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Day 4. Part 2.

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Josh's Stepauntie Susan entered the room, passing over the unconscious from of her nephew he found the three women out cold, her sister was lying on the floor, her neice was on the sofa, a sandwich between her breasts, and Samantha was next to her, her bra nearly removed, presumably due to Josh's kisses, she woke each of them up and helped them stand up.

" hey sis" she said " so he actually won then?" " yes" she said " it was surprising actually" she said as they entered the hallway to see him flat on the floor, " so, what shall we do with him?" susan asked " well our bet was if he could knock out all of us he could do what he wanted with us" " i saw with the sandwich boob and the nearly missing bra" she said smiling " and it wouldn't be fair to him if we didn't honour our side, you however were never part of that deal" she said looking at susan, smiling brightly.

They dragged Josh into the living room, his body was still twitching a little and a line of drool leaked from his mouth " Wow!, look at him! You really got him good!" Jenny said " I've had a bit of practice" she said mysteriously, Jenny's mom then looked to Jenny and Samantha " ok so girls, due to our deal we cannot do anything to Josh" she said and the girls huffed " so we'll just have to watch my dear sister, we're in for a treat" she said.

Susan put His head inbetween her legs, and tapped him to wake up " whats happening?... I won didn't I?" " yes dear, but not against me" and she tensed her legs, squeezing him, his arms tried to desperatly get her legs off him but she was immensely strong, he tried to talk but words couldn't get through, his eyes began to cross " that's it baby, sleep for susan" she cooed to him as he slowly fell asleep, his hands falling limp.

" Now the next one is a simple one, and if you watch cartoons a familiar one a door ko, let's wake him up" she said, tapping his face gently " wake up baby" he woke up and stood up quickly, but Susan was to fast and slammed the door on him " heyyyyy! Birdies!" he said, collapsing to the floor, " next one commences" she said and woke him again.

" oh no you don't!" he said raising his fist " come on then! Bring it!" " oh sweetie, poor delusional sweetie let's put you back to sleep"

" I am not going out again! Ive been put out for the past 3! I was having fun!" he said and lunged at Susan hitting her square in the jaw, she shook hee head, trying to clear to cobwebs but Josh hit again instantly " Ohhhhhhhhhhh....darnnnn" Susan said hitting the floor, before the three girls coupd even react he punched all three of them, soon he had four women, all out cold.


It had been the best hour of his life, having Samantha and Her stepauntie's breasts all to himself was immense, he'd already got them to Cum unconscious. to get revenge for the humiliation he had suffered from Jenny and his Stepmother they had both become footrests, deep in Samantha's Breasts he didn't notice Susan waking up " hello" she said.

He was about to punch her when she held his hands up in defence " I come in peace" she said, her hand immediately putting it in his pants, he sighed softly

" I'm....I'm listening" he said " it's a curious thing this isn't it? I can literally say anything to you an you wouldn't care, like I'm gonna get revenge" she said and he moaned in response " or that by the end of today you'll be out cold...yet if I say take me" and Josh lept onto her, kissing her neck " Goodby baby" and judo chopped him, he fell out cold onto her breasts.

Now they were awake again, susan smiled " now for the finale, you've all done this before, but not like this" she said, Josh woken up looked in fear as he saw an Ass lowered over him.

She started out slowly, then vigorously moved up and down on him, they could hear him almost scream under her, she and Josh Cummed together almost violently.

" Look at her, she's still Cumming!" Sam said as Susan remained over josh as she cummed for a solid minute.

She took her Ass from his head, now covered in so much of her juices they couldn't even see his mouth, the only thing you could tell that he was still alive were the bubbles being created by him " now I haven't done THAT in a while" she said giggling, one more I think" she said, " whoops, I went a bit overboard" she said " let's get him to bed"

They plopped him onto his bed, the layers of Cum thankfully wiped away to help him breathe better " sweet Dreams!" Jenny said.


  • josue
    josue Thursday, 15 October 2015

    he won i guess right?

  • greg
    greg Thursday, 15 October 2015

    He Both Won and Lost. :)

  • josue
    josue Thursday, 15 October 2015

    we need more knocked out boobs

  • josue
    josue Thursday, 15 October 2015


  • Vonjulio
    Vonjulio Thursday, 15 October 2015

    this story>>>

  • Einar79
    Einar79 Friday, 16 October 2015

    Nice Story, please more of them... :-) :-) :-) and if possible, with more knocked out boobs :-) :-) :-)

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