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A Nice Vacation Part 11

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Jared exited the elevator and entered the middle of the stairwell, where his naked wife Gina lay unconscious, her pretty heels to either side of her head. Why was she unconscious? Well, she had just endured a series of tumbles and quite a high fall, impacting on the ground face first.

Her face was on the ground, not as in her cheek was against the ground, but as in she was facing the ground, her forehead was on the ground. Her arms were bent at the elbow and her hands were parallel with her head. Her butt was imploring him to come slap it, and he indulged its desire.

Well, no harm in playing with her a little more. He kissed Gina's backside all over and kissed her pretty lips, both the ones on her face and down there. By the time he was done, she had Jared's lips all over her, with his saliva here and there. He went to her legs and feet afterwards.

Now, for the final part of the day. He grabbed Gina's legs, deciding not to flip her over, and dragged her into his apartment lobby, her face and breasts being dragged against the ground. For some reason, the lobby was empty, and nobody was coming up and down the elevators. 

Gina began making a noise, and Jared knew his time was almost up. Time to reset the clock. He positioned Gina and hid behind her.

Gina opened her eyes and was met with the carpeted ground of the lobby. With great effort, she pushed herself up and onto her knees, then stood up, her balance worse than ever. She remembered falling down the stairs, the dizziness, and her fall from the third floor. Oh, what had she endured today. Cockroaches, loud noises, a sleep dart, electrocution, and now a nasty fall.

Jared wound up his fist and let it go against the back of Gina's head. "UGH," she exclaimed. The force of the impact pushed her forward and her lack of balance cause her to keep stumbling with the momentum. She kept moving forward until she finally arrived at the destination Jared had set for her: the lobby's aquarium. She reached it and, though her lower body had nowhere left to go, her upper body did.

She fell forward and dunked herself right into the aquarium; she was still standing, but her head and breasts were in the tank. She was so unconscious after all she went through today that the water couldn't shock her awake. The fishes were disturbed. What was this foreign intruder? They swam around and avoided her. 

Jared looked at his naked wife. Now that she looked like she was leaning into the tank, her backside was totally exposed. He couldn't hold it in any longer, and he dived right into her vagina...


Jared finished his business inside Gina and hugged her tightly for a bit, before checking on her in the tank. She was breathing the air bubbles from the volcano, so she was fine, just wet. He pulled her out of the tank and plopped her wet figure on the ground. Everything from her chest up, including her arms, was soaked. Oh well, the lobby could figure it out later. He grabbed Gino's legs and dragged her outside behind the building. Every so often,  Gina's head would smack against a stray rock, which would put her out for longer and elicit a slight moan each time. Finally,  Jared got to where he wanted to be. He opened the door and entered the room where the dumpster was. But upon getting there, he had another idea. See, his building just got a new clean dumpster, and he wanted to sex Gina in there, but there was a better way of setting that up... 

He took Gina back inside the building and into the elevator. He pressed the button for the seventh floor and waited the ride up. Upon arriving, he dragged Gina straight to the trash chute. He opened the chute and started to slip Gina in. 

It was at this moment that Gina started to wake up. Her upper body was already in the chute, but her legs were still sticking out. She couldn't see anything, but the rush of air and gaping hole told her she was in for a long fall. 

"Oh no, anyone, please help!" Jared knew it was too late and he hurriedly pushed the rest of Gina in. Gravity took over the rest. 

"Anybody he-AHHHHHHHH!" Gina began screaming as she began to fall. Jared stuck his head inside the chute to watch his wife slowly disappear into the darkness, her high-pitched scream echoing all the way...

Until he heard a loud crash and bang signaling the end of her fall. That, and her screaming had stopped. Giddy with glee, he rushed back downstairs to the dumpster. Inside, there she was, flat on her back this time but otherwise the same position as when she fell down the stairwell. 

Jared took off his clothes. He was going to screw her, and screw her hard, right here. And he did. He sucked on all of her, kissed everything, and had his way with her entire body. By the end, Gina was covered in both his and her own cum. Not a squeaky clean dumpster anymore, huh. 

He dressed himself and propped his wife up against the wall of the dumpster, so her legs stuck out. Thanks to gravity, their cum now trickled into Gina's open mouth and hair. It was nighttime, and the sex had him tired. "Night night, Gina. Sweet dreams, sweetie. I'll see you in the morning..." And he opened the door and left, leaving his wife to sleep. 



  • The Key
    The Key Thursday, 30 July 2015

    Wow one again wow. Jared is a mean rotton human the slime of the Earth for doing all of that to his wife. Yeah he an me would make great friends because I would do the same things.

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