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The Amy FAQ - Not a story, sorry....

Posted by on in General
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The Amy FAQ!

Yeah I just wanted to answer the basic questions: How did you get into the sleepy fetish? What are you into?

This is often the first thing I'm asked in that awkward phase when a guy or girl is talking to me and wants to somehow not seem like a total psychopathic freak so is trying to make some normal conversation like "Omg we're so wierd, why are we so wierd! Hang on, I need to pet my dog and tend to my garden a minute before I go to the gym" all the while thinking, "Yeah she's done for once I get ahold of her."

Like almost everyone I know who I have talked to about it, I don't know. On the playground or just playing in the yard if the boys were being superheros or army or whatever the hell they were being you could be sure I was the bystander in trouble, the damsel in distress, or anything else you can imagine. Half the time I had no idea what was even going on other than I was in a cage inside the monkey bars and was being gassed out. Lol...good times.

I was gassed, tied up, put to sleep, or killed so many times in the playground I don't even remember. Yet everyone was laughing and having fun and nobody thought I was a freak.

Yet as an adult its this huge wierd dark thing, I have no idea how that happened but I do understand the danger in real life play. I think that most men (and some women) come at the fetish differently. I think they get the fantasy later, and its born out of something else. I feel like I was just born liking the idea.

In college I'd frequently pretend to pass out or just go limp for no reason in bedroom play and it was always just in good fun and laughed on. I got turned on by it, I was never with a guy who was super into it---I wouldn't say anything just do it. He'd usually mess around jokingly a bit then laugh it off and so would I.

I've pretended to pass out or be asleep as social events, I pretend to sleep on planes. I guess in writing this is sounds all kinds of messed up, but I just liked the idea that someone was looking or secretly taking pictures, or even getting off in their seat while I snoozed away next to them.

Now, I get to do some real play and have a partner also into it, and we are lucky I get that. But its not all we do, it's not even alot of what we do. Sometimes you are just going to zoo, nobody is unconsciuos the whole trip lol.

Do I want to be actually abducted? Umm no.

Do I have any limits in role play, also no. Its the unknown thats the turn on. I want to experience the story of something that happens to me in third person and its the unknown that turns me on.

I find some enjoyment in everything ranging from fainting in someone arms then being lovingly laid down and woken up all the way up to being kidnapped and strangled and used. I know it sounds dark but I can't explain it--its fantasy and the unknown that matters.

The idea that I'm providing pleasure and am just lying there is an absolutely unexplained kink.
But again, there's absolutely no way I would in real life pass out around strangers, or say "Hey baby, I'm Amy! I'm going to take this pill then you just take my body somewhere and have some fun."
I'd hope the guy would just back slowly away. I suppose if he said "Hell yes baby!" I'd know to let folks know I wouldnt be home for a while lol.

The very small number of things I just don't get into:

  • Bad grammar, no structure. I like a story of RP to be worked on a bit.
  • Silly knockouts. I don't know why, I don't want to see birdies I want to fade away fighting or feel the heaviness just take me.  I think its because I try to imagine how I would really react, and thats just not how I would really react. I've been knocked out and there were no birds. However, totally not judging--I mean I'm a freak too so go team!
  • Nothing happening other than me in the process of being chloroformed. I can only say mmph so many times, after about a dozen times I'd prefer it actually go somewhere.

Anyway have a good day everyone! Byes!

Happy New Year! If you find me face down after the party, you know what to do! lol


  • Chosen577
    Chosen577 Saturday, 19 September 2015

    Lovely introduction Amy :) Yes, everyone is different, but we all share this fetish, no matter how we got into it.

  • Huron
    Huron Saturday, 19 September 2015

    Your husband is a fucking lucky man.

    But I'm curious, as you've gone into quite some detail about the sleepy fetish, so how do you feel then about RP scenarios where you are killed or they involve limp, dead versions of you? And I'm not talking some gory shit either you find on DarkPeeps but just like sleepy play followed by a neck snap and then anything else with your dead self?

  • Amy
    Amy Saturday, 19 September 2015

    Huron I'm fine with it in RP, like I said I have no limits in RP :P Even gore doesn't really bother me although its generally a different crowd. :)

  • Sleepy Doc
    Sleepy Doc Saturday, 19 September 2015

    Sounds like you enjoy stuff like an old rp friend of mine. She was in the UK and loved drama and resus scenes. Didn't matter to her if she was a policewoman, spy, doctor/nurse.... or plain old housewife as long as she got into some situation where she ended up in peril she was happy.

    But I totally agree with you, as a drama junkie myself its the thrill of the unknown that's the key. I loved the old 1978 movie Coma where the protagonist Susan gets gassed by the director of surgery George (after she reveals to him her discovery patients are getting gassed into coma's during surgery only to realise he is behind it all). As he performs a fake appendix on her and she is gassed with the carbon monoxide instead of oxygen her doctor boyfriend races through the bowels of the hospital to save her. In the movie version he does of course (even though they show her having cardiac problems which would suggest she's actually brainmush). The book I feel is way better in that it leaves it open ended as too whether she wakes up or not.

  • Amy
    Amy Saturday, 19 September 2015

    I have seen Coma actually. It was well done, but I don't really know the science. I've only ever had wisdom teeth and tonsils out lol. Also its really very interesting that you are a anesthesiologist. :)

  • Sleepy Doc
    Sleepy Doc Sunday, 20 September 2015

    Anaesthetic Technician (similar to the assistant role in the US). Greatest job in the world, I get all the fun and the doctor gets all the responsibility. It was well done, and the author of the book Robin Cook is actually a doctor so the science in the novel and movie are quite accurate for once.

  • seeker619
    seeker619 Wednesday, 13 April 2016

    I cannot prove with absolute certaintly but I am almost certain I came upon this fetish at about the age of five or so. I can clearly remember that in kindergarten or first grade there were these twins girls in my class and they would come over and play. About that time I remember getting a red "dcotors bag" and it had a fake stethascope and a few other oddities tht went along with it. I remember being in the basement and I remember this ghastly orange couch which was only kept as I had a brother 8 years older who had friends come over and my parents would relegate them to the basement as they played loud music and always made a mess. I know when my brother turned 16 he moved out to live with some cousins for a summer and that summer the couch went. (Thank GOD for small miracles) In anycase that would have made me 8 and I remember these girls coming over long before the couch went. I also remember that when I played doctor on these girls I would always pretend to put them to sleep to do surgery of course. I don't remember much of what happened after putting them to sleep but i can remember they were pretty good actresses as they looked me in the eye as I put the pretend mask over them and then there eyes would fluttter before closing. I also remember feeling very very excited about the whole thing. I remember I couldn't wait for their parents to drop them off in an old VW station wagaon. This had to be around 73 or so and if they sold that bus they might be kicking themselves now as they are worth quite a bit of dough and there was a time they were good for a lot of snide hippy jokes and laughs and not much else. Change is the way of the universe. In any case I do not remember much of that time period but I always wonder why such clips from that time period stand out and others, well most don't register at all. 99 percent of that time period I do not remember at all. But the twins, there blond hair and blue eyes that fluttered before closing. The orange couch and the artificial wood grain paneling in the basement. ugh. I remember so vividly it seems like it could not possibly have occured almost 45 years ago. But it was. Those are about the only memories I have of being four or five but they are more vivid than some memories I have from five years ago. I can only guess that the thrill of putting these girls to sleep left me so primed with adrenaline that the memories stuck. I have little doubt. The rest of my young years from say 10 up I always had this sleepy fantasy.

    Now with no internet until I was in my late twenties or so and with it being limited in some respects most of my early adult years I went around thinking i was a freak. I was fortunate to have girlfriends who I was able to confide in and all of them told me I was not crazy and most said at first they didn't think they would enjoy it but not one ever refused to try it and not one who had tried it said afterwards it was not for them. They all seemed to love it and to those ladies I will be forever grateful.

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