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Day 3.

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Josh walked to his room, it had a weird two days, he opened his door and stepped in when suddenly his memory returned, all of it, Anger suddenly filled him, " I have to get them back for this!" he said to himself as he heard someone walk behind him " morning" Samantha said happily as he turned around, she was wearing a very tight top with a low cut, showing her cleavage, his anger went away quickly " M..morning" " you seem a little distracted, is it my top? I can take it off" and she did, revealing a black bra, his mouth dropped open " or maby" she said walking to him and wrapping her arms around his neck " you're remembering what happened yesterday and you were in the middle of planning revenge by trying to knock the three of us out, maby have your way with us" she said motioning to her chest, he tried to answer but couldn't quite remember how to form words now that her boobs were on his chest " well I'm here to tell you that you'd fail" she now started to give him soft kisses to his neck " and by the time we've finished, you won't even remember your name" " we?" he asked, suddenly Jenny and her mother stepped in, dressed in sexy black lingerie, " oh no" was all he said as Samantha hit him fully with her fist, he moaned, eyes crossed and fell backwards onto the bed.

The three women stared at their unconscious victim " what are we doing with him today?" Jenny asked her mother, she looked at Josh in deep thought before smiling " we'll try the smother ko, Samantha you will be the one to do this given how...well endowed you are" she said, Sam giggled a little " then we'll use the standard blackjack ko, then I'll let you both have a go at what I did yesterday" she said and the two women smiled brightly.

Samantha tapped his face, he woke up blinking " what happened... No no not again!" he said pushing Samantha away and getting up, he found himself facing Jenny and her mom " you won't get past us" Jenny said, Anger however blinded him as he swung at them, and to his suprise he actually hit Jenny " owwww" she said, her eyes began to cross, her mother simply sighed " don't worry, I'll wake you once I'm done" as Jenny fell onto the floor out cold, he ran past but didn't get far as he was tripped up and held by his stepmother " now now honey, it's best to not fight" " get of me!" she sighed again and gave him a quick punch, not enough to knock him out, just to daze him " now Samantha, remember what I told you...and have fun" she said handing him to her, she then turned to Jenny as she tapped her face gently, she woke up moaning a little " what happened?..." she asked " he took you unawares sweetie... Don't worry, you'll get your revenge" she said, just then Samantha moaned in pleasure, they turned to her " what are you doing Sam?" " well I tried the smother ko but..Oooo... You must not have hit him to hard because he's woken up..." " and now he's trying to kiss you so you'll let him go" she said " i have to admit I don't mind" Samantha said giggling as she let him continue, Jenny grabbed the blackjack from her mother's hand and slammed it onto his head, he moaned and fell backwards, Samantha looked a little frustrated.

" ok girls, now for the finale" Jenny's mom said as Jenny took the position her mother did with Josh last night " hang on, I'll wake him up" she said and shook him " owwww...what hap..Hmmmmph!" was all he could say as she lowered her Ass onto his face, she grabbed his member making him hard and put her mouth over it, his arms flailing around as Jenny moved up and down fast, she moaned loudly as they both cummed together, his arms dropped lifelessly.

She removed herself from him to survey what she had done, like last night his eyes had rolled up to the back of his head, his body twitched a little " My turn!" Sam said happily as she wiped of jenny's juices from his face then woke him up " waaaaa.." was all he could say " here we go baby!" she cried out as her mouth on his member made him instantly hard again, his arms flailing around, but like last time, it did no good.

After Cumming together again Sam released herself from him to find he hadn't fully passed out, she laughed, wiped her mess from his face and stood him up " Ughhhhh....pwrettty girllll" " whats your name?" Sam asked " Pettistreeeeeeesd" he said dazidly " perfect" she said and punched him, he fell back onto the bed, out for the night.

The three women got ready for bed, Samantha took one last look at her sleeping crush then went to sleep thinking " cannot wait till tomorrow!"


  • josue
    josue Monday, 12 October 2015

    let him win so we can see some unconscious boob thanks;);););););)

  • Einar79
    Einar79 Monday, 12 October 2015

    Iam agreed with Josue :-) let him take revenge and win :-) :-) :-)

  • thenightsky
    thenightsky Monday, 12 October 2015

    Keep him losing, it's all good!

  • josue
    josue Monday, 12 October 2015

    let him win then lose at the end to break him but the women let him knock them out because he earned it by escaping there trap the first time which should not have happened

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