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glass jaw

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Brenda,my stepmom at 6 ft.210lbs and very athletic sometimes could be a source of embaressment for me or maybe pride as my friends sure liked her,at least to look at her body. "wow your moms hot" would be a common phrase when mom would be out back working in the yard dressed in tight shorts and some kind of tie on bra that barely held her 42dd breasts in.            Other times it might be a tennis dress with just a thong under,or a short house dress,either way my friends loved to come over.                                                               Mom didn't have many lady friends in our neighborhood,they were mostly housewives and jealous of her because their husbands always made a point to stop and chat with Brenda if she was out front working,usually in something reveling.                    Brenda told me not long after dad left with another woman that she was bi,maybe even lesbian,she didn't seem to have much interest in men anymore so why these woman were always jealous or mad at her was a mystery to her.                                                                   Mom went to the gym every other day,worked out and took up boxing as sideline,to keep fit she said with a smile.                             One day in the summer,just before i began my first year at college i was upstairs and heard the doorbell. Mom got it,i paid no attention until i heard rather loud talking,almost yelling downstairs so i crept down until i could see and there was our next door neighbor Diane,hands on hips giving mom a tongue lashing about her wearing such slutty clothes while out front,giving hers and all the other husbands a hard on every time they went by.               Diane at just over 5 feet,maybe 120lbs. with her fake boobs jutting out didn't look like the type of woman that would take my amazon stepmom on,but there she was not showing any fear at all.                                                      Brenda just smiled,told diane to cool off "lets have a drink and talk sweety," she said,but Diane was on a roll.          Brenda in a very short white half dress and her favorite lazy day top which was nothing more than a bra like strap tied in the middle,her breasts bursting to come out,still smiled and when Diane seemed to be finished mom just put her hand on Dianes shoulder and said "you really are kind of cute when your angry,why don't we go sit down and talk like two mature adults honey," then rolled her hand down to Dianes breast.                                          Diane pushed mom's hand away,"you dyke bitch,omg",then yanked on Brenda's front part of her top,letting those huge breasts burst out in full view,Brenda laughed sticking her chest out,"oh,play rough? ok sweety."   and grabbed dianes top pulling it off in one swipe.                                            Diane gasped,covering her big boobs up taking a few steps back,but mom advanced toward her with a gleam in her eye.                But then Diane,her fist balled up,swung a mighty right that connected right on the side of Brenda's jaw.    My first thought then was "omg,moms going to clean the floor with this little bitch,"but Brenda was wobbling,her knees barely holding her up,from what i could see her eyes were glassy and Diane seeing her chance let loose with a left this time,the sound was like clapping hands together,moms head snapped back and sideways,she began to fall like a giant tree landing hard first on her ample rear,then her back the motion flinging her arms out over her head,her thick legs kicking that short dress up to her waist then resting wide apart on the floor,no movement no nothing,my stepmom was just knocked out cold!!                                  Diane at first just stood there in amazement,her fist still clenched,then slowly bent over her unconsious foe.             "omg,i knocked her the fuck out" she said,then a big smile crept over her face,she tapped Brenda a couple times on the face making sure she was out,then a strange thing,she began to stroke Brenda's large breasts,feeling her nipples then her own.                                Her eyes then went to Brenda's pussy,barely covered in a too tight thin thong,her fingers moved up and down mom's shaved lips,finally she parted the thong slightly and put in first one,then two fingers into Brenda's open slit.                  "wow,this bitch is wet." i could hear Diane mutter,and myself,i was hard as a rock,barely able to keep from coming as i watched the smaller girl finger my unconsious stepmother.                                  She then pulled mom's thong off,spread her legs and with her camera phone began to take pictures of Brenda's open pussy,then her tits,finally one of her just spread out.        "This will teach the bitch" she said while reviewing the pictures             Mom began to moan,then slowly her eyes fluttered open. Diane was kneeling next to her as mom barely whispered " omg,what happened,my jaw,where am i"?    She held her jaw as Diane smugly told her she was just knocked out,and knocked out cold,by her.                          Brenda could hardly believe it,she sat up,saw her thong was off and looked up at Diane,"my god,you of all people knocked me out"?wheres my panties? whats",then she was cut off as Diane lifted Brenda by the hair and mom began to scream," come with me bitch" as she pulled the larger woman to a sofa,pushing her down in it.  "now listen you dyke,if i so much as see you talking with my husband or wearing those slutty clothes around were you can be seen,i'll be back,understand?'                           The sight of a much smaller woman talking to my mom like that was almost comical,my mom nude,Diane with her top off pointing her finger at mom as she began to wimper.            "do you understand bitch ?' she repeated.             Brenda just nodded,her head down,when Diane again pulled her up by the hair.Brenda seemed to tower over her,but looked beaten,        "just so you don't forget bitch"  then a hard right uppercut to Brenda's chin sent her backward to the sofa again,she bounced once,her boobs almost flying up to her chin,her body relaxed and slowly slid down the front of the sofa,coming to rest with Brenda's head laid back,legs spread on the floor her back resting against the sofa.                       Diane felt her hand"dam,that hurt" as she shook her fist,then checked Brenda,her hand on mom's jaw.       "bitch has a glass jaw for sure,"she laughed, then grabbing her top went out the door.                                     I scrambled down the stairs,hardly able to walk with the boner i had,knelt next to Brenda,tapped her face,"mom,mom,wake up"  but she was outcold.    My eyes went to her open legs,then her breasts,i touched them marveling at how big they were when she began to moan,eyes opened and asked again,"what happened'?

a few years ago my ex wife got in a fight with another woman. she was knocked out with a jaw punch,i fainted and we were both carried to seperate bedrooms. since then i've had a fetish about her being knocked cold by another woman


  • Pinkmatter11
    Pinkmatter11 Wednesday, 02 January 2013

    this is hot dude

  • Funko221
    Funko221 Sunday, 03 March 2013

    great story

  • Funko221
    Funko221 Sunday, 03 March 2013

    great story

  • Sandi Thompson
    Sandi Thompson Tuesday, 22 April 2014

    Do you think your stepmom was hearing and seeing birdies tweeting?

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