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Mrs. Sandman and the Coworker

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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(Based on Sandman's wife and his stories)

Mrs. Sandman was feeling pretty good about herself. She was a high level employee at her company, and she'd just delivered some fantastic news in a conference call. A promotion, a raise, and the admiration of her husband Sandman and her fellow employees were on the way. 

Yet, all was not right. During the call, she had acted fairly condescending to one of her coworkers, who added some onstructive criticism and voiced concerns about Mrs. Sandman's plans going forward into the future. This coworker, a good looking gal by the name of Anna, had no qualms with Mrs. Sandman but only wanted what was best for the company. Mrs. Sandman, however, shut her down quickly and cast suspicion on her intentions, though deep down she knew what Anna was saying was right.

Anna wasn't going to take any of it. It wasn't so much that Mrs. Sandman wasn't taking Anna's advice, but it was moreso that she put Anna down so much. She had worked hard to get in this company, and she wasn't going to let someone humiliate her.

The next day, Anna and Mrs. Sandman were both the last people in the company building. They worked on the top floor, which had a nice big conference room. Everyone else had gone home for the night, but they were finishing up a little work in the conference room. It was quiet, and Anna decided she might as well strike up some conversation.

"Hey, Mrs. Sandman. How are you doing tonight?"

"Oh, doing alright. Just a lot of work to go through, no thanks to your team." Anna was incensed by this comment. Her team had been working hard on this project and Mrs. Sandman didn't give any of them credit for their effort. But she kept her cool, if only for a while longer.

"My team has been doing a lot of work. If I may, can I come over and see what you have? It might be that we sent you an earlier version by accident." This was her chance to make something happen.

"Fine, but if it is, make sure it doesn't happen again or I'll mark you up for not being careful." 

Anna walked over and checked. It was as she suspected, someone had sent an earlier version. 

"Yeah, someone sent an earlier version. Come walk with me to my cubicle and I'll show you the latest one."

The two women walked together to the end of the conference room when Anna suddenly stopped and started thinking.

"So? Why'd you stop?"

"I was thinking, I actually have it saved on my laptop here. Let's check it out."

Little did Mrs. Sandman know, there was a small surprise for her. Mrs. Sandman sat down at Anna's laptop and pressed down on a key...

ZAP! The laptop was rigged! This laptop wasn't Anna's, but a fake, and anyone who touched it would get electrocuted. Mrs. Sandman had just become a conductor for a strong current, and was shaking uncontrollably, moaning and stuttering and going "uhuhuhuhuhuh" the whole time. Anna switched up the voltage via her remote access. The current became stronger, Mrs. Sandman's started shaking more, and her noises became louder and higher pitched. Finally, Anna made the current the highest. Mrs. Sandman's noises became extremely high pitched and she started screaming, the noise being music to Anna's ears and making her admittedly a little wet, and she shook uncontrollably. A bright flash happened, and for a moment Anna could swear she saw Mrs. Sandman's skeleton. 

The battery in the fake laptop ran out, and the current stopped. Mrs. Sandman was still shaking, but her noises became little whimpers. She tried standing up and turned towards Anna. She raised her finger to point at her, but halfway through, she moaned. A long, sexy, drawn out moan. She tipped forward and fainted on the floor.

Anna had gotten her revenge, but she still had one more idea left. First, she took off Mrs. Sandman's top and bra, exposing her firm breasts. She then took off her skirt and panties, showing her wet parts. And finally, she took off her pantyhose and shoes. The shoes, expensive designer ones, would be Anna's trophies for the night. 

Mrs. Sandman was now naked on the floor and passed out. Anna placed her on the conference table, her pussy facing the door, legs spread wide, spread-eagled. She took Mrs. Sandman's phone and quickly wrote a large note on it saying "Take me, I'm all open." Anna, devious as ever, finished the note and shoved Mrs. Sandman's phone into her pussy, sticking it out enough to be visible, but deep enough for her to feel it. Anna gave Mrs. Sandman a quick kiss and walked out with her clothes.

The next day, corporate had a meeting in the conferenc room. They walked in, and what a magnificent sight awaited them! It's still unknown what the remainder of their meeting looked like, but all people know is they had to schedule another one and, when walking out, had a large black trash bag with something inside it. They dumped it into the dumpster and left the building.

As for Mrs. Sandman? Well, she ended up getting that promotion after all, but her husband had to get her from the landfill first.



  • Sandman
    Sandman Thursday, 21 January 2016

    Thanks, Paulito! Mrs. Sandman has a great fan! KO by electrocution is brilliant!

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