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Christina's Creep

Posted by on in Chloro
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The warmth from the rays of sun shining through the window woke Christina. For whatever reason, these past few days she had been sleeping in later than usual. She thought maybe she was just a little sick because she would always wake up feeling a little sluggish and had a slight headache. But after a few hours of being awake she would return to normal. Today was no different. Christina checked her phone. 10 a.m. Crap! She only had an hour to get ready!

Today she was supposed to go to a Women & Wine lunch fundraiser. She forced herself out of bed and into the shower. The steam helped clear her head. She then straightened her chestnut brown hair and put on a white tube dress. It was tight on her but it was a hit with the guys and she was single so she decided to play it a little dangerous today. A pushup bra gave her breasts the slightest bounce as she walked. Now for her white g-string….which was nowhere to be found. Come to think of it, a few of her favorite g-strings and panties were missing. She had wanted to wash them this morning so she could pick the sexiest one to wear. The only other one she could find that wouldn’t show through the thin white dress was a light blue thong. Not having any other choice, she slipped it on. Christina examined herself in the mirror. Her lightly tanned legs would look even better in some white high heels. She slipped those on and headed to the event.

The fundraiser lunch was enjoyable and she did receive quite a lot of attention from the guys but she was still feeling a bit tired so she decided to duck out early and head home. Maybe an evening of rest would help more than the wine she had drank. She drove home, slipped of the high heels and collapsed on her couch. Christina dozed for a bit but then decided to watch some tv. She put on her favorite comedy and zoned out. After a few episode she started to feel more alert. Maybe she would order a pizza for dinner. She was about to get up when something sinister caught her eye. In the reflection of the tv, she could see the outline of a man standing behind her couch. She couldn’t make out any details. Maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her. Yeah, that had to be it. She was tired and seeing things…but then he raised his hand.

Christina froze in fear as the reflection of the hand came down on her head and started to gently stroke her hair. Tears of fear welled up in her eyes. She wanted to speak but couldn’t find her voice. She tried again and a small squeak came out.

“Shhhhhhh”, said the man. “Be a good girl now.”

Her heart was pounding. “Please….don’t hurt me. I’ll give you anything you want.” “Aw, what a good girl.” The man stopped stroking her hair and reached his hand into his pocket. Christina was too afraid to turn around and look at what he was doing. All she could do was watch his reflection in the tv. He pulled out a wad of something. As he unfolded it and dangled it off his finger she knew what it was…one of her g-strings. The man wrapped it around his first two fingers and sniffed it before bringing it around to her nose.

“You smell so good, baby.” He said. Christina didn’t want to make the man angry so she sniffed. Her scent was quite pleasant, a mild feminine scent. It seemed to please the man so she took another sniff. The man reached his other hand into his pants and began to play with himself. Christina sat there awkwardly sniffing her own g-string. She wondered how long he would keep her here.

The man then removed his hand from his pants and reached into his pocket again. This time, he removed what looked like a small bottle of lens cleaner for glasses. He spritzed the bottle a few times onto her g-string and brought it back to her nose. The smell made her sinuses burn slightly. What was this stuff? She tried to shake her head away from his fingers but he placed his other hand on top of her head to keep her still. She took a shallow sniff. The chemical smell was over whelming. She tried just breathing through her mouth. That seemed to work. But the man caught on and took his hand off her head and brought it over her mouth. Now she was practically suffocating on the fumes. “That’s it, take your medicine, baby. Shhhhh. Just take your medicine.”

Christina tried holding her breath in hopes that the man would pull away the chemical soaked g-string soon. No luck. After a few moments it felt like her lungs were about to burst. The man was onto her tactic as well. Just as she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, he let go of her mouth for just a split second, long enough for her body to force her to take a deep breath, before clamping her mouth shut again. This forced her to take a deep breath through her nose. The chemical scent mixed with her feminine scent was strong as it overcame her lungs.

The room began to spin and she began to feel as if she was melting into the couch. Her body was forcing her to breathe the fumes now and she was finding them more and more bearable with each breath. Fear was turning into a soft sedation. Her eyes could no longer focus on the reflection of the man. The show on the television was now just a big colorful blur. Her head began to lull to the side. The man took his hand off her mouth and reached it into the top of her dress. She couldn’t help but feel relaxed as his strong warm hand massaged her breasts. She continued to breathe the fumes in a slow rhythmic pace. The man removed his hand from her top and reached it under her dress. She was in ecstasy as he caressed her most feminine parts. He removed his hand and placed his fingers over her lips, gently sliding her sweet juices over her succulent rose pedal lips.

Her eyes were fluttering closed now. The man removed the g-string from her nose. She could hear him walking around to the front of the couch now. She felt him pick up her feet and place them on the other side of the couch, forcing her to lie down. She felt his hand begin to stroke her forehead. Then she felt the slightest pinch on the side of her neck. The man began to say something but his voice sounded like a warbled mess.


Christina sat upright. She was still on her couch. The annoying headache was back but much stronger now. That was the weirdest and most vivid dream she’d ever had. She stood up and felt something odd. She reached under her dress…no thong! A chill went down her spine. That was just a dream, right? A DVD on her coffee table caught her eye. It was just a standard silver faced DVD but a heart had been crudely drawn on it with a red marker. She sluggishly walked to the DVD player and set the disc inside. She hit play.

The video was of her in her bed sleeping! She watched in nervous anticipation as a man stepped out from behind the camera and made his way to her bed. She knew it was the same man from before. Her body went cold as she watched the man produce a thick white cotton cloth from his pocket and spritz it with the bottle. He then held it a mere inch from her sleeping face. It all made sense now. This creep had been breaking into her bedroom at night, drugging her, and stealing her panties for his own sick pleasure! She fast forwarded the video. After a few minutes the man checked her eyes and then firmly clamped the cloth over her face for a moment.

Despite being horrified, Christina felt oddly aroused. This was new and exciting. And the man clearly didn’t want to cause her harm. Maybe she would wait a few days before getting new locks. And maybe she would take a trip to the lingerie store for some new panties. She wondered what kind he likes best….

For some reason, my new story was published with no spaces despite me writing it in a double spaced format. My apologies. If anyone knows how I can fix it, please let me know.


  • Collector
    Collector Thursday, 26 May 2016

    Such an amazing story, just leaps ahead of your previous stories :). Superbly well written from start to finish, excellent work bigskyguy :D:).

  • josue
    josue Thursday, 26 May 2016


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