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The Harrsion Middle School affair

Photo shared by on in Sleepy
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 Harrison Middle School Affair

1: Jill to the Rescue

Jill Benner had worked at the Harrison middle school for about a year and a half now, after she got discharged from the Army.  She started as the science teacher but moved to the 5th grade at the beginning of the school year, which made her happy.  She was now teaching the same grade as her best friend May Conner. Who had taken Jill under her wing when she had gotten the teaching job. Plus, Jill had taken a liking to the young custodian, Jim Brandon.  She thought that he liked her also.

She had gotten to know Jim really well, having coffee and lunch with him several times.  She knew he was going to school for private investigations, and had met a young African American woman, about the same age as Jill, named Beverly Spencer.  The two had done several projects together and worked well together.  Jim thought them might take a chance and open their own private investigation firm when they graduated.

Jill knew Jim didn’t believe in work place romances, he thought nothing good could come of it. So neither of them perused the romance.  She did enjoy his company though.

On the teaching end of the job Jill was one of the most popular teachers at Harrison middle school.  There were three teachers teaching 5th grade at the school. Jill, May and a woman named Debbie Crenshaw.  Debbie Crenshaw had taught at the school for about five years.  The children in her class weren’t bad children Jill thought, they just had a bad teacher. It seemed like Debbie blamed the children for everything.  She seemed to be shouting at them all the time.  Jill and Debbie often clashed at meetings, and Jill had on more than one occasion let Debbie know what she thought.  Jill always spoke her mind. The School principal had ordered Jill, May and Debbie to hash out their problems, so it wouldn’t hinder the education of the children.

On this day nothing exciting had happened, Jill was copying some test papers for the next day, and had to grade some reports that night.  May was going to meet her and they were going to go out to the diner down the street for an early dinner, Jim had recommended it for the price and the food was good also. Knowing Jim, it also had a few beautiful waitresses.

Suddenly a young girl comes rushing into the teachers’ lounge.  “Ms. Benner, Ms. Benner come quick there is a boy in the girls’ locker room,” said a young girl.

“What!” Jill shouted. She recognized the girl as Alisa Clinton, a student in Debbie Crenshaw’s class.  She was wearing gymnastic clothes, and Jill remember she was on the schools Gymnastics team.

“Some boy is in the locker room and all the girls are hiding in the showers, I snuck past him to get help,” Alisa told Jill.

“Who was supposed to be watching you girls today,” Jill asked Alisa?

“Ms. Crenshaw, but she left early. She said something about a date and couldn’t be held up by a bunch of little girls,” Alisa told Jill.

Again Debbie Crenshaw Jill thought.  Well this time Debbie wasn’t going to get away with abandoning children at the end of the day, especially little girls scantily clad in a locker room.  “Okay Alisa calm down and lead me to the locker, we’ll see if we can find Jim or any of the custodial staff to come with us.” Jill told the young girl.  Jill would feel better if she had another adult with her.  She was an Army veteran, but was only an office clerk not an infantryman.  It would be great if she ran into Jim, he was a U.S. Marine veteran who was in recognizes and a combat veteran.

The girl’s locker room was on the other side of the gym, Alisa ran down the hall, and Jill briskly walked behind her.  Her high heels wouldn’t let her run without the risk of falling.  “Hurry up Ms. Benner, hurry,” Alisa shouted.

“I’ll be there Alisa, just don’t go rushing in without me,” Jill replied thinking she should have taken her heels off in the lounge.

Alisa didn’t listen to Jill and usual for a 12-year-old. Jill got to the door of the locker room where Alisa was standing.  “He’s in here somewhere, Ms. Benner,” Alisa said.

Jill peered into the locker room and all was quiet, no one was about.  Jill felt a little nervous, they didn’t run into any of the custodial staff or any other teachers.  Jill knew May was up in her classroom, and should have called her friend to meet them there, but she didn’t.

“Where was the man, Alisa,” asked Jill?

“He was down the middle isle between the lockers. I was going to my locker when I saw him,” Alisa told Jill.

Jill walked into the locker room, her heels clacking on the floor.  She wanted to make sure who ever it was heard her coming.  She made sure that Alisa was behind her, she didn’t need a hostage situation.  Standing at the end of the row of locker in the middle of the isle Jill said, “Whoever you are come out now and the Police won’t be called.” 

Jill waited a few moments and said again, “Come on out, I’m going to call the Police.”

She reached for her cell phone in the left pocket of her skirt, but felt nothing.  “DAM! I left in charging in the teachers’ lounge,” she thought.

She said one more time more sternly, “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, COME OUT NOW!”

She could feel Alisa standing close behind her.  “Go get the other girls, and get out of here Alisa,” Jill told the young girl.  Then she saw movement at the end of the row of locker on her left.  A head peered around the corner.  Jill felt nervous, she hoped whoever it was, wasn’t armed.  Jill also felt a little excited, being in a perilous situation was exciting to her.

“Come on out I see you there,” Jill said in a calmer voice.

It was a young man, more of a teenager, wearing a white tank top t-shirt and a pair of black lycra running tights. She recognized him as a former student Sheldon Holloway.  He came out and stood in the isle at the other end of the row of lockers.  “Sheldon Holloway is that you,” Jill asked?

“Uh yes Ms. Benner,” Sheldon replied.

“What are you doing here, and why did you scare these girls’ half to deUUUNNNGGGHHHH….” Jill’s word was cut off by an explosion at the back of her blonde bobbed head.


Alisa had picked up a small two-pound dumbbell off the table when Jill thought she was heading to the showers to get the other girls.  She then ran and jumped on a stool and brought the weight crashing down on to the unsuspecting teacher’s skull.  Jill threw her head back and realized she had no control of her body, but was aware of a tremendous pain coursing through her body.  Her vision turned photo negative and what seem like a dark tunnel engulfed her.  She dropped to her knees and swayed back and forth.

“Hit her again, Alisa you didn’t knock her out,” Jill heard Sheldon say.

“No Way Shelly I don’t want to kill her, I hit her plenty hard to knock her out,” Alisa replied.

  The young blonde teacher was unable to figure out what had happened. “Why did Alisa hit me,” thought Jill through the red haze of pain filling her skull.

“HA HA HA HA, that’s fine Alisa she is all but knocked out,” a familiar female voice said from behind Jill.  Then she let out another faint moan, “oooohhh…” and collapsed face first onto the locker room floor.  Her left leg rose for a second and spasmed and drop to the floor and Jill went still, unconscious.  Alisa knelt down next to the teacher she had just knocked out.  She placed her hand on Jill’s firm arise and moved it up to her head feeling the silkiness of her blue satin blouse. She could feel that the young woman was breathing slow and steady. Then Alisa felt the lump that was just starting to form on the back of Jill’s skull.

“Sheldon go make sure Ms. Conner is still in her classroom, Alisa help me drag Benner over here,” said the woman.

Sheldon left the locker room hoping neither of the two women notice the massive hard on that had grown inside his spandex tights.  He had had a crush on Ms. Benner, but she was only at the school for about half a year before he graduated.  He had had Jill as a teacher for his science class the last part of that year. 

One time she was helping him with a project, she was looking over his shoulder and touched him on the back.  Between how she smelled and her breast touching his right shoulder, he erupted in an orgasm right in his seat.  He was terribly embarrassed and started to turn bright red.  Jill had realized what had happened and made him stay after class so no one would see the stain in his pants.  Then she let him go to the bathroom to clean himself up.  He felt awful helping Debbie Crenshaw knock Jill out.  He went to check and see if May Conner was still in her classroom.

While Sheldon was doing this Debbie and Alisa dragged Jill by her feet to the front of the locker room. Jill was dead weight, deeply unconscious.  Debbie rolled the young blonde on to her back, and started to unbutton her blouse.  Alisa used her left foot and pushed Jill’s head, which rolled side to side. Unbuttoning the last button on Jill’s blouse her breasts popped out.  Alisa knelt down next to the unconscious 5th grade teacher.  She was entranced with the round pert breast of the teacher.  Taking her hand and cupping Jill’s right tit,

 She pinched the rock hard nipple, “WOW!  She is turned on even when she is unconscious,” Alisa said.

“It happens when you get knocked out, Alisa,” Debbie told her.

“What are you going to do with her,” Alisa asked?

“That’s not your problem, Alisa you’ll get you A and be able to go to the best high school in Philly after I write my recommendation,” Debbie told the young girl.

Alisa then got the towel cart out of the shower and they dumped Jill’s unconscious form into it. Her head whacking the bottom of the cart.  Debbie then cover Jill’s body with all the towels she could find.  Then Debbie and Alisa rolled the cart toward the teacher’s lounge.  After they got the car to the lounge, Debbie told Alisa to take off she would handle the rest, “I’ll see you in the morning, Alisa,” Debbie said.

“What are you going to do with Ms. Benner,” Alisa asked?

“She and Ms. Conner are going to have some fun tonight, and I’m going to take some pictures with them,” Debbie told Alisa.

“I want to help, “Alisa insisted.

The two women the proceeded to pull Jill’s unconscious form out of the laundry cart, and place her in a chair.  Jill slumped down in the chair still deeply unconscious.  The two blows to her head would ensure she probably be knocked out for quite a few hours to come.  Debbie reaches behind Jill and unzips her skirt and with one good pull she strips Jill’s skirt right off her unconscious hips, rivaling her green silk thong.  Debbie hands some rope to Alisa and told her to tie her hands behind her back, while she tied her ankles together.  Debbie then reaches into the cart and pulls out a red ball gag and inserts into Jill’s unconscious mouth, “I think you like big things in your mouth Jill, heh heh heh,” Debbie chuckled.

Debbie notices Alisa was cupping Jill’s right breast again; she watches the girl pinch Jill’s nipple again.  Jill’s nipple was still semi hard but it didn’t take much to make it rock hard once again.  Then Alisa couldn’t control herself she started sucking Jill’s right breast, the young girl slurped the knocked out woman’s nipple and tonged the tip.  Debbie could see how aroused Alisa was, which sort of turned Debbie on.  She could feel her nipples get hard and push against the spandex fabric of her bodysuit.

Forcing herself to stop she said to Alisa, “Come on Alisa you have to get home, I can handle the rest of my plan.”

“Okay, just one more taste. I sure enjoyed playing with Ms. Benner,” Alisa said then she sucked hard on Jill’s right breast one more time.  So hard she elicited a moan out of the unconscious woman, “MMMMMHHH…”

Alisa then kissed Jill on the cheek and turned and walked out of the lounge, Debbie give her a light smack on her spandex encase arise, “Great job, Alisa,” she said.

Debbie turned her attention back to Jill. She walks over to her and reached between Jill’s legs, “Ah just as I thought your already moist down there,” she said as she felt that the silk fabric was damp with Jill’s juices. She then reaches into her thong and start to massage Jill’s clitoris.  In a few moments Jill erupts in an orgasm, soaking her silk thong.

“I always knew you were a slut Benner,” Debbie said as she wipes Jill’s cum on the knocked out woman’s face.  Then she walks out of the teacher’s lounge to put the next phase of her plan into operation.



2. Debbie makes Peace:

Debbie leaves Jill knocked out and tied up in the teacher’s lounge.  She runs into Sheldon in hallway at the base of the stairwell, he had changed out of his work out gear and put on his street clothes.  “Is she still in her classroom Sheldon,” asked Debbie?

“Yes Ms. Crenshaw, but she is about to leave. I heard her say something about meeting Ms. Benner in the teacher’s lounge,” Sheldon told her.

“Good, you did a great hob Sheldon,” Debbie said to the young man.

“Where is Ms. Benner? What did you do with her,” Sheldon said nervously?

“She is still unconscious, and I have her tied up in the lounge. Now run along and don’t let anybody see you,” Debbie told Sheldon.

The young boy head off in the direction of the lounge, with an excited look on his face.  Debbie couldn’t be bothered with him right now, she had to lure May Conner into her trap. “These two cunts have been a pain in my neck since the Benner slut started teaching here,” she thought to herself

Sheldon moved quickly through the halls of Harrison middle school, being careful not to get spotted by any of the custodial staff.  He gets to the teacher’s lounge door and stops.  The sight that greeted him was his blonde teaching crush, partially naked gagged and tied to a chair. Jill’s head was slumped over her chin resting on her chest.  Sheldon felt his penis immediately grow rock hard at seeing Jill’s exposed breast.  Sheldon went into the lounge and stood there for a few moments.  The woman he had a huge crush on was now unconscious and seminude in front of him.  He shut to lounge door and wedge a chair under to door knob, he didn’t want anyone coming in on them.  Then Sheldon took off his pants exposing his rock hard member, already oozing some pre cum from its tip.

“Oh, Ms. Benner you don’t know how excited I am right now, you are so beautiful,” Sheldon said as he walked toward Jill.  He reached down and notice someone had already pleasure themselves and left their cum on Jill’s breast.  He cupped Jill’s right breast and noticed that her nipple was still semi hard.  “You were aroused already Ms. Benner,” Sheldon said inquisitively?

He then sat on Jill’s lap rubbing his penis on her stomach, then put his erection between Jill’s breast and started to titty fuck the unconscious teacher.  In a few minutes Sheldon exploded in a massive orgasm, spuming his semen all over Jill’s chest.  “UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!” grunted the young teenager.  The young man almost passed out from the orgasm, he stepped back his cock still spewing cum, and it dripping on to Jill’s thighs.  He looked at his knocked out crush and watched his semen start to slid down Jill’s breast till it started to drip off her right nipple.

He started to feel a sense of guilt wash over him, and he started to get afraid.  “I’m so sorry Ms. Benner I didn’t mean to do any of this,” Sheldon said to the unconscious woman, and he quickly pulled on his trousers and rushed out of the teacher’s lounge slamming the door behind him.

Debbie headed up the stairs toward the area of the school where the 5th grade classes were.  As she got to May’ classroom door she saw May coming out and locking the door.  “May do you have a minute, I would like to talk to you,” Debbie said.

May was startled by Debbie, she usually leaves the building right away after school dismisses for the day.  “Uh, not really I have to copy some text papers and I’m meeting Jill in the teacher’s lounge, we’re going to Mug Shots for some dinner,” May said to Debbie.

“Oh great I wanted to talk to her also.  I just want to clear the air with you two, it is a long school year and we all might as well get along,” Debbie said to May.  What May didn’t know was that Jill was in the teacher’s lounge, but deeply unconscious and tied up.

“WOW!  This is shocking, Debbie I thought you didn’t approve of our teaching methods,” May replied.

“I normally don’t, but I think I can learn from both of you and maybe you can learn some things from me,” Debbie replied.,

“That is very open minded of you Debbie, I never would have thought you were that open minded.  Walk down to the lounge with me and the three of us could talk there,” May told Debbie.  May never took Debbie to be that open to learning different ways of teaching from other teacher.  “I guess anyone can change,” she thought to herself as the two women walked to the stairwell.

“I think we just got off on the wrong foot to start with, May,” Debbie said, trying to make May feel at ease so she wouldn’t be on guard.  Also thinking that Jill was waiting down in the lounge she wouldn’t be expecting Debbie to do anything.

May was almost ecstatic, she never liked infighting between employees and especially teachers, the only people that were hurt were the children, and their grades. A smile came over her face and she started to feel at ease.  The two women chatted as they walked down the stairs and hall leading to the teacher’s lounge.  Debbie explained to her how she always wanted her students to do their best, and how hard it was because Harrison was such a good school, one of the best in the city.  May agreed with her but tried to point out that Debbie loses her patients to quickly with the children.   Debbie admitted that she did lose her temper with the kids quite often, but she felt they weren’t trying hard enough. 

“By the way I really love that suit you are wearing, you look so smart in it,” Debbie said to May.

“Thank you I got it a Saks, on sale I couldn’t believe it,” May replied.

Debbie’s plan was working perfectly, May was now totally at ease with Debbie.  The two teachers turned the corner into the hall where the teacher’s lounge is.  “I guess everyone went home for the night, I wonder where the cleaning staff is,” May said to Debbie.

“Just one of those days everyone jets out of here in a hurry, plus it is after 5:30 pm. Doesn’t Mr. Brandon want all the teachers to leave by then,” Debbie replied knowing she was right.  Jim liked the teacher to leave no later than 5:30 pm so the cleaning staff could have the building all to themselves, it made it easier to do their job.

“Yeah I guess you’re right, he does make an exception for Jill and I, I’m not sure why,” May said, she really knew that Jim really had a crush on Jill and like her also.

“HA you have to be kidding. You don’t know why, he has a crush on Jill and has a fancy for you also,” Debbie said to May as she could see May start to blush.  May knew she was right, she had seen the chemistry between Jill and Jim, and Jim also enjoyed May’s company too.  The two women get to the lounge and Debbie motions for May to go in first, “After you May,” she says.

“Thank you, Debbie,” May replies as she takes a hold of the door knob and opened the door.  As May goes into the lounge she says, “Jill you can’t believe OH MY GOD!”

May is frozen in place in total shock at the sight that greeted her.  Jill unconscious gagged and tied to a chair, and what looked like sperm all over her chest and thighs.  May takes a step toward Jill, then Debbie strikes.  She raises her right hand, and delivers a hard judo chop to the back of the unsuspecting May’s neck.


“AAKKK…” May gasped as the shock of Debbie’s chop runs down her spine like an electrical charge.  Her whole body goes rigid for an instant, and her eyes grow wide with shock.  Then her brown and white orbs start to roll up in their sockets as May’s knees give out as she falls forward toward her knocked out best friend.  May fall face first onto the lounge tile floor, the right side of her head hitting the tile hard.  One final blow to ensure her unconsciousness.

May was unable to control herself as she felt a warm giddiness coming over her body, and then she lets out a faint moan and slips into pain and darkness, “ooooohhhh…”

“Welcome to my little party May. Now the two guests of honor are finally both here, time to have some fun with you too,” Debbie said to the now unconscious May.


3: Jill and May get close

Debbie looks down at the knocked out May Conner, “Oh it was so easy luring you down here May. I hope you enjoy your forced nap,” she said.  May didn’t reply at all, she was deeply unconscious.  Debbie used the tip of her foot to nudge May’s left thigh. This elicit no response at all.  The combination of the judo chop and May striking her head on the tile floor made sue she was totally knocked out.

Debbie quickly went to work.  She knelt down and unbuttoned the snap at the back of May’s skirt, pulling her skirt down her thigh and off her inert legs.  Reveling her satin panties and fishnet stocking, Then Debbie rolled May over onto her back, May’s arms flopping over.  She then unbuttons May’s suit jacket reveling her ample bosom encased in a silk camisole.

“My May you are such a fit woman,” Debbie said, tracing May’s six pack abs and exploring the camel toe clef encased in May’s satin panties.  She picks May up pulling her suit jacket off and then her silk camisole, letting May flop back down hard on the tile floor with a thump.  May striking the back of her head hard, another blow to ensure May would be unconscious for hours to come. 

Debbie could not help but admire May’s round frim pert breast. Cupping and squeezing her left breast and pinching May’s right nipple and sucking on the left one as she did, as she did she reached down and caressed May’s satin encased clit.  After a few minutes she managed to make the unconscious woman erupt in an orgasm.

“uuuunnnhhh….” a faint moan escapes the knocked out May’s lips as her body shudders as the force of the orgasm rushes through her body.

“HA HA HA HA, you’re a slut also Conner,” Debbie said as she stood up, seeing a dark stain appear in May’s satin panties.  Debbie reached between her thighs feeling moisture.  She needed satisfaction, all this stripping and masturbating of these two aroused her to no end.  “Maybe after I tie you up Conner I’ll go find Jim Brandon and fuck his brains out, just to make both of your humiliation’s complete,” Debbie went on to say.  She then went over to the cabinet and produced another large red ball gag and some more rope.  She places the ball gag in May’s slack mouth, and then picks the unconscious teacher up and places her onto the knocked out Jill’s lap.  Having the two seminude women face each other, she ties May’s wrist behind Jill’s neck. Then tying the two women’s thighs together she then retrieves a vibrator from her purse.  Turning it on she inserts it between the two women, forcing it down to where it touches both their viginas.

The vibrations instantly elicit a moan and movement from Jill, “MMMMMM….”

“Oh coming around already, Jill,” Debbie said, “I can’t have that happening.”  She takes the two women’s heads and smacks them together.


“mmhhhh…” groans Jill as she slips into oblivion once again.  Confident the blow will keep the two women out for hours to come, Debbie admires her bondage handy work.  Already she could see the two women begin to gyrate as the vibrator does its work on them.  The vibrator would masturbate both of the unconscious women till they orgasm over and over.  “This will either kill you or you’ll be so dehydrated and exhausted you won’t be able to tell anyone what had happened,” Debbie said to the knocked out Jill and May.

“OH this is so great, I’m ecstatic my two biggest rivals knocked unconscious and tied up in an erotic sexual bondage.  I’ll come in early tomorrow untie you two and make sure your still unconscious.  Then when the rest of the building staff finds you, you two will be so humiliated you’ll have to resign you teaching positions and leave the school,” Debbie boasted.  She then turned and left the two women to their fate. Closing and locking the teacher’s lounge door she heads off to find either Jim Brandon or Sheldon to get some sexual satisfaction.  Because striping and masturbating both Jill and May had turned Debbie on, and at thirty-five she was at her sexual peek. “Maybe I should just find Sheldon, he is a young teen and at his peak. I might kill Jim Brandon,” Debbie said laughing as she walked down the hall.  Leaving the unconscious Jill Benner and May Conner gyrating under the influence of her vibrator.

4: A Change in the Morning routine

Around 4 AM the next morning Jim Brandon is opening up the school building for the day.  Making sure all the rooms and bathrooms where cleaned, and no break in happened overnight.  Even the Harrison school has had its share of break ins overnight.  He usually starts on the third floor of the building, but for some reason today he decided to start on the first floor, maybe because he needed a cup of coffee this morning, his dart league ran late the previous night.  So he was very tired.  After unlocking and turning on the lights in the main office he headed toward the teacher’s lounge.  Unlocking and outside doors as he went along.

He thought he would have heard from Jill last night.  She usually calls his cell phone around 8 PM to talk about the past day, mainly sometimes to just complain about Debbie Crenshaw, and her teaching styles.  She didn’t last night, “Maybe she had a HOT date,” he thought disappoint.  Jim thought Jill was a great girl and really could never work up the courage to ask her out.  They seemed to have a lot in common and got along greatly when they were together.

“Maybe today will be the day I ask her out,” Jim said to himself, he wanted to ask her when it was just them together.  He turned the corner and walked down the hall where the teacher’s lounge was.  He’ll start the coffee and it will be ready when he gets down opening the rest of the building.

“WHAT THE HELL!” Jim shouted as he opened the door.  He rushed over to May and saw Jill under her, “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING,” Jim shouted? 

He then realized they were both unconscious.  Then he heard a buzzing sound and looked down and noticed a vibrator humming away and working on both of their sweet spots.  In fact, the signs of several orgasms soaked the chair and pooled on the floor.  Jim pulled the sopping wet vibrator out from between Jill and May.  The two women were breathing heavily and leaning against each other.  Both had had several orgasms during the night.  Then Jim noticed that both of them were tied together and they had ball gags in their mouths.

“Who the heck did this to you two,” Jim said to them, not expecting a response.

Jim touched May’s naked back, “May May wake up are you okay, can you hear me,” Jim said as he started to undo May’s ball gag.  Then he undid Jill’s trying to rouse both of them.  Soon May started to come around, it was going to take some time for either of the two women come around, both of them having taken quite a few blows to the head the evening before.  Jim knew he had to wake them up fast because the rest of the teachers and building staff would be coming in soon.  He untied the two women and by then May was awake but very groggy.  So groggy she didn’t realize she was topless.  May stood up barely, she staggered a bit then leaned against a table in the center of the room.

Jim removed his top shirt and put it on May, to cover up.  Then Jim turn his attention to Jill, untying her wrist, the sexy blonde teacher started to slump forward off the chair. Jim quickly reached around and grabbed Jill, His right hand cupping Jill’s breast.  “Oh sorry Jill,” he said, noticing Jill’s nipple was rock hard.

“Wow, she is really turned on,” Jim thought, as he patted her on the back trying to revive her. 

Soon Jill let out a moan, “oooohhhh…”

A good sign Jim thought as he looked up at May who was starting to come to her senses.  “May are you okay? What happen here,” Jim asked?

“UUUNNNHHH… I…I’m not sure some on hit me from behind,” May groaned.

“UUNNGGHH…” my head… aching, where am I,” Jill moaned.  Jill sat back in the chair, reaching up to the lump that had formed on the back of her head, “oooo….” She winced as she touched it.

“Take it easy Jill, don’t try and move yet,” Jim said.

“Jill? Where is Debbie,” May asked?

“Debbie, she wasn’t here,” Jim told May.

“Debbie Crenshaw…what she got to do with this,” Jill groaned.

“I’m not sure, but I think you two should go over to my office. I have some clothes you can borrow in the closet,” Jim said.

“Clothes why would… I’m naked,” Jill exclaimed!

“Hurry over there before anyone comes in. I’ll clean this mess up and finish opening up, then meet you two in my office. Try staying out of sight,” Jim told May and Jill. 

The three of them left the lounge and Jill and May went to Jim’s office while Jim finished opening up the school building and cleaned up the results of the several orgasms both Jill and May had had.  As Jim headed up the stairs to the third floor to turn on all the lights he could help beck get a little aroused as seeing his two favorite teachers knocked out and tied up, in their seminude state.  He couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever be knocked out and left in some kind of erotic bondage like Jill and May were.  He would have to mention this situation to his friend Beverly Spencer when he goes to class that night.

About thirty minutes later Jim gets back to his office, “Jill May are you here,” he said as he shut the office door behind him.

“Yes we are in you back room,” May replied.  The two women came out of the room, both had covered up and cleaned up after their ordeal.  May putting on his London Fog trench coat and a pair of grey sweat pants, Jill buttoned up her satin blouse and put on a pair of spandex running leggings she found in Jim’s closet.

“How do you two feel,” Jim asked?

“I guess none the worse for wear considering the situation you found us in, and by the way are you sure Debbie Crenshaw wasn’t tied up somewhere,” Jill asked?

“No I checked everywhere and I haven’t found anyone else or anything missing,” Jim replied.

“Then that bitch must have knocked me out,” May said angrily.

“She must have clubbed me too, or at least been behind knocking me out,” Jill said.

“Why would she do something like that,” Jim said, already knowing the animosity that was between the three women, and he knew the saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorn, all too well.

“Well for instants she left the girls gymnastic team alone yesterday for one,” Jill said. they all knew leaving children unattended even in a school was totally forbidden.   “As a result I got coshed from behind, I wouldn’t think Alisa did it or could have done it.  It had to have been Debbie sneaking up behind me as I confronted Sheldon, and hit me with anything handy like a dumbbell or bottle.  She is more than capable of knocking someone out,” Jill went on to say.

“Well I think you two should go see a doctor and call out of work today, and call out now before anyone shows up,” Jim said, it was now going on 6 AM and people will be coming in soon. 

The two women agreed and used Jim’s cell phone to call out of work.  Jill         didn’t want to go to the doctors, but both May and Jim insisted that they go to the doctors.  Jim also said he would call an old neighbor who was now on the police force and have her come over and see if they could find any clues to proving Debbie Crenshaw really knocked them out or who did.

“That’s all well and fine, Jim, but let me know if she shows up for work today. As far as I am concerned she assaulted us and kidnaped us. We could have been killed,” Jill said to her friend.

“Okay Jill okay clam down don’t get you spandex all bunched up, I will let you know what we find out,” Jim said to his friend as Jill and May left the school.  Jim had never seen Jill so angry.

Philly’s Finest on the Job

Jim went on about his job the rest of the morning, he even managed to make the coffee before anyone else came in.  As he went out to check the grounds around the building he checks the morning sign in sheet to see if Debbie Crenshaw had come in yet., no she hasn’t yet.  So he went outside to check the building grounds for any litter or graffiti, when he got to the back side of the building he made a phone call to Police Officer Patty Aquino.  Jim and Patty had been neighbors growing up, and had gotten married and divorced very quickly, so she joined the Philadelphia Police force to make ends meet and enjoyed her job.  She had gotten really good at investigating crime scenes, so that is why Jim called, “Hello Patty, it is Jim Brandon. Could you stop by my school sometime today, we had a little problem over her and I need your advice,” Jim told Patty.

“Hey Jim, sure I’ve be over in about an hour.  You should make a Police report if anything serious happened,” she replied.

“Well I kind of have to keep it on the hush hush. Just come to the door by my office and I’ll let you in and fill you in on what has happened,” Jim told Patty.

“Okay if you say so. See you in an hour,” Patty said.

About a half hour later Debbie Crenshaw come into the Harrison school for the days teaching.  As she sings in she notices neither Jill nor May had signed in yet, but most of the time she was in before at least one of them.  Also she notices that the office is quite normal.  “There should be some kind of commotion, someone must have found May and Jill by now,” she thought.

Debbie went up to her classroom, and notices that neither of their classrooms are open yet.  “Could it be that no one has gone into the lounge yet,” she thought.  Having a half hour before the children had to report to their home rooms, Debbie went to check the teacher’s lounge and see if Jill and May were still tied up in there.

Debbie got to the lounge with no problem, but she noticed teachers coming out of the lounge with coffee.  When she went in she was aghast to see that the lounge was totally clean.  Not one sign of the two knocked out women, no sign of orgasmic juices that had squirted out of both Jill and May several times, no rope or ball gags.

“What the hell,” Debbie said.

“What’s wrong Debbie, you look disappointed,” said Denise one of the 1st grade teachers?

“Oh, nothing I came down to get a cup of coffee and copy some test papers, and I forgot the test,” Debbie made up a quick excuse to tell Denise.

“Well grab some coffee before it is gone, Jim made it this morning, it is really good,” Denise told Debbie.

“Jim! That bastard Jim Brandon must have discovered Jill and May and cleaned the scene up before anyone came in,” Debbie thought as she poured herself some coffee.  She decided to check out Jim Brandon’s office to see if she could find out anything.  “Well at least they left here half naked, since I took their clothes with me last night,” Debbie thought.

Debbie walked over to the part of the building where Jim Brandon’s office was, it was in a dead end hall the only other door lead to the boiler room, she wasn’t sure if there was an outside exit down there.  She turned the corner and placed her coffee cup on top of a locker and moved as quietly as she could toward Jim’s office.  She could hear voices coming from his office, one of a man and one of a woman.  Debbie leaned against the wall outside the office and listen intently.

“I found them this morning tied up together partially stripped of their clothing and unconscious and being masturbated by an electric vibrator,” Debbie heard the male say, who turned out to be Jim Brandon.  Debbie peered into Jim’s office and saw Jim talking to a female Police officer.

“OH CRAP! They called the police, Debbie thought her heart pounding in her chest.

“Do you have any idea who knocked them out,” said the woman?

“They think another teacher by the name of Debbie Crenshaw did it.  They have had some problems with her,” Jim went on to say.

“This Debbie Crenshaw is she here today? I would like to ask her some questions,” the woman went on to say.

“She hadn’t signed in before I called you, Patty, but she might have come in since then,” Jim went on to say. 

“Okay I’ll go take a look at the teachers’ lounge, then question Debbie Crenshaw.  Did you find their clothes when you cleaned up, they might have some clues to who knocked them out on them,” Patty asked Jim?

“No their clothes are missing; Debbie’s classroom is 212.  I’ll let the main office know you’re in the building, having a cop snooping around here will raise some questions, and I want to keep this quiet,” Jim told Patty.

Debbie quickly retreated down the hall, “He found them and helped them out, dam it,” Debbie thought.  She watched Patty walk by heading toward the teachers’ lounge.  Debbie thought quickly, I either have to go on the run now, or find out if she finds any clues in the lounge.

Debbie decided to follow the female Philadelphia police officer, and see what she finds out.  Watching Patty go into the lounge, Debbie snuck up to the doorway.  She sees Patty looking around the room looking for any clues.  “Not a bad looking police woman,” Debbie thought.

While Debbie was spying on Patty.  Patty was looking around the lounge for any clues linking Debbie Crenshaw with assaulting May and Jill. Patty didn’t expect to find much evidence.  Whoever knocked them out took their clothes, wouldn’t leave much evidence, plus Jim did a good job cleaning up the results of all the orgasms the two women had.

“Well there isn’t much here, I guess I’ll go talk to this Debbie Crenshaw,” Patty said to herself.

Debbie ran down the hall, and hid around the corner.  She waited till she heard the Police officer coming down the hall.  Then Debbie walked around the corner almost bumping into the police officer.  “Oh excuse me,” she said to the police officer acting startled.

“Oh my fault,” Patty replied.

“Good she doesn’t know who I am. Jim mustn’t have given her a description of me,” Debbie thought, “Oh my police in the building.  Has something happened,” Debbie asked Patty?

“Why no miss just a routine check of the building.  Could you direct me to room 212,” Patty asked Debbie?

“Why yes just through those doors and up the stairs make a left, and it is the second room on the left.  Is Debbie in trouble,” Debbie said.

“No no I just would like to ask her some questions about her whereabouts last night.  Thank you,” Patty said as she walked past Debbie toward the stairs.  As Patty walked past Debbie, Debbie raised her hand and gave Patty a hard judo chop to the base of her neck.

“UUUNNNGGGHHH…” grunted Patty as she stumbled forward her head slamming into the brass push bars, and she collapsed face first on the floor unconscious.  Debbie quickly looked around to make sure no one saw her knock Patty out.  Then she knelt down to check and make sure the police officer was okay.  She noticed a trickle of blood oozing from her forehead.  Patty had cut her head open when she hit the push bar.  The female police officer was breathing normally, but deeply unconscious.

“Good she is out cold. I have to get out of here,” Debbie said aloud.  She stood up and looked down at the knocked out policewoman and smiled, “Those judo classes really paid off, two judo chops two koi’s.”

Debbie turned and started to walk away.  She knew she had to get out of the building quickly.  The police will be all over the place now.  She swore at that moment that she would make Jill Benner, May Conner and Jim Brandon pay if it is the last thing she ever does.  “I’m sorry Alisa I won’t be able to write that reference letter for you, and you might get away with knocking Benner out, because they’ll blame it all on me now,” Debbie said to herself as she headed to the exit for the parking lot and her car.  Leaving officer Patty Aquino unconscious on the hall floor.



5: It all Adds up

Minutes later Jim is going to the teachers’ lounge to see if Patty found any clues, he had let the main office know that there was a policewoman in the building doing some training.  That way not too many questions would be asked.  He opens the door and partially trips over the inert form of Patty.

“WHAT THE HECK! Not again,” he shouts, “Patty are you okay?”

Patty was unable to answer, having taken a blow to her forehead and a blow to the back of her neck, she would be unconscious for a few hours at least.  Jim called for help and other police came, but furtively Patty covered Jim’s story, and pretty much went with the story that Debbie Crenshaw had lost it and broke under pressure and attacked Patty when her guard was down.

After work that day Jim went home and got showered and changed. He thought he would stop by Jill’s apartment to let her know what went down after she and May left.  He stopped by a flower shop and picked up a single red rose and drove up to Jill’s apartment complex.  He knew she would have been nervous all day, worried about her job and if anyone else had found out about what had happened.

Jill had gotten some rest after she came home from the doctors, she really didn’t want to go, but Jim and May insisted.  Jill decided to go for a run and maybe the fresh air would make her feel better.  She was full of mixed feelings, pain from the blow to the back of her head, anger for letting herself get knocked out and at Debbie Crenshaw.  So she dressed in her spandex navy blue running tights and pink Danskin sport bra and a powder blue top.  The sexy blonde was heading toward the door when a knock came at the door.  Jill trotted over to the door and opened it.

“Jim!?,” she said.

“Hey Jill I’d thought I’d come over and tell you what happened after you left,” Jim said to her.

“OH NO, am I in trouble,” Jill said as a worried look came over her face.

“No everything is fine for you two.  This is for you I hope you’re feeling better,” Jim said as he handed the rose to Jill.

“Oh thank God, and that is very sweet of you Jim,” Jill replied as she started to feel some sexual arousal grow inside of her, “Come on in and take a seat.”

Jim went into Jill’s apartment as Jill leaned against the back of her sofa. She noticed that Jim had been staring at her rear in her spandex running tights.  This made her smile a little, Jill worked hard to keep in shape, and she liked it when men and even women check her out from time to time. Jim went on to tell Jill what had happened after she and May left the school.  How he had Patty Aquino come in to check for any clues left behind, to give them any ideas who had knocked them out and tied them up in such a sexual bondage position.

“Look just tell me if Debbie Crenshaw showed up for work today,” Jill said tersely, she was sure that Debbie had knocked both of them out and tied them up like that.

“Well according to the sign in sheet she did, but she never showed up in her classroom, and someone knocked Patty out in the hall by the lounge,” Jim told Jill.

“WHAT! Patty got knocked out, who did it,” Jill asked?

Jim went on to tell her it was a woman who did it and she fit the description of Debbie Crenshaw, and Debbie never showed up or heard from after she signed in. This news made Jill feel a little better, but Debbie Crenshaw was still out there.  Until she was caught she and May were in danger.

Jim told Jill that he had talked to his friend Beverly Spencer and he was able to get Debbie Crenshaw’s address, and they would stake out her place even search it if they get a chance.

“Don’t do anything illegal, or get yourself knocked out. It hurts,” Jill said to Jim with a wink.

“I’ll be careful we’ve become pretty good at surveillance and snooping around,” Jim said as he got up and started to leave Jill’s apartment.  Jill followed him to the door and when Jim turn around to say goodbye.  Jill gave him a big hug, and kissed him right on the lips.  Jim was taken by surprise, but soon returned the kiss, and the two sunk into passion for a few minutes. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.  Jill could feel a bulge grow inside Jim’s jeans pushing against the spandex fabric of her running tights, as she grew moist. 

“Wow what was that,” Jim said?

“Just a way of thanking you for looking out for me and May,” Jill said to Jim as she winked at him.

“I’ll see you at work in a few days back at the school,” Jim said to her.

“Maybe you can come over for dinner this weekend and I can pay you back some more,” Jill said as she closed her door.

Jill went back in to her apartment and grabbed her cell phone to call May and tell her the news.  She could help but realize how turned on she was right at the moment.  She really thought Jim was hot and would love to get to know him better.  She knew he liked her also, but they seem to never get a chance to be together.

After Jill called May she went into her bedroom to her nightstand drawer and pulled out a little silver vibrator, “I can’t believe I’m so horny right now, after all the orgasms I had,” Jill said to herself.

The sexy blonde teacher was so hot that she didn’t even bother to strip out of her spandex running tights, and proceeded to pleasure herself right on her bed.  She imagined herself getting knocked out again and Jim rescuing her, she also imagined both of them getting knocked out together, and being tied up together.  This last thought brought Jill to a massive climax, ‘UUUUUNNNHHH….” she moaned and spasmed on her bed as the orgasm exploded inside of her.  Her juices soaking her spandex tights.  She laid on her bed breathing heavily until she passed out from the explosive climax.





The follow week Jill and May returned to work, without any questions to their absence.  Her date the past weekend with Jim went great, but Jim had given her some bad news.  So That morning she and May were having coffee in the very same lounge they had had their interment night together.  The bad news Jim had given her was that he would be leaving his job as a custodian to start a private investigations business with this Beverly Spencer.

May was disappointed to hear that Jim was leaving, but she wanted to know what Jim and Beverly found at Debbie’s apartment, “What did they find Jill, was she there.”

“No her apartment was a dead end, all her clothes and personal belongings were gone,” Jill said.

“That’s too bad, looks like she got away,” May said, “But it looks like you have something else on your mind, what is it,” May went on to say.

“Well have you ever thought about becoming a private eye, I know you like murder mysteries, and watch all those cop shows on tv,” Jill said.

“I do from time to time.  I think it would be exciting, why do you ask,” May replied.

Jill went on to tell her that she and Jim had had sex on their date and during the sex she imagined that they were detectives working on a case. As they were snooping around she got hotter and hotter, and because of that she actually passed out when they orgasmed.

“Now I can’t get it out of my head.  I even got information off of Jim for the courses to get my private eye license,” Jill told May.

“Wow Jill I think we should do that, the money could be good, and we can set our own hours,” May replied to her.

The two women sat there and finished their coffee, not realizing their conversation had turned both of them on.


A private investigator co-owner of S & S Investigations. Love mysteries and snooping around. Often falling into traps and getting knocked out, usually with a female partner. A lot of times with Jill Benner PI.


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