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Agent Juddy

Posted by on in General
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My name is Jackie and I am a special CIA agent. A month ago, I was called to headquarters where I was given a mission. I had to steal the complete list of Czech spies in USA. I was told that in Prague's downtown there is a top secret office located in an apartment where all that information is processed. The mission was to copy the registry files from the office chief's computer, the only computer where the whole information was stored.I was told too that the office chief's name was Juddy, the best agent of the Czech security agency. Juddy used to work alone by night, protected by one security guard, always females that took turns. It was important to act with Juddy in office, as the computer's password was not known and was unbreakable.Also, I should do everything alone, as we knew that we were infiltrated by the Czechs, so secret was key to have a successful mission. I was given the usual equipment: sleep gas, chloro, blackjack, dart gun, some drug needles, and a new drug called FS-1 which once injected its effect is to make the drugged person to forget the short term memory. I was given too the list of turns of the security guards. There it was identified a new one, who had her first turn in two days. I had her address too. Her name was Anna.So I rushed to Prague and booked a room at a hotel. On the afternoon before Anna's first turn I went to her apartment. I saw her exiting so I managed to enter in the place. There when I saw her by the window returning I got hidden in her room's closet. I left the door ajar so I saw her getting undressed and going to the bathroom. As she was taking a shower I exited the closet and stood by the bathroom's door.When she entered back the room, still wet and covered only by a white towel, she did'nt notice me. She put the towel on the bed, and there she was: beautiful, with her long blond hair and nice butt...I raised my hand with the blackjack, but at that time she turned around and saw me. She was quick: she promptly kicked my hand and the blackjack flew away. Then she punched my belly. It was strong and I got a bit dizzy, but I managed to take my dart gun and shot her two darts on her belly.Ouch! Ouch! I heard, then she took the darts away and tried to run to the living room to take her phone, but it was not possible. The drug had already arrived to his brain, so she fell on the floor, where she, still with her eyes open, moaned a couple of times and went right to Dreamland.As I saw her limp body lying on the floor, I thought how well prepared are the Czech agents, and I thought that I would have to be very careful.I carried Anna to the bed and put her on it, face up. Then I tied her hands and feet to the bed, leaving her like an X. Then, looking at her, I thought how beautiful she was. Her face was wonderful, and all her skin was perfectly white. She had big tits with pronounced nipples, and a pretty hairy pussy, which was a little wet.It was that last vision, along with her open mouth which turned me on. Fortunately, I remembered my duty. I looked at my watch, and I had just the time to arrive to "my" guard turn.So I injected Anna enough drug to keep her sleeping for the appropriate time and then I put on her uniform, not forgetting the badge nor her security card. I put my stuff in her purse and then I couldn't resist to give her a passionate French kiss before going to office."Bye baby, I have great plans for later", I said before closing her apartment's  door.Anna's car's GPS made easy to arrive on time. I parked the car, took the elevator and ringed the bell at Juddy's secret office. "Hi, I'm Anna, the new guard", I said. "Hi, I'm Jane" she said."Could you please introduce me to Agent Juddy and then show me the place, as today's my first day?". "Of course, Anna"So Jane showed me the place and headed to Juddy's office. There she was, working with her computer. She stood up to say hello. She gave me her hand then a kiss on my right cheek. I felt a very sexy smell. "Hello, Anna, good to have you in my team".Juddy was dressed in black leather. She was using a short jacket (later I would realize that there was nothing under that jacket), and an also short skirt. It seems that black was her favorite color, as her stockings and long boots were black too...Then she walked to the small living in her office where she sat down on a sofa, and asked me to sit down in front of her. Then when she crossed her legs I saw that her beautiful black fishnet stockings were tigh high. "Oh my God!", I thought.Then she dismissed Jane and began a conversation about me. I had studied Anna's profile so it was no problem. As she spoke, I was getting hotter and hotter ant trying to not lose focus on my mission, which was becoming increasingly difficult.Finally, Juddy asked me a black coffee and went to her office. That was my golden opportunity, I thought. I headed to the kitchen and prepared a good black coffee mug (a black mug!). I then put a couple of strong sleeping drug drops in it and went to Juddy's office to give it to her."Here is your black coffee, Agent Juddy", I said. "Thanks, could you please put it on the desk" she said. I did it. "I will be in the living room" I said and went reading, waiting for the drug's effect.I thought that, as she liked black so much she would not mind to go black..

When I was reading I heard a weak voice: "A...a....a...a...ann....anna..." and I heard the sound of Agent Juddy's heels on the floor. So I stood up and went to the office. There she was at the office's door. Then I realized that I had made a mistake... the two drop drug dose was good for a sleep drink but not for a cup of black coffee, so she was still awake, yet dizzy."P...p...please me...", she said with a voice that was getting weaker by the second. I went in front of her and with my two thumbs I delicately pinched both sides of her sexy neck in order to promptly finish the job. When she realized that, she opened her beautiful eyes as she got quite surprised, but she was then so weak that she couldn't resist.."Nighty night, baby". I said as I pressed. "A...a...aarrgghhhh....." was heard as she fell in front of me. And ther she was, now unconscious and sitting on the floor with her back on the wall. As she fell, her skirt had moved, so the skin between her stockings and her (black too!) panties was visible. Also the jacket had mooved, leaving her pretty belly and navel exposed. A good navel has always turned me on, should I say... Her hair was in disorder and her head was banged to the right side. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open.Needless to say, that vision got me very very hot. In fact, I went wet almost inmediately. Luckily, I remembered the official purpose of my visit so I rushed to the computer, in ordert o act before the activation of the screen protection, which would have turned very difficult the task. I inserted a pendrive and made a backup of the files in the hard disk.I was really hot. Remember that I had the real Anna lying on her bed unconscious waiting for me to profit, and now I had Agent Juddy there... I looked at my watch and realized that I had enough time to enjoy from Agent Juddy before the arrival of the next turn guard.So I went back to the living room and moved the coffee table in order to leave the rug clean and took off my (In fact Anna's) uniform and shoes. Now I was in my pretty white lingerie. I headed to bring Agent Juddy. She was still gone. I took her legs and dragged until I put her limp body on the rug, face up. I then opened her arms and legs leaving her like an X.I opened the zipper of her jacket. Then I relized that she was not using bra. Her tits were very beautiful. I liked the fact that I could cover them with my hands, which I did. For some reason, maybe because the heater was off, her nipples were quite hard. I liked their color. Idelicately licked and sucked both nipples for a while.Then I took off her panties and opened her legs again. How beautiful pussy she had! The pubic hair was wonderful. You know, I like women with a good pubic hair, I hate when it is removed. The pussy itself was very interesting. The labia had an appropriate size, and it was a little wet.It was when I was admiring her pussy when I heard her voice. "W...w...wh...what....", so I quickly took my rag and my bottle of chloroform... I pressed the wet rag on her nose and mouth and pressed... Her eyes went very open again first, then went white as I decreasingly heard "mmmmpppphhhh", "mmmppphhh", "mmpphh"..."mm...".Now she was limp and mine... I stood up in front of her and looked at tha pretty woman. As I said she was like an X on the rug. Her leather jacket was open, leaving uncovered her belly, navel, tits and nipples. She still had her heels and stockings put on and her leather skirt had been moved, so her wonderful pussy and pubic hair were exposed too...I firstly took her some pictures, which I could later use for masturbation and blackmailing purposes.Next I looked at her and I said "Agent Juddy, I know what I want from you, but I don't know where to begin...".

As I looked at the limp Agent Juddy, I touched my pussy. It was so wet...I then took off my lingerie. Now I was naked and hot... I went to the kitchen and took an ice cube from the fridge. I came back to the living room.Then i caressed Agent Juddy with the ice cube. First her lips, then her nipples, then i went back on her stomach, with special attention to her beauti fulnavel. Finally, I inserted the remaining of the ice cube in her pussy, in order to finish the melting...I was getting hotter by the second. I lied on Agent Juddy and gave her a long and passionate French kiss as I subbed her pussy with mine. Then I softly kissed her forehead, then her closed eyes, then her lips. After the kisses I licked her neck and then went down...Her nipples were very very hard, thanks to the ice cube. They were wet too, for the same reason. I lost control, and I began to furiously lick and suck her nipples as I groaned and moaned. Then I went to the pussy. I kissed it and covered my head with her leather skirt, then I began to delicate suck it as I kneaded her tits with my hands. I kept moaning and groaning as I did that.As I caressed ant touched her tits and nipples, I licked Agent Juddy's labia with complete dedication and enjoying it a lot. Then my tongue went to her clitoris. As I gently licked and sucked it, I inserted a finger in her pussy and began to stimulate her G-spot. The double effect provoked Agent Juddy, still limp, to move, groan and moan.That was definitely too much for me. As I kept doing that, I began to heavily masturbate with my other hand. The orgasm came very soon. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I screamed repeatedly without control. Then I closed my eyes and rested a while.I was resting when I heard Agent Juddy's voice. First some groaning and moaning, then "where do I am? what is happening? who are y........?". She couldn't finish, as I had reacted and I nerve pinched her...Then I turned her. Now she was face down again as an X. First I quickly moved her jacked and exposed her back and I caressed, licked and kissed it. But my real goal was her pretty butt...I moved her leather skirt in order to leave her ass completely exposed. I kissed, licked and sucked both buttocks, and then I put one hand on each of them. I kneaded them, pressed them and then separated them. Between those mounts there was a pretty valley. Keeping the buttocks separated, I licked the valley and took the pretty hairs between my lips. Then I first put my tongue on her anus, then licked it and licked it, and licked it... until, I again lost control and inserted a finger on it, in one hard move. That mad Agent Juddy to wake up. Happily, I realized it promptly, so I inmediately chopped her neck. "Ugh!" She was again out cold. I then rubber her ass with my pussy until a new orgasm came. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!", again many times until I fell on her.Then I heard a sound. "beep" "beep" "beep"...It was my watch. I had put the alarm in order to be ready on time. "What a pity" I thought. "I wish I could had more time, but I hope to see you soon, Agent Juddy" I said.Now it was time to leave everything in order before changing "my" turn with the next guard...

I fistly put Agent Juddy's panty on again. Then I arranged her stockings and skirt. Finally I closed her leather jacket's zipper.Next I put my hands under her armpits and dragged her to her office. I managed to sit her on her chair. I arranged her clothes and then combed her hair. Happily, she didn't use make-up so it was not needed to work on that. Now she was ready. She looked very sexy. Her head was banged back, so her neck was fully exposed.I took her cheeks with my hands and have her a long, hot and passionate French kiss, then I licked her lips.Then I went back to the living room, put again the coffee table on the rug and got dressed with "my" uniform. After that, I went to Agent Juddy's office and I took the black coffee mug. I went to the kitchen, rinsed it and put a bit of cold coffee from the coffee maker. I left the mug on Agent Juddy's desk.Now I was ready. So I took my FS-1 can and sprayed that odorless drug on her nose. Just a little bit, which left no residuals, would be needed to erase Agent Juddy's short term memory. She would not forget anything that happened that night!Just in time! I heard the bell ringing and I went to open the door. There was the other guard. "Hi Anna" she said upon looking at my badge. I looked at hers and said  "hi Kim". "Everything's OK" she asked. "Yes" I said "everything's OK, it seems that Agent Juddy was very tired, as she is sleeping now".We both went to the office and saw Agent Juddy waking up. Not remembering anything, as expected, she said "It seems that I was too tired, could you bring me some fresh and hot black coffee?". Then she dismissed me and Kim was in charge. I exited the building's parking lot thinking that I was very lucky, as FS-1 was still an experimental drug and its effect was not guaranteed.I headed to Anna's apartment.When I arrived to her place she was still tied to her bed and was waking up and opening her eyes. She looked at me with fear and asked "what is happe....   ugh!". She couldn't finish, as I chopped both sides of her neck. I then untied her. I sprayed her a good dose of FS-1. Then I opened the night table's drawer and took her vib.I put it on her pussy and turned it on at maximum strenght. I left her uniform on the chair where i found it and put on my clothes. I exited the apartment as I heard her strong orgasm screaming.There was no risk to be discovered. She wouldn't remember anything yet she would realize that she didn't go to work. But not being called from headquarters, she would keep her mouth very closed instead of confessing that she didn't go to work because she fainted upon masturbating after her shower...Two days later I was al the CIA headquarters in Langley. "Mission accomplished" I said to my boss as I gave him the stolen information."Good job, Jackie" he said. "Your next mission is to go to Cuba. Look, Agent Juddy will go to exchange information with the Cubans. All will be made in a resort. Take that as a vacation ha ha ha. As you know Agent Juddy very well, I presume that you will enjoy the job. Here you have a Mexican passport. Tonight you have to fly to Havana via Mexico City".I went home to take my stuff, As I had time I took a bath. I lighted candles and looked at the limp Agent Juddy's pictures as I heavily masturbated. I had a couple of wonderful orgasms. Then I rested and thought "Juddy, gorgeous Juddy, I will see before I expected..."