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The knockout job.

Brian was unemployed and very lazy, he was 25 and mostly stayed inside playing video games rarely looking for a job, his stepmother was looking through the papers when she found an article " subjects wanted! Is your son a layabout? Well bring him here to our facility and let us show him what lazyness does to people! We are currently involved in tests practicing pressure point and smother knockouts, we even delve a little into the effect of fetish knockouts, seeing how much of it he can take, if you ever wanted Revenge on your dick of a son this is the job for him, and the pay is over 5000 a month, which goes directly to you! I'm also guessing that he isn't reading this, well don't worry, our website posts a fake job offer to entice him,so bring him over and you can even watch as the knockouts unfold! " she smiled widely, " fuck yes! " she yelled imagining her lazy son getting knocked out.

She saw her son playing games and brought him the computer, " here son, I've found a job for you" " about damn time, I've nearly finished all my games," he grumbled and looked at the website " come to our facility! We are offering an exciting opportunity to work with young people like you! All you have to do in this job? Well we will offer you a large sum of money to play video games all day! " " Holy hell yes! Can you take me there please? " he begged, " yeah sure" she said smiling.

The next day they arrived to a massive building advertising brand new games. " this is gonna be so fun!" he said to himself. They entered to find a beautiful woman twiddling with her hair, her shirt seemed to barely cover her enormous breasts " oh hello... How can I help you?" she asked " hello, I saw your" advertisement" the mother said winking " so here is my son, eager and ready" the receptionist winked back at her " well welcome my friend, here let me shake your hand" she said as she stood up, she was wearing a very short skirt, Brian was practically drooling, she went to shake his hand but " accidentally" tripped onto him, her hands went to his neck and she immediately applied pressure, he fell down like a sack of potatoes, the two women laughed " so are you staying for the full first day?" the receptionist asked " screw the first day I'm staying for the full term" " that's perfectly acceptable we actually have apartments free of charge for you, well I'll get this guy all set up, there's a viewing room for you to observe our full tests" " will he be able to see me?" she asked " honey you won't only be able to see him you can join in if you want" she said as the receptionist dragged her unconscious stepson away.

Brian woke up groggy, his surroundings eventually cleared and he found himself in what looked like a large blue gym room, various equipment lay scattered around, at the end of the room was a big glass window, his stepmother was on the other side smiling happily

" Yay! Your finally awake" said a voice, turning round he saw a beautiful woman, she had long caramel coloured hair, a stunning figure and breasts he just wanted to put his head in between, " as you've probably guessed by now the advertisement you read was fake, this is a six month trial period where we will test the effects of every knockouts we can think of, from wrestling moves to cartoons we're gonna see of they actually work" she said. Brian needed to get out, he looked at the room trying to find a way out, as if Reading his mind the beautiful woman shook her head, " no way out I'm afraid, now for the first test we'll go for something classic" she said and suddenly ran upto him with surprising speed and punched him in the face THWACK! was the sound his stepmother heard as she watched her son sway from side to side. Brian was seeing stars, he smiled dumbly at them and tried to grab them " owwwwwww" he said and fell backwards, landing spread eagled on the floor, out cold. The beautiful woman picked up a pad " swayed for approximately ten seconds, fell backwards, is now completely unresponsive" she said using her bare foot to move his head from side to side. As his stemother watched in gleeful anticipation watching her idiot son fall unconscious she felt a twinge in her crotch and her nipples hardened, could watching her son being knocked out actually be turning her on?...

The beautiful woman, meanwhile had grabbed a blackjack from a corner of the room, she got a bottle of water and poured it on his face, he woke up instantly and stood up " what's happening?!" he said " work dear" she said and whacked him with the blackjack, his body immediately became slack, his tongue lolled out and his eyes crossed "w....Where's the ketchup lollipop I think the library is closed" his muttered while trying to walk, another sharp jab and he fell flat on his face, unconscious and drooling. While the woman went back to her notes the stepmother tried to steady her breathing, she'd now become quite wet down south and her nipples had fully hardened, she knew she shouldn't be liking it This much but she couldn't help it, it was giving her immense sexual pleasure watching him be knocked out and she wanted to do it, she wanted to knock him out, she wanted to smother him unconscious with her tits and ass, she wanted him to suffer, a nurse suddenly stepped forward " we're nearly at the end of our first day, I know what you want to do I can see it in your eyes, get undressed, I'll look after your clothes while you go and show him who's boss.

The beautiful woman watched as her nurse spoke to the stepmother, " and now for our final knockout of the day... Which I'm guessing will be a smother ko" she said and left the room

Rachel the stepmother stepped into the gym, she was completely naked, and she was now very wet and horny. She kicked him a little, he groaned as he woke up, " what happ...mrfhhhhh!" was all he said as she locked her legs around him, his head buried In her pussy, he squirmed but it was no good " that's it dickhead, feel my pussy as I knock you the fuck out, oh this is going to be fun, for so long now you've treated me like crap.. Now it's my turn!" his arms had begun to slow, he tried to grab anything but only succeeded in grabbing her ass " oh yeahhh that's it! " she said as she pushed him further into her, she screamed as she came, Knocking him out In the process. She stood up, his face was covered in juices. " oh no, your good for one more, now get up" she said shaking him, he stood up groggily she threw an uppercut at him, it actually made him lift off the ground and fall backwards, he was unconscious before he even hit the ground. " sweet dreams... Dick" she said laughing as she closed the door behind her.

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Two Fingers. Hermione has been reading up on pressure point ko's and knows just how to deal with an arrogant Ron.

" I was clearly the best at hand to hand combat" Ron said as he entered his and Hermione's bedroom " I'm sure you were honey" she said smiling, " I was absolutely brilliant! Nothing and no one can beat me! I was outstanding!" he said " arrogance doesn't suit you dear" " it's not arrogance if it's the truth" he said proudly.

" I bet I can beat you" she said and Ron laughed " you may be the brightest witch of our age sweetheart but but if ten other students couldn't beat me you have no chance" he said smugly " at least let me try" she said.

" fine, give me your best shot" he said " OK, move to bed, when I knock you out I Want you to have soft landing" " sure" Ron said, he moved to the end of the bed.

" so, what are you gonna do?" Ron said " I'm gonna use just two Fingers, here we go" she said as Hermione extended a finger on each hand and smiled " goodnight honey" she said and poked Ron on both sides of his chest " I feel fi...ughhhh" he moaned as his eyes crossed and he fell backwards onto the bed, his head resting on the pillow " learnt it from a book, it's a pressure point nerve knockout" she giggled and " I'd tap your face to wake you up but I'm afraid it won't work, you'll be out for a few hours, I'm going shopping for a bit, have a nice nap!" she said leaving her unconscious boyfriend to sleep off his knockout...
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Josh's Stepauntie Susan entered the room, passing over the unconscious from of her nephew he found the three women out cold, her sister was lying on the floor, her neice was on the sofa, a sandwich between her breasts, and Samantha was next to her, her bra nearly removed, presumably due to Josh's kisses, she woke each of them up and helped them stand up.

" hey sis" she said " so he actually won then?" " yes" she said " it was surprising actually" she said as they entered the hallway to see him flat on the floor, " so, what shall we do with him?" susan asked " well our bet was if he could knock out all of us he could do what he wanted with us" " i saw with the sandwich boob and the nearly missing bra" she said smiling " and it wouldn't be fair to him if we didn't honour our side, you however were never part of that deal" she said looking at susan, smiling brightly.

They dragged Josh into the living room, his body was still twitching a little and a line of drool leaked from his mouth " Wow!, look at him! You really got him good!" Jenny said " I've had a bit of practice" she said mysteriously, Jenny's mom then looked to Jenny and Samantha " ok so girls, due to our deal we cannot do anything to Josh" she said and the girls huffed " so we'll just have to watch my dear sister, we're in for a treat" she said.

Susan put His head inbetween her legs, and tapped him to wake up " whats happening?... I won didn't I?" " yes dear, but not against me" and she tensed her legs, squeezing him, his arms tried to desperatly get her legs off him but she was immensely strong, he tried to talk but words couldn't get through, his eyes began to cross " that's it baby, sleep for susan" she cooed to him as he slowly fell asleep, his hands falling limp.

" Now the next one is a simple one, and if you watch cartoons a familiar one a door ko, let's wake him up" she said, tapping his face gently " wake up baby" he woke up and stood up quickly, but Susan was to fast and slammed the door on him " heyyyyy! Birdies!" he said, collapsing to the floor, " next one commences" she said and woke him again.

" oh no you don't!" he said raising his fist " come on then! Bring it!" " oh sweetie, poor delusional sweetie let's put you back to sleep"

" I am not going out again! Ive been put out for the past 3! I was having fun!" he said and lunged at Susan hitting her square in the jaw, she shook hee head, trying to clear to cobwebs but Josh hit again instantly " Ohhhhhhhhhhh....darnnnn" Susan said hitting the floor, before the three girls coupd even react he punched all three of them, soon he had four women, all out cold.


It had been the best hour of his life, having Samantha and Her stepauntie's breasts all to himself was immense, he'd already got them to Cum unconscious. to get revenge for the humiliation he had suffered from Jenny and his Stepmother they had both become footrests, deep in Samantha's Breasts he didn't notice Susan waking up " hello" she said.

He was about to punch her when she held his hands up in defence " I come in peace" she said, her hand immediately putting it in his pants, he sighed softly

" I'm....I'm listening" he said " it's a curious thing this isn't it? I can literally say anything to you an you wouldn't care, like I'm gonna get revenge" she said and he moaned in response " or that by the end of today you'll be out cold...yet if I say take me" and Josh lept onto her, kissing her neck " Goodby baby" and judo chopped him, he fell out cold onto her breasts.

Now they were awake again, susan smiled " now for the finale, you've all done this before, but not like this" she said, Josh woken up looked in fear as he saw an Ass lowered over him.

She started out slowly, then vigorously moved up and down on him, they could hear him almost scream under her, she and Josh Cummed together almost violently.

" Look at her, she's still Cumming!" Sam said as Susan remained over josh as she cummed for a solid minute.

She took her Ass from his head, now covered in so much of her juices they couldn't even see his mouth, the only thing you could tell that he was still alive were the bubbles being created by him " now I haven't done THAT in a while" she said giggling, one more I think" she said, " whoops, I went a bit overboard" she said " let's get him to bed"

They plopped him onto his bed, the layers of Cum thankfully wiped away to help him breathe better " sweet Dreams!" Jenny said.
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Day 4.

Josh woke up to someone calling his name, his eyes opened to see Jenny, dressed in a sports bra and shorts " well I'm glad we didn't put you in a coma" she said and his memory of yesterday came flooding back " get away from me!" he said and she sighed " look you can either come with me or I knock you out And drag you...what's it gonna be?" she asked, he considered his options and finally relented, got up, and followed her.

She took him to the outside shed, he'd never been in here before, all he knew was that there was a training room inside. She led him to a boxing ring, there he saw his stepmother and Samantha, both in boxing gloves " ok so here's the deal" Jenny said as she put on her own gloves " see we think you should be given a chance since....since you actually managed to knock me out yesterday" she grumbled, he smiled a little as he remembered what happened " so we give you this, if you can beat the three of us individualy, we will not only stop our daily knockout's but... You can do whatever you want with us" she said and Samantha winked at him as she handed him a pair of gloves " good luck" she said and kissed his cheek.

The first round was with Jenny, she had an angry look on her face " you'll pay for yesterday" she said as she took a fighting stance, she swung at him, he dodged it rather easily, she swung again but he dodged again, she had an angry look as she kept swinging at him, eventually Josh raised his fist and hit Jenny, he body stood ridged, her tongue lolled out, her eyes crossed and she fell backwards, twitching and out cold.

After dragging Jenny away it was now his stepmother's turn " good luck... Even though you will not succeed" she said smirking, she went for the attack, and he blocked it! " what?!" she said, she tried but his defence was too good, he then hit her, her eyes crossed " impossible" she said and fell to the floor out cold.

Now it was Samantha's turn " good luck!" she said again and went in for the attack, once again Josh blocked it " how are you this good?" she asked " I'm not sure" he said and threw his punch, and she fell out cold as well! " I did it!" he said.


Josh sat on the sofa watching TV, his legs were outstretched and his feet were currently resting on his new footrest, his stepmother, his feet on her boobs. An unconscious Jenny sat next to him and Samantha, on Jenny's breasts rested a sandwiche. on the other side, he was currently in the middle of kissing Samantha's boobs, which jiggled as she sighed softly, his hand currently on jenny's " this is awesome!" he said, then there was a Knock at the door.

He opened to find his stepauntie looking shocked " huh... Didn't think you'd win" she said and roundhouse kicked him, he spun round quickly, moaned and fell to the floor out cold " I'll wake the others" she said smiling.
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Josh walked to his room, it had a weird two days, he opened his door and stepped in when suddenly his memory returned, all of it, Anger suddenly filled him, " I have to get them back for this!" he said to himself as he heard someone walk behind him " morning" Samantha said happily as he turned around, she was wearing a very tight top with a low cut, showing her cleavage, his anger went away quickly " M..morning" " you seem a little distracted, is it my top? I can take it off" and she did, revealing a black bra, his mouth dropped open " or maby" she said walking to him and wrapping her arms around his neck " you're remembering what happened yesterday and you were in the middle of planning revenge by trying to knock the three of us out, maby have your way with us" she said motioning to her chest, he tried to answer but couldn't quite remember how to form words now that her boobs were on his chest " well I'm here to tell you that you'd fail" she now started to give him soft kisses to his neck " and by the time we've finished, you won't even remember your name" " we?" he asked, suddenly Jenny and her mother stepped in, dressed in sexy black lingerie, " oh no" was all he said as Samantha hit him fully with her fist, he moaned, eyes crossed and fell backwards onto the bed.

The three women stared at their unconscious victim " what are we doing with him today?" Jenny asked her mother, she looked at Josh in deep thought before smiling " we'll try the smother ko, Samantha you will be the one to do this given how...well endowed you are" she said, Sam giggled a little " then we'll use the standard blackjack ko, then I'll let you both have a go at what I did yesterday" she said and the two women smiled brightly.

Samantha tapped his face, he woke up blinking " what happened... No no not again!" he said pushing Samantha away and getting up, he found himself facing Jenny and her mom " you won't get past us" Jenny said, Anger however blinded him as he swung at them, and to his suprise he actually hit Jenny " owwww" she said, her eyes began to cross, her mother simply sighed " don't worry, I'll wake you once I'm done" as Jenny fell onto the floor out cold, he ran past but didn't get far as he was tripped up and held by his stepmother " now now honey, it's best to not fight" " get of me!" she sighed again and gave him a quick punch, not enough to knock him out, just to daze him " now Samantha, remember what I told you...and have fun" she said handing him to her, she then turned to Jenny as she tapped her face gently, she woke up moaning a little " what happened?..." she asked " he took you unawares sweetie... Don't worry, you'll get your revenge" she said, just then Samantha moaned in pleasure, they turned to her " what are you doing Sam?" " well I tried the smother ko but..Oooo... You must not have hit him to hard because he's woken up..." " and now he's trying to kiss you so you'll let him go" she said " i have to admit I don't mind" Samantha said giggling as she let him continue, Jenny grabbed the blackjack from her mother's hand and slammed it onto his head, he moaned and fell backwards, Samantha looked a little frustrated.

" ok girls, now for the finale" Jenny's mom said as Jenny took the position her mother did with Josh last night " hang on, I'll wake him up" she said and shook him " owwww...what hap..Hmmmmph!" was all he could say as she lowered her Ass onto his face, she grabbed his member making him hard and put her mouth over it, his arms flailing around as Jenny moved up and down fast, she moaned loudly as they both cummed together, his arms dropped lifelessly.

She removed herself from him to survey what she had done, like last night his eyes had rolled up to the back of his head, his body twitched a little " My turn!" Sam said happily as she wiped of jenny's juices from his face then woke him up " waaaaa.." was all he could say " here we go baby!" she cried out as her mouth on his member made him instantly hard again, his arms flailing around, but like last time, it did no good.

After Cumming together again Sam released herself from him to find he hadn't fully passed out, she laughed, wiped her mess from his face and stood him up " Ughhhhh....pwrettty girllll" " whats your name?" Sam asked " Pettistreeeeeeesd" he said dazidly " perfect" she said and punched him, he fell back onto the bed, out for the night.

The three women got ready for bed, Samantha took one last look at her sleeping crush then went to sleep thinking " cannot wait till tomorrow!"
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Day 2.

Josh woke up,groggily " what happened?" he said as he got up and went downstairs, his mouth fell open as he saw the three women he knew all dressed in sexy pink leotards, Samantha walked upto him, her glorious Lucy pinder like breasts on show for him " ok so this is lesson one, kiss but no touching these" she said pointing to her chest, all he heard however was " kiss".

She began slowly, then came tongues, then hands, his moved very quickly to the parts he desired most, she broke the kiss with a mock shocked expression " what did I tell you?! You have to be punished" she said giggling as she stepped back, Jenny and her mother stepped forward " since you won't remember this anyway this is the only time you'll ever get to" jenny's mom said and kissed
Him deeply, Jenny was next and also kissed him, then hit his neck with a solid chop, his eyes glazed and he fell backwards " judo chops" Jenny explained " the suits are for distraction" her mom added, " right, next is pressure point ko's, Samantha you will be the distraction and I'll perform the move" she said and tapped his face, he woke up as she hid behind him " Owwww....S..Samantha?" he said standing up, Samantha put on her most seductive smile " yes baby?" " You look Hot!" he said, clearly still a little disoriantated from the chop " come closer baby and I'll show you" she said, just as he was about to move he stood very still and rigid, Jenny then poked her head around " what I'm doing is hitting the base of his spine" she said as she did it again his mouth opened and a thin line of drool followed " and if I release like so" she said letting go, he crumpled to the floor " that was amazing!" Sam said " what else?" " we'll try something new and something sexy" Jenny's mom said as she woke up their unconscious guinea pig and stood him against the wall " this is a wall splash ko" she said as first Jenny ran at him hitting him, Jenny's mom, then Samantha, he barely got two steps before collapsing flat on his face " what next?!" Sam almost screaming with excitement " ok, so the next will bring pleasure to both, but ultimate victory to one, turn him over and wake him up, on and I'm about to go bottomless so be prepared" she said as the two tried to wake him up, finally getting there by shaking him " wha....what's going onnnn?" he asked dazidly, Jenny's mom then sat on top of him, her face facing his pants, her Ass covering his face " now we begin" she said, she slowly grabbed his member making him hard instantly, she then moved her body in a fluid up and down motion, her mouth now attached to his member, he moaned beneath her as the two women watched in amazement as she slowly knocked him out again, just in a better way than ever " OH YES!" She said Cumming, meanwhile Josh's arms fell limp on the floor.

She took her mouth out his now softening dick and let his head drop from her Ass, his face was now covered in her juices so much that every time he breathed a small bubble would appear, his eyes were rolled up to the back of his head and he was completly unresponsive " I think that's it for today" she said, Jenny huffed " can't we wake him up one more Time?" Jenny asked " no" her mother said sternly " he needs bed time now" she said wiping his face with a cloth and lifting him over her shoulder " I'll take him to bed" she said, Jenny huffed again as they went upstairs. After putting her stepson to bed and checking Samantha was asleep she checked on Jenny, she was pacing around the room " I can't sleep mom I'm way to pumped, do you have any remedy?" she asked, her mom simply smiled as she punched her so hard Jenny span round to facing the bed, a little push and she was on the bed fast asleep " night hun"

Morning came, Josh woke up slowly, he had very little memory of the past day, the only thing he could remember was pink, and Samantha's breasts for some reason, making his way downstairs he saw Jenny and Samantha eating breakfast and smiling " morning" they said together
" umm, morning" he said " what happened yesterday?" he said " oh Ummm...i you?" Samantha asked Jenny, who responded by elbowing him in the face, knocking him out " I'll put him back to bed, then we can figure out an actual story" she said and they both giggled.
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Jenny walked into the living room to her annoying stepbrother " I need you to leave the house for a bit" she said " and why would I want to do that?" " because my friend Samantha is coming and she doesn't like you being here, she's just to polite to tell you" " and why is that?" " because your constantly staring at her tits" " so? They're big...and she wears pretty tight tops to, in any case I'm not leaving" " yes you are" she said, at this Josh stood up " and just what are you gonna do?" he asked " I warn you, I've had boxing lessons recently" she said " Oooo I'm terrified" he said before being punched in the jaw.

" Ughhh I Seeee Starsss" he said swaying " Ok so I'm guessing you aren't In any fit state to leave.... Hmmmm... You'll just have to take a long nap" she said and punched him again, he dropped to his knees " one more I think then beddybys" she said kissing her fist which swiftly connected to his face, his eyes fully crossed and he fell foreword, his head landing on her chest, she heard the doorbell ring " oh that will be her, don't be going anywhere now" she said giggling as she let him drop to the floor.

She opened the door to her friend, " hello!" she said hugging Jenny " hi, come in" Jenny said smiling.

" that your stepbrother?...if I may ask why is he knocked out on the floor?" she asked " well" Jenny said " he pissed me off, so he's having a little nap... Aren't ya brother?" she said tapping his face lightly, he didn't stir " Wow you really got him good" she said " can you teach me?" " sure!, I'll just wake our punching bag up" Jenny said tapping her stepbrother's face, he slowly came to as she stood him up " now make sure to push your arm back tightly and make a complete fist" Jenny said as Samantha followed her instructions " Ughhh, what happened?" he asked as Jenny smiled " now" she said as Samantha punched him " owwww" he said, his head slowly spinning as his eyes crossed again and he fell foreword onto Samantha " that was awesome! Show me more!"

Jenny grabbed her stepbrother's limp form and dragged him to the sofa, placing him between her legs as she sat down " this one is called a temple drill ko, they'll be some drooling to" she said giggling as she tapped his face " must've hit him hard! He won't wake up, Hmmmm.. I know" she said as she put her hands down his pants and slowly massaged him, he woke up almost instantly " hiiiii" he said smiling, his smile faded instantly as she began the temple drill.

" Ughhhhh!" was all he coupd muster as his body and head twitched around " see this is also a side effect, the body will twitch as I hit his nerve" Jenny said to Samantha " so are you going on any holiday's this year?" Jenny asked her friend as her stepbrother continued to moan " oh umm...not sure" Samantha said, just then Josh's head lolled back onto jenny's legs, his body continued to twitch " I think he's out" Samantha said giggling, Jenny then looked at the time " Gosh it's 8:30! Ok, time we put this little guy to bed, then tomorrow we continue" " won't your parents say something?" " who do you think told me I could do this? My mother is pissed at him, so tomorrow we'll try more knockout's with maby some other stuff" she said " what other stuff?" Samantha asked " you'll see"

They brought him upstairs he briefly woke up but a solid punch from Samantha saw to that. Just then Jenny's mom came home " hello dears!" she said entering her stepson's room " what's going on here?" she asked " we're putting him to bed" Samantha said giggling " I'll take it from here girls" she said as they left the room.

She picked him up and dropped him onto his bed " I hope you enjoy sleeping, because tomorrow you'll do nothing but" she said, leaving her unconscious stepson in la la land.
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Viki couldn't contain her smile, she sat watching the two video's Mia and Christina sent her on her phone " finally some.payback!" she said to herself, this guy had made her lessons hell and now she was gonna get her reward, she had placed a metal bucket just over the door, her smile widened as the door opened " hello I.. Ughhh!" was all he said as the bucket hit him, he fell to the floor face first " gotcha!" she yelled happily, unfortunately he looked to just be out cold, she sighed and just took a couple of pictures, just then Christina and mia walked in " how is he? Did he do his thing?" mia asked " unfortunately just out cold" " shame" mia said, " well his stepmother will be here soon, wake him up then knock him out one more time" mia said, they tapped his face and woke him up. " what the hell is going on?!" he said " just the best detention like ever" Christina said, " and it's nearly over, so" she gave him a neck chop on the right side, his tongue lolled out, " it's been fun" mia said and neck chopped his left, his head snapped to the side, lastly viki gently tapped him and he collapsed to the floor.

" hi I'm Mrs Smith, here to pick up my stepson" " he's in there waking up" Christina said " hope you enjoy yourself" Christina said " oh this will be very fun" Mrs Smith said as he stepped outside " let's go sweety"

" I swear it was the weirdest detention like ever" he said in an annoyed tone " it can't have been that bad" she said trying to hide a snigger " just shut up Ok?! God your so annoying!" he yelled out, they stopped at a red light " if I'm so annoying why don't you just take a nap till we get home" " because I'm not 7!" he yelled before she punched him square in the jaw " Ughhh" he said before falling limp and out " look tired to me" she said, he then woke up " and now my fun!" she said as she set off again " happy sweetie?" " yesssss duhhhhh great timmeeee!" he said goofily as they drove home.

Dropping him onto the bed she kissed his forehead " goodnight sweetie...this is the start of a beautiful relationship" she said and left her unconscious stepson in la la land.

Alternate ending to part 1.

She kicked the ball and it was about hit him but it missed him and hit the bars, it rebounded and hit her. She started to sway as he walked upto her " you Ok?" he asked " dandyyyyyy baby.. Let's go to the mushroom Kingdom!" she said and fell backwards on the floor, out cold, " awesome" he said taking her top of revealing her breasts in a black leather bra, he almost ripped it off and started kissing her huge breasts " best detention ever" he said smiling.
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Christina sat at her desk eagerly awaiting the student, from what Mia had told her she was in a for the best detention of her life, she had it all set up, carefully placed in the textbook pantry was a frying pan,

the door opened and he entered the room " hi" he said huffing " hi, before you start pass me a textbook from the pantry" she said and he walked slowly away grumbling, she grabbed the phone, " viki?" yeah he should be with you in a few, get your phone ready" she said and hung up just as a loud clanging noise came from the pantry.

she put her video on her phone and started recording, she found him just starting to stir, but he didn't look recovered at all, it would seem the same thing that had happened in Mia's detention was happening now, his eyes were crossed and along with a goofy smiling expression he was also drooling. " having fun?" she asked " duhhhh pwety puppies!" " how are you feeling?" she asked standing him up to watch him staggering around " I feeeeeel like starssssssss!" he said and tried to grab the puppies he was apparently seeing, she sniggered " this will teach you to keep interrupting my class" she said happily, she then thought of his adopted Mother, she knew she didn't appreciate his attitude either and decided to give her a call, " hi, Mrs Smith?, yeah I'm with your son atm in detention, and I have just discovered the best thing ever" she said as he swayed around the room.

After describing what happens and sending her the video link she said " have to go. Your son's about to pass out" she said and hung up " sexy timmeeee" he said and tried to kiss her but only succeeded in falling out cold onto her, she sat him down gently.

He woke up to a loud horn noise, " wha..what happ?" he tried to say before he was shoved out by her " next detention please" she said

Tegan, his stepmother was on the computer watching the video " perfect she thought as she started to get ready to pick him up.
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" today is the day" she thought to herself, she'd organised it with the three other female teachers who he'd annoyed and she'd talked to his mother secretly telling her that this detention would be long. " how long do I have to be here for?" her student said grumpily " for as long as I bloody say so" she replied angrily.

Her plan was simple, find some way to knock him out, take a few pictures then blackmail him to stop being such an ass all the time. Little did she know of the joys she'd have.

" got it" she thought, " I'll knock him out with a football or something" she thought. Knowing he was attracted to her she lent backwards making her shirt strain a little on her boobs " Ok I'll admit this is boring, fancy doing an activity?" " y..yeah sure" he said looking at her chest " come on then" she said and led him out.

They went to the inside football field " since this is your detention you stay in goal" she said knowing he hated it " fine" he huffed and went in goal " perfect, phase 2" she muttered, she picked the hardest football she could find, and returned to the pitch.
" Ok, ready?" she asked and he huffed and grumbled a yes. She then yelled " what's that over there?!" he turned and she kicked the ball right at him. It hit him in the head, he staggerd then hit the floor unconscious.

She called up her fellow teacher christina " Ok he's out, let me drag him back inside then we can take pictures" she said smiling, she was about to pick him up when he suddenly woke up, she was about to huff when she saw him closly, his eyes were glazed and his tongue actually lolled out a little " you Ok?" she asked " starssss!" he said.

She stood him up and he started to stagger around " why is floor moving?.... Pickles!" he said, she held her mouth as she laughed and called christina " Omg you'll never guess, he's woken up but he's still dazed, he looks soon stupid, I'll send him to you once he recovers, hopefully it will be a while, just make sure to knock him out" she said smiling" she cut it off the phone " duhhhh pwety birdies!" he said " you look great!" she said and started filming " who's your favourite football player?" " donkeys!" he said goofily and she laughed, he swayed and fell onto Her chest, he boobs keeping him up, he started snoring a little " your drooling on my tits" she said and pushed him to the floor.

He woke up slowly, " what happened?" he asked slowly " you don't remember?" " well you'll have plenty of time to remember when you go to your next detention" " off you go" she said and directed him out " have fun christina" she said smiling.
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Part 2.

Susana stood up " excuse me?" she asked " the bet" he said " you know...where I get you for one night where you Won't disappoint " he said slowly " no deal" she said " why?" " because..." " because you thought you'd win anyway?" he said getting a little miffed at her words " that's not fair and you know it since if I'd have lost I'd have had to have been your slave for a day... I want our deal honored please" " nope" " fine then" he said and punched her, he head went up as she fell right to the floor, her eyes crossed and drooling " I'll just have to do it the hard way then" he said " loooooook Birdies!" she said goofily before passing out.

He put her on a stable bench and took off her top revealing her breasts to him, he started sucking on her nipple, she moaned " mmmmhhhuuuu" in her unconsciousness and a small smile spread across her lips, while his mouth was attached to her tits his hands moved to her lower area, he moved his hand lower down, before he could do anything though she woke up " mmmm what's what's happ...YOU!" she said and suddenly she used her hands to karate chop his shoulders " Ughhhhh sleepy" he said slowly and he fell onto her, his head now on her breasts " my turn" she said sexily.

End of part 2.
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Susana walked to the ring with a smile on her face, she was 29 years old, toned, and as she walked past a mirror, viewed her ample breasts, she loved boxing, the best part was of course knocking her opponents flat out cold, she'd reduce them to a babbling drooling mess first though, she smiled again at the thought of putting her next opponent out on his or her back, and when she saw her opponent, she smiled even more.

Her opponent was a tall, thin and lanky boy with what looked like no muscles at all " oh this is gonna be fun" she said to herself as she walked upto him " so, ever done this before?" she asked to which he replied a nervous " no" " well let's make this interesting then, if I win, you become my slave for a day, if you win, you get to have me for one night, and I won't disappoint" she said winking at him, he agreed to the terms and they got in the ring.

Susana surveyed her opponent, early 20's, no muscles, " this is gonna be easy" she thought, she swung her fist and remarkably he managed to dodge her quite expertly to, she tried again to hit him but again he dodged it, then he swung and hit her in the face, her vision exploded into a field of stars and she staggerd a little " w...whatt hitttt mee?" she asked, he hit again and her eyes immediately crossed along with her tongue lolling out, she drooled a little saying things like " mommy the bus is here!..... I don't remember asking for extraaaaaa ketchup!" she was barely keeping her balance, all he had to do was push her slightly and she fell flat on her back, tongue out and out cold.

She woke up in the changing roooms with him stood next to her " did you do that?" she asked " just lucky I suppose.... Now about that bet" he said smiling...

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I swear I will knock you out if you don't stop this right now " she said as her boyfriend continued to kiss her with his hands on her boobs, she sighed, they were currently in the changing rooms of a shop and she was trying on some new underwear, it took him less than a minute to come in and begin kissing her " come on baby I know you like this so why fight,it?" he asked 
" Ok you asked for this" she said and elbowed him right in the face " Ughhh" he said as his hands dropped from her boobs and he slid down the mirror and fell to the floor " told you " she said smiling " duhhhh I didn't know you had a twin!" he said before falling out cold.
She dressed herself and walked outside to the assistant " hello can you help? I Need a wheelchair for.." " let me guess, your boyfriend is currently in our changing rooms out cold?" she said smiling " yes.. How did you know?" she asked " we get it a lot" she said and led her to a small selection of wheelchairs with the caption " Out Cold " on the top. 
returning to the changing rooms they found him smiling goofily " you Ok there baby?" she asked him " duhhhh I don't wanna go sleepy" he said and fell out cold while the two women laughed, they dragged him onto the wheelchair and the assistant said " have a nice day" cherpily and walked away. 
The next shop they came to she parked him outside the changing rooms and emerged dressed in a pink bra with matching panties " Whatcha think?" she asked him obviously getting no response " aww come on.. Give me something" she said smiling and sat on him, placing her breasts next to his face and jiggled them slightly " Ok this is boring now... I almost prefer you awake...almost... Hmmmm..I have an idea" she said and pulled him into the changing room. 
She dropped him to the floor and placed her hand down his pants and started to move it up and down his member which immediately got hard " that's it baby" she said sexily. 
Suddenly the curtain was flung open and a very hot female assistant with long blue hair and huge breasts stood wide eyed " what are you doing?!!" she said a little loudly " well im stroking my unconscious boyfriend...what does it look like?" she said smiling " I have to tell the manager!" she said as was about to turn before she received a punch to the face, " I don't think you will Hun" the girlfriend said as the assistant swayed with a goofy expression on her face " Heyyyyy loook birdies!" she said before falling foreword onto the girlfriend who simply smiled " excellent " she said and closed the curtain. 
She dropped the assistant next to her boyfriend " now where were we baby?" she asked before resuming her ministrations, his eyes fluttered as they opened " Ughhh.. Whats happ...mmmm that feels good" he said as she kissed him " much better awake" she said " you knocked me out! How dare..." he was stopped as she kissed him again. She stood him up and showed him the out cold assistant " consider it my apology" she said " what.... Really?" he said happily " yep" 
He took of the buttons that barely covered her boobs and opened her top " jesus she's so hot" he said " hem hem" said his girlfriend still in her bra and panties " am I not hot?" she asked " of course you are" he said and got up to kiss her softly which soon evolved into a steamy make out session, the assistant woke up and muttered " whattttttttttt" before she was punched out by the girlfriend again. 
They continued their makeout as he kissed down her neck and onto her chest " oooooohh yes" she said smiling " hey you know what would be even better?" he said slowly " what's that baby?" she asked sexily " if you were out cold " " what?" she asked before he punched her. 
She swayed a little with a goofy smiling expression on her face, " did anyone catch the number of that truck?" she asked with her eyes crossed as she slid down the wall and finally sat out cold on the floor " apology accepted " he said. 
He began to fondle her breasts and kissed her neck " your much better out cold, and look! I have two pairs all to myself" he said motioning to the assistant " very nice " he said as he took off both of their bras and took his time massaging both sets, the two unconscious women moaned and smiles appeared on their sleeping faces. 
after a few more minutes he then redressed the assistant and his girlfriend, picking his girlfriend up and placing her on the wheelchair " Ok, my turn shopping now" he said to his unconscious girlfriend who was drooling a little. 
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Even though I was 22 my parents still thought they needed a babysitter... My annoyance however soon turned to happiness when the agency they were with sent us this gorgeous woman with long flowing blond hair, beautiful blue eyes and breasts you could loose yourself in.

As soon as my parents left she came in " hi wow your tall" she said " what do you fancy doing?" she said and I caught myself before I said You. I watched as she sat down wearing a tshirt that barely covered her huge boobs, Then an idea struck me, it would be terrible if...oh I don't know... Something rendered her unconscious for the parents were gone overnight so I had the entire night with my sexy babysitter " ummm... How about a game?" I suggested " what?" she asked " tell you what, you wait here and I'll call you when I'm ready" I said and went to the kitchen.

I hid behind the door and grabbed a frying pan " Ok I'm ready!" I called out happily, she opened the door and THWACK, I hit her on the head, she swayed with a goofy expression on her face " having fun?" I asked standing begind her with my arms outstretched " duhhhh it's great funn...starssss " she said as she collapsed into my arms, I dragged her to the sofa and almost ripped her top off to get a look at her amazing breasts, I drooled at the sight of them and immediately began to kiss them, I began sucking on her nipple, she moaned in her sleep and her face now had a smile on it. Her eyes began to flutter open " wha...whats happening?" she asked " what are...You! Oh my god what are you doing?!" she yelled out. " naptime " I said and grabbing the frying pan hit her on the head again " better?" I asked , her eyes crossed, her tongue lolled out and she simply said " I don't wanna go to school mommy" and fell back out cold. I resumed my kissing, starting down her neck whilst my hand travelled downwards to her dress, which I quickly took off and starting rubbing her most sensitive area " oooooohh" she moaned out loud and her eyes once again fluttered open, they were however still a little crossed as she hadn't fully recovered " whoooo are you???" she asked groggily..I could tell she was about to pass out again so I decided to lie " I'm your boyfriend" " reallllllyyyy?" " yep..." " Ohhhhhh... Okkkkk...then...enjoyyyy baby" and promptly passed out again " oh believe me I will" I said...

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Part. 2.

" your very quiet, everything Ok?" she asked smiling " well let's see you knocked me out twice then take me to a date" I said " talk about mixed signals" I said and she laughed " well what can I say?" she asked " apologise would be good" I said and she turned to me and kissed me on the lips " how's that?" she asked seducingly " yyep...fine" I said " tell you what... Let's skip the date... And head off the part we both want" she said " god yes!" I almost screamed " easy tiger" she laughed.

We got inside kissing like mad, she broke it and walked slowly to the kitchen, i followed quickly " so then, here we are, and to thank you for accepting my apology,
this is your treat" she said seducingly, And she started to take off her dress, showing her black bra, i ran up and captured her lips with mine, slowly I dragged my mouth to her neck " Ohhhh that's good" she moaned happily, she then managed to pull me off gently and fully took her dress off showing her sexy underwear, " ready to go upstairs?" she asked. Unfortunately my running had loosened the frying pan on the top cupboard.

And Unfortunately for us the frying pan decided to fall right onto her head, knocking her silly " duhhhhhhh Pwrety birdies" she said giggling swaying from side to side, drooling a little " are you Ok?" I asked " I never knew you had a twin!" she said as she fell forward onto me, my friend then walked in " what did you do?!" she yelled " I didn't do anything the frying pan fell on her" I said " oh really!" she said grabbing the frying pan " really! Why would I want her out?!" " I dunno revenge Maby?!" she yelled and she hit me with the pan, tiny birds appeared around my head " helllllllooooooo" I said groggily and fell back onto the floor, the hot sister still out cold and top of me, I head my friend say " sweet dreams you two.. So cute!" before I passed out.

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My friends sister was hot, extremely hot, she was always wearing tight tops which showed her huge breasts and short skirts which showed her long legs. One day it was really hot and I'd come over to meet my friend, her sister opened the door wearing a white, very tight tshirt on, " oh it's you.. Come in... And eyes front please " she said but I was having trouble concentrating.

" she'll be here in a bit" she said " Ok then" I said slowly " I said eyes front!" she exclaimed which brought me back to reality " I..I'm sorry!" I said " no that won't work this time you are always staring at me and,it's time to teach you a lesson!" she said and suddenly she punched me right in the jaw, my vision suddenly exploded into a dozen stars... I staggered around dazed " wowwwww starssss!" I said groggily, she giggled " ha! This will teach you!" and another,hit to my jaw was thrown, i fell to my knees " how ya feelin sweetie?" she asked me moving close " duhhhhhhh greattttt" I said swaying a little " do you want your beddibys now?" she asked " yyyyyeoppppp " I said groggily, she smiled " I'll even give you a treat!" she yelled as she,punched me again, my tongue lolled out, my eyes crossed and I fell, face first into her chest.

I woke up to someone gently tapping my face slowly " wake up" the voice said, my vision eventually cleared to show my friend " now what happened here.. I come home to find an unconscious boy on my living room floor" she said smiling, i shook my head " your sister...she knocked me out!" I said, suddenly a voice from behind " now why have you woken him up sis he looked much better out cold on our floor" she said as my friend pulled me up " what did he do to warrent this?" " staring at my tits" " well.. You do kinda show them off" " exactly and I was Ughhhh!" I was suddenly elbowed in the face, the stars suddenly returned " shush I'm talking" my friend who'd elbowed me said " now where was I? Oh yeah you do flaunt them sis" her sister smiled " true but I still don't like him looking" " why not? He's kinda handsome I guess" she said as they both looked at me swaying " well... I suppose..." her sister said " you should ask him out! You'd be cute together!" my friend said " Pwrety stars" I said slowly swaying gently, her sister " hey.. Wanna go out somewhere?" she asked " sssssshureeeeee" I said groggily " Ok, so I'm gonna need about an hour so you have a rest" she said and gave me a huge uppercut " owwwww!" I said as i fell back onto the floor. Out cold.

I awoke after about an hour on the floor, the sister walked in " ready sweetie?" " for what?" I asked " our data of course!" and she grabbed my hand and dragged me out.

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PART 4. 


I woke up still on the floor of the ring, my friend had appeared to have disappeared " finally!" I yelled and ran to the door and threw it open, I was just nearing the front door of the house  a loud " stop!" magically stopped me " and where do you think your going baby?" she said as she stepped down the steps, dressed in a very Sexy bikini, I tried to say something very clever but was too distracted by the bikini " aren't you having fun?" she said, at these words I shook off my lust filled haze and said " no I'm not! I've been knocked out about three times now! All because I said magic doesn't exist! And I apologised! Now you had better... " I was cut off mid sentence by her running to me and kissing me " I'm sorry baby" " well that's a start I sup.." " oh no I'm not apologising for that, I'm telling you sorry but nap time isn't over!" she exclaimed happily " now let's see, I've so far used myself, the door, the wall, the frying pan and your own fists.... What to do next.... Oh I've got it!" she said and magically created a wooden blow dart and several tranquiliser darts,the spell wore off on my body and I tried to open the front door but couldn't  " baby how about this? If you survive more than 10 mins, I'll not only forgive you about what you said about magic" she walked closer " you can also have me" she got closer and kissed my neck whispering " all of me" I was too busy with my hands running over her smooth body to ask what happens if I loose so I just said " yes" in a very husky voice, she moved away from me, " outside is a maze, I'll give you a ten minute start, get going!" and with that I took off. 



Too preoccupied with fantasising about what I'd do to her amazing body and the kiss she gave me I tried to clear my mind and focus on the task at hand but it was no good, " Hmmm" I sighed as I thought about her lips, her smile, suddenly something small hit me on the back of my neck which finally cleared my head " shit" I said as I began to run, soon another dart hit me, I now began to feel woozy and stopped running " pwrety colourss" I muttered as the world around me became ablaze with multicolours, the Sexy witch came upto me and tutted " just think, two more minutes and you could've had this" she said pointing at her body " sexyyyyy timeee" I said Dumbly " not today baby" she said and gently tapped me, I fell back and was instantly out. 




I gently tapped him and he fell to the ground, I gently picked him up and dragged him away, he had his ten minute chance to win and he failed " lucky my distraction spell worked!" I said, which was technically cheating I know, but I don't care, he insulted magic, and I'm not gonna forget that quickly, I dropped him onto the sofa again and thought of other ways to knock my friend out...  



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PART 3. 


I woke up this time sprawled over the sofa, my head still hurt a little, my friend, dressed in a black miniskirt and a plain white shirt came in skipping slightly " good morning sleepyhead have a nice nap?" before I could answer a word she said " follow me!" and my body got up and obeyed her, she led me into her backgarden where a very big shed was. Opening the door I could see it was a small boxing ring, knowing what was going to happen I began to panic " look please don't do this I swear I won't ever say anything about magic ever again, please I've only just come to I don't wanna go out again!" I said, she slowly turned round and slowly took off her skirt, my fear went away a little as I was transfixed by my beautiful friend slowly stripping, her skirt came off revealing her black underwear, next came her top,  revealing her bright blue bra, she sauntered upto me and kissed me, her hands wrapped around my neck, " had your look? Good cause it's sleepy time now baby, I'm gonna knock you out hard!" she said, I meanwhile was to stunned to think " now step into the ring" and I did " now run into the corner of the ring, as fast as you can please" she said smiling, I ran full pelt into the corner of the ring whacking my head of the hard wood, I smiled dazily and muttered " Oooooh pretty" and tried to grab the stars, she laughed and stepped into the ring and put on some boxing gloves " nighty night!" she said and punched me, my vision turned white for a second and my eyes crossed " Duhhhh yourrr reallllllllyyyy prettty" I said before Falling onto my back, hitting the floor hard " I think I'm going..." I never got to finish my sentence as I passed out. 



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PART 2. 


I woke up slowly on a soft bed, as my vision cleared I could see my friend lying next to me dressed in a very Sexy outfit which showed all of her beauty, " now do you believe me?" she said smiling, " yes, yes I do I really do" I said quickly as I had no intention of being knocked out again, she laughed " take it easy, I'm not going to do anything" and I Breathed a sigh of relief until she said " You are" " wait.. Look let's talk about this I'm sorry I said what I said about magic I..." I was cut of mid sentence by her " sit up" and as hard as I tried I sat up quickly, she wrapped her arms around my neck and whispered slowly " your going out baby and your going out quickly" she said as she kissed my neck slowly " I..if you want me out, why are you kissing me?" I said as strongly as I could as my resolve was being slightly weakened by the kissing " well for many reasons... Mainly for fun!, now stand" and I stood up, she stood in front of me and kissed me very deeply, I moaned and tried to deepen the kiss but she stood back " enough of that, now how should I put you out? Hmmm, I've used your fists and the wall, I know the door!" she yelled happily " now walk over here" and I stood next to the wall where the door was " now, open it... As fast as you can" she said happily as I grabbed the door and swung it at myself, the door whacked me full in the face, stars exploded around my eyes and my tongue lolled out, I would've been nice the floor if not for the spell on me. 


" Hmmm, your still not out,  that shouldve worked, what else can I do?" I meanwhile was staggering around smiling seeing golden stars " ughnnngh Starss!" I said slowly " shush I'm thinking" she said as she walked up and down " oh I know!" she said and grabbed my arm and pulled me across the room, eventually she came to a kitchen where a black frying pan was sat on a turned off stove " pick it up,and please hit yourself with it" my hand quickly went to it and I swung it to my face, even more stars surrounded my eyes and I could hears birds singing, " Goodnightttt" I said as I went out still on my feet, she laughed a little and took the spell off me and I collapsed onto the floor. 



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me and my very hot female friend were having an argument about whether magic exists or not " I'm telling you it does! In fact I'm gonna prove it" and I laughed " Ooo what are you gonna do turn me into a chicken?" I said Sarcasticly " no I'm gonna make you knock yourself out" she then muttered something under her breath and said " step forward" and I did " wait what I didn't do that!" I said worryingly " now, hit yourself three times" my fist suddenly came flying at me and immediately sent me staggering around, my friend however magically created water to pour on me " not done yet, now legs I want you to run into the wall" " no, please don't!" I yelled but she silenced me with a kiss " hope you have sweet dreams" she said as I ran into the wall full speed THWACK! I hit the wall and my vision exploded into dozens of stars " ughnnngh" was I could muster as the spell wore off and I collapsed onto the floor, she leant down to me and lifted my head up " how are you feeling honey?" she asked " stars, pwrety stars" I said before passing out in the arms of my hot friend 


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