things. Alex slipped her panties down and off, and tossed them on the floor with her other clothing.

            Alex quickly dressed himself, and made the final preparations. Anna would be awake soon. She would be dreamy and amorous. She would not remember Alex being there, or anything he had done. He tucked her into the bed carefully. Then he left a trail of her clothing starting at the door, and leading to the bed where she was. First he left one shoe, then the other, next the dress, then one stocking, followed by the other, the bra, and finally the panties.

            When he was finished, he took her phone out of her tiny handbag and sent a text to her fiancée.

“Take the elevator to the penthouse bridal suite. I have a surprise for you. Love, Anna.”

Alex jumped into the elevator, turned the key and activated all the floors, and rode to the basement. Then he slipped out a side door and vanished.

            James heard his phone beep and saw Anna’s text. It was almost time for the wedding! What could she want? He ran to the elevator and headed for the bridal suite. Oh the lovely surprise he would find there when he went inside!






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                                                         Model Prisoners

 Evan was a top modeling agent faced with a huge problem. His two most popular models hated each other. They never said a word to each other that wasn’t a verbal slap in the face. Even in the dressing room they would go at it. They would fight over outfits to the point of ripping clothes and underwear off each other. Now a major session was booked and an important client wanted them together. Evan badly needed the huge commission! What was he to do?


            Cindy was a 24 year old blue eyed willowy blonde about 5 feet 5. Her breasts were average size and well rounded. Cindy’s major assets were her legs and feet. She modeled pantyhose, swimwear, and shoes often.


            Kate was 25 and about the same size and build with long shiny brown hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were small and her legs, although awesome, were a bit more muscular. She modeled nightgowns, swimwear, and sporty outdoor clothes.


            The bad thing that they had in common was that they were both control freaks. Their personalities were just too dominating and alike for their own good!


            A friend of Evan’s suggested that he see a man named Carlos. He was an ex pimp that was now a bouncer in a strip club. He had a reputation for keeping women in line without violence. Carlos stood 6 feet 4 and weighed in at 300 pounds. He was a bodybuilder with huge wide shoulders. His tattoos made him look threatening like a gang member. Appropriately, he was nicknamed “The Mighty Carlos.”


            When Carlos met with Evan in a bar, Evan was surprised at his rather pleasant manner. Somehow he had predicted a gruffer individual, given the description. Carlos knew the answer right away. He had been in this situation with call girls and dancers before.


            “The girls need to be placed in close quarters and in danger.” Carlos said. “I once tied two unruly girls together half naked and locked them in a small closet. By the time I let them out, they were practically lovers!”


            “Your girls will need something more elaborate though. I know just the spot. Arrange a shoot when and where I tell you, and I will do the rest.” Carlos said.


            A week later it was all falling into place. Evan rented a boat at a lake resort. He drove the girls there for a bikini shoot. Once there, the girls went into the dockside ladies room and changed into skimpy blue string bikinis and sandals. Skimpy didn’t begin to cover it. The suits might as well have been g strings and pasties. What little fabric was connected to the strings was thin and could be seen through! They wore beach robes for the boat ride, and left their clothing, purses and cell phones in Evan’s car.


            As they got into the boat Cindy remarked, “Just think, three hours with no phone calls!”


            “Yeah right, as if anyone would ever want to call you!” Kate answered.


            “You should talk. You could get a 1-800 number and run a ‘call to be bitched at’ service.”


            “That’s about enough ladies! We’ve got work to do now.” Evan said coldly. 


            As the boat sped across the lake for the shoot, Evan was wondering about a few things. It was late in the season and getting too cold for bikinis. Also how was Carlos going to put the girls in danger and in close quarters on a lake beach? Then there was the weather report. A very nasty storm was coming. The worst in years!


            As they neared the shore on the distant side of the lake, Evan saw the beach and boat dock. There was the usual square floating pier 20 feet from shore with the diving board and the ladder to the water. Then as the boat docked, Evan saw the house. It was an old 3 story beach house that looked like the house in the movie Psycho! It was like a pile of rubble standing with broken windows and peeling paint.


            All Evan knew for certain was Carlos’s plan. Evan was to leave the girls on the beach with the photographers. Then he was to tell the girls that he would return right after the shoot. The photographers were to leave in their boat before he got there though. Then he was supposed to not show up and leave the girls stranded on the property for the night. 


            The girls had behaved as usual on both the car and the boat rides. Fighting over everything from the seat they would sit in to the clothing given them and bitching back and forth in between! Evan was relieved when his shrews finally both jumped off the boat and ran ashore to the beach. The photographers were already there and set up. The girls left their robes and sandals in a small cabana on the beach and started the 3 hour photo shoot.


            Evan left after the first hour promising to return before sundown. The last hour of the shoot was on the diving pier. The girls were taken there by boat to keep their hair dry. Then, after all the diving pier shots were done, they decided to swim back. This proved to be a mistake. The sun was going down and the winds were picking up. By the time the girls swam to shore, the photographers had already left with their boat.


            All during the shoot Carlos, who was already at the house, was busy. He had removed the girl’s robes and sandals from the cabana and slit the cabana’s roof with a razor. He left only one large beach towel in there and returned to the house. Once there, he turned off the water and the electricity. The only liquid in the house was a small bottle of red wine that he had laced with a powerful fast acting sedative.


            When Cindy and Kate reached shore they were shivering! They ran to the tiny cabana for their robes and found only one large towel. Where were their robes and shoes? The photographers must have taken them by mistake. Oh well, Evan would be here any minute. The girls argued over who would use the towel first. Cindy grabbed it and said,


“Here, let me dry you first.” Then she lifted Kate’s hair and wrapped it in the towel to dry it. Then she undid both strings to Kate’s tiny bikini top and let it fall.


“What are you doing? Are you gay or something?” Kate snapped.


“No, it will be easier to dry you this way.” Cindy answered. 


Cindy took the towel from Kate’s hair and dried Kate’s arms and upper body.


Then Kate surprised her. Kate suddenly removed her tiny bikini bottom and waited for Cindy to finish drying her. Once Kate was dry, Cindy wrung out both parts of the bikini and handed them to Kate. Kate quickly put them back on.


Now it was Cindy’s turn. Kate untied both strings of Cindy’s top and removed it. Kate was ever jealous of Cindy’s huge breasts since hers were so small.


“OK you can take your bottom off now.” Kate said.


“No thank you!” Cindy said. “We’ll just leave that on for now.”


“OK, as you wish.” Kate replied. She dried Cindy from her hair to her waist. Then from behind Cindy, Kate grabbed one of Cindy’s bikini bottom’s side bows in each hand and untied them both at the same time. Cindy’s bottom fell to the floor instantly.


“Hey you’re going to pay for that!” Cindy yelled.


Cindy grabbed Kate’s right bottom string and untied it. When Kate tried to pull away from Cindy, Cindy untied Kate’s top string that was behind her back. The girls were wrestling now and Kate was no match for Cindy. In less than a minute Cindy had all 4 of Kate’s strings completely untied and both parts of Kate’s bikini were on the cabana floor.


Finally the now naked girls worked things out and finished drying. Then they each put their own swimsuits back on. As they stood and waited for Evan’s boat they were both shivering. The temperature had dropped 20 degrees in the last half hour. They stood close together with the towel wrapped around both of them.


 Nearly an hour later it was dark and there was still no sign of Evan’s boat! The wind was howling and there were 3 foot waves pounding the shoreline. In fact, no boats were in sight anywhere on the lake. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and the rain began. The rain poured in the slit cabana roof and the girls soon knew they needed a better shelter.


            Running up the walkway barefoot, the girls headed for the house. When they reached the porch, the door was locked. Fortunately there was a window with a missing pane of glass within easy reach. Kate reached inside and unlocked the window. Then she opened the window and Cindy helped her climb inside. Once inside, Kate opened the door and let Cindy in.


            The house appeared to have been abandoned for some time and was in a terrible state of repair. It was a better shelter than the ripped cabana, but not by much! The wind howled through the broken and missing window panes and the roof leaked. Cindy tried a few light switches. There was nothing. No electricity. Then Kate turned on the kitchen sink. No water came out either. Every cupboard was empty. In the living room Kate finally found a small bottle of wine and a few glasses.


            The girls sat side by side on the sofa and poured the wine. The towel was still around them and they were still wet and shivering. The house was just as cold inside as it was outside and the storm was raging now. Every wind gust caused the house to creak and make spooky sounds somewhere.


            As they drank the wine Cindy said,


            “This place is like something out of a horror movie! It’s probably haunted or something too!”


            “You always were a comforting soul.” Kate replied snidely.


            Eventually the drugged wine was soon doing its job of relaxing the girls. They huddled together for warmth and were soon feeling sleepy. Later on, both girls had to blink their eyes to try to focus. It didn’t help. Kate felt her arms feeling numb and disconnected. Then Cindy passed out and her head fell limp on Kate’s shoulder. Kate nudged her away, but as she did so she passed out too.


            Carlos had been watching from 2 rooms away. He waited a few minutes for the drug to take a firm hold. Then he went up close to check on his prey. They were both totally limp with their eyes closed and their mouths half open. He separated them and rested them side by side on the sofa and removed the towel.


            Carlos pulled a cigar lighter out of his pocket and lit several candles that were in holders on the table. Now he could enjoy the girls more! Carlos sat on the sofa and put his arm around Cindy. Then he untied the bikini bow behind her neck. Her firm breasts started to fall out over the top of the suit’s tiny bra. Then he reached around her back and untied the second bow. The suit top fell off and her breasts were free! They were an awesome site in the candle lit room!


            Carlos put Cindy aside and turned his attention to Kate. He lifted her now dry and baby soft hair out of the way and untied her bow. Her breasts were small and did not pop out. When he undid the other bow and the top fell off, he could see that Kate’s small breasts were perfectly formed and had tiny nipples. Carlos liked that part. Most of the girls in his line of work had huge breasts.  


            After enjoying Kate’s breasts for a while, Carlos pulled both girls bikini bottoms down and off. Then he put one limp girl over each of his powerful shoulders and carried then upstairs. He placed the girls on a double bed in the darkest bedroom. Then his real work began.


            Carlos was well prepared! He had special sexy underpants for the girls. They each had built in vibrators that were controlled by a small wireless remote. He put them on each of the limp girls and put the remotes in his pocket. Then he put the girls on their sides face to face. He put Kate’s arms around Cindy and handcuffed them there. Then he put Cindy’s arms around Kate and did the same.


            Next the girl’s ankles were bound with silk scarves and then they were tied together with rope. The girls were bound together at the upper thighs next. Then came the most important part of his “Siamese Twin” bondage. He put the girl’s lips in kissing range and put tape around both their necks. They would not be able to get their lips more than an inch apart!


            Carlos lit one small candle and then hid in the closet with the door ajar enough to watch the girls in the dim light. All was ready now. They just needed to wake up.


            Kate woke up first. As she became alert, she realized that she was helpless and tied to Cindy. Cindy’s pouty lips were almost touching hers! “Eew!” Kate thought to herself.


            Now Cindy was awake and felt likewise. Both girls struggled to get loose and cursed at each other. Each was blaming the other for their predicament! Carlos let them go at it for some time. Then he relaxed as they eventually tired of what they were doing and became still and silent.


            Kate was the first to give in. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch.” She said as she gently kissed Cindy.


            “I’m sorry too!” Cindy replied kissing her back gently. “What are we going to do?”


            “I’m sure Evan will be here as soon as this storm lets up.” Kate said. “They probably wouldn’t let him take the boat out to get us when he was supposed to because of the waves.”


            Then the reality sunk in. Who had tied them up like this? Their tops were gone and their nipples were rubbing together. Why had they passed out? The wine! It must have been drugged. Who did it though? And worse was he still there? Cindy called out,


            “Who’s there and what do you want from us?”


            After a long pause, a strange male voice answered. “I’m Carlos” he said. “I like to see women make love, and you two are going to entertain me!”


            “Fat chance!” Cindy yelled out in anger.


            Then Kate whispered to her to be quiet. “We don’t want to make him mad!” she said wisely. “Let’s play along and try to get out of this.”


            Reluctantly Cindy agreed. The girls began kissing for Carlos’s benefit.


            Carlos knew they were faking it to patronize him. He wasn’t stupid! It was time for him to apply some pressure. He started one of the vibrators on low. He couldn’t tell which was which yet, but it really didn’t matter.


            Suddenly Kate’s panties began to vibrate erotically. She was aroused almost instantly. Cindy, not knowing about the vibrator, suddenly noticed that Kate’s kissing was more soulful and aggressive.


            “Hey, aren’t you overdoing it?” Cindy asked pulling back. Then Cindy’s panties began to vibrate as well.


            Cindy, now also suddenly aroused, quit talking and went back to kissing. Both girls were open mouth kissing and tonguing each other with abandon now.


            Carlos was pleased. Then he moved Kate’s vibration to medium. He watched in delight as Kate’s hips started a grinding motion against Cindy’s. Cindy did not resist. Suddenly her vibrations increased in intensity too. Cindy was whimpering out loud in pleasure now. 


            Kate was suddenly aroused by Cindy’s obvious excitement. She too was no longer able to keep silent! She started to scream in pleasure.


            “It was time now.” Carlos thought to himself, as he moved first Kate’s and then Cindy’s switch to “high.”


            Within 30 seconds both girls were screaming! After about a minute, Carlos moved both switches to low. The girls both relaxed and quieted down somewhat.


            Then Carlos suddenly put both switches back to “high.” The girls were humping now and both were soon screaming at a pretty loud pitch. After they climaxed, he let them rest again. Carlos continued the on and off pleasure for over an hour. Then he turned both switches off.


            The girls clung together panting. They also kept kissing each other. Then suddenly the candle went out. Cindy screamed out a frightened “Oh my God!”


            Kate told her to relax and keep quiet. Then suddenly a huge man was standing over them. They could not see his face in the dark, but they were both terrified. Then a wet cloth was placed between their faces. The cloth had a chemical odor like cleaning fluid.


            Both girls started to scream and struggle. There was little they could do though. They could not escape the fumes of the cloth.


 “Take it away; I’ll do anything you want!” Kate pleaded, in a terrified, cloth muffled voice.


Nothing changed. He never answered and continued to hold the cloth there. Both girls were getting dizzy and heard a ringing sound in their ears. They fought on, but it was getting difficult for them to move. Suddenly Kate went limp in Cindy’s arms. Cindy kissed her through the cloth and said “Stay awake!” but it was too late. Kate was already deeply under. Before she was able to speak again, Cindy passed out too.


Carlos pulled the cloth away and untied the girls. Then he removed the panties from each of them. Again both limp and naked girls were placed over his shoulders. As Carlos went through the living room, he picked up the beach towel. Then he took the girls to a small closet that was under the stairway. He tossed the towel on the floor. Then he placed the girls on it and closed and locked the door.


There was no light in there. It was also damp and cold. There was barely enough room for the two of them, and only one small towel for warmth. They would not need bondage or the vibrators anymore. A long night of cuddling and comforting would be in their future now. As Carlos walked out and closed the door, the wind let up for just long enough for him to hear the sound of rats and mice running about the house. His work was done. The rodents, the storm, and the creepy house would be working the next shift! When the girls woke up, they would soon be in just the situation that Carlos had recommended all along.  Naked, freezing cold, in a very tight confined space, and with more than enough fear and terror for both of them to learn to share!




                                                      Model Prisoners Part 2


            Kate awoke suddenly to a loud clap of thunder. As she opened her eyes, she could not see anything. As she tried to sit up, she hit her head on the wooden staircase. She felt around with her hand. She was naked and on top of a towel in a tiny closet under a stairway. She could hear a downpour of rain outside and the winds were shaking the old house. Cindy was on the floor next to her and was also naked.


            Cindy suddenly awoke feeling dreamy. Kate was shaking her and talking. Her dreaminess evaporated when she learned their predicament. She embraced Kate to keep warm. Kate didn’t complain. The girls were finally on a united front for the first time. The anger between them had evaporated.


            Suddenly Kate screamed. “Something furry just touched my leg!”


            Both girls jumped and held each other tighter. Cindy kissed Kate gently and told her not to panic. Then Cindy broke free of Kate’s clinging arms and felt around. Finally after much groping, she found the closet door.


            “This dump is falling apart!” Cindy said. “Let’s lie on our backs and try to kick the door open with our feet and legs.”


            Each girl, while lying on her back, put both of her bare feet against the door and pushed. There was some give. Then they bent their legs and both came down hard on the door at the same time. One hinge pulled out and they could see some light. They did it again and again. Finally the door broke off its hinges and they were free.


            The girls quickly crawled out of the closet and stood up. They quickly found the sofa in the dim light and felt around. Both their bikinis were still there. They helped each other put them on and tied each other’s strings.


            As Cindy tied the final string behind Kate’s back her mind flashed back to when they dried each other in the cabana. She had kind of liked removing Kate’s top to dry her. Then she wondered, “Was Kate right that she was gay or something?” No, she liked guys too much. But now that Kate’s top was tied, Cindy wished she could untie it again just the same.


            Cindy had no way of knowing that Kate’s mind was at work too. As Kate put Cindy’s top around her she could feel the firmness of her awesome breasts. She too remembered the thrill she had felt when she undid Cindy’s top in the cabana and saw those beasts pop free.


            Suddenly a huge gust of wind ripped through the first floor. The girls shivered and grabbed each other. Then they agreed that they should go upstairs. The girls went up the creaky staircase carefully. After they reached the top they checked out each bedroom. When they found the one with the most light, it also felt the warmest. They stayed in it and approached the double bed.


            Cindy found some old matches and tried them. She struck five of them in a row with no luck. Finally one lit. She was able to light a candle. With that burning candle, she lit three others that were in the room. Then she put the first candle back in the holder.


            Both girls could finally see each other in decent light. They both hopped onto the bed to get their bare feet off the cold floor. Cindy noticed a white cloth and a brown bottle on the nightstand by the bed. The label on the bottle said “Chloroform.” She showed it to Kate.


            “This must be how he knocked us out to put us in the closet,” Kate said. “He poured chloroform on that cloth and made us inhale it.”


            “Well it sure worked!” Cindy said. “I went out like a light and woke up really dreamy.”


            “Yeah, I did too.” Kate replied.”I wonder how long we were out.”


            Suddenly Cindy had an idea. If she could find a way to put Kate under with the chloroform, she could indulge in her fantasy to remove Kate’s bikini top again and maybe even her bottom this time too!


            “There are no clocks here and we have no watches either.” Cindy replied. “I have no idea what time it is anymore.”


            Then Kate said, “They can’t come for us until its light and the storm is over. What are we supposed to do with ourselves until that happens?”


            Cindy decided to throw a line out and see what happened. “We could experiment with this chloroform.” she said.


            “What do you mean experiment?” Kate asked with a suspicious gleam in her eyes.


            “I could pour some on this cloth and hold it over your nose until you pass out. Then we could see how long it lasts.” Cindy said sounding excited.


            “Are you crazy?” Kate said. “Didn’t you get enough of that stuff when that perv gave it to us?”


            “Oh come on, it wasn’t that bad. Besides have you got any better ideas?” Cindy asked.


            Then Kate suddenly realized that this might be a way to see more of Cindy’s awesome breasts!


 “Ok, but when I wake up, I get to test it on you. After all, you did use the word experiment!” Kate answered. Kate’s mind was now racing with the possibilities of having Cindy unconscious!


            “I’ll take that as a yes then.” Cindy said, as she grabbed the bottle and took off the lid. Kate watched in awe as Cindy poured a stream of the clear liquid onto the center of the cloth. Then Cindy put one arm around Kate to hold her up and gently held the now soaking wet cloth over Kate’s nose and mouth.


            At first Kate was jolted by the strong odor. Then she relaxed and started to breathe normally. All she could think about was doing this to Cindy afterwards! She was already setting her mindset up for sweet dreams.


            Cindy tingled all over at the thought of Kate soon being limp in her arms. She was already glancing at Kate’s tiny bikini strings and wondering which one she would untie first!


            Kate was hearing a dull ringing in her ears as her eyes began to lose focus. She blinked, but it didn’t help. Her arms felt numb and disconnected. She couldn’t really move and didn’t care. She was totally relaxed and euphoric as she suddenly passed out.


            Cindy let out a giggle of pure joy as Kate went totally limp and fell against her. After tossing the cloth aside, she held Kate’s limp body in a sitting position and reached behind her shiny hair and felt the top bow. She pulled the string and the bow came undone. Then Cindy reached behind Kate’s back and untied the other bow. As it came loose Cindy’s hands were trembling and she was almost breathless as Kate’s top fell on the bed.


            Cindy admired Kate’s small breasts in the romantic candlelight. They stood straight out and didn’t sag. Cindy was not used to that since her own much larger breasts were loose and floppy without a bra. Finally Cindy lowered Kate to the bed and placed her on her back.


            Cindy moved Kate’s limp head around and adjusted her sprawled hair. Then she focused her eyes to Kate’s waistline and slowly untied her bottom bikini strings. Once those were undone, the bottom slipped off easily. Cindy tossed it aside and explored Kate further. After a few minutes, Cindy quickly replaced Kate’s bikini bottom and retied it. Then she lifted Kate’s limp body up into a sitting position again and carefully replaced her top. Cindy didn’t know how long the chloroform would keep Kate unconscious and she didn’t want to get caught undressing her.


            Kate awoke feeling dreamy and delightful. She was on her back on the bed and Cindy wasn’t there. Then she looked over and saw Cindy looking out the window.


            Suddenly Cindy turned around and looked at Kate. “Oh, I see that you’re finally awake.” Cindy said. “That storm is still raging out there. The lake looks like a stormy sea.”


            “Never mind that storm!” Kate said. “Get over here and let me have my turn with this chloroform! By the way how long was I out?”


            “I’m not sure, but I would guess about an hour.” Cindy said.


            Cindy returned to the bed and sat on the edge. Kate was soaking the cloth now and she used more chloroform than Cindy had used on her.


            “I think you put on a little too much!” Cindy said.


            Kate didn’t answer. She just held the wet cloth over Cindy’s beautiful face.


            Cindy felt the effects quickly. Her arms soon felt as limp as noodles and she could not sit up without Kate holding her. She could see the burning candles, but the flames were fuzzy and out of focus. A sudden gust of wind blasted through the cracked window panes and blew out one of the candles. That’s the last thing Cindy remembered.


            Kate continued to hold the cloth on Cindy for about 30 seconds after she was out. She wanted to be sure that she was deeply under. Finally Kate tossed the cloth aside and lived out her part of the fantasy. She untied the string behind Cindy’s neck first. Cindy’s breasts overflowed the now loose and tiny top. Kate felt the tops of Cindy’s breasts for a few minutes before she finally untied the string behind her back.


            Cindy’s top was on the floor now. The huge and well rounded breasts that Kate always envied were finally free! Kate lowered Cindy’s limp body onto the bed and rested her on her back. The breasts flattened out somewhat, but Cindy’s nipples were erect and awesome. Kate tasted then both with her tiny mouth. Then Kate removed her own bikini top and rubbed her own nipples against Cindy’s.


            Kate continued to kiss Cindy’s chest as she worked her way downward. It was time to see if Cindy’s shiny blonde hair was real or out of a bottle! Kate untied both of the tiny strings that held Cindy’s bikini bottom on. Then she slowly pulled the almost nonexistent piece of fabric away. Kate was suddenly shocked! Cindy was a real blonde!


            Kate slipped her own bikini bottom down and off and enjoyed Cindy’s limp body in every way for nearly an hour. Then she quickly put Cindy’s bikini back on her. She wasn’t sure how Cindy would react to what she was doing. Then Kate quickly put her own bikini back on.


            As Kate tied her last string, Cindy’s lips were moving. Kate bent over and kissed her. Cindy’s eyes slowly opened. As she came slowly into focus, Cindy realized that Kate was kissing her. She didn’t resist at all. In fact she kissed back.


            The Mighty Carlos had succeeded. Kate and Cindy would never fight or argue again!








































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                                                            Doctor Robert


            Sarah was nervous as she pulled her car into the lot of the Medical Center and parked. She always had a fear of doctors. But she was 18 now, and a complete physical exam was required for her college admission. Besides, this doctor should be easier to tolerate at least. He came highly recommended by her friend Cara.


            Cara’s description of her recent visit with Dr Robert was still playing back, over and over, in Sarah’s mind.


            “I went there, expecting some perv older than my father!” Cara exclaimed. “But I was surprised to see that he was not only a brand new doctor, but also single, and a hunk!”


            “He would still have to be ten years older than us or more.” Sarah reminded her.


            “Who cares?” Cara said with excitement. “He still looks great, and with those deep blue eyes and long blond hair, he can operate on me anytime!”


            How did the exam go, and just what kind of operating did he actually do? Sarah asked.


            “He had me remove my blouse and gave me the inoculation shot right away, to get it over with. That was a huge relief, since I was dreading that part. Then I sat on the table and he began asking questions and entering things in his lap top. As I was talking with him, I felt all dreamy and loose.” Cara replied.


            “What came next?” Sarah inquired.


            “He did the usual exam stuff, you know, looking into my eyes, ears, and throat, listening to my heart, taking my blood pressure, and all that. When he was done with the blood pressure, I suddenly felt light headed.” Cara said.


            “What did he do about that?” Sarah asked.


            “He had me lie down on my back on the table. Then he slowly and carefully slipped off my boots. As I looked into his eyes, while he was slipping them off, I was imagining him doing me right there on the table!” Cara panted.


            “Well go on!” Sarah begged with excitement.


            “I can’t remember anything after that.” Cara said in disappointment. “The next thing I knew, he told me to put my blouse and boots back on, and it was time to leave.”


            Holding that thought in her mind, Sarah got out of the car, and went into the office waiting room. Having heard about the doctor from Cara, Sarah dressed appropriately. She had put on a sexy black bra and panties set, shiny nude pantyhose, a short, bright red dress that zipped nearly all the way down the back, and a pair of black, calf high, Uggs boots with furry tops.


            In this outfit, Sarah looked older than 18, and that was her intention. She was about 5 feet 4 and slender. Her hair was dark and shiny, and her breasts were average size and perky. As she reported in, and took her seat in the waiting room, she looked around. The room was filled with young women. All seemed to be well dressed and looking their best, and none looked sick at all.


            Before she could wonder too much about that, the receptionist told her to go into the Dr’s office. As she entered, he came to greet her. He was tall, and looked to be in great physical shape. He was also even better looking than Cara described!


            He told her to sit on the edge of the examination table, and hold out her arm. Sarah got on the table, as asked, and held out her right arm. She looked to the left so she wouldn’t see the needle though. He injected her expertly and she hardly knew he did it. Then she waited nervously for the inevitable instructions to remove her dress. That’s why she had worn the pantyhose. So she would feel less naked with her dress off.


            By the time Sarah was finished giving the doctor all of her information, she suddenly didn’t feel nervous anymore. In fact she felt giddy and very amorous. Everything was going the same way Cara had described. Without him even asking, she stood up, unzipped, and removed her dress and put it aside. Then she sat back down on the table.


            Once the exam part was over, Sarah started to feel light headed and dizzy, just like Cara   described. She asked if she could lie down. The doctor helped her, and gently slipped off her boots one at a time. Sarah could feel the cool office air on her stocking feet, once her boots were gone. Then the doctor spoke to her softly,


            “I put a mild sedative in with the inoculation.” He said. “It makes the women more comfortable with the exam.”


            Sarah smiled contently as she answered him. “I feel relaxed and wonderful, but the exam is over and how am I supposed to drive home now?”


            “I’m going to give you something to help you with that.” He replied in his best bedside manner. He picked up a clear plastic oxygen mask and placed it over Sarah’s nose and mouth. Then he turned a valve and Sarah started to breath in the sweet air.


            “I’m going to ask you how you’re doing as this is working.” He said. “Since you can’t talk with the mask on, blink twice for yes and once for no. Do you understand?” Sarah blinked twice.

            Dr Robert turned a valve that added the anesthetic Halothane to the oxygen. Then he spoke again,


            “Does the air seem lighter and smell sweeter now?” he asked. Sarah blinked twice for yes. Her vision was getting fuzzy all of a sudden, and she felt so sleepy. The doctor seemed to sense this and asked,


            “Are you feeling a little sleepy now?” he asked. She blinked “yes” again. “Ok, I’ll adjust it a little now.” He replied. Then he opened the valve and added more Halothane to the mixture.


            Sarah was suddenly floating on air. She heard a dull ringing in her ears and could feel like she was slowly falling, but never seemed to hit bottom. She blinked her eyes to try and get better focus. Things only got blurrier though. Now her eyes were rapidly blinking all by themselves. That’s the last thing Sarah remembered.


            Dr Robert watched intently as Sara’s eyes fluttered rapidly and gently closed. Then her pretty, sleepy head rolled limp to one side. She was out, but not quite deep enough yet he thought. He left the mask on her, with the gas still hissing. As the gas continued to do its work, he carefully removed her pantyhose.


            Dr Robert had done this to many women, but this one was something special. Her body was young and perfect. Her hair was shiny and baby soft. He finally turned off the gas and removed the mask. She would be totally out for several hours now. The injection he gave her contained Rohypnol. She wouldn’t remember anything but the exam when she finally woke up.


            He reached behind her neck and lifted her upper torso gently off of the table. Then he unhooked her bra and slowly removed it. Her young breasts stood out straight and had almost no sag. After admiring them, he lowered her back onto the exam table. Now it was time to get her out of those tight panties. He slid them down, ever so slowly, and eventually had them past her ankles and over her feet. Then he finally tossed them aside with her bra and pantyhose.


            Next he carefully removed her watch and jewelry. He wanted her totally naked, just as she came into this world. Once she was the way he wanted her, he did a thorough exam of his own. It began with a full body massage and ended with him feeling, probing, and sampling her everywhere. He tasted her vital areas in every possible way. Once he was convinced that he hadn’t missed one square inch of her body, he opened her mouth. He probed, tasted and looked deep in there as well.


            After nearly two hours had passed, he finally replaced her watch and jewelry, and re-dressed her, all but her boots and dress. Then he left her on the table to sleep off the drugs while he completed her paperwork.


            A few minutes later, Sarah woke up fresh, and saw Dr Robert standing over her. He told her she could put her dress and boots back on now. She quickly pulled on her boots and threw her dress on and zipped it up.


            “You passed the exam with flying colors.” He said. “You may leave now, and good luck in college.”


            Sara walked to her car elated. All her worries about the doctor were unfounded. As she started the car, her favorite song was playing on the radio. She drove away all smiles, thinking that her friend Cara was right. Dr Robert sure was a hunk! She would have to go back there sometime soon, very soon.












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2 cuffed sitting 

                                         Prison Guard Part 1


            Kim stood in her cell. She watched another girl be returned to her cell from the treatment unit. The TU was dreaded by all the prisoners that broke the rules. They were dragged by the guard into a room behind a steel door and didn’t come out for hours or sometimes even days. No one would ever talk about what happened there, but Kim needed to find out, and soon. She was a rookie cop straight from the academy. She was a cute blonde just over five feet tall and only weighed about a hundred pounds. She looked more like a model than the prisoner she was supposed to be. Five days had passed and all she knew so far was that Mindy the overnight guard may be corrupt.

            Mindy was nearly six feet tall and very athletic. She had a nasty temper and was not to be messed with. During the day several guards were on duty, but at night there was just Mindy. Right before lights out and lockdown Mindy came on duty. She would leave after morning wake up and count.

            As Kim watched the girls come back from TU, she noticed they looked very clean. In fact, they looked neater than when they left. Their hair was neat, and it looked like they had used cosmetics, which were not allowed in the prison. This is hardly what you would expect after hours of discipline. Something else was amiss here. The last two girls that were taken there had done really stupid things just as Mindy came on duty, and were quickly hauled away. They were almost asking for it.

            The first girl Kim had asked about TU threatened to beat her up. The second was scared and would not talk. The third said “Just do something wrong and you’ll find out!” That’s just what she would do. Kim would piss off Mindy as soon as she came on duty and find out what’s going on once and for all.

            As soon as Mindy came on duty Kim started calling Allison, the girl in the next cell names. Allison, a hardened prostitute, snarled right back, and when Mindy told them to knock it off, Kim said “Oh shut up you old bitch!” That was enough!  Mindy opened Kim’s cell and dragged her to TU. Kim thought it was strange that she didn’t bring Allison too, but she didn’t care. At last she would see the TU!

            Mindy dragged her through the steel door and slammed it shut. Kim was ordered to sit on the bed and hold her hands over her head. Mindy handcuffed her around a pole over the bed. Kim was totally helpless now, under Mindy’s control, but she wasn’t that worried. After all no girls had been injured or were missing, how bad could it be?

            She was about to find out! Mindy went through an open steel door on the other side of the room and came back with a can that looked like cleaning fluid, and a white washcloth. She opened the can and poured a lot of the liquid on the cloth. Then she put the can down and walked over and held the wet cloth over Kim’s nose and mouth. Kim tried to turn away as she smelled the fumes but Mindy grabbed her head with her free hand and pulled the cloth even tighter against her face. Mindy warned her not to resist and to breathe normally. Kim finally relaxed and started to inhale.

            Kim had never been put under before and didn’t know what was happening to her. She heard a ringing in her ears and her head started spinning. Her eyes kept blinking,   but she couldn’t focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Mindy smiled as she watched Kim’s eyes flutter and close, and felt her head go limp in her arms. That was the ultimate thrill! Putting a new girl to sleep for the first time! She had put many girls under many times but this girl was the newest and cutest so far. She held the cloth on her for almost a minute after she was out. She liked the first time to be a long knockout, since there was only one first time for each girl. She finally pulled the cloth away and dropped it on the bed. She pulled the top of Kim’s uniform up and over her head. It was easier to do this while her arms were still up over her head.  She removed the handcuffs and let Kim’s limp body fall on the bed. The inmates were not allowed to wear bras so she was topless now. Mindy untied and removed Kim’s sneakers. Inmates didn’t wear socks either. All Kim had on her now were a pair of shorts and small white panties. As Mindy began to remove Kim’s shorts, a buzzer went off. Damm! She had to go check this out. She pulled Kim’s arms back over the bar and put the handcuffs back on her. Then she left and slammed the door behind her.

            Kim started to wake up about an hour later. Her hands were still over her head but she noticed her top and sneakers were off. She could see them on the floor but couldn’t reach them. The white cloth that Mindy had used to knock her out was still on the bed. She had finally gotten inside the TU but not far enough. She was in what looked like an outer holding cell. She needed to see what was behind the next steel door.

            The door lock buzzed, and Mindy came back in. She said she was sorry to leave her hanging like that, but she had to leave suddenly. Since Kim had only been awake for about two minutes, there wasn’t much discomfort. Mindy picked the cloth up off the bed and walked over to where the can was and poured more of the liquid on the cloth. She told Kim to be a good girl and relax this time.

            Kim knew it was futile to resist anyway. She inhaled deeply this time, and was under again in about 20 seconds. Mindy didn’t hold the cloth on her as long this time, and she carefully lowered her to the bed, after she removed the handcuffs. She pulled the already undone shorts off her, and then removed her panties as well. She left the cloth on the bed and her clothes on the floor. Mindy picked Kim up and cradle carried her through the second door and closed it behind her.

            Once inside she put Kim down in the middle of a large double bed. She arranged her hair neatly, and moved her limbs around to pose her. She loved them out and naked on the bed like that. She looked at Kim more closely now. She turned her over and looked at her back. No scars, no blemishes, and no tattoos! That had to be a first. What is a Barbie doll like this doing in prison? It didn’t matter for the moment, since she was now her Barbie doll! She fondled her for a while and then looked at her watch. It would soon be time to make her rounds.

  When Kim woke up, Mindy was sitting behind a desk. She remained quiet so Mindy would not know she was awake. She was finally in the other room. She carefully looked around to learn as much as she could, since she feared she might be put under again. There was a bed, a desk and computer, a TV, a stall shower, a toilet, a sink, a chest of drawers and a dressing table with a hair dryer and a lot of beauty products. There were several more bottles of that liquid, she could read them now. “Chloroform” they said on the labels. She had heard of people being chloroformed, only now she knew what it meant. She could not see the cloth anywhere or her clothes either. She guessed they were still in the other room, out of reach behind the locked door.

            Mindy looked over at her. “Oh, I see you’re awake” she said. Kim said “Yes I am and where are my clothes?” “Don’t worry” said Mindy. “I sent them to the prison laundry.” “You’ll get them back early in the morning.”  “If you behave, you will get to go back to your cell right after daylight and you will be all clean.”

            Mindy said she would soon be leaving for a while to make her rounds. Kim was delighted! She could search the room further while she was gone. As Mindy got ready to leave, she handcuffed Kim’s hands behind her back. Oh well she thought I can still snoop around anyway. Next Mindy reached in a drawer and pulled out a dust mask. What was that for? Kim wondered.  She strapped it on Kim’s face over her nose and mouth. Then she picked up a chloroform can and poured some into a tiny glass. It looked like a shot glass only bigger. Mindy held Kim’s head back and poured the glass of chloroform onto the mask and soaked the area in front of her nose and mouth. She put the empty glass down and left. As Mindy walked out the door she said “Sweet dreams!”
            She wasn’t kidding! The chloroform had soaked all the way through the mask and was inside Kim’s nose! Within 10 seconds she collapsed onto the bed. Her ears were ringing and her head was spinning worse than either of the two times before. She tried taking smaller breaths and holding her breath entirely but it was no use. She passed out on the bed in less than a minute.

            This time she was out for several hours. When she awoke, she was right where she fell. The mask was still on, but it was dry now. She tried to get up off the bed but it was impossible. She was too light headed. Her eyes would not focus. It didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be doing any snooping around anyway. She heard the buzz from the door lock. Mindy was back.

            Mindy came through the door, and was in a very good mood. Her rounds were over. There would be no more interruptions now. It was time to play with her new doll. She grabbed Kim by the elbows and helped her sit up. Kim was starting to feel better now and thanked her for helping her up. Mindy put her arm around her and said “You’ve been a very good girl so far and I will take good care of you.” Kim wasn’t sure what that meant, but she was not afraid. So far no real damage was done and she still had to learn more about that room.  

            That would have to be later. Mindy filled the glass with more chloroform and said “First we’ll take care of that dry mask of yours, and then we’ll get you out of those handcuffs.” Once again she soaked the mask, and as promised undid the handcuffs. Having her hands freed was a relief, but she wouldn’t get to use them. By the time the cuffs were off, she couldn’t raise her arms. She was already more than half out. Mindy started to take off her own uniform. Kim watched her undo a couple of buttons. That’s the last thing Kim remembered.

            Mindy was elated! She took off all her own clothes, except her panties, and began to play with her new doll. She moved her all around and explored her everywhere. She would lie on top of her and press her large breasts against Kim’s small ones. She had the time of her life for nearly 2 hours. Kim woke up as before with the mask still on. Mindy had never taken it off. She may have even soaked it again while she was out, how could Kim tell? Kim had lost all track of time!

            Mindy took the mask off and told Kim to go ahead and take a shower and wash her hair. After drying herself she was to sit at the dressing table and wait. As Kim showered, Mindy got dressed. Kim enjoyed the shower, as it was the first one she’d had in the 6 days she’d been there. The water helped her wake up too. When she dried off and walked towards the dressing table she was starting to feel pretty good. On the way, she opened a few drawers of the chest while Mindy wasn’t looking. She saw nightgowns, string bikinis, sexy underwear, high heeled shoes, and several cameras. She sat down at the dressing table and started to brush her hair. To her surprise Mindy had walked up behind her and was holding the white cloth and a can of chloroform. She told Kim to relax as she soaked the cloth. She was just going to put her under and dry her hair and make her up while she was asleep. Once again the cloth was placed over Kim’s face. She inhaled deeply and passed out in less than 30 seconds. Mindy held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds longer, and then went to work on Kim’s now very limp head.

            Kim woke up in about an hour, and when she saw herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe it. She was made up like a model. Her hair was perfect and fluffy. Her face had makeup on it and there was lipstick on her lips. Now she knew why the girls came back looking the way they did! But she needed to know more about the stuff in the drawers. She still needed to search that room!

            Mindy asked her what she thought of the job she did, and Kim said “I look great! You can knock me out and make me up anytime!” Mindy said “Don’t worry! I intend to do just that!” Mindy helped her up and told her to sit in the large stuffed chair near the dressing table. “I have to go get your clothes, and then I will dress you” Mindy said. As Kim sat naked in the chair, she wondered if she might still get a chance to look around while Mindy went for her clothes. This was not to be. Mindy was soaking the cloth again. She said “When you wake up, you’ll be dressed and all ready to go back to you cell.” She placed the cloth over her face once more and Kim went under quickly. This time Mindy held the cloth on her for almost a minute after she was out.

            Mindy had lied about one thing. Kim’s clothes were already back. She only knocked her out because it was time to play dress up with her doll, and take some pictures. She put a sexy nightgown and a pair of high heels on Kim and got out the camera. She posed her and shot picture after picture like a model photo shoot. She put her in nearly every outfit in the drawer and snapped hundreds of pictures. Then she dressed her in her own clothes and put away the camera.

            Kim woke up fresh this time, and everything was as Mindy had promised. She was dressed and clean. Now it was time for pep talk. Mindy told her she could come back anytime she wanted for more of the same. As long as she would let Mindy knock her out, she would receive all the comforts of Mindy’s room. If she told anyone, she would be turned over to the day guards for discipline and they did things the old way. She would be beaten for sure and maybe worse. Mindy explained that she had to do her rounds once more before taking her back to her cell. While she was gone Kim had two options. She could wait handcuffed to the bed in the outer cell, or stay in the stuffed chair with a chloroform mask on.

            Kim asked “If I stay here in the chair will I still be handcuffed?” Mindy said “No handcuffs, you just have to wear the mask.” “OK, I’ll wear the mask” Kim said. This time Mindy poured the chloroform right onto the mask. She strapped it on Kim’s face and said “Sweet dreams” once again.

            Not quite yet if I can help it thought Kim! She held her breath carefully and started blinking her eyes and moving her head around. Then her head came to rest on the back of the chair. She fluttered her eyes and then closed them, while letting her head fall limp to the side. Mindy had been watching and said to herself “OK she’s out, I better get going.”

            When Kim heard the door close she quickly removed the mask and placed it in the sink. She started to look around. She saw several cameras in the ceiling over the bed   and one aimed at the stuffed chair. She suspected things were being taped or maybe sent on the internet. At the far end of the room past the shower there was a door. It had an electronic lock, so she couldn’t open it. It looked like a bathroom or a closet.

             After Kim had looked at everything in the room that she could get to, she got ready to knock herself out. She knew she had better be out for real when Mindy got back. When she picked up the mask, she realized it was too dry. Kim opened the chloroform can and poured it on. It spilled all over and the excess went into the sink. The mask was really too soaked now but there was nothing she could do. She sat in the chair and strapped it on. It was the biggest dose she’d ever had so far, and she passed out within 15 seconds.

             When Mindy returned, she went to check on Kim. She was still deeply under.    The mask was still wet. She took it off so Kim would wake up. There wasn’t much more time. She lifted Kim’s top and played with her boobs one last time. Then she just stood and watched her sleeping in the chair. Mindy really loved to see the girls sleep! Her sleepy fetish was just as much of an addiction as a drug habit.

             When Kim woke up, she felt really great. It was the opposite of what she expected. The larger dose had put her under faster and deeper, but it made the wake up    more pleasant. She would have to remember that! She was really getting the hang of the chloroform by now.  Breath deeply and don’t resist, and more was better for waking up.   Weird!  Now Mindy took her by the arm, and escorted her back to her cell. As they got close, Mindy grabbed her arm harder and acted real tough. She opened her cell and shoved her in. Kim knew that this was all for appearances sake. When Mindy had her alone, she had treated Kim better than her own mom did!

Once inside the cell, her neighbor Allison asked her what last night’s fighting was all about. Allison, said “Boy! I was afraid she would take me too!” All of a sudden Kim had an idea. She knew another one on one with Mindy wouldn’t give her anything she didn’t already have. She was in there nearly 9 hours and was only awake for about a half   hour. Most of the time she was awake was spent in the shower. Shoot! Next time Mindy might put her under to shower her as well! She had put her out to dry her hair, and even to dress her! Tonight she would start another fight with Allison and be taken to TU again.   This time when Mindy came into her cell to drag her away, she would whisper three little words in her ear. “Take her too.”   




                                                              Prison Guard Part 2


            Kim was back in her cell. She felt clean and wonderful, but she was busy thinking. She would go back into the TU tonight with Allison. She didn’t dare try to warn Allison now. She would have to do it inside. She wondered if they would ever both be awake at the same time, with Mindy not watching once they were inside. She would have to chance it.

            Allison was nothing like Kim. She was an abused child that ran away and was forced into prostitution. Allison was several years older than Kim and was several inches taller. She was very thin though, and had fairly well rounded breasts that stuck straight out like bullets. She was beautiful. She had raven black hair, brown eyes, and long slender legs. She could have passed for a fashion model, if she was not in her prison clothes. Even in her sweatshirt without a bra she looked stunning though. Her bare legs from her shorts to her sneakers would turn heads.

            As Mindy started to walk toward the cell unit, Kim started calling Allison names. It wasn’t long before Allison lost control and started in on Kim. Mindy arrived and said “I see you two are at it again!” Then she said “maybe this time you both should come along with me.” She opened Allison’s cell first and dragged her out. Then she dragged Kim out and handcuffed the 2 girls together and marched them to the TU.

            Once inside, Mindy closed the outer door and told the girls to sit on the bed. She handcuffed Allison’s arms over her head first, and then Kim’s. Then she went behind the other door. Kim knew what came next, but she didn’t dare let on. She hoped Mindy would put Allison out first, but she couldn’t be sure.

            Mindy came back, with the white cloth in one hand, and the can of chloroform in the other. She was pouring the chloroform onto the cloth as she walked. She put the can down and approached the girls. Allison saw what was coming and began to thrash around. Mindy placed the cloth over her face and tried to hold her still. Allison fought like a wildcat. She held her breath and turned her head away, while she kicked her legs all over. Mindy grabbed her by the hair and held her fast. After about a minute she was still thrashing around and showed no sign of going under.

            Mindy was getting rough now, and Kim felt responsible for Allison being there. Kim finally took her right leg and wrapped it around both of Allison’s legs and held them down. Allison gave Kim a startled look as Mindy now had her completely under control. Allison started to breathe and cough now. Soon Allison’s eyes were fluttering. Kim and Mindy both watched as Allison’s eyes rolled closed and her head finally fell limp in Mindy’s arms. Mindy held the cloth on her for what seemed like forever to Kim. She wondered if Mindy held it on her that long, after she was out.

            After about a minute, Mindy pulled the cloth off Allison and dropped it on the bed. Mindy said “Since you were a good girl and helped me, I’ll let you stay awake for a few minutes, and later I will give you a special reward.” Kim watched as Mindy pulled off Allison’s top and undid her handcuffs. Then she lowered her on to the bed and untied her sneakers, and slipped them off. Then she undid her shorts and pulled them off. Finally she pulled down her panties and threw them on the floor. Kim couldn’t help but notice how hot Mindy was getting as she looked at Allison’s breathtaking nude and limp body on the bed.

            Mindy picked Allison up and cradle carried her into the other room, and placed her on the bed. Then she went back for Kim. She picked up the cloth and walked over to the table and poured more chloroform on it. Then she walked towards Kim and placed it over her face. Kim relaxed and breathed deeply. Her ears started ringing after a few breaths. Her vision blurred and she blinked her eyes to try and focus. It was no use. Her eyes rolled closed and everything went dark. Mindy smiled as she held her now limp doll in her arms.

            Soon Kim’s clothes were off, and she left her on the outer room bed while she took both girls’ clothes to the laundry. Then she came back and cradle carried Kim into the other room and closed the second door. She laid Kim on the bed next to Allison. Then she stepped back and admired her new companions. She moved them around and played with them for a while, and then she handcuffed both girls’ hands behind their backs. Then Mindy went to her desk and logged on to her computer and called up Allison’s records.

            After about an hour, Kim woke up. She carefully looked around. Allison was still out, and Mindy was at her desk. Kim moved Allison’s leg with her own to try to wake her up. There was no response. God knows how much chloroform Mindy had given her she thought! Then Kim looked up and noticed Mindy was watching her.

            Mindy said “She’ll be awake in a few minutes, don’t worry.” Kim said “I wasn’t worried, but could you take off my handcuffs?” Mindy said “I’m going to put masks on both of you soon, while I make my rounds.” I can put yours on now and give you a little to get you sedated, and then you won’t need the cuffs.” Kim watched as Mindy filled the small glass with chloroform and placed the mask over her face. Then she poured about a third of the glass on the mask. As Mindy undid the cuffs and took them off Kim started to feel lightheaded.

            Mindy went back to the table and took out another mask. Then she filled a second small glass with chloroform. Kim watched in horror as Mindy refilled her glass to the top as well. She would now get an entire glass of chloroform on top of what she had already been given!  Kim already felt like she was more than just sedated. Her ears were ringing and she had to keep blinking her eyes to focus.  She knew she would pass out completely any minute. She took careful breaths and kept watching Allison. Soon Allison started to stir. Kim moved closer so she could warn her. By the time she got close enough to whisper a warning in her ear, Kim was nearly out. Her eyes fluttered rapidly.  She was so busy watching Allison that she didn’t realize Mindy was standing over her, with the now filled glass in her hand. Before she knew what was happening, Mindy poured the whole glass of fresh chloroform onto Kim’s mask. Startled, Kim turned to look at Mindy, but her face was out of focus. Kim collapsed on the bed instantly. She was only one or two breaths from passing out to start with, and that much fresh Chloroform overwhelmed her. She was gone before her head hit the bed.  

            Allison was now awake. Unfortunately, Kim was now deeply under and would be out for hours. Mindy strapped a mask on Allison and poured some chloroform on it. Her head swooned back and forth and her eyes rolled and closed once more. Now she too was out again.

            Mindy said out loud “Time to bait the trap!” Mindy went to the chest and took out a sheer black nightgown and a pair of high heeled pumps, as well as some thigh high stockings. She dressed Kim in these and laid her out on the bed. Then she got a red nightgown and some shoes and stockings for Allison. She took off her handcuffs and dressed her, and then she took off her mask. She put the mask down on the table and refilled her chloroform glass.

            Mindy had checked on Allison’s files. She was addicted to Rohypnol, and had not been able to get any in the prison. Mindy had a stash of the drug. Also Allison was known to like women. With Kim knocked out and dressed sexy as bait and the drug to hold over her, Allison would soon be begging to be chloroformed. Mindy could control her now. She knew that Allison couldn’t be tamed by struggle. She would have to go another way. Kim had been worried over nothing. Allison would be safe with Mindy too.

            Soon Allison was awake. Mindy said “You gave me a lot of trouble, but you are going to be a good girl now!” “Like Hell!” Allison said. Mindy said “How would you like a few minutes to play with your friend?” Allison looked over at the helpless and very hot looking Kim and said “What would I have to do? Have sex with you?” Mindy said “No, just let me put you under whenever I want.” Allison said “I don’t think so.” Then Mindy held up the drug Allison needed. Allison’s eyes widened. “Why do you want to put me under?” she asked. Mindy told her that she had a sleepy fetish and liked to put girls out and dress them, do their hair and make up, and things like that.

            Allison thought about it for a minute, and then asked “You won’t hurt me or violate me while I’m out?” Mindy said “Of course not. You will be treated like a precious little doll.” Allison said “That would be a first! The last time people put me under I woke up bound, and was tortured.” Mindy said “I can’t do that here, since once I let you go, you will have as much on me as I have on you.”

            OK said Allison, “What do you want me to do?” Mindy said that she had to go on her rounds in a few minutes, and that Allison would be put under like Kim while she was gone. After she got back Mindy would give her some of the drug she wanted, and let her play with Kim some more. Mindy put a mask on Allison’s face and poured some chloroform on it. She said “Go ahead and play with Kim until you pass out.”

            Allison crawled over next to Kim and lifted up her nightgown, and pulled it over her head. Then she started to play with Kim’s breasts. Then she bent down and slowly removed Kim’s high heels. She ran her hands back and forth over Kim’s stockings lovingly. As she went to turn Kim over, she started to lose her balance and fell onto the bed beside Kim. Her ears were ringing and her eyes blinked, but wouldn’t focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Mindy watched breathlessly as Allison passed out while playing with Kim’s limp body. She watched her eyes flutter and roll closed. Then she fell on top of Kim with her head landing on Kim’s chest. Then Mindy turned Allison over and laid her out beside Kim. After that, she went and got the chloroform glass and poured the rest of it on Allison’s mask. Then she left for her rounds.

            Kim was the first to wake up. She took off her mask and tried to wake Allison to warn her. It was no use. Allison’s mask was still wet and she was deeply under. Kim started to remove her mask but heard the outer door lock buzz and quickly put it back. Mindy was back.

            Mindy walked in smiling. She told Kim to remove Allison’s mask and let her wake up. About 5 minutes after the mask was removed, Allison started to wake up. Both girls were now sitting up on the bed in their nightgowns. Kim’s shoes were still off. Mindy said Kim would be going back to sleep soon, so that she and Allison could have some time alone. When Kim woke up she would get the reward Mindy promised her.

            Kim was disappointed that she wouldn’t see what was about to happen, and that she would not have a chance to talk to Allison. But there was nothing she could do. Mindy was soaking a white cloth with chloroform. She handed it to Allison and asked her to put Kim to sleep. Allison took the cloth and gently held it over Kim’s mouth and nose. Allison tingled all over as she watched Kim’s eyes start to flutter. Then suddenly Kim’s eyes rolled up and closed and her head slumped to the side. Mindy told her to keep the cloth on her for about a minute.

            Mindy watched as Allison held the cloth on Kim. She knew she was hooked now. She would do anything to be allowed to put Kim to sleep. When Kim was deeply under, Mindy handed Allison some of the drug she so desperately wanted. As she took it, Mindy made her promise that she would not resist the chloroform from now on. Allison said “Oh God! I’ll do anything you say if you will keep me supplied, and even more if I can put Kim under and play with her.”

            “Very well.” Mindy said, “You can play with Kim for a while now.” Allison pulled Kim’s nightgown completely off this time and began to fondle her all over. Then she settled in and played with Kim’s breasts. After about a half hour, Mindy told Allison that it was time for her to wear a mask. Allison sat willing as Mindy strapped a mask on her and poured some chloroform on it. Then she was told she could continue to play with Kim until she passed out.

            Within 2 minutes, Allison fell on the bed on top of Kim. Her head went limp and her eyes closed. Mindy pulled off her nightgown and started to play with her. Her breasts were awesome, and Mindy played with them for quite a while. Mindy decided that Allison would not be going back to her cell in the morning when Kim did. Allison would stay for the day as well, and she would bring Kim back again after lights out.

            Mindy poured a full glass of chloroform on Allison’s mask and settled her on the bed with her head on the pillow. Then she put her red nightgown back on her. She started to wake Kim up. Kim stirred after a few minutes and sat up. Mindy took off Kim’s stockings, and she was now naked.

            Mindy took Kim by the hand and led her to the secret room and opened the door. Once led inside, Kim could see it was a bath and spa room. There was a hot tub, a massage table, and lots of towels, washcloths, soaps, and body oils. She told Kim to lie face down on the massage table and relax. Mindy opened a cabinet and pulled out a heated sheet and placed it over Kim’s naked body.

            Kim felt warm and wonderful. Mindy was going to give her a massage. As Mindy lifted up the sheet, Kim felt a sting in her butt. She turned around and saw Mindy holding a needle. “This will relax your muscles and turn you into jelly in a few minutes.” Mindy said.

            Kim was limp and unable to move within seconds. All she could do was turn her head from side to side. Nothing else responded. Her eyesight was fuzzy, and she felt like she was floating. Her ears were dulled also. Everything sounded like she was under water. Mindy started to rub her all over. It felt wonderful. She was never so relaxed in her life. After a while, Mindy turned her over and massaged her front side. She stared at the ceiling, and felt like she was floating on air.

            Finally Mindy said it was time for her bath. Kim watched as she poured something into the tub and flipped a switch. The tub stared to bubble with lather, and Kim could see steam coming off the water. Kim came towards her with a small tank and a clear hose, with what looked like an oxygen mask attached to it. Mindy strapped the mask on her face and turned on the valve. She told Kim to relax and breathe normally.

             As Kim inhaled, she smelled something sweet, without the strong fumes of the chloroform. She quickly lost what little focus she had, and started to blink her eyes. Then she slipped into a delightful void. Mindy smiled as she watched Kim pass out within 10 seconds. She was already so far gone from the shot, that the gas was almost not needed. Mindy kept the gas on for about 5 minutes. Then she turned it off and removed the mask.

            Kim was really out now! Mindy lifted her off the table and placed her in the tub. She was a total rag doll. Just the way Mindy wanted her. Mindy bathed her and washed her hair. She floated her around in the tub and fondled her for about an hour. Then she rested her on the side of the tub and turned on the shower nearby. Mindy then lifted Kim out of the tub and held her under the shower, and rinsed her off. Then she placed her on the table and slowly dried her off. She then carried her out of the room, and sat her at the dressing table and dried her hair. Then she did her make up and lipstick.

            Mindy placed her in the stuffed chair and redressed her in the black nightgown, stockings, and high heeled shoes. She was still deeply under. Then Mindy checked on Allison. Her mask was still wet and she had not moved. Mindy got out the camera and took photos of both girls. After a while she put the camera away and waited for Kim to wake up.

            Kim woke up feeling very dreamy. The gas and the shot had her floating on air for a while. She felt her hair and then looked at herself in the mirror. Wow! Mindy had really done a job on her this time. Mindy said it was time for her to go get the girl’s clothes and that Kim would be taking a short nap. Kim sat in the chair still floating as Mindy soaked the cloth and put it over her face once more. She was out within 20 seconds.

            Mindy went and got the clothes, and then returned and redressed Kim in her prison clothes. As Kim slept in the chair, Mindy went over to Allison and removed her mask. When Kim woke up, she walked over to the bed. Allison was waking up. Mindy told Allison that she would take Kim back to her cell, but that she would be staying for the day. Mindy soaked a cloth with chloroform, and handed it to Kim. Kim gently placed it over Allison’s face and watched her eyes. First they fluttered and then they rolled and closed. Kim thought it was really cool as she saw Allison’s head slump limply to the side. She held the cloth on her for a minute or so.

            Mindy escorted Kim back to her cell. Then she returned and admired Allison’s sleeping body. She was off for the day. There would be no interruptions. When Allison woke up she would get a massage, bath, and make up. Just like Kim did. Then she would have the rest of the day to play with her newest doll! After lights out she would have Kim again too. Ah life was good!



                                                           Prison Guard Part 3


            When Kim got back to her cell, she was really groggy. Between the shot and the gas and all the chloroform, she could barely walk back from TU.  She stretched out on her bed and thought about the situation. Allison would no doubt be knocked out for most, if not all, of the day. She should be safe though. So far Mindy was harmless for all practical purposes. The girls were being treated better than they deserved, since they were in prison to start with. If she turned in Mindy, they would replace her with a guard that would most likely beat and abuse the women. She would think it over for now.



 When Mindy got back to her room, Allison was still out. Kim had held the cloth on her for quite a while after she was out. She was still dressed in the red nightgown with the thigh high stockings and high heeled pumps. Mindy couldn’t wait to have some uninterrupted time with her. She sat at her desk and used her computer, while she waited for Allison to wake up.


            After about half an hour, Allison opened her eyes. Her head was spinning and she was too weak to sit up. She looked around the room carefully. Kim was gone. Mindy was at the desk, using the computer. As her vision started to clear, Mindy noticed she was awake. Mindy told her to sit up and relax. She would give her some of her drug of choice in a minute.


            Allison sat up and started to get her balance. Mindy told her that Kim would be back after lights out, and that she would soon be treated to a massage and bubble bath. Allison found the whole thing hard to believe, but it was the first good thing to happen to her in a long time. She desperately needed her Rohypnol, and she didn’t mind all the knock outs as long as she wasn’t being abused.


            Rohypnol was the date rape drug. The people that forced Allison into prostitution gave it to her constantly. At first, one pill would make her totally uninhibited for about a half hour, and then she would pass out completely and wake up several hours later and remember nothing. Sometimes they would give her 2 pills. She would pass out in about 10 minutes and be out for 4 hours. She had no idea of what happened in that time and she hated it. Eventually she needed one pill every day or she would climb the walls. Then they would make her do things to get the pill. She had been in prison 6 months and still craved the drug. Mindy had given her one last night and it was heaven for her. She wondered if she could get Mindy to give her 2 today.


            Mindy approached her with a bottle of pills. She handed her one and a cup of water. Allison eagerly took it. Then she asked if she could have another. Mindy said she might give her another in a few minutes. After about 10 minutes, Allison was already feeling dreamy from the first pill. Mindy knew a second pill would knock her out completely, since she hadn’t had any for a while. She wanted to prolong the moment. She also wanted to see what Allison would do to get it.


            Allison wanted another pill. She would work on Mindy. Allison turned on to her side on the bed facing Mindy. She waved her legs in the air and slowly removed her high heeled pumps and then rubbed her stocking feet together. Then she rolled on her back and lifted her nightgown above her waist. Mindy smiled and handed her another pill. Allison swallowed it without water. Then she relaxed on the bed.


            Mindy watched Allison’s eyes. They were dreamy and glazed and blinking often. She got on the bed and started to fondle Allison’s breasts. Allison was awake but had no idea what was happening. Now Mindy could see why it was the perfect date rape drug! Mindy played with her for about 20 minutes. All of a sudden Allison got very still. Her eyes were rolling up into her head. They closed suddenly and Allison’s head turned limp to the side .Her raven black hair sprawled all over. Wow Mindy thought! This was even better than a chloroform mask, since she could see her entire face as she passed out.


            Mindy pulled off Allison’s nightgown and slowly removed her thigh high stockings. She threw them aside and stretched Allison’s limp body out on the bed. She fondled and worshiped her body for several hours. Then she left her there, out and naked while she went in the other room and set up for her bath and massage.


            When Mindy came back, Allison was still out. Mindy sat at her desk and did some work. She kept looking up at Allison’s delectable limp form as she worked. Mindy was in pure heaven! Allison finally woke up after several hours. Boy! Mindy thought, “Maybe I’ll give some of this stuff to Kim tonight.”


            When Allison woke up, she felt wonderful. A good sleep and a good dose of her badly needed drug. She would do anything Mindy asked now. Nothing mattered. She smiled at Mindy and said’


 “What would you like me to do now?”


            Mindy said it was time for her bath and massage. Mindy led her into the hidden room and asked her to lie face down on the massage table. She placed a warm sheet over her naked body. Allison waited in ecstasy. Mindy removed the sheet and took the needle out of the drawer.


“What’s that for?” Allison asked.


“It will relax your muscles and make you drowsy” Mindy said. Mindy stuck the needle in her butt and injected the contents.


“Is this going to knock me out?” Allison asked.


“No, not completely” Mindy said. “You’ll just be relaxed and floating for your massage.”


            Mindy was right. Within a few minutes Allison was floating on air. She couldn’t move anything but her head and neck and didn’t care either. She felt safe and wonderful. Mindy massaged her for about half an hour and then turned her over on her back. She stared at the ceiling, but it wouldn’t focus. Nothing would. She lay there helpless and perfectly happy as Mindy worked on her.


            When Mindy was finished, she went and got the sleeping gas cylinder. She strapped the mask on Allison’s face and turned on the gas. She told Allison to breathe normally and she would soon be asleep for her bath. Allison smiled as she inhaled the sweet fumes. Her ears started a dull ringing and she lost what little focus she had. She tried to blink her eyes to get them to focus, but it was no use. Within 10 seconds her eyes rolled closed and she was out. Mindy left the gas on as she prepared the bath. After about 10 minutes, she turned off the gas and removed the mask. Then she cradle carried Allison’s totally limp body to the tub and put her in the water.


            The bath and shampoo went on for about an hour and a half. Mindy soaped and fondled her doll over and over. She washed her hair 3 times. Then she lifted her out of the foamy tub and held her under the shower to rinse her off. After that, Mindy placed her back on the massage table and dried her off. She was still as limp as a rag doll. Mindy carried her in and placed her in the chair at the dressing table and started to dry her hair. Her hair was now shiny and gorgeous. Mindy then cradled her limp head and applied make up and lipstick. After that she placed her in the stuffed chair and took a string bikini out of the drawer and put it on her. The top was too small and her breasts overflowed. All for the better thought Mindy as she got out the camera. She started snapping picture after picture.


  Finally she noticed Allison was starting to move. A little too soon she thought. Mindy opened a can of chloroform and soaked a thick white washcloth. As soon as Allison’s eyes were fully open she placed it over her nose and mouth. Allison umpped for a second in surprise but Mindy told her to relax and go back to sleep. She inhaled deeply and her eyes were soon fluttering. Mindy watched in awe as Allison’s eyes rolled closed and her head went limp in her arms once again. She held the cloth on her for about a minute and then gently removed it. She untied and removed the bikini top. Then she sat Allison in the chair and took some topless pictures. Then she put her in several more different outfits and took pictures of her in each. She put the red nightgown, thigh high stockings and high heels on her as before and waited for her to wake up.


            When Allison woke up she was sitting in the stuffed chair and was back in her outfit that she started with. She felt her hair and it was dry and fluffy. Then she looked in the dressing table mirror and was shocked at how good she looked. Mindy smiled and asked her what she thought of the makeover. Allison smiled and said it was the best she had ever had.


            Mindy told her she would be going to get Kim soon. Allison asked if she would be allowed to put her to sleep and play with her. Mindy said,


 “Of course you can, but for each time you knock her out, I get to knock you out twice later on!”


Allison tingled all over at the thought of holding the cloth over Kim’s Barbie doll face, and watching her helplessly pass out. She told Mindy she would do anything she wanted her to. Mindy took her hand and walked her over to the bed. Then she got the chloroform and a cloth ready. Allison sat willing as Mindy soaked the cloth. She inhaled deeply with no resistance as Mindy held the cloth over her nose and mouth. After about 30 seconds her eyes were fluttering rapidly. Suddenly Allison went limp in Mindy’s arms. Mindy gently lowered her beautiful limp body on to the bed.


            Mindy smiled as she looked at Allison, helpless and unconscious on the bed in the red nightgown. She never dreamed this one would be tamed so easily. She had a plan now. Allison liked women and needed her drug. She also got hot putting women to sleep. Mindy would allow Allison to bring any girls she liked into the TU by staging fights with them. Then Mindy could knock out Allison and the new girl as much as she wanted. Even better she could watch Allison chloroform the new girl as well.


            Mindy’s computer made the sound of an incoming message. When Mindy went to check it she found out Kim had been transferred out of the prison. Now she would have to depend on Allison for all her fun and games tonight. She would keep her for tonight, and let her out in the morning so Allison could recruit another girl for the next day’s fun.


            Allison woke up after about half an hour and Mindy told her that Kim was gone, and of her plan. Allison eagerly agreed to Mindy’s terms, and would get some new girls. She already had her eye on several and couldn’t wait to make it happen! Mindy soaked the cloth and held it on Allison once more as she lay on the bed. She asked Allison to describe one of the girls as she went under. In a wavering voice with blinking eyes Allison mentioned a taller blonde a lot like Kim. She had blue eyes and was another Barbie doll type. When Mindy asked for her name Allison passed out before she could answer. Mindy was very excited hearing Allison struggle to stay awake and answer her questions. Then her voice trailed off as her eyes closed once more. Mindy pulled the cloth away. Allison woke up about 20 minutes later smiling and happy.


            Mindy soaked the cloth again and held it close to Allison’s face. She asked for more information about the girls she had her eye on. Allison’s voice was wavering as she spoke. Mindy held the cloth ever closer and watched her eyes start to flutter as well. Then she pulled the cloth away and kept her talking. Each time her voice began to sound normal, she moved the cloth closer to keep her in the wavering state. Allison described several girls. Then Mindy spoke to Allison softly,


“You will let me chloroform you anytime I want now.” Mindy asked.


            “Yes.” Allison struggled to say, about to pass out.


“And you will never resist?” Mindy asked.


“No.” promised Allison as her eyes fluttered rapidly.


            Allison held the cloth on her tightly and smiled. Allison inhaled deeply and went out almost instantly. Mindy held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds, so she could have a nice deep sleep after her half out teasing. Mindy just watched her sleep for a while.


            When Allison woke up   Mindy was on her computer. She got off the bed and walked over to Mindy’s desk and looked over her shoulder. At first there was nothing interesting there. Just routine prison stuff. Then Mindy called up the files of the girls Allison had her eye on. Allison was fascinated looking at their records. Mindy got up and let her play with the computer for a while. While Allison looked up all the girls’ records, Mindy prepared a cloth. She soaked it heavily and came up behind Allison. For some reason she wanted to chloroform her from behind while she was in the chair.


            Allison felt the wet cloth suddenly clamped over her face. She totally surrendered as promised and inhaled normally. Within 20 seconds she could feel her eyes fluttering again. The she inhaled deeper. She went out quickly and her head went delightfully limp in Mindy’s strong arms.


            Mindy smiled and held the cloth there for about 30 seconds. Then she got the camera and took some photos of Allison slumped unconscious in her desk chair. “Great pose!” Mindy thought. Then she let Allison wake up while still in the chair. It would be time for Mindy to go back on duty soon. When Allison woke up this time, Mindy told her she had to go back on duty. Allison would be taking a long nap now.


              Mindy decided that this time she would have Allison kneel on the bed, and put a mask on her and watch her slowly pass out. Allison did as she was told and held still while Mindy poured a small amount of chloroform on to the mask and strapped it over her nose and mouth. Allison posed and waved her legs around and removed her shoes. As she started to pull down one of her stockings she fell suddenly to the bed and laid there with her eyes fluttering. After a few seconds her eyes closed and her beautiful head went limp. She had been put under too many times and had no resistance at all.


            Mindy finished removing the stocking for her, and removed the other one as well. Then she posed Allison on the bed in just her nightgown. She filled the tiny glass with more chloroform and totally soaked her mask. She would be out for several hours now. Mindy covered her beautiful limp body with a small blanket and went on her rounds. As she worked, the thought of Allison out on her bed, in that hot red nightgown was giving her fits. She looked over each of the girls that Allison had picked out in their cells. Oh yes, this was going to work out just fine. She would miss Kim, but there were still others. And some looked like pretty cloth worthy others at that!


                                                             Prison Guard Part 4


                 Allison was sitting on the bed in her cell. It had been several days since Mindy brought her back. She felt dirty and grungy and badly needed her drug. She fought with a newcomer named Amber at dinner and they were both on report. Mindy would come for them soon.

                 Amber was a high end prostitute with little experience. Unlike Allison, Amber went into it by choice and was not forced. She was another Barbie doll type like Kim, only she was taller and had larger breasts. The silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes were the same though. She had a drug habit, and hooking was the only trade that would support it. She was caught in a sting operation and thrown into prison. There was no one to help her or bail her out.

                 Allison craved her drug, a bath and oh yes, a chance to play with Amber! She was used to Mindy’s chloroform and didn’t mind that part at all. She would have done far worse to get what she wanted. She wondered which one Mindy would knock out first. Oh well, that part didn’t matter. Once inside she would be in heaven compared to her cell.

                 Amber sat in her cell very worried. She knew she would be taken to TU soon and was terrified. She thought she would be beaten or worse. Mindy was approaching her cell. She waited helplessly as Mindy opened the door and dragged her out.

                 Mindy handcuffed one of her hands and walked her to Allison’s cell. Then she dragged Allison out and handcuffed the girls to each other and marched them to the TU. Both girls were tingling. Amber was shaking from fright and Allison was tingling with anticipation. Once inside, Mindy closed the outer door and made the girls sit on the bed. Then she removed Allison’s cuff and handcuffed Amber’s hands over the rail above the bed. The she took another pair of cuffs and did the same to Allison.

                 Allison knew what came next, but didn’t let on. Mindy went to the table and picked up a white square of cloth and soaked it with chloroform. Then she approached the girls. Amber watched in horror as the cloth was placed over Allison’s face. Allison tried to turn away and fight her off, but it was hopeless with her arms restrained over her head. Amber watched Allison’s eyes begin a rapid fluttering. Then they rolled closed and she went totally limp in Mindy’s arms. Mindy held the cloth on her for what seemed like forever, and then finally pulled it away, undid her handcuffs, and lowered her to the bed. Allison was totally out, as limp as a rag doll

                Amber sat shaking as Mindy poured more chloroform on the cloth and approached her. Mindy told her to relax and breathe normally. There was no way to avoid being put under and to go with it. As the cloth was applied to her face, Amber jumped and started pleading. She cried,

 “I’ll do whatever you want! Please don’t put me under like her!”

   Mindy held the cloth on her without mercy. Amber continued to plead. Soon her words were wavering and her eyes were beginning to flutter like Allison’s. Knowing she was about to pass out like Allison, Amber finally surrendered to the cloth and inhaled deeply. She was out in about 10 more seconds.

               As usual Mindy held the cloth on her for over a minute after she was out. Then she undid her cuffs and lowered her helpless limp body to the bed. Mindy stripped Allison first. Then she slowly undressed Amber. Her top came off first. Then her sneakers were slowly untied and removed. Finally she unzipped her shorts and slid them down her long silky legs. As she slowly removed Amber’s panties, Mindy discovered that Amber was not a real blonde. It was a disappointment, but a minor one.

               Once both girls were naked, Mindy took their clothes to the laundry. When she returned she threw Amber over her shoulder and carried her to the bed inside her room. She dropped her on the bed and went back for Allison. She cradle carried Allison in and placed her next to Amber. The girls were both breathtaking lying naked and unconscious on the bed. Mindy smiled and admired her newest addition. Allison was right! Amber was very cloth worthy indeed!

                Mindy put a black string bikini and a pair of high heeled leather pumps on Amber. Then she put a blue and even skimpier bikini on Allison. Allison was put in high heeled sandals. Then she handcuffed both girls’ hands behind their backs and went to work on her computer.

                Allison woke up first. Mindy smiled at her as they both looked over Amber in her outfit. Mindy said that Amber must never suspect that Allison was working with her. Allison told her not to worry. Mindy got up from her desk and went into the next room. Amber began to wake up. Allison smiled and said,

“Welcome back.”

              Amber asked Allison how long they were out. Allison said that she couldn’t tell, but it seemed like hours. Amber then asked Allison if she had ever been here before.

 “Oh yes!” Allison told her.

 “What will she do to us?” Amber asked.

 “Nothing if you keep letting her knock you out.” Allison replied. “She gets off putting us to sleep and using us like Barbie dolls. She will put you in different outfits and wash your hair and make you up just like a doll while you are out.” Allison told her.

             “You mean that’s it?” Amber asked. “No beatings or sex?”

 “No, as long as you go along and don’t tell anyone, that’s all that will happen to you.” Allison said.

“I guess it could be worse, but it sounds pretty sick though.” Amber said.

 Allison told her to just take deep breaths when the cloth was put over her face and not make any waves. She also told Amber that the time in here would pass quickly, since she would be asleep for most of it anyway. The day guards would hold you down and beat and rape you though!

             Mindy was back. She opened a drawer and took out 2 dust masks. Then she filled 2 small glasses with chloroform. She put Amber’s mask on first. Then she poured a tiny amount of chloroform on it. Then she did the same for Allison. Once the girl’s were drowsy, Mindy removed their handcuffs.

             Amber felt dizzy and her ears were ringing. Her eyes wouldn’t focus either. She could hear Mindy’s voice. She said that she would be going on her rounds now. Amber fell on the bed on her side. Mindy was approaching her with the glass of chloroform. Then Amber saw Allison fall on the bed as well. Mindy poured the entire glass of chloroform onto Amber’s mask. Amber heard Mindy say,

 “Sweet dreams!”

 That’s the last thing Amber remembered.

              Allison was on the verge of passing out. Mindy told her that she would be waking up first and to watch over Amber until she got back. The Mindy poured about half the glass of chloroform onto Allison’s mask. Mindy said,

“Sweet dreams,” once again but Allison was already out and didn’t hear her.

             Two hours later, Allison woke up. She removed her dry mask and put it on the bed.  Amber was still deeply under and her mask was still slightly wet. Allison untied her top and played with her breasts. They were awesome she thought. Then she untied one side of Amber’s bottom and pulled it away. She played with Amber down there for awhile. Then she tied her strings back together and waited for her to wake up.

             Twenty minutes later Amber woke up. Allison took her mask off for her. She smiled and thanked Allison and asked where Mindy was. Allison told her she was on rounds and would not be back for a while. Amber told Allison that she was strung out and needed heroin. Allison said that there was none of that around. Then Allison had an idea! She went to Mindy’s desk and took out the bottle of Rohypnol. She gave Amber one and told her it would ease her suffering.

              Amber was willing to try anything and took the pill without even asking what it was. After about fifteen minutes she admitted that she felt much better. She slipped into a void that was hard to describe. Suddenly Allison was kissing and hugging her. She was kissing back and was very affectionate towards Allison, even though she was not into women.

              Allison knew Amber was gone now, and gently slipped off one of her shoes. Then Amber held her other leg up so she could remove the other one as well. Allison untied both of Amber’s top strings next, and her bikini top part fell on the bed. Allison kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. Then Allison untied the strings on both sides of Amber’s bottom. It slipped off easily and Amber was now naked. Allison tossed Amber’s top, bottom, and both shoes on the floor.

               Suddenly Amber’s eyes gave a glazed look and she fell to the bed on her back. She was still awake, but had no idea what was going on. Allison put her head on the pillow and made her comfortable. Then Allison opened a can of chloroform and soaked a washcloth that was nearby. She held the soaked cloth over Amber’s nose and mouth and told her to relax and breathe normally. Amber complied and was out in a few seconds. She was about to pass out from the pill anyway. Allison held the cloth there for over a minute.

               Amber was really out now just the way Allison wanted her! She wouldn’t remember anything either. Allison could give her the pill over and over again now. Allison slowly removed her own sandals. Then she untied her top and tossed it on the floor. Then she untied her bottom and tossed it there as well. She placed her nude body against Amber’s and had her way with her limp form for over an hour. Soon, Amber started to wake up. Allison re- soaked the cloth and held it on Amber again. Amber smiled and inhaled willingly. She went out within 30 seconds. Allison held it there for about a minute after she was out.

               Allison got the bottle of Rohypnol and took 2 pills herself. Then she made love to Amber’s limp body until she passed out about 20 minutes later. Her delectable nude body fell on top of Amber’s and the girls were embraced like lovers.

               Mindy was in another office on the other side of the prison. She had watched the entire time on a video monitor and was very impressed with Allison’s creativity. There was also a tape running to preserve the delightful scene. Oh yes, Allison was going to work out just fine. Her sentence still had 5 years to go. Mindy finished her work quickly so she could get back to her dolls. They would both need baths, and time was of the essence!

               When Mindy returned both girls were still out and embraced. Mindy pulled them apart and re-dressed them. Then she placed them side by side on the bed and waited for them to wake up. Amber woke up first. Mindy told her she would be getting a massage and a bath soon. Then Allison woke up about 20 minutes later.

               Allison woke up feeling great, but only remembered part of her fun with Amber. Amber remembered nothing after taking the pill, except that she felt the best she had in a long time. Her fears of Mindy were gone, but she was still uneasy about being put to sleep. She just didn’t like it. There was no control or memory of what happened. Being a prostitute she was wary of such things.

               Mindy was soaking a white cloth with chloroform. She handed it to Allison and ordered her to put Amber to sleep. Allison held the cloth on Amber and watched her eyes. Amber wasn’t thrilled, but for some reason she didn’t mind it as much when Allison held the cloth. Soon her eyes were in rapid flutter. Then she went out suddenly and fell to the bed. Allison followed and held the cloth fast. After about 10 seconds Mindy told her to take it away.

               Mindy poured some chloroform into a dust mask and strapped it on Allison. Then she told Allison to strip Amber for her bath. Allison removed Amber’s shoes first. She held one of Amber’s long silky legs and stroked it for a few seconds. Then she untied her bottom strings and slipped off her bottom. As she lifted Amber up to remove her top, her eyes were starting to flutter. She quickly untied the bow behind Amber’s neck and Amber’s boobs fell out. Allison tried to find the bow behind Amber’s back but never made it. She fell limp suddenly and Amber’s limp body fell over on top of her.

               Mindy smiled as she separated the girls. Then she totally soaked Allison’s mask with chloroform, and made her comfortable on the bed. Mindy finished removing Amber’s top and threw her over her shoulder and carried her to the spa room and laid her on her back on the massage table

              Amber woke up on the table and towels were wrapped around her in a way that she could not move. Then a long towel that was folded to about 4 inches wide was wrapped around her face over her nose and mouth. It was wrapped around her and the table twice and folded under. Amber could not move her head now. The towel was hot, wet, and had an herbal scent. Mindy started to massage her. It felt wonderful.

              Mindy opened a bottle of chloroform and poured it on the area of the towel that was over Amber’s face. Amber could not move at all. She helplessly inhaled the potent chloroform along with the herbal towel scent. Her ears were ringing and her vision blurred within a few seconds. She heard Mindy’s voice in the background. She said,

“It’s time for your bath now.”

 Suddenly everything went blank as Amber’s baby blue eyes rolled closed. Mindy left the face towel on her for several minutes as she prepared the bath. Then she took the towel from around her and carried the very limp Amber to the tub and put her in.

             The bath took about half an hour. She washed her hair twice. Then she removed her from the tub and placed her on the table and dried her off. As she was drying her, Amber began to wake up. Mindy got a sleeping gas cylinder and lifted Amber’s sleepy head off the table. She said softly,

“I have something for you to wear.”

             Amber relaxed as the mask was strapped over her face. Amber breathed normally and found the aroma pleasant. Suddenly her eyes rolled closed once again and her silky blonde head turned limp to the side. Mindy left the gas on as she dried her. Then she shaved her legs and gave her a pedicure. When that was done, Mindy turned off the gas and removed the mask.

             Amber was cradle carried to the make up chair next. Her hair was dried and her face was given make up and lipstick. As Mindy held her totally limp head in her hands, she could not believe how beautiful she looked. She dressed her in a red sheer nightgown and sat her in the chair. Then the photo shoot began. Several different nightgowns, several swim suits, topless pictures, and the then full nudes. Then she put her back in the black bikini and high heels.

             Amber woke up and saw herself in the mirror. Her grungy hair was now shining. Her white face was now made up. Her lips had color. Then she noticed her legs were silky and smooth. She slipped off one of her shoes and saw bright shiny red toe nails. Wow! Allison wasn’t kidding. She really did dress her up like a living doll. Her drug withdrawal symptoms were non existent. But something was wrong! She felt really drowsy all of a sudden. She tried to put her shoe the rest of the way back on, but it fell completely off.  She couldn’t hold her head up any longer, so she rested it against the back of the chair. Suddenly everything went blank again.

            Mindy smiled as she watched her pass out. She had given her an injection after she had taken the pictures. Amber would sleep for about 3 hours now. It would take at least that long to give Allison the same beauty treatment. Allison was awake now. Mindy prepared the cloth. Allison smiled as the cloth was applied, and inhaled deeply. She couldn’t wait to see herself in the mirror afterwards. She passed out while looking at Amber’s closed eyes and beautiful limp body dressed in her tiny black bikini. Talk about sweet dreams!


                                                           Prison Guard Part 5

             Allison and Amber felt dreamy, clean, and wonderful as they were taken back to their cells. Once locked inside, both awaited the breakfast call. Meanwhile Dawn had watched the pair of girls come back from so called “discipline” and they looked too clean and neat to have had much of that! Dawn was jealous by nature and wanted in on whatever was going on here.

             Dawn was 35 years old and very attractive. She was about 5 feet 5 with long shiny brown hair and average sized breasts. Her legs were her major asset and she looked hot in her prison shorts and sneakers with bare legs. Dawn was in for murder and was a tough customer. She had killed her husband and his girlfriend and was in for life. Everybody in the prison referred to her as the shrew from hell!

             The bell rang and the women were allowed to walk to the dining room for breakfast. Dawn knew Allison was no soft touch, so she focused on “Barbie doll” Amber to see what she could find out. Amber knew better than to talk, and would not tell her anything. Then Allison told Dawn to leave Amber alone.

             The fight was on. Dawn threw a punch at Amber that flung her against the wall. Allison went after Dawn and knocked her to the floor. Amber had gotten up and joined in on the attack. This time Amber really got a heavy blow from Dawn and fell on the floor with blood coming out of her mouth. By now 2 guards were all over them swinging clubs. Once the 3 women prisoners were subdued, the guards took Dawn and Allison to the discipline unit and Amber has sent to the hospital ward to be checked by the nurse there.

             Allison was scared to death. They were not being taken by Mindy now! They were on their way to the brutal day guard Curt. He was referred to as “the brute” by the women, and stories of beatings and rape abounded about him. There wasn’t going to be any day of beauty this time! Allison asked if she could see Mindy and was horrified when she was told that Mindy was on leave for 2 days.

             The 2 women guards Emma and Donna brought the girls to Curt and dragged them inside. They left the girls with Curt, and as they closed the huge door Emma said that they would be back later to check on things. Allison and Dawn didn’t like the sound of that! These women guards were both middle aged gym teacher types and were known for having their way with women inmates.

             Bleeding and disoriented, Amber was now on an examination table with a heavyset middle aged nurse looking her over. Nurse Marge was not feared and was usually good to the prisoners. She gently wiped the blood from Amber’s face and gave her some ice to hold there. Then she went to her computer and called up Amber’s records. Amber was an addict! This would be her lucky day!

             Marge could see the withdrawal signs on Amber, and asked her when she had her last fix. I had been nearly 2 months. The rohypnol and chloroform had helped a lot, but had mostly worn off. Marge told her that she could give her something to ease her suffering. By now Amber was ready for anything and told her to go ahead.

             The nurse pulled out a black mask attached to a thick black hose. As she strapped the mask over Amber’s nose and mouth she told her to lie on her back and breathe normally.

 “Will this put me to sleep?” Amber asked.

 “Yes for a little while.” Marge told her.

  Amber inhaled the sweet smelling gas and felt dizzy almost immediately. She continued to inhale and her ears started to make that familiar ringing sound that she had felt as she was going under from the chloroform. Suddenly Amber’s lights went out as her eyes fluttered rapidly for a few seconds and tightly closed. Then her pretty blonde head slumped to the side.

              Marge left the mask on and the gas running as she slowly untied and unlaced Amber’s sneakers. When they were very loose, she slowly eased them off and noticed the pedicure. She knew Mindy had been there recently and smiled. Then she pulled Amber’s shorts down and off. By this time the gas had been running for several minutes and Amber was deeply under. Marge turned off the gas and removed her mask.

              Amber looked breathtaking with her eyes closed and her mouth half open! Marge lifted her limp body up and pulled off her sweatshirt. Now Amber was in just her panties. Marge slowly removed those as well and tossed them aside with the rest of her clothing. Then she stepped back to admire her new companion. Oh yes, she was very special indeed!  

              Marge turned over Amber’s limp and beautiful body and prepared a syringe. She injected her with some heroin. Then she moved her all around and fondled and explored her all over. Soon Amber started to make a sound from her mouth. Quickly Marge strapped the mask back on her and turned on the gas. Amber’s eyes never opened. She was soon deeply under again. Marge continued to play with her and took some pictures. She left the mask on and the gas running this time.

              Finally Marge turned off the gas again and removed the mask and carefully redressed very limp Amber. Once she was dressed, she let her lie on the table and sleep it off. Even in her prison outfit, she looked very hot!

              Curt was ready for some fresh meat! He didn’t actually beat and rape the women. He let the myth perpetuate though, so he would look tough to the prison system. He would mostly bind the girls and render them helpless for Emma and Donna. They would strip and play with the girls, and he was allowed to watch and shoot videos as well as still pictures. He also made the girls perform in videos for his own amusement

              Allison and Dawn were just his type, and even better they were brought in for fighting. He had his own special punishment for that! He would have to wait until Emma and Donna were done to apply it though. He didn’t mind. He had nothing but time!

              As soon as the door closed Curt put Allison and Dawn in handcuffs. Then he made them lie on their backs on side by side tables with restraints. First he attached ankle restraints to both of them and then he attached neck rings. Then he removed their handcuffs and attached their wrists to restraints as well.

              Curt told the helpless women that fighting was a serious offense and that they would be punished severely. Allison was shaking in fear. She was sure he would rape them and there would be nothing they could do about it. Dawn was scared too, but didn’t let on. Then Curt told them that if they behaved they would not be beaten or raped. The women were surprised to hear that, but it was little consolation not knowing what their behaving would actually involve. They would soon find out.

             The door lock buzzed and Emma and Donna were back. They walked over to the strapped down women and smiled. Then Donna picked up a white cloth and folded it into a square. As she did that Emma pulled the stopper out of a large brown bottle and started pouring the liquid on the cloth. Allison watched in horror, knowing it was chloroform! Dawn also lay helpless as the stream of liquid traveled through the air for a few inches before it splattered into the waiting cloth and soaked it. The stream continued to rush from the bottle until the cloth was so soaked that the excess liquid was starting to drip on the floor.

            Finally Emma stopped pouring and put the stopper back in the bottle. Then Donna held the wet cloth over Dawn’s nose and mouth. Dawn tried to turn her head away but the neck ring had no give at all. Her arms and legs were totally useless as well. She tried to hold her breath but Emma pushed down on her stomach knocking all the wind out of her. She had to inhale now and was dizzy almost immediately. There was so much fresh and potent chloroform on the cloth that it was hopeless. Dawn’s eyes fluttered and closed in less than a minute.

            Allison watched helplessly as Donna continued to hold the cloth on Dawn for another full minute. Then she finally pulled it away and turned in Allison’s direction. Allison knew she was next and resistance was futile. Donna held the cloth on her and told her to relax since they were just going to put her to sleep for a while. Allison breathed normally and went out in about 30 seconds. Donna left the cloth on her for over a minute as well. Then she pulled it away and stepped back to admire the sleeping prisoners. Allison’s mouth was half open and Dawn’s was nearly all the way open.

            Donna quickly undid Dawn’s restraints and started to strip her. Emma watched her for a minute and then started to do the same to Allison. Within 2 minutes both women were naked and limp on the tables. Now the guards took their turns playing with them. They moved them into various positions and explored them everywhere.

            Curt watched the entire process through the camera viewfinder with one eye closed. He was a little disappointed that Allison didn’t try to struggle while being chloroformed, but he couldn’t have everything!  He would have his turn later and she would struggle like a wildcat. He would see to that. After nearly an hour, Donna and Emma redressed Allison and Dawn and left. Curt didn’t bother to restrain them this time.

            Allison woke up first about 20 minutes later and was surprised that she was still dressed and wasn’t restrained in any way. Still lightheaded from the chloroform, she looked over at Dawn. Dawn finally started to stir a few minutes later. She too sat up surprised to be dressed and not bound. Then Curt gave them an evil smile. He pointed to a large mat on the floor and told the women that they would wrestle for him.

            When both women were on their knees on the mat, Curt opened the bottle of chloroform and soaked the cloth. Then he put it on the mat between the women. Then he gave them the rules. One of them had to win by putting the other under. The loser would be locked in a dark closet for a while. The winner would get a reward. Curt knew the women were both the same size and were pretty evenly matched. He started the camera and told them to go to it!

            They were matched size wise alright, but Allison was much more used to the chloroform. Rather than go for the cloth, she concentrated on pinning Dawn down. The women rolled over and were all over the mat. Dawn fought dirty, kicking and scratching. Allison pulled off Dawn’s right sneaker as soon as she could reach it. While she did that, Dawn grabbed the soaked cloth and tried to put it over Allison’s nose. Allison rolled over and punched Dawn in the gut. Dawn suddenly froze and was out of breath. Allison easily took the cloth away from Dawn and held it over her nose and mouth tightly.

             Dawn hissed and struggled like a coiled up snake. That was her mistake. She fought too hard and used up all her air. Dawn soon started to falter. Allison held the cloth on her with her right hand and pulled Dawn’s other sneaker off with her left hand. Dawn’s kicks had no effect now as she started to go limp in Allison’s arms.

              Dawn was out after about 20 more seconds and Allison held the cloth on her. Then she saw Curt standing over her with what looked like a stun gun. “Now you get your reward!” said Curt as he held it up to her neck and pulled the trigger. Allison instantly felt a sting in her neck right after she heard a strange chirp sound followed by a burst of air. She opened her mouth to complain but no words ever came. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell limp as a rag doll onto the mat next to Dawn.

              Curt smiled as she fell and looked at the setting on his injection gun. It was set for 30 minutes. She would be out for more like 45 minutes though, as the times were based on a 200 pound man. Then he handcuffed Dawn’s hands behind her back and placed her in a tiny closet. It was not big enough to lie down in, and not tall enough to stand up in. She would be miserable when she woke up. There was no light either and it was very hot in there as well.

             After he locked the closet, he lifted Allison’s limp body off the mat and carried her over his shoulder to a bed. He carefully put her down on her back and let her sleep. He removed her sneakers and put them next to Dawn’s on the mat. Curt pulled up Allison’s sweatshirt and played with her awesome breasts for a while. Then he heard a noise from the closet.

             He wandered over there and could hear Dawn cursing. He laughed to himself as he listened to her struggle for a while and then he went back to Allison. She was starting to wake up now. He smiled and told her that she would be doing a movie scene for him now. He went to the tripod and started the camera. Then he told her to try to escape.

             Allison didn’t bother going for her shoes. She went straight for the door. She didn’t have a card, but tried to force the door open anyway. As she struggled with the door, Curt was soaking the cloth with chloroform. Allison watched in horror as he put more on it than she had ever seen. Then he came at her. She ran from the door, but there just wasn’t anywhere to go.

             Curt caught her from behind and clamped the cloth tightly over her nose and mouth. She fought hard and long. It didn’t matter. She started to falter after about a minute and was totally out in another 20 seconds. He held the cloth on her for another 30 seconds and then let her fall to the floor limp. Then he bent over and stripped her to just her panties.

             Curt got the injection gun and headed for the closet where Dawn was still thrashing around. He opened the door and let her get part way out. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and her shoes were off so she wasn’t much of a threat.

             As Dawn’s eyes adjusted to the bright light she could see Allison limp on the floor in just her panties. Then Curt held something up to her neck.

             “It’s about time for you two to kiss and make up!” he said.

              Then he pulled the trigger. Dawn heard the chirp and the burst of air just before she fell limp on the floor. Curt removed the handcuffs and stripped her to just her panties as well. Then he moved some panels in the closet and put in a mattress. The 2 limp women were placed in opposite directions on their backs on the mattress and the door was closed again

            Curt turned a knob to make the closet very cold. When the women woke up, they would have to cuddle to stay warm. A dim light was left on so Curt’s hidden camera could record the action when they woke up. Curt was all smiles as he watched his monitor waiting for them to wake up. He would have them wrestle to remove each other’s panties next. He wouldn’t let them out until they were both naked and made love to each other for his entertainment. Ah life was good

            When Amber finally woke up she felt wonderful. She was a little dizzy from the gas, but her drug symptoms were gone. She asked Nurse Marge what she had given her. Marge said,

            “I put you to sleep and fixed whatever was wrong with you. If you feel the need again, tell them you’re sick and have them bring you here and I will do it again.”

            Amber thanked her and slid off the table. A guard was called and escorted her back to her cell. Marge smiled as she watched Amber leave. She knew she would be back very soon! She couldn’t wait. Next time she would put her out for many hours!























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                                               Halloween with the Prowlers


            Jennifer Prowler was excited. She and her husband Rob were going to a Halloween costume ball at a luxury hotel in the city. Rob had reserved a honeymoon suite at the hotel nearly a year in advance. Rob would dress up as Count Dracula. Jen would go as Batgirl. That was just for openers though. The real plan was to evaluate the contestants for the Wonder Woman contest that was a major part of the event.


            The Prowlers would be selecting their own private winner of course. Once they decided which contestant best fulfilled their fantasies, they would offer her a drink, drug her, and carry her off to their suite. Her grand prize would be an evening of bondage and chloroforming in their private love nest upstairs!


            Jennifer was on the bed looking over her Batgirl costume that had just arrived. It was shiny purple like the one from the sixties TV show. There was a black cloth mask that went under the cowl. There were gloves as well. It would be slightly tight on her, but that would not be a problem.


            Jen couldn’t wait. She had to try it on now. She quickly stripped to just her tiny bikini panties. Then she went into one of her bureau drawers and pulled out a brand new pair of sheer purple pantyhose. Jen pulled the hose on carefully and went into the closet and selected a pair of high heeled black leather boots.


            Once Jen was in the pantyhose, she pulled the costume over her legs. The costume ended mid calf, but the pantyhose took over nicely from there and the boots would cover everything below her knees anyway. She put her arms into the sleeves and pulled the rest over her shoulders. She didn’t bother with a bra for now. She liked the feel of the spandex costume against her bare breasts anyway.


            Jennifer reached behind her waist and pulled up the zipper. It went from behind her butt to behind her neck. Once she was zipped up, she looked in the mirror. The costume fit her like skin. Rob would love it! She slipped on her boots next and zipped them both up. The mask slipped over her face easily and the cowl went over that nicely. She looked in the full length mirror on the closet door. Wow! She looked ready to go on TV!


            Rob would be home any minute. Jennifer wanted to surprise him. She knew he would want to handcuff or bind her hands behind her back! He would chloroform her first though. That gave her the shivers just thinking about it. “Imagine being knocked out and tied up in this outfit!” Jen fantasized to herself. Then she had an idea.


            She would chloroform herself with her hands cuffed behind her back and be knocked out on the bed in the costume for Rob to find her when he came home. The handcuffs were the easy part. If she left the gloves to the costume off, she could easily put the cuffs on herself. How could she chloroform herself without overdosing though? She looked around the room quickly. Rob would be there any time now.


            There was a picture hanging on the wall over the headboard of the bed. That was the way she would do it. Jen soaked a washcloth with chloroform. Then she placed the top edge of the cloth between the picture and the wall to hold it. Now she climbed up onto the bed, and snapped a handcuff on one wrist. Then she put her hands behind her back and slipped on the other cuff.


            Jennifer stood facing the picture and inhaling the cloth now, with her knees slightly bent to brace her fall. She inhaled deeply and deliberately. She soon felt dizzy. Then she had trouble focusing her eyes. She kept inhaling and stood as long as she could. After about a minute she suddenly passed out. Her beautiful, limp, and costume clad body fell neatly onto the bed on its side. Rob’s surprise welcome home present was now gift wrapped and delivered!


            When Rob entered the house a few minutes later, he called Jennifer’s name. There was no answer. He went into the bedroom. The sight left him breathless! There she was, Batgirl! Unconscious and handcuffed on the bed in full costume! Rob smelled the chloroform, but he could not find the cloth at first. “How did she do it?” he wondered. Then he saw the cloth behind the picture and put it all together.


            Jennifer awoke to Rob’s smiling face. He kissed her and thanked her for the performance. Then he pulled the cloth out from behind the picture. It was dry so he re-soaked it heavily. Jennifer had butterflies in her stomach as she watched him put so much new chloroform on the cloth. As he approached her she said “Hey it’s not fair with my hands cuffed behind my back! I won’t be able to resist much.”


            Rob didn’t care about that now. He wanted to explore her further. He held the cloth on his helpless wife. Jen went under quickly and deeply. Her eyes fluttered and closed in less than a minute. Watching her eyes flutter and close through the holes in the mask was erotic to say the least. Rob finally pulled away the cloth and put it down.


            Where to start? He decided to slowly unzip and remove her boots first. Her purple colored stocking feet and legs looked awesome without the boots. He massaged her feet and enjoyed her legs for a while. Then he pulled her up into a sitting position on the bed and found her zipper. First the handcuffs had to be removed. Then he slowly pulled the costume zipper all the way down. The totally unzipped costume slipped off her small shoulders easily, and he could finally see that she was braless. The costume came off her arms easily since she had never put on the gloves.


            Rob played with her topless with the mask and cowl still on. When Jen woke up about an hour later, Rob pulled the cowl and mask off of her and kissed her again. Jennifer smiled and removed the costume and pantyhose. Later they went to bed for more fun and games. Tomorrow was the big day!


            Throughout the 2 hour drive into the city, the Prowlers both daydreamed of the night to come. Finally they pulled up to the hotel and checked in. Once inside the suite, they made preparations. In the suitcases were their costumes, bondage supplies, several cameras, chloroform, cloths, a dust mask, and rohypnol tablets for the lucky winner’s drink.


            As they rode the elevator down to the party, Jen looked in awe at her handsome husband. With the black wig on, he made a perfect Count Dracula. Jennifer was in the full Batgirl costume now, including the gloves this time.


            There were over a hundred at the party and all were in costume. There were 2 open bars. These factors would make it easy when the time came. Rob and Jen mingled, enjoyed the food and drinks, and above all looked around. Over a dozen girls were dressed as Wonder Woman. None of them wore face masks and all were very beautiful. Each had a slightly different look since some emulated the comic books and others favored the 70’s TV show.


            In about half an hour, they both agreed on the same girl. She could have been Lynda Carter’s daughter! She had beautiful long dark hair and a perfect likeness in the face and deep blue eyes. Her figure and legs fit the bill nicely too. The best part was the costume though. Her tights were really satin! The lasso was real, and actually came off the belt and could be used. The belt was real and came off too. Most costumes had an attached fake lasso and “built in” non removable belt, and were very fake looking.


            Jennifer started talking to her right away. Her name was Cindy, and she was 22 years old. That didn’t matter. Tonight she was Wonder Woman as far as they were concerned. Rob came along and offered her a drink. The three of them sat at a small round table and Jen slipped 2 roofies into Wonder Woman’s drink while Rob distracted her with his bedroom eyes and ever so romantic Count Dracula persona.


            Wonder Woman was obviously attracted to Rob in his costume, and this made Jennifer hot instead of jealous. Soon Wonder Woman had consumed more than half of her drink and she was looking into Rob’s eyes lovingly. Rob put his arm around her and pulled her close. Wonder Woman soon melted in his arms, and her sleepy and dreamy head fell onto his strong shoulder. The scent of her hair and the feel on her tiara against his cheek were beyond his original fantasies!  It was time now. Rob kissed her gently and said “Why don’t you come with us now?”


            Wonder Woman was mesmerized from both the drug and Rob’s romantic overtures. She stood up and clung to Rob for support as the 3 of them headed for the elevator. Once the doors to the elevator closed, Jennifer took Wonder Woman’s lasso off her belt and put it around her. Then Jen said in an excited voice “You are our prisoner now Wonder Woman and will be under our power!” Jennifer had remembered from the TV show that the lasso not only made the one it encircled tell the truth, it also made them helpless to escape as well.


            There was no response to the contrary anyway. Rob was now holding the nearly limp Wonder Woman up. Her eyes were glazed and she was about to pass out completely. The elevator quickly reached their floor and the doors opened. Jen peeked outside to see if the coast was clear. All the guests were at the party and the hallway was deserted.


            Rob lifted Wonder Woman into cradle carry position and carried her to the room. Her head was hanging totally limp now. She was out like a light. Jennifer opened the door and held it open for Rob and their delightfully limp captive. Then she put all 3 of the security locks on the door as Rob laid the unconscious beauty on the king sized bed.


            Both Rob and Jen were excited beyond all bounds. They moved her around on the bed and studied her carefully. Rob unzipped one of her boots and slipped it off. The feel of the satin tights was like nothing he’d ever felt before. He slipped off the other boot and they both played with her legs and feet for a while.


            Jennifer played with Wonder Woman’s hair now. It was baby soft and had an awesome shine to it. Jen removed her Batgirl gloves and felt Wonder Woman’s hair and the tights again. Acting out this scenario was even sweeter than she had fantasized. They each took a camera and shot pictures of their unconscious captive from every angle with her boots off first and then with her boots put back on. Then they bound her in various ways and took even more pictures


            After about 3 hours Cindy suddenly awoke on a strange bed. Her head was fuzzy like she was in a dream. Count Dracula and Batgirl from the party were standing over her. Batgirl was holding the magic belt from her costume in her right hand. The golden lasso from the costume was around her. Dracula was pouring something from a brown bottle onto a small white cloth.


            Batgirl spoke now. “I have removed your belt and you are now powerless Wonder Woman!”


 “Oh no, this has to be a really bad dream!” Cindy thought. Then Cindy said “Are you two crazy or something? You do realize that it’s only a costume right?”


 Count Dracula replied “Of course Wonder Woman, but this chloroform is real and it will keep you unconscious!”  With that said, he held the cloth over her nose and mouth.


            Cindy suddenly felt sheer terror and started to thrash around to get away from the cloth. It was no use though. She was still sedated from the drink they had given her and both of them were holding her down now. Both Rob and Jen watched Wonder Woman’s eyes carefully waiting for what was to come. They were fluttering at last! Those beautiful baby blue eyes in helpless rapid flutter. That was the ultimate. Suddenly they closed and Wonder Woman was limp in their arms once again.


            Jennifer chuckled. Then she said sarcastically “I suppose you’re also going to tell her to sleep peacefully now?” Rob smiled and said that he had always liked that “Will this chloroform keep you unconscious?” line and could not resist using at least a variation of it. In fact, this Wonder Woman was sleeping peacefully, and would be doing that a lot tonight!


            They gradually started stripping the costume off of her. When she was down to just her tights and underwear she started to wake up. This time Jen soaked the cloth as Rob held the nearly naked Wonder Woman down. She went back under quickly as Jen held the cloth on her gently but firmly. Then they stripped her completely and played with her limp naked body. As beautiful as her naked body was, it just wasn’t the same without the costume.


            They slowly re-dressed Wonder Woman and left her on the bed. Then the couple hid in the bathroom and waited for her to wake up. After about half an hour, Wonder Woman was up off the bed and heading for the door. Rob had the cloth ready. Before Wonder Woman could get the first of the 3 locks open, Rob had the cloth clamped over her nose and mouth.


            Jennifer watched in ecstasy, camera in hand, as Rob put her under by brute force. Wonder Woman fought hard this time, kicking her legs in the air and fighting for her life. She lasted nearly 2 minutes before finally collapsing in Rob’s strong arms. They would both cherish that video forever.


            Rob threw the now limp Wonder Woman over his shoulder and tossed her on the bed. They each unzipped and removed one of her boots. Then they got on the bed and played with both their beautiful limp captive and each other. Jen was hotter than ever now. Rob knew it was time. He got up and heavily soaked the cloth with chloroform.


            Jennifer asked “Why are you doing that? She’s already out!”


 Then he replied “This cloth is for Batgirl.”


 Rob jumped on top of her on the bed and struggled to get the cloth in place over her nose and mouth. Jen fought hard. He knew she would. That’s what made it so sweet! Batgirl would have to be at least as tough as Wonder Woman! Finally Batgirl’s eyes could be seen fluttering through the holes in her mask. Rob watched in awe as she too passed out in his strong arms. He held the cloth there for a few extra seconds. Then he held the cloth on Wonder Woman a little longer.


            Rob kept them both out for the rest of the evening. It was hard for him to even imagine that he now had Wonder Woman and Batgirl both helpless to his every whim. He stripped them both and switched the costumes. Then he took some pictures. These he would keep secret from his wife. Then he carefully put the women back in their proper costumes.


            He let Jennifer wake up first. Then he kept Wonder Woman under while they packed. There was an open and apparently vacant room just down the hall. Rob carried Wonder Woman into it and placed her on the bed. Then he soaked a dust mask with chloroform and strapped it over her nose and mouth. She would be out for several hours now. Rob left and closed the door behind him. She would sleep off the chloroform in that locked room as they drove home.


            No one at the hotel knew what costumes Rob and Jennifer had worn to the party. They would be at their home several hours away when Wonder Woman finally woke up. Who would believe her story anyway? Rob could almost hear the cop’s voice in his head now!


  “Let me see if I have this straight Wonder Woman. You say that you were held captive all night by Count Dracula and Batgirl? That’s nice! And then I suppose it was Superman that rescued you, or was it Batman perhaps? You did say they had open bar at the party? Oh I see there were 2 open bars! That makes everything a little clearer…” 



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dallas cowboys 24 


                                    NFL Cheerleader Rivalry


            Kari and Debbie were both in their first season as NFL cheerleaders. They were accepted on a trial basis though, and only one would be kept after tomorrow’s game. Kari knew Debbie would win. She always won. This time Kari had a plan though. She would give Debbie a gift certificate for a massage for the morning of the game.


            The massage parlor that Debbie would be sent to was owned by a middle aged ex nurse named Wendy. Wendy liked women, especially young cheerleader types, and had a foolproof method of having her way with them and getting paid to do it! 


            Wendy still had connections at the hospital, and had many drugs on hand to sedate and put the women customers to sleep with. She knew how to use them too. Wendy could put drops or powder in their water. She could also inject them with a needle either in the hip or in the arm, or use ether or chloroform on their face towel.


            No woman had ever complained. They would go in for an hour massage and wake up hours later feeling relaxed and wonderful! Since they were never charged for the extra time, they came back for more treatments as soon as they could.


            Kari knew what went on at the parlor though. A friend of hers that used to work there told her. Kari would have to go see Wendy and buy the gift certificate for Debbie. She would also ask Wendy how much extra it would cost her to see to it that Debbie never made it to the game.


            Kari knew that Wendy had a weakness for cheerleaders and she would wear her Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit when she went to make Debbie’s appointment. Kari was a slender blonde about 5 feet 4 with blue eyes. Her breasts were average size and stood out well. Her legs were awesome as well.


            Kari stripped completely and put on her outfit. Tiny, almost non existent, white bikini panties came first. Then she slipped on the special slightly darker than skin color pantyhose. Next she pulled on her shiny white ultra short shorts. They had a built in large buckle that she fastened tightly.


            The top was a navy blue halter that tied in the front. Kari put it around her and tied it in a bow in front of her. The bow was the only thing that held it on! There was no neck string. The bra was built in and pushed her breasts together and upwards.


            Finally Kari slipped on her white patent leather boots and zipped them up. A navy blue windbreaker that matched the halter top completed the look. Kari then headed for the massage parlor.


            It was the end of the day, and Wendy was at the desk alone when Kari arrived. All the customers had gone home, and the phone was on voice mail. Kari went up to Wendy and reserved a 1 hour massage for the following morning for her rival.


            Wendy filled out the certificate and put Debbie’s name into the appointment book. Now it was time for the awkward part. Kari asked her if it would be possible to delay Debbie for an extra 2 hours after her massage so that she would miss the game.


            Wendy smiled and asked a few questions. Kari answered each one carefully.


            “What does she look like?” Wendy asked.”


            “She’s five feet 2 with shiny brown hair and blue eyes. She has very large breasts and nice long, slender legs,” Kari replied.


            “Will she be in the same uniform as you are now when she comes?” Wendy asked.


            Kari told her that she would be, since she would be on her way to the game.


            “Very well,” said Wendy. “I will do what you say, if you will come inside for a few minutes first.”


            Kari was relieved that it was so easy, and eagerly followed Wendy inside the massage room. Once inside, Wendy asked her to remove her windbreaker and lie on her back on the massage table. Kari was a little worried, but went along.


            Kari’s shiny boots squeaked together as she settled herself on the table. Almost as soon as she got settled, Kari felt a sting in her right arm. She turned around and saw Wendy holding a small needle.


            Kari said “Ouch!” and asked what the shot was for.


            “It’s to relax you for your massage,” Wendy answered.


            “But I don’t have time for a massage!” Kari pleaded.


            “If you want me to detain Debbie tomorrow, I’m afraid it’s required now,” Wendy answered.


            Kari was already feeling the effects of the injection. Her legs would not move and her arms felt heavy. She was also feeling sleepy and her vision was getting fuzzy as well. She lay on the table helpless as Wendy slowly unzipped and slipped off her boots.


            Now Wendy was unbuckling Kari’s tiny shorts. They glided over her tiny hips and silky pantyhose easily, as Wendy took them completely off. The pantyhose were peeled away next and placed aside.


            Kari felt Wendy lifting her up into a sitting position now. Then Wendy pulled the bow on her halter and untied it. The halter fell off instantly and landed on the table. Kari’s awesome breasts were now exposed. Wendy gently lowered Kari’s almost limp body down now and prepared a few hot and moist towels.


            Kari was totally relaxed, and the warm towels felt wonderful on her almost naked body. Now Wendy was folding a smaller towel into a narrow strip and wrapping it around Kari’s head with the wet part of the towel covering Kari’s nose and mouth.


            “It’s time for some aroma therapy now,” Wendy said.


 Kari watched as Wendy poured something from a small bottle onto the towel under her nose. Kari smelled a pleasant strawberry scent and inhaled sleepily. Then Wendy opened a larger brown bottle. She poured a generous amount on the towel, soaking the entire area of her face. It had a strong sweet scent, but the strawberry smell was still dominant.


            Wendy watched anxiously as Kari’s eyes went from just drowsy to a drugged glaze almost instantly. Kari was not capable of resisting. She was too relaxed and sedated. In about 30 seconds, Kari’s eyes were fluttering rapidly. Then suddenly they rolled upwards and closed tightly, as Kari’s head slumped limp to the side.


            Wendy smiled in delight as she removed the large towel and slipped off Kari’s tiny panties. Wendy was breathless as she admired her prize package that was now fully unwrapped for her enjoyment! After about 5 minutes, Wendy finally removed the chloroform soaked towel from around Kari’s face. Kari’s silky blonde hair sprawled all over as Wendy put Kari’s very limp head back down on the table.


            Wendy massaged, oiled, and enjoyed Kari’s helpless limp body in every possible way for several hours. When Kari showed signs of waking, Wendy wrapped her in several large hot towels in a way that her arms and legs would be totally bound. Then she took a small glass of scented mineral water and put a packet of powder into it. Once the powder had dissolved, Wendy put the glass down and waited.


            When Kari awoke, she felt wonderful. Perhaps the massage therapy was just what she needed. All her fears about her plan failing and Debbie winning were gone now. She felt warm and cozy inside the nice hot towels. Wendy was standing over her and holding up a glass of cool, scented, mineral water.


            Wendy lifted Kari into a sitting position and helped her drink the water. When it was all gone, Wendy unwrapped the towels from around Kari’s naked body and helped her get dressed.


            After Wendy had finished zipping her boots for her, Kari started to feel dizzy. Wendy helped hold her up and carefully lowered her sleepy body back onto the massage table. Once again, Kari was unable to move and had trouble keeping her eyes open. Wendy was holding Kari’s sleepy head in her hands. Wendy was talking to her now, but it sounded like she was far away. That’s the last thing Kari remembered as she drifted off to sleep.


            Wendy was delighted to have Kari unconscious again in her awesome cheerleader outfit. There was work to do first though. After a few minutes Kari’s eyes opened, but stared empty into space. The powerful hypnotic and sedative “cocktail” that Wendy had given her was working nicely. Wendy began planting some hypnotic suggestions slowly.


            “You loved your massage didn’t you?” Wendy asked her.


            “Yes!” said Kari in a sleepy and wavering voice.


            “You especially liked the relaxing shot and the aroma therapy didn’t you?” Wendy asked.


            “Oh yes!” Kari said, barely aware of what was happening. “I slipped into such a dreamy void when you gave me those.”


            “You will come back tomorrow after the game with your uniform still on.” Wendy ordered.


            “Yes I will,” Kari said obediently.


            “As your reward, I will give you another shot and some aroma therapies as soon as you get here.” Wendy promised.


            “That would be wonderful!” Kari said yawning.


            Wendy was nearly finished with her, but there was still one more thing to do. She had to give her a suggestion for before she left, to be sure the drug had worked. Waiting for her to come tomorrow was too risky.


            Wendy picked up a small needle. Then she stood over Kari once more.


            “I’m going to put you to sleep for a few minutes now.” Wendy said. “When you wake up you will feel happy and wonderful. You will ask me for another relaxing shot and some aroma therapy before you leave tonight. Then you will come back tomorrow for more.”


            “Okay.” Kari said, as Wendy injected her in the arm.


            Kari’s head slumped limp to the side almost instantly. Wendy admired her in her outfit for about 15 minutes until she woke up.


            When Kari woke up she felt great. There was no dizziness and her eyes were clear. As she lifted her windbreaker and started to put it on though, she had a strange craving. She put the windbreaker down again and turned to Wendy.


            “So everything is set for tomorrow then?” Kari asked.


            “Oh yes,” Wendy said. “Your friend will be here for most of the day.”


            “That’s awesome!” Kari replied. “Can I ask you for one more favor before I leave though?”


            “What would you like?” Wendy asked politely.


            “Could you give me another one of those relaxing shots and some more aroma therapy before I go?” Kari begged.


            “Yes, I guess so,” Wendy replied.


            Kari got up on the table on her back as before. Wendy injected her with a needle again. The needle seemed larger than the one Wendy had used earlier but suddenly Kari didn’t mind. She was delightfully drowsy and relaxed.


            Wendy was putting the towel on her face now. It felt warm and wonderful and smelled of sweet strawberry again. Now Wendy was pouring the liquid from the brown bottle onto the towel. She seemed to use more of that this time too. Kari didn’t mind. She inhaled deeply and slipped into that beautiful void.


            Wendy was very happy too. The drug had worked. Kari was hooked on the treatment now. Tomorrow a victorious Kari would be back begging for more. In between she would have her friend Debbie to play with all day. Wendy would keep Debbie deeply under until Kari got there. Then she would put Kari under as well.


            The very thought of two of these beautiful cheerleaders “knocked out” in their outfits made Wendy tingle all over! Ah life was good. Wendy started to take the chloroform soaked towel off of Kari’s face. Then suddenly she stopped. Why not leave it on just a few minutes longer? After all, she did have all evening now anyway!


                                                  NFL Cheerleader Rivalry Part 2


            Debbie was excited about the upcoming game. She was also tense and worried about making the final cut at today’s evaluation. The relaxing massage that Kari had arranged for her was just what she needed to make her ready for the event.


            Debbie pulled on her tiny white bikini underpants slowly. Then she pulled the shiny pantyhose over her lovely legs. They made her legs look slightly sun tanned once they were on. That was the look the Dallas Cowboy’s wanted. Her white “ultra low cut” shorts went on next. Debbie zipped them up and fastened the white belt buckle tightly. The navy blue halter was slipped on next, and Debbie tied the bow carefully to enhance her cleavage.


            Debbie’s breasts were large, and the lack of shoulder straps on the halter was a bit of a problem. If the bow wasn’t tied just right, her breasts could either pop out when she jumped up and down or get pushed too tightly together and spoil her look.


            Finally Debbie put her windbreaker on, and then slipped into her white patent leather boots. She pulled the boot zippers up slowly and then headed for the door. The massage parlor was just a few blocks away. The walk helped to wake Debbie up fully, as she had not slept well the night before. As Debbie approached the door of the massage parlor, her long and shiny brown hair was blowing in the crisp fall wind.


            Once inside, Debbie found an empty waiting room with only a middle aged heavyset woman at the desk. The name “Wendy” was on her sweat shirt. Wendy introduced herself and smiled as she ushered Debbie into a massage room. Once inside, Debbie removed her windbreaker and Wendy hung it on a rack nearby.


            Debbie was asked to lie on her back on the table.


            “Shouldn’t I get undressed first?” Debbie asked.


            Wendy told her not to worry, and that she would take care of everything. Suddenly Debbie felt a sting in her left arm. She looked up and saw Wendy holding a small needle.


            “Hey! What’s the shot for?” Debbie asked.


            “It’s to relax you for your treatment.” Wendy said politely. “I used to be a nurse, and I have found that this enhances the massage results.”


            She was right about the relaxing part! Debbie felt loose and slightly giddy almost immediately. Her legs were as limp as noodles as Wendy lifted them up one at a time to slip off her boots. By the time both of her boots were placed on the floor, Debbie was yawning. She barely knew what was happening as Wendy unbuckled and unzipped her tiny shorts and slipped them off.


            When Wendy finished peeling off Debbie’s pantyhose, she noticed that Debbie had fallen asleep. Wendy lifted her into a sitting position and woke her up as she slowly untied her halter top. As soon as the bow was undone, her awesome breasts flew out and the top fell onto the table.


            “Whew! How long will this shot last?” Debbie asked in a wavering voice. “I have to be at the game in an hour and a half, and whatever you gave me is really knocking me out!”


            “Don’t worry; I’ll give you mineral water and a vitamin shot when your hour is up.” Wendy replied. “You will go to the game feeling great.”


            As Wendy lowered her back onto the table, Debbie could barely keep her eyes open. Wendy placed a few warm towels around her nearly naked body. Debbie felt warm and cozy now. Debbie was blinking her sleepy eyes and yawning when she felt a warm moist towel being placed over her nose and mouth. It had a pleasant fruit smell.


            Wendy opened the large brown bottle of chloroform and poured a generous amount on Debbie’s face towel. Debbie didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes were already glazed and sleepy, and now they were blinking. The blinking soon shifted to a rapid flutter, but not for long. Debbie’s beautiful baby blue eyes suddenly rolled closed and her beautiful head turned to the side.


            Wendy was delighted to see her pass out completely, and pulled the body towels away long enough to slip off Debbie’s tiny panties. After massaging and working on Debbie’s limp body for about 5 minutes, Wendy finally pulled off the chloroform soaked face towel. Debbie was really out! Her mouth was half open, and her body was as limp as a rag doll. The shot almost did it alone. Her small size and weight apparently made her especially vulnerable to the sedative that Wendy always gave the girls first.


            Wendy massaged and oiled Debbie’s limp body for a full hour. Then she re-dressed Debbie, all but her boots and windbreaker. Wendy looked at Debbie’s sleeping body in her cute cheerleader costume until she woke up 10 minutes later.


            When Debbie woke up she felt great. She was fresh and alert now. Her skin felt especially clean and smooth as well. Then she saw the clock! She had to leave right now or be late for the crucial game! She sat up abruptly and started to put on her boots.


            Wendy was holding a glass of water now. Debbie refused the water and said that she had no more time. She also refused the vitamin shot that Wendy offered. Suddenly Wendy had a problem. She would have to put Debbie under by force, and quickly, or she would get away!


            There was little time. Debbie had already finished putting her first boot on and was starting on the second one. Wendy grabbed the bottle of ether this time, and poured a huge amount on a large towel. The ether worked much faster than the chloroform, and just to be sure, Wendy used an overwhelming dose! As Debbie finished zipping up her other boot and started to put on her windbreaker, Wendy struck.


            As Debbie was pulling her arm through the windbreaker, a large soaking wet towel was placed over her face. It was huge and covered her entire face. There was a strong smelling liquid with intense fumes that quickly overwhelmed her. She struggled to pull away, but it was hopeless. Her head was spinning and her vision was badly blurred. Debbie kicked her legs, wrestled, and tried to hold her breath for as long as she could. That turned out to be less than a minute however.


            Wendy held the huge cloth fast until Debbie finally went limp in her strong arms. Then she continued to hold it there for about 30 seconds after she was under. Finally, Wendy tossed the towel aside and picked Debbie up in a cradle carry position and brought her into a different room.


            Wendy placed the very limp Debbie onto a sofa and removed her windbreaker. Next she slowly unzipped her boots and slipped them off. Debbie was then left on the sofa to sleep off the ether. That would be a few hours. The ether kept them unconscious longer than the chloroform too.


            This room had 2 massage tables. It also had a cabinet full of drugs. Wendy fastened an IV to Debbie’s tiny arm and prepared for her wake up. When she woke up, the hypnotics would begin. Instead of the powder, Wendy used a much more potent injected hypnotic on Debbie.


            It was nearly 2 hours later when Debbie finally woke up. Kari would be there in less than an hour. All was ready. As soon as Debbie’s eyes opened, Wendy injected half of the powerful hypnotic drug in the needle into her arm.


            Debbie woke up very groggy and disoriented this time. As soon as her eyes came into focus, she felt dizzy and lightheaded once again. That’s the last thing she remembered.


            Wendy let her sleep for a few minutes and then held her head up and spoke to her. Soon Debbie’s eyes were open and gazing into space. Wendy gave her one post hypnotic suggestion after another very methodically. Then she tested her responses one at a time.


            “You loved your massage didn’t you?” Wendy asked.


            “Oh yes!” Debbie answered.


            “You especially liked the relaxing shot and the scented towel being placed over you face.” Wendy suggested.


            “Yes I did.” Debbie answered sleepily.


            “You aren’t worried about the game any more are you?” Wendy asked.


            “No.” Debbie said. “I only want my massage treatments now.”


            “You won’t ever say no to the mineral water or vitamin shot again will you?” Wendy asked.


            “No,” Debbie said. “I will always take them when you ask me.” 


            “Kari will be here soon.” Wendy said. “You will watch her get the treatment. Seeing her sedated and put to sleep in her outfit will make you very hot. You will then help me undress and massage her. Whatever you see me do to her, you will desperately want done to you afterwards.”


            “Okay.” Debbie said yawning.


            “You will sleep deeply now until Kari arrives.” Wendy said, as she injected the other half of the needles’ powerful dose into her arm.


            Debbie’s eyes closed almost instantly and her head slumped to the side once more. Wendy moved her to one of the massage tables and placed her on her side facing the other table. Wendy then heard the door open. Kari had arrived!


            Wendy brought Kari into the room. Kari went to Debbie and tried to wake her up. There was no response at first.  After a few minutes she was finally successful. Debbie’s eyes finally opened and Kari told her the good news. Another girl had been disqualified, and they had both made the squad! Debbie lay on the table smiling. The game was over and done with. She could spend the entire day getting massage treatments now!


            Kari was worn out from the game, and wanted her massage now. She quickly took off her windbreaker and climbed up onto the other table. Debbie watched spellbound as Wendy picked up the small needle and injected Kari in the arm. Kari’s body relaxed totally in just a minute or so, and she started to yawn sleepily.


            “We can start undressing her now.” Wendy said.


            Debbie jumped off the table and began unzipping Kari’s boots. When she had them off she massaged and kissed Kari’s stocking feet. She had always wanted to do that! Kari lay still and was nearly purring as they stripped her. Wendy untied and removed Kari’s halter as Debbie took off her pantyhose and shorts.


            Now Wendy prepared a much larger and longer needle. She turned Kari on her side and injected her in the hip.


            “This shot will totally relax all her muscles, and make her even sleepier.” Wendy said.


            “Are you going to give me that second shot too when it’s my turn?” Debbie asked.


            “Oh yes!” Wendy promised.


            Debbie shuddered all over as she watched Kari succumb to the second shot.


            Wendy was right. When Debbie lifted Kari’s hips to slip off her panties, she was totally limp. She couldn’t move at all and could barely keep her eyes open.  Now Wendy was preparing the face towel.


            Debbie watched excited as the wet towel was placed over Kari’s face. Then Wendy opened a brown bottle. “Chloroform” it said on the label. Debbie was trembling as Wendy poured an overwhelming amount on Kari’s towel. Kari’s eyes were making a cool looking flutter now. Suddenly they closed. Wendy left the towel there.


            “The longer we leave the towel there, the deeper and longer she will be under.” Wendy explained.


            Debbie had pins and needles as she watched Kari slip ever more deeply under, and she couldn’t wait to be put under that deeply herself! Debbie smiled in delight as she massaged and fondled Kari’s beautiful naked and now delightfully limp body. After about half an hour, Wendy told Debbie that it was time for her shots now. Debbie eagerly climbed onto the other table and waited.


            Wendy injected her in the arm with the small needle first. Then Debbie floated on air from the shot, while Wendy stripped her to just her panties. Then she gave her the shot in the hip. Debbie struggled to stay awake and enjoy the feeling, since she nearly passed out after the second injection. Debbie was totally unable to move as her panties were gently slipped off.  Wendy was putting the towel on her now.


            “How long should I leave this on you after you are under?” Wendy asked.


            “As long as possible!” said Debbie in an excited and wavering voice.


            “You like being put under don’t you?” Wendy asked.


            “Oh yes!” Debbie answered. “Do you think I could put Kari under next time?” Debbie pleaded.


            “As long as I can put “you” under again twice afterwards,” Wendy said as she poured a huge dose of chloroform on Debbie’s face towel.


            “Sure, whatever you say!” Debbie answered, with a very wavering voice and rapidly fluttering eyes.


Wendy smiled as Debbie passed out completely once more. Wendy left the towel on her for nearly half an hour this time. She wanted a nice long time alone with Kari now!


















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                                                      Dinner & Tournament

                                                       A Prowlers Adventure

               If you are not familiar with The Prowlers Series, read “The Perfect Couple” by CBiscuit first. 


Rob and Jennifer Prowler were on vacation. It was early evening, and they were enjoying a leisurely dinner in the hotel’s dining room. As usual Rob was scanning the room for potential babes. They had rented a luxurious suite, and had the roofies and chloroform ready. Both were horny and were more than ready for a threesome!


            But the girls in the dining room weren’t like any Rob was used to. They were all young, college age at the most, and the interesting part was that they were all very athletic looking. He could see no team uniforms or sweatshirts anywhere to give him a clue as to what their sport was.


Then Jennifer pointed to a poster on the wall. “Kendo Tournament” it said. Neither Rob nor Jen had ever heard of it. Jen went into her tablet and searched it out. “It’s a form or martial arts fighting.” Jen said. They fence with wooden swords called shinai; they wear Japanese style robes, and put screened masks called men over their faces. Also the physical training and mental discipline are most rigorous.


 “That’s very interesting!” Rob said. Up to now, they had always picked helpless women for their escapades. Perhaps now was as good a time as any to up the action. He already had a girl in mind! She was perfect in Rob’s eyes. Her hair was long, shiny, and brown. Even from a distance he could tell it was baby soft. She wore a bright yellow T Shirt that contrasted her hair color. Her waist looked tiny, under the belt of her tight fitting jeans.


            “You’re not seriously considering that we try to abduct a kendo fighter girl?” Jennifer asked.


            “Yes; I was thinking of that one over there.” Rob replied.


            “Isn’t she a little young for us?” Jen replied. “And besides, she could probably kick your ass in a struggle!”


            Rob said that he already had a plan in mind. They would wait until after that night’s tournament was over. She would be exhausted. Then Jen could slip part of a roofie in her drink at the bar, while Rob distracted her with his tried and proven seductive moves. Once in the room, there would be chloroform of course.    


            Jennifer’s eyes were glazed with excitement as she heard Rob’s plan. She knew that girl, if she wasn’t at least partly drugged, would struggle harder than any they had taken so far. She also knew how deliciously limp she would be when she finally passed out! Jen had a few doubts, but agreed to go with the plan.


            Rob had already left the table and was hitting on the girl near the bar. To his surprise, she was attracted to him right away, despite her younger age.


            “Hello, I’m Rob. Can I buy you a drink?” he asked.


            “I’m Kendra” the girl replied, reaching out to shake his hand. “It will have to be a soda though, since I’m fighting tonight.”


            “You’re in the tournament then?” Rob replied.


            “Yes,” she replied proudly. “Why don’t you come and watch me. I’m #84. Afterwards maybe we could have a real drink.” 


            “Sounds like a plan!” Rob answered. “I’ll be waiting for you in the hotel lobby after it’s over.”


            Rob and Jen watched the tournament with excitement. The young girls were highly trained and fought like Samurai warriors. Kendra, the girl of Rob’s choice, had won many rounds. Rob was correct that she would be exhausted after this, but then again she was also very young, and could recover quickly!


            Finally, the tournament was over and Rob and Jen went back to the hotel to wait for Kendra. They had some time, since Kendra would have to shower and change. In the now deserted lobby, they planned their next move.


            Rob would bring her to the bar. Jen would already be sitting there. Rob would sit down placing Kendra between them, but leaving one empty seat between Kendra and Jen. When Rob had seduced and distracted Kendra, Jen would slip half of a roofie in her drink. This would make her amorous and light headed, but would not knock her out. Rob would then invite her to the suite. Jen would already be in the room out of sight from the door.


            Kendra was very proud of her night’s victories when she headed for the locker room. She knew why her luck had changed. It was Rob! Even though she hardly knew him, in a way she was fighting for him. Kendra, due to her extensive preparation for the tournament, had not been with a guy in a long time. In fact the guys her age, even before her training started, were afraid to put moves on her. Finally someone attractive was interested, and was not intimidated by her fighting skills.


            Once in the locker room, Kendra removed her men, and un-wrapped her sweat towel underneath. It was soaked from all her fighting. Kendra quickly stripped, and jumped into the shower. The cool water felt like heaven on her sweaty body. She washed herself lovingly and dreamed about how things would go with Rob. She hoped that they would have sex. She was in the mood for something extra hot and kinky.  


            Rob smiled as Kendra entered the hotel lobby. She was carrying a duffel bag and her wooden sword. She was in the same outfit from dinner, but her hair had just been washed and was very shiny now. Rob quickly grabbed her duffel bag and carried it for her as he led her into the bar. He placed the bag and sword on the coat rack inside the bar’s door.


            Jennifer smiled at both of them as they seated themselves. Kendra smiled back at Jen. The bartender quickly took their drink order and disappeared. Then they began small talk. The drinks came quickly. Rob and Kendra banged their glasses like a toast and began to drink. When they put their glasses down, Rob put his arm around Kendra.


            Instantly Kendra relaxed, and let her head fall onto Rob’s wide, strong shoulder. After having to be so tough and independent for so long, it felt wonderful to surrender and be in someone’s arms.


            Rob’s reaction was similar. For him it was the baby soft feel of her hair against him, and above all its sweet essence! He was hooked now. He had to have her, and that was that. Rob put his other arm around her and pulled her face gently to his. The first kiss was long and deep.


            Jennifer felt her own panties getting damp as she watched. She had seen Rob do his work on many women, but it still made her weak in the knees. She had already broken the roofie in half, but it broke off center. She put the larger half into Kendra’s drink and stirred it with the swizzle stick. Then she quickly left the bar and went to the room.


            Kendra had totally melted in Rob’s arms. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. The kiss went on and on. She felt arousal like never before. Finally the kiss broke off, and she sipped more from her drink. Kendra finished her drink quickly hoping that he would invite her to his room and ravage her!


            The invite was a little slow coming though. It almost seemed like he was waiting for something. Finally the offer came. Rather than answer him with words, she gave him a deep passionate kiss. When she went to stand, something felt wrong though.


            She almost fell down and he had to hold her. “That must have been some strong drink.” Kendra thought to herself. Rob put his arm tightly around her and helped her to the elevator. Once inside the elevator, Rob kissed Kendra again. This time she was totally melting in his strong arms. He wasn’t just holding her close, he was holding her up.


            Kendra was the most excited she had ever been. The roofie had taken hold, and all her inhibitions were gone. She wished that she could be carried off to bed. She had no way of knowing that her wish was about to come true!


            Once they reached the floor, Rob suddenly picked Kendra up in a cradle carry and headed for the room. Kendra was in pure heaven, as she watched the ceiling lights in the hall go by as she was carried along. The lights were going in and out of focus now. She was way past caring about any of that though.


            Finally Kendra was taken inside the room. It was huge and luxurious. She had been given a tiny room, and had to share that with 2 other girls. Her head was spinning as Rob placed her on the bed. Suddenly the woman from the bar was there! Kendra was OK with kinky sex, but a couple was not her style. She realized something was wrong and stiffened up.


            Kendra started to get up off the bed. Rob held her down though. Kendra tried to fight him off, but he was strong, and she was so sleepy. Then Kendra watched the woman pour something from a brown bottle onto a towel. “Oh my god, that may be chloroform!” she thought to herself.


            Jennifer gently placed the soaked towel over Kendra’s nose and mouth. Kendra was rocking back and forth on the bed trying to get loose now, but it didn’t help. She tried to tell them to stop, but no words came. Just muffled sounds blurted out through the wet folded towel.


            Kendra was losing focus now, and feeling dreamy. The sound of the room dulled, and her ears were ringing. She blinked her eyes to try and focus. It didn’t help. All of a sudden her eyes started blinking all by themselves. That’s the last thing she remembered.


            Jen smiled in delight as Kendra’s eyes rapidly fluttered and closed. She held the towel there for a few extra seconds and pulled it away. Kendra was out like a light. Rob had already started to undress her. He removed her sneakers quickly and went to the belt of her jeans. It was so loose, that he left it alone and just unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and slipped them off.


            Together they lifted her into a sitting position and slipped her T shirt off. Her bra and panties were a cute matched set in white. Ron unhooked her bra and slipped it off quickly. Jen was jealous when she saw how firm and well rounded Kendra’s breasts were. Jen began to fondle Kendra’s breasts, as Rob went lower.


            Rob slowly pulled Kendra’s tiny panties down and off. Then he spread her legs and went down on her. Jen watched as he tasted her everywhere. Finally, he got up and gave Jen some attention. Then they both looked over Kendra’s body.


            She was beautiful. Her arms, legs, and abs were muscular and beautifully toned. Her skin was soft and perfect. No blemishes or tattoos anywhere. The combination of her youth and her training, made her one of the most desirable women they had ever been with.


            It was time to put the 4 bed posts to good use. They spread Kendra’s limp body out on the bed, on her back, and tied each of her wrists and ankles to a bedpost. Then Jennifer got the vibrator ready.


            Kendra awoke slowly, but was in a total daze now. She didn’t remember where she was, but she was feeling intense pleasure. She could also hear a soft buzzing sound. Slowly Kendra started moving her hips back and forth. Kendra moved faster and faster until she finally burst. As she climaxed, she let out a scream. The scream never came. It was muffled by a wet cloth held over her nose and mouth.


            Jennifer pulled the cloth away, just as Kendra was about to pass out. Then Rob restarted the vibrator. By the time Kendra was fully awake this time, she was already cumming. As she broke out into a scream of delight, she got the cloth again. This time she was put all the way under.


            Rob had already undressed and was hard as a baseball bat after watching Kendra cum the second time. He mounted her limp body and entered her slowly. She was extremely wet from arousal and penetration was swift and deep.  Then he began his moves that he was well known for.


            When Kendra woke up, Rob was on top of her and deep inside her as well. His movements were arousing her more than the vibrator had! She began to move with him. His thrusting power was amazing. No guy her age had ever satisfied her like this! And he kept it up for a long time too. What Kendra didn’t know, was that she had only been awake for about half of his thrusting!


            Rob was in ecstasy, as he ravaged the beautiful young girl. Kendra had already screamed that she was cumming 3 times. Rob continued his actions. Then Jen was whispering in his ear,


            “You have to pull out before you cum! This girl isn’t safe you know!”


            “Yeah I know, go ahead and put her under now.” Rob replied.


            Jennifer soaked the cloth heavily and placed it over Kendra’s nose and mouth. Kendra didn’t struggle at all. She was too busy cumming! As she climaxed for the last time, she slipped into that delightful void of deep unconsciousness. 


            When Rob saw Kendra’s head turn limp to the side he started to explode. He pulled out swiftly and his entire load burst all over Kendra’s naked belly and chest. Some of it shot so far that it hit her neck and got onto her hair.


            As Jennifer watched in awe, she wished that all that seed could have been inside her! “Oh well, next time for sure!” she thought to herself.


            Kendra woke up about an hour later and felt wonderful. She was no longer concerned about the threesome part. She kissed both Rob and Jen. Then she heard water running. Jennifer told her that they would be giving her a bath now.


            “Would you like to be put to sleep while we bathe you?” Jennifer asked, already soaking the cloth.


            “Sure, as long as you and Rob don’t mind.” Kendra answered.


            “Trust me, Rob and I don’t mind at all!” Jen said as she placed the cloth over Kendra’s nose and mouth. Kendra went under quickly. Jen continued to hold the cloth on her for several minutes after she was under. The bath would come later, much later. It was Jennifer’s turn with Kendra now….




























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                                                           Woman Hunter


            Mika was sitting on a park bench enjoying the beautiful day. It was still slightly cool, since summer was still several weeks off. She glanced off into the woods at the edge of the park. She had wandered in there from time to time, and found that the wooded area was much larger than she thought. It went on for several miles.


            Mika was a middle aged blonde that still looked hot. She was wearing a red blouse, and a relatively short blue skirt. Her pantyhose were suntan in shade, and she wore boots with furry tops that came to below her knees. Underneath she was even more interesting. Mika had a weakness for sexy underwear. Today she wore a bra and panties set that were tiny, black, and very sheer.


            Charles entered the woods from the other side, and went in the direction of the park. When he was deep inside, he stopped and made preparations. He pitched his small tent first. Then he inflated 2 air mattresses and put them inside. Finally he tossed in 2 blankets and several small pillows.


            Charles was also middle aged. He was over 6 feet tall and had blue eyes. His hair was blonde once, but was mostly grey now. He was dressed in expensive sporting clothes suitable for hunting. There were no animals in these woods though. That didn’t matter. Charles was here to hunt a woman!


            Charles had been watching his prey for some time. She came to the park every week on this day. She was blonde, hot, and most important had nice legs. Even better she always wore boots. Charles always fantasized about knocking out a woman so he could slip off her boots and play with her stocking feet. This woman was just what he wanted.


            He prepared his tranquillizer gun. To be safe, as well as to increase the sport, he had reduced the dose in the darts. He didn’t want to risk hurting her, and he didn’t want to knock her out instantly either. This way one dart would just make her helpless. Two would make her relaxed and dreamy. The third dart would finally knock her out completely and keep her out for several hours. That would be more than enough time to carry her to the tent, and remove those boots! Then later on, he would remove everything else she had on as well and explore and worship her limp body! But that was all foreplay. The real sport was to let her escape later, and hunt her in the woods.


            Once the gun was ready and fully loaded, Charles walked slowly towards the park. When he started to get close to the edge, he took out his binoculars. She was there, just as he had hoped. Not only was she wearing boots, but she had on nice dark stockings! Better yet, nobody was anywhere around.


            He wasted no time. He got as close as he dared, and fired a dart at her left shoulder. Charles was an excellent shot. He hit her dead on. She was his now, so he walked towards her without fear. Once she had a dart in her, the damage was done as they say. There could be no escape or major struggle now.


            Mika was suddenly alerted by a sting in her left shoulder. She looked there and saw the dart. When she tried to reach it and pull it out, her arms felt heavy and numb. She also suddenly felt light headed. “Oh no; this must be a tranquillizer dart!” She thought to herself in fear. Then she looked up and saw a tall, well dressed man approaching her holding a gun.


            Before she could get up, he fired another dart and hit her near her left breast. Standing would not be an option now. Instead of even trying to stand, she suddenly lost all her fear and relaxed completely. Her legs were as limp as noodles. Her vision was getting blurry. He was up close and touching her hair now, and she didn’t seem to care about that either. He looked strong and handsome. He also seemed gentle.


            Charles couldn’t believe how easy this abduction was going to be! It was almost like she wanted to be taken, and was enjoying the sedation from the darts. He would test that theory before knocking her out completely with a third dart.


            Mika sat helpless as the man put his dart gun in his pocket. He was kneeling before her now and lifted one of her legs. He slipped off her right boot and put it down. Then he massaged her stocking foot. The action made Mika feel a tingle inside. She sat totally relaxed and happy as he slipped her other boot off as well. Now he was massaging both of her stocking feet.


            Charles had carefully watched Mika’s eyes as he removed her boots. Instead of seeing fear and dread, he only saw a relaxed and almost happy smile! Either this one liked what he was doing, or she was extremely vulnerable to the drug. Charles preferred to think that perhaps it was a bit of both. Oh well it was time now. He stood up and took the gun out of his pocket.


            Mika felt the cool air on her stocking feet as he released them from his warm hands. The she saw him pull out the gun again. She knew she would not be conscious for long once the next dart hit her. It didn’t matter now. There was nothing she could do anyway. She was already his, and would just have to make the best of it.


            Charles fired the third dart near her right breast. Within five seconds her eyes rolled up and gently closed, and her beautiful blonde head fell limp against the back of the bench. Charles pulled out all three darts and put them in his pocket along with the gun. The he quickly slipped her boots back on her feet, and lifted her up. He carried her limp body over his shoulder and quickly disappeared into the woods.


            As Charles carried Mika deep into the woods to his tent, the powerful sedative was causing her to have vivid and pleasant dreams. She remembered when she was a teen and had watched women in the movies be rendered unconscious and carried off. She always secretly wished that she was the woman in the scene.


            Even when she was in school, her mind would wander and she would imagine herself being carried off limp by a strong man. Her fantasy never left her as she became an adult, and now in middle age she craved the attention even more. Recently she was with a friend of hers, when the husband came home from work. The friend’s husband carefully removed his wife’s boots for her and rubbed her stocking feet! “Oh my god, if someone would only do that for me!” she thought to herself.


            Charles’s removing her boots and doing exactly the same thing to her, just before she was rendered unconscious, had triggered her dream. In her dream she was also being carried. “Or was it a dream at all?” Mika wondered, as she slept deeply from the powerful tranquillizer.


            Once his tent was in sight, Charles eased Mika off his shoulder, and switched to a cradle carry. He wanted to bring her into his lair, as if he were carrying a new bride over the threshold. He was, in fact, a hopeless romantic at heart.  Charles loved women and treated them very well. He just could never find one that was into his particular fantasies.


            Charles carefully carried Mika into the tent and placed her on one of the air mattresses. As he lowered her he sniffed her silky blonde hair. Her essence was delightful. He ran his fingers gently through her hair and inhaled it more. He was hooked now! He had to have her soon.


            Charles shifted his attention to his target of choice. He lifted her legs up and let go of them. They fell hard. She was totally limp. Then he carefully slipped her boots off one at a time. Her legs were lighter now and he lifted them higher. That caused her short skirt to hike up and he noticed her underwear.


            Even through the suntan pantyhose, Charles could tell she was wearing very skimpy and sexy black panties. He pulled her skirt all the way up and pulled down the waistband of her pantyhose. The panties underneath were frilly and sheer too. These were something a twenty year old would wear! Next he quickly unbuttoned her blouse. The material was soft and sheer and the buttons flew open easily.


            The bra that matched the panties left him breathless. It barely covered her breasts, and had tiny straps. It was so sheer that he could clearly see her small nipples. Now Charles’ mission became clear. He had always wanted to hunt a woman in a string bikini and high heels. He didn’t have a bikini or high heeled shoes though, so this bra and panties set, along with her boots, would do nicely. Besides, high heels would be no good in these woods anyway.


            Charles had to move quickly. The hunt would have to be during the warmest part of the day, or she would be too cold in her underwear. He swiftly removed her skirt, blouse, and pantyhose and put them in his back pack. Then he folded both the blankets and put them in as well. The gun and all the darts went in last. He would leave her boots there for her to put on herself. Once he was packed, Charles still had some time. She would still be out for at least another hour.


            He lifted Mika’s limp body up into a sitting position. He stroked her hair and then he kissed her on her slightly open mouth. She tasted sweet! As he kissed her, he reached behind her back with his right arm. He grabbed the tiny bra strap and by luck he was right on the clasp! He smiled to himself. In his younger days, Charles had been an expert and unhooking girl’s bras while they were distracted by a deep kiss.


            Charles gently grabbed the strap at the clasp and squeezed. Both of the tiny hooks came apart at the same time and the bra was completely undone in a heartbeat. He hadn’t lost his touch at all. Next he carefully slid the straps off both of her shoulders and watched the bra fall. He removed it from her wrists and tossed it aside.


            Despite her age, Mika still looked great topless, especially in the dim, romantic light of the tent. Charles took each of her breasts in his mouth one at a time and tasted her nipples. They became erect instantly. Once again he smiled. If that kind of instant arousal had occurred while she was unconscious, he could only imagine how easily excitable she would be while awake.


            Charles finally put her back down on her back and slipped off her tiny panties. They were so small when off, that he could conceal them in one of his hands. He tossed them aside with the bra and began to worship the rest of Mika’s limp body. He moved her all around and tasted and sampled her everywhere. She was perfect to him in every way!


            Charles played with her as long as he dared, and quickly put her bra and panties back on her. Then he put on his back pack, and left her sleeping peacefully as he disappeared into the woods.


            About half an hour later, Mika’s lips began to move. It was like she woke up from a sweet dream and was in the middle of a romantic kiss. Then her eyes opened slowly. As her senses slowly returned she jumped in surprise. She was in a tent on a mattress in just her bra and panties. Her boots were there, but all her other clothing was missing. She looked around for something to wrap around her nearly naked body. There was nothing!


            Mika quickly slipped her boots on and looked around outside the tent. He legs were still a little unsteady from the three darts. There was no sign of anyone. She quickly made her way through the dense woods hoping she could soon reach the park and get help. As she ran, she remembered him. He was tall and handsome. He was well dressed too. Not the kind of man she would have expected to do this to her.


            Then she remembered how he took off her boots and massaged her stocking feet. She was heavily sedated at the time, but she could still remember being aroused. After that everything was a blank. As Mika made her way to escape, her mind was in a confused state. She should be running away in fear, and glad she was still alive and hadn’t been raped.


            But that wasn’t what she felt at all. She wondered where he was and why he had left her alone. Part of this scenario was like a dream that she had all her life, finally coming true.


            Charles had her in sight. She was breathtaking in her underwear and boots walking swiftly through the woods. From the distance, she resembled the 25 year old model he had seen in the movie, running from the hunter, in just a string bikini. His dream was about to come true for certain!


            Charles pulled out his dart gun and moved in closer. At first opportunity, he fired a dart. It struck Mika in her upper right thigh. That was just what Charles wanted. It would take longer for the drug to work, since it had injected her that low on her body.


            Mika felt the sting right away. Then she turned and saw the dart sticking out of her leg.  Suddenly she realized what was happening. He was hunting her! She quickly pulled the dart out and tossed it on the ground. Then she picked up her pace and began to run. If she could just make it to the park before she fell!


            These were both foolish ideas. The dart injected the last of the dose when it was pulled out. She would have been better off leaving it in. The running was a mistake too. It made the drug circulate through her blood faster.


            Charles watched her begin to slow down. He could have easily shot her again, but he wanted to prolong the hunt. Soon her run turned to the fast walk from before. Then the walk slowed down too. Finally she could no longer stand, and fell to the ground on a pile of dry leaves.


            Mika could no longer stand or escape. She would try to bury herself in the leaves. If she could remain out of sight until the drug wore off, she could still make her escape. The plan would have worked too, if he hadn’t been watching her do it.


            Mika suddenly felt a sting in her chest. Her body relaxed all by itself almost instantly. She had no control at all. She was on her back on top of the leaves and totally helpless. He was there now, standing over her in triumph. She waited for him to fire the next dart. Instead he knelt beside her. He spoke softly,


            “I’m sorry about the darts, but I just had to have you.” He said, almost panting from excitement.


            “Why didn’t you just introduce yourself and ask me out?” Mika replied in a sleepy and sultry voice.


            “I’ve had this strange abduction fantasy all my life.” He replied. “I finally just had to act on it.”


            “I understand!” Mika replied. “I too have imagined being knocked out and taken away like this all my life.”


            Charles was instantly aroused. He wanted to have her right where she was. As he moved in on her, Mika spoke in a whisper,


            “Please, not here.” She said. “Carry me back to the tent first.”


            As he began to lift her she spoke softly again,


            “Please knock me out for the carry.” She begged. “I want to be nice and limp as you take me away.”


            Charles was really excited now! “Had he finally found his true soul mate at last?”  He took out the gun and fired another dart at her chest.


            Mika smiled in total delight, as if Cupid’s arrow had just struck her, before she quickly passed out. Then he fired another dart. Mika was already out and didn’t feel that one.


            Charles waited a few minutes for the drug to take a firm hold before he picked her up. After all, she did say she wanted to be nice and limp for this carry! Charles always gave women exactly what they wanted. And as he picked her up, my how ever so limp she was!





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                                                              Study Date


            Milena was struggling to understand as the professor went on and on with the complicated Math. She was failing the course and badly needed to pass. It seemed hopeless though. What she couldn’t understand was why the 2 girls that sat behind her were doing so well. Those girls were anything but studious types!


            One was named Anna. She had silky blonde hair and her eyes were more green than blue. She wore very feminine clothes and really looked like a cover girl model. The other was Sandra. She was also blonde, but had a more athletic type body, and wore T shirts and sneakers. Both girls had great figures and were of medium height.


There were rumors floating around that Sandra liked women and that these roommates may be a couple. But guys were seen with them all the time, so Milena doubted the rumors. Besides, it had nothing to do with the situation. Why were they getting top grades in Math?


Suddenly Milena had an idea. After class, she would ask them to study with her tonight for tomorrow’s test. That would prove once and for all if they really knew the Math! It would be easy to get the study date, since the girls were always trying to be friendly to her. Up to now, Milena had ignored their advances.


Once the bell rang, Milena made her request to Sandra, since she was the one that sat directly behind her. She not only accepted right away, but both Anna and Sandra got very giddy and excited at the idea of Milena coming to their room after hours. They both said that they couldn’t wait! Once again Milena thought to herself, “These bimbos’ math whizzes? You must be kidding!”


Back in her room, Milena dressed carefully for the evening. If the girls were into women, she didn’t want to encourage them! She started with a plain white bra and panties set, nothing too sexy. Next she pulled on nude colored pantyhose. Then she wore a white blouse, buttoned to the top and a blue denim skirt. Brown leather boots that came just below the knee and zipped up the sides came next. She was ready. Milena went to the address the girls had given her and knocked on their door.


Sandra let her in. She was wearing a T shirt, shorts, and sneakers with no socks. Anna was sitting on the sofa and looked breathtaking! She was in a sheer light blue nightgown that only reached just above her knees. Her bare legs looked silky smooth and she had shiny black high heeled sling back pumps on.


Milena was invited to sit on the sofa in the middle next to Anna, and Sandra sat down on her left side. The math book was open on the center of the coffee table in front of Milena and everything looked to be in place for study. Then Sandra produced a glass of wine and a bottle of pills.


“What are the pills for?” Milena asked.


“These help us to concentrate and learn the math.” Sandra answered. “We aren’t good students and these have helped us to do well.”


Finally something began to make sense. “So this is how they’re cheating!” Milena thought to herself. Milena watched Anna take out 3 pills. Anna took one and swallowed some wine. Then she handed one to Milena. Milena eagerly took the pill and swallowed some wine. Then to Milena’s surprise, Anna took the third pill herself. Milena turned towards Sandra and asked,


“Aren’t you going to take one too?”


“I’ve already taken mine.” Sandra said.


“Anna took two. Shouldn’t I take another one?” Milena asked.


“Not for your first time.” Sandra said. “Two will make you too sleepy to study.”


They started working on the math. Anna and Sandra really seemed to know what they were doing, but so far the problems were easy, and nothing Milena needed help with. After about fifteen minutes, Milena started to feel dreamy and relaxed. She was more interested in the silky feel of Anna’s hair against her face than the math.


Anna seemed to sense her interest, and moved in close and kissed Milena on her cheek. Milena responded by putting her arm around Anna. Anna’s now sleepy head dropped onto Milena’s shoulder. Milena was getting sleepy herself, but Anna was much sleepier. Anna’s sleepiness, combined with the way she melted against her, suddenly made Milena very hot. Milena turned towards Anna and kissed her on the lips.


Milena had never been into women, but Anna’s lips were incredibly soft and her mouth was part way open. Milena was instantly aroused. She continued kissing Anna. Soon she felt her legs being moved. She broke off from the kiss and looked down. Sandra was taking off her boots.


Instead of resisting or protesting, Milena just said,


“Ooh, thank you! I feel so much more comfortable now.”


Sandra smiled. She could tell by the wavering in Milena’s voice, that the roofie was doing its work! Then she admired Milena’s legs and feet. The hose were so sheer; she could hardly tell she was wearing any!


Milena sat wide eyed and watched Sandra un-tie and partly unlace her own sneakers next. They were so loose without socks that she could have just pulled them off, but she still made the laces very loose before she slipped them off.


Sandra got up and kneeled in front of Anna. When Milena turned her head back towards Anna, she realized that she had passed out completely. Milena took her beautiful blonde head in her hands and kissed her. She didn’t respond or wake up. Then Milena looked down and watched Sandra remove Anna’s shoes.


Sandra could have easily slipped the straps off Anna’s ankles and taken the shoes off, but instead she unbuckled the straps first and then tossed the shoes aside. For some reason Milena found her unbuckling the shoes, when she didn’t really need to, erotic! The truth was that the roofie that she had taken was in full control now. She was becoming hypnotic, and everything she saw looked hot and sexy now!


Sandra stood up and removed Anna’s nightgown. It slipped up and off easily and seemed weightless as Sandra tossed it on the floor. Now Sandra was unbuttoning her own shorts and stepping out of them! Next she pulled her T shirt over her head and off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so both Anna and Sandra were both naked now except for tiny pairs of white bikini panties.


Sandra sat down next to Milena now and kissed her gently. Milena kissed back with ever increasing abandon. Soon she was so engrossed in the kiss, that she didn’t realize that Sandra was slowly unbuttoning her blouse. First the top button was undone, then another, and another, until they were all undone. Next Sandra unhooked and unzipped her skirt. Milena noticed her doing that and looked down.


Sandra waited for resistance, but it never came. Milena was about to pass out. Sandra held her and told her to just relax. “I feel so sleepy!” were Milena’s last words. Sandra was elated. She hadn’t taken a roofie herself of course. She had Anna take two so she would have more time alone with Milena. Sandra slowly stripped the now totally limp Milena to just her white panties. Then she had her way with her two sleepy puppets for several hours.


Milena woke up suddenly. She still felt dreamy and amorous. Sandra was beside her, and Anna was on the other side, still asleep. She spoke softly to Sandra,


“How much longer will Anna be out?” Milena asked.


“She took two pills.  She’ll be out for the night now.” Sandra replied.


“I don’t think the one pill you gave me helped me study very much. By the way who took my clothes off?” Milena inquired.


“The pill wasn’t for studying. It was to make you relaxed and comfortable with us.”  Sandra answered. “Once you were asleep I just made you more comfortable by undressing you. We really can show you how to get an A in math though.”


“How can I do that? I’m failing!” Milena said, no longer concerned about being stripped to just her panties.


“Math has nothing to do with it. The professor has a certain fetish. We will show you what it is, and you can go to him and get your A!” Sandra said.


“What would I have to do for him?” Milena asked in fear, thinking a lot of kinky sex would be involved.


“I’ll show you.” Sandra answered.


Sandra went to the table and picked up an ordinary washcloth. She also picked up a small brown bottle.


“He calls this his friend ‘The cloth’” Sandra said. “He will pour the liquid on it and hold it over your nose and mouth. You will smell strong, but sweet, fumes. It will make you dizzy at first, then your eyes will get blurry and everything will sound hollow. Soon your body will relax and your arms will go limp at your sides. Then you will pass out. You’ll wake up later and feel great. Then he lets you leave. After you have done it for him for three nights, you are finished and get your A.”


“That’s it?” Milena asked.


“That’s all there is to it.” Sandra said. “Let me give you a sample of the cloth now, so you will be ready for him.”


Milena watched in awe as Sandra poured the liquid on the cloth. “Chloroform” the bottle said. Milena had heard of that! Then she relaxed as Sandra gently held the cloth over her face. Milena choked at first, but soon calmed down. The roofie was still sedating her, so the chloroform worked swiftly. She was deeply under in less than a minute.


Sandra carefully pulled Milena’s panties down and off. Then she removed her own and Anna’s. When she was done, she tossed all 3 pair on the floor in a pile. Sandra watched Milena sleep for about twenty minutes. Then she began to wake up.


Milena woke up and felt great after a few minutes of recovery. Then she looked down and said,


“Hey, what happened to my panties?”


“I felt like taking mine off, so I thought yours and Anna’s should come off too. They’re over there on the floor.” Sandra answered.


Milena looked there, but made no effort to get them back. Then she asked Sandra a question.


“You took my panties off while I was under and I never even knew it.” Milena said. “What do you suppose the professor will do to me while I’m under?”


“I know exactly what he does.” Sandra said. “When it was Anna’s turn, I sneaked in after her and hid behind the curtain and watched.”


“What did he do?” Milena asked wide eyed.


“I have already told you enough to get an A.” Sandra said. “Why should I tell you everything?”


Milena was desperate and had to know! “You can put me under with the cloth again, if you tell me.” She offered. Somehow she had correctly guessed that Sandra had liked putting her under!


 Sandra smiled. “OK, but If I tell you I get to put you under twice. I get to put you under   once more before I tell you, and then again after.” She demanded.


Milena was beyond caring. “Ok, it’s a deal.” She said.


Sandra opened the bottle and re-soaked the cloth. She seemed to use more this time. Soon the cloth was on Milena’s face again. Sandra watched in awe as her newest seduction conquest succumbed to the drug. Soon Milena’s eyes rapidly fluttered and closed, and she was totally limp in Sandra’s arms. This time Sandra carried her over her shoulder to the bedroom.


Sandra placed Milena in the bed, and went and got the cloth and the bottle and placed them on the nightstand. Then she turned out the lights and crawled into bed with Milena. She would tell her the story in darkness, and in the comfort of the warm bed.


When Milena awoke she was in bed. “Was this all a dream?” she thought to herself. Then she felt Sandra’s naked body against hers. Milena tried to jump up and out of the bed, but Sandra held her and spoke softly,


“I will tell you the story now. It’s long and exciting. I thought it would be more fun if I told you in the dark and under the covers like this.”


“It might be cool to hear it this way at that!” Milena thought to herself. Then Sandra began,


“He ushered Anna inside politely. He was well dressed and handsome. Then he had her sit down in a large stuffed chair. She asked him how they could study there. He told her that she wouldn’t be studying tonight. Then he introduced her to his friend “The Cloth.” Anna already knew what would happen, since I had been there first and told her. She sat relaxed and let him put her under.”


“Then what did he do?” Milena asked in an excited voice.


“He held the cloth on her for a long time after she passed out.” Sandra said.


“Why did he have to do that if she was already under?” Milena asked.  


“He wanted her under much deeper and for a much longer time!” Sandra said in an excited voice.


“Oh, that sounds so hot!” Milena answered.


“When he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, she was as limp as a rag doll. She would be out for hours.” Sandra continued.


Milena shuddered at the thought of her being that helpless for that long! Then Sandra went on,


“He put her on her back on the bed and stripped her. And I mean stripped! He slowly took off everything. All her clothes, her shoes, stockings, her jewelry, and even her hair clip! He kept stripping her until she was as naked as the day she was born.”


“Wow, she was totally naked and completely knocked out! He could really do anything he wanted to her then!” Milena said.


“That’s what worried me at first.” Sandra said. “But he was incredibly romantic and gentle! He started kissing her all over. He began by opening her mouth and gently probing her with his tongue. Then he worked his way around her neck and under her hair. Soon he was sucking on her nipples and holding her breasts. Then he worked all the way down to her toes, not missing the taste of anything on the way.”


Milena felt her own toes curling at the thought of someone worshiping her limp body like that! But it didn’t stop there!


Sandra continued. “Then he got up and massaged her all over. First, while she was on her back from head to toe, and then on her stomach from head to toe again. Then he got this lotion out. I checked it out on line. It comes from Paris and costs 200 Euros a bottle!”


“He warmed up the lotion by rubbing his hands together first. Then he applied it all over her body. He covered all areas from between her toes, to behind her ears, and everywhere in between.”


“Then what did he do?” Milena asked.


“He slowly dressed her exactly the way she was, right down to her hair clip. Then he placed her back in the chair and let her wake up naturally. About half an hour later, she woke up feeling great all over, and went home.”


“Did he do the same thing all 3 nights?” Milena asked.


“Yes, each night was exactly the same.” Sandra answered. “After the third night, her skin was incredibly smooth from that special lotion!”


Sandra turned on the light. When Milena’s eyes adjusted, she could see that Sandra was soaking the cloth again.


“Are you going to hold it on me longer after I’m out this time?” Milena asked, practically shaking with excitement.


“Yes, for a very, very, long time!” Sandra said. “You won’t wake up until morning.”


Milena shuddered at the thought! She didn’t care how long she was out now. She had nothing better to do, and she wouldn’t have to worry about passing math anymore either! She inhaled slowly, and slipped into that delightful void ever so gradually. The euphoria she experienced just before passing out was awesome. As she began to lose consciousness the bed felt oh so cozy!


Sandra held the cloth on her with one hand, and picked up her phone with the other. Then she called the professor. When he picked up she said,


“I’ve got another one ready for you for tomorrow night. She's a cute brunette with nice perky breasts!”


“That’s fantastic!” He replied. “Do you want to watch this one too?” He asked.


“I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Sandra answered. Then she hung up the phone and continued to hold the cloth on Milena for some time. She’d be under till morning all right. Late morning!


For watching him do Milena, Sandra would owe him three more nights. Oh well, her skin was beginning to get dry again anyway….

















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At Home Model 


                                                      At Home Model Wanted


            Eve sat holding the paper and read the ad over and over again. It sounded too perfect to be true! She had been a model for years before she got married and knew just what to do. Her body was still as good as it ever was. She had firm well rounded breasts, long dark hair, and great legs. This could be the answer to a problem that had bothered her for some time.


            Eve’s husband was loving and attentive. She never had to work, and he gave her everything she ever wanted. Still, she had no money of her own and wanted to buy something special for him as a surprise. He was going away for a week on business. She would take this modeling job while he was gone and earn some money.


            It sounded easy. They would come to her home with a photographer and all the clothing, make up, etc. They would shoot there and pay her on the spot. There was also a way to get extra pay for modeling nightgowns and bikinis. Eve called the number and made the appointment.


            Finally the day came. Eve dressed in a low cut black halter top that showed plenty of cleavage, tight fitting black slacks that came to just below mid calf, and a pair of high heeled white pumps. Her hair was long and straight down, and she had no jewelry on just as they had requested.


 Several hours after she had kissed her husband goodbye, the doorbell rang. When she answered the door, she was surprised to find a man and a woman there. The woman was a beautiful blue eyed blonde, about her age, and the man was well dressed, and handsome. He had wide shoulders and looked to be strong.


            They introduced themselves as Ben and Monica, and proceeded to bring boxes of equipment and clothing inside. It was nearly an hour before the living room was transformed into a studio with lighting, camera tripods, and the like. As Ben worked on the equipment, Monica got the outfits ready.


            They decided to take some photos of Eve, dressed as she was, so she could get used to the camera. Eve strutted, danced around, and did her thing for the camera as she had been trained all her life. They loved her and said it was time to begin the shoot.


            Eve watched Monica prepare a string bikini. It was so tiny, it would barely cover anything! Eve shuddered at the sight of it, but she needed the money so she went along. Just as she was imagining herself in the bikini, Eve was struck from behind. Ben was holding a wet white cloth over her nose and mouth.


            Eve whimpered and tried to fight him off, but he was much too strong. She looked to Monica for help, but Monica was smiling! The liquid on the cloth smelled sweet and reminded Eve of cleaning fluid. “It must be chloroform!” she thought in fear. Soon her eyes were losing focus, and her arms fell limp and lost all their strength. She wanted to fight harder, but she just wasn’t able to.


            Monica was watching Eve’s eyes intently. She was waiting for her favorite part. That sweet rapid flutter just before the girl passed out. Finally it happened. Eve’s eyes fluttered for a few seconds before they gently closed, and she fell delightfully limp in Ben’s arms. Ben took no chances. He held the cloth on her for some time after she was out. Then he picked her up in a cradle carry and followed Monica into the bedroom.


            Monica was jealous! Ben was her lover, and she wished he was carrying her into the bedroom limp and helpless like that. She knew that she would soon get her turn though, and was most anxious to strip Eve and dress her in the bikini. Monica liked women, especially models!


            The carry went on for some time until they finally reached the bedroom on the other side of the house. Eve’s long hair hung down nearly to the floor as Ben carried her with her head dangling limp. Ben carefully placed Eve on the bed on her back.


            Monica was elated with her new prize doll! She began by slipping Eve’s white pumps off and tossing them on the floor. Then she lifted Eve up into a sitting position and undid her halter top.  Once it was undone behind Eve’s back, Monica pulled the strap from around Eve’s neck and threw the top aside. Eve’s breasts flew out freely and looked awesome. Monica was jealous once again since her own breasts were much smaller.


            Monica lowered Eve’s limp body onto its back and began pulling Eve’s slacks off. They were loose and slipped off easily. Once these were moved aside, Eve was a breathtaking sight in just her tiny black panties. After admiring them for a minute or so, Monica slipped those down and off as well. Now Eve was totally naked and almost ready for the bikini.


            “First we’ll shoot some nude photos!” Ben exclaimed.


Monica stepped back out of the picture as Ben snapped dozens of nude photos from every angle. Finally when he’d had enough, Ben said,


            “It’s time to dress her in the bikini now.”


            Monica complied immediately. She put the bottom on first, and tied the 2 bows neatly at Eve’s sides. Then she lifted Eve to a sitting position again, put the top on, and tied the bows behind Eve’s neck and back. The red string bikini looked great against Eve’s long black hair. To complete the look, after she put Eve on her back again, Monica slipped Eve’s white high heeled pumps back on her.


            Ben began snapping more photos as Monica placed Eve’s limp body in various different positions. Then Monica untied and spread out each of the bikini strings one at a time for more photos with the bikini in various states of removal. The final pose had the bottom untied on both sides, but still on, and the top completely removed.


            It was time for a different sequence of photos now. Monica removed the bikini bottom and pumps, and prepared the next outfit. It would be a tight fitting black dress, slit way up the side, and a pair of high heeled strappy sandals. No underpants or bra would be needed. Ben soaked the cloth with more chloroform and placed it over Eve’s nose and mouth. He held it there for over a minute and then pulled it away.


            The carrying photos were next, and he didn’t want any chance of Eve waking up yet. He held Eve in the cradle carry position and let the dress ride up, completely exposing her nude bottom. It was Monica’s turn for the camera work now, and she snapped many photos of Eve in the carry position. Ben carried Eve’s limp body from room to room and Monica followed and took pictures from every angle.


            Finally, Eve was carried back to the bedroom and placed on the bed. The dress and sandals were removed, and Eve was placed in a sheer and very short nightgown. The gown was barely long enough to cover Eve’s privates, and her breasts overflowed the top. The gown was so sheer that covering these areas with it wouldn’t have helped anyway. Eve was naked for all practical purposes. Ben shot many photos, as Monica moved her into various positions again.


            After putting the camera down, Ben took some short lengths of rope and tied Eve’s hands behind her back, and also bound her ankles together. Then a scarf was put around the back of Eve’s head and crossed over inside her mouth as a cleave gag, before it was knotted behind Eve’s head. Monica once again admired her prize baby doll! She was on her side, sleeping peacefully, while bound, gagged and helpless.


            The shoot was over. It was time for the fun that Ben had promised Monica now! Monica unzipped her brown leather boots and slipped them off. Next she pulled the ring on the zipper that ran down the front of her short red dress and unzipped the dress completely. The dress opened like a shirt and she slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor. Finally Monica removed her nude pantyhose and her matching pink bra and panties set.


            Ben watched eagerly as his naked girlfriend put on the red string bikini that Eve had modeled. Her breasts didn’t fill out the top anything like Eve’s did, but she still looked very hot! Monica pulled the vibrator out of her purse and plugged it in. As she did that, Ben got the chloroform and cloth ready. He also got out 2 dust masks.


            Monica tingled with excitement when she saw that he had 2 masks! She knew one would be for her sooner or later. Monica had a sleepy fetish, and loved to be put under. Meanwhile, she began to amuse herself by fondling Eve’s breasts, while waiting for her to wake up.


            Eve’s eyes opened slowly and revealed a very blurry view. As they slowly came into focus, she raised her head and looked around. She was on the bed in her bedroom now, and Ben and Monica were there. Monica was dressed in the tiny string bikini that Eve thought she was supposed to model. Eve tried to speak, but suddenly realized that she was gagged. She tried to suddenly jump up, and found that she was also bound hand and foot.


            Eve was confused and her head was swimming from all the chloroform that they had given her. As her senses slowly returned, she remembered the cloth being placed over her face. Then everything went blank. She had no memory of anything. She was also nearly naked in a sheer nightie that was too small for her. Finally Monica spoke,


            “Wake up sleepyhead, the shoot is all finished.” She said.


            Ben removed Eve’s gag so she could answer. “What shoot? I don’t remember anything.” Eve replied with fear in her voice.


            “You just completed a session of sleepy modeling.” Monica replied. “We dressed you in all the outfits and took all the photos of you sleeping in them.”


            “Do I get paid now, or is this all a scam?” Eve asked.


            “No scam.” Monica answered. “I have $5000 here for you in cash.”


            That was way more than Eve had expected. Still she had questions.


            “If this is on the level, why am I tied up and why was I gagged?” Eve asked suspiciously.


            “Ben will set you free in a minute.” Monica said. “But first we have another reward for you.”


            Ben was soaking the cloth with more chloroform! Eve struggled in her bonds as he approached her.


            “Just relax and breathe normally.” Monica ordered. “He’s not going to put you under this time. We just want to make you dreamy.”


            Eve had no choice but to comply. She was not only bound, but she was extremely vulnerable to the chloroform now, since she had already been under for so long. In just a few breaths, she was slipping into a delightful state. She continued to inhale, and fell ever deeper under its spell. Just as her eyes began to flutter, Ben pulled the cloth away. Eve heard a dull buzzing sound now. It sounded hollow and far away. Monica was holding some kind of wand. She couldn’t tell what it was, since her eyes would not focus.


            Monica placed the vibrator on Eve’s magic spot and let it do its work slowly. Ben untied Eve’s ankles and spread her legs further apart. That enabled Monica to move the vibrator around a little. Eve’s body shuddered and her hips began to move. Ben untied her hands now, since she was no longer a threat escape wise.


            Eve’s eyes were glazed in a heavily drugged state now. She was moving her hips as if she was having sex. Eve couldn’t tell if this was really happening to her, or if it was a dream. She didn’t care!  All she could feel was pleasure, so she kept moving and enjoying the stimulation. Eventually her movements increased to a more rapid rhythm. She was about to cum!


            Ben and Monica watched in awe as Eve’s body exploded into orgasm! She started to make noise in the form of moans and screams a she burst. At her peak, Ben held the cloth on her once more to calm her down. Shortly after it was over, and Eve’s body had fully relaxed, she suddenly passed out. Ben pulled the cloth away and let her sleep.


            Each time Eve woke up the process was repeated exactly. After Eve had climaxed for the fifth time, Monica was ready to try something different. She eagerly waited for Eve to wake up again.


            Eve’s eyes opened slowly. She came into focus faster this time. She still felt extremely dreamy and amorous. Eve had never been into women, but Monica looked totally hot in that bikini. Ben was standing there with the chloroform bottle and cloth in his hand. Eve was certain he was about to put her under again. Then to her surprise, he spoke softly,


            “Monica would like you to put her under now. After she’s out, you can remove her bikini.” He said.


            Eve got up off the bed. It took a few seconds to get her footing, since she was still slightly dizzy, but she quickly recovered. As Monica climbed onto the bed, Eve poured chloroform onto the cloth. She didn’t fully understand why she was to do this, but she thought it was better than having Ben put her under again.


            Monica tingled all over inside as Eve placed the soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. Eve held it there firmly, even though Monica was not struggling. Monica inhaled deeply, and soon was drifting off to that wonderful sweet void!


            Suddenly Monica’s blue eyes began to flutter rapidly. Eve was actually aroused by the sight of this. It didn’t last long though. Monica’s eyes suddenly closed and she fell limp onto the bed.


            ‘That’s enough.” Ben said. Then, as he took the cloth from her, he said,


            “We don’t want her out for too long yet.” He said. “Go ahead and strip her now.”


            Eve reached behind Monica’s neck and pulled her up into a sitting position. She felt light as a feather and was as limp as a rag doll. Eve had never held an unconscious woman before and loved the power she had over her! Then she carefully pulled the bow behind Monica’s neck undone and let the strings fall. Next, Eve reached behind Monica’s back and pulled the other top string undone. The suit top fell on the bed and Monica’s firm breasts stood straight out with little sag.


            Eve placed Monica on her back again and untied both of her bottom strings. Then she pulled the tiny bottom off and tossed it aside. Ben spoke again,


            “Now you can remove your nightgown.” He said.


            Eve shook her head “No!”


            “Oh, I see that you’re a little shy.” He said.


            Ben picked up the still wet cloth and approached her. As he placed it over her face he spoke again,


            “Let’s just get you relaxed and dreamy first.” He said softly.


            Eve suddenly wished that she had just taken the gown off as he’d asked! Within 30 seconds she was about to pass out again! Finally he pulled the cloth away. Eve went to take the gown off, but she couldn’t raise her arms. Ben slipped the gown over her head and off for her, and tossed it on the floor.


            Eve fell to the bed on her side next to Monica. She felt the room spinning around her. As she fell, she noticed that Monica was awake now. Then Ben handed Eve the vibrator, and asked her to begin pleasuring Monica.


            “Wait!” Monica demanded. “Make me dreamy first.”


            Eve put down the vibrator and took the now wet cloth that Ben handed her. Eve gently held it on Monica and watched her eyes. When they began to flutter like before, Ben called out,


            “No more or she’ll pass out!” He said.


            Eve pulled the cloth away as she was told, but she was disappointed. She wanted to put her all the way under again! Instead she picked up the vibrator and turned it on. Monica started to move her hips almost immediately. In less than 5 minutes she was screaming that she was cumming! Eve never stopped or removed the vibrator. After Monica had cum three times, she asked to be put to sleep.


            Ben soaked a dust mask with chloroform and told Eve to strap it on Monica. When she was done, Ben handed her another soaked mask and asked her to put it on herself. Eve knew better than to resist. She put the mask on. Then Ben told her to fondle Monica’s breasts.


            Monica was helpless, totally naked and on her back, forced to breathe the chloroform. That made Eve hot for some reason. She watched Monica’s baby blue eyes once again as she held one of Monica’s firm breasts in each of her hands. As Monica’s eyes fluttered, Eve was starting to get light headed herself.


            She struggled to remain conscious though, so she could watch Monica’s delicious pass out. Then, once Monica was out, Eve gave in to the chloroform and collapsed on top of Monica’s limp body. By the time she had fallen on top of Monica, Eve was already out herself.


            Ben looked at his two naked sleepy puppets. They were each helplessly inhaling more and more chloroform, plunging each other ever deeper into the abyss. In his mind he could think of only one thing.


“Let the games begin!”




















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3 t 


                                            Strange Dreams on a Train



            Lucy felt the train begin to move as she sat alone in her compartment. It was just after sunrise. The trip would take 30 hours, and for the night the seats would be folded down to make a bed. It was day now, and most people in the sleeper car had their doors and curtains open and were sitting in their seats looking out the window.


            There was something very romantic about riding a train, but not for Lucy yet. Lucy was 24 and very attractive with long brown hair and firm well rounded breasts. Her legs were long and slender, and turned heads wherever she went. She didn’t have a boyfriend though, and hadn’t had sex in a long time. “Way too long!” She thought to herself as the train picked up speed and she could feel bumps. The motion of the train and the bumps were already arousing her.


            Lucy had seen several good looking guys her age, or slightly older, board the train. At least two had even made eye contact with her and smiled. Perhaps later on she would get lucky and meet someone. It was way too early for that now though. Right now she needed to take a nap. She wasn’t used to getting up this early and was still very sleepy.


            Lucy slid the glass door on her compartment closed and drew the curtain across it. She had total privacy now, except for the window to the outside. The train was moving fast and there was no way anyone could see inside now. She began to get comfortable.


            As she slowly unbuckled the tiny straps on her high heeled shoes, her fantasies began. She imagined a guy was doing it for her. She loved to be undressed by someone else! Her shoes were off now, and she turned sideways and placed her bare legs and feet across the seat and sat sideways with her back to the window.


            “Just how comfortable shall I get now?” she thought to herself. She unbuttoned the top button of her dress. In a few seconds she decided to be more daring. She unbuttoned five more buttons and exposed her bra. It was frilly and white and felt tight on her. She reached behind her and unhooked it. Then she worked the straps off her shoulders and arms through her dress and took it off. Next she re-buttoned all but two of the buttons on her dress and tossed the bra on the floor on top of her shoes.


            Lucy felt all tingly and sexy now. She lifted her dress up over her hips and exposed her tiny panties. For proper sleep, they should come off too she thought. She slowly eased the panties down and off and tossed them aside with her other things. As she closed her eyes and tried to sleep her fantasies were in overdrive!


            As the train’s many wheels clicked along the tracks, she had a naughty thought. “What if her door and curtain were open now?” Any guy walking by could see everything, at least below her waist. Then she decided to go further. She unbuttoned every button on her dress and exposed her right breast completely. There; no guy could resist her now, if her door were open, she imagined.


            All those erotic events shifted to just her mind now. It wasn’t long before her lifelong dominant fetish popped up. She never went more than a few minutes without it coming into play somehow, and it had been that way since her early teens. At times she cursed it, and thought that it wasn’t healthy or normal, but it still ruled her life. She was born with it and couldn’t do anything but indulge it.


            Lucy had a sleepy fetish. She constantly fantasized about a guy putting her to sleep somehow, and having his way with her limp body. It varied in scenario, but always proceeded to the same end. She would pass out completely and he would slowly strip her and begin by kissing and touching her limp naked body everywhere. For the end game, he would go down on her for a while, and then finally mount her. The methods of knockout varied, from a drugged drink to a forced injection, but her favorite was the chloroform soaked cloth being placed over her nose and mouth.


            That was the method she had seen in the movies and TV the most, and to her was the most romantic. It was gentle, and rendered her helpless gradually. The man had a firm hold on her, and he was close enough for her to feel his taut muscles and smell his scent. She would struggle of course, but she knew her pass out was inevitable and she would be totally his. She would soon melt in his strong arms, and be carried off like a doll. Just the thought of it happening sent chills up and down her spine!


            With those pleasant thoughts in her head, Lucy drifted off to sleep. She remained motionless for some time and then her body started to move around slightly. She was beginning to dream…


            It was nearly dark and Lucy’s eyes opened. Her door and curtains were wide open! She was exposed on the seat and a man was coming into her compartment! He was tall, and looked strong and handsome. Lucy folded her arms in front of her to cover her exposed right breast. She thought about getting up and running but she could not move.


            Suddenly the man was on top of her. He was holding a wet cloth over her face. “It must be chloroform!” she thought to herself. As he held the cloth on her, he also tried to pull her arms away to get to her breasts. Lucy held her arms in position, but could do little else. Her eyes were in rapid flutter now, and her body was relaxing all by itself. Her time awake was quickly running out. In less than a minute, her body suddenly went limp and her eyes gently closed.


            The man held the cloth on her for over a minute after she was out. Then he pulled it away and tossed it on the floor. Her limp arms were easy to move now, and he was able to completely expose both of her breasts. He fondled them for a minute and then got up and quickly closed the compartment door and pulled the curtains over it.


            The man spread Lucy’s legs apart easily and quickly put his mouth in her most private spot. He was able to smell and taste her now, with no resistance of any kind. To his surprise she was very wet down there already! The man had heard that some women were aroused by the idea of being chloroformed and kidnapped, but he never really believed it. Could she have been excited that way?


            It didn’t matter now. She was totally limp and all his anyway!  At first he went down on her ever so gently. As he licked her; he could see goose bumps forming on her inner thighs. She was ready for him now. He stood up and quickly removed his pants and underwear. He was ready too. He was as hard as steel. It had been a long time since he had release, and there was a huge load of seed inside ready to explode.


            His gentleness faded as he stood up, and he mounted her like a ruthless pirate! He then ravaged her flesh with abandon. As he moved roughly in and out, her limp body laid helplessly still and accommodated his needs. Then, after nearly 15 minutes, suddenly he burst! Like a fountain, his seed filled her, and with no protection at all. When it was finally over, he got up off of her and put his underwear and pants back on. Then he opened the curtains and door, and left.


            Lucy woke up with a start. It was nearly noon. The sun was shining in the window, and the door and curtains were closed. She was still naked below the waist and her breast was still exposed. She was relieved that it had all been a dream! It all seemed so real though. It was like he she was watching him ravage her limp body from above. Now she was really horny!


            Lucy put her breast back inside her dress, but left the buttons open. Then she pulled her dress down over her hips, but left her panties off. When that was done, she opened her curtain and door, and sat sideways on her seat just like before. Perhaps a man would notice her now!


            About 8 compartments down and on the opposite side of the train, Jeff had closed his door and curtains for privacy as well. He was ready to load and check his tranquillizer gun. It held 6 small darts, and he loaded them all in.


Then he read his instructions carefully. Aim for her chest. One dart will knock her out completely in about 5 minutes and last an hour or so. If a second dart is fired a minute or two after the first dart she will pass out almost instantly, and sleep for 2-3 hours. When the darts are pulled out the last part of the dose is drawn in by suction. This insures a full dose, and a long and deep sleep.


Jeff needed a woman badly. He had just come off a book signing tour and had been taunted enough! Jeff was not a writer. He was the guy on the cover of many romance novels. He was tall, lean, and had long blond hair and deep blue eyes. His unkempt hair and partly unshaven face gave him a rough and tumble look that the women that read the books all dreamed about. He looked a lot like the 80’s book cover model Favio, and had an even worse book name. They called him Thor!


The women readers loved it and thought that he really looked like a god. Jeff hated it, but it was a living. What he really hated was the way all the women made such a fuss over him when they recognized him. The women in the book stores all tried to mob and attack him! He could rarely single one out and have a date. When he did connect with one, all she talked about was those novels. That’s why he wanted tonight’s woman unconscious. When he found her he would dart her first, and then make his move. That way she would pass out before she realized who he was, and he could have some fun and sex his way for a change! Once he was comfortable with the gun, he put it in his pocket and started to walk the aisles of the train to find his prey.


He saw several women right away, but they either weren’t his type or were not alone. At the other end of the car, when he had almost given up hope, he found her! He passed by her compartment and then stopped and looked from a safe distance.


She was hot! She had bare legs and feet, and her dress was completely unbuttoned! Without further thought, he aimed the gun and fired. The dart hit her chest “dead on” right between her breasts. Then he stepped out of sight for a minute to let the drug take effect.


Lucy was riding peacefully in her seat when she suddenly felt a sting in her chest. She looked down and saw the small dart. At first she shook her head and looked around. “Was she dreaming again?” She wondered. “No, she wasn’t dreaming this time!” She reached to pull the dart out. Then she saw that the vile had some of the drug still in it. If she pulled it out, that would be sucked into her and she would get an even larger dose! She left the dart alone.


She considered getting up and closing her door. When she tried to do that, she felt too dizzy to get up. Once again her first mode of defense was to fold her arms to cover her open dress. Then he stepped into the compartment.


Wow! He was everything she ever dreamed about in a guy and then some. As he got close she could see his beautiful blue eyes. The drug was working though and her eyes were rapidly losing focus. He took her right hand in his and tried to pull her arm off of her chest. She resisted.


That was a mistake! He let go of her hand, reached in his pocket and pulled out a gun! Just when Lucy thought she was about to die, a second dart hit her right breast. She passed out almost instantly.


Jeff put the gun away, closed the compartment door, and pulled the curtains closed. Then he pulled the curtain over the outside window as well. It was time to admire his prize. First he pulled her arms out of the way and pulled out both darts. Next he pulled her unbuttoned dress down over her shoulders and rendered her topless.


Oh yes! This one would be perfect. He continued to pull the loose dress down over her hips and off. She wasn’t wearing any underwear! This one was really asking for it. He undressed quickly and got down on his knees. Then his seduction scene began.


He started by massaging her feet, just like the scenes in the books his face was on. Then with both hands and his tongue he worked his way slowly from her feet to her neck stopping everywhere in between. He had done this with many women, but never with one that was totally unconscious like this. She was like a warm real life doll!


He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Her mouth was partly open and he was able to probe it deeply with his tongue. Then he sniffed her hair. It had a floral scent, and was baby soft to the touch. Holding her beautiful limp head in his hands was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Finally he put her head down on the seat and tasted her breasts.


Her nipples instantly became erect in his mouth, even though she was deeply under. That didn’t surprise him. He had always thought that some sexual functions were instinctive. He turned his attentions lower, and tasted her ultimate nectar. As he did it she became much damper there and he could also see signs of arousal on the flesh of her inner thighs.


He slipped on a condom before entering her. Then he mounted her gently. Seeing her on her back, limp, with her head to the side, and her eyes closed was driving him over the edge! He was in control of his own movements. He could thrust with no resistance at all. It was like having sex with a doll, only this was no doll! She was a beautiful woman and oh so real!  


Such passion could not last forever. After about 10 minutes, he finally burst and felt his load pulse inside her. If it weren’t for the condom, surely this load would have made any girl pregnant he thought to himself as he pulled out and looked at the amount in the condom! Then he covered her with her dress, as if it were a blanket.


Jeff quickly redressed himself and picked up the darts from the floor. He took those and the condom with him. As he left, he closed her curtains and door to keep her safe and out of sight.


Lucy woke up hours later and looked around. “Was this another dream?” She wondered. Then she realized that her dress had been taken off. Her window curtain was closed too. Then she remembered the darts. She looked at her breasts. There were 2 tiny holes there! No, this was no dream. As she tried to remember him, all she could see was his long blonde hair and his blue eyes. His face was a blur. All of a sudden, the powerful drug kicked in again and she quickly drifted back to sleep. Oh the sweet dreams she would have now…   





































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