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The Erotic Boxing Match (Complete)

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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I rang the doorbell in anticipation. I had met this woman online, Clarissa. Both of us shared an interest in concussion, knockouts and erotic boxing. We had been talking for around 6 months, both doing online roleplay and talking about our experiences and what we liked. We had Skyped and chatted in chatrooms and finally had agreed to meet, she had invited me round her house.

Clarissa had knocked out numerous men and women inside and outside the boxing ring that she had in her basement. She was a bit older than me, aged in her mid-thirties, me in my late twenties. She had described to me that seeing either a man or a woman losing consciousness made her excited and that as soon as we had Skyped and she had seen what I looked like, she wanted to see me in that state.

I stood there, waiting for Clarissa to answer the door. There was always a chance that she would not. You never knew fully if an online person was who they said they were and she may not even live here. It was a hot summer’s day so at least I was not out in the cold. I was standing in my yellow T-Shirt and dark green shorts, in my flip-flops awaiting Clarissa to open the door. I rang the doorbell for the second time and was about to sigh and leave when the door opened and there was a beautiful, slightly curvy blonde woman who opened the door, smiling in a way that could hardly contain her excitement. “Are you Clarissa?” I asked, the excitement in my own voice obviously prevalent. She nodded and asked me to come in.

“Welcome to my home, please take off your shoes and I will show you around.” She said smiling friendlily. I slid off my flip-flops and felt the nice soft carpet beneath my bare feet. She was standing in a white T-shirt and black shorts that were very north of the knee. She was also barefoot. She started to show me around the house, finally ending in the basement, where there was a boxing ring, surrounded by mats. “And this is where we’ll spend most of our time together, except maybe the bedroom afterwards” Clarissa said, winking at me.

“How many men and woman have you knocked out in here?” I asked, in awe of the place.

“Around twelve women and six men. You’ll be the seventh.” She answered confidently. I felt a twinge between my legs. “I have knocked out more men and women in other places” she added, including my bedroom upstairs, usually using chloroform and such up there, down here it is usually my fists, feet or through choke out my victims’ worlds fade away to. “Want to lie down and I’ll make you see stars?” She asked, raising her right foot up as if to encourage me to lie beneath her foot. I felt myself feeling more excited, however I calmed myself.

“Maybe later.” I replied, winking back at her.

“Oh you will see stars.” She answered definitively. “So, shall we get ready and start? I want you out cold as soon as possible!” She winked. I nodded and she handed me some red boxing gloves, grabbing some pink ones for herself.

“Should we not get changed first?” I asked. “I brought some sports shorts and a T-shirt.”

“Yes of course, but I want us to box naked, except for the gloves.” She replied. I paused.

“What?” I felt a thrill, but was surprised by this development.

“I want us to box wearing nothing except for our boxing gloves.” Clarissa repeated. She smiled.  “Come on now honey, don’t be shy. I’d have stripped you once you were unconscious anyway so this will just save the winner some play time. Now, strip.” And with that she put down her gloves, pulled off her top and then stripped off the rest of her clothes, her beautiful naked body standing in front of me. She stared into my eyes and so I followed her example and stripped too. “That’s it, you have a nice body, and I’ll explore it while you are napping.” She smiled again and picked up her gloves, putting them on. It was pretty warm down in the basement, though I still felt myself shiver with both excitement and fear. She looked like a dangerous opponent, but she did looked massively hot as she shadowboxed in my direction, holding my gaze. I put on my gloves and we both entered the ring, finally standing opposite each other. “OK, we’ll go in rounds until one of us is counted out.” She said, I could not help looking her over. “Hey, honey, did you hear me? She asked, smiling as my distraction.

“Yes sorry, I heard you” I confirmed. I started hopping on my bare feet, and doing some stretches, trying to warm up. She smiled and did the same. Finally we both stood toe to toe, ready to fight.

“OK then, let’s go.” She said excitedly, bouncing lightly on her own bare feet and then she and I went in on each other, guarding our faces with our gloves. We touched gloves and then started throwing punches back and forth, nothing connected until she threw one at my gut, my elbows blocked it and I responded by stepping sideways and lunging at the side of her head. I caught her by surprise as my fist connected, whipping her head sideways. She staggered dizzily, seeing yellow stars, her guard dropping, so I took advantage and gave her a body shot. She gasped as my fist connected while bending forwards, then I brought my fist down on top of her head, she fell to the floor at my feet, lying dazed and cross-eyed on her front, seeing blue birdies and hearing cuckoos. I rested my bare foot on her head and started to count her out. I felt excited as I counted, wondering whether I would win this and get to play with her body. I got to number eight and felt her head lift under my foot. I lifted my foot from her head and she stood up. She was a little wobbly on her feet initially and said “Nice moves there honey, I was not expecting that. You win the first round! Now let me just get rid of these remaining stars.” She was referencing the stars she still had before her eyes. She went back to her corner and drank some water from a bottle and shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs.

I sat down in my own corner and took a swig from my own water bottle. After a few minutes she stood up and walked back to the centre of the ring, I did the same, ready for round two.

We touched gloves for the second time and started circling one another. She went for a left jab, then another, I stepped back from each swing, guard still up, then followed up with my own left jab, then right cross., she blocked it so I again went for it, as I swung my second right cross, she used the opening to snap her fist into my right cheek. I staggered, seeing yellow stars and felt a twinge below, feeling that Clarissa wanted revenge right now and she was not going to go easy on me. I shook off the stars, however it was then that I felt her body shots. One, two, three, four. I brought my guard down to protect my stomach from a fifth and then she caught me with a hard right hook right in the left temple. My head whipped to the right from the force.

“Ouch!” I cried out, as I again saw yellow stars spin around my head and heard tweeting in my ears. Clarissa had rung my bell and I felt dreamy and dazed, but before I could recover, Clarissa sent a hard left to the right side of my head, then another left and right, whipping my head from side to side. My arms dropped down significantly as I staggered dizzily on my bare feet seeing a ring of yellow stars and blue birdies. I was rocked and nearly out on my feet, feeling my cock grow hard between my legs. She stepped forwards and slammed both gloves quick and hard on top of my head with a thud, stars flew out of my head and my eyes crossed and my tongue hang out as I gave a goofy grin. I could hear cuckoos now as a lump pushed up through the top of my head. I started to see white cartoon rabbits. Clarissa let me stand there naked and cuckoo for a moment, then she drew back her right hard and then threw a hard right uppercut right under my chin.

My head whipped back hard and fast and I saw a white flash. Clarissa told me later that my as my head whipped back from her knockout shot and my eyes had rolled up into my forehead and I had been out pretty much instantly, my body went stiff and I fell back onto the mat, the back of my head rebounded off the mat and had probably received a second K.O, as my body then flopped limp. I was still rock hard between my legs though and she could see some pre-cum on my tip. I rested still, my arms ending in my red boxing gloves, facing away from my limp, naked body. My bare feet faced away from each other slightly and she looked at my peaceful, sleeping face. My lips were parted slightly and my chest was heaving slowly. She smiled, she had knocked me out. She was not yet sure for how long, but she felt really aroused seeing me ‘asleep’ like that, knowing that she had put me there. She stepped over to me and placed her bare foot on the centre of my chest, feeling it gently rise and fall. “And now for the count out honey!” she cooed to me, then she remembered me placing my foot onto her head in the first round and decided to repay me the humiliation. She placed her bare toes onto my forehead and then lowered her foot over my face. She felt my breath on the sole of her foot and felt herself growing increasingly wet. She started to count.

“One. Two. Three…” As she counted she felt more and more aroused. Her nipples hardened and her breathing grew deeper. Finally she reached “Ten. I win!” She removed her bare foot from my face and I did not react at all. I stayed in the position I was before. She knelt down and patted my cheek “Oh you are well and truly out hun!” She exclaimed excitedly. She bit her lower lip and then removed her boxing gloves, sliding her now bare hands between her legs. Gasping, she then crawled on all fours so that her knees were either side of my head and she was facing the tops of my feet. She then slipped her knees back and lowered her clit over my nose and mouth, then she started pushing back and forwards, rubbing herself over my nose and mouth, gasping with passion as she continued “That’s it, sleep for me boy!” She cried out, gasping and going faster and faster, occasionally fingering herself until she came, all over my face and head as I slept. She finally pulled herself back onto her knees and looked down at my soaked face and head. Looking down at me she smiled, before leaving the ring to get her white towel from her corner and mopping us both up. Finally she knelt down beside my prone body again.

“Let’s do some exploring as I promised honey.” She said and started to kiss and play with my body, starting with suckling my toes, then the soles of my bare feet, working her way up my legs, over my belly and up my arms. She had left my boxing gloves on as being unconscious I did not need to use my hands. Finally she started to hear me moan as I started to come to. She then massaged the soles of my feet and slid her mouth over my hardening cock. She started to suck. My eyes fluttered open and I groggily lay there, punch drunk and still seeing white rabbits and stars from the knockout, but I felt her sucking below, I gasped grew increasingly aroused as she kept going, finally I came hard and she swallowed. As I lay there panting, still seeing the rabbits and stars, unable to think properly she asked “How about round 3 in the bedroom stud? Don’t worry, I’ll get you there!” She then rolled me over onto my front and said. “Well, I know you’re cuckoo already, but here’s some stars from my bare feet, like I wanted to do before the fight. You should have let me!”

WHAM! She slammed her bare foot hard on top of my head. The rabbits seemed to fly off from the force and the stars got bigger, cuckoos getting louder “Duh…” I replied. WHAM! WHAM! She hit me two more times with her bare feet, alternating between them to save from hurting one of her feet, did not help my head though as my eyes became hypnotic spirals and the cuckoos became much louder as the stars grew even bigger, along with my cock between my legs. “Mistress, did you get the number of those three big trucks?” I asked stupidly.

“Mmmmm.” She said. “No baby, but you had better go to sleep!” And WHAM! She hit me one more time, causing my whole body to recoil, then I blacked out again.


  • Funko221
    Funko221 Monday, 29 February 2016

    liked it like your other stories

  • josue
    josue Tuesday, 01 March 2016

    can we see a alternate ending where she lost

  • greg
    greg Saturday, 05 March 2016

    Awesome story! Love your work! :) can I ask Whatever happened to the sequels to The Dominated Sleepover?

  • thenightsky
    thenightsky Sunday, 06 March 2016

    Do you mean the ones I wrote have gone missing Greg or are you asking for more?

  • greg
    greg Monday, 07 March 2016

    A bit of both. xD I remember you wrote two sequels to the Dominated Sleepover then I couldn't find them at all. I would also like more of them. :)

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