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Over The Hill Model

Posted by on in Sleepy
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                                  Over The Hill Model                                     Over the Hill Model


            Lindsay’s car was making noises as she drove down the highway. She was broke and in trouble. She had been out of work for months and her landlord was about to throw her out. Lindsay had just applied for a job and failed to get it. She was on her way home now. The car was nearly out of gas and sounded like it was going to die. She was very worried. She owed thousands and had no prospects.

            Lindsay used to be a model. She was 33 now and jobs were dwindling. She wasn’t trained for anything else. Her once yellow blonde hair was turning brown. Her large breasts were sagging and she needed a support bra. She still looked great in clothes though. She was 5 foot 5 and had great legs. Her blue eyes stood out from her perfect “cover girl” type complexion.

            She went to the interview dressed like a 25-year-old. She wore a white see through blouse and a denim mini skirt. Her pantyhose were sheer and black and her boots were shiny brown leather. It hadn’t helped. They still wanted someone younger.

            The engine was really getting loud now. There was a sudden noise and it stopped. The car coasted to a stop as she reached the side of the road. She had remembered passing a gas station not too far back. She hadn’t stopped since she didn’t have any money. Now she had no options. She walked back to the station.

            A young guy named Jon was closing the station when she got there. She told him of her problem. He said he could tow the car back to the station, but could not do anything with it until tomorrow. Without letting on she was broke, she let him tow the car. At least it would get it off the road for now. She rode with him in the Jeep and directed him to the car. Once they reached her car, he connected the winch and began to tow it back to the station. On the way back Lindsay noticed he was looking at her legs.

            Lindsay had been used to getting her way with men. She had to hook this one and fast or she would be stranded. She crossed her leg and slowly unzipped her right boot. Then she took it off and shook it out. She rested it on the floor of the Jeep and took off the other one as well. Then she turned that boot upside down and pretended to shake it out as well.

            She could see that her ploy was working. He was so busy watching that the Jeep was all over the road. She waited for him to park the Jeep before she put her boots back on. Then she did it slowly waving her sheer black nylon encased legs around. Once she was finished he got out of the Jeep and lowered her car to the driveway. Then he invited her to have a drink with him at a bar across the street. She said yes and they headed for the bar together.

            They sat in a booth and ordered drinks. Jon was 25 and about 6 feet tall. He had broad shoulders and was slightly overweight. His hair was long and blonde and not well groomed. While they were waiting for the drinks, Lindsay excused herself and went to the ladies room. As soon as she left, the drinks came. When no one was watching, Jon put one Rohypnol pill in her drink. He moved the swizzle stick around to dissolve it.

            When Lindsay returned, they began to drink and she asked him some questions. She admitted that she had money problems and he didn’t seem worried. Jon told her that he lived in a trailer behind the station. He also mentioned that he had a friend that might be able to get her a modeling job. Lindsay’s beautiful blue eyes widened! She was feeling more relaxed by the minute. Too relaxed!  She suddenly had trouble sitting up. He moved over to her side of the booth and sat next to her. As he put his arm around her she dropped her sleepy head onto his strong shoulder. That was the last thing she would remember.

            He started kissing her and she kissed back with abandon. Lindsay no longer had any idea what she was doing. She was totally putty in his arms. He knew he didn’t have much time. She would pass out completely in a few minutes. He helped her up, paid for the drinks, and with his arm tightly around her, helped her back to his trailer. She didn’t quite make it. About 10 feet from the door she went limp in his arms. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her the rest of the way.

            He opened the door and carried her inside. Then he laid her on her back on the bed. He stepped back and looked in awe at her unconscious and very beautiful body. Not many girls looking like this came through here alone! He had gotten lucky. He slowly unzipped and removed her boots. Then he played with her black stocking encased legs and feet for a while. The shades were down and it was now dark. There was no one anywhere around to hear her scream. He locked the door with the key and hid it in his pocket. Then he hid her boots and purse in his locker.

            After about 3 hours Lindsay woke up. Everything was fuzzy. She didn’t remember anything after the drink. Jon was standing over her. Her boots were off and nowhere in sight.  He told her to relax. She would be staying the night. In the morning he had a friend that wanted to meet her about a job. While she was meeting with his friend, Jon said that he would fix her car. She reminded him that she didn’t have any money. Then she asked where she was and how she got there.

            Jon told her that she had passed out in the bar. He had carried her to his trailer. He didn’t know what else to do. While she was asleep he checked her car. It would need a new engine. I would cost about 2 thousand dollars. He lied and said that he had left her boots and purse in the bar across the street. 

            Lindsay was terrified and broken in spirit. She was helpless without her boots and purse and was even more in debt than before. She had no idea what she would do. Then he told her more about his friend. He made damsel in distress videos. The girls were captured and bound in various states of undress. She asked if she could see one of the videos. Lindsay was horrified at the idea, but had to humor him. He went to a shelf and grabbed a tape. After he placed it in the VCR, he sat down next to her. When he put his arm around her and told her to relax, she leaned against him.

            The movie started with a pretty young blonde getting out of her car. A man in a ski mask came up from behind her and held a white cloth that looked wet over her nose and mouth. She tried to scream, but the cloth muffled her words. She struggled violently, but he lifted her off the ground and held her tightly. After about 30 seconds she stopped struggling. He was telling her to relax and take deep breaths. Her eyes began to flutter as she inhaled deeply. Then suddenly her eyes rolled closed and she went as limp as a rag doll in his arms. He held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and then threw her over his shoulder.

            He carried her limp body to a van, placed her in the back of it, and drove away. Finally the van parked in front of a house, and the man carried her still limp body inside. Once inside he placed her in a kitchen chair and tied her hands behind her back. Then he tied her ankles to the chair legs. Another rope was placed around her waist to hold her to the chair. Then he took a scarf and knotted it in the middle. He stuffed the knot in her mouth and tied it around her head. The still unconscious girl was now bound and gagged and totally helpless.

            When the girl woke up she slowly began to struggle to get free. It was hopeless. Then she tried to scream but only faint muffled sounds came out. Then the man with the mask came into the room. There was sheer terror in the girl’s eyes. The man spoke softly. He told her she would be safe if she was a good girl. Then he told her she needed something to relax her. He picked up a brown bottle from the counter and poured some liquid on a white rag. Then he walked over to her and held it over her face.

            This time struggle was not an option. She could not move at all. Her terrified eyes were soon fluttering again. Then her head fell limp against the back of the chair. She was all the way out again like before. This time he held the cloth there much longer after she was out. When he pulled it away, she was deeply under and totally helpless. It sent shivers down Lindsay’s trembling body. Still somehow there was something strangely erotic about it she thought.

            Jon stopped the tape. Lindsay asked how much the girl was paid. He told her $300 a day plus a hundred-dollar bonus for each knockout scene. He said that the girls were knocked out several times in each video. Then she asked how the girls were knocked out. With chloroform he said. We pour it on a cloth and hold it over her nose. It only lasts about 20 minutes to an hour depending on how long we hold it there after she’s out. Then he mentioned that there was bonus pay for partial or full nudity.

            Lindsay was appalled at the idea. Once she was unconscious, these creeps could do whatever they wanted to her. But then there was the practical side. It paid a lot of money, and it might at least get her car fixed and get her out of there. Then she saw Jon holding a brown bottle and a cloth. She said, “Wait a minute! No way are you putting me under now!” He told her to relax and that he was just going to show her how it was done and give her a little so she could see what it felt like.

            Lindsay wasn’t thrilled, but agreed to go along. He soaked the cloth and sat down on the bed beside her and put his arm around her. He told her to relax and breathe normally and describe how she felt. He promised to pull it away before she went out completely. She rested her head on his strong shoulder and inhaled. The first breath had strong fumes and she jolted a little. Then she inhaled again. Her ears started a dull ringing sound and she felt a little lightheaded. As she continued to inhale her vision got fuzzy. She warned him that she was about to pass out. Her eyes were beginning to flutter. He pulled the cloth away.

            Lindsay wasn’t afraid anymore. He had pulled it away like he promised. She felt sleepy but OK. Then her head started pounding. She complained about her head pounding, and he told her that a little more would fix that. He placed the cloth over her face again and she inhaled. He was right. The pounding went away quickly. Then her eyes were fluttering again. He asked her how she felt now. She could barely speak. She said she was about to pass out again. He asked “are you sure you want me to pull it away this time?” She started to say yes but the word never came. Her eyes closed and her head fell limp on his shoulder. He pulled the cloth away quickly. He would let her have a little nap.

            Lindsay woke up after about 15 minutes and was on her side on the bed. Her head was clear and she was still fully dressed. He was there smiling.  He told her she needed to go under for a few minutes so she wouldn’t have that hangover feeling. Then he went into the kitchen. Is this all there is to it? She wondered. Going under was quite pleasant compared to some things she had done, but she still wondered about his friend and if she could trust them. After all, once she was under she had no control. That still worried her. Right now she was just with him though and so far he had been good to her, or so it seemed.

            She would take a chance. She would have him put her under again for a longer time. She would test him. If he failed she would not meet his friend and go any further. But how could she tell. She unbuttoned the third button on her blouse. Then she unsnapped one of her bra hooks. If he undressed her while she was out she would know. He would fasten both bra hooks or re- button the button on her blouse.

            He came back in a few minutes. She asked him if he would put her under for an hour his time so she could see how she felt afterwards. He was surprised, but was quickly soaking the cloth. Lindsay shuddered when she saw how much he was pouring on the cloth this time. She strongly considered changing her mind. The cloth was on her now. She was swooning quickly since there was so much on the cloth, and also because she had already been under. She quickly forgot about the danger as she inhaled the fumes. She went out suddenly this time.  There were no warning signs at all. She was just gone. He held the cloth there for over a minute.

            Now it was time to explore her further. He held her up and unbuttoned her blouse. Then he slipped it off and began to pull her skirt from around her. Once the blouse and skirt were off, he slowly peeled off her pantyhose. He tossed everything on the floor and removed her bra next. Her huge boobs popped out and fell loose. They were awesome! He left her panties on for now. He played with her limp body for nearly an hour. Then he tied her hands behind her back with a silk scarf. He used her own pantyhose to bind her ankles. Then he waited for her to wake up. He had the bottle and the cloth ready.

            When Lindsay woke up she was groggy for a few minutes. Then she was shocked to find out she had been stripped and bound. She was furious and glared at Jon. All she had on were a tiny pair of white bikini panties that barely covered anything! Now she was scared.

            Jon told her to relax, and that he wanted her to get used to what would happen in the video. She would wake up bound and would be missing clothing. That meant nothing to her and she ordered him to untie her at once. Then she watched in horror as he started to heavily soak the cloth with more chloroform. He placed it over her face he said that he wanted to see her without her panties and he would need to put her to sleep to remove them.

            “Oh my god he’s a perv!” she thought and she thrashed around for all she was worth. It didn’t help a bit. She wasn’t going anywhere and the cloth was well soaked. She was out again in less than a minute. This time he untied her pantyhose from her ankles and used them to tie the cloth over her face. Once the cloth was secured he slowly removed her panties as if he were unwrapping a long awaited gift. Finally they were at her ankles and he slowly finished the job and threw them on the floor.

            Jon had his way with her limp body for several hours. Then he poured more chloroform on the cloth. He kept her under all night. Then in the morning he dressed her and allowed her to awaken with just her hands bound. She awoke confused. Her clothes were back on. Had it been a dream? Wait it was light outside! Her blouse was fully buttoned. She couldn’t check her bra with her hands tied but she was sure she had been stripped. As she tried to get up, Jon entered the room with another man. He was older and looked like a real creep. Lindsay was terrified.

            He introduced her to his friend Bill. She was not impressed. She said, “you can’t force me to do this.” They both laughed. Bill said he would like to see all of her now. She started to get up. Bill stood alongside of the bed and held her down. Jon was soaking the cloth again! He placed it over her nose and mouth and said, “don’t worry! We’ll put you deeply under before we strip and explore you.”

            Those words were somehow less than comforting! Lindsay fought to no avail. Soon her eyes were losing focus and she knew she was out of time. She surrendered and took a few deep breaths. Her eyes were in rapid flutter again. Suddenly they rolled closed and she went limp in Bill’s strong arms. Jon held the cloth on her for a while. Then they both stripped her. This time they turned her over and looked at her awesome nude backside. Oh yes she would do very nicely.

            They wrapped her naked body in a blanket and put her in the back of a van. Bill drove and Jon rode in the back holding the bottle and the cloth. The ride to Bill’s studio would take several hours. Jon would have to keep her quiet along the way.  He couldn’t wait for her to wake up, so he could put her under again. He would have to do it several times during the ride.  

            Lindsay woke up suddenly and tried to sit up. Then she realized she was totally naked and in a moving vehicle. As she tried to sit up the blanket fell from around her, and Jon got a look at her awesome bare breasts. She grabbed the blanket and quickly pulled it back over her. Then she watched in horror as Jon poured chloroform on a large white rag. She pleaded with him not to put her under again and promised she would cooperate.

            Jon said that he had to at least put her part way under for the ride. She wasn’t thrilled, but it was better than the alternative. He held the cloth on her until her eyes began to flutter. Then he pulled it away. Next he told her that she didn’t need that much blanket around her and exposed her to her waist. She tried to stop him, but she couldn’t move. When she protested vocally he put the cloth back over her face.


            Lindsay tried to turn her head to the side, but he just held the cloth in place and followed her. This time he almost knocked her out completely. Her eyes were starting to roll up into her head when he pulled it away. Now he pushed the blanket down even further. She was exposed to her knees. She felt uneasy being naked in front of him. She tried to grab the blanket and pull it up. He yanked it away and tossed it aside. Now she had no cover at all!

            It didn’t matter; he was pouring more chloroform on the rag. He held it over her face again and waited till her eyes were fluttering. Then he asked if he should pull it away. She said “No! Let me go to sleep this tim…” She was out. He held the cloth there for over a minute. Then he arranged her on her side on the blanket. Yes she looked awesome! She was knocked out and naked. Just the way he liked them. He would have to chloroform her over and over again until they got there. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!




The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.



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    Your back you got to do more the are so sexy thank you

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