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Amelia Walters; Sleepy Spy IV

Posted by on in Sleepy
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Looking at the woman in the car beside her, Amelia shifted nervously. Maggie was sitting next to her, in the car, discussing their plans for the heist later tonight. They were planning on stealing back a list of agents names from international business woman and criminal mastermind Clara Coleman.

“You know the plan?” She asked, nervously.

“Yes, I know the plan” Maggie replied boredly. She was fiddling with the zipper on her cat suit, which was significantly more formfitting than any type of public clothing. Amelia smacked her hand away from the woman, secretly harboring slight attraction to the whole spy get up.

“Focus!” She hissed, rigidly. She was not used to breaking orders and running off like this, and the whole experience was setting her on edge. She looked down at her own black catsuit, which was much like Maggie’s except that Maggie had unzipped hers to reveal a more than appropriate amount of cleavage.

“Go through it one more time” She said, watching the back exit.

“Oh my god, you are such a bore” she said, rolling her eyes “We go in through the back exit. We get up to the main suite. We ask her where the flash drive is. We take it, we make sure she won’t be remembering this. Then we leave” She pulled on her gloves, making sure they were tight.

She spotted Coleman walking across the street into her suite, her red dress contrasting highly with the night. She was returning from a fundraising event that made her seem like a concerned and caring citizen to the ordinary people, and which raised suspicion for the government agencies.

The two climbed out the car, walking across the pavement quickly and efficiently. Upon reaching the lock, Maggie gave it a quick picking and it sprung open, allowing them access to the inside. They walked down the well-furnished hotel corridor, their boots thumping against the carpeted floor.

Soon they reached the service elevator. It was only a few more seconds before they were off towards the penthouse suite. Maggie and Amelia took the time to pull out their guns and make sure they were ready. The clicked them back into their holsters and the metal doors creaked open.

Amelia and Maggie stepped over to the penthouse door. Placing an ear, she heard the gently hums of an old record playing. Satisfied that Coleman was in fact the one standing in the room, she signaled for Maggie to unlock it. She did so smoothly and pushed the door open, walking into the room with a gun in her hand.

Coleman looked shocked for a moment, before she returned to normal and stood up to face them.

“Hello Maggie. I see you’ve come for the flash drive.” She said, her smooth, northern England accent oozing sophistication. “And I see you’ve brought yourself a little bit of help, didn’t you?”

“Where is it Coleman?” Amelia asked, angrily.

“How on earth should I know?” She said, with mock sincerity.

“Cut the games!” Warned Maggie, waving the gun.

“Are you threatening me, Miss Taylor?” She asked, smiling.

“I might be” She said, gesturing to the gun.

“All I needed to hear” She said, sitting down. Silently, she pressed a button on the side of her chair, which activated the camera’s in the corner of her office. The camera was heat seeking, but the chair told the camera not to register whoever was sitting in it. As the camera locked onto the two hostile heat sources, it lined up the small tubes underneath then targeted any exposed muscle it could find. Once it had a lock, it was ready to fire.

Maggie saw the tube aiming a moment before it fired. “Amelia get down!” She yelled, running over and throwing herself onto her protectively. The darts that had been aimed at her thigh missed, embedding themselves into the floor. The cameras were preparing themselves for the next strike, once they reloaded in two minutes.

Coleman jumped up, momentarily terrified. In the confusion, she reached for a drawer under her desk.

“Thanks” Breathed Amelia, on the floor next to Maggie.

“No problem” She breathed back with a smile.

Coleman pulled out a gun and went to fire it, but Amelia saw her coming and pushed off Maggie, grabbing her wrist and tossing it to the side. Maggie went over with her and grabbed for the gun. There was a brief struggle, but Coleman pushed off Maggie and then twisted Amelia’s arm, breaking her grip and pushing her to the side. She stepped back, the two agents on the floor beside her, and pointed the gun triumphantly.

“Did you really think you would accomplish anything so easily?” She said, with a small laugh.

She stepped back for a moment, to rest her butt against the side of the desk. She noticed Maggie and Amelia’s lack of fear or disappointment.

“What?” She asked, steadying herself on the desk “What’d I misss?”

“Don’t waste your breathe, dear” Maggie said with contempt, gazing over her body and ending at her thigh. Clara Coleman looked down at her own thigh, where a hollow syringe protruded lazily.

“No, but thatss imposssibleee” She slurred, slouching slightly as she laid a hand on her desk. “When diddd youuu…” She lurched forward slightly, losing her balance for a moment. She tried to raise her gun but her arm felt limp. She dropped the gun, felling to her knees as the world spun around her. Amelia and Maggie were up in a flash, kicking the gun away.

Coleman’s body slumped to the floor, her chest heaving. "Mmmpphhh..." She groaned, trying to crawal upwards. She felt herself leaden, and with one final, orgasmic sigh, she stumbled to the floor. She took slow, even breaths, her large, plump breasts heaving as she slept. Amelia help Maggie up. Maggie stumbled slightly, steadying herself onto the desk.

“Are you ok?” Asked Amelia looking concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, the adrenaline is wearing off” She blinked, her speech slurring a tiny bit. “So it’s kicking in”

“What’s kicking in?” Asked Amelia. Maggie turned towards her, showing Amelia her backside. A small needle with a purple tassel was embedded in her skin, the contents of its vial now empty. “When did that happen?” She asked, realizing immediately when. Maggie had covered Amelia, taking the dart herself. She had sacrificed herself for Amelia.

“I don’t… I can’t…” She stumbled on the desk, almost falling. Amelia rushed over to steady her. Maggie tried to smile as she sleepily pressed her face against Amelia’s chest. She tried to stand, but her knees gave away and she fell to the floor, weakly trying to stay awake.

“Amelia… Amy… a…” She muttered weakly, before her arms gave way and the fell to the floor, her sleeping looking calm and relaxed.

Amelia looked at her friend, and she realized she now faced a decision. What was she going to do with Maggie?


Turn her in? (Comment A)


Let her go? (Comment B)

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  • jon
    jon Wednesday, 03 June 2015

    where is the rest of the story? i need more! and i pick Turn her in? (Comment A) ;);););););););););););)i want them to have a sexy time with her

  • sleepygirl
    sleepygirl Wednesday, 12 August 2015

    it would be awesome it there were more parts of the story

    I pick B, Amelia should let her go, they can still have a sexy time

  • josue
    josue Thursday, 17 December 2015


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