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A Nice Vacation Part 8

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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It took a long while, but eventually Gina woke up from her electric slumber. Somehow, being electrocuted vaporized the molasses and flour on her, leaving her totally clean. However, she was still in shock, and when she woke up her body resumed shaking; she was barely able to get sentences together without constant stuttering and stammering.

"J-j-j-jare-d, a-a-re you th-there?" She weakly called out to her dear husband, the mastermind behind all these events, though she did not know this. Gina noticed that now her dress and skirt were gone, leaving her in only her bra and panties, the set she specifically picked out for her husband.

She didn't have the strength to walk, so she slowly crawled along the linoleum floor, twitching and shaking and letting out little moans and noises from the aftermath of the heavy electrocution. However, it only took a few seconds before she stopped, unable to continue, her arms and legs too weak to move on. She moaned again and fainted on the floor, face down on the ground.


It had been over 45 minutes since Jared had left Gina after electrocuting and stripping her, and the time was now nearing sunset. He knew she was OK, just shaken up, and had used this time to set up his next trap. Briefly pausing to consider whether he should drag Gina here or wait for her to come, he decided to wait for her. Seeing his weak wife stumble around before falling for his trap would be a great sight.


Gina's eyes slowly opened. She hadn't made much progress toward the bathroom door, but the added rest she got after fainting was enough for her to stand up. As she did, though, she felt something running down her leg. She immediately thought it was a cockroach; she hated cockroaches, and would most assuredly pass out upon seeing one in this state. 

It wasn't a cockroach, however, but a stream of juice flowing from her vagina. It was upon seeing this that she noticed her panties were soaked and that she was standing in a puddle of her own fluid. She looked toward her original point near the sink: a trail of juice led from her puddle to there, where there was an even larger puddle near the sink.

Gina was extremely confused, but found it a little...nice. However, her panties were becoming uncomfortable as she noticed them more and more, and she decided to take them off. Her bra, however, stayed on. Nothing like a little bottom nudity in the space of your own home, right?

She took a few steps before she realized that she was still weak, but not weak enough to walk. She wouldn't be able to walk normally right now, but rather stumble around. Better than being a slug. Gina started walking around, her juice still leaking down her leg and off her foot, but she was still shaky and lost her balance multiple times.

Gina walked to her bedroom entrance and opened the door when she saw a string hanging down from the ceiling. She looked up, but it seemed to go elsewhere. Curious, she tugged on it.

If she wanted to stay conscious, she shouldn't have. By tugging on it, she activated Jared's latest trap. She didn't notice anything, but a few cockroaches crawled out of the top of the doorway and onto her hair. She walked a few steps before feeling something on her leg again. She thought it was her juices, but this started moving elsewhere, and did she feel something on her back? Why was her juice crawling up one leg?

She looked down and saw the three cockroaches on her body. 

Gina screamed harder than she had ever screamed before. There were three large cockroaches crawling over her almost fully nude body! 

The poor woman, after going through what she had all day, had no more strength. Her scream faded to a whimper, and a long drawn out moan signaled her next faint. She fainted backwards, her legs going in the air and spreading apart, giving a full view of the goods. When they landed, the impact shook the cockroaches off her body and they scuttled away.

Jared saw his wife but didn't expect her to lack her panties. This was earlier than he expected, but that moment, oh that moment, that made it so worth it. He grabbed both her legs, spreading them apart to take a look at the goods, and, after planting a kiss on her lower lips, dragged her away...



  • The Key
    The Key Tuesday, 28 July 2015

    Now that was just mean. I wonder what other cruel tricks he has up his sleeve.

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