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Jenny's knockout session

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Jenny walked into the living room to her annoying stepbrother " I need you to leave the house for a bit" she said " and why would I want to do that?" " because my friend Samantha is coming and she doesn't like you being here, she's just to polite to tell you" " and why is that?" " because your constantly staring at her tits" " so? They're big...and she wears pretty tight tops to, in any case I'm not leaving" " yes you are" she said, at this Josh stood up " and just what are you gonna do?" he asked " I warn you, I've had boxing lessons recently" she said " Oooo I'm terrified" he said before being punched in the jaw.

" Ughhh I Seeee Starsss" he said swaying " Ok so I'm guessing you aren't In any fit state to leave.... Hmmmm... You'll just have to take a long nap" she said and punched him again, he dropped to his knees " one more I think then beddybys" she said kissing her fist which swiftly connected to his face, his eyes fully crossed and he fell foreword, his head landing on her chest, she heard the doorbell ring " oh that will be her, don't be going anywhere now" she said giggling as she let him drop to the floor.

She opened the door to her friend, " hello!" she said hugging Jenny " hi, come in" Jenny said smiling.

" that your stepbrother?...if I may ask why is he knocked out on the floor?" she asked " well" Jenny said " he pissed me off, so he's having a little nap... Aren't ya brother?" she said tapping his face lightly, he didn't stir " Wow you really got him good" she said " can you teach me?" " sure!, I'll just wake our punching bag up" Jenny said tapping her stepbrother's face, he slowly came to as she stood him up " now make sure to push your arm back tightly and make a complete fist" Jenny said as Samantha followed her instructions " Ughhh, what happened?" he asked as Jenny smiled " now" she said as Samantha punched him " owwww" he said, his head slowly spinning as his eyes crossed again and he fell foreword onto Samantha " that was awesome! Show me more!"

Jenny grabbed her stepbrother's limp form and dragged him to the sofa, placing him between her legs as she sat down " this one is called a temple drill ko, they'll be some drooling to" she said giggling as she tapped his face " must've hit him hard! He won't wake up, Hmmmm.. I know" she said as she put her hands down his pants and slowly massaged him, he woke up almost instantly " hiiiii" he said smiling, his smile faded instantly as she began the temple drill.

" Ughhhhh!" was all he coupd muster as his body and head twitched around " see this is also a side effect, the body will twitch as I hit his nerve" Jenny said to Samantha " so are you going on any holiday's this year?" Jenny asked her friend as her stepbrother continued to moan " oh umm...not sure" Samantha said, just then Josh's head lolled back onto jenny's legs, his body continued to twitch " I think he's out" Samantha said giggling, Jenny then looked at the time " Gosh it's 8:30! Ok, time we put this little guy to bed, then tomorrow we continue" " won't your parents say something?" " who do you think told me I could do this? My mother is pissed at him, so tomorrow we'll try more knockout's with maby some other stuff" she said " what other stuff?" Samantha asked " you'll see"

They brought him upstairs he briefly woke up but a solid punch from Samantha saw to that. Just then Jenny's mom came home " hello dears!" she said entering her stepson's room " what's going on here?" she asked " we're putting him to bed" Samantha said giggling " I'll take it from here girls" she said as they left the room.

She picked him up and dropped him onto his bed " I hope you enjoy sleeping, because tomorrow you'll do nothing but" she said, leaving her unconscious stepson in la la land.


  • Funko221
    Funko221 Thursday, 08 October 2015

    tweet tweet neat story..would like to see stepmom cuckoo

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