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Big Van on Campus

Posted by on in Chloro
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Struting her new denim miniskirt, Carly Simons made her way across campus to the big game. She was running late but hey, it takes time to look this good. With her near see through white blouse and wavy blonde hair she was excited at the possibility of attracting some new attention after her recent breakup.

It was getting dark and the enormous campus would take about fifteen minutes to walk across. Carly noticed that there were hardly any students around. Must all be at the game or studying, she thought to herself. As she came closer to the building she noticed a windowless white van outside the science building. Her chemistry teacher, Dr. Canfield, was loading what looked like large brown moving boxes into the van. As she walked by she tried to pretend like she was checking her phone. She was failing his class and didn't want any sort of awkward lecture. If only she was so lucky.

"Ah Miss Carly!"

Oh no, she thought. "Hi Dr. Canfield."

"Heading to the big game tonight?"

"Yep. Just on my way there now."

"Well hey I'm glad I caught you. I see you're having trouble in my class and I want to help you."

"I was actually just going to drop it and try again next semester." She hoped that would put an end to her embarrassment.

"Oh no no no that's not nessecary! I have an extra credit assignment for you and if you participate I will give you an automatic passing grade."

She was curious. "What do I have to do?"

"It's simple! My collegues and I have been trying to find a way to reduce recreational drug use on campus. We've come up with an alernative that is much safer and we are looking for students to test it out on."

Now she was excited. "Well yeah I'd love to do that. When will you need me?"

"Well how about right now. You could try it out and head to the game and see if it enhances your experience without doing any damage."


"Alright I guess that could work."

"Great! Why don't you have a seat here while I go get the new product."

Carly sat down on the tailgate of the van and waited. She hoped this wouldn't take too long. It was dark now and walking alone on campus in the dark made her nervous.

After only a minute Dr. Canfield returned with a brown bottle and a thick, fluffy, white cloth.

"Still here I see. Very good!"

"So what do I have to do exactly?" Asked Carly.


Dr. Canfield sat next to her and unscrewed the cap off of the bottle.
"I just need you to take a few deep breaths of this solvent and be on your way to the game. Then tonight send me an email detailing your experiences."

"That's it?"

"That's it."

She watched has he placed the cloth over the top of the bottle. He then tipped it upside down three times. He removed the cloth and replaced the cap on the bottle.

"Okay Carly. I just want you to take one nice deep breath."

Carly exhaled as the cloth was brought up to her face. Dr. Canfield gently covered her mouth and nostrils. She inhaled as deeply as she could and he removed the cloth.
As she exhaled she felt an immediate head rush and had to grab on to his shoulder to keep from tumbling over.

"How was that my dear?"

She felt very lightheaded. "That's some really strong stuff."

"It is it is. Okay now let's do it again."

He once again placed the cloth over her face. She took another deep breath. As she inhalded she felt the liquid dripping from the cloth down her cleavage. She intinctively tried to raise her hands to wipe it off but found that her arms felt very heavy. Why wasn't Dr. Canfield removing the cloth yet?
She tried to pull away but he wrapped his free arm around her head and pulled her in close to his shoulder as if he were consoling a crying woman.
Panic ran through Carly's body. She tried desperatly to push him away but she was too weak from the fumes.

"MMMMMMMM!!!" She screamed.

"Shhhh my darling. Just a few more deep breaths and this will all be over."

Carly kicked her long legs as hard as she could but they felt almost numb. She tried to reach her hands high enough to scratch his eyes but it was no use. Her jaw and facial muscles began to relax on their own and her eyes kept trying to roll back.
As she began to go limp she felt him scooting her further back into the van. That's the last thing she remembered before darkness completely took over.
Dr. Canfield was delighted. He had been working with a drug cartel and was short on his product. He didn't have the money to make up for what he was missing but when they saw the beautiful girl he had captured for them he knew that all would be forgiven. He bound Carly's writsts and ankles and tucked her behind the large boxes filled with drugs. As he was closing the van's back door a voice startled him.

"Dr. Canfield?"

He turned around to see Jennifer. Another one of his attractive students. She had long straight brown hair, olive skin, and was wearing black leggings. Oh black leggings!, he thought to himelf. Those were his weakness. He could feel his heart begin to race everytime he saw a girl wearing those. They left just enough to the imagination to make him crave more. He was always mesmerized watching a girls tight, juicy rear end strutting around in those.


"Yes hello Jennifer!"

"What are you doing out here so late professor?"

"Oh you know me. Always hard at work."

She giggled. "But it's a Friday! Don't you have friends to hang out with?"

Alright. His mind was made up. Tonight he would have Carly for his drug cartel buddies but Jennifer he would have for himself.

"Oh sure I have friends. But hey can you wait her just a sec? I need to grab something and I don't want anyone getting into the van. It's a rental after all."

Jennifer happily agreed and he quickly ran around to the driver's side door and grabbed the cloth once again. He soaked it with the chloroform and ran back around to find Jennifer still there. He knew he could count on her!

"Thanks Jennifer I really appreciate it. Oh hey I think you have a leaf in your hair. Turn around a sec and I'll get it."

Jennifer gave an embarrassed smile and turned around. As she stepped he caught the slightest jiggle in her butt. He quickly wrapped one arm around her waist and clamped the cloth over her face with his other. He immediatley lifted her into the air to take away her leverage. She immediatly began to scream and kick violently. He turned his head to the side to avoid having his nose broken by the back of her head. As the scent of her perfume wafted into his nose her felt a swelling in his pants.

"Shhhhhhh Jennifer, shhhh. Just breathe baby."

Her screams turned into muffled squeaks and her legs were now just dangling in front of him occaisionally brushing up against one of his legs. Her hands were on his but they were so weak and oh so soft. His arousal built so much that he could now feel himelf pressed against her butt. Finally her hands dropped and he was now carrying a limp doll of a girl. What a night this will be, he thought as he placed her body in the passenger's seat. What a night indeed.


  • CBiscuit
    CBiscuit Sunday, 26 October 2014

    Well done!

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S Sunday, 26 October 2014

    Good start!

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan Sunday, 10 May 2015

    Nice job!

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