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Day 2.

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Day 2.

Josh woke up,groggily " what happened?" he said as he got up and went downstairs, his mouth fell open as he saw the three women he knew all dressed in sexy pink leotards, Samantha walked upto him, her glorious Lucy pinder like breasts on show for him " ok so this is lesson one, kiss but no touching these" she said pointing to her chest, all he heard however was " kiss".

She began slowly, then came tongues, then hands, his moved very quickly to the parts he desired most, she broke the kiss with a mock shocked expression " what did I tell you?! You have to be punished" she said giggling as she stepped back, Jenny and her mother stepped forward " since you won't remember this anyway this is the only time you'll ever get to" jenny's mom said and kissed
Him deeply, Jenny was next and also kissed him, then hit his neck with a solid chop, his eyes glazed and he fell backwards " judo chops" Jenny explained " the suits are for distraction" her mom added, " right, next is pressure point ko's, Samantha you will be the distraction and I'll perform the move" she said and tapped his face, he woke up as she hid behind him " Owwww....S..Samantha?" he said standing up, Samantha put on her most seductive smile " yes baby?" " You look Hot!" he said, clearly still a little disoriantated from the chop " come closer baby and I'll show you" she said, just as he was about to move he stood very still and rigid, Jenny then poked her head around " what I'm doing is hitting the base of his spine" she said as she did it again his mouth opened and a thin line of drool followed " and if I release like so" she said letting go, he crumpled to the floor " that was amazing!" Sam said " what else?" " we'll try something new and something sexy" Jenny's mom said as she woke up their unconscious guinea pig and stood him against the wall " this is a wall splash ko" she said as first Jenny ran at him hitting him, Jenny's mom, then Samantha, he barely got two steps before collapsing flat on his face " what next?!" Sam almost screaming with excitement " ok, so the next will bring pleasure to both, but ultimate victory to one, turn him over and wake him up, on and I'm about to go bottomless so be prepared" she said as the two tried to wake him up, finally getting there by shaking him " wha....what's going onnnn?" he asked dazidly, Jenny's mom then sat on top of him, her face facing his pants, her Ass covering his face " now we begin" she said, she slowly grabbed his member making him hard instantly, she then moved her body in a fluid up and down motion, her mouth now attached to his member, he moaned beneath her as the two women watched in amazement as she slowly knocked him out again, just in a better way than ever " OH YES!" She said Cumming, meanwhile Josh's arms fell limp on the floor.

She took her mouth out his now softening dick and let his head drop from her Ass, his face was now covered in her juices so much that every time he breathed a small bubble would appear, his eyes were rolled up to the back of his head and he was completly unresponsive " I think that's it for today" she said, Jenny huffed " can't we wake him up one more Time?" Jenny asked " no" her mother said sternly " he needs bed time now" she said wiping his face with a cloth and lifting him over her shoulder " I'll take him to bed" she said, Jenny huffed again as they went upstairs. After putting her stepson to bed and checking Samantha was asleep she checked on Jenny, she was pacing around the room " I can't sleep mom I'm way to pumped, do you have any remedy?" she asked, her mom simply smiled as she punched her so hard Jenny span round to facing the bed, a little push and she was on the bed fast asleep " night hun"

Morning came, Josh woke up slowly, he had very little memory of the past day, the only thing he could remember was pink, and Samantha's breasts for some reason, making his way downstairs he saw Jenny and Samantha eating breakfast and smiling " morning" they said together
" umm, morning" he said " what happened yesterday?" he said " oh Ummm...i you?" Samantha asked Jenny, who responded by elbowing him in the face, knocking him out " I'll put him back to bed, then we can figure out an actual story" she said and they both giggled.


  • Einar79
    Einar79 Saturday, 10 October 2015

    nice story, please more of them, :D
    perhaps with a alternative ending
    (Revenge - with the Girls/Stepmom getting koed)

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