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Minimum Security

Posted by on in Sleepy
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Pix 1


                                                          Minimum Security


            From a distance it looked like a luxury resort. Then as you got closer, you could see the fences. They were not that high, but looked threatening. There were cameras around too. Then there were the guards. Several middle aged women patrolled the grounds with handcuffs, pistols, and night sticks.

            Jessica had been transferred here from a state women’s prison. Her sentence still had 5 years to go. She had been convicted for embezzlement and stock fraud. She had hidden a stash of millions and knew a way out of the country. Now, Jessica just had to get out of here. It looked pretty easy compared to her prior home! She would check it out and soon find a means to escape.

            Maggie was the senior guard on the staff. She was stationed near the edge of the large property. She used an old carriage house as an office. The area was almost beyond view of the main building, and had no cameras. There was no need. Few attempted escape, and those that had, never got this far.

            Maggie was in her 40’s and stocky. She had brown hair and had a muscular body. Maggie had been a school gym teacher, but was discharged because she liked the girls a little too much. That hadn’t changed. She carried a tranquilizer dart pistol instead of a real gun, and often had her way with attempted escapees.

            When Jessica was released for transfer, she was allowed to put her original office outfit back on. This was a rather short red dress, sheer black pantyhose, brown leather boots, and a frilly white bra and panties set.

            Jessica was 35 years old and very attractive. She had shiny light brown hair with a few blonde highlights. Her eyes were brown, and her body was sleek and slender. She was about 5 feet 5 and weighed about 115 pounds. Her legs were her major asset. They turned heads everywhere she went. Her breasts were very small. She had a tiny waist and a narrow but cute and tight butt.

            When she arrived, she was sent to a nurse’s office for a check up and a strip search. Her hands were still handcuffed behind her from transport. The nurse had her sit on an examination table. Then she said “Before I remove your handcuffs, I’m supposed to give you something.” Then she picked up a small needle and injected Jessica’s right arm.

            As the nurse was removing the cuffs, Jessica felt lightheaded. The nurse unzipped her dress and slipped it over her head. Jessica was now too weak to sit up. The nurse gently lowered her onto the table on her back. Jessica felt one of her boots being slowly unzipped. Then it was slipped off. Now the other boot was being unzipped. Jessica’s eyes were losing focus. As her second boot was being pulled off, Jessica passed out completely.

            The nurse smiled as she looked over her newest prize. She slowly pulled down Jessica’s pantyhose and slipped them off. Then she held her in a sitting position and unsnapped her bra. As it flew open, the nurse admired her tiny but perfectly formed breasts. Next she put her back in a lie down position and slowly removed her tiny panties.

            The nurse moved her naked body all around and checked everywhere. Then she installed a special patch on the back of Jessica’s neck under her hair. It was for control. Each girl had a patch, and they could be activated by computer. The women inmates could be sedated or knocked out completely by remote control. It could be done on an individual basis, or all could be activated at once in case of a riot or a mass breakout.

            The patches were foolproof. If a woman tried to remove hers, it would inject a knock out dose and send a tracking signal. They would go right to the fallen sleeping woman and bring her in and fit her with a new patch. Then she would be disciplined. The numbers on the back of their orange jumpsuits were also the patch numbers.

            Two clever girls once tried an escape. They switched suits. When the guard saw #21 going over the fence, she activated the number in the computer. When the girl didn’t fall, she didn’t understand why. Then she got a message that #15 had fallen in the yard. She suddenly realized the plan. The girls had switched suits!  She quickly fully sedated #15. Then she went to the fence and found #21 unconscious on the ground not far from the fence. She was dragged back, and both girls woke up in the discipline unit.

            Jessica woke up after about 2 hours. She was in a bright orange jumpsuit with a zipper down the front. A large number 11 was on the front and back. The remainder of her clothing, her underwear, pantyhose and boots were the same as she came in with. Then she reached behind her neck and felt the patch. The nurse warned her not to touch it. If she did, it would knock her out and send a tracking signal. She would then be disciplined. She was not told that she could be sedated or knocked out by remote control though.

Jessica spent the remainder of the day in her room. She looked out the window and checked out the grounds. She could see an area in the distance with what seemed to be a small carriage house. The fence looked lower there. She would have to check this out soon.        

The next morning, after breakfast, the women were allowed outside to walk around the grounds for exercise. Jessica started exploring. A young blonde girl named Kelly came up to her. She quickly befriended her.

Kelly had been a high end call girl. She was 26 and was here for 8 years. She had green eyes and was built like a perky cheerleader. She was about 5 foot 3 and had well rounded breasts. Her legs were bare and she was wearing sneakers. The guards let her keep them, but had removed the laces.

Kelly told Jessica the rules and ropes. Kelly warned her that she could be sedated of knocked out by remote control with the patch. She also told her about some of the guards. When Jessica asked Kelly about the small carriage hose in the distance, she didn’t know much about it. She did know however that some girls were taken there at night. They would never say why though. They were all afraid to talk it seemed.

Jessica thanked Kelly and bid her goodbye. As Kelly walked away, she noted her number. It was #15. Jessica continued to snoop around. When she got about half way to the end of the property, she was stopped by a guard and asked not to go any further. She knew now, that she must wait until after dark.

After lights out, Jessica carefully sneaked outside. She kept a low profile and advanced in small leaps like a soldier on a military mission. Soon she was where she was forced to turn back. She continued on this time and worked her way to the distant fence near the small house.

Maggie was sitting at her desk in the small house when the phone rang. She was told that someone was headed her way. She thanked the other guard and looked outside. It was dark, but the orange suit stood out. It was #11. She checked the roster. It was the newest girl Jessica. Ah fresh meat!  She waited for her to get closer. She thought about sedating her with the computer. Then she thought otherwise. She didn’t want anyone to know. She would dart her instead.

Jessica went around the small house. It was dark inside. Maggie had turned off the lights. Jessica worked her way to the fence. There was a spot with a stone wall half as high as the fence. She climbed up on the wall. When she lifted her right leg to go over the fence she felt a sudden sting in her right thigh.

Jessica reached around and pulled a feathered dart out of her leg. She tossed it on the ground and continued her escape. As she lifted her leg back up, she became dizzy and lost her balance. She fell off the stone wall onto the grass below. As she tried to get up, her vision became blurred. She saw an older woman approach her. Jessica was too out of it to even realize what had happened.

Maggie approached her new prey with flashlight in hand. She was on the ground and her eyes were glazed and fluttering. She watched for a few seconds and then saw Jessica’s eyes roll and close. Then her head slumped to the side as she passed out. Maggie put the flashlight in her pocket and grabbed Jessica from under her arms. She dragged her to the carriage house and carried her inside over her shoulder. Then she placed Jessica’s totally limp body on a small sofa and turned on the lights.

Maggie was awestruck at her beauty! She was hers now! She would be out from the dart for several hours. When she woke up she would be given options. For now though, it was time to play. Maggie slowly pulled the zipper of Jessica’s jump suit all the way down. Then she held her up and slipped it off her shoulders and tossed it on the floor.

Next she slowly unzipped Jessica’s boots and eased them off. Her legs and feet in the pantyhose would amuse her for some time. But first she had to see those breasts. She lifted her up and unsnapped her white lace bra. The boobs were tiny and precious! Maggie had a thing for small breasts! Oh yes, this one was special all right. She played with her stocking legs and feet until she started to wake up. Then she handcuffed her.

When Jessica woke up, she as groggy and disoriented. She was in her underpants and pantyhose. Then she saw Maggie standing over her and was startled. Maggie spoke softly.

“You are in a lot of trouble now #11.” Maggie said. “I have you for attempted escape. If I turn you in, you will get 3 more years.”

Jessica begged “Please don’t turn me in! I’ll do anything you want!”

Maggie told her that she would have to come to her in the evenings whenever asked. Jessica agreed. Then Maggie told her that she had something for her to wear.

            Jessica watched as Maggie picked up a white dust mask and strapped it over her nose and mouth. Then Maggie opened a brown bottle. “Chloroform” it said on the label. Jessica was frightened! Wasn’t that supposed to knock you out? Jessica watched in horror as Maggie poured some on the front of the dust mask right under her nose.

            The fumes were sweet and intense. Jessica felt lightheaded right away. Maggie told her to relax and breathe normally. Soon Jessica could hear a dull ringing in her ears. Next her eyes lost focus and started blinking on their own. She tried to stay awake, but it was hopeless. Her eyes suddenly rolled up into her head and she collapsed onto the sofa.

            Maggie was all smiles as she watched her new plaything pass out. She slowly peeled of her pantyhose. Then she carefully slipped Jessica’s tiny panties down and off. She left the mask on her and cradle carried her into her bedroom. After she placed the very limp Jessica on the bed, she removed her own clothes. Then she enjoyed Jessica in every possible way.

            When Jessica finally woke up, she was on her back on a bed, totally naked and her hands were cuffed over her head and through the bed frame. Soon Maggie entered the room and introduced herself. She told Jessica that she would be going back to her room soon. If she told anyone, she would be turned in for escaping. She would be escorted back here by the guards often from now on.

            Jessica listened in total disgust. She had been sucked in and made a sex slave on her first day. She would play along. She had no choice. She would find a way to escape anyway though. She was fairly confident. Right now she had other problems though. Maggie had the bottle of chloroform and was pouring some on a small white cloth.

            Maggie approached the helpless Jessica with the dripping wet cloth. She then gently, but firmly held it over Jessica’s nose and mouth. Jessica umpped and tried to pull away, but it was hopeless. There was nowhere to go. She was still groggy from the previous drugging also. Jessica finally just gave in and inhaled willingly. She passed out completely after about 30 seconds.

            Maggie undid the handcuffs and slowly re-dressed the limp Jessica. When she was fully dressed, she let her sleep off the chloroform. Then after she woke up, she escorted her back to the main building. She turned her over to another guard there and told the guard to bring her to the carriage house after sundown tomorrow.

            Jessica was escorted back to her room. She would talk to Kelly about Maggie in the morning. She wouldn’t tell her what happened though. She didn’t know if she could trust her. This was not going to be as easy as she thought. They could track her and sedate her by remote control with the patch. They knocked her out for the strip search. The guard knocked her out with a dart and chloroform! So much for “minimum security”!


Pix 2


            It was 9 AM and time for Kelly to report to the nurse. She had been reporting for 6 weeks. It was only once a week now. In the beginning it had been every day. Kelly had been caught in an escape plot, and had aided another inmate by switching jump suits. The other girl Carol was ordered to report to Maggie for discipline. Kelly had to report to the nurse. Kelly had never had a chance to talk to Carol since the escape attempt. Carol was moved to another building.

            Kelly wondered what would happen at today’s session. In all sessions so far, the nurse had her sit on the table. Then she gave her an injection in the arm. Kelly would pass out within a minute, and wake up hours later. After that, she was allowed to leave. Lately she had been waking up after two or three hours. In the beginning it was much longer though. She was out for the entire day sometimes.

            The beautiful 26 year old blonde didn’t really worry about what went on while she was under anymore. It was way better than other forms of discipline. She had been a call girl for years and there was little anyone could do to her body, that hadn’t already been done. Still she wondered what the nurse meant when she said that today would be different though.

            As usual Kelly was asked to sit on the nurse’s examination table. This time there was no shot though. The nurse had a black rubber mask with 2 hoses attached to it. She placed it over Kelly’s nose and mouth, and fastened a strap behind her head to hold it firmly in place. Then she put her arm around Kelly’s shoulder and turned on a valve.

            Kelly could hear a hissing sound and the fumes smelled sweet. There was some kind of fruit scenting to the gas. As Kelly inhaled she felt relaxed and disconnected. If the nurse wasn’t holding her, she surely would have fallen down after about 30 seconds. Her head was light as a feather and everything was spinning around.

            The nurse smiled and held Kelly firmly as she continued to inhale the powerful sleeping gas. Kelly’s beautiful green eyes had blinked a few times, but were now beginning a rapid flutter. It was about that time! Suddenly Kelly’s eyes rolled up and closed tightly and her head went totally limp on the nurse’s arm. She continued to hold Kelly in that position for several minutes as the gas hissed on.

            Finally the nurse carefully lowered Kelly’s limp body to the examination table. She placed her on her back, but left the mask on and the gas running. The nurse slowly pulled the zipper of Kelly’s orange jumpsuit all the way down and pulled it open. Next she slipped her sneakers off. Since she was not allowed laces since the escape, they slipped off easily. Kelly’s bare legs and feet were awesome.

            The nurse lifted Kelly into a sitting position and removed her jumpsuit completely. Then she put her on her back again and admired her in just her bra and panties. They were a pink matched set and were shiny and easy to see through. The nurse slipped Kelly’s bra straps off her shoulders. Her breasts were larger than average. When the nurse lifted her to sitting position, the boobs started to pop out over the top of the bra now that the straps were down.

            When the nurse reached behind Kelly and unsnapped the bra, it flew open and the breasts popped out to play! The nurse quickly pulled the bra off completely and tossed it aside. Now it was time to put Kelly on her back and slip off her panties. She was a real silky haired blonde everywhere! The nurse tossed the panties aside and turned off the gas.

            When the nurse lifted Kelly’s head up to remove the mask, she was delightfully limp. She had inhaled the gas for 15 minutes now! Kelly would be out for several hours. The nurse opened Kelly’s mouth slightly to complete the look. Then she got her camera and snapped some photos. When enough pictures were taken, the nurse cradle carried Kelly into an infirmary room and placed her on a bed. The nurse then undressed and had her way with Kelly’s limp body for nearly two hours.

            When the two hour mark approached, the nurse carried Kelly back to the table and strapped on the gas mask once more. Kelly never woke up. This time she left the gas on for over twenty minutes. Then she removed the mask and dressed Kelly in a black string bikini and took more pictures. This went on for hours. Outfit after outfit, picture after picture, then more gas and back to the infirmary room.

            Kelly woke up on the examination table dressed exactly as she was when she went to sleep. It was nearly six! She went under at just after nine. She was helped off the table by the nurse and was sent to dinner. Kelly felt lightheaded and dreamy as she walked away. She had to return in 3 days now. As Kelly went to dinner, she saw Jessica being led away by a male guard. It was only her second night here. Could Jessica be in trouble already?

            Jessica was in trouble all right! Maggie had her under her power, and Maggie had a lot of power indeed! But her troubles with Maggie would come later. Jim was a heavy set guard about 30 years old. He lifted weights and had huge arm and shoulder muscles. Jim had a foot fetish and especially like boots and pantyhose. Jessica was wearing both, and he was told to bring her to the carriage house at 9. She had no way to know that though. He picked her up a 6 and led her his own way.

            Jim had a friend in the office. He told her Jessica’s number and she would activate her patch to sedate her any minute. After about 5 more minutes, she would be put to sleep completely by computer. Jim had a place in mind already and was walking her in that direction.

            It was almost completely dark now and Jessica wasn’t sure where she was being led. It seemed like a roundabout route to her, but she didn’t say anything. She could not afford any more trouble. As she was led past a small building, she suddenly felt lightheaded. She continued to walk, but was beginning to stagger. Suddenly, Jim put his strong arm around her and helped her around the side of the building. It was a supply shed. Jim opened the door with a key and led the sleepy Jessica inside. It was very dimly lit inside.

            Jessica could no longer stand up by herself. As Jim picked her up and began to cradle carry her, she felt relaxed and safe in his strong arms. He put her down gently on a wooden bench. Jim sat on the bench and put Jessica on her back with her legs over his lap. Then he began to slowly unzip her left boot.

            Jessica knew what was happening, but could not seem to move. She could feel her boot being unzipped and gently slipped off. Then he started to unzip the other one. Soon, it too was removed and tossed on the floor. Jessica was way past caring. She lay in a relaxed and dreamy state, staring at the ceiling of the small shed. All of a sudden she felt the zipper of her jump suit being pulled down. She tried to lift an arm to stop it, but her arms were limp as noodles. She lay there helpless as the zipper was pulled all the way down.

            Jim was watching Jessica’s eyes carefully. She should have passed out by now! Then it finally happened. Her eyes began a delicious rapid fluttering. Then in a few seconds they rolled up and closed fully. Her head slumped to the left as she went out completely. She was his now!

            Jim removed her jump suit and bra. He wasn’t into breasts that small, so he focused on her panty hosed legs and feet. They were way beyond his expectations. He played with them for several hours. He must have put her boots back on just to take them off again 10 times! Then he dressed her and waited for her to wake up.

            Jessica woke up nearly 2 hours later and felt great. There was no more dizziness. She got up and walked out of the shed on Jim’s arm. She asked Jim what had happened. He told her that she got dizzy and passed out. She really couldn’t remember anything. She continued to walk at a steady pace until they reached the carriage house. Jim knocked on the door and waited.

            Maggie came to the door and led Jessica inside. She told Jim to pick her up and take her back to her room at midnight. Then he left. Jessica was told to sit in a large stuffed chair.

            Jessica didn’t know what would come next. When Maggie returned with a small white cloth and a bottle of chloroform, she soon knew her fate. She sat quietly and didn’t move. Maggie pulled the lever on the chair and put Jessica in a reclined position. Then she soaked the cloth with what seemed like too much chloroform. Jessica choked on the strong fumes as the cloth was held tightly over her nose and mouth.

            Maggie was speaking now. She told her to breathe normally and relax. Then she warned her not to resist. If she did as she was told, she would not be harmed or turned in for escaping. Suddenly Maggie’s words were difficult to understand. She sounded far away. Jessica could not see either. Everything was a blur. Maggie said “There now, that’s a good girl.” That’s the last thing Jessica remembered.

            Maggie held the cloth on her for over a minute after she passed out. She wanted her deeply under for a while. As she lifted her first leg to remove her boot, she realized just how out she was. Jessica was as limp as a rag doll. Just the way Maggie wanted her. She slipped off her boots first. Then she took off her jump suit. Her pantyhose were carefully peeled off next. Finally she carried her over her shoulder to the bedroom in just her bra and panties.

            Maggie played with Jessica for several hours. Then she started to wake up. Now for the real fun and games Maggie decided.

            Jessica woke up on a bed in just her bra and panties. Maggie was standing over her. Maggie told her to remove her bra. Jessica obediently reached behind her back and undid both snaps. Then she pulled it off as she was told and laid it on the bed. Maggie took the bra from the bed and put several tissues inside one of the cups. Then she opened the bottle of chloroform and soaked the tissues thoroughly. She handed it back to Jessica.

            Maggie was talking again. She said “I think you know what to do with this bra now.” Jessica held the cup with the chloroform soaked tissues over her nose and mouth and inhaled normally. Maggie watched as Jessica slowly and helplessly passed out again. Then Maggie tied the bra around the back of Jessica’s head to keep the chloroformed cup in place. Maggie had her way with Jessica’s limp body for several more hours.

            Jessica woke up suddenly and was in just her panties now. Maggie was still there. Jessica looked at the clock. It was after 1. She asked why Jim hadn’t come for her yet. Maggie said that she called him and told him that they were a little behind schedule. Then she ordered Jessica to remove her panties. Jessica complied. She already had a pretty good idea of what would come next.

            Maggie took the panties and opened the bottle of chloroform. Then she poured so much on them, that the excess dripped on the floor. Maggie then gently held the soaking wet panties over Jessica’s nose and mouth.

            Jessica’s mind reeled from the intense fumes. She was dizzy almost instantly and passed out within 20 seconds. She felt like she was spinning in a free fall as she went out.

            Maggie smiled and pulled the panties away after a few seconds. Then she wrung them out and hung them to dry next to her bra. While they were drying, Maggie enjoyed Jessica’s totally limp, and now nude body. After an hour or so, she began to re-dress the still unconscious prisoner. Then she placed her back in the reclined chair.

            Jessica woke up about an hour later. She was dizzy and disoriented. She was back in the chair fully dressed. She seemed to remember a bedroom. Then there was something about her bra. She felt it and it was there and dry. Then she reached under her pantyhose and felt her panties. They were dry too. Was it all a dream? She had been drugged so much, that she couldn’t be sure. Anyway, it was over. Jim was there to take her back.

            Jim enjoyed the walk back with her. She was delightfully drowsy and had to lean on him all the way. He liked that. Nothing was more fun than taking a sleepy girl home and putting her to bed. Once he had her inside her room he called his friend Laura in the office. That was the favor he owed her. Then he left.

            Jessica sat on the edge of her bed and unzipped her boots. As she slipped the first boot off, Jessica suddenly went limp and fell back onto the bed. She never knew what hit her.

            Laura had knocked her out her by computer right after Jim’s call. Now she was entering Jessica’s room with her pass key.  Jessica was out like a light, and was on her back on the bed. She still had one of her boots on. That was a good thing. Laura liked boots and pantyhose too! For the next 3 hours Laura would now enjoy the limp Jessica. What a friend she had in Jim and vice versa. Ah life was good!

Carol was in a very small room in a special building. She had been there for 6 weeks since her last escape attempt. Carol was already in for 15 years when she was caught the first time. That time she was given 3 more years for her trouble. This time was even worse. Maggie had agreed not to turn her in and get her sentence increased. Instead she had to report to Maggie often for so called discipline.

            Carol was 24 and pretty tough and street smart. She had been a model in the city. Carol did pantyhose and underwear modeling mostly, and had a great body. She had long silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She was 5 foot 5 and slender with long and shapely legs. Her feet were especially attractive too.

            One day a photographer got out of hand during a bra and panties shoot and she hit him with the camera tripod. He went down, and she thought he was just unconscious. She got dressed and went home. It turned out that he was dead, and the police soon came and arrested her. Since she was so attractive, she was sent here instead of the regular women’s prison.

            Carol had been kept isolated since her last escape attempt. She was worried about what had happened to Kelly, the girl that tried to help her. There was nothing she could do for now though. Carol was due to be brought to Maggie in less than an hour.

            Carol remembered the first time she had to go to the carriage house. Maggie made her take a pill and drink some wine. Soon she felt sleepy and dreamy, and remembered Maggie starting to undress her. Her jumpsuit zipper was slowly pulled down. Then she remembered it being pulled off over her shoulders. The next thing Carol knew she woke up naked on a bed with a needle taped to her arm.

            Carol remembered trying to pull the needle out, but her arm wouldn’t move. Then Maggie pushed the needle’s plunger in slightly. Carol passed out instantly. Then later when she woke up, she could hear Maggie’s voice. She asked question after question. Carol answered every one without hesitation. Then the questions became very revealing about sexual fantasies. Carol tried to resist. Maggie injected her with more of the drug and she passed out again.

            That was all Carol could remember. She knew that she had revealed every secret in her life to Maggie though. She knew her fears, phobias, and sexual preferences. Carol was into both men and women. She also had a sleepy fetish. As a child she always imagined what it would be like to be put to sleep. Maggie could now totally control her.

            The first time that Maggie had given her chloroform; she pulled the cloth away just before she passed out. Then when she became more alert, she would give her more. It went on and on and drove Carol up the wall. Carol desperately wanted to slip under completely. Maggie kept depriving her though. Then she made Carol promise things. In that vulnerable “nearly out” state, Carol only knew one answer. “Yes!” After she would say yes to several demands, Maggie would finally put her under completely.

            After 6 weeks of almost daily treatments and drugging, Carol was a total slave to Maggie. She would get down on her knees and beg to be put to sleep. She would do anything Maggie wanted. Tonight she was told that she would get a special treat. She waited patiently for the guard to come for her.

            When Carol finally entered the carriage house, she knew somehow that things were different. Maggie was smiling and had her sit on the sofa. Now Maggie was pouring chloroform on a small square of white cloth. Carol hoped she would put her all the way under right away.

            As soon as Carol was getting lightheaded, Maggie pulled the cloth away. Maggie told her not to worry and that she would be going to sleep soon. She had never promised anything like that before. Now Maggie was removing Carol’s jumpsuit. Carol helped, and it was quickly removed and tossed aside. Carol was now in a skimpy black bra and panties set with ultra sheer nude colored pantyhose and black sling back high heels.

            Maggie decided to sedate Carol a little further before continuing to undress her. This time she held the cloth until her eyes started to flutter. Carol’s sleepy head fell back onto the sofa as Maggie began to remove her shoes. Maggie could have easily just slipped them off. Instead she unbuckled the straps first and then slipped the shoes off. After that, she carefully peeled off Carol’s sheer pantyhose.

            Carol was barely aware of what was happening. She was too far gone from the chloroform. Now Maggie was sitting beside her with the cloth in her hand. Maggie placed her arm around Carol and held the cloth ever close to her nose. Carol instinctively inhaled deeply to try and put herself under. Maggie pulled the cloth away to keep her awake just a little longer.

            Maggie spoke softly. She told Carol that Kelly and a new girl that she didn’t know named Jessica would be there soon. They would be making a video. Carol would get to put both girls’ to sleep and play with them. It would all be recorded on video. Carol was very excited. Now Maggie held the cloth firmly on Carol and told her it was time for her to go to sleep. As Carol’s eyes began to flutter, Maggie said “sweet dreams.” Carol’s eyes then closed and her head fell limp on Maggie’s shoulder. Maggie held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds and pulled it away.

            When Jessica and Kelly were brought in, Carol was out like a light with her head resting on the back of the sofa in just her bra and panties set. Her mouth was half way open. The girls didn’t ask why she was out. They knew Maggie had put her to sleep. They both knew the routine by now. Tonight wouldn’t be anything like the normal routine though.

            Maggie ordered Kelly and Jessica to remove their jumpsuits. Maggie took them and put them aside. Next the girls were told to sit on the sofa on either side of Carol. Maggie soaked the cloth with chloroform and held it on Kelly first. When her eyes began to flutter, she pulled it away and held it on Jessica. When Jessica’s eyes were fluttering, she pulled it away and started the camera.

            The camera was on a tripod and a wide angle lens showed the width of the sofa and then some. Unconscious Carol was in the center, and the heavily sedated Jessica was on the right and sleepy Kelly on the left. All was ready. Maggie waited for Carol to wake up.

            When Carol woke up, she saw Kelly first. Kelly’s eyes were glazed and sleepy looking. Then she turned around and saw Jessica. Carol was entranced by her immediately. She looked glassy eyed and drugged as well. Now Kelly was asking her if she was all right and kissing her. Carol kissed her back and answered.

            Maggie handed the wet chloroform cloth to Carol and told her it was time to put Kelly to sleep and remove her sneakers. Carol took the cloth and gently placed it over Kelly’s nose and mouth. Kelly inhaled normally and was not afraid of Carol. Carol on the other hand was in fantasy overdrive as she watched the helpless Kelly slowly pass out! Soon Kelly was totally limp with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Carol pulled the cloth away and placed it on the sofa.

            Next Carol got up off the sofa, got down on her knees, and slipped off Kelly’s sneakers. Once they were off, Maggie suggested that Jessica should be relieved of her big heavy boots. As Carol turned that way and reached for one of Jessica’s boot zippers, Maggie told her to stop. “Put her to sleep first!” Maggie ordered.

            Jessica sat disgusted as she helplessly watched Carol pick up the cloth. Maggie came over and snatched it from her. She soaked it with fresh chloroform first. Then she handed the cloth back to Carol and told her to proceed. Jessica braced herself as the now dripping cloth was placed over her nose and mouth.

            Jessica could only cooperate. There was no other way. Carol tingled all over inside as she watched Jessica’s beautiful eyes go into rapid flutter. Soon they rolled closed and Jessica fell limp against the back of the sofa. Carol held the cloth on her a little longer and then put it down.

            Carol was soon on her knees ever so slowly unzipping Jessica’s boots and slipping them off. Once the boots were put aside, Carol began to rub Jessica’s legs to enjoy the pantyhose. Being a pantyhose model, Carol loved the feel of nylon. She played with them for about 10 minutes until Maggie told her to take them off.

            Carol slowly peeled off the sheer hose. Jessica’s legs were awesome! Maggie took the hose from her and asked her to sit on the sofa. Maggie said “so you like pantyhose do you?” “Why don’t you sniff them?”

            Carol held Jessica’s pantyhose up to her nose and inhaled in ecstasy. Then she saw Maggie open the bottle of chloroform. Maggie took the hose from Carol’s hands and poured chloroform all over them. Then she handed them back to Carol.

            Carol didn’t need any prompting! She held the soaked hose over her nose and mouth and inhaled her deepest. She kept looking at Maggie, thinking it was too good to be true. She thought Maggie would take them away before she went under. To Carol’s surprise, Maggie didn’t interfere at all. She let Carol go all the way under. After Carol passed out, Maggie rested her limp head in Kelly’s lap and left the soaked hose on her face for now to keep her under.

            Kelly was waking up. Maggie took the still soaked pantyhose off of Carol’s face, and held them in her right hand. She waited for the right moment that she knew would come.

            Kelly woke up dreamy and saw Maggie standing over her. Then she looked in her lap and saw Carol’s limp head there. Then Maggie spoke. “Carol likes pantyhose. These are Jessica’s. Carol was sniffing them. I want to see what you look like in these but they are too wet now you see. In fact I think they are still wet enough to put you under! Why don’t we try them now?” 

            Kelly umpped as the soaking wet hose were placed over her nose and mouth. She was dizzy within a few seconds. Everything was spinning around like she was falling. There was little question that they were wet enough as far as Kelly was concerned. Her eyes were blinking and losing focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Maggie smiled as she watched Kelly pass out and go limp once more. Then she waited for Jessica to wake up. She left the still damp hose on the sofa next to Kelly.

            Jessica was awake now. She looked around as her eyes came back into focus. Kelly and Carol were still out. Maggie was giving her instructions now. Jessica stood up as ordered. Next she lifted Carol up and removed her bra. Carol, now topless, was placed in a sitting position next to Kelly. Now it was time to remove Kelly’s bra. Jessica unsnapped it and slipped it off of Kelly’s limp body.

            Maggie picked Jessica’s pantyhose up from the sofa. She held them up and told Jessica how Carol sniffed them and put herself to sleep. Then she explained how she put Kelly under with them. Next, Maggie opened the chloroform bottle and re-soaked the hose for Jessica. As Maggie held the soaked hose over Jessica’s nose and mouth she told her that it was only fair that she be put under with them now. After all they were her pantyhose to start with.

            Jessica inhaled willingly. Actually she felt kind of erotic being put under with her own hose! When Jessica heard that the others had been put under by them, it excited her even more for some reason. She breathed her deepest ever now.  Jessica went under much quicker than normal this time. The dose was heavy and the hose didn’t absorb much. Within 30 seconds she was long gone. Maggie held the hose on her for another 30 seconds after she was out. Then she pulled them away and unsnapped Jessica’s bra and removed it. Jessica was placed against the back of the sofa topless just like the others.

 Maggie stepped back and looked into the camera viewer. Yes, everything was in perfect frame. It was all on tape. Maggie watched her 3 topless sleeping beauties while she decided how their panties would be removed when they woke up. She already had a few scenarios in mind. Perhaps she would let Carol decide and direct that scene….








The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.



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