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Posted by on in Fight KO
It was 6:10pm and raining. Andrea grumbled as she stood outside the offices of Dr Victoria Reynolds. "Why was she always late?" she wondered. Her girlfriend Tina had a 5pm meeting with Dr Reynolds each week and was always late out. Normally Andrea would wait in town for her or walk home, but now in the pouring rain she'd decided to dash to the office's and wait outside under the porch, then they could share a cab home. 
Only the light on in reception and one lit window on the third floor which Andrea presumed was Dr Reynolds office, the rest of the building was cloaked in darkness. Andrea looked at the shiny metal plaque on the wall whilst chewing gum impatiently. The plaque said various doctor's names including Dr Reynolds which underneath it said 'Hypnotherapist and Sleep Disorder Specialist' and a series of letter that didn't mean anything to Andrea. 
Tina had been seeing the doc for 2 months now for anxiety issues, but it seemed to be helping. 
Andrea stood there blowing bubbles with her bubblegum when the receptionist approached the door with her bag and coat. Removing her gum Andrea smiled and as the receptionist pushed the door Andrea held it open. The receptionist smiled. "Can i help you." Andrea smiled back, "Oh my partner is in with doc reynolds, say i don't suppose i could wait inside, pretty please?" 
The receptionist felt sorry for her seeing her soaking wet, but replied "Oh no i'm sorry honey, it's just the Dr and her patient left, i'm closing up, i'm sure they'll be down soon though. "Okay Ma'am", Andrea replied smiling, sliding her gum into the electronic panel on the door out of sight. She stepped back and let the door close and the receptionist smiled and put up her umbrella. "Goodnight". "Goodnight Ma'am." 
Andrea watched the receptionist walk down the steps and get into her car and drive off and then smiled and tugged the door open, removing her gum that prevented the electronic seal closing. She popped the gum back in her mouth and carried on chewing. Just a little trick she'd learnt over the years. She went inside and flopped down on a couch. If she had to wait then at least she'd be dry. 
But wait she did, 10, 20, 25 minutes. God Tina's appointments always ran so late! This is crazy! Had Tina already left? Was it another patient up there? Had Andrea missed her? Thinking for a moment she decided she could sneak up to the third floor and listen in and see if Tina was in there. No one would know right? 
Taking the stairs Andrea slowly climbed the 3 flights, moaning "**** i'm out of shape" under her breath. She reached the 3rd floor and quietly poked her head around the door and then moved along the lit corridor till she arrived to the side of the only lit office. She could hear only one muffled voice. Sneaking closer she could make out the voice of the doctor. "Good girl Tina, very good girl." Andrea had to stiffle a giggle. Slowly the smile on Andrea's face dropped. 
The sounds of kisses broke up the doctors words. "Mmmmm, yes, such a good girl." 
With a huge glare Andrea grabbed the handle and threw the door open. The svelte 5'7" figure of 39 year old Dr Victoria Reynolds jolted and she moved her mouth away from Tina's toes that she had been sucking. Tina was seated on the couch naked. The Dr stood up shocked, her blouse partially unbuttoned and her own large breasts exposed, a smudge of Tina's red lipstick on her left breast. 
Andrea shouted, "Tina, what the ****, you whore!?!" Tina just stared blankly forward not even looking at her, her normal bright blue eyes just staring dully, sleepily forward. The Doc hurridly pulled her blouse together partially covering her breasts and stammered. "'s er, it's not how it looks!" Andrea stared and then turned to the Doc realizing it is exactly how it looks. 
"What, huh, you creepy ****ing weirdo bitch. You did this to her, you, you hypnotized her to do this!!" 
Anger filled Andrea and she hissed. "Big mistake bitch, you don't know who you're dealing with!" With that she lurched at Dr Reynolds grabbing her long curly ginger hair and tugged it back sharply. The Doc let out a scream as she was pulled backwards. Andrea grabbed her arm and twisted it. The doc towering over Andrea's small 5'2" frame was forced down and Andrea bundled into her, knocking her to the ground. 
"****ing whore!" Andrea shouted as she clawed at the docs face. "The Dr snapped back "you crazy bitch" and slapped Andrea in the face and then pulled her strand of green hair. "Aarggh!" Andrea fell on top of her and grabbed her arms and then wrapped her legs around the doctor, squeezing. "Like that, huh bitch?" 
The doc clawed Andreas thighs with her nails and prized herself free. 
"Stop stop....this is..ooofff." The docs words curtailed by a punch to her side. She collapsed and tried to shuffle away but Andrea was on her in a flash, ripped open her blouse exposing her breasts. She pinched one of the nipples hard and then twisted it as the doc squirmed in agony. Another punch to the stomach and the doc gasped breathlessly. 
"No please, please, i'll repay all the fee's, please all of it." 
"Oh you'll pay alright, you'll pay us good." Andrea replied. "Lets see, you wanna keep this outta the press, keep yourself outta jail then you pay us $5000." Then thinking this was too little she quickly changed her mind. "No $10'000, you're a rich bitch you can afford it." 
"Ok ok i'll pay" the doc cried and Andrea smiled pulling her hair. "You have money here, where's you purse?" "Arrgggh, over there!" Andrea grabbed it and pulled out a wad of cash around $100. Pointing to Tina she said. "Ok now wake her up and we'll be back expecting more." Then she smiled. "Hey, you have a safe, where's that at bitch?" She feigned punching the doc again and the doctor held up her hands. Andrea spat in her face. "Now bitch or i swear i'll knock you out!" 
The doc nodded to the wall and Andrea pulled her up by her hair and marched her to it. "How much is in there?" "About 4 thousand dollars" the doc replied. "Ok, ok good open it." The doc nodded. "Ok but you promise not to tell anyone, no one else knows you're here right?" Andrea nodded "yes that right, ok deal, now open it" The doc opened the safe and Andrea peered inside. 
"Hey where's the ****ing mon... The docs arms had snaked around Andrea's neck and behind her head, completing the sleeper hold before Andrea even knew she was being put into one, "Nuh, nnggghhffff." Andrea struggled against the taller woman but the hold was vice like. "Ssshhhh" the doc whispered in her ear. "It's you who doesn't know who she's dealing with and no one knows you are here. So be a good girl and sleep. 
"Nggffffff" is all Andrea could reply as her head swam. Slowly her arms dropped to her sides and the whites of her eyes fluttered back and then shut. The doc carried her to the couch and draped her over the side. She then unlocked a small cabinet on the wall and took out a syringe and a small bottle which she filled the syringe from. She pulled down Andrea's jeans and panties exposing her butt. "You were too greedy and hot headed sweetheart" she taunted her, jabbing the syringe into her butt cheek. "But this will help calm you down." 
Andrea began slowly opening her eyes, sat on the couch, feeling relaxed, that soothing voice talking to her. Not noticing her wet clothes in a pile next to her. Not noticing she was almost naked. Not noticing Tina sat sleeping next to her. Not noticing anything other than the beautiful eyes staring into hers and the voice telling her that she was a very good girl........... 
.............................................As they got into their cab Tina held Andrea's hand. "Was soooo good of Doc Reynolds to let you come and sit in on my sessions, i feel so much more relaxed knowing you are there with me." 
Andrea smiled. "Yeah it is good of the doc, she' a nice lady, i'm looking forward to next weeks session." Tina giggled. "Just be careful when she hypnotizes me that you don't get accidentally hypnotized too!" 
Andrea sighed a small groan smiling. "Ha, don't worry Tina. You know i can't get hypnotized..............................
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Posted by on in Fight KO

Megs: "Recruit Training"

Megs had just applied for a position at the corporate headquarters of Skynet, the largest security firm in the world.Even though she had only applied for a secretarial position she still has to go through the indoctrination and training course.
Skynet does not encourage individualism. There is a strict dress code and just as strict personal appearance rules. Megs is issued her 'uniform' which consists of a snug fitting 'little black dress', sheer black pantyhose and a pair of black heels to match. No undergarments are issued. She’ll be going commando. Megs is directed to tie her long blonde hair up into a tight bun and hand over her fashionable eyeglasses which are exchanged for a more intelligent looking wire rimmed pair. She applies the bright red lipstick that also was issued and the transformation is complete. Megs checks herself out in the mirror and makes sure everything is exactly as ordered. Her 'nameplate' which says only, "6 of 6" is pinned above her left breast. “Hmmmm… last one chosen, I guess that makes me the runt of the litter.” she muses to herself. She won't get a real nameplate with her actual name on it until she successfully completes training. She admits she feels like a badass in her sexy black uniform dress. A digital voice comes over the intercom directing her and the other recruits to the briefing room. When Megs arrives she takes a place in line standing shoulder to shoulder with a squad of other recruits who look exactly the same as her. Skynet clones she thinks to herself.A stern looking man walks briskly into the room and orders "EYES FORWARD!"
He has a thin but muscular build, a high and tight military haircut, piercing blue eyes and a commanding presence.
He addresses the new recruits. "Ladies, I am The Sandman."
Megs talks out the side of her mouth to the girl standing next to her. "I wonder why he's called The Sandman?"
The Sandman's head snaps around and she's nearly turned to ice by his cold blue stare.
He gets back to business and starts pacing back and forth behind the squad of new recruits as he addresses them.
“Ladies, you are hear for your introduction into non-lethal self-defense.”
“Now some of you may wonder; why am I called The Sandman.”
He stops behind Megs and places his hands on lightly her shoulders.
In the blink of an eye he wraps his arms around Megs head and neck like a Boa constrictor, placing her in a inescapable sleeper-hold.
Megs vision instantly goes dark and time slows down. She can hear birds tweeting in the distance but getting closer.
The pretty cartoon birds finally fly into view and she watches astonished as they start dancing around her head… it’s like a dream. Very pretty.
The other recruits watch as Megs eyes roll up into her head and she droops loosely into The Sandman’s arms.
The Sandman lowers Megs limp body to the floor.
“THAT.” he says pointing at Megs. “Is why I am called The Sandman.” “ANY QUESTIONS?!”
The ladies respond with a rousing "SIR, NO SIR!" as trained.
The Sandman continues the demonstration, going down the line and placing each of the young women into a sleeper-hold.
Each of them succumb in less than three seconds. When he reaches the end of the line he has a messy pile of unconscious women at his feet.
The recruits arms and legs are intertwined in an unconscious orgy. Some with mouths hanging open, some eyes open, arched backs and necks. Very erotic.
They slowly awake in the exact order that they were knocked out. Megs first, then the remaining girls.
The Sandman orders them back into formation and orders them to practice what they’ve seen demonstrated amongst themselves.
Poor Megs becomes something of a practice dummy. Like the runt of the litter that she is, they all turn on her, taking turns knocking her out. She never has a chance to regain control because as soon as she regains consciousness the next girl in line puts her out again. Then the vicious cycle repeats.Satisfied that the recruits have mastered the sleeper-hold, The Sandman begins the next phase of training.
“Ladies, THIS is a blackjack, or sap if you prefer.” He holds a small weighted leather shaft in the air.
“It is a very effective impact weapon used for rendering an opponent unconscious.”
The Sandman again struts up and down the line of recruits slapping the sap into the palm of his hand as he speaks.
When he gets to Megs his hand shoots out like a Cobra and raps Megs sharply on the temple.
Megs body jerks and stiffens at the impact, she gives a long exhale then drops straight down onto her knees then over onto her face. Ass up.
Once more The Sandman demonstrates the technique on the remaining recruits.
Like playing the Xylophone he walks casually down the rank rapping each lady on the side of the head.
Each one in turn, jerks into the fully upright position then topples over just a Megs did.
When the last recruit hits the floor he has a neat row of face down, ass up girls. Each one wearing a halo of circling, tweeting birdies and stars. The training continues with every other sleepy weapon in The Sandman’s arsenal. Sleep darts, chloroform, neck chops, drugged drinks, knock out sprays, pressure points and more.By the end of training Megs had managed to scratch her way from runt to a top student. Her only serious competition is ‘1of6’, the pick of the litter.

The day finally arrives for the Final Exam. Megs, alias ‘6of6’, arrives at the gymnasium where the final exam would be given, precisely at 1400 hours as directed.
No chairs, no desks, no pencils, books or paper.
Just a large empty room with polished hardwood floors. There are two small tables covered with a black velvet cloth at opposite ends of the room.
Megs takes her position in the center of the room standing shoulder to shoulder with the other recruits.The Sandman marches into the room and promptly begins his briefing.
“Ladies, unfortunately there is only ONE position available”. “We hadn’t expected that all SIX of you would complete our rigorous recruit training program.”
“That being the case we have devised a little competition.” “The winner of the competition will be awarded the position.”
“You will use the skills you have acquired during your training to eliminate your competition.” “You will have 10 minutes.”
“SIR, YES SIR!!”I will return in 10 minutes to congratulate the winner. The large digital clock on the wall starts the countdown.  “5 … 4 ... 3 .... 2 ... 1 ...” “BUZZZZZZZ!!!!” Megs and two other girls race for the table closest to them on the left of the gymnasium.
1of6 and the two remaining girls make a dash for the table closest to them on the right of the gymnasium. Megs makes it to the table only steps ahead of her rivals. She rips the cloth away to reveal a sleep dart pistol pre-loaded with two darts.
She grabs the pistol, spins around, drops to one knee and fires two shots in quick succession. A perfectly aimed double-tap at close range. POP! POP!
The darts find their mark in the necks of her rivals at a dead run. Excellent marksmanship. The women slap at the darts that sting like a wasp but it’s already too late. The venom works instantly and they collapse to the floor in mid-stride. They skid across the polished floor like a runner sliding for first base and then lay motionless at Megs feet. ‘1of6’ also reaches her table first and finds a glass bottle of chloroform beneath the velvet cloth. She only has seconds before her rivals are on her. There’s no doubt they intend to double-team her. No time to soak a rag. Thinking fast she grabs the bottle and hurls it at the closest girl. The bottle hits ‘3of6’ square in the forehead and explodes into a cloud of liquid. She is literally knocked off her feet by the impact and lands hard on her back, spread-eagled. Out cold. The cloud of chloroform rains onto the second girl drenching her clothing and hair. She stumbles and falls onto her knees, she desperately starts ripping off her chloro soaked uniform. She manages to strip down to her pantyhose but there’s nothing she can do about her chloro soaked hair. The vapors do their work, her head wobbles around a bit, her eyes roll up into her head and she sinks unconscious and naked onto the floor. Megs looks up from the bodies sprawled at her feet and finds that she and ‘1of6’ are the only two left standing.It’s the pick of the litter vs the runt of the litter.The last two woman lock eyes and strut confidently to the center of the gymnasium.
They circle each other like two black panthers, graceful but deadly, looking for a weakness in their opponents defenses.
Each is coiled like a spring, ready to pounce.Megs attacks first. She lunges forward and attempts a neck pinch but 1of6 counters, grabs her hand, and brings Megs to her knees with a painful wristlock.
Megs counterattacks with a brutal uppercut into her rivals pussy and now both women are on their knees in pain. The two woman grapple on the floor, intertwined and writhing like two poisonous snakes.
They are very evenly matched. Neither can get the upper hand. Strike, counterstrike. Move, countermove. It becomes a contest of endurance. Miraculously, 1of6 manages to get her legs wrapped around Megs midsection in a vise-like scissor lock.
She has very powerful legs a squeezes with all her might, but Megs has rock hard abs like a body builder. It’s like trying to squeeze a granite column!
1of6 has Megs trapped but she isn’t able to put her out. She sees the chloro soaked dress of her previous victory laying nearby. She snatches it up and quickly wraps it around the head and face of Megs then braces herself for the expected wild ride. Megs goes beserk! She knows she only has seconds to escape. She elbows 1of6 repeatedly and viciously in the ribs. She pounds her knuckles into her knee caps. She claws at her soft inner thighs with her nails, tearing open her pantyhose and leaving long bloody scratches. 1of6 grits her teeth and takes everything Megs throws at her, she doesn’t dare let go of the chloro soaked dress wrapped around Megs head.  A few seconds later Megs attacks starts to slow. Her punches weaken, her breathing gets slower.Megs can hear the birdies tweeting in the distance and there’s no mistaking what that means.
“NOOOOOOO!”… Megs cries out. “NOT THE BIRDIES!!”
The flock of colorful cartoon birdies fly into view chirping and tweeting happily all around Megs. She tries to swat them away to no avail.
They form a halo around her head and Megs falls into a trance watching them. She falls limp between the legs of 1of6, and none too soon. She wouldn’t have been able to take much more of Megs brutal beating. 1of6 flops Megs over onto her face and shakily gets to her feet. She scans the scene and sees the carnage all around her. Unconscious bodies everywhere.
The clock on the wall indicates that it’s only been 8 minutes, but 1of6 looks and feels like it’s been 8 HOURS!With two minutes left 1of6 decides to get things ready for the clean-up crew.
One by one she drags the unconscious bodies of the losers into the middle of the room and stacks them like cordwood.
Lastly, she drags Megs across the floor and places her on top of the pile like the cherry on top of a sundae. The timer ticks off the final seconds. 5… 4… 3…. 2… 1… “BUZZZZZZ!!” The Sandman strides into the room and finds 1of6 standing over a pile of bodies. Her foot is on Megs face and her arms are raised in victory. The Sandman walks over to 1of6. “Congratulations, and welcome to the Skynet family!”
He hands 1of6 her shiny new nameplate. She proudly pins it to her left breast. It says: ‘MRS. Sandman’

Megs 2aa


The Sandman and Mrs. Sandman exit the gymnasium leaving the pile of unconscious losers behind them.
All the birdies have joined together to make one huge flock circling happily above the heap of girls like vultures over a kill.
A few minutes later two men from the clean-up crew enter dressed in white coveralls and pushing a large flatbed cart.
They have orders to reclaim all Skynet property and remove the rejects from Skynet headquarters.
The men get to work. They drag Megs off the top of the pile and begin stripping her naked. Black dress, black heels, black pantyhose. Naked.
They place the clothing in one pile then toss Megs body onto the cold steel cart.
Each girl is stripped naked and haphazardly stacked just as Megs was. With the cart now full the men push the cart full of naked, unconscious women from the room.
Arms and legs dangle off the sides, Megs foot drags across the dirty floor.
The flock of birdies follows the cart down the dark corridor to the back ally like seagulls following a fishing boat.
The men reach the loading dock and open the large steel doors. They roll the cart to the edge of the platform and use the hand-crank to raise the flatbed like a dump truck.
The women slide off the cart and are dumped into yet another messy pile in the dark, cold, filthy alley.
The clean-up crew returns inside and the steel door slams shut behind them.
Megs is the first to awaken. She pushes the other bodies off of her and crawls free.
Naked and afraid she tiptoes to the end of the alley and peaks around the corner. She sees a line a black sedans with dark tinted windows waiting.
Seems that Skynet has arranged for a ride home. Megs exits the alley and gets into the back of the first car in line.
The sedan is luxurious, baby soft leather seats, soothing classical music is playing.
Megs sinks into the soft seat exhausted.
“Home please.” She instructs the driver speaking to him through the glass partition.
She closes her eyes and when she opens them again she’s finds the sedan speeding down a dark deserted stretch of road that she doesn’t recognize.
She leans forward and taps on the glass. “Excuse me. Where are we going?” The driver ignores her. “Hello?” “Excuse me!”
Megs starts to get panicked. Is she being kidnapped? Sold into slavery?! Executed?! She tries the doors and windows. Locked.
“HEY!!” she shouts while pounding on the thick glass. “HEY!!” WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!!”
She looks out the rear window and sees the four other black sedans speeding close behind her in a convoy.
Megs leans back and starts kicking at the glass with her bare feet. “STOP!!” “LET ME OUT!!”
The driver leans forward and flicks a switch on the dash board.
Megs hears a soft hissing sound and smells a sweet scent. She recognizes it from her training. Sleeping Gas!!
She holds her breath for as long as she can but her lungs are burning and ready to explode. The air finally bursts from her lungs and she sucks in a massive amount of the sweet smelling gas.
The gas takes effect almost immediately.
She doesn’t even hear or see any birdies.
Everything just suddenly goes black …….

To be continued?

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Part 3

It was early evening and I was sat on the sofa in Jen’s living room. I was still dressed in my sport shorts and T-Shirt, my boxing gloves were on the floor by my bare feet and both women were sleeping off their Kos in the bedroom. I had a glass of wine in hand and was sitting dreamily re-living the Kos that already been enjoyed by both myself and the two women. As I sat I heard the bedroom door open and out staggered Jen, her hand on her head, clearly still seeing stars.

“Oh my head, I think I need some aspirin!” She said. She was dressed in a sexy black bikini which made me feel aroused as she went into one of her kitchen cupboards and popped some pills, she got another couple out of the bottle and put them on the side, probably for Sandi. She then opened another cupboard and pulled out a couple of wine glasses, before filling each glass with some white wine from the fridge and then coming over and sitting next to me. “Well honey, I do not remember much but from what I remember, we had a good time while I was in cuckoo land.”

“We certainly did.” I smiled back. She leant in close and her newly applied perfume penetrated my nose and filled my head. I felt myself stiffen, then I heard the bedroom door open and out staggered Sandi, also obviously still seeing stars. She stumbled over to the aspirin, took it and staggered back over to the sofa. I noticed she was wearing a similar black bikini to her cousin, also barefoot. She then sat down on the other side of me, her own freshened perfume smelt gorgeous and I felt myself getting more excited. We all chatted and drank our wine before we decided upon a kickboxing match.

I stood up and picked up my boxing gloves and put them on, both women grabbed theirs and soon I was standing opposite Jen. Sandi called for us to start and off we went. I dodged Jen’s first left jab and her follow up hard right, following up with a hard right of my own, she ducked and went for another hard right, which I ducked from. I did not see her rock back onto her left foot and swing her right straight for my already weakened chin. SNAP! Her bare foot connected with my chin with a hard slap sound. I saw a white flash and my head whipped up facing the ceiling, my senses going fuzzy instantly. My arms dropped to my sides and my head came back down. My eyes were now crossed and I was seeing clear cartoon yellow stars, everything else was blurry. I staggered dizzily on my bare feet, my tongue out and a goofy grin on my face, loud tweeting ringing through my ears “Got you baby!” Jen said happily. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with you now.” She then hopped onto her right foot, did a 360 degree spin and snapped her left foot hard into the side of my head, spinning me around 360 degrees as I dizzily came to a stop now seeing cartoon purple doves, she then swapped onto her left leg and did the same back the other way, hitting me hard with her right foot. I span around the other way this time another 360 degrees, finally stopping, but staggering dizzily, my eyes spinning and my head rolling on my neck. My mouth was hung open and as well as tweeting and I was now hearing faint cuckoo sounds. I was seeing two halos of intermixed multi-coloured stars and carton-pink fat birdies.

“Duh…Did you get the number of that truck?” I asked dizzily.

“Of that cuckoo truck? Nope, but here comes a few more!” Jen said excitedly, before kneeing me in the stomach, and then bringing both boxing gloved fists down hard on top of my head with a loud thud. Stars flew out from my head as her fists connected and I fell face-down onto the mat, coming to rest with my head between her bare feet, a lump pushing out the top of my head, my eyes stopped spinning but went crossed again, my mouth hung open with lots of stars, birdies, pink unicorns and small images of Jen circling my dizzy head to the tune of loud cuckoo clocks. I was pitching a tent down below. Jen laughed at how silly I looked, as did Sandi in the background. “That was one!” Jen said. “Now kiss my foot my little cuckoo boy! ”She held out her right foot in front of my mouth, so I obeyed and kissed it gently. “That was nice, I have you exactly where I was you now! At my feet, KO’d and excited, but we are not done yet and when I am done, it will be my cousin Sandi’s turn.” She placed her bare foot gently on top of my lump and pushed it back into my head, before she stopped and rested her foot triumphantly on top of my dazed head. “Oh look honey, you have me on your mind!” She laughed, then turned around, lifting up her foot she then exclaimed “Here come three more cuckoo trucks!” WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! She stamped on my head hard three times, causing three more lumps to raise and for me to stiffen down below. I was now in a dreamy fantasy world of big yellow, white, green, and pink stars; purple unicorns, white cartoon ponies, big white bunny rabbits and of course, images of a barefoot Jen in boxing gloves, all circling my head to a loud “cuckoo cuckoo” echoing through my empty head and I could not think. My body was limp and relaxed (except one thing) and I was well and truly the plaything of the two women at this point.

“Hon, I am so aroused right now!” Sandi called out from where she was, “but am disappointed that I did not get to do anything to put you in this state!”

“Well. It will be your turn soon cousin.” Jen replied to Sandi. “I have a little more playing to do with him first though. She then held her right foot in front of my face. My foot feels sore now, kiss it better?” With loud cuckoos ringing through my head, I could only obey. “That’s better. Good boy.” With that, she swapped onto standing on her right foot and stamped on my head three more times with her left. I now had six lumps, but otherwise I could not really get any more cuckoo than I already was, however I unloaded, cuckoos loud in my ears which bother women noticed. “Good boy!” they both said. They then dragged me off to mop me up and change me into my nightwear.

The next thing I was aware of were multi-coloured stars still circling my head. I was lying on my back, in my pyjamas, a loose fitting t-shirt and pair of loose fitting shorts. My tongue was still out and I could still hear faint cuckoos and louder tweeting birdies. I lay there for a while, before I finally recovered and sat up on the boxing mat. Facing the soles of my bare feet, both women were also in their nightwear. Sandi was wearing black leggings with pink stars all over them and a loose fitting T-shirt with a single pink stars on her chest, wearing no bra. Her feet were bare and the sight of her made me feel excited down below. Jen was wearing a lilac night dress and long white socks that went up towards her knees, no longer barefoot, but I got the feeling it was what she usually wore to bed.

Sandi walked over to me, smiling happily “Well honey, after watching you get knocked cuckoo by my cousin, I am extremely aroused and we’re going to have spend the night in the bedroom, first though I want those handsome eyes spinning again. I don’t want to fight you this time, as I just want to knock you out. Will you cooperate hon?”

“Sure, if you want to knock me out, I will happily cooperate.” I said, a little surprised, but I did not mind.

“Good.” Sandi said, stepping round behind me, then I felt a hard SLAM! Sandi had slammed the sole of her bare right foot hard into the back of my head.

“Uh!” I cried out and I sat there, head rolling on my neck, mouth hung open, cross-eyed, hearing tweeting again and seeing stars, multi-coloured ones.

“He really does look so hot like that.” Jen said, watching from the sofa, seeing me sitting there, feet facing her, seeing stars.

“Yes he does.” Sandi answered. She then picked up a wooden mallet and brought it down hard on top of my head, three times. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Three lumps sprouted out the top of my head and I saw cartoon blue birdies intermix themselves with the stars, tweeting happily.

“Duh, birdies and stars!” I said, again pitching a tent.

Sandi smiled. “Yes, and this is only the beginning honey!” She stepped round in front and slammed the mallet one final time on top of my head. I heard two loud cuckoos and fell on my back, watching pink doves circling and hearing tweeting.

“Duh, I think I’m on the cuckoo train.” I said stupidly.

“The slow one yes. I will transfer you to the Cuckoo Express!” Sandi said, feeling herself get wet below thinking about it. She knelt down beside me and played with my tent for a moment, before rolling me back onto my front. She gently pushing all of my lumps back into my head with her bare foot. “Now honey, I am going to give you a first class ticket to the Cuckoo Express. When you are deep in cuckoo land, remember it was me who put you there, ok?”

“Duh…yes mommy!” I said goofily, growing harder in anticipation.

“Good boy, though I am not your mommy!” Sandi replied. She then raised her bare foot and slammed it down hard on top of my head. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Each of the hits sent stars flying out of my head and made them orbit my dazed head. After the third one, Sandi rested her bare foot on top of my dizzy noggin. My triple-lumped head was rolling in circles and my mouth was hung open. Loud tweeting was continuous in my ears along with faint cuckoos. I was seeing multi-coloured stars in two halos circling my head and as I lay there in that cuckoo state I knew it was Sandi who had done this to me, which caused my tent to swell. “How do you feel now hon?” She asked, still resting her bare foot on my head.

“Duh, I have you on my mind!” I said, she was literally resting her foot on top of my cuckoo-mind. “I see lots of stars!”

“And I know how much you like those hon!” Sandi replied. She winked at Jen who was loving the show and smiled back. “And now for you to see the cuckoo animals, you are only on a third class ticket right now!” She raised her foot off my head and then put it in front of my head, then with a fast pendulum motion, she swung it backwards, connecting with my forehead, snapping my head back, stars flying out on impact. Before I could take in any new things in my cuckoo show, she then swung her foot forward, bouncing it off the back of my head, with more stars flying out. She kept going, bouncing my head backwards and forwards, causing stars to fly on each impact. She was breathing hard as she did it, knowing she was sending me deeper into cuckoo land and feeling hugely aroused. Jen was looking on and playing with herself as she watched, also feeling deeply horny and my tent was growing on each impact. With one final SLAM! Off the back of my head, Sandi came to a stop, to see what level I was at.

I was lying there, my body now entirely limp and relaxed, back in a similar dreamland that Jen had sent me to only a few hours earlier. My eyes were spinning and I could see lots of large yellow, pink and red stars, along with white rabbits, pink unicorns, sexy images of Sandi and cartoon Lady-style doggies from Lady and the Tramp. I could hear loud cuckoo sounds echoing through my dazed mind and my tongue rolled out of my mouth “Duh…” I muttered, unable to think of any other words to say and I was rock hard. I knew I was in this state because of Sandi.

“Well honey, welcome to second class.” Sandi smiled. I felt a twinge below as if I had been able to form any thoughts, I would have been thinking ‘What would first class be?’ Sandi smiled again. “Now for you to join first-class, cuckoo!” She then jumped up and landed both bare feet on top of my head. She then jumped three more times, landed her full weight on my brain all those times. After the final time she stood there on my head and taunted me. “Now you definitely have me on your mind!”

My eyes were crossed and were now love-heart shape. I was now Sandi’s plaything and always would be and had a permanently lower IQ. I was seeing pink stars, birdies, doggies, vixens and rabbits. I could hear loud cuckoos and my tongue was out the corner of my mouth and I was smiling goofily. My body was limp and I was ready to unload, but couldn’t as I felt I needed to please Sandi. She stood on my head a moment longer and then stepped off, causing me to see extra winking stars for a few minutes. Sandi placed her bare right foot sole in front of my face and I kissed it. I was the most cuckoo I had ever been in my life and it was all because of Sandi. She walked off to the bedroom to get a quick breather before she came back for me.

While she was gone, Jen walked over, lifting up her socked foot high above my cuckoo head “You are ours now honey, forever!” And then she slammed her socked foot hard on top of my head three more times, WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! My love-heart shaped pupils now span “Sweet dreams honey, when you wake up, you’ll be having sex.” As she said this, my dreamy cuckoo world faded out into blackness.

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Lexi had heard about a small gathering for professional bachelors and bachelorettes so she put on her sexiest little black dress and Jimmy Choo pumps and headed over to the party.

Lexi Little Black Dress

When she entered the room she saw several handsome men making small talk with a small group of petite pretty woman. As she stood at the entrance scanning the scene all the men one by one stopped what they were doing and stared in her direction. Lexi was looking very nice in her knee length black dress, high heel pumps and shiny pantyhosed legs. The plunging neckline of her dress drew everyone’s eyes to her ample cleavage. Before long all the men were flirting with her and competing for her attention to the clear annoyance of the other woman. The woman quickly came up with a plan to get rid of Lexi and chose Amber to be the leader. She asked the men if they would run out and get more wine and it would give the girls a chance to ‘freshen up’. The men reluctantly agreed to leave Lexi’s side and once they were out the door Amber approached Lexi. “You need to leave… NOW.” She said with a lot of attitude for such a skinny little girl. Lexi put her hands on her hips and stood her ground. She wasn’t going anywhere. The two woman stared each other down waiting for the other to make a move. The other skinny girls started to inch closer until they formed a loose circle around Lexi. “Why do I have to leave?” Lexi asked, trying to stall for time. “Because you and your big tits are getting all the action!” another tiny girl screeched. Lexi took a step back and spread her legs into a fighting stance. “Fuck all you skanks!” Lexi spat. “Last chance, whore.” Amber said threateningly. While Lexi was distracted with Amber one of the other skinny bitches snuck up behind her with a wine bottle raised over her head. Amber gave her a nod and she swung the bottle and landed a hard blow to the back of Lexi’s head. Lexi grunted at the impact and staggered a few steps, teetering on her high heels. Her eyes went crossed and she dropped to her knees. She swayed back and forth on her knees but still wouldn’t go down. “HIT HER AGAIN!” one of the other skinny bitches yelled. Once again the wine bottle came crashing down onto Lexi’s head with a thud. This time her eyes rolled up into her head, she gave a long sexy moan and slowly fell forward onto her face with her ass up in the air. The skinny bitches exchanged high fives then turned their attention to Lexi. “Roll the bitch over”. Amber ordered. The skinny girl gang did as ordered and now Lexi lay unconscious, spread-eagled on her back, with the girls all standing around staring down at her. “She IS kinda pretty”. One girl commented. “SHUT UP!” Amber snapped annoyed. Amber planted a bare foot on Lexi’s face and raised her arms in a victory pose while the other girls snapped pics with their cell phones. “So girls, let’s have a look at what the boys were so interested in.” Amber said tauntingly as she pulled Lexi’s top off. Lexi’s huge beautiful tits spilled out and jiggled into place. “Oh my!” One skinny girl gasped at the site of them! “Wow.” Another skinny girl added. “I said, SHUT UP!” Amber screamed. “Get her out of here before the guys get back!” “What’ll we do with her?” “Stuff her in the trunk of my car and take her home”. Two small girls took hold of Lexi’s arms and dragged her limp body toward the garage. Lexi’s tits swayed and bounced around sexily. Even KO’d Lexi was sexier than any of the skinny bitches. By the time they managed to get Lexi into the trunk her heels had fallen off, her pantyhose were ripped to pieces and her dress was torn and falling off. They backed up to Lexi’s home and dumped her onto the driveway like a bag of trash and drove off. Lexi awoke a short time later and stumbled punch drunk into the house. She immediately started plotting her revenge….

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Lexi heard that Amber and the skinny bitches were having a pool party this weekend. She planned on crashing the party and getting her revenge.
It might turn out to be a ‘Mission Impossible’ but she was going through with it anyway. Lexi was always dressed to the nines, even when going to a fight. She put on a sheer blouse and left the top three buttons undone to show off her assets. She put on a pair of invisibly sheer pantyhose [with no panties] because she liked the way they held her curves in place. A pair of tight designer jeans slid smoothly over her ‘hose’ and she topped the outfit off with a pair of strappy heels to show off her pretty feet and painted toes. She even did her makeup and paid special attention to her lips, making them full and shiny. She was ready for ‘Mission Impossible’. It really wasn’t much of a plan, she was simply going to take out as many of the ‘enemy’ as possible before making her escape.

The pool party was just down the street so Lexi decided to walk. When she arrived she took a deep breath and strode boldly up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Amber answered the door herself wearing a teenie tiny bikini, heels and a big smile. She obviously was expecting someone else!
Her smile disappeared instantly when she saw Lexi, whose fist was already cocked back like a cobra ready to strike. Amber didn’t have a chance. POW! Lexi’s fist landed right between her eyes. Amber made a funny cartoony face with crossed eyes and a crooked smile. Her eyes rolled around in her head like she was watching birdies circling her head and tweeting. Then the little bitch toppled over backward like a felled tree and landed flat on her back. Out cold.

“Paybacks a bitch.” Lexi said as she reached down and ripped Ambers bikini off, adding “Only sluts wear heels with a bikini. Slut.”
She stood over Ambers naked body for a few more seconds gloating then dragged her away and tucked her in a side room off the entranceway.
“One down, five to go…”

Lexi snuck down the hallway and spied another skinny girl with her back turned, pouring herself a drink at the bar.
It was the same blonde bimbo who KO’d Lexi with a wine bottle! “An eye for an eye”…Lexi said as she grabbed a bottle of wine off the shelf and quietly crept up behind the bimbo. THUNK! Lexi clobbered skinny girl #2. She spun around on impact to face Lexi, gave the cutest little sigh then collapsed onto the floor in a heap like a house of cards. Again Lexi stripped her victim naked and gloated over her naked body. “Look at those tiny little titties” she snickered. “No wonder you can’t get a man”. Lexi grabbed the naked girl by her ankles and dragged her behind the bar. “Two down, four to go…”

Lexi’s confidence was growing, she could see the rest of the gang sunning themselves by the pool.
She’ll have to ambush them one by one as they come into the house looking for their friends.

Suddenly the plan fell apart.
Amber stumbled into the room naked and groggy. Before Lexi could put her out again she started screaming.
“LEXI !!!!!!!!!!!” “LEXI’S HERE !!!!” “HELP!!!”
The other girls came running. Skinny girl #2 crawled out from behind the bar on all fours. Lexi was surrounded. No escape.
“That cunt punched me out!” Amber screeched insanely.
The circle tightened like a noose. Lexi knew she was doomed. Six against one.
In a last desperate act Lexi threw the first punch. All hell broke loose. The skinny girls attacked.
Six pairs of hands slapped, punched, scratched and groped at her.
Lexi’s blouse was torn off, then her bra. Her tits were mauled and scratched. Handfuls of her hair were pulled out. She tried to defend herself but it was useless. It was like a pack of wild jackels taking down a lone lion. She was clearly dazed and slowly began to weaken under the onslaught. Desperate to escape Lexi ran blindly through the crowd of attackers, and directly into the bar. She ended up sprawled across a bar stool where the vicious beating continued. It was over in a quick minute. Lexi finally succumbed to the beating and stopped moving. She lay unconscious across the bar stool, her arms and tits dangling off one side and her ass in the air.

Lexi Barstoll KO

“Not so tough now, are you bitch?” Amber taunted.
Amber is in full bitch mode now and starts pointing and barking out orders to her girls.
“YOU, strip those slutty looking jeans and shoes off!” “YOU, get me some permanent markers!”
The skinny girls do as ordered and peel Lexi’s tight jeans off her body leaving her only in her shiny nude pantyhose.
Amber hands out the black permanent markers and the girls get to work writing and drawing on Lexi’s limp body. One girl grabs Lexi by the hair, tilts her head back and writes ‘WHORE’ across her forehead. “This is fun!” she giggles then writes ‘COCK SLUT’ on her chin. The other girls join in and use Lexi’s body as a canvas writing obscene things like, FUCK PIG… 10¢ BLOWJOBS…. COW…. and MOOOOOO. They write MILK ME on her big tits and draw crude looking big cocks all over her body.

Lexi Body Writing

Finally their work of art is complete and it’s time to revive Lexi and bask in her humiliation.
“Throw her ass in the pool.” Amber orders. “That’ll wake sleeping beauty up.”
The girls carry Lexi out to the pool, they swing her back and forth, “ONE!” “TWO!” “THREE!”, then heave her over the edge and into the deep end.”
Lexi floats face down for a few seconds, then suddenly starts thrashing around in the water, shocked back to consciousness. She fights to reach the edge of the pool and is barely able to pull herself out. The skinny bitches grab hold of her, drag her over to Amber, and throw her down at her feet. “Stand up!” Amber orders. Lexi remains on all fours gasping and choking, struggling to catch her breath after nearly drowning. “I SAID STAND UP BITCH!” Amber yells like she’s mentally unstable. Lexi slowly get’s to her feet and stands before Amber totally defeated and humiliated. The gang of skinny girls encircled Lexi again. “Paybacks a bitch.” Amber says ominously. Amber makes a tight fist and cocks her arm back. Lexi knows what’s coming but is helpless to do anything. Amber’s fist slams right into Lexi’s forehead. Lexi’s head snaps back on impact and she stumbles backwards into one of the other girls. Skinny girl #2 bitch slaps Lexi and shoves her into skinny bitch #3 who lands a brutal punch to one of Lexi’s exposed tits then pushes her on to the next girl. On and on it goes as Lexi is bounced around from girl to girl like she’s in a pinball machine. BAM! OOF! SLAP! CRACK! POW! Lexi is nearly dead on her feet.
Amber mercifully decides that it’s time to put Lexi out of her misery. Lexi stands in the middle of the circle swaying back and forth and stumbling around.
Amber winds up and throws a vicious uppercut to Lexi’s chin. Lexi’s head snaps back on impact. Her eyes go crossed, her mouth drops open and her tongue dangles out of her mouth. Lexi, in a dreamlike voice says, “Pretty birds… tweeting…” She grasps at the air trying to touch them. The skinny bitches all look at each other and start laughing. Lexi still isn’t going down so they all start to chant, “KNOCK HER OUT!” KNOCK HER OUT!” KNOCK HER OUT!” This time ALL the skinny bitches cock their fists back for the final blow. “ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!”
POW! Lexi is hit with a nuclear bomb. Her birdies are replaced by stars circling in orbit around her head. Her eye’s trace their movement round and round. Lexi teeters back and forth and the skinny bitches all take a step back to give her room to fall. She falls backwards and lands hard on her ass with a thump, knocking the breath out of her. The stars are replaced by total darkness, her eyelids flutter then close. She flops backwards onto her back and the skinny girls all let out a cheer and exchange high fives. They put Lexi in a wheelbarrow and roll her out the front door. They lock the door and go back inside to finish their party.


Lexi wakes up a short time later, she’s naked and covered in obscene words and drawings but has no choice but to walk home.
She looks up and down the street and doesn’t see anyone around so she starts to walk quickly towards her house only a few blocks away.
She’s totally out in the open when a school bus rolls up nearby and lets out a bus load of high school kids! They all point and laugh, they whip out their cell phones and start taking pics and video. Someone calls the police.

Minutes later a police cruiser pulls up alongside of Lexi. Foolishly she tries to make a run for it. The police officer pulls out his taser and hits Lexi in the ass with a dart and 50,000 volts. She falls face first into the dirt, face down ass up, her ass and thighs twitching and quivering from the voltage. She’s roughly placed in handcuffs and stuffed into the back of the cruiser.

Amber and her skinny friends are respectable and powerful business woman, no one will believe Lexi’s wild story.

Maybe she’ll make some new friends in jail. She might look good in an orange jumpsuit….

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I knocked on the door of the apartment. I had been let in by a woman after saying that I was here to see Sandi. Sandi and I had been chatting online for a couple of years and she had finally come to the UK to visit and was staying with her British cousin. It was a summer’s Saturday and both she and her cousin were keen for me to come over, so I was now waiting for them. I was wearing a yellow T-Shirt, beige shorts and sandals on my bare feet.

The door opened and standing behind it was a pretty dark haired woman, wearing very short black shorts and a white t-shirt. “Are you Sandi?” I asked. I was expecting a blonde woman. She smiled.

“No Sandi is waiting in the living room. I am her cousin, pleased to meet you!” She held out her hand and I shook it. “Can you take your shoes off please honey? I am trying to keep my carpets nice!” She asked. I obliged and slid the sandals next to other shoes by the door. “Did you bring your gear? We would really like to waste no time in getting started.” I nodded. “Good, please go into the bathroom, three doors down and change. Come and find us in the living room.” She motioned to the door she meant and I went to get changed.

Once in there I opened my backpack and pulled out my black boxing gloves, black shorts and a white T-Shirt. I changed into them. I had also brought my nightwear, but would not need that just yet. I put my t-shirt and shorts back into the backpack, picked it up and walked back out the bathroom, carrying my boxing gloves. I found the living room and both women were sat on the sofa, wearing matching black shorts with Sandi wearing a pink top and her cousin wearing a white one. Sandi also had red boxing gloves on while I noticed pink ones resting against Sandi’s bare feet, obviously they belonged to her cousin. Sandi stood up on my entry and walked over. “Nice to finally meet you hon!” She beamed at me, leant round and kissed me on the cheek. “We are going to have so much fun.”

“So how are we going to do this?” I asked. I put on my boxing gloves. The living room was very spacious, there was plenty of space to bounce around and box one another.

“This is going to be a two on one tag match” Sandi’s cousin replied. “Us vs. You.” I gulped, both women were older and actually looked like they could be stronger than me and I knew from conversations with Sandi that they were both seasoned boxers. She then put on her pink boxing gloves and walked to the edge of the room, giving me a cheeky wink.

“I will start with you hon.” Sandi smiled. “Don’t worry, I will go easy on you to start with.” She did a few shadow boxing punches first, followed by a couple of kicks, showing off her bare feet. I did the same and soon our eyes were locked into each other as we circled the room. Sandi’s cousin called for us to go and off we went, throwing punches at each other. I thought I was doing pretty well until without warning, Sandi dodged left and slammed a fist hard into my left temple.

My head whipped sideways and I staggered dizzily on my bare feet, seeing yellow stars and hearing bells. “I think I just had my bell rung!” I said dazedly. Sandi smiled then launched herself into a flurry of hard left and right punches, slamming my head from side to side several times before giving me a hard uppercut, whipping my head backwards. I swayed, my bell now well and truly rung, seeing circling pink stars with faces that were winking at me. My eyes were crossed and I could hear tweeting in the distance along with the bells. My mouth hung open and I muttered “Duh…I see stars.” Sandi bit her lower lip and then winked at her cousin. She then stepped forwards giving me a hard right body shot, causing me to bend over and then slammed both fists down hard on top of my head.

I fell straight down on my front, head between her bare feet. I was now seeing pink doves and hearing them tweet loudly. My eyes were spinning and my tongue was out, while I was sporting a goofy grin. A lump was pushing out the top of my head where her fists had connected and my head was shaking side to side as I saw the birdies. “Duh…pwetty birdies, duh….” I said in a dazed, childlike voice.

“Aw, enjoy the birdies for a minute hon!” Sandi said excitedly, she pulled off one of her boxing gloves and bend down, feeling between my legs at my crotch. “Yep, you are standing to attention!” She laughed, “While lying down at my feet. Tweet tweet!”

“Tweet tweet!” I echoed back stupidly, causing more laughs from both women.

Sandi walked over to her cousin, who was obviously trying hard to contain her own excitement. “Your turn cous, he’s so ours!”

“Definitely is. I’ll make it so he lasts all this next week, while you are here so we can have a slave!” Sandi nodded, breathing heavily, obviously excited by the idea. Her cousin walked over to my prone body and spoke to me. “Well honey, as hot as you look down there, we have not quite finished with you yet. You see? It’s my turn and I have knocked out hundreds of much bigger men than you. By the time I’m done with you, you will be our slave for the week and that jaw will be glass for the rest of your life. You and I are going to have lots of fun, even after Sandi has gone home!” Sandi breathed even heavier, she knew roughly what to expect and was looking forward to what her cousin was going to do to me.

She lifted up her bare foot and pushed the lump back down into my head before pulling me up to my feet, I swayed with my arms down by my sides, still dizzy from Sandi’s assault. Her cousin tilted my chin with her left fist and said “Aw honey, shake it off for me. We have a lot more fun to go before you can sleep!” I did as she asked and shook my head. The stars and birdies flew off and my eyes returned to normal. “That’s better honey.” I shook my head again and brought up my fists, ready to get a small measure of revenge on this woman. I was rather hot though so I pulled off my white T-Shirt, revealing my bare chest. I got stuck though as I still had my boxing gloves on. Sandi smiled and came over to help me and pulled it off over my gloves, tossing it onto the sofa and she went back to her tag position, before telling us to fight.

Me and her cousin started throwing punches backwards and forwards at each other. Although it started off quite light, she very quickly started throwing power punches at my chest and head. I managed to block them, then one found its mark and slammed me hard across the side of my chin. My head whipped sideways and my mouth hung open as I saw cartoonish yellow stars and heard “CUCKOO! CUCKOO!” echo through my dazed mind. I staggered dizzily, but quickly shook it off. I turned and went after Sandi’s cousin again, throwing her a hard right hook, but she easily anticipated my shot and ducked and came up with a hard right cross right across the side of my jaw, following that with a left hook on my other side and then she ducked a dizzy retort from my left hand and then came up and slammed me so hard I span round 360 degrees, finally staggering dizzily, seeing white stars and hearing cuckoo clock sounds ringing through my head. My head was going round on my neck with the stars and my mouth hung open gormlessly.

“Ouch mommy, did you get the number of that truck? Duh, that hurt.” I said stupidly.

“No, and I am not your mommy honey.” She replied, before slamming me with another hard right, this time connecting it with my temple. I drooled as I started seeing blue jays flying around my head. She followed that up by stepping round behind me and then slamming both her boxing gloved fists together with my head in between. My body jerked as her fists made contact and my eyes went crossed and I swayed, guard completely down and unable to think. I was seeing cuckoo birds now and they were cuckooing at me constantly. “Mmmm honey, you look good. Good and tired. How about taking a load off of your feet?” She walked back around in front of me, lifting her gloves high above my head and then slamming them down on top of my head, causing a lump to rise yet again and before I could gawp at the extra yellow stars that flew out on impact to join the cuckoo birds, she then ducked down and brought a hard right uppercut right under my chin.

My head whipped back with the force and power that had gone into that uppercut and I flew upwards and backwards, my bare feet leaving that soft carpet of the living room floor, the back of my head slammed into the wall, giving me a double-tap and I slid down the wall coming to rest on my bum, sitting against the wall. I was now seeing two halos encircling my head, one of cuckoo birdies and white stars and the other of yellow stars and moons. I was hearing very loud cuckoos, tweeting and bells echoing through my very dazed and confused mind. I had a large lump pushed up through my hair on the top of my head where the boxing gloves had bonked me on top of the head and a lump at the back where I had met the wall. My head was rolling around on my The soles of my bare feet were facing the women and I was pitching a very large and sturdy tent. “Duh…” I groaned, unable to think up any more of a sentence.

Both women were feeling very wet at this point as they looked on at me. Sandi’s cousin put her boxing gloves down to her hips and stepped towards me, placing a bare foot down on my chest and feeling the relaxed breathing. “Well, he’s as good as out now. What do you think Sandi? Is he done? Or shall we give him some more sights to see?”

Sandi walked over, breathing hard and hardly able to keep her own composure “I really think he could do with some more sights. I want to make him see more animals anyway.”

“OK, well I think this boxing match is over as I don’t think he can stand right now.” Sandi’s cousin mused. She removed her boxing gloves and sat down in front of me, sliding her now bare hands over my bare feet. “Now honey, this is what I like to call a nightie night ten count.” She lifted up her bare feet so that they were inches away from my chin. “One!” WHAM! Her feet slammed into my chin and my head whipped back and slammed against the wall. My eyes span with the force and my body juddered, going limp again. Stars flew from my head during both the connection with her feet and the wall. She laughed. “Well that is one. Two!” WHAM! WHAM! The same thing happened again. “Three!” WHAM! WHAM! “Four!” She was getting so wet seeing my eyes spin on impact, and the two halos above my head were getting bigger with each hit as the cuckoos got louder. My tent was pitching harder each hit too and she was far from finished. “Five!”

Sandi was watching with interest, knowing from the chats how much I liked to see stars from bare feet hitting me. She felt a little jealous, but it was fun to watch.

“Ten!” WHAM! WHAM! My head bounced off the wall for the tenth time.  The back of my head was now covered in lumps, my jaw was a little bruised, my mouth was smiling very goofily, with my tongue hanging out of the side of my mouth. My body felt very tingly and relaxed and my mind was foggy and calm. All that was going through my head was the sound “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” and some faint tweeting in the background. I had two halos still spinning above my head, one now being of yellow stars and pink doves and the other being of yellow stars and multi-coloured winged cartoon ponies. Sandi’s cousin pulled back her feet and knelt staring into my eyes. “Well that’s him done Sandi, probably the biggest KO of his life. He won’t remember a lot of it!” She then leant over to my right hand side, kissing my cheek and whispering in my ear “Will you, my little cuckoo slave?”

Sandi smiled and took off her boxing gloves, before kneeling down and crawling over to my left hand side. She kissed my left cheek and whispered in my left ear “It really is hot seeing you like this hon, we are going to have some fun in the bedroom now.” Both women laughed happily and then took me from either side and dragged me into the bedroom.

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The Sleepy Adventures of Mrs. Sandman | “Going Down?”

Mrs. Sandman was on a business trip and staying at the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

She had just finished negotiating an important business deal with a high powered law firm. Her aggressiveness stunned the male members of her rivals team. They were not prepared to deal with such a no nonsense, take charge woman. They were more accustomed to submissive woman. As she strutted to the elevator from the boardroom Mrs. Sandman was feeling pretty cocky and proud of the way she had bullied those men into a deal. She was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get back to her suite and get out of her heels and pantyhose. The elevator bell dings and she enters the empty car and pushes the button for the Penthouse Suite. But just as the door is about to close a cleaning woman with her cart rushes into the car and accidently bumps into Mrs. Sandman.

Mrs. Sandman is bitchy from the long day, she looks down her nose at the little Asian woman and says, “Guests shouldn’t have to ride with ‘the help’. You people should be using the stairs”. The young Asian girl just looks up at Mrs. Sandman in disbelief saying nothing. Still feeling cocky and powerful from her victory in the boardroom Mrs. Sandman continues her verbal assault.
“Why are you looking at me like that? Are you stupid? Don’t you understand English?” The Asian woman understands English perfectly well and Mrs. Sandman has just unknowingly lit the little woman’s very short fuse.

The two woman stand alone in the elevator staring each other down as it ascends to the Penthouse. Mrs. Sandman has her hands confidently on her hips and her chin defiantly sticking out. She had just finished dominating a room full of men. She wasn’t going to take any crap from some working class peasant. The fuse that was lit a moment ago suddenly ignites and the little Asian girl explodes into action. Like something out of a Kung Fu movie she squats low then with a powerful thrust connects with an open palm strike to Mrs. Sandman’s chin. Mrs. Sandman grunts at the impact and her head is snapped back like whiplash. The back of her head slams into the steel wall of the elevator giving the Asian girl a one-two punch. Mrs. Sandman’s glasses are knocked crooked on her face, she sways back and forth. Her jaw goes slack and her eyes go crossed. A tingling sensation starts at her toes and travels up her body. The room starts to spin and the lights dim. Her eyes roll up into her head, she slumps into the corner of the car and slowly slides down the wall into a seated spread legged position on the floor. Out cold.

The little Asian woman uses her pass key to temporarily stop the elevator. She intends to teach this arrogant American woman a lesson. She quickly begins to strip Mrs. Sandman naked, stashing each piece of clothing into her cleaning cart. Last to go are Mrs. Sandman’s pantyhose and heels. She then drags Mrs. Sandman to the middle of the elevator and positions her spread-eagled in the middle of the floor. She then hits every button on the control panel ensuring that the elevator will stop at every floor, then makes her getaway.

The elevator starts its way down to the ground floor. Ding! At floor #19 the elevator stops to pick up a group of elderly folks. The doors slide open and there is Mrs. Sandman spread-eagled and naked in the middle of the floor. The elderly folks just stare, not moving, their jaws hanging open in shock. The doors slide closed once again and the car continues to floor #18. Ding! Mom and Dad jump back at the sight of the naked woman and shield their children’s eyes until the doors slide shut again. And on it goes until the elevator finally reaches the ground floor where a crowd has gathered, everyone is talking about the naked woman on the elevator. A Policeman pushes through the crowd and enters the elevator. He roughly puts handcuffs on the still unconscious Mrs. Sandman then throws her limp body over his shoulder. Everyone present can see the growing bulge in his pants and the smile on his face as he carries Mrs. Sandman away to the holding cell to be “questioned”. THE END

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Mrs. Sandman’s Sleepy Adventures | “Road Rage"

My wife, Mrs. Sandman was late coming home from her business meeting, so I went to my computer and connected to the newly installed dash cam in her vehicle to check on her whereabouts. The dash cam showed my wife speeding down a long dark deserted stretch of road, the audio picks up her cursing at the vehicle in front of her. The license plate on the sleek sports car says, “Jackie”. My wife is on Jackie's bumper, flashing her headlights and laying on the horn.

Mrs. Sandman is normally a mild mannered woman, but when she's behind the wheel of her big 4x4 SUV this petite little woman turns into Mad Maxx Road Warrior! I don’t know what Jackie did, but my wife is seriously pissed off. After about a mile of this harassment Jackie pulls off to the shoulder of the road and stops but stays in her car. My wife comes to a skidding stop behind her and slams the gearshift into Park. In the harsh light of the headlights the dash cam shows my wife storming up to the other vehicle like she’s looking for a fight. She isn’t exactly dressed for a fight. She’s wearing a button down white blouse with no bra, a snug fitting short skirt, nude pantyhose and 4” heels.

When she reaches the other vehicle she immediately starts pounding on the roof of the car with her right hand while bending over near the open window, yelling and wagging her finger in Jackie's face. Abruptly Jackie's hand darts out and grabs a handful of my wife’s long brunette hair and forcefully pulls her head through the open window and commences to bitch slap my wife senseless! Dash cam audio picks up multiple loud slaps as the shadowy figure inside the vehicle can be seen raining blows down on my wife’s head and face. My wife is no longer the aggressor, the roles have reversed and she has quickly become the victim. She’s squealing in pain and fear as she pushes against the side of Jackie's car with her hands and knees desperately trying to pull free. After what seems like an endless beat down Jackie releases her hold on my wife’s hair. She staggers backwards a few steps and drops to her knees dazed and confused. The car door opens slowly and a large woman with monstrous tits steps out. Jackie is a big woman, a full head taller than Mrs. Sandman. She’s wearing a low cut ‘little black dress’ that shows off her massive tits, she has muscular calves and is wearing sky high stiletto heels. She steps confidently over to my wife who’s still on her knees, swaying back and forth, barely conscious. She looks down at my pitiful defeated wife with disgust. Mrs. Sandman doesn’t dare meet Jackie's gaze, she just stares at the ground, submitting to the bigger woman like a beat dog. I fumble with the controls and zoom the camera in to get a better look. I can’t believe how turned on I am watching my wife so dominated and humiliated by another woman. Without realizing it, I start to rub my throbbing boner through my jeans. I watch breathlessly as Betty grabs my wife’s blouse and halls her to her feet. The buttons on the blouse pop off like shrapnel leaving my wife’s smallish C cup tits exposed to the cool night air. Her nipples are long and hard. Even in heels my petite wife’s face only comes up to Jackie's enormous tits and cleavage. Jackie intends to use those big tits as weapons and puts a strong hand on the back of my wife’s head. Mrs. Sandman knows what’s coming next, she looks pleadingly up at Jackie, her mascara is running down her cheeks from crying, her red lipstick is smeared, she has bright red fingerprints criss-crossing her face.

“Please…” my wife begs sheepishly.
“Say it again!”, Betty demands.
“Please…. no… don’t…”

Jackie is NOT in a forgiving mood. She wraps her arms around my wife’s head and pulls her face tightly into her cleavage. Then she leans back lifting my wife off the ground until her feet are dangling in the air. Mrs. Sandman with her air cut off by Jackie's massive tits starts to struggle frantically. Only muffled screams escape as her arms flail around desperately, pulling at Jackie's hair with no effect. Her feet kick so hard that both of her high heel pumps come flying off. She points the toes of her pretty nyloned feet, straining to reach the ground. Her short skirt rides up around her waist and I can see her ass cheeks clenching through her pantyhose as she fights for life giving air. After about a minute of this slow torture my wife runs out of fight and air. Her arms drop limply to her side and her legs dangle loosely in the air. Jackie still doesn’t let up, she continues to suffocate my wife. I watch in horror as my wife’s body twitches once, then twice. I yell at the dash cam, “STOP! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL HER!!”. Jackie finally relaxes her hold and in slow motion Mrs. Sandman slides down Betty’s body, landing spread-eagled at her feet, totally out cold. Betty steps over my wife, straddling her body in a victory pose. She takes the heel of her 6” stiletto and pokes her in a tit. She doesn’t get a response so takes my wife's hand lifts it in the air and wags her arm around like a wet noodle before letting it flop back to the ground. Satisfied that my wife is out cold Jackie continues her assault, she hikes up her dress around her waist and squats on my wife’s face! Right there in the roadway! Jackie is ‘commando’, not wearing any panties and she begins to grind her bald pussy into my wife’s face. Jackie begins to moan softly as she humps my wife’s placid face, she reaches back and starts pinching and twisting my wife’s stiff nipples. Mrs. Sandman starts to gain consciousness from the pain, I can see her feet starting to move, then when she realizes she’s being face fucked by Jackie she starts to struggle. I again start yelling at the monitor, “NO!”… “Stay down!” “Don’t fight!” Jackie is only too happy to go another round. She taunts my wife. “You liked my tits so much I thought you’d like a taste of my pussy to!” With that said Jackie stuffs my wife’s face into her pussy and clamps her muscular thighs tight around my wife’s head trying to crack it like a walnut. My wife begins to thrash wildly as she’s drowned in Jackie's sopping wet pussy. “Noooo! Mmmmmphh!! MMMMMPPH!!” In her already weakened state my poor wife doesn’t last very long and in a moment she is again laying still and unconscious. Jackie gets on all fours and starts riding my wife hard, sliding her slippery snatch up and down her face. A minute later she throws her head back and finishes off with a loud quivering orgasm, gushing her cum juice all over my wife’s pretty face. I feel a twitching and warmth in my pants as Jackie and I climax simultaneously. Jackie stays on all fours breathing heavily and trembling until she recovers from the powerful orgasm. Then she slowly gets up and casually straightens her dress. She retrieves her cell phone from the car, returns and starts snapping pics of my utterly defeated wife from every angle being sure to get a few close ups of her face still smeared and glistening with pussy juices. Blackmail pics? Jackie's had enough fun with this little tramp and decides to wrap things up. She bends over and grabs my wife by one ankle and drags her across the blacktop like a bag of trash back towards the SUV. They move out of the camera’s view as Jackie drags my wife’s body to the back of the truck. I can hear the rear cargo door open, then the thump of a body being tossed in, then the door slamming shut. Jackie comes into view again as she walks back to her car. She pauses at the front of my wife’s SUV, looks directly into the dash cam, smiles, and flips me the bird! On the way back to her car she see’s my wife’s $600 Jimmy Choo pumps laying in the roadway. She collects them up and tosses them through the window of her car. The spoils of war. A long time later I hear my wife groaning in pain as she finally regains consciousness. She manages to climb back behind the wheel and drives SLOWLY the rest of the way home. THE END

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Dangerous Housemate

Claire was 19 and was new in her house. She had three female housemates who had been there for at least a couple of years. One was a big, muscular kickboxer, called Lisa who was around 33 years of age. The other two were a 20 year old university student called Kim and the other a 25 year old magazine journalist called Laura. The first two weeks were pretty uneventful, except for going out one Friday and getting monstrously drunk with all three of them, then all nursing hangovers in their PJs all of next day while watching TV in the living room.

Anyway, it was Friday night again and both the 20 and 25 year olds had gone out separately with their friends. Claire was all settled for an early night as she had had a busy week in her retail job and had had her second week of Kickboxing. She was low level at the moment in her kickboxing, only kicking the hell out of a bag, but she felt she was doing ok. Lisa was in the house too, but Claire had not heard a peep from here except for the usual good evening after she got home from her training.

Claire stepped out of her room, all snug in her pyjamas. She felt like a glass of wine, then she would curl up in bed, watching some TV and then fall asleep. She felt the nice soft carpet beneath her bare feet and felt happy for the softness. She reached the landing at the bottom of the stairs where the carpet stopped and became cool, bare wood. It was not as pleasant as the carpet, but was not exactly unpleasant either. She glanced into the living room, to see Lisa still in her kickboxing costume. Her powerful thighs were up on the double seating sofa as were her bare feet. She looked over to Claire and smiled. Claire smiled back “Hi Lisa, are you ok?”

“Hi honey, yes I am fine thank you. You all ready for bed?” She motioned at Claire’s Pyjamas.

“Yes I am. It’s been a busy week and I have had trouble sleeping.”

“Oh? Well I’m sorry to hear that.” Lisa got up and walked over to Claire, standing round behind her and resting her hands on Claire’s shoulders. “I know how to make you sleepy, very fast!” Before Claire could answer she felt Lisa tighten her strong arms round Claire’s neck, instantly she struggled to breathe, soon afterwards she felt lightheaded. Lisa was holding her in a sleeperhold, what was she going to do with her? She struggled, but Lisa’s hold tightened and she started to feel very dizzy and also started to panic

“N…” Claire tried to call out the word “no” but could not get the words out. Lisa may have heard her, but instead, tightened her grip further, soon Claire knew she was about the black out. She felt slightly aroused by this, but she was scared more than anything and wanted out. Without thinking it through she sat down, hard and fast, landing on her bum with her legs outstretched and her bare feet facing the sofa. Lisa was not expecting this and suddenly her chin slammed hard off the top of Claire’s head with a loud “WHUMP!” That was it, and Lisa flew backwards and lay unconscious on the living room floor. Claire did not come out of it unscathed however, she sat there eyes fixed upwards, seeing cartoon blue birdies tweeting round her head. It was the first time she’d seen anything from a head bump. The tweeting in her ears and the birdies were nice distractions from the massive lump and the headache forming from the point of impact with Lisa’s chin and she sat there, feeling a bit goofy and enjoying the birds for a few minutes.

After 5 or maybe 10 minutes had past, Claire recovered herself enough to shake off the birds. She stood up unsteadily on her bare feet and instantly felt dizzy and saw yellow stars, though they soon faded after a few seconds. She felt a little sick and had a sore head. She felt a small lump on the top of her head and felt a little confused. She thought people only saw stars and birds in cartoons! She knelt down and tickled Lisa’s unconscious foot. There was no response, she was out for the count. “Good” Claire said to the sleeping giant. “I hope you wake up with a sore head yourself.” She then grabbed Lisa by the hair and wrenched her up, talking angrily to the unconscious amazon “I hope you can hear me bitch!” She yelled. Suddenly Lisa’s hand grabbed Claire by the throat, causing Claire to choke, her tongue out as she struggled to breathe.

“I heard you.” Practically effortlessly Lisa stood up, soon she was dangling the choking Claire by her throat, her bare feet off the ground. She shook her head, clearing the cobwebs. “That was a good move honey, I’ll teach you to fight well yet, but for now you need to learn respect. If I want to sleeper hold you out in future, you will let me put you out. Understand? I have free rule in this house, anyone I want to go to sleep, goes to sleep!” Claire continued to choke, her eyes started to roll up, she knew she was going to black out. She would obey this amazon in future, no question. Then, without warning, Lisa let her go. Lisa fell to the floor, and coughed, hand around her neck, struggling to breathe again. After giving her a few minutes to regain her breath, Lisa helped the young Claire back to her feet. “Well honey, I hope you have learned the lesson?”

“Yes” Claire coughed “May I go to bed now? I have a big headache!”

“Don’ worry, I’ll carry you to bed!” Without any warning Lisa slammed her bare foot hard into pretty young Claire’s chin. Claire’s head whipped back and she fell, the back of her head slammed hard into the wall and the force knocked her cross-eyed. She slid down the wall, her bare feet facing Lisa. Claire’s mouth was hung open and a second lump pushed out the back of her head. Yellow stars and blue jays were now intermixed and circling her pretty head and she heard cuckoo sounds echoing through her thoughtless head. She felt extremely goofy and happy and felt wet between her legs. Her head swayed around in circles as she watched the stars and birdies. “Cute!” Lisa exclaimed watching her new young student sitting in cuckoo land. “Don’t worry honey, you will have plenty of chances to render both men and women in this cuckoo state. Night-night now!”

“Night-night!” Claire muttered back in a childlike voice, before she slumped to one side, unconscious. Lisa smiled and pulled her up onto her unconscious feet, before slumping her limp body over her shoulder.

“Time to put you to bed honey. I might have a play while you sleep, you will be out for the night!” And with that, Lisa carried Claire up to her bed.

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Spicee had a man come over.  He brought over some Tacobell.  Spicee said "hey can you go to my bar and make me a Ciroc with crushed pineapples on the rocks and you could make what ever you want for yourself my bar is fully stocked.  While you that I will change into something more comfortable and bring the food into my room.". The guy came back with Hennessy Coke for himself and Spicee's drink.  What he saw he couldn't believe.  Spicee ate the whole thing 6 tacos and 6 burritos. Spicee then said " oh you wanted some I am sorry I was really hungry"  Then the greedy beauty burped.  The guy said "so you don't excus yourself and how did you eat all that I was only gone for 2 mintues" Then Spicee let out a smelly loud fart.
Spicee fart by bbwkofan  
The guy was disgusted with Spicee's unlady like behaviour.  She could tell that he was upset she got up to apologize but she farted again. This one was louder and smelled worse than the first one.
Spicee fart 2 by bbwkofan  
She made a half hearted effort to excuse herself the guy was upset with the disrespect she showed towards him.  He made a tight fist punched Spicee in face.
Spicee punched by bbwkofan  
Spicee's eyes rolled behind her head her tongue flew out her mouth. Stars started to circle her and then she heard birds chirping.
Spicee lala land by bbwkofan  
Spicee started saying "tweet tweet pretty birdies" she fell backwards on her bed with legs open and she peed herself.  You could cout to ten because she was out.

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Legendary actress Jackee Harry entered the room.  Before she could take off her hat she was clobbered by a giant mallet.  She saw a cluster of stars her eyes crossed and she was out cold.  
Jackee Harry Bonked by keymakernyc  
Jackee was stripped naked with just a towel covering her.  Her big size 10 and a half feet were sticking out the towel.  She awoke hours later in a cuckooed dazed and confused state with stars spinning around her head.
Jackee Harry Dazed by keymakernyc  
Tweet Tweet

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Ms Cleo is about to go to sleep.
Ms Cleo chilling by keymakernyc  
But I had my own plans to send her to slumber land.  BONK!!!
KO Stars by keymakernyc  
I dropped an anvil on her head and now she is cuckooed.
Ms Cleo cuckooed again by keymakernyc  
Now she is out cold with her tongue sticking out.
Ms Cleo dazed by keymakernyc  
So now she sleeping and her snoring could be heard from outside her house.  I took advantage and began to lick her big feet and once I am do I will bring out my trusty feather to tickle her soft soles.
Ms Cleo big feet by keymakernyc  

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Margo saw her self in Victorian times in a strange dress.  Everything fuzzy and hazy to her.  And it was like she seeing thru a star filter  because there was stars everywhere.
Margo Victorian by keymakernyc
Just then a a voice said "what's your name" she replied "Margo".  Just then the damn of her dreams walked into the room.  He pushes her against the wall and undressed her.   And threw her on the bed and put his finger in her mouth and said I could put put things your mouth but I will do this instead.

Mature Content

Margo pleasured by keymakernyc  
He put his mouth in-between her legs. She squealed with pleasure.  Her mouth started watering and more and more stars appeared. This was the best feeling ever as she felt sharp bites around her outer pussy lips. She became even more wet and her eyes were inside her due the pleasure she felt. She then felt his tongue enter her pussy.  
Margo climax by keymakernyc  
Her cuckooness started to wear off slowly and things were starting clear up for her to her horror.  The man of her dream transformed to a fat black bully.  The orgasm she was going to have stopped once she really saw what was going on.  The little bites she felt wasn't the man of her dreams giving her love nibbles but Spicee clamping her pussy with clothes pins.  The sweet tongue she felt enter her pussy wasn't the man of her dreams but it was Spicee slobbering on her pussy.  Her first clear vision was Spicee's big pink panties and big feet swayig in the air.
Spicee takes advantage by keymakernyc  
Margo could not co t contain her angry any longer.  She had be cursed at, bullied, robbed, kidnapped and now violated by this big savage woman.  And she was not any more of it.  She made the tightest fist she ever made in her life and raised it in the air.  Spicee could see the rage and fire in Margo's eyes.  The shameless oversized woman begged for mercy.  The fear the cowardly Spicee felt was real.  As Margo's fist hit Spicee's head with such epic fury.
Spicee defeated by keymakernyc  
Spicee is someone who has been hit by bricks, sledgehammers and even falling avails but she was never hit so hard in her life.  She was way passed cuckooed.  She was seeing stars, moons, planets and galaxies.  All you could see was the whites of Spicee's eyes because her eyes were in the back of her head her mouth was wide open her feet frozen in the air.  Spicee was in deep slumber there is no telling when she would be up.  Her snoring were was loud and hard it shattered all the windows in her house. Margo continued to relentless beat Spicee but it made so sense she Spicee was done for and defeated. Mago eventually stopped. And made her way out of Spicee's lair making sure she covered her nose as she pasted Spicee's feet  becaus they smelled aweful. Margo looked at the defeated Spiced and said "damn this fucking fat bitch's snoring is giving me a headach". Then Spiced farted.  Margo ran to avoid smelling aweful stench. Before Margo could make her exit.  She stepped on a random rake.
Margo zonked by keymakernyc  
The rake went up and smacked her across the face.  Of course this had her once again cuckooed .  She was seeing stars and her eyes were swiring.  Margo dropped the ground and the bird tweeting started.

Tweet Tweet

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Margo got some nice expensive pair of new shoes.
Shoes by keymakernyc  
So the whole day she was getting great compliments on her shoes making her feel great and glad she brought the shoes until.  She heard an an aggressive voice yell "nice shoes I like those" Margo nervously said "thank you" and tried to get away as quick as she can because she sensed trouble.  Again that aggressive voice yelled "I like those shoes".  This time Margo decided it was a good idea to run.  Then Spicee yell " you fucking skinny white bitch where do you think your going with my new shoes"
Bully Spicee by keymakernyc  
Against her better judgement Margo stopped running and marched towards Spicee. 
Margo by keymakernyc  
 She was not going to let this big bully push her around.  The brave much smaller Margo asked "what's your problem" The big brute said "I want those shoes" Margo said "oh you can buy them at---" Spicee interrupted with "no I want the shoes your wearing." Margo replied "I get it now your crazy, have you ever saw Cinderella, my little shoes won't fit your big ass feet." This made Spicee enraged sonshe swung at Margo and missed. Margo saw an opening and slapped Spicee.

Spicee slapped by keymakernyc  
For an second Spicee was dazed and in shock total disbelief that Margo dare hit her.  Margo then realizing she made a big mistake tried to talk herself out of trouble.  But Spicee didn't care and want to tear Margo apart she than charged at her doing Bill Goldburg's old special move the spear but missed Margo and flew head first into a brick wall.  A loud CRASH was heard Spicee was stuck in the wall.  Margo thought she safe because she could see was Spicee's huge ass because the bitchof her body was inside the wall.  Margo made it to her car and she was about to in until she heard hello bitch.
Margo punched by keymakernyc  
Spicee punched Margo in the face and Margo was instantly cuckooed.  She was seeing birds and heard loud bird chirping.  She then had a silly grin on her face and her eyes got swirly.  
Margo Cuckooed by keymakernyc  
It did not take long for her to see stars her nipples got hard and she hit the ground with a THUD. While Margo was on the ground she slipped off Margo's shoes.  She said while they are off she might as well sniff Margo's feet and she was right they smelled of sweet freshed picked strawberries.  Spicee took off her shoes and placed them next to Margo's head.  She stupidly tried to force Margo's size 8 heels on her big size 12w feet.  Spicee was finally after a few minutes able to stuff her feet into those heels.  She tried to walk in them but both heels broke and a loud BONG was heard as Spicee feel on her big fat ass. Spicee then said stupid shoes.  Margo was beginning to come to and just then the wind shifted and then the funky odor from Spicee's shoes hit Margo her face turned green eyes rolled behind her head stuck out her tongue and was knocked out again.  Spicee stood puzzled and wondered why that always happens when she takes off her shoes.  Then noticed Margo's nipples were hard and she was wet.  Spicee then had an ide.  She lifted Margo over her shoulder and then stuffed Margo in her trunk.  Spicee then began to drive home.

To Be Continued
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Noq watched from the distance as a woman walked through the halls of the resort she was vactioning at in a rather short dress with a bikini underneath and black flip flops a brimmed hat covering her head. 

The woman wasn't just any other woman it was a local lawyer that he had been dreaming about putting to sleep for quite some time now. The woman was a quite popular lawyer around town not only for her skill but because of her attractive looks as well.

Noq had been tortured for so long now watching the sexy woman walking around all the time in her tight buisness pants and skirts and high heels. He just couldn't take it any longer.

He watched as the woman made her way to a beach chair off in the distance by the pool laying back in it completley relaxed. Smiling to himself he waited until the coast was clear and then began to make his way over towards his sexy lawyer.

Noq moved very carefully making sure not to be seen by anyone as he came closer and closer toward the woman who was lounged back in her short sun dress,hat,sunglasses and now smoking a expensive cigar. He licked his lips more aroused watching the womans full lips around the cigar before blowing out the smoke.

Luckily for him there weren't all that many people outside near the pool area of the resort at the moment and she was prime for the taking. He clenched the blackjack he was holding behind him and neared the woman watching as she took a sip of her drink before sticking her cigar back in her mouth.

In a swift motion Nos moved forward and brought the blackjack down over the back of the sexy lawyers head.

"ohhhh!...." she moaned not knowing what hit her before slinking down into her beach chair unconsious.

Noq smiled stepping around to look at the woman the cigar hanging loosely from her lips about to fall out. He reached over taking the cigar from her lip and took a puff himself "mmmmm cuban...' he said delighted before laying the cigar down.

He then looked at the unconsious woman in front of him that he had been wanting to send to dream land for so long. Knowing he had to act fast Nos picked the woman up in a cradle and carried her further toward the back where they wouldn't be seen.

Laying the woman down he looked her over admiring her toned slender figure. He slipped her hait off her head lowered her sun glasses down peeling her eye lid back to gaze into her sleepy eyes.

Noq loving the sight moved his hands down feeling the womans breasts and running them along her legs hitching her sun dress up a bit to get a good squeeze of her ass.

"mmmmm....wh...what happened...where am I?" she moaned beggining to come to a bit but still dazed.

Noq watched as the woman awoke and simply smiled looking at her "your about to be in dream land my dear have a good trip" he said before slapping the blackjack over her head again.

"wha....ohhhhhh!" she groaned her eyes fluttering for a moment before rolling back and falling back again out cold.

Noq smiled once more enjoying the sleepy body of his unconsious lawyer. He felt her up a bit more and then sighed knowing that it was about time for his fun to end. 

He grabbed the woman by her ankles dragging her across the floor arms spreading out wide above her head limp back toward the pool area.

Lifting her up and placing her limp sleepy body back in her beach chair Noq tilted her head back up right and placed her hat over her tilting it down a bit to cover her sleepy face.

He smiled reaching over and grabbing the cigar and placing it back in her mouth taking in one last sight of the sleepy lawyer "nothing like a good ko and smoke" he said before walking off.


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Marvin moved around the room with his camera "yeah okay like that" he said circling around and snapping pictures "now what you'll do is you will start doing push ups and pretend to faint and make it look like i said!" he said waiting "and go!" he said waitign watching with the camera up to his face.

Macy was in postition and started to do some push ups "uhhh one!" she said in a forced strained voice like she was hving trouble making her voice sound as girly as possibly "twoo...." she said again pushing herself up "three...!" she said holding herself up "ohhhhhhh...i think i think i'm feeling dizzy" she said trying to do what she had been told but sounding very unrealistic and forced "oh my" she said dropping down to the ground as if she fainted very quickly with not much build up.

Marvin rolled his eyes and sighed pulling the camera back "no! come on now Macy i've told you how to do it a hundred times can't you act any better than this!" he said shaking his head.

Macy glared at him pushing herself up and standing walking over to him and throwing her hands up her ass jiggling in her tight underwear "hey!" she said pointing at him before placing her hands on her hips "listen okay you were the one that asked me to do this alright?" she said tapping her yellow socked foot on the ground "wasn't my idea your the weirdo that would ask his sister to do this little thing it's not my fault if i'm not good at it" she said.

Marvin looked at her and rolled his eyes shaking his head "yeah well I thought you would eb able to act a little better than this" he said throwing his hands up. He had been going to make a sleepy video for quite some time to put online and it wasn't like girls just jumped at you to do such a thing. It wasn't his fault that his sister also just happened to be one of the hottest girls in the whole town even he could see that he wasn't blind. It would have been crazy not to get her to do it. He didn't have to pay her and she was a better candidate than most others if only she could act.....wait a second...

Marvin thought to himself. What if she didn't have to act. He grinned a smile crossing his face as he thought about it.

Macy looked at him her hands on her hips 'what are you smiling about?" she asked.

"oh nothing" he answered "lets just try it one more time" he said getting his camera ready.

Macy sighed "ughhh fine but if it doesn't work this time i'm done" she said bending down and getting into postition. Macy held herself up in push up postition "ready?" she asked.

Marvin quickly and quietly grabbed a little hammer sitting on the table and flipped his camera on "yeah ready..." he said.

Macy sighed beggining to do the push ups once more "ughhh one...." she said pushing herself up "two....uhhhh!" her eyes widened groaning lightly as something impacted off of her head.

Marvin smiled after bonking Macy on the head stepping back with his camera and recording "there we go" he said happily.

"ohhhh" Macys eyes fluttered for a moment before crossing and falling down her ass jiggling in her underwear as her body hit the floor out cold.

Marvin grinned walking around Macy with the camera getting every shot possible . He reched down pelling her eye lids back to see the knocked out rolled eyes of hers. He then picked up her limp arm letting it drop to the ground. Marvin rolled Macy to her back her limp body moving easily and got a nice shot of her breasts and unconsious face lips slightly parted.

Macy groaned "ughhhh wha...what happened..." she said raising up a bit still dazed.

Marvin smiled "sorry sis that was the best take all day gotta go back to dream land for a bit" he said bonking her head one more time.

Macys head dipped forward at the impact wobbling back and forth as her eyes crossed and fluttered "ohhhhhhh..." she moaned falling back again.

Marvin circled Macy grabbing her by her socked ankles and dragging her up against the couch. He slowly peeled back her yellow socks revealing her bare feet. He got some close ups of her wrinkled soles rubbing them. Marvin then sat the camera down to where it could record them and picked Macy up in a cradle carry walking around. He then tossed her over his shoulder carrying her around the camera getting a good shot of her ass and bare feet.

Marvin smiled "now that's some method acting" he said happily.


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I met my friend Sandi after her workout at the gym to walk her back to her apartment. "Hi Brian" she said with a smile and gave me a quick little kiss."Be with you in a few minutes,i have to change," and left for the women's dressing room.I watched her walk away in her tight black tights her butt round and firm,"Hmm,wow," i thought to myself. She reappeared a little while later in a short flowered dress and a tee top without a bra.She didn't have alot in breasts,at least not now but her nipples made a nice outline through the thin fabric. She carried her gym bag with clothes and her pink boxing gloves in it and as we walked made idle chatter about her next match with a girl from across town.Sandi's was still embaressed about her last fight where she was knocked out in the first round and had to be carried out of the ring."My mom really wants me to win this next fight,omg she was so embaressed after last time." "You'll do fine Sandi,you have a good right,but you just have to protect that glass jaw of yours."She smiled at me,then gave me another short little kiss,"your sweet ," she cooed,and i hoped she didn't notice i was getting hard under my shorts."Brian will you do me a favor? I have to stop at my English teachers apt.first,shes just a couple of doors down from me.I want you to just hang out by the door,hold my bag while i go in to see her,shes making me do extra work and wants to give it to me personaly." "Sure "i said and i noticed Sandi was a little nervous about seeing her teacher alone."you ok?'i whispered as we got to the door."Yes,i think so,its just that she frightens me sometimes,i mean the way she looks at me and all." Sandi did seem frightened and i whispered,"I'll be right here,leave the door open a crack,"and she smiled,gave me another little peck of a kiss and knocked on the door.A womans voice said to come in and Sandi opened the door but didn't close it all the way,leaving a small crack for me to peek in as well as hear them."In here dear,"i heard and Sandi went around the corner into the woman's study.At first all i heard was small talk about English lessons,extra work she wanted Sandi to do,i began to get bored.Then the talk turned to Sandi's boxing,how she was doing,her next fight.It was apparent the teacher knew Sandi's mom as well,guess they were friends the way she talked."I was at your last fight,"the woman said,saw you knocked out,oh dear you just have to protect that soft chin sweety." My courage was up now so i went in farther into the room and peeked around the corner.The teacher,a Ms.Sullivan,was behind Sandi standing,her hands on Sandi's shoulders,massaging her students neck."Wow,i thought,shes gorgeous,and sexy too." A middle age woman,in something of a short house dress,very large busted,in fact they were almost hanging out as she massaged Sandi's neck and shoulders. "I wanted to ask you sweety,"as her hands worked,"did you see any birds this time,any stars,that sort of thing?"Sandi perked up,then stood up from her chair turning to Ms.Sullivan who now sat and squirmed herself onto the desk behind her."Oh yes Ms.Sullivan,i did,yes i did,omg,robins and wrens and......". "now dear you have to call me Diane please,"Ms. Sullivan interuppted her."Now what kind of birds and were they singing? any stars?omg,you looked so knocked out from what i could see."Ms. Sullivan,Diane that is listened as Sandi described the birdies she saw and i watched as "Diane" spread her legs alittle as she sat on the desk,and sort of flicked her dress up some towards her hips.She looked at Sandi with a sexy smile as Sandi chatted away.From my vantage point i could swear the older lady wasn't wearing underwear but couldn't tell just then. with a little flick of her hand and some movement of her shoulders her top got lower and a nipple showed.Sandi was so engrossed in describing the birdies i'am not sure she noticed that is until Ms.Sullivan started to ease Sandi's top up.Suddenly Sandi stopped talking,almost frozen as the older woman simply raised Sandi's top over her head and just like that my friend was topless.I guess now Sandi noticed Diane's hiked up dress,her large breasts almost all the way exposed and jumped back,her arms folding around her naked nipples."What are you doing?omg,"Sandi blurted out,give me my top!!" Ms.Sullivan held up the top smiling,then with one hand she let her top all the way down,her large breasts acting like they were glad to be free,"Now sweety,do i have to get rough with you?I know how you look at me in class.Do i have to knock you silly?" she laughed out loud and as her head went back in laughter Sandi's fist shot out catching the teacher square on the jaw.The loud smack as Sandi's fist connected with Diane's chin,her head snapped to the side and i jumped out of my hiding spot to see Ms.Sullivan's face almost smile,her eyes crossed,but she didn't fall back,just sat there,her large boobs hanging.Then her head wobbled and she fell back to the desk.Her eyes half opened but that smile,that crooked smile,i swear i saw and heard the birdies circling,singing.Sandi stood,fixed in one spot,her fist still cleanched not really believing what just happened.It was me who broke the silence,or would have been silence except for those singing birds,"Wow,omg,Sandi,you just knocked your English teacher out cold,wow!!! We both gazed at the unconsious woman half on the desk,her breasts were splayed out to the side her legs spread and yes i was right,she had no panties on,just a large hairy bush smiled back at us.Ms.Sullivan was outcold thanks to Sandi and as i bent down to Diane's face,tapping her cheeks Sandi finally spoke,"Is she,i mean,oh god,is she ok? "You knocked thhe bitch out Sandi,wow and with one punch too," i faced her now,Sandi seemed to wobble some like she was going to faint."Shes ok,i mean just out for a while,wow that was some punch,and omg i bet she is seeing birdies now." i was almost laughing. "Sandi seemed to recover,"oh god,i never knocked out a mature woman,i mean i knocked my mom out before but i never thought,oh wow,do you think shes seeing birdies now? and stars too?" I laughed,I'am sure she is,lots of them."Looking at Sandi,then Ms.Sullivan,then back at Sandi i saw a differant expression on her face.She got closer to me,"Brian,i feel,well,something,horny i guess,omg,knocking her out,her seeing the birdies and stars,you have to."  Sandi had her hands on me now,"What Sandi,what do i have to,what?" "She looked at me,our eyes met,"I want to see birdies now,and stars all circling over my head and singing,i want you to knock me out,please Brian,please,omg i'am so wet."She then kissed me again but not like before,this was a big wet kiss and as our lips parted my fist shot out headed for her glass jaw.The punch was short and sweet,her head fell back and Sandi's eyes crossed,i held her up as her head wobbled and as her body collapsed i grabbed her around the waist and slung her over my shoulders.She was outcold but babbling and i knew she was seeing stars and birdies.As i got her over my shoulders i turned to Ms.Sullivan,still outcold on the desk,i just had to check,my free hand felt her pussy,fingers worked their way in and "bingo"yess,she was wet,i knew it. On the way out with Sandi over my shoulders and babbling still i grabbed her gym bag and carried her the few steps to her door,fumbled for the key and went in with my babbling outcold girlfriend. "omg hope her mom isn't home yet.'i thought as i carried Sandi to her room.Laying her out on the bed suddenly it dawned on me Sandi was still topless,i left her top in the other apt.Rushing out the door and back to Ms.Sullivan's apt. i just got in as Diane was starting to sit up holding her jaw saying,"oh god,what hit me,what happened?"I bent down grabbed the little top and looked at the horny English teacher,"Oh what the hell,why not," and my fist crashed nto her chin with a smack,she fell back again and birds started singing,this time a differant group.Ms.Sullivan was outcold again and this time the camera phone came out,wow i got some great shots too,Sandi will love these.If Ms. Sullivan gives us any problems well,we have some pictures. Pleased with my self i hurried back to Sandi's place,she was still out and babbling even more.I couldn't help myself and had to feel those little boobs and as i did she babbled more,"Oh mommie,yes,mommie i see all the pretty birdies mommy,all flying in a circle,Robins mommy can you see them?' My mouth covered one nipple as she babbled and my hand slid into her panties.She was wet,very wet and the babbling continued,"Mommie,you knocked me out mommie,i see wrens now with a red spot on their wings,oh aren't they pretty?'I slid Sandi's panties off now then my shorts,sucked on her nipple and the babbling stopped,her eyes focused and opened.My fingers made little circles in her pussy,"Oh Brian,yes please," and my cock entered her and she moaned.We kissed and then a huge orgasm as our cum mixed.Sandi passed out for a couple minutes and later as we laid there breathing starting to return to normal i asked her about the birds she saw.Omg she started telling me about the Robins,the wrens,bluejays all singing and i thought,well maybe i should knock her out again.

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Hatter wanted to get even with Brenda after the embaressing little boxing exhibition Brenda talked her into,and in front of Brenda's stepson too. Her hand felt her jaw where Brenda's boxing glove put her into la la land and wondered what did they do while she lay there unconsious and wondered where all these birdies circling her head came from. She looked at her hand,made a fist and thought about it.It was true she thought,i do have a weak jaw,a "glass jaw"it was called in boxing circles and she had been knocked out twice before,once in high school when a jealous girl punched her out after school one day and another time when at a party a lesbian woman hit her in the chin when she thought Hatter was flirting with her girlfriend.Both times she was knocked completely out cold.But it was also strange she thought,every time after she felt almost turned on,like getting knocked out was almost foreplay in a way."No,no,that can't be,thats just a bit kinky,"she mused,"but still" and she felt the wetness beginning between her legs as she thought about it. Hatter looked at her fist again and thought,"Hmmm,as i recall Brenda has a glass jaw too," and she slugged a pillow on the sofa pretending it was Brenda's chin and saying to herself,"take that bitch,"then smiling. "I can't be so girlie about this,she might just knock me out again," and then another smile,"maybe that wouldn't be so bad,"and realized she was getting a little more then wet down there.Next day a drive over to Brenda's large two story brick house,getting out of the car in her jean skirt and high heels.Walking up to the door,her heels clicking on the walkway,she takes a deep breath and knocks on the door thinking,"ok,no girlie today." That thought fades as Brenda opens the door wearing a half tee shirt tied in a bow midway up her firm belly,her hard nipples making an outline on each side,tight cutoff jeans,part way down thick thighs,looking like she was poured into them,and yellow sneakers that have seen better days. Hatter almost faints wondering if this was such a good idea looking up at the taller woman."Well hi honey,won't you come in,omg i was just going to call you,"Brenda's greeting was warm and gracious. "Well i was just in the neighborhood and wanted to see you,"Hatter said as Brenda led her into the parlor."Sit here,"Brenda pointed at a plush sofa,"and i'll get us some wine."Oh dear i hope your not still mad at me for that little boxing bout,"Brenda giggled,then left and returned with glasses and a bottle of white wine.Sitting next to Hatter Brenda looked her up and down,Hatter wishing she had worn a longer skirt as she knew her pink panties could be seen by Brenda.She crossed her legs as they drank and chatted."I really didn't mean to hit you so hard on your chin,"Brenda giggled again,"you really have a glass jaw,"and sipped her wine."And i just love that skirt too,"her hand on the skirt,then sliding to Hatter's exposed leg.Hatter squirmed and uncrossed her legs,then put a hand on the tee top Brenda was wearing,sliding a finger just past a nipple,"and i love that top you have too,and you fill it so well,"Hatter almost said in a whisper. "And those jean cutoffs,oh my,so ,well,sexy,Hatter said."You like them,"Brenda said standing up so Hatter could see them better.She turned in a slow turn watching Hatter's eyes follow her,"There a bit tight,guess i put on a little weight,"she laughed,then sat down,sipping more wine and her hand again resting on Hatter's knee,but  slowly inching up Hatter's leg."So is your jaw ok honey? is this where i hit you?" and Brenda leaned in and kissed Hatter's chin.Hatter could feel herself getting more and more turned on by the older woman and told her self,"stay focused girl." "I guess i do have a weak chin,"Hatter made a schoolgirl giggle,"but i heard you do too,a glass jaw i think." Brenda frowned,"Well i have been knocked out before,my ex daughter-in -law,a neighbor woman,even my stepson coldcocked me a couple times,"her hand felt her jaw as she spoke,"but all lucky or sucker punches,"she laughed."Listen,if any woman can knock me out she can have,well,ok,these jeans,"and laughed again.The wine was obviously taking effect on both women now and Hatter was feeling braver."Say,you wouldn't want a rematch honey,would you?" Brenda said with a smile and again sliding her hand up Hatter's skirt.Hatter giggled and looked down at her jean skirt,it had worked up almost to her hips and her pantie covered mound was showing.She spread her legs slightly more,this was the edge she needed,Brenda was focused on her now and any second would make her move,probably a little kiss turning into a bigger one. "Oh no,i can't box,your too good anyway,you would just knock me out again,Then again i might get lucky and knock you out," and kissed Brenda's chin.Brenda looked at Hatter smiling,"That might not be so bad"she giggled,you could get my jeans,"and kissed Hatter back.Hatter now stood and faced the sitting Brenda,bending down to her,she had a low cut top and although her breasts were'nt as large as Brenda's they hung just enough in front of Brenda's eyes."I think i have something for you,"Hatter whispered as she fumbled with Brenda's half top,untieing the lower bow and letting Brenda's large dd cup breasts fall out."Really,what might that be?' Brenda whispered back almost closing her eyes as she felt the other woman's hands on her hard nipple.Hatter stood back just enough,her left hand slightly lifting Brenda's chin,Brenda expecting a kiss,her eyes almost closed,Hatter smiled,her right hand balled up into a fist and like she practiced on the pillow,let fly with a perfect right cross to Brenda's chin.The punch snapped Brenda's head to the side,Hatter felt a tinge of pain in her delicate hand as she followed through with the punch,a slapping sound could be heard and Brenda fell back limply on the sofa,slouched but upright,her head dangled down,her breasts hanging out.Hatter was surprised but delighted,she lifted Brenda's head up,her eyes were closed and mouth slightly open,Hatter lifted one arm and let it fall,Brenda,the big amazon woman,big boobs,muscles,thick thighs,was outcold with one punch by little Hatter,a femmine girly,girl."Yep,you are outcold bitch,"she laughed out loud."Ok,i have to hurry," and she grabbed Brenda's legs and pulled with all her might until Brenda was on the floor spread eagle,the top finished coming off as the large woman was dragged off.Hatter worked the zipper on Brenda's jeans and began to pull."Wow,these are so tight,god how did you get in them?" she asked the unconsious woman.Little by little they came off,at one time Hatter had to roll Brenda to her belly so she could pull them down over Brenda's firm butt.Finally off,she slapped Brenda's ass,even shaking her butt cheeks.Next came the sneakers and when they were off Hatter couldn't help but kiss Brenda's painted toes,even sucked on a toe before dropping her foot.Brenda was face down and Hatter spread her legs apart.Brenda's thong had come off with the jeans so she was bare assed naked,her arms up over her head.Hatter got pictures of the unconsious woman,then rolled her over onto her back,again spreading her legs,and again several pictures,a couple close ups of Brenda's trimmed pussy.Hatter fondled the large breasts,then ran her fingers over the soft mound,giggling as she fingered Brenda's clit,"Oh yessss,you are wet aren't you."Standing now,she slipped her phone into her purse looking down at the unconsious woman,"Omg that felt good,it was a sucker punch,but still i knocked her out,hmm,my first too."Her hand slipped under her skirt and she fingered  herself,"Oh dear,guess i'am a little wet myself,"she giggled.Hatter picked up the jean cutoffs,the thong still in them,then the sneakers,"Well you did say any woman that knocked you out could havve them,and i knocked you out,so there."As Hatter was leaving,Brian was just getting home and passed Hatter,"Oh hi Brian,i was just leaving,your mom's inside,she uh,got sleepy so i better go,see ya."Brian watched as Hatter got in her car and wondered why she had jeans and sneakers in her hands,shrugged and went inside."Mother,i'am home,mom? OMG,mom...

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Kevin sat at his desk on his laptop scrolling through possible candidates for the role of his first victim.Kevin scrolled through the pages of women who had sent in applications for what they thought was a job with his new up and coming Sleepy fetish web site where they would take roles in fantasy kos and other things.They were only half right


The girls were definetly going to be going to dream land but they were going to be going for real! and the only pictures being taken would be for his personal collection.By offering a bit more than the usual amount of Cash and advertising that there would be no nudity involved in the shoots.So it was pretty much a perfect role.


Kevin clicked one of the applications bringing up photos and going through her information "you're the one" he said looking through the womans photos and information.


A very pretty blonde woman standing at 5"3 32 years old.A stay at home mother to two young children by the name of Susanna Wilson.


With a smile he accepted the womans application and now things had been set in motion.


The next week Kevin awaited the arrival of his first victim looking up as there was a knock at the door "come on in it's open" he called out.He watched as the woman walked inside looking her up and down.Just as she had looked in her photos belt hugging her waist with some loose jeans and flip flops "close the door please" he said with a smile.


Susanna smiled as she walked inside and stopped "oh okay" she said with a laugh turning back to close the door then walking inside.


Kevin stood up walking over to her extending his hand to her "Nice to meet you finally Susanna i'm Kevin" he said with a kind smile.


Susanna smiled shaking his hand "nice to meet you" she said sitting down on the sofa as he motioned for her to have a seat crossing her legs rocking her foot back and forth her flip flop dangling.


Kevin watched her sit down and looked at her "alright Susanna so from our previous discussions you haven't done anything like this before correct? Sleepy fetish and limp play I mean"he said looking at her.


Susanna nodded looking at him "yeah I haven't done anything like it before" she said truthfully.


He smiled and nodded " alright i'll help you out so don't worry about it i'm sure you'll be great" he said looking at her "pretty much the focus is you getting knocked unconcious in different forms and in different postitions" he explained "there are different things that people prefer some people like girls eyes rolling back and things of that nature some like them seeing birdys and playing with there limp bodys and so on" he said


Susanna nodded "I think I get the general idea of it I watched a few videos as well this week to get a better idea" she said "i'll do my best" she said with a smile and laugh.


Kevin nodded with a smile and stood up slapping his hands togeather "alright well let's get this things started them shall we?"


Standing back a bit with his camera Kevin looked at her "okay" he said after setting it up and pushing record "to start things off your going to be talking on the phone and i'm going to come up and hit you in the back of the head and you do your best with it give a little eye roll for sure" he said 


Susanna laughed and nodded "okay got it" she said taking the phoen as he handed it to her and stood waiting for him to say go.




Susanna brought a casua smile to her face placing her free hand on her hip "yeah I thought so to" she said laughing phone to her ear "mhm really?"


Kevin watched her from behind with a smirk as she acted out the scene having a look at her ass in her jeans.He moved behind her bringing the slapjack down making it look like he hit her in the head.


Susanna eyes widened a bit to wide to look very realistic and she stood up on her tip toes "oh......" she dropped the phone wobbling around a bit letting her eyes flutter "uhh......" she moaned wobbling a bit more and then rolled her eyes back and allowed herself to fall straight back legs up in the air.She held them there up in the air a moment then let them drop and laid there not moving letting her tounge stick out a bit.


Kevin walked around her lookign her up and down feeling himself getting hard looking at her on the ground tounge out.He then forced himself to laugh a bit out loud "oh damn!" he said with another laugh "sorry i'm new to this whole thing to couldn't keep myself from laughing mind doing it again?" he asked


Susanna opened up her eyes and raised up laughing herself "yeah sure" she said taking his hand as he helped her up both of them still laughing "was it alright?" she asked as he walked back behind her again.


"yeah great!" he said with a smirk backing up.He waited and then grinned to himself  "go!"


Susanna smiled holding the phone up to her ear "mhm yeah oh really?" she said laughing.


Kevin moved up behind her and brought the slapjack down again like he was hitting her in the head.


Susanna eyes widened still not very realistic but better this time and she dropped the phone "ohhh..." she wobbled around eyes fluttering and "uhhhh..."


Kevin watched her with a smirk and then slowly brought back the slapjack and this time brought it down hard across the back of her head.


"oh!" Susannas eyes widend for a moment and then her eyes rolled back falling forward mouth open a bit hitting the ground out cold.


Kevin smirked looking down at her unconsious body "much better" he said kneeling down and running his hands along her ass in her loose jeans.He then grabbed her by her shoulders dragging her over toward the couch her flip flips sliding off in the process.


He grabbed his other camera and began snapping pictures of her out of it putting her into different poses.He then laid it down going back over to her.He took off her belt around her waist and then slid off her shirt before taking off her purple bra.He groped her breasts as they fell out kissing her neck.


Letting her fall back down to the couch he moved down sliding her jeans off and then her purple panties.He leaned overtop of her kissing her his hand down moving it along her pussy.He felt up her breasts with his free hand while still kissing and fingering her.He then pulled down his pants and sat her up.He moved inside her mouth and moved her head back and forth until he finally finished inside her mouth and all over her face.He picked his camera back up snapping a few more pictures.


This was the start of something great.

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Billy sat in his room at his desk his pen moving steadily across the papers in front of him.He was a very good student the model child never missed a day of school since he was a small child.He cringed as a loud noise screeched through out the house.His older sister Angela on the other hand.....


Angela had always been a wild child since they were kids.He was always the bookworm growing up and she was always the cool chick that got along with just about everyone and as she got older all the guys loved.She was pretty tall almost 5"7 with long legs.She had long dark hair and was the gitarist for a local rock band that was very popular with all the kids in their school.


His sister sometimes drove Billy absolutley crazy.The screeching sound of her guitar being played all day inside the house and going in and out at night sneaking out well into the ams half the time.He had dealt with it his entire life bit he was just about up to here with it and the screeching sound echoing through the house right now as he tried to do his homework was just to much.


Laying his pen down and closing his notebook Billy walked out of his room and down the hall.He knocked on his sisters door barely audible over the sound of the guitar "Angela cut it out im trying to do ym homework!" he called out but got no answer only louder playing "Angela! i'm serious jesus" he banged a bit harder on the door.


"Sorry can't hear you!" 


Billy gritted his teeth angrily as his sister called out walking away from the door back toward his room.He'd had enough of this.


Later that day Billy sat on the couch watching tv a smile crossing his face as he began to hear the sound of someone at the door.He glanced over as his sister opened the door and walked through bending over and pulling off her ankle high combat boots walking over in her black socks.


Angela scrunched her eyes glancing around and then looking at him "Where is my guitar?" she asked seeing that it wasn't in the usual place that it was.


Billy just smiled looking at her "oh it's right here" he said pulling it out from behind him on the couch.


Angels eyes widened looking at him before narrwing them "what the hell are you doing with my guitar runt!" she exclaimed grabbing at it in his hand but not getting it.


Billy just smiled pulling the guitar back as she grabbed for it.He then stroked a random cord on it lightly the sound echoing through the house as it had already been plugged in "mmmm nice" he said looking at it.


Angela gritted her teeth "give it here now brat!" she exclaimed reaching for it again more agressivley.


Billy pulled the guitar out of reach again and smiled looking at her "I think it needs a little something though" he said drawing the guitar back and then bringing it down on his sisters head the guitar echoing loudly throughout the house as it hit her.


"ughhh...." Angelas eyes rolled back and fluttered as she wobbled around for a second and then fell straight back hitting the ground legs  and arms spread out wide like an X.Lips parted open a bit.


Billy smiled looking down at her unconsious sister on the ground "ahhh there perfect" he said laying the guitar down on the couch before pulling out his phone.He put the phone up snapping a few pictures of Angela out cold on the ground "ah you'r internet friends will love these" he said moving around her snapping from more angels.


Billy then reached down grabbing ahold of Angelas socked ankles dragging her limp body over toward the couch and sitting her up against it hair falling over her face a bit.He then reached over grabbing the guitar and laid it across the lap snapping another picture "The perfect note" he said with a smirk walking up to his room in the peace and quiet.









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