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NFL Cheerleader Rivalry

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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dallas cowboys 24 


                                    NFL Cheerleader Rivalry


            Kari and Debbie were both in their first season as NFL cheerleaders. They were accepted on a trial basis though, and only one would be kept after tomorrow’s game. Kari knew Debbie would win. She always won. This time Kari had a plan though. She would give Debbie a gift certificate for a massage for the morning of the game.


            The massage parlor that Debbie would be sent to was owned by a middle aged ex nurse named Wendy. Wendy liked women, especially young cheerleader types, and had a foolproof method of having her way with them and getting paid to do it! 


            Wendy still had connections at the hospital, and had many drugs on hand to sedate and put the women customers to sleep with. She knew how to use them too. Wendy could put drops or powder in their water. She could also inject them with a needle either in the hip or in the arm, or use ether or chloroform on their face towel.


            No woman had ever complained. They would go in for an hour massage and wake up hours later feeling relaxed and wonderful! Since they were never charged for the extra time, they came back for more treatments as soon as they could.


            Kari knew what went on at the parlor though. A friend of hers that used to work there told her. Kari would have to go see Wendy and buy the gift certificate for Debbie. She would also ask Wendy how much extra it would cost her to see to it that Debbie never made it to the game.


            Kari knew that Wendy had a weakness for cheerleaders and she would wear her Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit when she went to make Debbie’s appointment. Kari was a slender blonde about 5 feet 4 with blue eyes. Her breasts were average size and stood out well. Her legs were awesome as well.


            Kari stripped completely and put on her outfit. Tiny, almost non existent, white bikini panties came first. Then she slipped on the special slightly darker than skin color pantyhose. Next she pulled on her shiny white ultra short shorts. They had a built in large buckle that she fastened tightly.


            The top was a navy blue halter that tied in the front. Kari put it around her and tied it in a bow in front of her. The bow was the only thing that held it on! There was no neck string. The bra was built in and pushed her breasts together and upwards.


            Finally Kari slipped on her white patent leather boots and zipped them up. A navy blue windbreaker that matched the halter top completed the look. Kari then headed for the massage parlor.


            It was the end of the day, and Wendy was at the desk alone when Kari arrived. All the customers had gone home, and the phone was on voice mail. Kari went up to Wendy and reserved a 1 hour massage for the following morning for her rival.


            Wendy filled out the certificate and put Debbie’s name into the appointment book. Now it was time for the awkward part. Kari asked her if it would be possible to delay Debbie for an extra 2 hours after her massage so that she would miss the game.


            Wendy smiled and asked a few questions. Kari answered each one carefully.


            “What does she look like?” Wendy asked.”


            “She’s five feet 2 with shiny brown hair and blue eyes. She has very large breasts and nice long, slender legs,” Kari replied.


            “Will she be in the same uniform as you are now when she comes?” Wendy asked.


            Kari told her that she would be, since she would be on her way to the game.


            “Very well,” said Wendy. “I will do what you say, if you will come inside for a few minutes first.”


            Kari was relieved that it was so easy, and eagerly followed Wendy inside the massage room. Once inside, Wendy asked her to remove her windbreaker and lie on her back on the massage table. Kari was a little worried, but went along.


            Kari’s shiny boots squeaked together as she settled herself on the table. Almost as soon as she got settled, Kari felt a sting in her right arm. She turned around and saw Wendy holding a small needle.


            Kari said “Ouch!” and asked what the shot was for.


            “It’s to relax you for your massage,” Wendy answered.


            “But I don’t have time for a massage!” Kari pleaded.


            “If you want me to detain Debbie tomorrow, I’m afraid it’s required now,” Wendy answered.


            Kari was already feeling the effects of the injection. Her legs would not move and her arms felt heavy. She was also feeling sleepy and her vision was getting fuzzy as well. She lay on the table helpless as Wendy slowly unzipped and slipped off her boots.


            Now Wendy was unbuckling Kari’s tiny shorts. They glided over her tiny hips and silky pantyhose easily, as Wendy took them completely off. The pantyhose were peeled away next and placed aside.


            Kari felt Wendy lifting her up into a sitting position now. Then Wendy pulled the bow on her halter and untied it. The halter fell off instantly and landed on the table. Kari’s awesome breasts were now exposed. Wendy gently lowered Kari’s almost limp body down now and prepared a few hot and moist towels.


            Kari was totally relaxed, and the warm towels felt wonderful on her almost naked body. Now Wendy was folding a smaller towel into a narrow strip and wrapping it around Kari’s head with the wet part of the towel covering Kari’s nose and mouth.


            “It’s time for some aroma therapy now,” Wendy said.


 Kari watched as Wendy poured something from a small bottle onto the towel under her nose. Kari smelled a pleasant strawberry scent and inhaled sleepily. Then Wendy opened a larger brown bottle. She poured a generous amount on the towel, soaking the entire area of her face. It had a strong sweet scent, but the strawberry smell was still dominant.


            Wendy watched anxiously as Kari’s eyes went from just drowsy to a drugged glaze almost instantly. Kari was not capable of resisting. She was too relaxed and sedated. In about 30 seconds, Kari’s eyes were fluttering rapidly. Then suddenly they rolled upwards and closed tightly, as Kari’s head slumped limp to the side.


            Wendy smiled in delight as she removed the large towel and slipped off Kari’s tiny panties. Wendy was breathless as she admired her prize package that was now fully unwrapped for her enjoyment! After about 5 minutes, Wendy finally removed the chloroform soaked towel from around Kari’s face. Kari’s silky blonde hair sprawled all over as Wendy put Kari’s very limp head back down on the table.


            Wendy massaged, oiled, and enjoyed Kari’s helpless limp body in every possible way for several hours. When Kari showed signs of waking, Wendy wrapped her in several large hot towels in a way that her arms and legs would be totally bound. Then she took a small glass of scented mineral water and put a packet of powder into it. Once the powder had dissolved, Wendy put the glass down and waited.


            When Kari awoke, she felt wonderful. Perhaps the massage therapy was just what she needed. All her fears about her plan failing and Debbie winning were gone now. She felt warm and cozy inside the nice hot towels. Wendy was standing over her and holding up a glass of cool, scented, mineral water.


            Wendy lifted Kari into a sitting position and helped her drink the water. When it was all gone, Wendy unwrapped the towels from around Kari’s naked body and helped her get dressed.


            After Wendy had finished zipping her boots for her, Kari started to feel dizzy. Wendy helped hold her up and carefully lowered her sleepy body back onto the massage table. Once again, Kari was unable to move and had trouble keeping her eyes open. Wendy was holding Kari’s sleepy head in her hands. Wendy was talking to her now, but it sounded like she was far away. That’s the last thing Kari remembered as she drifted off to sleep.


            Wendy was delighted to have Kari unconscious again in her awesome cheerleader outfit. There was work to do first though. After a few minutes Kari’s eyes opened, but stared empty into space. The powerful hypnotic and sedative “cocktail” that Wendy had given her was working nicely. Wendy began planting some hypnotic suggestions slowly.


            “You loved your massage didn’t you?” Wendy asked her.


            “Yes!” said Kari in a sleepy and wavering voice.


            “You especially liked the relaxing shot and the aroma therapy didn’t you?” Wendy asked.


            “Oh yes!” Kari said, barely aware of what was happening. “I slipped into such a dreamy void when you gave me those.”


            “You will come back tomorrow after the game with your uniform still on.” Wendy ordered.


            “Yes I will,” Kari said obediently.


            “As your reward, I will give you another shot and some aroma therapies as soon as you get here.” Wendy promised.


            “That would be wonderful!” Kari said yawning.


            Wendy was nearly finished with her, but there was still one more thing to do. She had to give her a suggestion for before she left, to be sure the drug had worked. Waiting for her to come tomorrow was too risky.


            Wendy picked up a small needle. Then she stood over Kari once more.


            “I’m going to put you to sleep for a few minutes now.” Wendy said. “When you wake up you will feel happy and wonderful. You will ask me for another relaxing shot and some aroma therapy before you leave tonight. Then you will come back tomorrow for more.”


            “Okay.” Kari said, as Wendy injected her in the arm.


            Kari’s head slumped limp to the side almost instantly. Wendy admired her in her outfit for about 15 minutes until she woke up.


            When Kari woke up she felt great. There was no dizziness and her eyes were clear. As she lifted her windbreaker and started to put it on though, she had a strange craving. She put the windbreaker down again and turned to Wendy.


            “So everything is set for tomorrow then?” Kari asked.


            “Oh yes,” Wendy said. “Your friend will be here for most of the day.”


            “That’s awesome!” Kari replied. “Can I ask you for one more favor before I leave though?”


            “What would you like?” Wendy asked politely.


            “Could you give me another one of those relaxing shots and some more aroma therapy before I go?” Kari begged.


            “Yes, I guess so,” Wendy replied.


            Kari got up on the table on her back as before. Wendy injected her with a needle again. The needle seemed larger than the one Wendy had used earlier but suddenly Kari didn’t mind. She was delightfully drowsy and relaxed.


            Wendy was putting the towel on her face now. It felt warm and wonderful and smelled of sweet strawberry again. Now Wendy was pouring the liquid from the brown bottle onto the towel. She seemed to use more of that this time too. Kari didn’t mind. She inhaled deeply and slipped into that beautiful void.


            Wendy was very happy too. The drug had worked. Kari was hooked on the treatment now. Tomorrow a victorious Kari would be back begging for more. In between she would have her friend Debbie to play with all day. Wendy would keep Debbie deeply under until Kari got there. Then she would put Kari under as well.


            The very thought of two of these beautiful cheerleaders “knocked out” in their outfits made Wendy tingle all over! Ah life was good. Wendy started to take the chloroform soaked towel off of Kari’s face. Then suddenly she stopped. Why not leave it on just a few minutes longer? After all, she did have all evening now anyway!


                                                  NFL Cheerleader Rivalry Part 2


            Debbie was excited about the upcoming game. She was also tense and worried about making the final cut at today’s evaluation. The relaxing massage that Kari had arranged for her was just what she needed to make her ready for the event.


            Debbie pulled on her tiny white bikini underpants slowly. Then she pulled the shiny pantyhose over her lovely legs. They made her legs look slightly sun tanned once they were on. That was the look the Dallas Cowboy’s wanted. Her white “ultra low cut” shorts went on next. Debbie zipped them up and fastened the white belt buckle tightly. The navy blue halter was slipped on next, and Debbie tied the bow carefully to enhance her cleavage.


            Debbie’s breasts were large, and the lack of shoulder straps on the halter was a bit of a problem. If the bow wasn’t tied just right, her breasts could either pop out when she jumped up and down or get pushed too tightly together and spoil her look.


            Finally Debbie put her windbreaker on, and then slipped into her white patent leather boots. She pulled the boot zippers up slowly and then headed for the door. The massage parlor was just a few blocks away. The walk helped to wake Debbie up fully, as she had not slept well the night before. As Debbie approached the door of the massage parlor, her long and shiny brown hair was blowing in the crisp fall wind.


            Once inside, Debbie found an empty waiting room with only a middle aged heavyset woman at the desk. The name “Wendy” was on her sweat shirt. Wendy introduced herself and smiled as she ushered Debbie into a massage room. Once inside, Debbie removed her windbreaker and Wendy hung it on a rack nearby.


            Debbie was asked to lie on her back on the table.


            “Shouldn’t I get undressed first?” Debbie asked.


            Wendy told her not to worry, and that she would take care of everything. Suddenly Debbie felt a sting in her left arm. She looked up and saw Wendy holding a small needle.


            “Hey! What’s the shot for?” Debbie asked.


            “It’s to relax you for your treatment.” Wendy said politely. “I used to be a nurse, and I have found that this enhances the massage results.”


            She was right about the relaxing part! Debbie felt loose and slightly giddy almost immediately. Her legs were as limp as noodles as Wendy lifted them up one at a time to slip off her boots. By the time both of her boots were placed on the floor, Debbie was yawning. She barely knew what was happening as Wendy unbuckled and unzipped her tiny shorts and slipped them off.


            When Wendy finished peeling off Debbie’s pantyhose, she noticed that Debbie had fallen asleep. Wendy lifted her into a sitting position and woke her up as she slowly untied her halter top. As soon as the bow was undone, her awesome breasts flew out and the top fell onto the table.


            “Whew! How long will this shot last?” Debbie asked in a wavering voice. “I have to be at the game in an hour and a half, and whatever you gave me is really knocking me out!”


            “Don’t worry; I’ll give you mineral water and a vitamin shot when your hour is up.” Wendy replied. “You will go to the game feeling great.”


            As Wendy lowered her back onto the table, Debbie could barely keep her eyes open. Wendy placed a few warm towels around her nearly naked body. Debbie felt warm and cozy now. Debbie was blinking her sleepy eyes and yawning when she felt a warm moist towel being placed over her nose and mouth. It had a pleasant fruit smell.


            Wendy opened the large brown bottle of chloroform and poured a generous amount on Debbie’s face towel. Debbie didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes were already glazed and sleepy, and now they were blinking. The blinking soon shifted to a rapid flutter, but not for long. Debbie’s beautiful baby blue eyes suddenly rolled closed and her beautiful head turned to the side.


            Wendy was delighted to see her pass out completely, and pulled the body towels away long enough to slip off Debbie’s tiny panties. After massaging and working on Debbie’s limp body for about 5 minutes, Wendy finally pulled off the chloroform soaked face towel. Debbie was really out! Her mouth was half open, and her body was as limp as a rag doll. The shot almost did it alone. Her small size and weight apparently made her especially vulnerable to the sedative that Wendy always gave the girls first.


            Wendy massaged and oiled Debbie’s limp body for a full hour. Then she re-dressed Debbie, all but her boots and windbreaker. Wendy looked at Debbie’s sleeping body in her cute cheerleader costume until she woke up 10 minutes later.


            When Debbie woke up she felt great. She was fresh and alert now. Her skin felt especially clean and smooth as well. Then she saw the clock! She had to leave right now or be late for the crucial game! She sat up abruptly and started to put on her boots.


            Wendy was holding a glass of water now. Debbie refused the water and said that she had no more time. She also refused the vitamin shot that Wendy offered. Suddenly Wendy had a problem. She would have to put Debbie under by force, and quickly, or she would get away!


            There was little time. Debbie had already finished putting her first boot on and was starting on the second one. Wendy grabbed the bottle of ether this time, and poured a huge amount on a large towel. The ether worked much faster than the chloroform, and just to be sure, Wendy used an overwhelming dose! As Debbie finished zipping up her other boot and started to put on her windbreaker, Wendy struck.


            As Debbie was pulling her arm through the windbreaker, a large soaking wet towel was placed over her face. It was huge and covered her entire face. There was a strong smelling liquid with intense fumes that quickly overwhelmed her. She struggled to pull away, but it was hopeless. Her head was spinning and her vision was badly blurred. Debbie kicked her legs, wrestled, and tried to hold her breath for as long as she could. That turned out to be less than a minute however.


            Wendy held the huge cloth fast until Debbie finally went limp in her strong arms. Then she continued to hold it there for about 30 seconds after she was under. Finally, Wendy tossed the towel aside and picked Debbie up in a cradle carry position and brought her into a different room.


            Wendy placed the very limp Debbie onto a sofa and removed her windbreaker. Next she slowly unzipped her boots and slipped them off. Debbie was then left on the sofa to sleep off the ether. That would be a few hours. The ether kept them unconscious longer than the chloroform too.


            This room had 2 massage tables. It also had a cabinet full of drugs. Wendy fastened an IV to Debbie’s tiny arm and prepared for her wake up. When she woke up, the hypnotics would begin. Instead of the powder, Wendy used a much more potent injected hypnotic on Debbie.


            It was nearly 2 hours later when Debbie finally woke up. Kari would be there in less than an hour. All was ready. As soon as Debbie’s eyes opened, Wendy injected half of the powerful hypnotic drug in the needle into her arm.


            Debbie woke up very groggy and disoriented this time. As soon as her eyes came into focus, she felt dizzy and lightheaded once again. That’s the last thing she remembered.


            Wendy let her sleep for a few minutes and then held her head up and spoke to her. Soon Debbie’s eyes were open and gazing into space. Wendy gave her one post hypnotic suggestion after another very methodically. Then she tested her responses one at a time.


            “You loved your massage didn’t you?” Wendy asked.


            “Oh yes!” Debbie answered.


            “You especially liked the relaxing shot and the scented towel being placed over you face.” Wendy suggested.


            “Yes I did.” Debbie answered sleepily.


            “You aren’t worried about the game any more are you?” Wendy asked.


            “No.” Debbie said. “I only want my massage treatments now.”


            “You won’t ever say no to the mineral water or vitamin shot again will you?” Wendy asked.


            “No,” Debbie said. “I will always take them when you ask me.” 


            “Kari will be here soon.” Wendy said. “You will watch her get the treatment. Seeing her sedated and put to sleep in her outfit will make you very hot. You will then help me undress and massage her. Whatever you see me do to her, you will desperately want done to you afterwards.”


            “Okay.” Debbie said yawning.


            “You will sleep deeply now until Kari arrives.” Wendy said, as she injected the other half of the needles’ powerful dose into her arm.


            Debbie’s eyes closed almost instantly and her head slumped to the side once more. Wendy moved her to one of the massage tables and placed her on her side facing the other table. Wendy then heard the door open. Kari had arrived!


            Wendy brought Kari into the room. Kari went to Debbie and tried to wake her up. There was no response at first.  After a few minutes she was finally successful. Debbie’s eyes finally opened and Kari told her the good news. Another girl had been disqualified, and they had both made the squad! Debbie lay on the table smiling. The game was over and done with. She could spend the entire day getting massage treatments now!


            Kari was worn out from the game, and wanted her massage now. She quickly took off her windbreaker and climbed up onto the other table. Debbie watched spellbound as Wendy picked up the small needle and injected Kari in the arm. Kari’s body relaxed totally in just a minute or so, and she started to yawn sleepily.


            “We can start undressing her now.” Wendy said.


            Debbie jumped off the table and began unzipping Kari’s boots. When she had them off she massaged and kissed Kari’s stocking feet. She had always wanted to do that! Kari lay still and was nearly purring as they stripped her. Wendy untied and removed Kari’s halter as Debbie took off her pantyhose and shorts.


            Now Wendy prepared a much larger and longer needle. She turned Kari on her side and injected her in the hip.


            “This shot will totally relax all her muscles, and make her even sleepier.” Wendy said.


            “Are you going to give me that second shot too when it’s my turn?” Debbie asked.


            “Oh yes!” Wendy promised.


            Debbie shuddered all over as she watched Kari succumb to the second shot.


            Wendy was right. When Debbie lifted Kari’s hips to slip off her panties, she was totally limp. She couldn’t move at all and could barely keep her eyes open.  Now Wendy was preparing the face towel.


            Debbie watched excited as the wet towel was placed over Kari’s face. Then Wendy opened a brown bottle. “Chloroform” it said on the label. Debbie was trembling as Wendy poured an overwhelming amount on Kari’s towel. Kari’s eyes were making a cool looking flutter now. Suddenly they closed. Wendy left the towel there.


            “The longer we leave the towel there, the deeper and longer she will be under.” Wendy explained.


            Debbie had pins and needles as she watched Kari slip ever more deeply under, and she couldn’t wait to be put under that deeply herself! Debbie smiled in delight as she massaged and fondled Kari’s beautiful naked and now delightfully limp body. After about half an hour, Wendy told Debbie that it was time for her shots now. Debbie eagerly climbed onto the other table and waited.


            Wendy injected her in the arm with the small needle first. Then Debbie floated on air from the shot, while Wendy stripped her to just her panties. Then she gave her the shot in the hip. Debbie struggled to stay awake and enjoy the feeling, since she nearly passed out after the second injection. Debbie was totally unable to move as her panties were gently slipped off.  Wendy was putting the towel on her now.


            “How long should I leave this on you after you are under?” Wendy asked.


            “As long as possible!” said Debbie in an excited and wavering voice.


            “You like being put under don’t you?” Wendy asked.


            “Oh yes!” Debbie answered. “Do you think I could put Kari under next time?” Debbie pleaded.


            “As long as I can put “you” under again twice afterwards,” Wendy said as she poured a huge dose of chloroform on Debbie’s face towel.


            “Sure, whatever you say!” Debbie answered, with a very wavering voice and rapidly fluttering eyes.


Wendy smiled as Debbie passed out completely once more. Wendy left the towel on her for nearly half an hour this time. She wanted a nice long time alone with Kari now!


















The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.