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A Nice Vacation - 3/3

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Gina exited the elevator, still in the garbage collector's uniform, and knocked on her door. She was covered in filth and cum and desperately needed a bath. She knocked again, but there was no answer. She looked around for the spare key and found it, inserting it into the lock.

What she didn't know was that the door knob was connected to another power source, albeit weaker. Once she inserted the key, electricity began surging through the knob, and she began going "uh uh uh uh uh uh ah ah uh uh ah uh" like she did before. However, Jared stopped the power early, and Gina was still left standing. She was shaking and swaying back and forth. Jared, with all his might, forced the door open right into Gina's face. She stood still, before sighing, moaning, and fainting backwards, legs in the air. They spread apart as they came down, and Jared saw a huge wet spot in her nether regions. The electricity had made her ejaculate intensely yet again. Jared grabbed her ankles and dragged her inside.


Gina awoke to a refreshing sight for once: she was in a nice bath, with candles and decor. She was naked, and Jared was cleaning her and massaging her. The garbage uniform was neatly folded to the side, washed already. For once, she hadn't woken up, only to be knocked out again.

"Oh, Jared, how I've missed you." She leaned in to Jared's face and planted a big, sloppy, wet kiss. Jared returned, and their tongues played a little. "Thank you for doing this for me, baby. I've been so sore lately. I don't even know what went on the last few days. I started vacation two days ago and then all of a sudden, I went through a series of crazy events. I was shocked, knocked out, and I even fell some stories! Each time I lost some of my clothing, and eventually I was naked! And then I woke up in the dumpster with cum all over me! Can you believe that?"

Jared tried his best to hide a smile. "Gina, that's so weird! I saw you come in the day before but I couldn't find you after, and you were totally missing yesterday! You're telling me you were in the dumpster the whole time?"

"Yeah. It's like, I spent more time passed out the last few days than actually awake! And to think I wanted to rest in this vacation, not like this! I wanted to spend time with you, Jared, relax with you, sleep with you. You know, not being electrocuted and plummeting a few stories."

"I understand entirely. But hey, now you're here, and you're being given a nice refreshing bath and massage."

"Yeah. I found who did it though, and I made her pay."

"Oh, really? Who did this?"

"Some random garbage girl. She was pretty, yes, but she wanted to see me knocked out and made me go through all that. I gave her what she deserved, though."

"Oh yeah? What did you do?" Jared's ears perked up, he needed to hear this.

"I knocked that woman out, that's the first thing I did. Can you believe the stupid girl gave me a note confessing she did it? Anyways, knocked her out so hard her legs went up and down. Then I stripped her of her uniform, because I didn't want to go outside naked, my beauty's just for you, babe. And then guess what. I ripped off her bra and panties and threw them on her. I took out her phone and took a bunch of pictures of her before throwing her into the dumpster, then I took pictures of her there too. Finally, I dug her deep into the trash, so only her feet stuck out. I have to say, her feet were really pretty, well-pedicured and with white-painted nails, I gotta get those done on my feet."

"Gina, your feet are the prettiest I've ever seen. They even taste great!"

"Aww, thank you, Jared! So then I did something you won't believe. I took her phone, saved the pics, and shoved it right down into her vagina for someone to fish out."

Jared was pleasantly shocked. Even he didn't expect this! "Wow, Gina, you totally showed her!"

"Yup. Then I told the garbage truck driver to collect the trash and go to the landfill. And he totally fell for it! That girl's on her way to the nearest landfill right now."

"Dang, Gina, you gave that girl a punishment! You were wearing her uniform, it says 'Emma'. Guess that was her name."

"Emma? Guess so. She really was pretty, but I'm not bi. I'm only for you, Jared."

"Thanks, Gina." Jared thought a bit. "Hey, can I tell you something?"

"Sure, Jared, what is it?"

"Well, first, I know who did all this to you. And it wasn't her."

Gina's smile turned into a frown. It wasn't Emma? "Are you telling me I was fooled? And I punished that poor girl so severely and she's innocent?"

"Yup. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She didn't do any of this to you."

Gina felt faint. She'd punished the wrong person, an innocent girl. "Oh, no, no. How could I...She didn't deserve this. Oh no...then who...who did it?"

Jared looked at Gina and smiled. "It was me, Gina."

Gina stared at Jared, and gasped. It all made sense now! But the shock of the revelation, and the weight of what she had done, caused her to emotionally faint one last time. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her eyelids fluttered shut, and her head slid underneath the water.

"Sweet dreams, Gina..."

Jared's vacation had been wonderful.


Her eyes slowly opened, and her nose caught the stench of garbage and rotten stuff. Emma awoke to the sight of a landfill. She was on the top of a mountain of trash, and she was totally naked. How'd she get here? And then she remembered, she'd been punched out by that crazy dumpster woman. She must have stolen her uniform and thrown her in the dumpster, then told her incompetent partner to take away the trash! Oh, when she got her hands on that woman.

She heard her phone ringing and looked around, but couldn't find it. Oddly enough, she started becoming aroused, and she soon realized that her phone was lodged deep in her vagina. Dumpster Lady must have done that too. She reached in, groping around, until she grasped it and pulled it out. It was covered in her lady juices, but still functional.

"Hello? Yes, boss? OK, you won't believe this, but I'm stranded in the landfill...I'll explain later, but I need someone to get me. Please hurry. And bring some clothes." She'd have a hard time explaining this one to him.

She started scaling her way down the mountain of garbage, though she checked her phone for anything the woman might have done. Thankfully, she had made no texts or social media posts, but she checked through her photos and...oh gosh, the woman had taken all these pictures of her? She selected all of them to delete.

But suddenly, she walked over a rotten pile of fruit mush. She looked down and saw her beautifully crafted foot, ruined. She screamed, hopping on her other foot around and around while trying to get the stuff off. Her other foot landed on a banana peel and she slipped. Being on the side of a mountain of trash, slipping meant a high fall...and that's exactly what happened. Emma lost her balance and fell off the mountain, screaming all the way.

She fell the equivalent of a few stories before hitting the bottom of the mountain and lodging herself firmly in the floor of trash; Emma was rendered unconscious from the fear and impact of the fall, and her movement ceased. If one could see her, they'd see her lower body protruding from the ground: a pair of fine legs and feet pointing straight up connected to a base with a beautiful butt and succulent vagina.

Emma had lost her phone on the fall down, and it eventually fell and somehow lodged itself halfway in her vagina again. She'd selected the pictures to delete, but rather than delete, the impact told the phone to send these pictures out to her boyfriend instead. He'd be in for quite the treat when he opened them.

Eventually, Emma would be found, but for now, she would remain like this, unconscious in a literal wasteland.




  • The Key
    The Key Friday, 31 July 2015

    Wow what an ending. I think I am going to give her a call. My friend you have amazing story telling skills. Can't wait for your next epic tale.

  • Mayer
    Mayer Monday, 03 August 2015

    This series was amazing, dude!
    You have a great feel for slapstick comedy!

    For the future may I suggest a slapsticky James Bond-style series with the spy humiliating a bunch of hot evil babes? :)

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