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A Nice Vacation Ending - 2/3

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Emma was a 5'7 young girl, around the age of 24 or so, with medium sized but firm breasts and a small, round, tight butt. Her long brown hair flowed down past her shoulders, and her delicate hands, with their slender fingers and white-painted fingernails, should not have been used for heavy work.

And yet, here she was, acting as a garbage collector, next to her new partner who was driving. Her partner was super lazy and incompetent, and cared neither for his job nor for Emma.

As she came in, she sighted a man walking towards the dumpster room. His eyes met hers, and she could've sworn she saw a glimmer in them, like an idea flashed in his head. He walked over to her and signaled that he wanted to talk to her.


Jared stopped this girl. Seeing her beauty gave him a new idea. He asked her for a pen and paper and wrote something down on them. Folding the slip of paper, he gave it to the girl. "When you go inside to get the dumpster out, there'll be a woman in there. Yeah, it's weird, but don't worry, it's alright. I just need you to get this note to her, alright? I'd go but I have somewhere to be right now." The girl, nice and friendly, said she'd do it for him. Jared beamed and walked back into the building.


Emma took the slip and walked into the dumpster room. What could be in it? It didn't matter, she needed to find this woman. She walked to the dumpster, which had been filled to the brim with trash since yesterday, and scanned for a woman. She couldn't find anything, until she looked a little harder and spotted a pretty foot with pink toenails extending from one side. This woman looked like she was buried.

Walking over, she grabbed the foot and attempted to pull the woman out. No luck, Emma wasn't strong enough, so she climbed into the dumpster (her uniform protected her from the trash) and dug the rest of this woman out. What surprised Emma was that this woman was fully nude. She was covered in garbage and a crusty yellowish-white substance. She was passed out, her mouth open, and Emma shook her awake.


Gina woke up to the sight of a pretty brunetter shaking her awake. She was in a garbage collector uniform, so she must be here to get the trash and found her. Gina was covered in garbage and the hardened cum from two nights ago, and she was still entirely naked.

"Hello, ma'am. Um, I need to get this trash out of here. I don't know why you're in here in the first place, but please step aside so I can set this trash up for delivery."

She helped Gina out of the dumpster and onto the floor. This barefoot naked woman covered in trash was an odd sight, and she had no idea why the man wanted to do anything with her even though she was extraordinarily beautiful, but she had to give her the note.

"By the way, someone wanted me to give this note to you while I was walking here."

Gina took the note and unfolded it. Here's what is read: "Gina, I'm in love with you. I love seeing you unconscious and I decided to put you out for the whole day. It was really amazing and I hope we can get to know each other more. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood trash girl."

Though normally this note would be totally seen through, Gina's mind wasn't entirely settled yet, and she believed it. She did exactly what Jared expected she would: she got mad. She glared at the girl in front of her before breaking into a mean smile.

"Thank you for giving me this note." "Happy to help," said Emma, beaming but a little weirded out. "Here, let me give you something in return." And Gina swung her fist right in Emma's stomach, knocking the wind out of her. She then punched Emma's right breast, causing her to reel back. Emma was slightly dizzy now, and Gina took the opportunity. She wound up her fist and let loose on Emma's face with a loud connect. 

Emma was totally out. Her face went into a goofy grin and her eyes went cross. She stumbled back and forth before raising her hand, her finger pointed upwards. With a drawn out sigh and moan, she fainted backwards, her legs going up into the air and falling back down.

Gina looked at the brunette beauty out cold on the ground. She needed to get back to her apartment, but she couldn't go outside naked. She also had a burning desire to punish this girl, regardless of how pretty she was. Gina came up with an idea to take out two birds with one stone.

She started stripping Emma, first taking off her shoes and socks, exposing her white painted, extremely well-manicured toes. She then pulled off her shirt and pants, leaving her in just her white bra and panties. Gina could've stopped there and dressed and left, but she needed to humiliate this girl. She took off Emma's bra first, snapping it off rather than normally taking it off, and proceeded to rip off her panties. She threw both onto Emma's sleeping body. 

Gina started putting on Emma's clothes. First the shirt, then the pants, then the socks and shoes. She felt something in Emma's pocket and pulled out her phone. She opened the phone and, with and evil smile, she took multiple pictures of Emma and saved them.

Gina picked up Emma and threw her into the dumpster, taking a picture of her in there. Then she climbed up and buried Emma deep into it, with only Emma's two feet sticking out to give any indication that she was there, taking a picture of this too. With a devilish smile, she reached down into Emma's tight vagina and shoved her phone in there. It was waterproof, so it would survive.

Gina walked outside to the lazy truck driver. "The trash is all ready to go, I'll head over to HQ later." The driver, who was too busy playing games to question this, backed up and picked up the dumpster. The trash, along with poor innocent Emma, was dumped into the truck. Without further ado, the driver set off to deposit at the landfill.

Gina smiled, waving after the unconscious brunette, and walked back into the building...



  • The Key
    The Key Friday, 31 July 2015

    I liked the way Gina beat up Emma that was hot. Cat fight

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