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something so wild and surging about. What's more, without precedent for my life, the next evening, I

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The knockout job.

Brian was unemployed and very lazy, he was 25 and mostly stayed inside playing video games rarely looking for a job, his stepmother was looking through the papers when she found an article " subjects wanted! Is your son a layabout? Well bring him here to our facility and let us show him what lazyness does to people! We are currently involved in tests practicing pressure point and smother knockouts, we even delve a little into the effect of fetish knockouts, seeing how much of it he can take, if you ever wanted Revenge on your dick of a son this is the job for him, and the pay is over 5000 a month, which goes directly to you! I'm also guessing that he isn't reading this, well don't worry, our website posts a fake job offer to entice him,so bring him over and you can even watch as the knockouts unfold! " she smiled widely, " fuck yes! " she yelled imagining her lazy son getting knocked out.

She saw her son playing games and brought him the computer, " here son, I've found a job for you" " about damn time, I've nearly finished all my games," he grumbled and looked at the website " come to our facility! We are offering an exciting opportunity to work with young people like you! All you have to do in this job? Well we will offer you a large sum of money to play video games all day! " " Holy hell yes! Can you take me there please? " he begged, " yeah sure" she said smiling.

The next day they arrived to a massive building advertising brand new games. " this is gonna be so fun!" he said to himself. They entered to find a beautiful woman twiddling with her hair, her shirt seemed to barely cover her enormous breasts " oh hello... How can I help you?" she asked " hello, I saw your" advertisement" the mother said winking " so here is my son, eager and ready" the receptionist winked back at her " well welcome my friend, here let me shake your hand" she said as she stood up, she was wearing a very short skirt, Brian was practically drooling, she went to shake his hand but " accidentally" tripped onto him, her hands went to his neck and she immediately applied pressure, he fell down like a sack of potatoes, the two women laughed " so are you staying for the full first day?" the receptionist asked " screw the first day I'm staying for the full term" " that's perfectly acceptable we actually have apartments free of charge for you, well I'll get this guy all set up, there's a viewing room for you to observe our full tests" " will he be able to see me?" she asked " honey you won't only be able to see him you can join in if you want" she said as the receptionist dragged her unconscious stepson away.

Brian woke up groggy, his surroundings eventually cleared and he found himself in what looked like a large blue gym room, various equipment lay scattered around, at the end of the room was a big glass window, his stepmother was on the other side smiling happily

" Yay! Your finally awake" said a voice, turning round he saw a beautiful woman, she had long caramel coloured hair, a stunning figure and breasts he just wanted to put his head in between, " as you've probably guessed by now the advertisement you read was fake, this is a six month trial period where we will test the effects of every knockouts we can think of, from wrestling moves to cartoons we're gonna see of they actually work" she said. Brian needed to get out, he looked at the room trying to find a way out, as if Reading his mind the beautiful woman shook her head, " no way out I'm afraid, now for the first test we'll go for something classic" she said and suddenly ran upto him with surprising speed and punched him in the face THWACK! was the sound his stepmother heard as she watched her son sway from side to side. Brian was seeing stars, he smiled dumbly at them and tried to grab them " owwwwwww" he said and fell backwards, landing spread eagled on the floor, out cold. The beautiful woman picked up a pad " swayed for approximately ten seconds, fell backwards, is now completely unresponsive" she said using her bare foot to move his head from side to side. As his stemother watched in gleeful anticipation watching her idiot son fall unconscious she felt a twinge in her crotch and her nipples hardened, could watching her son being knocked out actually be turning her on?...

The beautiful woman, meanwhile had grabbed a blackjack from a corner of the room, she got a bottle of water and poured it on his face, he woke up instantly and stood up " what's happening?!" he said " work dear" she said and whacked him with the blackjack, his body immediately became slack, his tongue lolled out and his eyes crossed "w....Where's the ketchup lollipop I think the library is closed" his muttered while trying to walk, another sharp jab and he fell flat on his face, unconscious and drooling. While the woman went back to her notes the stepmother tried to steady her breathing, she'd now become quite wet down south and her nipples had fully hardened, she knew she shouldn't be liking it This much but she couldn't help it, it was giving her immense sexual pleasure watching him be knocked out and she wanted to do it, she wanted to knock him out, she wanted to smother him unconscious with her tits and ass, she wanted him to suffer, a nurse suddenly stepped forward " we're nearly at the end of our first day, I know what you want to do I can see it in your eyes, get undressed, I'll look after your clothes while you go and show him who's boss.

The beautiful woman watched as her nurse spoke to the stepmother, " and now for our final knockout of the day... Which I'm guessing will be a smother ko" she said and left the room

Rachel the stepmother stepped into the gym, she was completely naked, and she was now very wet and horny. She kicked him a little, he groaned as he woke up, " what happ...mrfhhhhh!" was all he said as she locked her legs around him, his head buried In her pussy, he squirmed but it was no good " that's it dickhead, feel my pussy as I knock you the fuck out, oh this is going to be fun, for so long now you've treated me like crap.. Now it's my turn!" his arms had begun to slow, he tried to grab anything but only succeeded in grabbing her ass " oh yeahhh that's it! " she said as she pushed him further into her, she screamed as she came, Knocking him out In the process. She stood up, his face was covered in juices. " oh no, your good for one more, now get up" she said shaking him, he stood up groggily she threw an uppercut at him, it actually made him lift off the ground and fall backwards, he was unconscious before he even hit the ground. " sweet dreams... Dick" she said laughing as she closed the door behind her.

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Summer time had finally come back around and me and my favorite Latin girl went hiking in the mountains. She told me about a creek people go to and have cookouts as if they were at the beach. It was hot that day, so I was looking forward to see the creek. We drove up high windy roads that turned narrow. We parked under a tree in a very small neighborhood. Houses people used for vacation I assumed. We happened to be not too far from the creek. I could already hear the soothing sound of the waterfall from where we parked. As we walked towards the creek we both recalled the time she fainted at my house. She knows I have the sleepy fetish and so she laughed and smiled and gave me a look that said she was hot for me. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. She looked at me and said, "It's so hot I might faint right now." I squeezed her frenched her, biting her lip as I pulled away. We finally get to the water and cooled off immediately. We splashed each other with water and kissed over a thousand times. Soaked in dirty creek water. We sat on a log that was over a stream. We had the perfect mix of sun and shade to dry off. We decided to walk back to the car, only the hill we had to walk over was very steep and high and sun was beating down on it. Without even thinking about it we started to walk to the car. I took off my shirt and only hadmy black basketball shorts on and black shoes. She had an old t shirt on, again one of mine. Black tights that stopped at the ankle, and black flip flops. Her hair tied in a ponytail, looking very cute and sexy as always. The walk up the hill was rough but we made it to the car. I leaned against the trunk as she walked towards me. She looked exhausted, I reached out to hold her as she looked faint. Her eyes were low and she was moving slow. She denied my help and said she was okay. Suddenly she falls into my arms, limp like jello. I almost let her fall to the ground as she was slipping out out my arms. The girl has fainted once again. I held her up and kissed her lips. I stroked her forehead and shook her limp sexy body. Her arms dangling, her big breasts in my face. I carried her in my arms and put her in the back seat of the car. She was totally unconscious. Vunerbale and unsuspecting. I had to have her and so I took her. She came to before I finished. A loud moan came out of her and it turned me on so much I let go. I kissed her till I was finished realising. Her arms slipped down and I continued to kiss her. It got really hot in the car and I asked if she was ready to go back outside. She nodded yes and we kissed. I open the door and we stepped outside. She looks at me, jumps onto me and gives me a big kiss, pulls back, takes a deep breath, then fainted in my arms again.

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Sleepy Reality Show

                Admittedly at first I thought it was a scam. A random email sent to me but I opened it anyway. I could scarcely believe that it contained an invitation to an audition for a themed web series centered around the sleepy fetish. I wondered how someone, anyone, could have found out that I was into that. Sure, I looked on the web but I always cleared my browser and I had never mentioned it to anyone that wasn’t behind the anonymity of the internet. I decided that for no other reason than curiosity I would check this out. The hotel that was listed for the meeting room was in a nice part of town.

                Well the invitation wasn’t fake I realize as there is a sign pointing me to a meeting room. If it was a fake it was pretty elaborate. I was a bit surprised that it was such a small room however I had tried acting when I was younger and castings usually were in large rooms with quite a few people usually vying for just one slot. As it was I entered a small meeting area and the only on the people were a man appearing in his 50s and two stunning women both significantly younger than him.

                “Please have a seat” one of them says. She was blonde wearing a black halter style dress that came down just barely long enough to cover her ass as she sat legs crossed to not show too much. Her breasts were displayed nicely. She could well be described as ample and the halter held them just right. The brunette across from her was dressed in a similarly short fashion though hers was a corset style. Her smaller chest was displayed every bit as well as the blonde. As I sat down I felt a bit of a tightening in my pants however I tried not to show it.

                The older man spoke “Dan I’m glad you came we were starting to get worried. My name is Steve and this is Christy and Sara”. He continues “I’m sure you have quite a few questions. So I’ll start by explaining the project. We are in the business of catering to special interests that quite a few people have but no one wants to admit. The project we are working on now is a web based reality show that features the sleepy fetish heavily. That much I’m sure you got from the invitation.” I nodded. He continued “The project is pretty simple we have an estate set up on a private island were we will film those that we bring into the project participating in the fetish.”

My pants tightened as he finished that statement. “You mean to say that there will be people knocking each other out for my amusement watching at home.” Steve replied “Yes though actually if you accept you won’t be at home watching. Sara please explain” Certainly the blonde replied. “We have done surveys that indicate most people prefer more women to men in this sort of thing. Therefore, we have decided to simply have one man for now, You.” Christy chimes in. “Yes you will have the run of the house and any women that are there you will be free to render unconscious in any way you see fit. You will even be able to have some fun after they are out cold.” She blushes as she says it. Steve takes over. “Yes that is what we are here to offer you. The chance to live out your fantasy”.

I think on it for a moment and ask. “How long will this be I will have to leave my job and if anyone finds out I did this getting a job when I come back will be difficult to say the least.” Steve reaches into his briefcase retrieving something. “I understand and this is intended to be a long-term endeavor. You will be part of it as long as both the project and your role in it remain popular. As for your ability to get a job. With what we are going to pay you, you will not need to worry about that for a long time.” He slides contract in front of me. I look it over and the amount is substantial but as I read closer if the show is a success the pay borders on the staggering.

Satisfied with the contract I ask about the rules and how the show might progress. Christy responds “Well the show itself will be accessible 24/7 via live feed and we will market specific parts that people want to buy to watch again. If a contestant is unpopular we will remove them from the show but there is actually the possibility that we will add more if the fans want it.”

Ok will there be any scripted elements or am I free to do as I will. Sara replies “we will give you guidance and provide some interesting possibilities. Challenges area possibility as well which will be fun for you I promise” Ok so let me make sure I have this right I’m the only man on an island estate with a bunch of women who will let me knock them out and have my way with them. This is more than a bit unbelievable how do I know you are for real.

                Steve says “Ladies perhaps a demonstration is in order.” With that Sara gets up and retrieves a small case. Bringing it over to the table. As she opens it there are a couple things easily recognizable mainly chloroform and I notice a small blackjack. She takes the chloroform and a rag soaking it before placing it over Christy’s face. For her part, Christy smiled and inhaled deeply her eyes rolling in apparent ecstasy. She obviously enjoyed it. As Christy is passing out I stand up and move over to the girls. I take the club from the case and step behind Sara. She notices me and gives a bit of a smile as well as I raise the club and smack the top of her head. As she falls limp in my arms I look at Steve “Where do I sign”

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I slowly came to on the bed a few hours later. I was naked and still had a ring of stars spinning around my dazed and sore head and I was still hearing tweeting. I lay there for a while, staring at the stars before I finally closed my eyes and shook them off. I finally saw that it was daylight outside as the light was coming in through the window. There was evidence everywhere of how I had spent the night being taken advantage of by the two women, although my memory of it was pretty hazy. Still, the thought of it turned me on. The women were not in the room and I could hear them laughing and chatting out in the living room. I found my underwear and boxing shorts and put them on before staggering out of the bedroom shaking my head to clear the remaining cobwebs.

When I reached the Living room, both women were sitting there in their fighting attire. I saw my T-Shirt flung over the sofa and went and put it on. My boxing gloves were still on the floor by Sandi’s bare feet. “Mmm, Morning honey” Jen grinned, winking at me. “We had a lot of fun with you last night, I hope you enjoyed what you remember?”

“Yes, I did. I have a bit of a headache this morning though!” Jen smiled and stood up, walking towards me. She placed her hand around the back of my head.

“Aw, poor baby” she said, stroking the back of my head. “Would you like a chance to get your revenge? How about a kickboxing session?” I nodded, “Excellent!” She replied, “How about you versus me first?”

“OK then.” She and I both put on our gloves and started bouncing on our bare feet. Sandi called for us to start and I swung for her cousin. She dodged and went for me, this time I ducked too and snapped my bare foot upwards. It caught her on the chin and she went cross eyed.

“Oh stars!” She muttered in a daze trying to hit them with her glove. I smiled and then hit her with a body shot, then both fists down on top of her head. She fell, head between my feet with a lump on top of her head, eyes spinning and saying how cute the robins circling her head were. A lump rose out of her head where each fist had connected. I looked over at Sandi.

“Wow, that’s hot hon, make her see more birdies and cute animals for me?” Sandi bit her lower lip. I obliged by raising me right foot over Jen’s head and slamming it down once, twice, then a third time. Three more lumps had arisen and she said later she had been hearing cuckoos and seeing two halos of stars and winged horses. As she lay there with her eyes spinning I rested my foot on her head and Sandi counted her out.

I pulled off my gloves and Sandi helped me carry her to her room to sleep off the KO. Sandi and I then each donned our gloves for a match between the two of us.

“Well, now it is just the two of us, how about some real KO fun?” Sandi asked, staring into my eyes, letting hers burn into mine.

“Sounds fun, what did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Oh I have plenty of things in mind.” She winked.

“Not for much longer.” I replied. We started circling one another, then she swung, I ducked and her bare foot rose up fast, aiming for my chin, I saw it just in time, dodged left span around and brought my own bare foot up in a roundhouse kick and snapped it across Sandi’s jaw. She span around with the force and came to stop facing me, swaying dizzily, eyes crossed, tongue out and seeing stars!

“Duh, ooh pretty stars!” She muttered “Tweet tweet master!”

“Oh I’ll give you tweets!” I replied, I then jabbed a left and swung a hard right at her chin, then followed up with another jab to her forehead, then slammed my foot up into her chin. She staggered backwards, talking about seeing blue jays and hearing loud tweets and faint cuckoos then fell onto her bum, bare feet facing me, head rolling around dizzily on her neck as she sat there, her mouth gaped open, eyes spinning. She looked so hot! “Wow, you look so hot foxy lady!” I then walked around behind her “Here is a gift” And with that I lift up both fists and slammed both of my gloved fists down on top of her head with a loud thud.

“Uh!” She cried out a lump grew out the top of her head and she continued to sway, “Duh, master I see lots of cute foxes…I can hear cuckoos and see stars too master, duh!” She said in a dazed voice. She sat there, enjoying the foxes and stars, with a goofy grin. I knelt down beside her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You sit there and enjoy your dreaming honey!” I said. I then stood up and pulled off my gloves “I win!” I grinned.  I then went and poured myself a glass of wine in the kitchen.

After I had finished my glass of wine, I came back to find Sandi still dizzy. I sat in front of her, raised my legs and snapped my bare feet into her chin. Her head whipped back and she landed on the floor in front of me. I could feel she was extremely aroused and decided to take advantage of her. Her eyes were spinning and her tongue was out. I grabbed her bare ankles and dragged her into the bedroom alongside her cousin, so I could play.

End of Part 2.

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Two Fingers. Hermione has been reading up on pressure point ko's and knows just how to deal with an arrogant Ron.

" I was clearly the best at hand to hand combat" Ron said as he entered his and Hermione's bedroom " I'm sure you were honey" she said smiling, " I was absolutely brilliant! Nothing and no one can beat me! I was outstanding!" he said " arrogance doesn't suit you dear" " it's not arrogance if it's the truth" he said proudly.

" I bet I can beat you" she said and Ron laughed " you may be the brightest witch of our age sweetheart but but if ten other students couldn't beat me you have no chance" he said smugly " at least let me try" she said.

" fine, give me your best shot" he said " OK, move to bed, when I knock you out I Want you to have soft landing" " sure" Ron said, he moved to the end of the bed.

" so, what are you gonna do?" Ron said " I'm gonna use just two Fingers, here we go" she said as Hermione extended a finger on each hand and smiled " goodnight honey" she said and poked Ron on both sides of his chest " I feel fi...ughhhh" he moaned as his eyes crossed and he fell backwards onto the bed, his head resting on the pillow " learnt it from a book, it's a pressure point nerve knockout" she giggled and " I'd tap your face to wake you up but I'm afraid it won't work, you'll be out for a few hours, I'm going shopping for a bit, have a nice nap!" she said leaving her unconscious boyfriend to sleep off his knockout...
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I have always wondered what it was about women getting knocked silly. Them being knocked cross eyed and dizzy, seeing stars and birdies. Maybe some swirling or spinning eyes. Let me know what you guys opinions are. Why do we LOVE when girls get knocked silly?

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I rang the doorbell in anticipation. I had met this woman online, Clarissa. Both of us shared an interest in concussion, knockouts and erotic boxing. We had been talking for around 6 months, both doing online roleplay and talking about our experiences and what we liked. We had Skyped and chatted in chatrooms and finally had agreed to meet, she had invited me round her house.

Clarissa had knocked out numerous men and women inside and outside the boxing ring that she had in her basement. She was a bit older than me, aged in her mid-thirties, me in my late twenties. She had described to me that seeing either a man or a woman losing consciousness made her excited and that as soon as we had Skyped and she had seen what I looked like, she wanted to see me in that state.

I stood there, waiting for Clarissa to answer the door. There was always a chance that she would not. You never knew fully if an online person was who they said they were and she may not even live here. It was a hot summer’s day so at least I was not out in the cold. I was standing in my yellow T-Shirt and dark green shorts, in my flip-flops awaiting Clarissa to open the door. I rang the doorbell for the second time and was about to sigh and leave when the door opened and there was a beautiful, slightly curvy blonde woman who opened the door, smiling in a way that could hardly contain her excitement. “Are you Clarissa?” I asked, the excitement in my own voice obviously prevalent. She nodded and asked me to come in.

“Welcome to my home, please take off your shoes and I will show you around.” She said smiling friendlily. I slid off my flip-flops and felt the nice soft carpet beneath my bare feet. She was standing in a white T-shirt and black shorts that were very north of the knee. She was also barefoot. She started to show me around the house, finally ending in the basement, where there was a boxing ring, surrounded by mats. “And this is where we’ll spend most of our time together, except maybe the bedroom afterwards” Clarissa said, winking at me.

“How many men and woman have you knocked out in here?” I asked, in awe of the place.

“Around twelve women and six men. You’ll be the seventh.” She answered confidently. I felt a twinge between my legs. “I have knocked out more men and women in other places” she added, including my bedroom upstairs, usually using chloroform and such up there, down here it is usually my fists, feet or through choke out my victims’ worlds fade away to. “Want to lie down and I’ll make you see stars?” She asked, raising her right foot up as if to encourage me to lie beneath her foot. I felt myself feeling more excited, however I calmed myself.

“Maybe later.” I replied, winking back at her.

“Oh you will see stars.” She answered definitively. “So, shall we get ready and start? I want you out cold as soon as possible!” She winked. I nodded and she handed me some red boxing gloves, grabbing some pink ones for herself.

“Should we not get changed first?” I asked. “I brought some sports shorts and a T-shirt.”

“Yes of course, but I want us to box naked, except for the gloves.” She replied. I paused.

“What?” I felt a thrill, but was surprised by this development.

“I want us to box wearing nothing except for our boxing gloves.” Clarissa repeated. She smiled.  “Come on now honey, don’t be shy. I’d have stripped you once you were unconscious anyway so this will just save the winner some play time. Now, strip.” And with that she put down her gloves, pulled off her top and then stripped off the rest of her clothes, her beautiful naked body standing in front of me. She stared into my eyes and so I followed her example and stripped too. “That’s it, you have a nice body, and I’ll explore it while you are napping.” She smiled again and picked up her gloves, putting them on. It was pretty warm down in the basement, though I still felt myself shiver with both excitement and fear. She looked like a dangerous opponent, but she did looked massively hot as she shadowboxed in my direction, holding my gaze. I put on my gloves and we both entered the ring, finally standing opposite each other. “OK, we’ll go in rounds until one of us is counted out.” She said, I could not help looking her over. “Hey, honey, did you hear me? She asked, smiling as my distraction.

“Yes sorry, I heard you” I confirmed. I started hopping on my bare feet, and doing some stretches, trying to warm up. She smiled and did the same. Finally we both stood toe to toe, ready to fight.

“OK then, let’s go.” She said excitedly, bouncing lightly on her own bare feet and then she and I went in on each other, guarding our faces with our gloves. We touched gloves and then started throwing punches back and forth, nothing connected until she threw one at my gut, my elbows blocked it and I responded by stepping sideways and lunging at the side of her head. I caught her by surprise as my fist connected, whipping her head sideways. She staggered dizzily, seeing yellow stars, her guard dropping, so I took advantage and gave her a body shot. She gasped as my fist connected while bending forwards, then I brought my fist down on top of her head, she fell to the floor at my feet, lying dazed and cross-eyed on her front, seeing blue birdies and hearing cuckoos. I rested my bare foot on her head and started to count her out. I felt excited as I counted, wondering whether I would win this and get to play with her body. I got to number eight and felt her head lift under my foot. I lifted my foot from her head and she stood up. She was a little wobbly on her feet initially and said “Nice moves there honey, I was not expecting that. You win the first round! Now let me just get rid of these remaining stars.” She was referencing the stars she still had before her eyes. She went back to her corner and drank some water from a bottle and shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs.

I sat down in my own corner and took a swig from my own water bottle. After a few minutes she stood up and walked back to the centre of the ring, I did the same, ready for round two.

We touched gloves for the second time and started circling one another. She went for a left jab, then another, I stepped back from each swing, guard still up, then followed up with my own left jab, then right cross., she blocked it so I again went for it, as I swung my second right cross, she used the opening to snap her fist into my right cheek. I staggered, seeing yellow stars and felt a twinge below, feeling that Clarissa wanted revenge right now and she was not going to go easy on me. I shook off the stars, however it was then that I felt her body shots. One, two, three, four. I brought my guard down to protect my stomach from a fifth and then she caught me with a hard right hook right in the left temple. My head whipped to the right from the force.

“Ouch!” I cried out, as I again saw yellow stars spin around my head and heard tweeting in my ears. Clarissa had rung my bell and I felt dreamy and dazed, but before I could recover, Clarissa sent a hard left to the right side of my head, then another left and right, whipping my head from side to side. My arms dropped down significantly as I staggered dizzily on my bare feet seeing a ring of yellow stars and blue birdies. I was rocked and nearly out on my feet, feeling my cock grow hard between my legs. She stepped forwards and slammed both gloves quick and hard on top of my head with a thud, stars flew out of my head and my eyes crossed and my tongue hang out as I gave a goofy grin. I could hear cuckoos now as a lump pushed up through the top of my head. I started to see white cartoon rabbits. Clarissa let me stand there naked and cuckoo for a moment, then she drew back her right hard and then threw a hard right uppercut right under my chin.

My head whipped back hard and fast and I saw a white flash. Clarissa told me later that my as my head whipped back from her knockout shot and my eyes had rolled up into my forehead and I had been out pretty much instantly, my body went stiff and I fell back onto the mat, the back of my head rebounded off the mat and had probably received a second K.O, as my body then flopped limp. I was still rock hard between my legs though and she could see some pre-cum on my tip. I rested still, my arms ending in my red boxing gloves, facing away from my limp, naked body. My bare feet faced away from each other slightly and she looked at my peaceful, sleeping face. My lips were parted slightly and my chest was heaving slowly. She smiled, she had knocked me out. She was not yet sure for how long, but she felt really aroused seeing me ‘asleep’ like that, knowing that she had put me there. She stepped over to me and placed her bare foot on the centre of my chest, feeling it gently rise and fall. “And now for the count out honey!” she cooed to me, then she remembered me placing my foot onto her head in the first round and decided to repay me the humiliation. She placed her bare toes onto my forehead and then lowered her foot over my face. She felt my breath on the sole of her foot and felt herself growing increasingly wet. She started to count.

“One. Two. Three…” As she counted she felt more and more aroused. Her nipples hardened and her breathing grew deeper. Finally she reached “Ten. I win!” She removed her bare foot from my face and I did not react at all. I stayed in the position I was before. She knelt down and patted my cheek “Oh you are well and truly out hun!” She exclaimed excitedly. She bit her lower lip and then removed her boxing gloves, sliding her now bare hands between her legs. Gasping, she then crawled on all fours so that her knees were either side of my head and she was facing the tops of my feet. She then slipped her knees back and lowered her clit over my nose and mouth, then she started pushing back and forwards, rubbing herself over my nose and mouth, gasping with passion as she continued “That’s it, sleep for me boy!” She cried out, gasping and going faster and faster, occasionally fingering herself until she came, all over my face and head as I slept. She finally pulled herself back onto her knees and looked down at my soaked face and head. Looking down at me she smiled, before leaving the ring to get her white towel from her corner and mopping us both up. Finally she knelt down beside my prone body again.

“Let’s do some exploring as I promised honey.” She said and started to kiss and play with my body, starting with suckling my toes, then the soles of my bare feet, working her way up my legs, over my belly and up my arms. She had left my boxing gloves on as being unconscious I did not need to use my hands. Finally she started to hear me moan as I started to come to. She then massaged the soles of my feet and slid her mouth over my hardening cock. She started to suck. My eyes fluttered open and I groggily lay there, punch drunk and still seeing white rabbits and stars from the knockout, but I felt her sucking below, I gasped grew increasingly aroused as she kept going, finally I came hard and she swallowed. As I lay there panting, still seeing the rabbits and stars, unable to think properly she asked “How about round 3 in the bedroom stud? Don’t worry, I’ll get you there!” She then rolled me over onto my front and said. “Well, I know you’re cuckoo already, but here’s some stars from my bare feet, like I wanted to do before the fight. You should have let me!”

WHAM! She slammed her bare foot hard on top of my head. The rabbits seemed to fly off from the force and the stars got bigger, cuckoos getting louder “Duh…” I replied. WHAM! WHAM! She hit me two more times with her bare feet, alternating between them to save from hurting one of her feet, did not help my head though as my eyes became hypnotic spirals and the cuckoos became much louder as the stars grew even bigger, along with my cock between my legs. “Mistress, did you get the number of those three big trucks?” I asked stupidly.

“Mmmmm.” She said. “No baby, but you had better go to sleep!” And WHAM! She hit me one more time, causing my whole body to recoil, then I blacked out again.

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(Based on Sandman's wife and his stories)

Mrs. Sandman was feeling pretty good about herself. She was a high level employee at her company, and she'd just delivered some fantastic news in a conference call. A promotion, a raise, and the admiration of her husband Sandman and her fellow employees were on the way. 

Yet, all was not right. During the call, she had acted fairly condescending to one of her coworkers, who added some onstructive criticism and voiced concerns about Mrs. Sandman's plans going forward into the future. This coworker, a good looking gal by the name of Anna, had no qualms with Mrs. Sandman but only wanted what was best for the company. Mrs. Sandman, however, shut her down quickly and cast suspicion on her intentions, though deep down she knew what Anna was saying was right.

Anna wasn't going to take any of it. It wasn't so much that Mrs. Sandman wasn't taking Anna's advice, but it was moreso that she put Anna down so much. She had worked hard to get in this company, and she wasn't going to let someone humiliate her.

The next day, Anna and Mrs. Sandman were both the last people in the company building. They worked on the top floor, which had a nice big conference room. Everyone else had gone home for the night, but they were finishing up a little work in the conference room. It was quiet, and Anna decided she might as well strike up some conversation.

"Hey, Mrs. Sandman. How are you doing tonight?"

"Oh, doing alright. Just a lot of work to go through, no thanks to your team." Anna was incensed by this comment. Her team had been working hard on this project and Mrs. Sandman didn't give any of them credit for their effort. But she kept her cool, if only for a while longer.

"My team has been doing a lot of work. If I may, can I come over and see what you have? It might be that we sent you an earlier version by accident." This was her chance to make something happen.

"Fine, but if it is, make sure it doesn't happen again or I'll mark you up for not being careful." 

Anna walked over and checked. It was as she suspected, someone had sent an earlier version. 

"Yeah, someone sent an earlier version. Come walk with me to my cubicle and I'll show you the latest one."

The two women walked together to the end of the conference room when Anna suddenly stopped and started thinking.

"So? Why'd you stop?"

"I was thinking, I actually have it saved on my laptop here. Let's check it out."

Little did Mrs. Sandman know, there was a small surprise for her. Mrs. Sandman sat down at Anna's laptop and pressed down on a key...

ZAP! The laptop was rigged! This laptop wasn't Anna's, but a fake, and anyone who touched it would get electrocuted. Mrs. Sandman had just become a conductor for a strong current, and was shaking uncontrollably, moaning and stuttering and going "uhuhuhuhuhuh" the whole time. Anna switched up the voltage via her remote access. The current became stronger, Mrs. Sandman's started shaking more, and her noises became louder and higher pitched. Finally, Anna made the current the highest. Mrs. Sandman's noises became extremely high pitched and she started screaming, the noise being music to Anna's ears and making her admittedly a little wet, and she shook uncontrollably. A bright flash happened, and for a moment Anna could swear she saw Mrs. Sandman's skeleton. 

The battery in the fake laptop ran out, and the current stopped. Mrs. Sandman was still shaking, but her noises became little whimpers. She tried standing up and turned towards Anna. She raised her finger to point at her, but halfway through, she moaned. A long, sexy, drawn out moan. She tipped forward and fainted on the floor.

Anna had gotten her revenge, but she still had one more idea left. First, she took off Mrs. Sandman's top and bra, exposing her firm breasts. She then took off her skirt and panties, showing her wet parts. And finally, she took off her pantyhose and shoes. The shoes, expensive designer ones, would be Anna's trophies for the night. 

Mrs. Sandman was now naked on the floor and passed out. Anna placed her on the conference table, her pussy facing the door, legs spread wide, spread-eagled. She took Mrs. Sandman's phone and quickly wrote a large note on it saying "Take me, I'm all open." Anna, devious as ever, finished the note and shoved Mrs. Sandman's phone into her pussy, sticking it out enough to be visible, but deep enough for her to feel it. Anna gave Mrs. Sandman a quick kiss and walked out with her clothes.

The next day, corporate had a meeting in the conferenc room. They walked in, and what a magnificent sight awaited them! It's still unknown what the remainder of their meeting looked like, but all people know is they had to schedule another one and, when walking out, had a large black trash bag with something inside it. They dumped it into the dumpster and left the building.

As for Mrs. Sandman? Well, she ended up getting that promotion after all, but her husband had to get her from the landfill first.

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This is a true story...

I'm dating a woman who works at a vet hospital. She brings me in after hours to show me around where she works and we end up in the operating room.

I see the complex, shiny silver anesthesia machine in the corner of the room and ask her about it, confessing to her that I've had a fetish and a fear about being put to sleep/putting someone else to sleep, ever since I was a kid. She smiles and brings me over to the machine, uncovering it so I can take a good look. (My pants feel a bit tight through the crotch.) Seeing my fascination and obvious excitement about this, she asks me if I'd like to see how it works. I'm nervous, but I say 'yes' right away and she laughs. My jeans are getting tighter.

She show me the tanks of chemicals and the hoses and how the gases are mixed with oxygen in the long glass pitot tubes with floating pressure indicators. (I think she can see the bulge down below now.)

Teasing me unmercifully, she turns a couple of knobs and I can hear hissing in the hoses. The dials come up and she explains which one is O2, Isoflurane, Halothane, N2O and so on. Then she asks me if I'd like to see what it smells like... (Oh man, the growing pressure in my jeans is getting painful.)

I'm scared, and starting to shake with nervous excitement, but I try to say 'yes' as calmly as I can. She grabs a black hose off of the machine and moves it near my face so I can smell it. There is a strong, sweet chemical smell as I tentatively inhale shallowly and quickly let the breath back out, unsure what to expect. She keeps the hose where it is, so I figure I'm being invited to try another breath. This time, I get closer to the opening and take a long, deep breath. I can feel the effect instantly as it feels like someone is filling my head up with air and my body gets warm. From the corner of my eye I can see her smiling, but I try not to let on that I see her and as she moves the gas tube even closer to my face, I take a third breath. Now I'm definitely getting light-headed (my GOD, am I actually doing this for real?) and she asks me how it feels.

I am actually shaking with excitement and my manhood is like a hot stone as I try and explain what I'm feeling.

To my astonishment, she moves the gas over to HER FACE and takes a curious breath. This is a thirty-year-old fantasy come to life right before my eyes!

Her first breath is just a whiff, but I know how I reacted to it and I'm not at all surprised to see her quickly follow up with a second, longer one. She then points the steam of gas back at me, but keeps it near her so I have to move very close to take another breath, which I do. I want to grab the hose myself, but I'm afraid she'll see my hands shaking if I do.

Bolder now, and more confident, I take two good long breaths of the Isoflurane/N2O mixture in the tube and I'm getting dizzy. As I stand there trying to get my 'sea legs', I see this beautiful woman move in and take two good, long breaths of her own, similar to mine. As she's letting the second one out, she utters an involuntary 'whoa', and we both laugh in spite of ourselves. This is illegal and wrong and she could get fired if anyone finds out and I couldn't possibly care any less at this moment.

The only thing I've fantasized about more than being put under by a sexy woman... is putting a sexy woman 'under the ether' myself, and my addled brain conceives a wicked idea: For my next breath I place the hose between my lips, but using my decades of experience in controlling my breath while performing professionally as a saxophonist, I constrict my throat so as to draw most of my breath through my nose instead of my mouth, so the gas only affects me a bit. Sure enough, she follows suit, but has no idea what evil I have perpetrated on her this night.

Two more 'trades' of the mouthpiece and she is losing her balance, at which point I help her to the cold steel surgical table and lift her up so she's sitting on its edge. She's getting so drunk that I'm having trouble understanding her, but her kisses and caresses around my face and her fingers playing with my hard nipples make it pretty clear that she's getting as horny as I am! I tell her that it turns me on to watch her breathe from the machine and she is so loving and trusting of me that she just continues to breath that sweet, magical air in as it slowly shuts down her thinking and her beautiful eyes unfocus.

When she slumps forward onto me and I have to keep her from falling off the table, I know that my fantasy of rendering a beautiful woman unconscious and having her under my complete control has just come true. I can't believe it...

Gently and carefully, I lay her down on the table and admire her pretty eyes, closed and dreaming, and her sweet little wisp of a smile that gives hints at what she's dreaming of. I decide to oblige her, unbuttoning her blouse and fondling her, touching her anywhere, everywhere, and any way I want while she lies sleeping, helpless under my touch.

After only a minute or so, she sighs softly and smiles as her hand moves to find my own, which is caressing her left breast. Whatever world she's in, it is one without inhibitions because although she has never taken the initiative in lovemaking, nor been willing to touch herself in front of me, she now reaches with her spare hand for mine and moves it down her flat, golden belly and under her pants, where a warm and glad wetness awaits my touch.

I waste no time divesting myself of my own clothes (free at last!) and those of hers that have yet to be removed and I climb onto that hard table and lay my trembling body down against her welcoming warm embrace. As I reach down and gently part her moist lips, I make my first, tentative push inside her and she opens her eyes and gives me the most sublime smile!

Her right arm flails about clumsily over the side of the table as we begin to search for our rhythm together and I think she must be really out of it, but the surprise is total when she successfully retrieves the anesthesia hose and brings it up squarely under my nose!

Without a sleepy word, her eyes narrow into cat-like slits and she gives me a wicked smile that says she's not as groggy as I had assumed. No, she has her OWN wicked plan and frankly, it's her turn now. So I go on plunging ever deeper inside of her with each thrust as our bodies become accustomed to each other once again after a few days apart, and I become filled with a most delightful combination of sensations, a crescendo of electric warmth, emanating from my nether regions and the feeling of a soft and fluffy, numbing blanket of tingles, slowly being wrapped all around my body. I can barely even smell the gas now as my cerebral cortex becomes unable to process the physical input my body continues to send, but this body does not seem to need any help from its brain as every muscle tirelessly pumps out sex-reps, steady and forceful, from my plank position, and my erection stands as firm and solid as a seventeen year-old's.

The usual sense of sexual communion becomes replaced with a lightness of being which feels like a flying dream. I am losing all sense of my physical body, and existing only as a warm and vibrating cloud of pure pleasure, soaring through a crisp night full of stars. As my new vapor-spirit accelerates into the gathering darkness, I reach escape-velocity and and I am fired from a velvet cannon, gently titanic, unyielding force, shooting straight into the deep night like the first breath of life...

I wake up back on the steel operation table (now quite warm), with my head on her breast and her hands caressing my hair and whispering soft, almost inaudible (or maybe I just can't understand them?) words of love and affection.

I have spent my life chastising myself for being a 'weirdo', and now this wonderful woman has not only coaxed my dark fantasy out of me, but she has joined me in its fulfillment, and mine.

It's hard to believe that this has really happened. And after all of these secret years keeping my 'aberration' tucked away in the recesses of my mind, I am sure of two things: I will never look at hospital operating rooms with such fear again... and I will love this woman always for what she shared with me, how she trusted me and the chances she's taken for us.

This is a fantasy that I really lived, and I did marry that girl for 15 years. Even though divorced now, we are still best friends and laugh often about our crazy adventures whenever we get a chance to talk.

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Josh's Stepauntie Susan entered the room, passing over the unconscious from of her nephew he found the three women out cold, her sister was lying on the floor, her neice was on the sofa, a sandwich between her breasts, and Samantha was next to her, her bra nearly removed, presumably due to Josh's kisses, she woke each of them up and helped them stand up.

" hey sis" she said " so he actually won then?" " yes" she said " it was surprising actually" she said as they entered the hallway to see him flat on the floor, " so, what shall we do with him?" susan asked " well our bet was if he could knock out all of us he could do what he wanted with us" " i saw with the sandwich boob and the nearly missing bra" she said smiling " and it wouldn't be fair to him if we didn't honour our side, you however were never part of that deal" she said looking at susan, smiling brightly.

They dragged Josh into the living room, his body was still twitching a little and a line of drool leaked from his mouth " Wow!, look at him! You really got him good!" Jenny said " I've had a bit of practice" she said mysteriously, Jenny's mom then looked to Jenny and Samantha " ok so girls, due to our deal we cannot do anything to Josh" she said and the girls huffed " so we'll just have to watch my dear sister, we're in for a treat" she said.

Susan put His head inbetween her legs, and tapped him to wake up " whats happening?... I won didn't I?" " yes dear, but not against me" and she tensed her legs, squeezing him, his arms tried to desperatly get her legs off him but she was immensely strong, he tried to talk but words couldn't get through, his eyes began to cross " that's it baby, sleep for susan" she cooed to him as he slowly fell asleep, his hands falling limp.

" Now the next one is a simple one, and if you watch cartoons a familiar one a door ko, let's wake him up" she said, tapping his face gently " wake up baby" he woke up and stood up quickly, but Susan was to fast and slammed the door on him " heyyyyy! Birdies!" he said, collapsing to the floor, " next one commences" she said and woke him again.

" oh no you don't!" he said raising his fist " come on then! Bring it!" " oh sweetie, poor delusional sweetie let's put you back to sleep"

" I am not going out again! Ive been put out for the past 3! I was having fun!" he said and lunged at Susan hitting her square in the jaw, she shook hee head, trying to clear to cobwebs but Josh hit again instantly " Ohhhhhhhhhhh....darnnnn" Susan said hitting the floor, before the three girls coupd even react he punched all three of them, soon he had four women, all out cold.


It had been the best hour of his life, having Samantha and Her stepauntie's breasts all to himself was immense, he'd already got them to Cum unconscious. to get revenge for the humiliation he had suffered from Jenny and his Stepmother they had both become footrests, deep in Samantha's Breasts he didn't notice Susan waking up " hello" she said.

He was about to punch her when she held his hands up in defence " I come in peace" she said, her hand immediately putting it in his pants, he sighed softly

" I'm....I'm listening" he said " it's a curious thing this isn't it? I can literally say anything to you an you wouldn't care, like I'm gonna get revenge" she said and he moaned in response " or that by the end of today you'll be out cold...yet if I say take me" and Josh lept onto her, kissing her neck " Goodby baby" and judo chopped him, he fell out cold onto her breasts.

Now they were awake again, susan smiled " now for the finale, you've all done this before, but not like this" she said, Josh woken up looked in fear as he saw an Ass lowered over him.

She started out slowly, then vigorously moved up and down on him, they could hear him almost scream under her, she and Josh Cummed together almost violently.

" Look at her, she's still Cumming!" Sam said as Susan remained over josh as she cummed for a solid minute.

She took her Ass from his head, now covered in so much of her juices they couldn't even see his mouth, the only thing you could tell that he was still alive were the bubbles being created by him " now I haven't done THAT in a while" she said giggling, one more I think" she said, " whoops, I went a bit overboard" she said " let's get him to bed"

They plopped him onto his bed, the layers of Cum thankfully wiped away to help him breathe better " sweet Dreams!" Jenny said.
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Day 4.

Josh woke up to someone calling his name, his eyes opened to see Jenny, dressed in a sports bra and shorts " well I'm glad we didn't put you in a coma" she said and his memory of yesterday came flooding back " get away from me!" he said and she sighed " look you can either come with me or I knock you out And drag you...what's it gonna be?" she asked, he considered his options and finally relented, got up, and followed her.

She took him to the outside shed, he'd never been in here before, all he knew was that there was a training room inside. She led him to a boxing ring, there he saw his stepmother and Samantha, both in boxing gloves " ok so here's the deal" Jenny said as she put on her own gloves " see we think you should be given a chance since....since you actually managed to knock me out yesterday" she grumbled, he smiled a little as he remembered what happened " so we give you this, if you can beat the three of us individualy, we will not only stop our daily knockout's but... You can do whatever you want with us" she said and Samantha winked at him as she handed him a pair of gloves " good luck" she said and kissed his cheek.

The first round was with Jenny, she had an angry look on her face " you'll pay for yesterday" she said as she took a fighting stance, she swung at him, he dodged it rather easily, she swung again but he dodged again, she had an angry look as she kept swinging at him, eventually Josh raised his fist and hit Jenny, he body stood ridged, her tongue lolled out, her eyes crossed and she fell backwards, twitching and out cold.

After dragging Jenny away it was now his stepmother's turn " good luck... Even though you will not succeed" she said smirking, she went for the attack, and he blocked it! " what?!" she said, she tried but his defence was too good, he then hit her, her eyes crossed " impossible" she said and fell to the floor out cold.

Now it was Samantha's turn " good luck!" she said again and went in for the attack, once again Josh blocked it " how are you this good?" she asked " I'm not sure" he said and threw his punch, and she fell out cold as well! " I did it!" he said.


Josh sat on the sofa watching TV, his legs were outstretched and his feet were currently resting on his new footrest, his stepmother, his feet on her boobs. An unconscious Jenny sat next to him and Samantha, on Jenny's breasts rested a sandwiche. on the other side, he was currently in the middle of kissing Samantha's boobs, which jiggled as she sighed softly, his hand currently on jenny's " this is awesome!" he said, then there was a Knock at the door.

He opened to find his stepauntie looking shocked " huh... Didn't think you'd win" she said and roundhouse kicked him, he spun round quickly, moaned and fell to the floor out cold " I'll wake the others" she said smiling.
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Josh walked to his room, it had a weird two days, he opened his door and stepped in when suddenly his memory returned, all of it, Anger suddenly filled him, " I have to get them back for this!" he said to himself as he heard someone walk behind him " morning" Samantha said happily as he turned around, she was wearing a very tight top with a low cut, showing her cleavage, his anger went away quickly " M..morning" " you seem a little distracted, is it my top? I can take it off" and she did, revealing a black bra, his mouth dropped open " or maby" she said walking to him and wrapping her arms around his neck " you're remembering what happened yesterday and you were in the middle of planning revenge by trying to knock the three of us out, maby have your way with us" she said motioning to her chest, he tried to answer but couldn't quite remember how to form words now that her boobs were on his chest " well I'm here to tell you that you'd fail" she now started to give him soft kisses to his neck " and by the time we've finished, you won't even remember your name" " we?" he asked, suddenly Jenny and her mother stepped in, dressed in sexy black lingerie, " oh no" was all he said as Samantha hit him fully with her fist, he moaned, eyes crossed and fell backwards onto the bed.

The three women stared at their unconscious victim " what are we doing with him today?" Jenny asked her mother, she looked at Josh in deep thought before smiling " we'll try the smother ko, Samantha you will be the one to do this given how...well endowed you are" she said, Sam giggled a little " then we'll use the standard blackjack ko, then I'll let you both have a go at what I did yesterday" she said and the two women smiled brightly.

Samantha tapped his face, he woke up blinking " what happened... No no not again!" he said pushing Samantha away and getting up, he found himself facing Jenny and her mom " you won't get past us" Jenny said, Anger however blinded him as he swung at them, and to his suprise he actually hit Jenny " owwww" she said, her eyes began to cross, her mother simply sighed " don't worry, I'll wake you once I'm done" as Jenny fell onto the floor out cold, he ran past but didn't get far as he was tripped up and held by his stepmother " now now honey, it's best to not fight" " get of me!" she sighed again and gave him a quick punch, not enough to knock him out, just to daze him " now Samantha, remember what I told you...and have fun" she said handing him to her, she then turned to Jenny as she tapped her face gently, she woke up moaning a little " what happened?..." she asked " he took you unawares sweetie... Don't worry, you'll get your revenge" she said, just then Samantha moaned in pleasure, they turned to her " what are you doing Sam?" " well I tried the smother ko but..Oooo... You must not have hit him to hard because he's woken up..." " and now he's trying to kiss you so you'll let him go" she said " i have to admit I don't mind" Samantha said giggling as she let him continue, Jenny grabbed the blackjack from her mother's hand and slammed it onto his head, he moaned and fell backwards, Samantha looked a little frustrated.

" ok girls, now for the finale" Jenny's mom said as Jenny took the position her mother did with Josh last night " hang on, I'll wake him up" she said and shook him " owwww...what hap..Hmmmmph!" was all he could say as she lowered her Ass onto his face, she grabbed his member making him hard and put her mouth over it, his arms flailing around as Jenny moved up and down fast, she moaned loudly as they both cummed together, his arms dropped lifelessly.

She removed herself from him to survey what she had done, like last night his eyes had rolled up to the back of his head, his body twitched a little " My turn!" Sam said happily as she wiped of jenny's juices from his face then woke him up " waaaaa.." was all he could say " here we go baby!" she cried out as her mouth on his member made him instantly hard again, his arms flailing around, but like last time, it did no good.

After Cumming together again Sam released herself from him to find he hadn't fully passed out, she laughed, wiped her mess from his face and stood him up " Ughhhhh....pwrettty girllll" " whats your name?" Sam asked " Pettistreeeeeeesd" he said dazidly " perfect" she said and punched him, he fell back onto the bed, out for the night.

The three women got ready for bed, Samantha took one last look at her sleeping crush then went to sleep thinking " cannot wait till tomorrow!"
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Day 2.

Josh woke up,groggily " what happened?" he said as he got up and went downstairs, his mouth fell open as he saw the three women he knew all dressed in sexy pink leotards, Samantha walked upto him, her glorious Lucy pinder like breasts on show for him " ok so this is lesson one, kiss but no touching these" she said pointing to her chest, all he heard however was " kiss".

She began slowly, then came tongues, then hands, his moved very quickly to the parts he desired most, she broke the kiss with a mock shocked expression " what did I tell you?! You have to be punished" she said giggling as she stepped back, Jenny and her mother stepped forward " since you won't remember this anyway this is the only time you'll ever get to" jenny's mom said and kissed
Him deeply, Jenny was next and also kissed him, then hit his neck with a solid chop, his eyes glazed and he fell backwards " judo chops" Jenny explained " the suits are for distraction" her mom added, " right, next is pressure point ko's, Samantha you will be the distraction and I'll perform the move" she said and tapped his face, he woke up as she hid behind him " Owwww....S..Samantha?" he said standing up, Samantha put on her most seductive smile " yes baby?" " You look Hot!" he said, clearly still a little disoriantated from the chop " come closer baby and I'll show you" she said, just as he was about to move he stood very still and rigid, Jenny then poked her head around " what I'm doing is hitting the base of his spine" she said as she did it again his mouth opened and a thin line of drool followed " and if I release like so" she said letting go, he crumpled to the floor " that was amazing!" Sam said " what else?" " we'll try something new and something sexy" Jenny's mom said as she woke up their unconscious guinea pig and stood him against the wall " this is a wall splash ko" she said as first Jenny ran at him hitting him, Jenny's mom, then Samantha, he barely got two steps before collapsing flat on his face " what next?!" Sam almost screaming with excitement " ok, so the next will bring pleasure to both, but ultimate victory to one, turn him over and wake him up, on and I'm about to go bottomless so be prepared" she said as the two tried to wake him up, finally getting there by shaking him " wha....what's going onnnn?" he asked dazidly, Jenny's mom then sat on top of him, her face facing his pants, her Ass covering his face " now we begin" she said, she slowly grabbed his member making him hard instantly, she then moved her body in a fluid up and down motion, her mouth now attached to his member, he moaned beneath her as the two women watched in amazement as she slowly knocked him out again, just in a better way than ever " OH YES!" She said Cumming, meanwhile Josh's arms fell limp on the floor.

She took her mouth out his now softening dick and let his head drop from her Ass, his face was now covered in her juices so much that every time he breathed a small bubble would appear, his eyes were rolled up to the back of his head and he was completly unresponsive " I think that's it for today" she said, Jenny huffed " can't we wake him up one more Time?" Jenny asked " no" her mother said sternly " he needs bed time now" she said wiping his face with a cloth and lifting him over her shoulder " I'll take him to bed" she said, Jenny huffed again as they went upstairs. After putting her stepson to bed and checking Samantha was asleep she checked on Jenny, she was pacing around the room " I can't sleep mom I'm way to pumped, do you have any remedy?" she asked, her mom simply smiled as she punched her so hard Jenny span round to facing the bed, a little push and she was on the bed fast asleep " night hun"

Morning came, Josh woke up slowly, he had very little memory of the past day, the only thing he could remember was pink, and Samantha's breasts for some reason, making his way downstairs he saw Jenny and Samantha eating breakfast and smiling " morning" they said together
" umm, morning" he said " what happened yesterday?" he said " oh Ummm...i you?" Samantha asked Jenny, who responded by elbowing him in the face, knocking him out " I'll put him back to bed, then we can figure out an actual story" she said and they both giggled.
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Jenny walked into the living room to her annoying stepbrother " I need you to leave the house for a bit" she said " and why would I want to do that?" " because my friend Samantha is coming and she doesn't like you being here, she's just to polite to tell you" " and why is that?" " because your constantly staring at her tits" " so? They're big...and she wears pretty tight tops to, in any case I'm not leaving" " yes you are" she said, at this Josh stood up " and just what are you gonna do?" he asked " I warn you, I've had boxing lessons recently" she said " Oooo I'm terrified" he said before being punched in the jaw.

" Ughhh I Seeee Starsss" he said swaying " Ok so I'm guessing you aren't In any fit state to leave.... Hmmmm... You'll just have to take a long nap" she said and punched him again, he dropped to his knees " one more I think then beddybys" she said kissing her fist which swiftly connected to his face, his eyes fully crossed and he fell foreword, his head landing on her chest, she heard the doorbell ring " oh that will be her, don't be going anywhere now" she said giggling as she let him drop to the floor.

She opened the door to her friend, " hello!" she said hugging Jenny " hi, come in" Jenny said smiling.

" that your stepbrother?...if I may ask why is he knocked out on the floor?" she asked " well" Jenny said " he pissed me off, so he's having a little nap... Aren't ya brother?" she said tapping his face lightly, he didn't stir " Wow you really got him good" she said " can you teach me?" " sure!, I'll just wake our punching bag up" Jenny said tapping her stepbrother's face, he slowly came to as she stood him up " now make sure to push your arm back tightly and make a complete fist" Jenny said as Samantha followed her instructions " Ughhh, what happened?" he asked as Jenny smiled " now" she said as Samantha punched him " owwww" he said, his head slowly spinning as his eyes crossed again and he fell foreword onto Samantha " that was awesome! Show me more!"

Jenny grabbed her stepbrother's limp form and dragged him to the sofa, placing him between her legs as she sat down " this one is called a temple drill ko, they'll be some drooling to" she said giggling as she tapped his face " must've hit him hard! He won't wake up, Hmmmm.. I know" she said as she put her hands down his pants and slowly massaged him, he woke up almost instantly " hiiiii" he said smiling, his smile faded instantly as she began the temple drill.

" Ughhhhh!" was all he coupd muster as his body and head twitched around " see this is also a side effect, the body will twitch as I hit his nerve" Jenny said to Samantha " so are you going on any holiday's this year?" Jenny asked her friend as her stepbrother continued to moan " oh umm...not sure" Samantha said, just then Josh's head lolled back onto jenny's legs, his body continued to twitch " I think he's out" Samantha said giggling, Jenny then looked at the time " Gosh it's 8:30! Ok, time we put this little guy to bed, then tomorrow we continue" " won't your parents say something?" " who do you think told me I could do this? My mother is pissed at him, so tomorrow we'll try more knockout's with maby some other stuff" she said " what other stuff?" Samantha asked " you'll see"

They brought him upstairs he briefly woke up but a solid punch from Samantha saw to that. Just then Jenny's mom came home " hello dears!" she said entering her stepson's room " what's going on here?" she asked " we're putting him to bed" Samantha said giggling " I'll take it from here girls" she said as they left the room.

She picked him up and dropped him onto his bed " I hope you enjoy sleeping, because tomorrow you'll do nothing but" she said, leaving her unconscious stepson in la la land.
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More Sights for a Sore Head

Sandi knocked on her mom’s front door, holding a heavy suitcase with both hands. She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts allowing her bare legs to breathe in the warm summer’s day air. Her bare feet rested in sandals and she felt great. She had a great surprise for her mom that she had brought back from England. Her mom opened the door, “Hi Mom!” Sandi said chirpily.

“Hi hon!” Mrs Thompson exclaimed, surprised by pleased to see her daughter. “It’s a nice day outside isn’t it!” She remarked as she motioned for her daughter to enter, carrying that huge suitcase. “What’s in there?”

“A new plaything for us!” Sandi replied and with that she slammed the suitcase down on the floor. She then unzipped the case and out rolled her cargo.

I rolled out the case and ended in a sitting position. I had recovered for the most part from the mighty KO I had received in the hotel room from Sandi, however that slam on the floor of the suitcase had caused me to bump my head again and now I sat there, still in my pyjama T-shirt and shorts, barefoot with my mouth hung open, a small lump risen on the top of my head, hearing faint tweeting, eyes crossed and seeing stars.

“Aw, he’s great!” Said Mrs Thompson. “Sandi, you promised you would bring me back a new toy from the UK and you did not disappoint. “He might need something for the jetlag.” With that she walked off to her storage cupboard and brought back an old wooden mallet that Sandi knew only too well from past experience. It caused her numerous headaches in the past and she guessed in total had made her see a few galaxies worth of stars and a few zoos worth of animals. Her Mom stood over me and grinned. “Here honey, have a nap!” and with that she swung the mallet hard on top of my head, on the already formed small lump. WHAM!

“Oof!” I cried out as the mallet connected, then small white doves appeared amongst the already formed yellow stars and started to circle my head, chirping happy. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Sandi’s Mom hit me again and again, then stood back. I was swaying, my head lolling around on my neck, my mouth hung open stupidly, stars and birdies circling my dizzy, sleepy, dreamy head as I sat there, hearing cuckoos.

“Good boy!” Sandi’s Mom then turned to Sandi, now for your jetlag!”

“But M…” WHAM! The mallet slammed down on Sandi’s head. Stars flew out of her head as the mallet connected, then started circling along with blue jay birdies. Sandi started to sway, smiling goofily as she looked up at the pretty stars and birdies which circled her head. Her Mom then put down the mallet, admiring her handiwork as she looked at both me and her daughter, both crossed and cuckoo. She still had some brain cells to scramble, but she wanted to use other things to cause it. She walked up to Sandi, kicking off her own sandals as she walked, revealing her bare feet. She winked at her daughter, before slamming her bare foot into Sandi’s chin. Sandi flew up into the air, leaving her sandals behind and landed barefoot on her bum against the now shut front door. She slid down, her eyes spinning in the sockets, mouth hung open, hearing cuckoo sounds and seeing cartoon owls circling her head “Oh Mommy, I see cute owls!” she said, sounding like the 7 year old that her Mom remembered. Mrs Thompson laughed.

“You enjoy those owls hon!” She then turned back to me. “Now I’m not done with you yet. Time to wipe that mind of yours so you don’t remember anything you don’t need to be my punch bag and cuckoo toy!” She marched over and then standing over me, brought both fists down hard on top of my head with a loud THUD!

“Uh!” I heard louder cuckoos and fell limp on my back at her feet, a circle of stars and white doves circling my head. She then reached down and pulled me to my feet. She winked at me and then turned me so my back was towards Sandi, lying cuckoo at the front door, then she took a step back, then forwards, slamming her bare foot hard into my chin, causing me to fly into the air and then then back of my head slammed into the front of Sandi’s rebounding the back of her head off the front door again and causing me to slide down so I rested, head in Sandi’s crotch, hearing very loud cuckoos echoing through my mind, eyes now in hypnotic spirals, seeing growing yellow stars and lying limp, unable to think. Sandi with the new head bonks from me slamming into her was now also hearing louder cuckoos and also had her eyes as hypnotic spirals.

Sandi’s Mom smiled and walked over to us, rested her bare foot on Sandi’s head. “Now my beautiful sleepyhead, he is right where a man should be at a woman’s crotch, between her thighs. Squeeze him out for me!” Obeying her Mom’s orders, Sandi squeezed those bare thighs hard around my neck. My tongue started to roll out as I felt her squeezing me out. Sandi’s Mom watched as her daughter put me to sleep. Finally as my eyes fluttered and then closed she ordered her daughter to release me. I slumpt unconscious and Sandi’s Mom smiled and then brought back her bare foot “See you in the morning!” and then slammed her bare foot hard into Sandi’s forehead once more. Sandi shuddered with the force as heard one final loud “Cuckoo!” and she faded into blackness.

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Ms Spice was at the NYC Pride Parade having a great time.
Spicee Pride Parade by keymakernyc  
Then a as usual.
Anvil Drop 2 by keymakernyc  
Ms Spice was flattened by a larger then usual anvil.  But Ms Spice's blubber could not contained for very long so she was sprung back into shape right away. But she was very cuckooed seeing a new very colorful star pattern.
Spicee Pride Parade Cuckooed by keymakernyc  
The large woman stood the middle street very dazed wobbleing with her eyes spinning, drooling tongue sticking out of her mouth then this happened again.
Anvil Drop by keymakernyc  
This time Ms Spice was sent straight down on her big fat ass.  A few people laughed at the big fat dazed woman on the ground. Even though I wasnt at the parade (not my scene plus I don't do parades the only one that I would even consider going to is the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn) I was passing thru I saw the cuckooed Ms Spice on the ground cuckooed.  I asked " Ms Spice Diva are you OK?!?" she blabbed back "all the pretty stars and birds tweet tweet".  At that point I understood what needed to be done.  I slipped off her size 12 white and black Jordan 11s (my favorites) off her big feet and sniffed them of course I enjoyed the smell Ms  Spice's big sweety feet left in those Jordans. Then I of course took a taste of her big exposed feet and tickled them for a minute or two she giggled while she was in lala land.  So I walk away with my new prized Jordans and left Ms Spice there snoring in the middle of the street with stars spinning around her head.
Spicee Big Feet by keymakernyc

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Anaesthesia 101.

The art (it truly is an art form as much as a skill) of poisoning a person into a state of near death (coma) in order to provide the optimal conditions for surgical intervention to occur as quickly as possible, while at the same time preventing the patient from suffering discomfort and awareness.

In the 1978 movie COMA the quote is made by one of the anaesthetists “They say Anaesthesia is the easiest job in the world till something goes wrong. 99% boredom and 1% scared shitless panic.” In truth that is not all that far from reality. The majority of anaesthetics follow a very simple formula that is tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs.

  • Something to sleep.
  • Something to make them pain free.
  • Something to make them forget.
  • Something to protect their airway.

However no surgery or patient is ever the same so there are various factors that need to be taken into account.

  • What type of surgery do they require?
  • How long is said surgery expected to take?
  • What condition is the patient in?

The combination of these factors indicates what kind of anaesthetic will be needed, how the patient’s airway is to be managed and what other interventions may be required.

A fit young adult for example having a deep cut on their hand repaired will have very different requirements to an elderly person having a cancerous bowel removed.

The Assessment :

Primary to the art of anaesthesia is recognising the condition of your patient. Failure to anticipate problems can have major consequences later on.

  • How old are they?
  • What is their build like (height, weight, body type?)
  • What is their mouth/neck like?
  • Do they have any medical conditions?
  • Do they have any history of substance abuse (alcohol/tobacco included)
  • What is their exercise limit?

Knowing your patient and being prepared is half the battle won.

Monitoring :

Standard anaesthesia monitoring includes a 3 lead ECG (EKG), pulse oximetry, blood pressure, oxygen/gas analysis. Other monitoring may include temperature, brain activity (BIS/Entropy).

  • The ECG monitors the electrical activity of the heart and how fast it is beating.
  • The Pulse oximeter gives an indication of how much oxygen is in the blood.
  • The Blood pressure is the how hard the heart is working to get the blood around the body.
  • The oxygen/gas analysis indicates the gases being given. Oxygen (and Air or Nitrous), the carbon dioxide being breathed out and the amount of any anaesthetic agent being delivered.

Airway intervention :

This depends on the surgical procedure being performed, the anaesthetic to be given and the skill of the anaesthetist. If the procedure is expected to take some time, or there is the risk of contamination from the stomach (aspiration) then the patient will likely be intubated with an endotracheal tube, though in certain circumstances a laryngeal mask with an oesophageal port may be considered. For shorter cases, or patients having longer procedures but with low risk of aspiration, a standard laryngeal mask may be used. The difference being with an endotracheal tube the end of this should sit through the vocal cords (larynx) going to the lungs in theory preventing anything from going where it shouldn’t, where as the laryngeal mask sits at the back of the tongue above said cords.

In some parts of the world the use of a facemask with a harness to hold it in place is still used for relatively short cases.

Regardless of the airway used artificial ventilation may still be required to support or control the patients breathing.

Medication :

Largely dependant on the needs of the surgery and the patient.

Fentanyl (or similar) – a short acting but strong pain killer. Used to sedate the patient pre anaesthesia is induced. Also used to reduce the patients response to intubation.

Midazolam – Sedation and amnesia.

Propofol – (The good ol Michael Jackson special). Intravenous anaesthetic.

Rocuronium/Atracurium – Muscle relaxants (among others).

Sevoflurane/Desflurane/Isoflurane – The typical Anaesthetic vapours that are used today. Delivered through special vapourisers to ensure accuracy. These are generally used once Anaesthesia has been achieved to keep the patient asleep throughout the procedure.

The induction of Anaesthesia :

For non emergency surgery the patient is expected to be starved of food or milk products for 6 hours, clear fluids may be taken up too 2 hours before. This is done to reduce the risk of the patient going to sleep and having stomach contents reflux up and enter the lungs which can cause some serious damage. (Not, as many people seem to think, because we don’t want patients vomiting all over our nice uniforms.)

After the typical adult patient is placed onto the table the monitoring is put on. The blood pressure cuff on the upper arm, the ECG onto the shoulders and left hip, and the pulse oximeter onto a finger.

An IV cannula is placed into a vein and IV fluids are attached.

The patient is given 6-8 Litres of 100% Oxygen via facemask pressed gently but firmly around the nose and mouth for several minutes before anaesthesia is started. This is another safety step and here we step into a bit of the science behind it.

The air we breathe is 70% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 9% trace gases like Carbon Dioxide.

The typical adult person has roughly 6 Litres (12 Pints) of blood. As such, when breathing room air, the blood only has about 1-2 Litres of Oxygen in it. The majority of the blood carrying Nitrogen. Your body uses about 300mls of Oxygen a minute, therefore you have enough oxygen in your body to last roughly 3-4 minutes should you stop breathing. After this damage to your body from lack of Oxygen (Hypoxia) begins to occur.

By giving the patient 100% Oxygen to breathe on you attempt to replace as much Nitrogen in the blood with Oxygen to improve their reserves. If successful this can increase their Oxygen reserve to 3-4 Litres giving you an extra 3+ minutes giving you time to react if for some reason you can’t ventilate the patient.

After several minutes of breathing the oxygen the Fentanyl is given, often with the Midazolam. The patient will likely give a little cough and begin to feel like they have had several stiff drinks. The Propofol is then injected, sometimes with a sharp stinging or burning sensation, and within 60 seconds the average patient will fall asleep and stop breathing.

If a muscle relaxant is required then an attempt should be made to ventilate the patient using the bag connected too the breathing system. If successful the muscle relaxant can be given. The Anaesthetic vapour should then be introduced as artificial ventilation continues for a minute or 2.

If no muscle relaxant is required then the Laryngeal Mask can often be introduced into the patients airway almost immediately after Anaesthesia has taken effect. The breathing hoses are then attached to the LMA and ventilation confirmed via observation of the chest rising and falling and Carbon Dioxide registered on the monitors.

In a similar vein once paralysis has taken effect intubation can occur, with the breathing system attached too the Endotracheal Tube and ventilation attempted to confirm correct placement within the patients airway.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will endeavour to answer as best I can.

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London May 12th. 08:30am


Helen walked through the surgery and pushed the small McKesson under its bench and shut the doors. She had already filled its vapouriser with Halothane and smiled. “Emily!!” She shouted and turned as her nurse walked in. “Are the camera’s ready?”

“Yes Helen, I have the 9mm film ready to go and 2 standard camera’s fully loaded with film for still shots.”

“Good, I’m using a triple strength dose this time. He will be so overwhelmed with desire he will agree to anything to cum. Make sure your underwear is off so that when he has agreed to work for us, you can ride him several times to maximise your chance at getting pregnant.”

Emily pulled a face. “Yes… Helen.” She snorted.

“Very good, go and prepare the syringe with the stimulant dose, he should be here in an hour.”


London May 12th. 09:45am


Emily looked up as Sir Gerald walked through the door. He looked a terrible sight, big bags under his red eyes, face pale, his posture slumped.

“Good morning sir” She said. “Are you alright?”

Sir Gerald yawned. “Not really, I have had the most awful week.” He sat in one of the chairs heavily.

“Well don’t you worry, Helen will see you in a moment.”

True to Emily’s word Helen walked into the waiting room.

“Oh Sir Gerald, how nice too see you again. Do come through.”

“Mmmmm?” Gerald’s head snapped up and he stared a moment before he realised where he was. “Oh Doctor, thank you.” He replied yawning again.

“Here, let me take those.” Said Helen relieving him of his coat and umbrella. “Have you not been sleeping well?” She asked innocently.

“Hardly at all, I’m afraid.” He replied as he walked to the chair and stopped, looking around the room.

“Something the matter Sir Gerald?” Asked Helen as she lay aside his belongings.

“That little machine with the gas…. Its not there?” He said sadly.

“Oh, I didn’t think you would want it to be honest. It seemed to upset you so last time.” Helen gasped, “I feared I was perhaps a little rough with you and thought it might be better to do without it this time.”

“No!” Sir Gerald cried out turning bright red. “Ahem…. I mean, please… could… could I have the gas again. In…in fact I don’t suppose you might… knock me all the way out?”

“Really Sir Gerald? This is most unusual… What is this all about?”

“Oh… I…. I couldn’t possibly…”

“Spit it out man, I’m a doctor!”

“Well… you see…” He sat down in the chair. “Ever since you gassed me last time I’ve been having these dreams… I can’t sleep… I nod off and wake up with…. I’m sorry its not something that should be discussed in present company.”

Helen snorted. “Really Sir Gerald, this is the 1960’s. You’re having erotic dreams and waking up with a big erection. It’s not entirely uncommon you know.”

Sir Gerald turned even brighter red.

“You want me to gas you, yes?”

“Please….” He replied timidly.

‘Putty in my hands’ thought Helen, as she walked to the cupboard and pulled out the gas machine, wheeling it up behind him. “Emily! I need you please”. She shouted.

Emily came rushing in carrying a small cup, “Yes doctor! Here I a..oooops!” She stumbled forward and sloshed the cup over Helens lap. “Oh god!!! I’m so sorry!” She gasped.

“Damn!!! Look what your doing girl!” Roared Helen, “Get Sir Gerald ready while I go change!”

“Yes doctor…. Sorry….” Emily replied and lay the cup aside. Turning to Sir Gerald as Helen walked out. “Now lets get you strapped in Sir Gerald, we don’t want you falling out the chair..”

Helen walked to the change room, stripping of her skirt, silken hose and underwear she angrily tossed them aside. “Damn that girl… oh just great! I don’t have a spare pair of knickers. Aarrghhh!” Grabbing a clean skirt she pulled it on and dried her legs off. ‘I am so going to make that girl pay for this’ she thought.

Walking back into the surgery she saw Sir Gerald in the chair with the apron over his chest and abdomen and arms strapped to the chair sides.

“Are we ready Sir Gerald?”

“Yes please…” He replied hoarsely. His hips squirmed and there was a bump already visible.

Helen sat down at his head and turned the oxygen and nitrous on. “Good man, I want you to breathe into the mask for me now. Slow and deep, like last time.”

Swinging the mask round onto Sir Gerald’s face she watched the bag thump in and out as he gulped it in. ‘Too easy….’ She thought as she increased the nitrous to 60%. “Doing well Sir Gerald…. “

Sitting in the chair, the smell and feel of the rubber, the anticipation of the mask, it was almost too much for him. ‘Oh god gas me….’ He thought, ‘please… before I embarrass myself…’ as his pants seemed to get tighter and tighter with his bulging erection. Burying his face into the mask he inhaled deeply, as fast as he dare. The strong smell of the rubber mask almost sent him over the top as he stared over its black rim.

As the bag thumped in and out Helen reached over and turned the Halothane onto 5%. She wanted Sir Gerald consumed by lust, but under her control…. “Doing well, the mask is going to smell like strong peaches now.”

As the smell filled the mask Gerald breathed it in. ‘Peaches? Nothing like Peaches to me…’ He thought. Not that he cared as long as it made the strain in his trousers go away. His head was already beginning to buzz. The familiar pulsing in his ears growing louder. The rush of the gas through the hose and the whistle as it escaped the valve seemed to take longer and longer with every breath. ‘I wonder if I will remember this?’ He thought, ‘I wond……’

Helen watched as the bag filled and shrank rapidly. He was jerking in the chair, moaning into the mask. Then he seemed to gasp and he slumped back and lay there. Helen kept the mask in place, knowing he was barely asleep, watching the bag. 3 breaths… 6…. 12…. 21… slowing… getting deeper.. settling…. Good. She took the mask away and he breathed slowly and steadily. She pressed the mask to her own face and took a breath… Sighing she lay it aside, ‘Later… ‘ She thought.

Propping his mouth open she located the tooth and injected the stimulant mixed Emily had prepared with the local anaesthetic. Almost immediately his breathing jumped rapidly, panting as Emily opened his pants and let out his growing cock. ‘Good…. This won’t take long.’ Thought Helen.

Glancing up Helen saw Emily walking out the door. “Where are you going! I need you here!”

“Too get the 9mm camera doctor. I put the other camera’s in the drawer over there.” Emily replied pointing across the room.

“Well hurry up, he’s going to be awake in a few moments and desperate for relief.”

True enough with a minute Sir Gerald’s eyes snapped open. “Ooooohhh god….. he moaned. Nooo noooooo”

“Aaahh Sir Gerald, awake I see. That’s quite a problem you have there…” Said Helen sitting beside him, running a finger gently up his cock causing it to pulsate and spasm.

Sir Gerald’s eyes widened at the sensation. “Please….. please…. I can’t stand this…. I need to cum…. Please…..” He sobbed.

“Of course… “ Said Helen, glancing at the door. ‘Come on Emily… what the hell are you doing?’ She thought. “But first I need you too do something for me….”

“Anything… please…. Anything… just make me cum… I cant stand this…”

“We know you work in the Ministry of Defence, in the prototypes office. If you agree to acquire a small item for us, we will happily relieve you.”

“Yes yes! Anything!!! Please!!!!” He screamed.

“Then you will acquire the plans of the new vertical take off plane Hawker Siddeley is testing, the P.1127 and deliver them too us. Do you agree?” Purred Helen as she stroked his raging hard cock gently again.

“YES! PLEASE!!! ANYTHING!! Oh god please… I beg you make me cum!!!” Begged Gerald as he strained at the straps that held him.

“EMILY!!! Dammit where are you girl?" Helen muttered. ‘Might as well take some still photo’s while I wait.’

Helen got up and walked over to the drawer, her back to Gerald. She opened the top one… no. The next drawer down… no…

Gerald stared as the fine figure of the tall blonde dentist leaned forward, her skirt riding up her legs a little. He could almost imagine the sweet treasure underneath and it made him strain at the straps even harder. One of them began to give a little….

‘Where the hell did she put those camera’s?’ Helen thought as she tried the 3rd… then the 4th drawer.

Her skirt rose higher and higher… he could just see a bit of furry muff between her legs….

Helen leaned down and opened the bottom drawer. Aha!!! She pulled one camera out….

Gerald’s arms pulled free of the straps as soon as he saw the entrance to her vagina before him. He leaped onto her back and wrapped his arm around her pulling her into him, she screamed and struggled but it only served to push the entrance to her vagina against him.


Too late… Helen could only sob as his large cock sank deep inside her, slick with his juices from her teasing it pushed her apart with ease. His hips slapped against hers as he grunted with every thrust.

“EMILY!!! GET HIM OFF ME!! EMILY!!!!” She screamed. As she struggled she glanced round and gasped as she saw Emily filming them from the doorway.

“Don’t just stand there!!!! Get him off me before he… nooooooooooo!!!” Helen sobbed as she felt him jerk inside her, the warmth of his cum spreading around into her fertile womb. “damn you… damn you…. I willmmmmmmm!” Before Helen could say anymore she was cut off by the cloth covering her face. The strong vapours filled her nose and within moments she felt herself slipping away.

When she came too she was in the chair, strapped firmly in place as Gerald thrust into her again and again, his eyes bloodshot and starring into space. “What… where…. Oh god no… no….” She moaned.

“Ahhh were awake are we…“ Said Emily sitting beside her, mask in her hand. “He’s cum 3 times so far, I think I may have over done it with that stimulant. You know you were right, our KGB contact does want an

illegitimate pregnancy as back up. But not from me dear… I’m afraid their just not too happy with your performance after the reports I’ve been giving them.”

Helen could only stare into her eyes as another orgasm crashed over her, the black mask sinking towards her. “I think he should keep going for at least 3 more…” laughed Emily as the gas filled Helens lungs once more.

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London April 30th. 8:18pm

Helen walked into her bedroom and lay her Cyprane inhaler and a bottle of chloroform beside her bed. She turned, closed the curtains and stripped naked. Sitting down she poured some chloroform into the inhaler and capped it off, then picked up the phone and dialled a number. After a few moments she said “The mouse has arrived, tasted the cheese and will be back for more.” Then she hung up, lay back and picked up the inhaler.

Placing the black mask to her face she took a deep breath in, and out… her other hand gently rubbing her breasts and abdomen. In… and out…. she sighed…. In.. and out…. her hand rubbed harder and faster as she moaned a little. She lay the mask aside a moment and began to finger her pussy, panting as her head buzzed a little. Oh god that’s the spot… mmmmm her finger slid inside and out, getting wetter by the moment. Oh.. oh yes…. Mmmm…. Her back arched as her hand grasped for the inhaler again, jamming the mask to her face she inhaled deeply. Her eyes starred over the masks black rim as her hot breath hissed in and out. The chloroform making her head buzz louder as her finger thrust in and out rapidly. Subconsciously she clicked the lever to increase the concentration of chloroform, ooooohhh ahhhhhhh she moaned, oh yes….yes…. the lever clicked higher and her began to spin as she panted into the mask. YES!!!! She screamed, OH YES!!! Muffled by the mask as the lever clicked to its highest setting and her lungs filled with chloroform laden air. Her head buzzed so loud it hummed in a pulsing tone, her eyes rolled up in pleasure as her back arched. Fingers thrust deep into her pussy and she cried out YESSSSSSSsssssuuuuuuuuggghhhh eyes fluttering back, she slumped into the pillow, the mask falling away to her side as it slipped from her fingers. She sighed and closed her eyes as the chloroform stole her away into the darkness.


London May 5th. 09:51am

Sir Gerald walked up too the surgery, surprised to once again find it empty and the nurse waiting behind the counter. “Good morning” he said.

“Good morning sir, welcome back” Smiled Emily, “Doctor Hunter will see you in a moment.”

“Thank you.” Gerald sat down, opening his copy of the Times and glancing through the pages.

“Sir Moresby? We’re ready now” Said Emily and Gerald folded his paper neatly and followed her through. Handing Emily his coat and paper as Helen walked in. “Good morning doctor.” He said and Helen smiled back, “Good morning Sir Moresby, I trust you had a pleasant morning.”

“Fine thank you” He replied, turning to sit down he saw a small machine attached to the hoses going to big gas bottles behind the chair.

“Do take a seat” said Helen and as he did so Emily laid a red rubber apron over his chest and abdomen. “Now were going to fix the bottom left tooth today, I should be done in about 45 minutes. Lie back please.”

Gerald nodded and lay back, he couldn’t help wonder what that small machine was for, but before he could ask a black mask pressed against his face. “Deep breaths in and out for me Sir Gerald” Said Helen firmly, “The gas will help you relax and make the time pass quickly”.

Gasping in surprise Gerald heard the gas whistle in and out of the hose. There was a strong rubbery smell, and a sense of musty old air, but overall it wasn’t unpleasant. Emily held his hand, smiling at him. Helen glanced at the McKesson as it hissed pure nitrous into the mask. “Doing well there Sir Gerald, nice deep breaths in and out.” Sir Gerald nodded as his head began to buzz louder and louder. This all seemed familiar somehow, it felt wrong… and yet so peaceful… Emily seemed to slip in and out of focus… he felt so tired… the hissing in the hose got louder and suddenly everything slipped away…..

Emily watched as his eyes rolled back and closed as he began to struggle a little. Holding his hands she nodded to Helen, he’s under. Helen smiled back, “Good, a few more breaths then….” Watching the back flutter in and out she changed over to a nasal mask and turned the nitrous down to 60%. Hand me the mouth prop quickly she said to Emily who already had it in hand waiting. Helen opened Gerald’s mouth and slipped it inside, forcing his mouth open. Packing in a gag at the back of his throat she made sure he was still breathing through his nose. “Give me the syringe and get his trousers down please.” She said, taking the syringe from Emily’s waiting hand. Shining the light into his mouth she injected the syringes contents into his gum, Gerald’s belt buckle clinked open and Emily pulled his trousers open, slipping his underwear down so it exposed his cock and balls. Within a few moments Gerald’s colour flushed and his cock began to swell up, pulsing larger and larger. Gerald moaned and wriggled his hips as Helen strapped his arms to the chair sides, his eyes fluttering as he stirred. As Emily waited she opened her blouse and exposed her breasts, standing before Gerald and bouncing them gently as he stared.

Strange dreams floated through Gerald’s mind, he could sense the pressure in his body as he became seriously aroused. Visions of his wife played before him, as his desire grew stronger by the moment.

“Nice and still now” Said Helen, “I’m going to start fixing your tooth now”. She began to drill into one of his teeth; meanwhile Emily gently stroked his cock with her finger. His thick swollen member pulsed in response, bouncing on the edge of the rubber apron. “Wow that stuff works fast”, said Emily, “I don’t know how long he will last like this.”

“Not long at all” Said Helen, “But long enough… It’s a powerful combination of a psychedelic compound mixed with enough hormones to make him want to rape an elephant. If he wasn’t under the gas right now he would be begging to fuck us.

Emily laughed, “Its very sensitive isn’t it… “ She touched his cock again and it bounced up and down as it twitched. Gerald moaned deeply under the mask, his eyes fluttering as Helen worked his tooth. After 10 minutes Gerald was panting into the mask, Helen glanced down “I’m almost done here, stop teasing him and finish him off.”

“Yes doctor” Grinned Emily and she stopped stroking his cock and balls, scooped him into her hand and slowly began to lick him. Gerald moaned deeply, his body jerked thrusting his hips up. With one quick motion Emily swallowed him down, gagging as she bobbed her head. The bag on the McKesson thumped in and out as Gerald gasped and gulped the gas rapidly. Mmmm mmmmm mmmm Emily moaned, mmmmmm mmm mmmmm then she pulled back and coughed, thick streams of cum spurting forth over the apron. Red faced Emily covered her mouth as she coughed. “wrong way… “she gasped “wasn’t ready…” Gerald sighed and collapsed into the chair, his cock still stiff and pulsing. “Helen glanced down, leant over and turned the nitrous down to 60%. “Give him a few minutes then ride him.” She said.

“Wait… what? But… not today! It’s too soon!” Gasped Emily.

“Don’t argue, do as you’re told.” Snapped Helen.

“I…. Yes doctor….” Emily said quietly.

After a few minutes Gerald’s eyes began to focus, his cock hard and wet. He seemed to stare down at it, his hands straining at the straps, trying to reach for it. “I’m done…” Said Helen laying aside her instruments.

Emily nodded and lifted her skirt as she straddled Gerald. He seemed too stare in confusion, then his eyes widened as Emily slid astride him. She gently bounced up and down as he moaned. “Oh god he’s so big… Mmmmm” she gasped. “When do you want me too stop? He won’t last long before he cums…”

Helen ignored her, taking a camera from a drawer she began to take photos of Emily riding Gerald’s large cock.

“D….doctor… ahhhh god I can feel him hitting the entrance to my womb” Emily stared into Gerald’s eyes, disbelief and lust mixed in them. The bag fluttered faster and faster, Emily saw his eyes begin to roll again. “Doc…doctor… Helen! He’s going to cum… I need to get off! Emily started to rise up, his thick cock sliding almost out of her when suddenly she felt Helens hands push down on her shoulders. “What! No!!!! Her hips slapped down hard against him pushing him all the way inside. “Helennnnn…. Noooooooo…. Moaned Emily, as she felt Gerald’s cock burst forth again and again flooding her belly. “Dammit No! I’m mid cycle! I don’t want to get pregnant!” She cried. “Maybe not, but control wants an illegitimate pregnancy as a back up.” Chuckled Helen, “and it couldn’t very well be me now could it.”

Emily slid off him, “Look at all this… I’m soaking in the stuff…” Emily wiped herself off and pulled her skirt down. “Thank you so much.” She glared at Helen who smirked. “Clean him up quickly” She said as she turned the nitrous on full and watched as Gerald slowly sank back, his eyes closing.

“Sir Gerald….. Sir Gerald….”

“Uuuuuhhh… Wha? Where?” Moaned Gerald, he blinked. “Oh… doctor… is it all done?” His eyes widened as memories flooded his mind and he gasped.

“Yes, all done sir Gerald. You nodded off under the gas, I hope you had some nice dreams” Said Helen as she helped him up.

Standing Gerald felt a sticky wet sensation in his underwear and went bright red. “Dreams… oh… my… no.. no not really.. “ he coughed. ‘Surely not… that can’t have been real…’ He thought. Grabbing his coat, paper and umbrella he quickly made his way to the reception. Emily followed through and went behind the counter. “Same time next week Sir Moresby for the other filling?” She asked.

“What… oh, I suppose… um… everything was ok in there wasn’t it? Nothing… unusual… happened?” He asked timidly.

“I don’t know what you mean”, smiled Emily, “We filled the hole just like we said we would.”

“Oh… very good… next week then.” And with that he walked out a little awkwardly.

Inside Helen took the camera from its drawer and pulled the film out ready for developing. She smiled to herself, soon, very soon, Sir Gerald would be eating out of her hand and making some important people very happy.

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