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L.A. Bound

Posted by on in Sleepy
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LA Bound


                                                            L. A. Bound

It was late summer 1958 and Los Angeles was hot and sticky. It was especially hot in Jim’s photo studio, so he turned on the air conditioner. Jim had mixed emotions about how this crucial day would turn out. He had placed the ad, as per his assistant’s instructions, in every suggested publication. All he could do now was hope for the best.

           His employer, “Bound & Kidnapped” magazine was in trouble. It was no surprise. The concept was 20 years old, and newer and better “pin up girl type” publications like “Playboy” had been stealing the show for several years. The Eisenhower recession was raging on, and although that was contributing to the financial problems, there just might be a way to use it to save the day.

Many were out of work, and that included models, especially young upstarts. An ad was placed for some high paying modeling jobs. “Earn from $10 per hour all the way up to $200 per hour.” the ad promised. The one girl selected for the cover would get $1000.

The minimum wage was 75 cents an hour. They were already getting hundreds of models for $3-$5 per hour. This work would be different though. The stories would describe the girls being stripped fully naked now, along with some underwear ripping. There would be new girl on girl story themes as well. The new pictures would have to match that story content, and would be in color for the first time. That’s why the magazine had hired a special female assistant to help recruit and orient the girls.

Lori was 27 and was too old for the kidnapped and bound teenage girl theme. None of the girls were really teens, but most were still young enough to look the part, especially in the former black and white pictures in the crime stories section of the magazine. Lori was tall, 5 feet 8 and had a slim build, large firm breasts, and great legs. Her raven black hair that went nearly to her waist and her soft brown eyes completed her look.

Lori would not be there for another hour. After that, the models would start pounding on the door any time, provided the ads had worked their magic. Jim was worried. Many other magazines like this one were already gone. As he sipped his black coffee, Jim day dreamed about his early days with the magazine.

On the first Monday of the month, the latest issue of Bound & Kidnapped would hit the streets. The newsstands would all be swamped with buyers, and some would be sold out early in the day.

Also on that exciting day, over a hundred models would be at the door of his studio, hoping to get in the next month’s issue. All were photographed while bound and gagged, and usually in various states of undress. Only about 20 or so would make the final cut for the issue, and only one would make the color cover and get the big check.

The girls came from all over the world. Some spent their last dollar for some kind of transportation, and others even hitch hiked to get there. Jim knew that the chances of any girl being discovered and going big time from this low budget magazine were slim indeed. That never seemed to discourage them though. They all seemed to think they would be the next Marilyn Monroe!

In those early days, the ropes and handcuffs that the girls were bound with were all props. The handcuffs had a small button that the model could reach that released them. The ropes all had elastic sections that could be stretched. The girls were never actually bound.

Over time that changed, and the girls soon got used to real ropes and handcuffs. Then later on knock out scenes were acted out. The girls were photographed being chloroformed, and then sitting or lying limp in bondage. The readers went wild, and sales soared, but other magazines soon copied the idea.

The magazine was about to go all color and contain nudity. To earn the new and higher wages promised, the girls would have to do things they had never done before. That’s where Lori came in. She would make them feel comfortable and ease the transition. Lori would also be the one to decide what each model would do, and how much she would be paid.

The top was down in Lori’s T-Bird convertible as she sped down Sunset Blvd. The wind was blowing her long hair and cooling her face as she approached the studio. Lori had made good money as a model but she was past that phase. She was management now. She was almost drunk with a feeling of new power!

Lori was a closet lesbian. She licked her lips at the thought of the power she would now have over the new young models. Hollywood was full of casting couches. Those were run by men though. Now she would have one of her own. It sent chills down her spine just thinking about it. Never in her life had she been this anxious to get to work on a Monday morning!

Jim suddenly jumped to present day from his daydream when he heard the side door open. It was Lori. “Wow is she gorgeous!” he thought to himself. “If only I was 20 years younger…” He politely wished Lori good morning and told her she could use the front office to screen the models.

Lori returned Jim’s greeting and proceeded to the office. She placed her purse, and a small briefcase that she was carrying, on the large desk and sat down. She looked at the clock on the wall. Ten minutes to model call. When she looked out the window she was both aghast and elated. The line of young models at the front door was so long that she could not see the end.

As usual, some of the girls looked under 18. She would have to check ID’s carefully. The cops would shut them down if they were caught using underage women. Lori closed the curtain so nobody outside could see into the office. Then she looked around. There was a small love seat between her desk and the door to the dressing room. It wasn’t a full couch, but it would do.

There was a wooden audition chair and a table full of bondage supplies, mainly ropes, gags, and handcuffs. On the floor, under the table, were 3 clothes baskets. One was filled with panties, another with bras, and the last one with many pairs of high heeled shoes. There was also a photo light and a camera set up. Lori would take a shot or 2 of each applicant and keep it for her records.

At exactly nine AM, Lori opened the door and called out,

“Ok girls, I’ll take the first 5 blondes.”

In seconds 5 blondes pushed their way to the head of the line and entered the office. Lori checked their ID’s first. All papers looked legit and the youngest was 19. As she checked their ID’s Lori wrote down their names. Then she sent them to the dressing room. They were ordered to strip to just their bra, panties, and shoes and to come into the office as they were called.

Cindy’s name was called out first. She shrieked in delight at being the first and ran into the office. Cindy was about 5 feet 2 and had bright blue eyes. Her breasts were large and her body looked like that of a typical high school or college cheerleader. She strutted into the room wearing just a baby blue bra and panties set and brown leather high heeled pumps.

“Sit in this chair.” Lori politely ordered. Lori quickly handcuffed Cindy’s hands behind her back. Then she knelt down and wrapped a thick rope around Cindy’s ankles. She didn’t bother to tie it. Finally, Lori gagged Cindy with a long scarf.

Lori flipped the bright light on and started snapping photos. Now came the hard part,     getting the girls to show a look of terror in their eyes. Most girls were giggling and unthreatened by the quick, and obviously fake, bondage routine.

Lori coached her until she got at least one appropriate photo. Then she uncuffed Cindy and had her do the walk in front of her desk. The instructions were the same for every girl,

“Pull your bra straps completely off both shoulders. That’s good; now pull your underpants down to just above your knees. OK step out of your high heels, and sit in the chair by the desk.”

Now the interview would begin. Lori quickly asked questions and checked boxes on a form. Their age, where they came from, marital and boyfriend status, and where they were staying. Girls with no place to stay were told to report to a boarding house that was run by Paula, an ex lover of Lori’s.

Cindy sat in the chair and eagerly awaited her interview. Lori looked her over carefully as they spoke. With her bra straps off her shoulders, Cindy’s nipples were visible. They were small and erect. Lori could also tell that Cindy was a real blond since her panties were down. Cindy’s bare feet looked OK, but she would need a pedicure.

Cindy was 22. She had no boyfriend and no place to stay. Lori gave her the address of the boarding house, told her to put her shoes back on, fix her panties and bra, and report to the studio. She would start at $10 an hour. If her first shoot went well, she would be asked back to Lori’s office to discuss advancement.

Within 4 hours, Lori had processed all the girls that they would need for that month’s issue. She went to lunch, and would be re-interviewing the “special” girls at 3 PM.

Cindy had finally reached the boarding house after walking nearly a mile in the heat. She was wearing a tight white T shirt, a pair of very short shorts, and sneakers. Everything else she owned was in a small duffel bag that she carried. She climbed the 4 steps and rang the bell.

Paula was watching out the window and had seen Cindy approaching. When the bell rang, she eagerly ran to answer the door. Paula also had been a model, and was still beautiful. She had red hair and green eyes. Her breasts were small, but firm, and her legs turned heads every where she went. Modeling stockings and garter belts had been her specialty.

Paula let Cindy in and had her put down her purse and duffel bag by the door. Then Paula gave Cindy a small glass of lemonade to drink as she wrote down the information to sign her in. Cindy drank the lemonade down quickly since she was hot from the walk.

“Ok, let me show you to your room now. Get your things and follow me.” Paula said.

The room was on the first floor. Cindy was told to place her things on the bed on the right.

“Your roommate will be Jill.” Paula said. “She is still at the studio working now. The other girls are all out back by the pool. Why don’t you put a swimsuit on and join them.”

Cindy was elated. The heat was awful and the pool sounded wonderful. After Paula left the room, she opened her duffel and pulled out her swimsuit. It was red and slightly small on her. It was one piece and zipped up the back. Then a top flap portion covered her breasts and tied behind her neck.

Cindy stripped down to just her sneakers and pulled the suit on. Then she quickly pulled up the zipper and afterward she tied the strings around her neck carefully. If that bow were to come undone, she would suddenly be topless!

When Cindy walked back to the living room to find the way to the pool, Paula was standing there holding a bottle of sun tan lotion.

“Sit on the sofa, and let me put this on you first.” Paula warned. “It’s really sunny out there and you won’t be much good for modeling with sunburn!”

As Cindy sat on the couch she was feeling a little lightheaded. When she revealed that fact to Paula, she was told that it was probably the heat.

Paula knew Cindy would pass out soon now. She didn’t want any lotion on her yet, if she could help it. She would stall for time. Paula said,

“Here, let’s take your sneakers off first.”

Cindy sat on the couch as Paula untied and partially unlaced each of Cindy’s sneakers. When they were really loose, Paula slipped each one off slowly.

Cindy’s bare feet finally felt the cool carpet. She was totally relaxed now and wasn’t worried about anything! The sedative that Paula had put in her lemonade was working nicely. Paula was pulling on Cindy’s top string now. Cindy was barely aware of what was happening as the bow was untied completely and the suit flap fell down revealing her large breasts.

Paula looked at Cindy’s breasts in awe as they fell free. Cindy’s eyes were glazed and beginning to blink. Paula could tell that she was losing focus. It wouldn’t be long now!

Cindy tried to blink her eyes to focus, but it was hopeless. She just couldn’t do it. That’s the last thing she remembered as her pretty blond head fell limp in Paula’s arms.

Paula held Cindy’s limp body against her and pulled the zipper on the back of her bathing suit all the way down. The tiny suit slipped off easily now and Paula tossed it on the floor next to Cindy’s sneakers. Finally Paula stretched Cindy out on the sofa on her back. Then she stepped back to admire her new prize.

Cindy’s naked and unconscious body took Paula’s breath away. Lori had really sent her a prize with this one! Paula had her way with Cindy’s limp body for nearly 2 hours. Then she applied suntan lotion all over Cindy’s body, and carefully put her swimsuit back on.

Cindy woke up about 10 minutes later. Her head was resting on the back of the sofa and she felt wonderful, although a little bit sleepy.

“You fell asleep while I was putting the lotion on you.” Paula said. “I decided to leave you alone and let you take a little nap. Why don’t you go to the pool now?”

Cindy got up and walked into the back yard. She had no way of knowing that she had just lost over 2 hours. There were several other girls already swimming in or sitting around the pool. As soon as Cindy dove in the cool water, her sleepiness passed. In fact, she had never felt better in her life. Never had she been paid so much for such easy work! The living quarters were fantastic. It was only her first day, and she loved L.A. already!

Lori returned to her office after lunch and waited for the next group of girls. They would each want to earn more money, a lot more money. The ad promised up to $200 an hour. Lori was ready to show them what it would take to move up the ladder.

Jackie was excited when she entered Lori’s office for the second interview. Most girls didn’t get this second chance. They had all done simple $10 an hour shoots and were dismissed. Jackie’s black patent leather pumps clicked on the floor as she walked around Lori’s desk and sat in the chair.

Lori admired Jackie as she sat down. She was a tall willowy blond with blue eyes. Her legs were awesome and her breasts, although smaller than average in size, stood out like bullets. As Jackie sat down, she crossed her legs. Her stockings were slightly darker than nude and gave her legs a suntanned look.

Jackie noticed Lori looking at her legs and dangled the shoe on her crossed leg half way off. Then the negotiations began.

“For openers you will be bound wearing just underwear that we give you. Then that underwear may be ripped or cut off you rendering you totally nude. The photos will all be in color now. Are you with me so far?”

“I think so.” Jackie replied. “How much does it pay?”

“It pays $100 an hour.” Lori replied.

“The ad said up to $200 an hour.” Jackie said. “What do I have to do to get that kind of money?”

Lori explained to her that, up to now, the magazine was only about girls being abducted, stripped, bound, held captive, and tormented by men. Going full color, along with adding underwear ripping and full nudity may not be enough to save the dated format.

We will also be doing scenes where the girls are taken by women now. The forced methods of abducting the girls will be replaced by gentle and more seductive methods. The girls will be slowly stripped, fondled, bathed, oiled, and dressed in various outfits to please the captor rather than tormented.

“Wow; that sounds sexy and ought to drive the men wild!” Jackie exclaimed.

“That’s what we’re counting on.” Lori replied. “Jill will be here any minute to help you with your first audition. Just do everything she says and you just might get the job! I will be here filming it as well as snapping still pictures.

Jill was Lori’s current lover. As a favor, Paula was keeping her at the boarding house. Jill was 26 and about 5 feet 4. Her hair was baby soft and shiny brown. Her hazel eyes gave a loving look to her cover girl model face. Jill had long and slender legs and small narrow feet. Her breasts were tiny.

Those tiny breasts, along with her soft hair and beautiful face, had been what had attracted Lori to her in the first place. She was totally different from most of the other models. She dressed differently too. Jill wore boots and stockings in weather when most girls wore sandals and had bare legs. Short dresses and skirts to show off her legs were also normal for her.

Lori’s heart literally skipped a beat when Jill walked into the office. Jill was dressed as a cowgirl. She wore a hat, a frilly white blouse and a short, tight, wrap around skirt. Her stockings were dark brown in color and her white patent high heeled boots came to mid calf and zipped up the sides.

Jackie was also amazed at Jill’s look and outfit. Jill’s blouse had the first 2 buttons undone. She was braless, and the nipples on her small breasts were erect and visible through the thin blouse. She even had a small lasso hanging from her wide leather belt that matched her boots.

The introductions went quickly. Lori ordered Jill and Jackie to sit next to each other on the love seat and await direction. Lori quickly set up both the film and still cameras and turned on the lights. Then the direction came.

“Jill plays a lesbian. Jackie you are her close friend, but don’t know that yet. Jill is going to make advances. Jackie, you go along at first, not knowing how far this is going. At some point you start resisting. Jill backs off and offers you a drink.”

“Jackie, you accept the drink and drink it down quickly. Then you sit back down with Jill. Jill slowly starts seducing you again. Now we pretend the drink has been drugged. Jackie, you start getting sleepy and much more receptive to Jill’s advances. Are you both ready?”

Both girls eagerly nodded their heads “Yes!”

“Any questions before I start filming?” Lori asked.

“I have one,” Jackie said. “At what point should I start resisting Jill’s advances?”

“Good point!” Lori replied. “Do you have any suggestions Jill?”

“How about having Jackie start to resist after I take her shoes off and start running my hands up and down her legs?” Jill said. “Up until then she goes along with everything I do without question though. We need to get the guys watching really worked up first!”

“Ok, that sounds good.”Jackie said. “Up until then, I will just play along like Jill said. We’ll act like lovers and really get the guys panting.”

Lori couldn’t believe how easy this was going to be. She started the camera and gave the order for the girls to begin.

“Ok, Jackie. Your boyfriend has been cheating on you and Jill is consoling you. We aren’t recording sound so don’t worry about lines too much. Just wing it.” Lori ordered.

Lori had lied about the sound. A hidden tape recorder was running. The writers would use the dialog to write the text that went with the pictures. Lori watched with breathless anticipation as the girls turned to face each other.

Jill was softly stroking Jackie’s silky blond hair now. As she stroked, she told Jackie not to worry about her boyfriend so much. Then suddenly Jill put her hand behind Jackie’s head and pulled her closer. Next she gently and quickly kissed Jackie on the lips.

Jackie returned the kiss, smiled, and thanked Jill for being so nice to her. Then Jill took Jackie’s head firmly in both hands as she whispered,

“Close your eyes and open your mouth part way.”

Jackie obeyed instantly. Jill pulled Jackie towards her and placed her open mouth over Jackie’s now open and willing mouth.

Jackie was never into women, but was still aroused by Jill’s kiss! No boyfriend had ever used this kind of approach. Jill was holding her head firmly so there was no pulling back, yet the kiss was the softest and most erotic Jackie had ever experienced. The whispered instructions beforehand were a nice touch too.

Jackie willingly open mouth kissed Jill for several minutes. She also knew that this would have the men going wild and may help insure that she could earn the $200 an hour. She needed the money desperately!

Finally Jill broke off the kiss and released Jackie’s head from her hands. Then the girls both smiled at each other.

“You sure are brave to go braless and leave 2 buttons undone like that.” Jackie said.

Jill smiled and reached for Jackie’s top button. As she undid it, she said,

“Actually, with that thick padded bra you have on, you could afford to have at least 3 buttons undone!” Jill said, as she undid the first 3 buttons of Jackie’s blouse. “There, you still can’t even see cleavage.”

Jill reached inside Jackie’s blouse and slid her right bra strap off of her shoulder. Then she pulled Jackie’s right bra cup down and let her breast pop out.

“Oh my God, your breasts are perfect!” Jill said. As she spoke, Jill pulled Jackie’s other bra strap off her shoulder so her other breast would pop out.

“Do you really think so?” Jackie asked. “I think they’re too small.”

“Well, let’s have a better look.” Jill said. Jill undid all the remaining buttons on Jackie’s blouse. Then she put her hand inside behind Jackie’s back and unsnapped the loose bra. The bra fell down as Jill opened Jackie’s blouse fully and pulled it out of her skirt.

“Yes, they are perfect.” Jill said. “They have perfectly matched nipples and no sag. Almost no models here can say that!”

“Come to think of it, your legs are very sexy too.” Jill said. Jill ran her hand over Jackie’s filmy stocking and slipped off one of her shoes. After the first shoe hit the floor, Jill removed the other one.

Jackie took her cue. “Hey that’s enough undressing!” she said. Jackie stood up abruptly, but made no attempt to re-dress.

Jill jumped up and said, “Hey I’m sorry I got so carried away. Let me pour you some wine.”

Jill went to the table and poured a small glass of wine. Jackie was looking the other way now, so Jill pulled a small bottle of real knock out drops from her purse. She tried to put 2 drops in Jackie’s wine, but 3 drops went in by accident. Jill stirred the glass with the eyedropper and hid the bottle in her purse.

Jackie said, ‘Thank you” for the wine and apologized to Jill for lashing out at her.

Jill told her not to worry about it and both girls sat down again. Then they made more small talk about Jackie’s boyfriend trouble. Soon Jackie’s wine glass was empty and Jill took it from her and placed it on the table.

When Jill sat down again, she put her arm around Jackie. Jackie melted and dropped her head on Jill’s shoulder. Jill could tell that the drug was working. Jill turned towards her and kissed her gently. Then she said,

Why don’t we get you out of that blouse?”

Jackie did not speak or resist as Jill slipped her open blouse off her shoulders and tossed it on the floor. Then Jill removed Jackie’s bra that was hanging around her waist now, and tossed it with her blouse. Jackie rested her sleepy head against the back of the love seat and tried to thank Jill for making her comfortable.

The words never came. Jackie’s eyes suddenly closed and her head fell limp against the back of the love seat. Lori was applauding now.

“Bravo!” She said. “That’s just the kind of seduction we need to sell the magazine. How many drops did you give her?”

“I tried to give her 2 like you said, but it ended up being 3.” Jill answered.

“That’s fine!” Lori said. Go ahead and strip her all the way.

Jill slowly undid and removed Jackie’s skirt. Then she undid her garters and pulled each of Jackie’s stockings off lovingly. The garter belt and the panties were slipped off next. Then Jill and Lori admired Jackie everywhere. They had their way with Jackie’s limp body for several hours, only stopping to kiss and fondle each other along the way. Then they selected a bra and panties set from the baskets and put them on her.

When Jackie woke up, her hands were cuffed behind her back. Her ankles were bound with rope, and she was wearing a black bra and panties set, not her own. Her shoes were back on, but her stockings were missing. When she tried to speak, she noticed a knotted scarf was stuffed in her mouth and tied around the back of her head.

Jill was behind the cameras now, and Lori was standing over her. Finally Lori spoke.

“Just nod your head yes or no if you understand.” Lori ordered. “I am your mistress and captor now. Jill will film and snap photos when we are ready. You are to look terrified when I tell you that if you don’t obey my every wish you will be sold into slavery. I will rip and cut your bra and panties off to inspect you everywhere and take pictures of you naked. You will cry out “Please no, I’ll be good!” as I do things to you. Do you understand so far?”

Jackie eagerly nodded her head, “Yes!”

“OK.” Lori said. “This is the work that will get you $200 an hour.”

Jackie was elated. She also felt kind of excited at being tied up like this. Then she remembered her instructions. “Be frightened about being sold, promise to obey the mistress, and answer yes or no by nodding my head.” She was ready.

Jill started the camera and said, “Action!”

Jackie had terror in her eyes as Lori stood over her. She struggled and whimpered in her bondage as she was told.

“If you behave and do everything I say I will keep you. If not, you will be sold and sent out of the country. Do you understand?”

Jackie stopped whimpering and nodded “Yes!”

Lori told her that she would need naked pictures of her. She didn’t trust her untied yet, so the clothes would have to be cut off. Then she would show the pictures to her men clients and see how much they offered to pay for her if she was not a good slave.

“No! Please don’t sell me. You can untie me and I won’t run away. I’ll be good I promise!” Jackie pleaded, although her words muffled by the gag.

Lori approached Jackie, holding the scissors. Then she gently and carefully cut both of Jackie’s bra straps just above the cups. Next Lori put the scissors between the cups and snipped the thin material. The elastic gave way and the bra flew open, exposing Jackie’s taut nipples. Lori grabbed what was left of the bra and tossed it aside.

Jackie lay nearly panting, wondering what Lori would do next. She wouldn’t have long to wait. Lori went to the desk and opened a small briefcase. She pulled out a brown bottle and a white cloth. Then she was back standing over Jackie’s now topless body. Jill was snapping picture after picture.

“This is chloroform.” Lori said. Lori opened the bottle and held it near Jackie’s nose. It smelled strong but sweet. Now Lori was holding the white cloth in one hand and the open bottle in the other. Lori held the bottle high above the cloth so Jackie could see the steam of clear liquid running out and landing on the cloth.

Lori soaked the cloth so much that some of the excess dripped on the floor. Then Lori put the bottle down and approached Jackie’s sweet face with the soaked cloth in her hand.

Jackie was squirming in her bondage and shaking now. “Please no!” she begged.

“I’m going to put you deeply under now, so I can get into your panties!” Lori said in a threatening tone. “Are you going to be a good girl and inhale deeply for me now?” Lori asked.

Jackie did not know what else to do so she nodded her head “Yes.”

Lori had the cloth tightly over Jackie’s nose and mouth now. Jackie choked on the fumes at first, but inhaled deeply as she was told. Almost immediately Jackie’s ears were ringing. Soon the sounds in the room dulled like everything was under water. Jackie’s eyes would no longer focus so she blinked them. It didn’t help. That’s the last thing she remembered as she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Lori held the cloth there for about a minute after Jackie passed out. Then she held it up and shook it beckoning Jill to come over.

Jill eagerly ran towards the love seat, leaving the film camera running. Lori handed her the scissors and said, “You know what to do now.”

Jill carefully slightly cut the sides of Jackie’s panties part way through. Then she put down the scissors and pulled at the tiny panties. The right side ripped first. Now Jackie’s blonde hair was proven to be real! Jill pulled harder and the panties ripped free and were now in her hand.

Lori handed her the chloroform bottle. Jill soaked the panties thoroughly and handed the bottle back to Lori. Then Jill sat on the edge of the love seat next to Jackie’s limp and naked body. Lori took the soaked panties and gently held them over Jill’s nose and mouth.

Jill inhaled in ecstasy, as Lori watched the gleam in her eyes. Soon Jill’s eyes became glazed and distant. Then they began a rapid flutter. The flutter didn’t last long. Jill’s eyes suddenly rolled upwards and closed as Jill fell limp on top of Jackie.

Lori held the soaked panties on Jill for several minutes. Then she tossed the panties on the floor and slowly unzipped one of Jill’s shiny white boots. When the zipper was all the way down, Lori slowly eased the boot off her and put it on the floor. Now Lori slowly removed Jill’s other boot.

Lori massaged Jill’s beautiful nylon encased legs and feet for some time. The she turned her attention to Jill’s frilly blouse. Lori unbuttoned the buttons that weren’t already undone and slipped the blouse off Jill’s shoulders. Now Jill’s tiny breasts were pointing straight out. Lori sucked on each of Jill’s tiny nipples. They became erect instantly.

Lori unbuckled and removed Jill’s wide belt and lasso. Then she unzipped and removed Jill’s skirt from around her and tossed it on the floor. Next, Lori grabbed Jill’s lasso. Lori put it around Jill’s arms and middle torso and tied it. Jill would be helpless when she awoke, just the way Lori wanted her. She would remove her stockings, garter belt, and panties later. Much later! Lori removed Jackie’s high heels ever so slowly, rendering her full naked.

Lori returned to the camera. This was a picture moment if there ever was one!

Cindy stepped out of the pool and grabbed a large towel. She dried herself off quickly, and sat on a chaise lounge. As she looked at the palm trees and other beautiful surroundings, she remembered her day so far.

She had passed the first interview easily, as she knew she would. Now she had to get to the second interview to get more money. Her roommate, Jill, was still at the studio. Cindy would try and befriend her and perhaps get some pointers on how to get the $200 an hour tonight.

Cindy sighed and remembered today’s experience. She reported to the studio, after her first interview, as she was told. They gave her a cheerleader outfit to put on. Cindy stepped behind a wall, sat on a makeshift bench, and undressed. Then she put on the clothing that she was given. She wondered why she was to change her bra and panties as well, but she went with it. When she finished dressing and stepped out, a good looking guy named Phil gave her instructions.

She was to walk into the room slowly. A big guy named Curt was to grab her from behind and hold a wet cloth over her nose and mouth. She was to struggle and try to scream, as he held her back. After about a minute, she was to weaken and let her arms fall limp at her sides. Then she was to roll her eyes upward and close them as she melted into his arms.

When he picked her up and carried her off, she was to remain like a rag doll, with her eyes gently closed and her mouth part way open, pretending to be totally unconscious. She was not to wake up until she was slapped on the butt.

Cindy had giggled in delight as she heard the instructions. She had seen girls that were chloroformed and kidnapped in the movies and on TV, and knew just what to do. When she acted out the actual scene it felt really cool to lay helpless in the guy’s strong arms and be carried off like that!

It got a little rougher later on though, as he threw her on a bed and started to undress her. She felt him crudely pull off her sneakers without untying them. Then he quickly pulled her white socks off and tossed them away. Now he was holding her from behind the neck and lifting her upper torso into a sitting position.

Her shirt top was pulled roughly off of her next, slightly pulling on her silky blond hair and hurting her arms in the process. Then he dropped her back onto the bed and yanked her shorts down over her legs.

Cindy lay limp, as she was told, while she felt him tie her ankles tightly together. Then he turned her on her side and handcuffed her hands behind her back. She was really helpless now, even if she wasn’t actually unconscious. Next he stuffed something made of silky cloth into her still partly open mouth and tied it tightly around the back of her head.

Cindy was lying on the bed, still pretending to be asleep, when she felt a sharp spank on her left upper thigh and butt. She opened her eyes slowly and tried to adjust to the now bright lights in the room. She had been able to hear several cameras snapping picture after picture ever since she had walked into the room

When Cindy finally saw what Curt looked like, she didn’t have to fake the terrified look in her eyes! He was huge! Curt stood at least 6 feet 5 and weighed in at 300 pounds. He had wide shoulders and a barrel chest. His muscles were rippled like the guys in the body building magazines, and he had tattoos on both of his forearms. In her mind, she could imagine him getting off a motorcycle and swinging a chain!

Curt was standing over her now. He had a gleam in his eyes as he spoke in a gruff voice.

“Well now Missy, it’s time we finished undressing you now!”

Curt grabbed one of Cindy’s bra straps and pulled hard. It snapped off at one end and hung useless after he let it go. The he roughly tore the other one as well. Cindy’s breasts were popping out now, as he grabbed the front of the white bra between her breasts. He pulled so hard, that Cindy was lifted off the bed a few inches before the hooks tore out of the material in the back and the bra came off in shreds in Curt’s huge hand.

Curt tossed what was left of the bra on the floor like trash and quickly focused on Cindy’s tiny white panties. He grabbed the panties in each of his hands on both sides of her hips. Again, Cindy was lifted off the bed, nearly a foot this time, as he pulled the panties. Cindy could hear cloth ripping, but the tiny panties were still intact enough to hold her up off the bed.

Finally Curt moved one of his hands under her crotch and pulled with all his might. The panties tore apart now and Cindy dropped onto the bed, now totally naked, as he tossed them aside. Curt stepped back to admire his work, and then suddenly left the room.

Phil yelled “Cut!” and the cameras finally stopped snapping. The bright lights were turned off next and Phil gently undid Cindy’s hand cuffs. Then he carefully untied her ankles as she herself untied the gag and removed it. She was then told to go behind the wall and get dressed.

When Cindy came out fully dressed, only Phil was there. He told her she was done for the day, and asked how she liked it.

“I must admit, there were times that I wished that I was really chloroformed and unconscious!” Cindy replied.

“Don’t say that too loud around here!” Phil replied, looking almost serious, as if he was warning her.

Then she saw him smile, and realized that he was just kidding. Cindy smiled back, thanked him and left.

Cindy was suddenly awakened from her daydream by a familiar voice. It was Paula with another glass of lemonade for her. Paula was wearing a tight blue swimsuit and looked stunning. “She’s so sweet to me!” Cindy thought to herself as Paula sat down on the chaise lounge next to her.

As she sat down, Paula eyed Cindy. Her silky blond hair was now dry. Her swimsuit looked like it was still damp though. The wetness made Cindy’s nipples stand out. Paula licked her lips as she watched Cindy drink the lemonade in large gulps…

Jackie woke up suddenly and felt her head spinning. She was totally naked, and Jill was next to her. Jill was wearing only panties, a garter belt, and stockings. Her lasso was tied around her, rendering her arms and hands helpless. She also appeared to be unconscious. Then Jackie noticed Lori standing over her.

Lori said, “Ok, It’s your turn now,” as she undid Jackie’s handcuffs. Then she untied her ankles. Her gag was left on though.

Lori handed Jackie a pink bra and panties set to put on, and told her to put her high heels back on as well. When Jackie stood up, she was a little lightheaded at first. This quickly passed, and she began to feel great though.

Jackie was all smiles as she was told that she would be Jill’s mistress now. She was to leave her gag on for a few pictures though. After the pictures were taken, Lori helped her remove the gag and tossed it on the love seat.

“Jill is your little pet now.” Lori said. “Do whatever you like to her, without hurting her of course. There is chloroform and a cloth on the table for when she gets unruly. Do you know how to use it?” Lori asked.

“I think so.” Jackie replied. “I pour it on the cloth and hold it over her nose and mouth until she passes out right?”

“That’s about the size of it.” Lori answered. “The longer you hold it on her after she’s out, the longer she will stay asleep.”

“Ok I’ve got it!” Jackie exclaimed, bursting with joy over her new found power. Jackie stood over Jill and eagerly waited for her to wake up, as Lori got in position behind the cameras.

After a few minutes had passed, Jill’s lips started to move. It was almost as she was kissing in a dream.

“You better take off her stockings while she’s still groggy.” Lori advised. “Remember, her legs aren’t tied!”

Jackie quickly undid both garters on each of Jill’s stockings and started pulling them slowly down. By the time the first one was off, Lori was starting to struggle and fight her.

Jill woke up slowly and took a while to focus. Lori had held the chloroform soaked panties on Jill much longer than she had held the cloth on Jackie. As Jill became alert she realized that her upper torso was bound with her lasso. She tried to move her legs and suddenly realized that Jackie was taking her stockings off. She tried to fight with her legs, but one stocking was already completely off now and the other was more than half way down.

Despite Jill’s kicking and struggling, Jackie was able to hold Jill’s leg by the ankle and get the second stocking off easily. Then she looked Jill in the eyes and smiled.

“Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?” Jill asked with fire in her eyes.

“I’m Mistress Jackie, and you are my little sex slave now.” Jackie replied.

“We’ll see about that!” Jill sneered as she started to get up off of the love seat.

Jackie pushed Jill back down and started to pull down her garter belt. They struggled, but with the lasso around Jill, there was only so much she could do. Soon the garter belt was down around Jill’s ankles.

Rather than pull it off, Jill doubled I like a rubber band, and Jill’s ankles were now effectively bound together. As Jill lay helpless, Jackie took a length of rope and properly bound Jill’s ankles. Then she slipped the garter belt off and tossed it on the floor.

Jill was uttering obscenities now and Jackie decided that she would need to be gagged. She wadded one of Jill’s stockings into a ball and stuffed it in her mouth. Then she grabbed the other stocking and tied it around Jill’s head to hold the gag in place.

Jill was really angry now, and Jackie decided to use the chloroform to subdue her. Jill thrashed around like crazy as she saw Jackie begin to soak the cloth. Jackie firmly held the soaked cloth on Jill as she continued to fight like a wildcat.

Jill was feeling dizzy now, and knew she would soon lose the struggle. She was really mad at Lori for putting her in this position. Jill was supposed to be chloroformed only by Lori. That was their special secret fantasy together! How could she let a stranger do it to her?

Jackie felt Jill’s struggling weaken now. All her fighting just made the chloroform work quicker in the end. Jackie continued to hold the cloth there until Jill was completely out. Jackie was actually aroused by watching Jill’s eyes as they lost their anger, became glazed, and fluttered and closed. In fact Jill passed out with an actual smile on her face.

Jackie pulled the cloth away quickly and undid the lasso from around Jill’s torso. Then she handcuffed Jill’s hands behind her and used the lasso to put her in a hog tie. Next she began to play with Jill’s tiny breasts. She sucked each nipple, causing them to become erect. Then she ran her hands over Jill and put her fingers inside the waist band of Jill’s panties.

Jill woke up suddenly and was in worse danger than before! Her hands were tightly cuffed and she was in a full hog tie. She started to thrash around and struggle in her bondage. But wait, she felt something even worse! Jackie had her fingers in her panties!

“Get your hands out of there!” Jill hissed, her words clear, although heavily muted by the stocking gag.

“Oh, I’m afraid that your panties will be coming off soon.” Jackie said smiling.

“You’d have to untie me for that, and then you’ll be the one losing your panties!” Jill threatened.

“I don’t think so.” Jackie said calmly. Then Jackie soaked the cloth with more chloroform.

“No! That’s not fair!” Jill whined in a muffled scream, starting the thrash around.

This time Jackie pulled away the stocking that was holding the gag in Jill’s mouth. As she placed the cloth over Jill’s nose and mouth she suddenly got an idea. She used the stocking that was tied around Jill’s head to hold the cloth there.

Jill was fuming now, as all she could do was helplessly inhale the strong fumes!

Jackie stood over her, smiling triumphantly as Jill slowly and erotically passed out. Then she left the cloth there.

Jill was totally limp now and her head had slumped to the side as her eyes closed. Lori was highly aroused as she ran the cameras. She had never thought of the strapped on cloth idea, and couldn’t wait to try it herself!

Oh well, “No time like the present,” Lori thought to herself as she said the word “Cut” and stopped the cameras.

Jackie stood up and asked Lori what she should do next. Lori asked her to find her stockings that had been removed earlier. Jackie quickly picked up both of her silky dark stockings from the floor and handed them to Lori.

Lori put them on the loveseat next to Jill, and told Jackie to hold her hands together behind her back. Lori quickly attached a pair of handcuffs and locked them. Then she told Jackie to lie on her back next to Jill’s limp body. Jackie settled in right away as she was told. Jill was deeply under, and Jackie could hear her helplessly breathing in more chloroform as she slept.

“Will she be all right with the chloroform left on her like that for so long?” Jackie asked.

“Oh sure,” Lori answered, “She just won’t wake up until it evaporates though.”

Lori was tying Jackie’s ankles together with rope now. As she finished, Lori said,

“I want to get some photos of you two bound exactly the same way, side by side, for the big finish.”

Jackie lay still as Lori wadded up one of the stockings and stuffed it inside her mouth. Then Lori tied the other stocking around Jackie’s head to hold the gag in place.

Then Jackie suddenly got a nervous feeling. Lori said, “Exactly the same way!” Did that mean that she too would have a real chloroform cloth tied on her as well?

Jackie’s worst fears were realized when she watched Lori fold a small white cloth and open the bottle of chloroform. Lori poured a large amount of the liquid on the cloth and approached her.

Jackie started to protest and say, “Hey, why does it have to real like this?”

“You didn’t ask that when you gave it to Jill!” Lori answered.

Despite Jackie’s protests that were muffled by the stocking gag, and her nervous squirming in her bonds, Lori was pulling back the stocking that went around Jackie’s head and placing the wet cloth under it as she spoke. Then Lori ran behind the cameras and started snapping.

“You just lie there looking frightened and breathe normally.” Lori ordered. “And don’t forget about the $200 an hour while you’re at it.”

Jackie didn’t have to fake the frightened part! She was totally helpless, and knew that she may be unconscious for hours to come! She tried to take small shallow breaths to slow the process. It wasn’t helping, since she could already hear a dull ringing in her ears in a matter of seconds. Her vision was starting to blur and she began to feel relaxed and euphoric as well.

“Oh well, I do need the money!” Jackie thought to herself just before she passed out.

Lori was highly aroused watching Jackie try to fight the drug. Her eyes told the story in photo after photo. First the anger and fear could be clearly seen. Then a glazed and spacey look took over for about 20 seconds. Finally an ever erotic rapid flutter began. During the flutter phase, Jackie’s eyes suddenly rolled up and closed ever so gently. As she passed out completely, her body went totally limp and her head turned to the side.

Lori was elated! Both girls were bound, gagged, and knocked out with strapped cloths on them. They would stay that way for as long as Lori wanted. As Lori finished the last photos, she felt a marvelous chill go down her spine. Ah; what to do next? Her work for the day was over. It would be all play now.

Lori opened the bottle of chloroform and re-soaked Jill’s now almost dry cloth. She wanted Jackie to wake up first this time…












The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.