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Anna's Home Invasion

Posted by on in Sleepy
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Anna sighed, slowly rising up from her knees. She had been on the floor, picking up the remote she had dropped seconds before. She was spending the day off from work to relax and catch up on her favorite shows. Picking up the remote, she placed it back on the table and sat down again, crossing her legs.

She was dressed in a simple white dress that showed off her long legs and a little bit of her thigh. Her shoulder length blonde hair was let loose around her shoulders, and her blue eyes were focused intently on the screen in front of her. She absentmindedly but her lip as the characters on the screen began to kiss passionately.

Ding Dong!

She jerked her head to the doorbell, sighing as she turned off the TV and stood, pushing her feet into her slippers and heading towards the window beside the door. Pulling her curtains open just a tad, she peeked out and saw a tall, handsome man with a sharp jawline and a light stubble standing there, dressed in a black, with a newspaper.

She couldn’t help but crack a smile. With her two younger daughters out of the house, and her older daughter, Violetta, who was 20, was upstairs watching a moving a movie. Now was a great time for a tall dark and handsome stranger to sweep her off her feet. It was ideal.

Brushing a strand out of her face, she opened the door and leaned against the frame in a sultry manner. Speaking softly, she asked “How can I help you, sir?”

“Excuse me, Ma’am,” The man said, taking off his hat to reveal brown hair slicked back “I’m with the US Aviation Institute. I was wondering if you had a moment to talk about our countries soldiers?”

Anna sighed. She really wasn’t interested in talking, so she just turned around and went to look for her purse, calling out “Here, I’ll just make a quick donation. How much is okay? Is- SHIT!”

She jerked up as a sudden sharp prick had stung her backside. Instinctively feeling behind her, she found a small syringe-like dart with feathers at the end sticking out. She looked up at the man with fury.

“What the hell was that!” She shouted attempting to take a step forward.

The man was silent.

“I said wha…” she trailed when a sudden wave of drowsiness hit her, stopping her dead. She stumbled woozily “Whathehellwastha….” She slurred, her eyelids drooping as her speech slurred. Her head started to drop as it became increasingly heavy and difficult to hold up.

‘My head’ she thought ‘i'm not… i'm not gonna make it… gotta keep her safe… don’t let him know she’s here…” Anna took another woozy step, away from the staircase leading upstairs and towards the kitchen, her knees wobbling as she did.

She turned and saw the man raising his gun again, ready to fire  “Noo…” she moaned loudly, before he fired another dart into her hip. She winced with pain and tried to speak before the second wave of sedative hit her, dropping her to the ground. The world span out of control, and for a moment she thought she could hang on, but quickly her eyelids rolled and the drowsiness took over, sliding her onto the floor, asleep.

The man took off his hat indoors, being a gentleman, and placed it on the rack, stooping over to see to his victim. Her breasts were looking incredibly inviting, being at least a D cup. He had barely put a hand on her thigh when there was a shout from above. “Mom? Are you okay? I was in the shower and I heard a thump!”

Quick as a fly, the man stepped back and carried Anna, swooping her up and carrying her over to the couch, placing her in a normal looking sleeping position and placed a box from the mantel on the floor. He then waited.

The girl stepped into the corridor and the man had to hold in a gasp. She was absolutely stunning, her legs shapely and tan, and her figure a perfect hourglass. To the man’s great pleasure, she had a simple white towel wrapper around her body, which barely covered her breasts and just barely made it down over her hips. However, from down the stairs, he could see more than he could ever hope over.

“Excuse me?” She said, trying to pull it down more than it could go. The man averted his gaze, smiling politely as he spoke.

“Sorry, I’m a work friend of your mothers. She invited me over today. She didn’t say her daughter was over.”

“Oh.” She said, taking a seat on the steps and crossing her legs to avoid showing him anymore. “Sorry, I just got out of the shower. I thought I heard something…”

“Oh believe me I’m not complaining,” The man said with a chuckle. The girl giggled too. “And uh, yeah, I knocked over this box over here, my bad…” He said, pointing to the chest he had placed on the floor earlier.

“Oh no! That was an antique!” She said, jumping up and rushing down the stairs. She ‘bounced’ down them, rushing over to inspect the box for new damage and imperfections, bending over to do so and giving the man a view of her ample bosom and excellent cleavage in doing so.

Up close, he got a much better view of the girl, and she was even more beautiful than he had thought. She had fair skin, a nice tan complexion, cute facial features, and the same dirty blonde hair her mother had as well. She had bluish-green eyes and appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties.

“It looks okay.” She said, looking up to see the man staring. Once more he averter his gaze and she stood up, brushing a strand of wet hair out of her face. She turned to face him, smiling a bit awkwardly.

“You must be V? Right? Going to college?” The man said, checking with a disarming smile. V nodded, glancing away and seeing her mother on the couch.

“Mom?” She said, stepping toward her. Quickly, the man took his dart gun and, deciding against just firing another shot, removed two or three darts and held on in his hand, walking behind her. He spoke disarmingly, saying “Oh she’s just taking a nap, don’t you worry. She’s been asleep since I got here. Out like a light.”

“Mom?” She said, taking another step into the living room. Something occurred to her. “Wait, if she was asleep when you got here then how did you get-”

She was interrupted by a sharp prick in her backside. She yelped and whirled around, angry and confused. She reached down to pull out the dart in her ass but her fingers slid over her bum, numbly drifting to her sides. She looked up, confused when it hit her.

“What did youdottoomeee…” She began to ask but trailed off as the drug hit her, making her feel dizzy and lightheaded as a grey tunnel began to surround her vision. She moaned softly, looking up at the man one last time before her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out, falling limp into the man’s arms.

He smiled; this girl was quite the catch. Letting her gently onto the floor, he took a moment to admire her sleeping body; her plump breasts slowly rising and falling as she slept, peacefully unaware of the world around her. Then he got to work, reaching down and gently opening her towel, exposing her body fully. He breathed heavily, his heart pounding as he caressed her breasts, the slightest touch of his fingers making her nipples stand erect. He began kissing them and teasing them, moving down her stomach and closer to her legs, her body shuddering unconsciously to his touch.

He turned to Anna; she had been left alone far too long. Picking her up, he laid her on the floor beside her daughter and removed her dress, caressing every inch of her body. He was beside himself; two women were far greater than what he had expected to get.

He almost didn’t know what to do, he was so excited. Alternating his attentions to either woman, tasting them on his tongue as he explored their bodies; it was surreal. He was close to Cumming himself, but he didn’t act on that yet.

Instead, he rose up to take a look at the prizes below him, thinking to himself‘oh, what a wonderful world’

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  • jon
    jon Wednesday, 03 June 2015

    you need to do more of this story maybe they wake up but they like to be ko by sleepy darts this is on of the best i read do more please and thank you for a good read :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Janine
    Janine Friday, 05 June 2015

    Love it!

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