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At the time I didn't have much cash, possibly 10k gold to my name, and I needed more. I occurred over a significant thing drop on one of my substitute characters, an Alliance alt. I need to state it was a Sulfuron Ingot from Molten Core, which by then was worth around 1000 gold outland on the Auction House; a considerable measure of gold to me. Perceiving how profitable it was, I needed to exchange this thing to my genuine fundamental character, my Undead Mage. This implied exchanging the thing cross-group, and the best way to do that was to use the Neutral Auction House.

So I enrolled the assistance of a confided in companion. I exchanged him the thing on our Alliance alts, at that point I signed into my principle Undead character, and we both dared to gold outland, one of three areas in Azeroth containing meutral salesperson NPC's. Of course, the mean avenues of Booty Bay had a to some degree negative notoriety among WoW players, in light of the fact that occasionally abnormal state players would go there to get their jollies by assaulting low level casualties and NPC's, however we figured we would be in and out rapidly and easily. The arrangement was basic: my companion, playing a low level Alliance alt, would list the thing on the Neutral AH for a modest 1 copper purchase cost, and I would be there holding up to grab it up when it flew up on the sale list.

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Foto Toket PSK Pengen Di Remas - toket PSK yg udah gak tahan kepengen diremastangan nakal & serta Memek PSK yg haus dapat sodokan kontol akbar & panjang maklum saja psk ini udah lama gak dapet bokingan nih.
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The Amy FAQ!

Yeah I just wanted to answer the basic questions: How did you get into the sleepy fetish? What are you into?

This is often the first thing I'm asked in that awkward phase when a guy or girl is talking to me and wants to somehow not seem like a total psychopathic freak so is trying to make some normal conversation like "Omg we're so wierd, why are we so wierd! Hang on, I need to pet my dog and tend to my garden a minute before I go to the gym" all the while thinking, "Yeah she's done for once I get ahold of her."

Like almost everyone I know who I have talked to about it, I don't know. On the playground or just playing in the yard if the boys were being superheros or army or whatever the hell they were being you could be sure I was the bystander in trouble, the damsel in distress, or anything else you can imagine. Half the time I had no idea what was even going on other than I was in a cage inside the monkey bars and was being gassed out. Lol...good times.

I was gassed, tied up, put to sleep, or killed so many times in the playground I don't even remember. Yet everyone was laughing and having fun and nobody thought I was a freak.

Yet as an adult its this huge wierd dark thing, I have no idea how that happened but I do understand the danger in real life play. I think that most men (and some women) come at the fetish differently. I think they get the fantasy later, and its born out of something else. I feel like I was just born liking the idea.

In college I'd frequently pretend to pass out or just go limp for no reason in bedroom play and it was always just in good fun and laughed on. I got turned on by it, I was never with a guy who was super into it---I wouldn't say anything just do it. He'd usually mess around jokingly a bit then laugh it off and so would I.

I've pretended to pass out or be asleep as social events, I pretend to sleep on planes. I guess in writing this is sounds all kinds of messed up, but I just liked the idea that someone was looking or secretly taking pictures, or even getting off in their seat while I snoozed away next to them.

Now, I get to do some real play and have a partner also into it, and we are lucky I get that. But its not all we do, it's not even alot of what we do. Sometimes you are just going to zoo, nobody is unconsciuos the whole trip lol.

Do I want to be actually abducted? Umm no.

Do I have any limits in role play, also no. Its the unknown thats the turn on. I want to experience the story of something that happens to me in third person and its the unknown that turns me on.

I find some enjoyment in everything ranging from fainting in someone arms then being lovingly laid down and woken up all the way up to being kidnapped and strangled and used. I know it sounds dark but I can't explain it--its fantasy and the unknown that matters.

The idea that I'm providing pleasure and am just lying there is an absolutely unexplained kink.
But again, there's absolutely no way I would in real life pass out around strangers, or say "Hey baby, I'm Amy! I'm going to take this pill then you just take my body somewhere and have some fun."
I'd hope the guy would just back slowly away. I suppose if he said "Hell yes baby!" I'd know to let folks know I wouldnt be home for a while lol.

The very small number of things I just don't get into:

  • Bad grammar, no structure. I like a story of RP to be worked on a bit.
  • Silly knockouts. I don't know why, I don't want to see birdies I want to fade away fighting or feel the heaviness just take me.  I think its because I try to imagine how I would really react, and thats just not how I would really react. I've been knocked out and there were no birds. However, totally not judging--I mean I'm a freak too so go team!
  • Nothing happening other than me in the process of being chloroformed. I can only say mmph so many times, after about a dozen times I'd prefer it actually go somewhere.

Anyway have a good day everyone! Byes!

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Cherokee is in bed mind her own business like she always does 
Cherokee by keymakernyc  
Then this happenes 
Piano Drop by keymakernyc  
Now poor Cherokee will have a head ache for a while after her cuckooness wears off.  Tweet Tweet
Cherokee seeing silly stars by keymakernyc  

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One day I am at the gym and I saw this stunning lady named Cherokee working out
Cherokee by keymakernyc
I said to myself she is sexy, but Funko woukd really appreciate her.  So I walk up to introduce myself and tell her I have a friend named KO I would like to introduce you to.  She agreed and wanted to get ready at my place.  Of couse I had no problem with this. I told Funko to meet me at my house for a surpise. As we walked to the parking Cherokee started doing streches.  
Cherokee 2 by keymakernyc
She paused for a moment and asked "what does KO stand for?"  I asked "do you teally want to know?" She replyed "yes" Then a loud CLANK!!! Sound could be heard.
star field by keymakernyc  
She was out cold among  a sea of stars.  I hit her over the head with a crowbar.  She awoke in my apartment few hours later.  She asked "what happened?" I replied "an anvil fell from the sky and hit you on the head" She anwsered back "thats been happening alot lately to my friend Spicee." I responded back "wow thats werid".  Cherokee started to change she got down to her bra and panties the I released 2 sandbags that fell and bopped her on the head.  She was dazed swaying back and forth with colorful stars dancing around her head she said "at least it wasn't an anvil this time" then she plopped on the bed dazed her eyes wide open and a silly smile on her face.
Cherokee Dazed by keymakernyc  
When she came to she tried to swat away the stars thinking that would help clear her head faster.  She was finally able to get ready.  She changed her wig to a short style and she wore a very tight fitting dress that showed off all her sexy curves.  I could not resist the temptation, so I pressed a button that drops a mini anvil (didnt want to get her dress wrinkled ). It hit her with a big WHAM!!!  She fell on my couch face down ass up with stars spinning around her head her mouth was wide open with drool coming down on the side.Cherokee Stared Out by keymakernyc  
Just then FunKo walks in and she is in full cuckoo mode.  The stars were replaced by blue and yellow birds tweeting.  She was babbling in the background "all the pretty birds"  Then I said to KO "she is all yours"

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Posted by on in General

Trixie decided to go to the gym.  She did some stretching and a little warm ups.  She built up a little sweat.
Trixie Work Out1 by keymakernyc  
After a while decided to try out the free weights. She started off with some light ones then she decided wanted to try some heavier one. The heavier weights were on a high shelf. Trixie not known for being the sharpest knife in the drawer too the first weight she saw not at all thinking about the weights on top of the one she picked.  The weight that was directly on top of the on she choice fell and WHAMM!!!! Landed on top of her head.  Everything went black then starzzzzz every where.
star field by keymakernyc  
The weak minded beauty stood no chance. She was immediately cuckooed.  Her lips puckered up and her eyes opened up wide with stars spinning around her head.
Trixie Work Out2 by keymakernyc  
She wobbled for a few short seconds her eyes were blinking fast to match the fast bird chirping she heard.  She then smiled up her pointer finger in the air. And fainted backwards she hit the ground with a loud thud.
Trixie Work Out3 by keymakernyc  
There the cubby cutied layed in cuckoo land with a silly smile on her face and her eyes crossed.  TWEET TWEET

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Posted by on in General

Footcess 2 by keymakernyc  
Introducing the Footcess.  The Footcess is an instgram foot model from The African Island of Cape Verde.  She has a size 9 foot I know my victims are usually women with size 11,12 or 13 feet but this pretty momma caught my eye and I want to see her cuckooed.

Footcess was getting ready for a cam session with her fans.  Then a sound caught her attention.  She looked in that direction then she was beaned in the head  by a baseball that I hit into her living room. For few seconds it was was lights out for her until the stars came to brighten things up for her.
Footcess by keymakernyc  
She was surrounded by serval stars.
Footcess cuckooed by keymakernyc  
She was motionless for a few moments while the starz danced around her head.   Her eyes started to follow the stars that circled her head this of course made her dizzy and her eyes turned into swirls as this happened.
Footcess swirly eyes by keymakernyc  
She then dropped to her needs and then she was out cold head down with her big ass in the air snoring.
Footcess Ko'd by keymakernyc  
I took this chance to play with her pretty feet.

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Posted by on in General

Candy is out in her back yard in the nude enjoying the sun.  Then she noticed something strange that caught her attention.
Candy by keymakernyc  
Just then the cowardly chubby woman's eyes popped out of her head and she move her fat legs as fast as she can but getting no where fast just kicking up alot of dust.  A canon was heading direct for her and all she could do is stand there with her eyes and mouth wide open.  Then she was clobbered on her noggin with loud DING!!! sound.
Candy shock and bonk by keymakernyc  
She said in a very dopey voice "duh who turned off off lights?" The birdies soon came flying around her head.  The tweeting and chirping further disoriented her as she wildly swiped at the birdies faster and faster.  The more she did the more dizzy she became spinning around in circles until she was in her house she then bumped into a wall that over a potted plant that hit her on the head BONK!!! Her already enlarged eyes crossed and made a silly face with her tongue sticking out. She then said "nighty nighty" the big woman fell backwards and then her big legs went up in the air in a comedic fashion.
Candy feet up cuckoo by keymakernyc  
She was out cold snoring with colorful stars dancing on top of her head.  I then stop by her house to drop off some of her mail that was deliveried to my house by mistake.  I put the letters in her mailbox I noticed door was open but I didn't think anything of it then I started to walk away until I headd her loud snoring so I went to investigate.  First think I saw was her size 9 1/2 chocolate soles peeking out of a corner.  I took a further look and to my delight I saw Candy's plump naked body laying in a cuckooed state. Like any other red blooded American I did the right thing and took full advantage of being in lala land.  I started to tickle her feet and lick them and I took a few moments to enjoy her big breast by giving them a squeeze.  I turned her around and smacked her fat ass a few times.  After I was done I carried her to her bed room placed her in her bed covered her up left.  I think left her snoring and seeing stars.
Cuckooed Candy snoring by keymakernyc

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Lola was one the beach enjoying a nice quiet relaxing day in the sun.
Lola by keymakernyc  
Until she heard what started out as a faint sounding whistle (like the cartoon falling sound effect) Just thing she noticed  a shadow around her and as the shadow got bigger the whistle sound got louder and then she heard a womans voice scream "look out belowwwww"
Boink by keymakernyc  
Lola's cousin Tracy randomly fell from the sky and crash landed on Lola's large ass.  As she landed her chin hit the back of Lola's head cause both girls to become cuckooed and dazed seeing stars.
Lola and Tracy dazed by keymakernyc  
Lola had a dopely look of disbelief on her face while Tracy was in full cuckoo with eyes crossed and her tongue sticking out. Right before the dazed ladies were able to recover they where both wiped out by large wave.  If course this caused them to see even more stars.
Lola and Tracy wipeout by keymakernyc
Damn Lola has a really nice ass.

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Posted by on in General

Ms Cleo was getting ready for a webcam session, but she didn't notice that someone was getting ready to hit her over the head with bat.
Ms Cleo by keymakernyc  
Then CRACK!!! BONK!!! POW!!! She was hit multiple times over the head with that bat.
Ms Cleo Clobbered by keymakernyc  
She was left very cuckooed.  At at first she saw stars that quicked turned into chirping birds.  Her eyes crossed and she had a very silly smile on her face as the tweeting it louder her eye got X'ed out.
Ms Cleo cuckooed by keymakernyc  
At that point wad she rocking side to side.  She then started to snore she was now snoring while she was still standing up.
Ms Cleo sleepy by keymakernyc  
Soon she fell face first to the ground and soon as her ass was up in the air she let out a fart which was the first thing her cam watchers saw and heard.  Till the batteries of her webcam died her viewers saw her laying on the ground cuckooed with bright yellow stars circling her head in a pool of her drool with her giant ass in the air letting out loud farts every few minutes.
Ms Cleo KO'd by keymakernyc

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Posted by on in General

Cherokee is setting up her booth to advertise her websites at the Big Bootie Convention.  Just then a mysterious figure appear behind her with a bat.
Cherokee meets Bat by keymakernyc  
Then there was a loud CRRRRRACK!!!! sound.
star field by keymakernyc  
Cherokee was hit over the head with that bat.  She is cuckooed within in seconds. The big booty beauty was out of her mind seeing stars and stumbling around until what she thought was a soft pillow, which was in reality MsCleo's big soft fat ass and Cherokee laid her head there.
Cherokee Lala land by keymakernyc
Ms Cleo didn't know what to make of this other than she had a dizzy Cherokee's head on her larger than your average sized rump.  Cherokee was dizzy to the point where her eyes turned into swirls and stars danceing around her head.
Cherokee swirly eyes by keymakernyc  
Ms Cleo trying to make her own name in the big bootie community and make connections has no time to deal with a cuckoo Cherokee picks her up and throws the unconscious beauty to the ground.
Cherokee Ko by keymakernyc  
While Cherokee lay on the ground ass up motionness the mysterious figure sees a new target to subject to random head clobbering and avil drops.  What does this mean for Ms Cleo?  To be continued in her upcoming adventures.

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Photo shared by on in General

Jake was already highly enjoying himself just as he knew that he would be but things were just getting started.

He walked around outside back in the restraunt making sure to keep up his limp in cas he needed to use the ploy again. He moved his eyes around the room trying to figure out his next move. His eyes stopped resting on a female as she seemed to be making her way toward the front door of the retsraunt carrying some food.


He smiled to himself as it just seemed everything was going perfectly for him tonight. He watched as the blondes as swayed in her orange shorts walking outside to hand off some food to a customer outside.

Jake made his way outside the restraunt and made sure to wait until the car that the blonde whos name tag read Casey drove off. He then faked a very realistic looking fall holding on to his legs "ah damn it!" he yelped holding his fake injury and sitting on the ground. He waited with a fake look of pain barely able to hold back a grin as he began to hear the sound of sneakers running toward him.

Casey kneeled down touching the mans shoulder "oh my gosh are you alright sir! I can get help" she said looking at him.

Jake shook his head "no no if you could just help me to ym car it'll be fine" he said forcing himself up hobbling.

Casey helped him up holding him up a bit on her shoulder "are you sure?" she asked moving with him toward his car.

Jake nodded 'yeah yeah it'll be fine" he said taking ahold of the car and turning himself around as they reached it "could you open the door for me please?" he asked

Casey nodded "yeah sure of course" she said leaning over and opening the car door.

Jake watched her moving a bit back toward his open back window "and one last thing if it's not to much trouble could you reach in there and hand me my phone on the other side?" he asked

Casey nodded "no problem" she said reaching into the car looking around.

Slipping a blackjack out from his backseat through the window Jake smiled moving over behind Caey and slapping it over the back of her blonde head.

"ughhh" Caseys eyes rolled back bouncing limp off the car seat.

"to easy" Jake said with a smirk as he grabbed Caseys socked ankles stuffing her in the car. He ran his hands along her thighs and ass before stuffing her in the back seat where she couldn't be seen "I might actually get to keep you for later" he said with a smile reaching over and grabbing soem chloroform and a rag soaking it. He placed it over Caseys lips and closed the door.


Jake grinned and headed back into the restraunt and just in time to. He watched as a woman a bit on the older side side but still with quite the body for her age stood up from her table and began to make her way toward the restroom where Jake had left the bodacious blonde Hannah and sultry red head Megan limp and in dream land.

He followed behind the woman her dark red flip flops flapping on her feet ass her ass hugged her matching red colored jeans. Jake shurgged and smiled to himself. Maybe this was just a little bonus for him. He watched the blonde woman walk into the bathroom.

Julie scrunched her eyes as she noticed some feet under the bathroom stalls. It was a bit off that someone was barefoot in the bathroom after all "hello?" she called out but continued walking forward after getting to answer "are you alright in there?" she asked.

Julie slowly reached over and opened the bathroom stall door to see a completley naked blonde propped up on the toilet unconsious "oh my god!" she said covering her mouth but before she could even think an arm wrapped around her throat tightly "guhhhh!' Julie stumbled back her flip flops flying off her now bare feet.

Jake smiled "sorry about this wrong place wrong time but i'm not complaining" he laughed squeezing her neck in a sleeper hold watching as her bare red painted toes stretched out struggling his recetion growing pressing into her ass in her tight jeans from behind.

Julie gasped for air her face turning quite red "" she tried to choke out calling to her husband outside in the retsraunt. Slowly Julies eyes rolled back and then finally her arms fell limp. Julies legs slowly slid down on to the floor as she was rendered unconsious. 

Jake smiled as he felt Julie go limp allowing her to lie flat on her back out of it. He laughed "night night" he said looking her over "hmmmm..." he reached down pulling her shirt off and then her tank top over her head her breasts falling out not wearing a bra. He smiled groping Julies mature breasts  before standing up and getting one last look at her topless in her tight jeans.

He dragged her over toward the stall with Hannah and placed her across the blonde hooters waitress lap giving her ass a smack in her tight red jeans.

Walking out of the bathroom Jake walked across back toward his table 

A man walked toward Jake "hello sir would happened to have seen my wife I was ordering and i'm not sure where she went. Shes blonde and had on some red jeans red flip flops" he said.

Jake shook his head "no sire haven't seen her i'm afraid" he lied 

"alright thank you" the man said walking off confused.

Jake just smiled taking his seat at his table pleased with his work so far.


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Jake licked his lips as he walked into the restraunt that he had been picking out for quite some time now. Jake had been planning on sending some ladies to dream land and figured what better place than Hooters itself. They kept the exy girls by the stock pile and put them on display.

There were several different hooters restraunts though and he had been taking his time knowing that he would have but one shot at making his dreams come true. He had been scoping out different hooters until finally he had found the perfect one. Completley stock piled with different sexy women for him to put to sleep.

He stepped inside the place glancing around. It was in full swing and some of the ladies where walking around handing out food while others chatted up the costumers as hooters girls always did. Two others behind the bar. After spotting all of the girls he smiled to himself making sure he had allof his details right about the place.

Moving his eyes along the entire restraunt he nodded to hismelf happily having it down to a science of how he was going to go about this whole thing. Jake looked down at his foot that was in a cast but in reality was perfectly fine. This would give him an advantage in getting the girls to do what he wanted them to do.

Now it was time. 

Jake walked over to a free table and took a seat making sure to limp a bit as he did. He scanned the room waiting and then watched as one of the lovely hooters girls began to walk up toward him with a notepad in hand. He watched as her thick hips swayed in her tight orange shorts nearly riding up her ass in her equally tight shirt showing off her large breasts. 

So this blonde would be his first target of the night it seemed. 

"hello sir i'm Hannah what would you like to have today? she asked leaning over the table a bit "you look nice tonight by the way" she said with what looked to be a sort of a wink.

Jake just grinned at the usual tactics of the hooters girls to chat up their costumers and smiled "yeah wish I felt nice" he said making his cast visible.

Hannah looked down at his cast her blonde looks hanging on her shoulders "oh i'm sorry about that well anything that we can do just let us know" she said with a smile.

He nodded and scratched his head a bit 'well I hate to be a bother but i'm really having trouble walking and it causes some pain would you mind helping me to the bathroom real quickly" he said shaking his head "I hate to ask"

Hannah looked at him and shook her head thinking it was a bit odd and unusual but it made sense and it was their job to help the costumer and do as they wished. She nodded "sure no problem come on" she said reaching over and helping him up.

Jake stumbled up a bit catching a great glimpse of Hannahs clevage under her tight shirt as he did. With her help her began to make his way to the bathroom oing a bit fast so that none of the other waitresses would notice Hannah going back there with him.

Hannah smiled as they got to the bathroom doors "will you be alright or do you need my help? I can come back right after I take this next order won't be a second" she said looking at him.

Jake smirked and shook his head resting his fake injured foot down "no need your coming with me" he said covering Hannahs mouth and jerking her into the bathroom the doors closing behind them.

"mmmmm! mph mmmm!" Hannah gasped struggling aginst the man dropping her pen and notepad once they were inside the bathroom.

Jake pulled Hannah into the stall and sat down on the toilet keeping hold of her. He quickly moved his arm around her neck and applied pressure in a choke hold.

Hannah gasped grabbing at her throat kicking around trying to free herself from his grasp but could feel herself weaking.

Jake held Hannah tight watching as her face began to turn red and her struggle slowed.

Hannahs eyes fluttered as she coughed a bit of saliva dripping down her chin as her vision began to leave her.

Jake watched Hannahs lovely eyes flutter his erection growing pressing against her orange shorts as he held her in place and then finally her eyes rolled back and she want limp. He held the choke a few seconds longer and then raised Hannah limp arm watching it fall.

He smiled raising up and sitting her limp body up on the toilet.  He smiled looking at the sexy blonde hooters girl that was now in dream land and reached over groping her large breasts in her tight shirt "yeahhhh there we go...." he said looking up to see the slight drool on her chin from the struggle.

Jake leaned over licking the drool from her chin and lips savoring the taste. He then ripped her shirt open her breasts spilling out not wearing a bra. He felt them rubbing his thumb along her nipples before bending down and raising her tan toned legs up. He slid her white sneakers off rubbing her thick white socks. Slowly he rolled the white socks down and off of Hannah feet. 

He grinned licking the unconsious blondes bare sweaty feet rubbing her wrinkled soles. Next he pulled her tight orange shorts down her legs allowing her legs to drop limp after they were off. He sniffed the orange shorts and laid them down he would take them for a prize later. He looked over the blonde waitress sitting on the toilet now in just her black and pink thong.

He reached down under her thong feeeling her lightly and moving one finger inside of her. He took a moment and was about to insert another when he began to hear foot steps outside the door.


Thinking quickly Jake grabbed Hannahs feet raising them up on the toilet so that she wouldn't be seen from under the stall. He then stood back watching as to white sneakers with fluffy socks walked by.

"Hannah ya in here we got some orders to fill?" Megan called out looking around but shrugged once she got no answer "guess not..." she said turning to the sink to wash her hands.

Jake peaked out from the stall to see the sexy red haired waitress at the sink looking her up and down. Her breasts were modest compared to Hannahs but her ass was on a whole other level looking like it could burst out of her tight orange shorts at any moment. 

He smiled and twitched his fingers a bit. This one had come right to him making things even easier. Jake moved as quietly as possible squeezing through the crack in the stall door and moved up closer and closer behind the red haired goddess.

Megan oblivious to what was coming stood at the sink washing her hands about to go back out and take some orders "mpppph!" she gasped her eyes widened as a hand clamped over her mouth. Megan looked up in the mirror to see the man behind her struggling with him 'mmmmm mmmm!'

Jake gritted his teeth holding the red haired girl in place this one was stronger than the last and putting up a decent fight. He moved his arm up toward her throat but found she was fast sliding out from under his arm.

Megan slipped free and darted toward the door "help! hel...." she tried to call out sliding on the wet bathroom floor a bit losing he balance and falling to the ground.

Jake grabbed Megan by her socked ankle pulling her back towards him and raised her up. He covered her mouth as she tried to scream again mufflinf it and looked around trying to think fast. Jake took Megan by her red locks and banged her head off of the sink. He took a deep breath letting go and watching as her sexy body crashed down to to ground on her stomach her ass jiggling in her skin tight orange shorts on impact.

That was a close one...he thought to himself grabbing Megan by her ankles and dragging her over toward the next stall. He picked her up over his shoulder getting a good feel of her perfect ass and sat her up on the toilet just like he had her blonde co worker Hannah. He moved some her away from Megans face and smirked "lovely" he said sliding her shirt over her head revealing her white bra before taking it off as well. 

Next her removed her sneakers getting a whiff of her stinky white socks drenched in sweat. She must have been working harder than sweet Hannah. He rolled the fluffy white socks down her feet and let her bare feet drop.

Jake reached over sliding Megans shorts down struggling a bit to get them down over her ass and licked his lips at the white thong under neath. He leaned Megan forrward smacking her ass and getting a good feel for it before sliding her thong off. He stepped back admiring his work at another sexy waitress sent to dream land.

The night was far from over for him though.




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Sights for a Sore Head

I had just arrived at the hotel room. It was in a nice hotel in London, the rooms being spacious and well separated from one another. The corridor was dimly lit and I had not seen another soul since the lobby. I was to meet Sandi in the room for a night of games which she had come all the way over to the UK for. I had been told to bring my nightwear, just a set of pyjamas consisting of a T-Shirt and Shorts, which I had done.

I placed my key card into the reader and the door unlocked. I pushed it open and walked into the room. It was big, as expected with a large double bed against one wall and a smaller single bed pushed up against another wall. The wallpaper was dark pink and there was a soft glow from the dimly lit lights lit up around the walls of the room. I saw women’s sandals resting on the floor by the door and in response I kicked off mine and lay them next to them. I was now wearing a summer T-shirt and shorts, bare legged and barefoot. I called out to the shower “Sandi?”

“In here hon, could you make sure you are in your nightwear when I come out, I’ll be in mine!” Her voiced echoed from the shower and I obeyed and quickly changed, popping my clothes into my bag I then turned and sat on the double bed, facing the bathroom, waiting for her to come out. I heard the shower stop and heard her say “I’ll be out soon honey, thanks for waiting!” I sat there, waiting patiently. Ten minutes later the shower room door unlocked and opened, out she stepped. She looked incredible, I hadn’t actually seen what Sandi looked like until now, she was about average height with a strong looking medium build. Her dark blonde hair lay still slightly wet at her shoulders. Her breasts stood out at 34D. She glided closer on her bare feet, wearing a midnight blue night robe. “Finally we meet hon.”

She walked up to me and motioned for me to stand, At just over 6ft I stood a bit taller than her. She stopped so her bare toes were inches away from mine and stared into my eyes with her blue-green ones. “Mmmmm, you’re cute, but I think I’ll make you cuter.” And with that she slammed her bare foot hard into my chin. I went flying up into the ceiling with the force and my head slammed into it, causing cracks to appear around it. I fell back to the floor and landing on my bum at the foot of the bed, my back resting against the end, the soles of my bare feet facing Sandi. A large lump rose out the top of my head where it had connected with the ceiling and my eyes crossed into each other. Yellow cartoon stars and blue jay birdies started to circle my dazed sore head and loud tweeting echoed in my ears. My tongue lolled out my mouth and my mouth curved into a goofy smile. “Mission accomplished, so much cuter!” Sandi exclaimed. She hadn’t finished yet though.

Sandi turned away from me and proceeded to talk “Remember me telling you I was a boxer?”

“Duh…” I replied stupidly.

“Well, I brought my gloves!” She reached into one of her bags and brought out two huge red boxing gloves. She put them onto her hands and walked back over to me. Using her feet to push my legs apart far enough for her to kneel between them she then did so. “Nowhere for you to go but fly with the stars and birdies!” She laughed. She brought up her fists, then punched me squarely on the forehead. My eyes span with the force as it scrambled my brain yet further. I started to grow hard. She laughed and slammed her fist into my forehead again and again and again, alternating her fists, the back of my head kept bouncing off the foot of the bed and my body jerked with each punch. Finally after around twenty punches she stopped to take a breather. I flopped backwards leaning against the bed, my body limp and my head lolling around in circles on my neck, my mouth hung open, hearing loud cuckoo sounds and seeing yet more stars and now cute little puppies running round my head. I pointed up at them “Duh, look at the cute puppies!”

Sandi smiled “Yes you are one of them aren’t you? Come on boy on all fours”! I obeyed and went forwards onto my hands and knees. “Quick, sniff around the room.” She ordered her new puppy. I obeyed, she threw off her boxing gloves, then ordered me to stop. “I need a horse to ride!” She exclaimed then walked up behind me, still on all fours and slammed her bare foot hard into the back of my head. My head snapped forwards from the force and my eyes span in their sockets, stars flying out from my head. She then swung her foot forwards further, then in a pendulum motion swung it back into my forehead, snapping my head backwards, causing more stars to spark out from my head and my eyes to spin again. I had a total look of confusion on my face with no idea what was happening. Sandi felt wet between her legs and excitedly swung her bare foot forwards as hard as she could, one last time. WHAM! Her foot impacted hard on the back of my skull once again and my head snapped forwards, even more stars flying out from my head this time and I cried out “Uh!” My eyes spinning once again from the force. I heard the thud of her bare foot echoing inside my now empty mind as loud cuckoo sounds repeated inside my head and lots of rocking horses started to circle. I fell forwards, landing on my front as my arms went completely limp and gave way and my pupils were facing opposite directions. I had a very silly grin on my face and was now lying face down, bum up.

Sandi laughed “Oops, I think I may have gone too far in my excitement, that’s you out for a while!” She put her bare foot on my bum and pushed it down so I was now just lying dazed on my front, my bum now slightly pushed up by me pitched a hard tent. She felt the wetness “Oh my god I am soaked, I’d better get cleaned up, but first you need to release. She turned and walked away, before running back towards me. She jumped up in the air and landed both bare feet right on the top of my head, stars flying everywhere when she landed. My bare feet flapped up from the force, then rested down. Large yellow stars pushed the rocking horses up and out of sight, my body went completely limp as I became a rag doll, and I came, hard, hearing loud cuckoos in my ears all the way. Lumps from each foot pushed Sandi up, making her feel like she was growing.

As she stepped off my head, Sandi turned back to survey the damage. She knew she had completely blanked my mind. I was a ragdoll and her plaything permanently now and she looked to her largest suitcase, which was empty “I think I’ll take you back to America my cute little plaything!” She laughed and off she went to get the suitcase.

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First I took care of Ling, leaving Melisa, my obsession, for the end. I got her naked and fondled her for half an hour. I enjoyed her tits, butt and pussy. Then I took a needle and injected her enough drug to make her deeply sleep for the rest of the night.

Having done that I took her from her armpits and dragged her outside, to an inner patio. I left her pretty limp helpless and naked body by a red wall. Just for the sake of my preferred fantasy I chopped her on the side of her neck. Her body moved as I did so, and a very weak moan was heard...

Then I went back inside. Melisa was still on the bed, but now she was naked and her arms and legs were spread. I didnt remember to have left her that way, and I was right on that. Suddeenly I heard a voice. Besides the bed on a couch there was awoman in red bikini and with her wet hair in a ponytail. She has my dart gun on her hand pointing at me.

- Hello Jackie, finally I found you..

- H... h... hi Cammy, it has been a long time...

- Yes Jackie, a long time, but you still owe me something...

Then Cammy got naked and ordered me to get naked, which I did. 

- Now you will fondle Melisa and I will record that...

She kept me filming with her video camera and pointing at me with the gun, for an hour.

I did everything to the poor limp Melisa, and everything was duly recorded.

When I was asked to stop I was so tired...

Cammy asked me to get in my knees on the bed, besides Melisa.

- Put your hands on your head...

As I did it, the blackjack came inmediately. It was so strong that I almost fell back... AGH!... But I fell face down on the bed.

Next thing I remember was that I woke up in the trunk of a car and that the car was moving...

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Then Melisa looked at me and said "Ling, take care of that bitch". Then she sat down in front of the bed as Ling took a vibrator and put gel on it. Ling strongly inserted the vib in my pussy, then turned it on at maximum level. The cold gel with the fear were after all a heavily hot mix...

Ling took the handkerchief off and began to french kiss me passionately as she rubbed my tits...

At the same time Melisa was masturbating...

My pleasure screams got mixed with Melisa's and Ling's... AAAHHH!!!!... OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!... UUUHHHHH!!!... AH! AH! AH! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After my orgasm LIng left the vib turned on and headed to Melisa. They got nakes and had sex as I got three orgasms in a row. Then they stopped and Ling turned the vib off. Then she pt chloro on the handkerchief and pressed it against my mouth and nose... mmmmpppphhhh... mmmppphhh... mmpphh... mmm... ... ... I passed out feeling a strange well being...

When I woke up I was not tied to the bed but I had my hands on my back with handcuffs. Melisa was not there and Ling was in a white dress... I looked at her and asked... How about Melisa? She said that she went for food and drinks and that they had great plans for the rest of the night.

I asked to go to the bathroom. Ling took me and helped me to sit on the wc. I pissed and she cleaned me with paper towel. Then we returned and she throwed me on the bed. Then she went to the batroom.

I did gymnastics since my early childhood, so I managed to put my hands in front of me. Then I got besides the bathroom's door. When Ling came back she didn't see me. She said "where is that bit..." but she was interrupted by me putting my hands and the handcuffs on the front side of her neck. Then I pressed firmly and strangled her...

AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH..... AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH..... AAAAARRRGGGHHH.... aaaarrrgggghhhh.... aarrgghh... hgh... gh... g...g... ... ... ... ... Then she fell in front of me...

I quickly took the handcuff´s keys from the table and opened it. I dragged Ling to the bathroom and put her in the bathtub. To be safe I chloroed her.

Then I took my leather sap from my purse and waited. Eventually Melisa knocked the door. I had turned the lights off and didnt open. Then she opened the door with her key and got in.

Before she turned the light on she was calling Ling.

Ling, where are you? Why didn´t you open the door? Why the lights are turned off? Do you have a surprise for me?

There was a surprise for Melisa indeed, but not from Lng.

Ling? Ling? L... UGH! was heard when I strongly blackjacked Melisa from behind. She fell on the floor face down in her sexy yellow bikini. She still was moving a little, so I took the handkerchief and chloroed her,

mmmppphhh... mmpphh... mph... mmm... mm... m... Now she was out cold.

I dragged her to the bed and put her on it. Then I went for Ling and did the same.

They looked so pretty together, limp and helpless...

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I am on vacations in a Mexican resort. Since my arrival I have notices a very sexy woman who likes to use a yellow bikini. She is blonde and gorgeous. I like to be taking sun at the side of the main pool and look at her when she exits from the water. I like her to arrange back her hair so I see her beautiful face and her armpits. Her tits are gorgeous and her hard nipples can be easily perceived thru he bikini bra.

After one week my fantasies with her grow by the minute. Now each time that I see her, or even thin of her, i get realy hot and wet. One night, after masturbating with a fantasy that involves her, i decide to act. I take my purse with some hot stuff and head to her cabin. She is alone there, her mates have left and she will still be here for a couple of days. Thats is what I have heard sitting at a table besides them two days ago...

I explore the cabin´s surroundings and notice that a window is not properly closed, just her bedroom´s window... I see her returning from the dinner. She is in sandals and a short black dress. She gets her sandals off and heads to the kitchen, from where she returns with a glass of water. It´s hot and humid today, even at ths late night time, and she is sweating. So do I.

Eventually she takes off the dress and then I notice that she has no bra. Only a small panty. So small that whan she turns I see her buttocks and when she turns again I can admire hes pubic hair. How sexy and gorgeous she is!

She goes again to the kitchen for a secong glass of water. That's when I open the window and take my dart gun. When she returns she opens her eyes with fear and surprise. The glass of water falls from her hand as she turns and tries to run out.

But I am a good shooter... The dart hits her nape... OH! she says and she takes the dart off... but the drug is already in her blood, making its way to her brain. I enter the room and reach her, who is dizzy and tries to do something. I blackjack her with the gun... UGH! is heard as she falls before me.

Needless to say I am hot, hery hot... 

I take her and drags her from her hands to the bed. She is face up and her head bangs down. Her eyes are closed and her mouth wide open. As I drag her I look at her neck, that sexy neck...

Finally I put her on the bed face up and spread her arms. Then I take the panty off and spread her legs too.

How wonderful and gorgeous she is... Beautiful face, good tits, sexy belly, hottest navel... And her pussy... OH! I almost faint of pleasure only looking at it... wet, with good lips and her clit exposed.

I get hungry and she is helpless... she is MINE...

Suddenly I feel an acute pain in my nape and everything goes black. My head bangs down as my eyes roll back and I scream... OOOHHHHH!!!!!, then I fall unsonscious in my black bikini on the limp Melisa. My face is now on her pussy and I feel the sweet taste of her pussy just before getting my second chop, which sends me right to Dreamland for a good while... UGH!

A couple of hours later I wake up. My vision is brurred and as I focus I recognize Melisa, again in her sexy yellow bikini. Also, one of her mates is with her, an asian in a red bikini.

I try to move but I realize that I am tied to the bed. I try to speak but a handkerchief in my mouth prevents me to do so. I notice that I am naked. I still feel pain in my neck...

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My name is Jackie and I am a special CIA agent. A month ago, I was called to headquarters where I was given a mission. I had to steal the complete list of Czech spies in USA. I was told that in Prague's downtown there is a top secret office located in an apartment where all that information is processed. The mission was to copy the registry files from the office chief's computer, the only computer where the whole information was stored.I was told too that the office chief's name was Juddy, the best agent of the Czech security agency. Juddy used to work alone by night, protected by one security guard, always females that took turns. It was important to act with Juddy in office, as the computer's password was not known and was unbreakable.Also, I should do everything alone, as we knew that we were infiltrated by the Czechs, so secret was key to have a successful mission. I was given the usual equipment: sleep gas, chloro, blackjack, dart gun, some drug needles, and a new drug called FS-1 which once injected its effect is to make the drugged person to forget the short term memory. I was given too the list of turns of the security guards. There it was identified a new one, who had her first turn in two days. I had her address too. Her name was Anna.So I rushed to Prague and booked a room at a hotel. On the afternoon before Anna's first turn I went to her apartment. I saw her exiting so I managed to enter in the place. There when I saw her by the window returning I got hidden in her room's closet. I left the door ajar so I saw her getting undressed and going to the bathroom. As she was taking a shower I exited the closet and stood by the bathroom's door.When she entered back the room, still wet and covered only by a white towel, she did'nt notice me. She put the towel on the bed, and there she was: beautiful, with her long blond hair and nice butt...I raised my hand with the blackjack, but at that time she turned around and saw me. She was quick: she promptly kicked my hand and the blackjack flew away. Then she punched my belly. It was strong and I got a bit dizzy, but I managed to take my dart gun and shot her two darts on her belly.Ouch! Ouch! I heard, then she took the darts away and tried to run to the living room to take her phone, but it was not possible. The drug had already arrived to his brain, so she fell on the floor, where she, still with her eyes open, moaned a couple of times and went right to Dreamland.As I saw her limp body lying on the floor, I thought how well prepared are the Czech agents, and I thought that I would have to be very careful.I carried Anna to the bed and put her on it, face up. Then I tied her hands and feet to the bed, leaving her like an X. Then, looking at her, I thought how beautiful she was. Her face was wonderful, and all her skin was perfectly white. She had big tits with pronounced nipples, and a pretty hairy pussy, which was a little wet.It was that last vision, along with her open mouth which turned me on. Fortunately, I remembered my duty. I looked at my watch, and I had just the time to arrive to "my" guard turn.So I injected Anna enough drug to keep her sleeping for the appropriate time and then I put on her uniform, not forgetting the badge nor her security card. I put my stuff in her purse and then I couldn't resist to give her a passionate French kiss before going to office."Bye baby, I have great plans for later", I said before closing her apartment's  door.Anna's car's GPS made easy to arrive on time. I parked the car, took the elevator and ringed the bell at Juddy's secret office. "Hi, I'm Anna, the new guard", I said. "Hi, I'm Jane" she said."Could you please introduce me to Agent Juddy and then show me the place, as today's my first day?". "Of course, Anna"So Jane showed me the place and headed to Juddy's office. There she was, working with her computer. She stood up to say hello. She gave me her hand then a kiss on my right cheek. I felt a very sexy smell. "Hello, Anna, good to have you in my team".Juddy was dressed in black leather. She was using a short jacket (later I would realize that there was nothing under that jacket), and an also short skirt. It seems that black was her favorite color, as her stockings and long boots were black too...Then she walked to the small living in her office where she sat down on a sofa, and asked me to sit down in front of her. Then when she crossed her legs I saw that her beautiful black fishnet stockings were tigh high. "Oh my God!", I thought.Then she dismissed Jane and began a conversation about me. I had studied Anna's profile so it was no problem. As she spoke, I was getting hotter and hotter ant trying to not lose focus on my mission, which was becoming increasingly difficult.Finally, Juddy asked me a black coffee and went to her office. That was my golden opportunity, I thought. I headed to the kitchen and prepared a good black coffee mug (a black mug!). I then put a couple of strong sleeping drug drops in it and went to Juddy's office to give it to her."Here is your black coffee, Agent Juddy", I said. "Thanks, could you please put it on the desk" she said. I did it. "I will be in the living room" I said and went reading, waiting for the drug's effect.I thought that, as she liked black so much she would not mind to go black..

When I was reading I heard a weak voice: "A...a....a...a...ann....anna..." and I heard the sound of Agent Juddy's heels on the floor. So I stood up and went to the office. There she was at the office's door. Then I realized that I had made a mistake... the two drop drug dose was good for a sleep drink but not for a cup of black coffee, so she was still awake, yet dizzy."P...p...please me...", she said with a voice that was getting weaker by the second. I went in front of her and with my two thumbs I delicately pinched both sides of her sexy neck in order to promptly finish the job. When she realized that, she opened her beautiful eyes as she got quite surprised, but she was then so weak that she couldn't resist.."Nighty night, baby". I said as I pressed. "A...a...aarrgghhhh....." was heard as she fell in front of me. And ther she was, now unconscious and sitting on the floor with her back on the wall. As she fell, her skirt had moved, so the skin between her stockings and her (black too!) panties was visible. Also the jacket had mooved, leaving her pretty belly and navel exposed. A good navel has always turned me on, should I say... Her hair was in disorder and her head was banged to the right side. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open.Needless to say, that vision got me very very hot. In fact, I went wet almost inmediately. Luckily, I remembered the official purpose of my visit so I rushed to the computer, in ordert o act before the activation of the screen protection, which would have turned very difficult the task. I inserted a pendrive and made a backup of the files in the hard disk.I was really hot. Remember that I had the real Anna lying on her bed unconscious waiting for me to profit, and now I had Agent Juddy there... I looked at my watch and realized that I had enough time to enjoy from Agent Juddy before the arrival of the next turn guard.So I went back to the living room and moved the coffee table in order to leave the rug clean and took off my (In fact Anna's) uniform and shoes. Now I was in my pretty white lingerie. I headed to bring Agent Juddy. She was still gone. I took her legs and dragged until I put her limp body on the rug, face up. I then opened her arms and legs leaving her like an X.I opened the zipper of her jacket. Then I relized that she was not using bra. Her tits were very beautiful. I liked the fact that I could cover them with my hands, which I did. For some reason, maybe because the heater was off, her nipples were quite hard. I liked their color. Idelicately licked and sucked both nipples for a while.Then I took off her panties and opened her legs again. How beautiful pussy she had! The pubic hair was wonderful. You know, I like women with a good pubic hair, I hate when it is removed. The pussy itself was very interesting. The labia had an appropriate size, and it was a little wet.It was when I was admiring her pussy when I heard her voice. "W...w...wh...what....", so I quickly took my rag and my bottle of chloroform... I pressed the wet rag on her nose and mouth and pressed... Her eyes went very open again first, then went white as I decreasingly heard "mmmmpppphhhh", "mmmppphhh", "mmpphh"..."mm...".Now she was limp and mine... I stood up in front of her and looked at tha pretty woman. As I said she was like an X on the rug. Her leather jacket was open, leaving uncovered her belly, navel, tits and nipples. She still had her heels and stockings put on and her leather skirt had been moved, so her wonderful pussy and pubic hair were exposed too...I firstly took her some pictures, which I could later use for masturbation and blackmailing purposes.Next I looked at her and I said "Agent Juddy, I know what I want from you, but I don't know where to begin...".

As I looked at the limp Agent Juddy, I touched my pussy. It was so wet...I then took off my lingerie. Now I was naked and hot... I went to the kitchen and took an ice cube from the fridge. I came back to the living room.Then i caressed Agent Juddy with the ice cube. First her lips, then her nipples, then i went back on her stomach, with special attention to her beauti fulnavel. Finally, I inserted the remaining of the ice cube in her pussy, in order to finish the melting...I was getting hotter by the second. I lied on Agent Juddy and gave her a long and passionate French kiss as I subbed her pussy with mine. Then I softly kissed her forehead, then her closed eyes, then her lips. After the kisses I licked her neck and then went down...Her nipples were very very hard, thanks to the ice cube. They were wet too, for the same reason. I lost control, and I began to furiously lick and suck her nipples as I groaned and moaned. Then I went to the pussy. I kissed it and covered my head with her leather skirt, then I began to delicate suck it as I kneaded her tits with my hands. I kept moaning and groaning as I did that.As I caressed ant touched her tits and nipples, I licked Agent Juddy's labia with complete dedication and enjoying it a lot. Then my tongue went to her clitoris. As I gently licked and sucked it, I inserted a finger in her pussy and began to stimulate her G-spot. The double effect provoked Agent Juddy, still limp, to move, groan and moan.That was definitely too much for me. As I kept doing that, I began to heavily masturbate with my other hand. The orgasm came very soon. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I screamed repeatedly without control. Then I closed my eyes and rested a while.I was resting when I heard Agent Juddy's voice. First some groaning and moaning, then "where do I am? what is happening? who are y........?". She couldn't finish, as I had reacted and I nerve pinched her...Then I turned her. Now she was face down again as an X. First I quickly moved her jacked and exposed her back and I caressed, licked and kissed it. But my real goal was her pretty butt...I moved her leather skirt in order to leave her ass completely exposed. I kissed, licked and sucked both buttocks, and then I put one hand on each of them. I kneaded them, pressed them and then separated them. Between those mounts there was a pretty valley. Keeping the buttocks separated, I licked the valley and took the pretty hairs between my lips. Then I first put my tongue on her anus, then licked it and licked it, and licked it... until, I again lost control and inserted a finger on it, in one hard move. That mad Agent Juddy to wake up. Happily, I realized it promptly, so I inmediately chopped her neck. "Ugh!" She was again out cold. I then rubber her ass with my pussy until a new orgasm came. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!", again many times until I fell on her.Then I heard a sound. "beep" "beep" "beep"...It was my watch. I had put the alarm in order to be ready on time. "What a pity" I thought. "I wish I could had more time, but I hope to see you soon, Agent Juddy" I said.Now it was time to leave everything in order before changing "my" turn with the next guard...

I fistly put Agent Juddy's panty on again. Then I arranged her stockings and skirt. Finally I closed her leather jacket's zipper.Next I put my hands under her armpits and dragged her to her office. I managed to sit her on her chair. I arranged her clothes and then combed her hair. Happily, she didn't use make-up so it was not needed to work on that. Now she was ready. She looked very sexy. Her head was banged back, so her neck was fully exposed.I took her cheeks with my hands and have her a long, hot and passionate French kiss, then I licked her lips.Then I went back to the living room, put again the coffee table on the rug and got dressed with "my" uniform. After that, I went to Agent Juddy's office and I took the black coffee mug. I went to the kitchen, rinsed it and put a bit of cold coffee from the coffee maker. I left the mug on Agent Juddy's desk.Now I was ready. So I took my FS-1 can and sprayed that odorless drug on her nose. Just a little bit, which left no residuals, would be needed to erase Agent Juddy's short term memory. She would not forget anything that happened that night!Just in time! I heard the bell ringing and I went to open the door. There was the other guard. "Hi Anna" she said upon looking at my badge. I looked at hers and said  "hi Kim". "Everything's OK" she asked. "Yes" I said "everything's OK, it seems that Agent Juddy was very tired, as she is sleeping now".We both went to the office and saw Agent Juddy waking up. Not remembering anything, as expected, she said "It seems that I was too tired, could you bring me some fresh and hot black coffee?". Then she dismissed me and Kim was in charge. I exited the building's parking lot thinking that I was very lucky, as FS-1 was still an experimental drug and its effect was not guaranteed.I headed to Anna's apartment.When I arrived to her place she was still tied to her bed and was waking up and opening her eyes. She looked at me with fear and asked "what is happe....   ugh!". She couldn't finish, as I chopped both sides of her neck. I then untied her. I sprayed her a good dose of FS-1. Then I opened the night table's drawer and took her vib.I put it on her pussy and turned it on at maximum strenght. I left her uniform on the chair where i found it and put on my clothes. I exited the apartment as I heard her strong orgasm screaming.There was no risk to be discovered. She wouldn't remember anything yet she would realize that she didn't go to work. But not being called from headquarters, she would keep her mouth very closed instead of confessing that she didn't go to work because she fainted upon masturbating after her shower...Two days later I was al the CIA headquarters in Langley. "Mission accomplished" I said to my boss as I gave him the stolen information."Good job, Jackie" he said. "Your next mission is to go to Cuba. Look, Agent Juddy will go to exchange information with the Cubans. All will be made in a resort. Take that as a vacation ha ha ha. As you know Agent Juddy very well, I presume that you will enjoy the job. Here you have a Mexican passport. Tonight you have to fly to Havana via Mexico City".I went home to take my stuff, As I had time I took a bath. I lighted candles and looked at the limp Agent Juddy's pictures as I heavily masturbated. I had a couple of wonderful orgasms. Then I rested and thought "Juddy, gorgeous Juddy, I will see before I expected..."

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With Connor still recovering from his heavy orgasm, I took the sleep gas can and sprayed Amy's face. Still unconscious, she coughed a couple of times then went to Dreamland for a while. I moved her on the bed so she got face up and with his head falling towards the side where Connor was, exposing her sexy nech and open mouth.

Then I slapped Connor's face and said "Ok, wake up, the show must go on, baby!". Then I turned the music on, and as "You can live your heaven" was playing, I made a very sexy strip tease in front of the now even hotter Connor. Then naked I sat down on him, arranging myself so his big and erected cock got inserted in my hungry pussy.

What a full-blooded man, I thought. Third time in a short time and his cock keeps so hard... how lucky is Amy!

I moved up and down, up and down, as I kissed him until our rythms got coordinated and we reached our orgasms simultaneously. He couldn't scream because of his covered mouth, but I think my screams were heared in all the neighborhood: "AAAHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!..." It seemed that pleasure would never end...

Then I stood up and layed besides Amy, as Connor was barely able to breath.

After a while, I ripped off Amy while I looked at Connor. That most virile man was being able to still have an erection!

I fucked every square inch of Amy's pretty body, untill she had unconscious multiple orgasms. That was so strong that Connor had his fourth orgasm and ejaculated without need to touch him!

Now it was time to change turns. I searched in the closet and found two syringes labeled "sleep drug - 30 min dose". That's is exactly what I need, I thought. What I didn't see as my hot state was so strong was that one of them was also labeled "male" and the other "female", as the dose depends on the person's weight. I would soon pay for that mistake...

I injected both of them with the wrong needle. So in other words Amy wouls be out for a long long while and Connor would soon wake up... but I was not aware of that.

I untied Connor and put him naked on the bed, face up. I then tied Amy to the chair. That was as sexy as the other way. Amy's head was falling towards me, so i moved it in order to have is sideways and look at her face. I arranged her hair and admired her open mouth. How sexy were her lips! I kissed her after checking her pretty eyes.

Then I looked at Connor's limp body on the bed. Now my goal is to obtain the fifth erection while unconscious. I would use ether to keep him out, but not yet...

The effort has made me sweat a lot. I looked at a clock and realized that I had 20 minutes left until the drug's effect was gone. At least that was what I wrongly thought...

I decided to take a short shower. I took it and then got dried with the towel. I arranged my hair backwards and looked at the mirror. "How hot you are, Jackie" , I thought while looking at my naked and clean body.

I loked at the bathroom's clock and realized that I still -theoretically- had five minutes. I then went to the room. As I entered I saw the limp Amy on the chair. I looked at the bed and it was empty.

Before I couldn't even process that in my mind, I felt an heavy and acute pain in the back of my neck, and everything went black. I fell on the bed, than on the floor, face up. As I put my hand on my neck where the pain was, I said "ooohhh", "oohh"... As my vision was changing from blurred to definitely black, the last thing I saw was the naked Connor standing up in front of me, with his erected cock and the blackjack on his right hand.

Then with a last groan I went right to Dreamland...


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I looked at them, both so limp and hot... Then I opened the closet to take my purse with my stuff, and what a surprise! A couple of shelves were full of very useful stuff, I mean a can of sleep gas, a bottle of ether (I had ran out of my chloro minutes ago!), a blackjack, sleep pills, a tazer, handcuffs... you name it! What a sexy couple, I thought.

Also I opened a drawer and found Amy's lingerie. From there I chose the best: black Victoria's Secret panties and bra, and black fishnet tigh high stockings. I put it myself and took a pic with my camera, that' the pic in this blog entry. Then I got naked again and left the lingerie on Amy's limp and pretty body.

I put the chair in front of the bed. I then took the still gone Connor by his armpits and managed to sit him down on the chair. Then I tightly tied him and put a black handkerchief on his mouth. And there he was, with his head sideways, his eyes closed and mouth open. I looked at his body and I liked it again. The hairs on his chest, his quite hairy cock and nuts. Uuuuuhhhhh, I thought, you will have your turn, but as a gentleman you must agree that ladies first...

Then I dressed the limp Amy with her lingerie and turned her face up. I looked at the CD player, there were lots of CDs besides it. I choosed the music from "9 1/2 weeks". Then I sat down on the bed and waited for both to wake up, not before leaving on the floor besides Connor a semi empty glass of water and the opened sleep pills...

I put myself black panties and bra, and a black mask that I also fund on the closet and waited. When Amy began to moan and wake up I got hidden by the room's door.

She firstly was quite dizzy, but she finally woke up and saw Connor, still out on the chair, and realized that she was dressed in black lingerie. "What is going up here", she said.

Then I spoke and lied to her. "Hi Amy, this is Connor's surprise for you, hope that you are enjoying it". "W.. what?" she said. Then I told her that my name was Anna (another lie) and that Connor had hired me for tonight's game. Mi instructions - I continued - were to ko both in the way that I had done it, and be sure that Amy would wake up earlier. Connor wanted to wake up as we were making love. Of course, we should not untie him nor take the handkerchief out of his mouth. Last but not in any way least, he would enjoy Amy to be knoched out in different ways and would like me to masturbate him while Amy were out.

"That's why I love him", she said. That's my preferred fantasy, and we never had done it. Best surprise ever! She approached Connor, who was waking up now, and kissed his right ear as she said "my love, you will really enjoy...".

Needless to say, Connor opened his eyes with a mix of fear and pleasure and tried to speak. "Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm....", but the handkerchief on his mouth prevented him to speak. He began to try to free himself, but obviously he couldn't, and in that process he began to heavily sweat, which made him even sexier.

He still tried uselessly to speak as Amy and me went on the bed and began to French Kiss and very hotly caress ourselves. Amy's temperature was up and up by the second. She began to moan and groan furiously in front of poor Connor, whose cock, by the way was getting quite erected...

As I gave Amy a very passionate french Kiss and rubbed her pussy with mine thru both panties, I took her pretty neck with my both hands and pressed...

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh...", and she quickly passed out in front of her fearing and hot husband.

What do you think, Connor? I said. You don't know if to fear or to enjoy? Don't fear, baby, nothing bad will happen. But not to be on control was not easy for him. "Let me ease the situation" I said. I went in front of him, put myself on my knees and masturbated him a while. Then I sucked his dick with expertise until I swallowed all the golden liquid.

"Do you feel better now, Connor" I asked,. But his orgasm had been so strong that it took his breath away and he coudn't even move his head (anyway he could'nt speak due to his covered mouth).

Well baby, now it's your pretty Amy's turn... be ready to enjoy!

I turned then and faced Amy's pretty limp body. She was moaning and soon was to wake up, which I decided to prevent...


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