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A Nice Vacation Part 10

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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It was time for the couple to leave the apartment. Jared dragged Gina outside into the apartment floor's hallway, but not before grabbing a pair of her prettiest and highest heels in one hand. He dragged the sleeping beauty by her ankles to the stairwell's door, opening it and taking her inside. 

Their stairwell was one of those spiraling ones, where the stairs go around each wall with a large hole in the middle leading straight to the bottom. Their apartment was on the seventh floor, so it was pretty high up. 

He slowly slipped Gina's right heel on, but not before kissing and caressing her beautiful foot and sucking on her big toe. It tasted of strawberries, with a hint of molasses. The heel accentuated her foot's look, and since it was peep toe, her big toe showed through. He repeated this ritual for her left foot. Both heels on, he took her feet in hand and clapped them together before dropping them.

Jared put a sign up that told Gina to go down the stairs to the bottom. After doing this, he left for the elevator. Jared would meet her at the bottom and take her outside.


Gina awoke, the ground feeling harder than the carpet of her apartment. She sat up, looking at herself. She was fully nude! And in the stairwell? No wonder she felt colder than in her apartment. And how did she get those heels on? Those weren't the ones she was wearing to work today.

She stood up, wobbly and unbalanced but she eventually steadied herself. To her right was a sign reading "Go Down." In her unfocused mind, she needed to follow these directions.

The girl took her first step slowly, slowly; she was already unbalanced and these heels wouldn't make anything easier. Almost there...yes! She made it! She shivered with excitement at this small feat and attempted jumping up and down in celebration.

Bad idea. She lost her balance and her heels perched precariously at the edge of the stairs. Gina gasped, sticking her arms out to regain her balance. Would she make it back? Come on, come on...

And then she found out that gravity won. "Uh...oh...." she said, before tipping forward and falling. 

She tumbled down the stairs, her head striking every other stair, her body ricocheting off the walls and onto the next set of stairs. Sixth floor. The tumbling turned to sliding on her back, her head hitting every stair. Fifth floor. She flipped and slid downward face first, her face hitting every stair. Fourth floor, she started rolling on her sides, every part of her hitting the stairs. All this time, she kept making noise, a constant stream of "uhs" and "ughs" and "ows" and "ohs" and "ahs" and anything when she hit the stairs and when she kept falling. Sometime during her tumbles, she lost her heels, and was now a fully nude girl tumbling down.

It was at the third floor that she flipped and landed on her feet. Momentum carried her forward and she stumbled right into the wall, her face planting itself on it. She bounced off, turning around, a dizzy expression on her face not only from the hit against the wall, but the tumbling and head hits on the way down. She stumbled toward the railing separating her from the hole in front of her and stopped right in front of it. Her hand came up to her head, her finger outstretched, the pink-painted fingernail pointing to something above...

And then she tipped forward, falling into the hole from the third floor. The screams began, echoing around the stairwell. She passed the second floor. Passed the first floor.

And made contact with the bottom floor, her face and frontal body impacting against the ground. She didn't bounce up or anything: her face, her breasts, her stomach, her pubic mound, her legs, all hit the ground and stayed there. Her arms were bent, with her hands parallel to her head. Her face was flush against the ground.

It took a minute, but somehow, Gina had barely enough strength to lift her head up. She slowly moved her head up, looking in front of her, as the elevator almost reached the bottom...

Now, remember how her heels had fallen off early on? One heel was on the edge of the railing on the fifth floor, with the other on the fourth. Both were on the edge early on, but the impact shook them to near falling. Now, a minute later, they fell. The first heel hit Gina right on the back of the head, and the second impacted not long after.

With only a soft moan, Gina's head fell to the ground and planted her face into it.

Just then, Jared's elevator stopped off at the bottom. He was greeted by his facedown nude wife, her heels to either side of her. Oh, how he wished he could've seen her. It must've been glorious.



  • The Key
    The Key Wednesday, 29 July 2015

    This is the greatest story I have ever read. It does not get better than this at all

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