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Melanie was going to a black tie work function that evening and wanted some advice about what to wear.  Marko was one of her dearest friends.  Truth be told, he was much more than a friend.  A tall, handsome ER doctor with piercing brown eyes and a slight accent that betrayed his Balkan roots, they had met at a wedding and the chemistry was undeniable.  They dated for a time and she could tell she was really falling for him, which is why she put the brakes on when she realized that his hectic schedule at the hospital was more than she could deal with.  Still, their connection was real, and though they were both sad to admit that dating wasn't working, they cared too much to remain friends.  Knowing how important this dinner was, and how nervous Melanie would be, Marko had offered to come over after his shift and help her pick a dress.
       After coughing all night long, Melanie was feeling lousy.  "I refuse to be sick today" she thought.  "I'm probably just tired from coughing all night and not sleeping.  A hot shower should help."  Marko had a key to the apartment and knew to use it if she didn't answer the door, so she knew she didn't need to call to let him know.  After 20 minutes in a super hot shower, she was feeling better but knew that he'd be there soon.  Reluctantly, she dried off and put on her plush robe, hair up in a clip so she could do it later.  Just for fun she'd bought a pair of kitten heeled maribou slippers and put them on...she knew Marko would get a kick out of them.  "Silly Americans" he would laugh.  As she tied the robe she smelled the wonderful scent of strong Serbian coffee, and knew that Marko was there. 
       Marko had just poured the two cups of coffee into the tiny cups he'd brought Melanie back from his last visit to Belgrade.  He turned to see her stepping into the living room and leaned down to kiss her on each cheek, noticing that she seemed a bit pale despite still being damp from the hot steam.  With his first kiss on her cheek he could tell she was running a fever.  "Mel, are you feeling ok?  You look a little pale and feel warm."
       "I'm probably just warm because I came from the shower.  I'm also a little tired because I was up all night so I'm sure that's all it is."
        Marko wasn't convinced.  "Come here a second" he said, pulling her closer to hug her and kiss the top of her forehead to feel for fever.  At the same time, he grabbed her tiny wrist in his hand to feel her pulse, pure reflex for a doctor.  "You sure you're ok?"  "Actually, I..."
        Marko was shocked as he felt her go limp in his arms, his hand still holding her wrist.  Instantly he scooped her up, her robe coming undone as he carried her to her couch.  "Melanie?  Mel, can you hear me?  Open your eyes sweetie."  Again taking her wrist, her pulse was steady, but he could tell she was warmer than could be explained by a shower.  Gently rearranging her robe over her, he reached into his bag and got out a thermometer.  Taking her face in his hands, he gently squeezed her cheeks in order to slip the thermometer in her mouth.  "My God, those lips" he muttered, remembering how her perfect bow mouth had always undone him.  While the thermometer was in her mouth, he took out his light and gently raised her eyelids one by one.  Her eyes told him  she was completely unconscious, though he was glad to see her pupils dialating normally.  He read the thermometer:  101.9.  Certainly a fever, though not an alarming one.  Marko rose and went to Melanie's bed to grab a pillow - he had always hated how there weren't any on her couch - and a blanket.  When he returned, she had obviously stirred, and the robe had come undone again, revealing her flat stomach and perfect breasts.  Sighing, Marko slid his arm under her shoulders and gently lifted her to place the pillow under her, causing the robe to slip even more.  Raising her legs onto the arm of the couch, her beautiful runners thighs were revealed.  "Jesus" he said, taking a moment to admire the body that he'd enjoyed so much so long ago, then shaking his head when he realized it.  Marko covered her with the blanket.  By now, Melanie had begun to stir.  Marko sat on the edge of the couch, taking one of her hands in his and stroking her cheek softly.  When he carried her, her dark hair had come out of the clip, and he reached to brush the strands from her face.  "Melanie.  Melanie.  Come on, sweetie, open those gorgeous brown eyes for me.  Mel?"  He breathed a sigh of relief as her eyes began to flutter open.
          "Marko?" she said slowly, her voice unsteady.  "What happened?" 
           "You passed out honey.  How are you feeling?"
           "Strange" Melanie said, her eyelids half closed.  Marko reached down and felt her pulse, which had begun to speed up, which concerned him.  Reaching for the thermometer, he wordlessly commanded her to open her mouth.  "I'm going to get you some water, keep that there." "Marko, I'm fine" she said around the thermometer.  "Obviously.  You always faint into my arms when you're totally healthy...that's my favorite thing about you" he smiled, the mere statement making him unexpectedly aroused.  "Now don't be ridiculous, stay right there, and keep that thermometer in."  Marko had a certain Eastern European mannerism that made people listen to him when he was being serious, and his patients almost always did.  Melanie, however, he could tell would be more stubborn.  When he returned from the kitchen, Melanie was sitting upright with her feet on the floor.  "I thought I told you to stay lying down."  "You did, but seeing as how this isn't a hospital and I'm not your patient, I figured know...wouldn't listen" and she flashed that smile that destroyed every many who saw it.  She had the prettiest smile Marko had ever seen, and it was like kryptonite for his Eastern European sternness.  Standing over her, he held out the water. "Here, take a sip of this."  "I'm not thirsty!  I just want to show you my dress."  "Melanie, please, you need to have some water." 
         Even though they weren't dating anymore, they had a habit, almost a game, of flirting with each other when one of them wanted the other to do something they didn't want to do.  Flashing a coy smile, Melanie slowly stood up, running her hands from Marko's hips up his back to his shoulders.  "Stop Mel, I'm being serious.  This isn't the time for that" Marko said, meaning it.  "Really?  What is it the time for?" she cooed, locking his eyes with hers as she tickled just inside the waist band of his pants.  Marko let out an involuntary groan, his dark eyes flashing as he did not break eye contact.  That's when he noticed her eyelids starting to flutter.  "Melanie!" he yelled, catching her has she collapsed, limp, into his arms, her finger still in his waist band.  Again he scooped her up and put her on the couch.  Taking her wrist in one hand as he felt her forehead with the back of his hand, he noticed how markedly faster her pulse was.  Coaxing the thermometer into her pouty lips, now flushed and red and delicious looking, he found that her temperature had jumped to almost 104. 
         In a flash, Marko was a doctor not just a friend, and instinct took over.  He knew he had to get an anti-fever medicine into her before it rose any further.  Gently lifting her eyelids and shining his light in each, he could tell she was deeply unconscious and would not be able to swallow a pill for quite some time.  Marko heaved a sigh, knowing what he had to do.  Without an IV there was only one way to get Melanie's body to absorb the medicine it needed, and merely thinking of it made him begin to get a massive erection.  "I can't" he said out loud, physically shaking his head and willing the bulge in his pants to subside.  "You have to Dr. Stavic" he muttered aloud.  "You are a doctor, this is an unconscious woman who is very ill and needs you to do what's best for her."  Marko quickly went to Melanie's nightstand and grabbed a jar of lavender-scented cream, then into his doctor's kit, where he had liquid ibeprophen used for children.  He quickly mixed the two in the correct dosage, then returned to the couch.  Hesitantly, he slid his arm under Melanie's shoulders and slipped her out of the robe completely.  Cursing in Serbian under his breath, he was fully aware that he was now completely erect and that his penis was practically throbbing as he slowly massaged the cream into every inch of Melanie's soft skin.  As he massaged the cream gently over her breasts, he was suddenly overcome and leaned over, kissing her full on her parted lips as his hands massaged her perfect breasts.  That's when he noticed that her nipples were getting hard, and her hips were gyrating ever so slightly.  As a sigh escaped her lips, he chastized himself out loud.  "What the hell is the matter with you?!  She's unconscious, she's sick, and you're supposed to be taking care of her!  Ever hear of an oath Marko Stavic?!"  Still, she definitely seemed to be responding to his touch, and he wondered how that could be.  Again lifting her eyelids and drawing out his light, he realized that she must be semi-conscious.  Definitely not completely awake, but not as deeply unconscious as when she had first fallen limp into his arms. 
         Marko once again leaned down and kissed her beautiful, swollen lips.  As he pulled away, he heard her murmer "Marko...mmmm....I want you Marko, take me."  On instinct, his hand slid down her stomach, his fingers reaching into her and finding her dripping wet.  He just barely began to move them inside of her when he looked up and noticed she was not yet fully conscious.  Marko sprang up.  "This is wrong, I cannot do this!  Cold shower, I need a cold shower!"  He reached down and checked her pulse again...still too fast but slower than before.  A last eye check told him she was still not conscious, which meant she was unlikely to need him in the next few minutes.  Slipping out of his clothes, he stepped into an ice cold shower and tried to think of anything he could to make his now-throbbing erection go down.  Then he heard her call him, sounding strange.  Worried, he practically lept out of the shower, barely stopping to wrap a towel around his waist, his dark, wet hair dripping into his face.  He pushed his hair back and went quickly into the living room.
        Melanie was still laying on the couch, and was still completely naked.  To his shock, she was touching herself with one hand and caressing her breasts with the long, elegant fingers of the other hand.  Her eyes were open but her lids were drooping, and he didn't know if it was from pleasure or from a lack or complete consciousness.  "Mel, what are you doing?!"  "Marko, I want you.  I want you inside of me sooo badly.  I always have."  She sprang from the couch, swaying only momentarily. "Melanie, don't get up so fast, you could faint again."  Clearly she was not herself.  She pawed him like a wildcat, and he practically had to wrestle her to get a grip on her wrist to check her pulse, and to get his wrist to her forehead to feel for fever.  Both told him that though she was improving, she was still very sick. Melanie suddenly launched herself into his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, fingers loosening the towel.  He protested in earnest as she kissed his neck, but he was after all only a man.  Suddenly instinct took over, and he carried her into her bedroom.  The doctor took a back seat to the old fashioned Eastern European man, and he entered her with conviction.  She moaned in ecstasy, bringing her hips to meet him.  He leaned down to kiss her, wrapping her in his embrace.  "Yes, Marko, yes!  Take me!" she whispered.  At that moment, her eyes rolled back into her head and her arms fell from his waist, as her head rolled slowly to the side.  "Shit!" he said, but at this point it was too late.  He was already inside of her.  Lifting her slightly and laying her back down gently, he said "I'm sorry sweetheart but I can't stop" aloud to her unconscious form.  Marko didn't think this was right but there was nothing he could do, and he pumped into her limp body hard and fast, wanting to finish as soon as he could.  He was soo turned on, finishing didn't happen quickly.  With every thrust he saw her lips part just a little bit more, watched her breasts bounce and quiver.  He reached down and brushed the hair from her closed eyes and then lifted her up slightly to finish.  As he head fell back limply and her arched back brought her breasts almost to his mouth, he leaned over and kissed them.  She was helpless and moved like a ragdoll as he came and came and came inside of her.  When he was done, he tenderly laid her back down and went to clean up.  Feeling terrible, the doctor in him returned and he went to the living room for his supplies.  Feeling that her pulse was slightly fast but steady, the thermometer told him that her fever had returned to a reasonable 101.5.  Gently raising her eyelids, he saw that she was still deeply, completely unconscious, her body probably worn out from all it had endured today.  He knelt beside her, tenderly running his fingers through her hair with one hand and stroking her cheek with the other.  Sliding one hand under her shoulders and one under her knees, he lifted her gently, surprised by how much he liked the feeling of her limp body in his arms.  He carried her slowly out to the couch, looking down at her beautiful neck and full mouth as her head hung limply back, her soft hair swaying.  Caressing her as he went, he slid her back into her robe and covered her with the blanket on the couch, fluffing the pillow beneath her head before lowering it, her hair spread all around her lovely face.  He leaned over and kissed her again, taking her wrist one more time and checking her pulse.  Brushing a strand of hair from her face and stroking her cheek, he whispered "Sweet dreams sweetheart" and went to make some fresh coffee, knowing she was completely out cold and that he'd have a while to sit and watch his unconscious love before she woke up so he could take care of her.  He was a doctor again but he also felt like what he now realized he'd always wanted to be:  her man.