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A Nice Vacation Part 7

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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For what seemed like the millionth time that day, Gina opened her eyes. Except, this time, it was harder to get them open. She sat up, taking a little while to get herself together. She was in her bathroom for some reason, even though the last time she remembered being awake she had just left her closet before being greeted by the loudest sound of her life.

She stood up and walked over to the sink to check herself in the mirror. See, when Gina had the molasses dumped on her, she was too frightened and on the brink of fainting to notice, so when she looked in the mirror, she was greeted with a surprise.

"Oh my- what? Is this...molasses?" Gina looked back at her reflection, covered in the substance. She tasted a little to confirm that it was, indeed, molasses. Where did this come from? Why was she covered in it? She looked at the rest of her body: it too had molasses on it, albeit not as much, and her legs had no molasses at all. She also noticed some flour on her. How did all this get on her?

A little frantic, Gina decided she needed to clean it all off. She reached for the sink knobs, her long, pink-painted fingers grasping for them.

Jared watched from nearby. Though Gina could not see it, he had set up the metal knobs to a nearby power source, which was powerful but not deadly; he had remote access to the power and could raise and lower it at his discretion. Right now it was an unfinished circuit, but once there was a connection, the current would begin to flow...

Gina had only just gripped the sink's metal knobs when the electricity started moving. She couldn't remove her hands! Gina's body was being electrocuted by the closed circuit and shaking because of it. "Uh uh uh uh uh ah ah uh uh zz uh," she yelped, the sound one makes when being electrocuted. Her noises mixed with the zaps of the circuit.

Hmm, that wasn't enough. Jared upped the power. Sparks flew out of the knobs and Gina started shaking more. Her noises became louder and her eyes became wider.

Jared increased the power yet again. Even more sparks flew out of the knobs and Gina's noises grew louder, on the verge of screams. Her body was shaking much harder now, and her hair began to stand up.

Finally, Jared set the power to maximum. Sparks practically exploded and Gina's noises turned to high pitched screams. She was shaking uncontrollably, her hands still glued to the sink knobs. Her hair was standing straight up and her eyes were open all the way, looking like they might pop out. What was odd, though, was that Gina's face was in a smile, rather than a painful expression, almost as if she liked this.

Gina was still unable to let go of the sink knobs, and her consciousness was rapidly fading. And suddenly, for five seconds, she was replaced by her skeleton, almost like a cartoon. She saw her skeleton in the mirror! Jared could see it too, and once he saw that, he decided to shut off the power.

Gina was finally able to let go of the sink knobs, being pushed slightly back by the force of the disconnect. She was still standing, though still shaking a lot and letting out little noises and yelps. She saw herself in the mirror, pale, her long black hair standing straight up, the molasses and flour pretty much all gone somehow.

The literal shock she experienced had pushed her to fainting. The sight in the mirror just made it happen. She moaned along with her little yelps and fainted backwards, her legs going up in the air and coming down.

Jared came over. He noticed a little smoke coming out of her hair and promptly fixed that. He finally decided to remove Gina's business dress and skirt, leaving her in just her black bra and panties. Wait...her panties were wet, and still leaking fluid! Come to think of it, Jared had noticed some fluid gushing from under her skirt when she was being electrocuted at the highest power, running down her leg. Did she enjoy it?

Either way, Gina would be out for a while. Enough time for him to decide on the next plan of action...



  • The Key
    The Key Monday, 27 July 2015

    You see now this is a story. It has everything you could ask for. Its almost like you read my mind on what I would like to see in a story.

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