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The Philadelphia affair

Posted by on in Sleepy
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Chapter 1: Welcome to Philly

Six months after the Glasgow affair Jacky Graham P.I. makes a trip to the United States. She is attending a criminal investigation conference in Philadelphia. It also gives her a chance to meet up with her friend Jim Brandon again. He was a great help to her during the Glasgow affair, and his detective agency, S & S Investigations was based in Philadelphia.
Richard wasn't too keen on her going all the way to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but acquiesced knowing she would be in the same city as a close family friend. Jacky felt heartbroken that she would be away from Richard and the kids, the trip would have made a great family vacation. Maybe next time, her flight was uneventful, and she was staying at the Ritz Carlton.
Before she left Glasgow, Jacky had emailed Jim to let her know she was attending the seminar in Philly, and she would like to meet up and discuss their past adventure together. After checking in, and settling into her room, Jacky decided to call her friend Jim.
"Hel-lo Jim! I just got in from Glasgow," Jacky said on the other end of the phone.
"Jacky! Great to hear from you, how was your flight," Jim replied.
"You know the usual bumps bad food, high prices, sometimes I just don't give a Scooby about the airlines. Can I come and see your offices tomorrow," Jack said to Jim.
"Sure I would love you to see them and meet the girls, see you around 11:00 am," Jim told her.
"Great see you then," Jacky said and hung up the phone.
Having a good night's sleep under her belt to recover from the jet lag. Jacky dress to go over to the S & S Investigation's office, off of 15th street, in center city Philadelphia. The sexy mature investigator showered and perfumed. She put on her black silk blouse and a light gray mid length skirt and a pair of black pumps.
She was eager to see her friend again and meet some of the other detectives he worked with. She had heard some much about Jill, Beverly and May. Finding out that the building the office was in was only a few blocks away from the hotel. Jacky decided to walk over, it was such a nice spring day, and she would get to see some of the city on her way. Jacky had never gotten to Philadelphia when she live in the United State, and was really hoping Jim would show her some of the sites while she was in town.
Jacky got directions from the doorman at the hotel and walked down Chestnut Street toward 15th. The sexy mature sleuth admired the buildings along the street, there was a mixture of modern and old mixed in.
Jacky arrived at the north east corner of 15th and Chestnut and went into the building, taking the elevator up to the 12th floor. Getting off on the 12th floor Jacky looked at her watch, "RATICUS! Five after eleven, I took too long looking around," she said as she walked toward suite 21, the S & S Investigation agency.
The sexy female private eye knocked on the door. The door opens and Jacky sees Jim standing there.
"Jacky! Welcome to Philadelphia and the S & S Detective agency," Jim said to Jacky.
"Hell-lo Jim, it's great to be here," Jacky replied as Jim showed her into the office. As Jacky walked into the office she noticed a young blonde woman sitting on a sofa.
"Jacky may I introduce Jill Benner P.I. and Jill this is Jacky Graham P.I. one of the top private investigators in Glasgow Scotland," Jim said to the two women.
"Well Jacky Graham, Jim has told me some much about you, welcome," Jill said to the Scottish sleuth.
"Likewise, Ms. Benner, it's great to finally meet you," Jacky replied to the blonde shamus.
The three detective sit and talk for a while. They discus old cases and Jacky and Jim's adventure in Scotland. Jacky is very inquisitive about how the S & S Investigations works.
"Well, Jacky we only really have five operative full time, and three we use part time," Jill tells her new friend.
"So you and Jim run the agency as the owners," Jacky asked, knowing her work load has increased as she has solved more high profile cases, and she was seriously thinking of taking on some help.
"Not really, Jacky. Jill and I like the action of being in the field, but we do assign cases to certain detective, based on their skill level," Jim told his Scottish friend.
"True, May Conner runs the day to day operations of the office and business, Beverly Spencer does the training, and the rest of us work in the field," Jill said.
After some more conversation Jacky and Jim head off to the opening speeches as the convention. "I'm really looking forward to this, Jim plus I want to see what kind of new gadgets are out, and I need to pick up a new mini tazer," Jacky said as the left the office.
"Well when the day's events are over I'll show you around center city," Jim told Jacky.
After a long afternoon of lectures and looking around the merchandise room. Where Jacky picked up a new mini tazer and ordered some listening devices to be shipped home.
Jim showed Jacky around center city and took her to see Independence Hall and the Liberty bell. The two private eyes become very tired and hungry, so Jim decided to take Jacky to his favorite coffee house down on South Street, only a few blocks away. As they walk over, a young Asian woman dressed in white starts to follow the two private detectives, from a distance.
GOLL-LY! Jim this city is so diverse and yet modern," Jacky said as they walked along the street.
"I enjoy it here, half way between New York and Washington, so I get all kinds of work, from a variety of clients," Jim told Jacky.
Jacky and Jim arrive at the coffee house, and settle in with a couple of cappuccinos and some croissants. The two detectives are enjoying each other's company. Jim is enjoying hearing about Jacky's two kid's school adventures, and how Connie is becoming quite the little 'Nancy Drew ' getting into all kinds of trouble in her new high school.
As the two friends talk, the Asian woman who was following them comes into the coffee house and slowly walks toward the male and female sleuths. "Hello, Mr. Brandon my name is Yuki Sumiko, I need your help," said the young girl.
"How can I help you miss," Jim replied.
"I'm looking for my sister, she has gone missing, and she has gotten involved with some bad people here in town," Yuki told the two sleuths.
"What kind of bad people are you talking about," Jacky asked?
"I can't really tell you right now, I think I'm being followed. If you meet me tonight where I sing I can tell you more, I work at the Cherry blossom club," she told the detectives.
"We'll meet you there, and then I can tell you whether I can help you or not," Jim told the young woman.
"Here is the address, tonight is a 70's disco night, so you might want to dress in costume," Yuki told Jacky and Jim.
Yuki turned and left the coffee house, and Jacky gave Jim a puzzled look, "Why did you accept the case so easily?"
"I didn't, I'm not sure I could help her and she wasn't telling me the whole story. I figure we can meet her at the Cherry Blossom club and find out more," Jim told Jacky.
"We," Jacky asked?
"I figured you didn't want to sit in your hotel room tonight, and this way I can get you out and do some dancing, plus you never know if we'll find a mystery to solve," Jim said winking at her Scottish friend.
"I guess you're right, but now I need a pair of disco pants to wear," Jacky said laughing, Jim knew her to well. She always enjoyed a little intrigue and sleuthing.

2 Jill models
Jacky and Jim left the coffee house feeling refreshed and eager for the night's festivities. The two detectives caught a taxi cab back to the Ritz Carlton, and planned the night on the way and in front of the hotel.
"I do need something to wear tonight," Jacky said to Jim.
"I'll send Jill over she has a sweet spandex disco outfit, and you two are about the same size," Jim told Jacky.
"Cool Beans, this is going to be fun," Jacky said.
It took about 15 minutes to get to Jacky's hotel. When they arrive Jim pays the cab and turns to finalize the night's plans. "Now listen here Jim, I came to Philadelphia to attend a criminal seminar, but a little sleuthing does sound like fun especially in a city that is new to me," Jacky said to Jim.
"Well a little sleuthing doesn't hurt now and then," Jim said with a smile.
"Oh yes it does! Especially if someone gets the drop on you and conks you over the head, or do you forget Glasgow," Jacky said laughing.
"Oh yeah, that's one of the drawbacks, and I still have a few lumps from Glasgow," Jim said blushing a little, "Look Jacky, I'll send Jill over with the outfit, and I'll be by to pick you up around eight P.M."
"Sounds good Jim, Tot-Sien," Jacky said as she waved and proceeded into the Ritz. The two detectives are unaware that they have been discreetly under surveillance themselves. A woman leaning against the wall had followed them all the way from the coffee house.
Jacky goes up to her room and decides she want to go for a run. The sexy mature Scot sleuth changes into her shiny green spandex running tights and yellow tank top with South Africa embroidered across the chest. Heading down to the lobby of the hotel she inquires on a good place to go running. The desk clerk tells Jacky which way to go running and the mature 49 year old trots off toward the river drive.
As Jacky jogs along the river, she couldn't help but get the feeling that she was being watched. In fact she had had that feeling since Jim had dropped her off at the Ritz. "Raticus," Jacky muttered to herself, she probably was just being cautious and nervous on being away from Richard and the kids and being around Jim again. Also she found Jill was popping into her thoughts as well. "Why is Jill Benner in my mind?" Jacky thought.
The blonde Scottish sleuth ran about 2 miles up along the river and turned around to jog back to the hotel. Jacky was hoping to run into Jill at the hotel. She wanted Jill to model the outfit for her, to see if she would like it.
Jacky found herself getting turned on by the thought of seeing Jill in a sexy outfit. "What's wrong with me?" Jacky said aloud as she ran back to the hotel. Jacky had never been attracted to women before. In her line of work she has had all kinds of sexual encounters, with men and women, while undercover and when she had been captured, even while she was knocked unconscious her attackers have taken advantage of her. It was one of the risks of the job that Richard always worried about, it upset him to no end, yet it also excited him to no end also.
This preoccupied Jacky's thoughts to no end, and she didn't notice the large man wearing sunglasses watching her. He sat on a bench and watches the sexy spandex tights wearing sleuth jog by him one more time. The man pulled out a cell phone as Jacky ran down toward Logan circle, and the Ritz Carlton hotel.
"That English private eye just jogged past heading to the hotel, Kara," he said to a woman on the other end of the phone. "Okay, I'll meet you back at the club," he went on to say and hung up the phone, the large man got up off the bench and hailed a taxi.
Jacky got back to the Ritz and checked at the desk if anyone had called or dropped any packages of for her. "No Ma'am no one left anything for you," said the desk clerk.
"Strange, I thought Jill was going to drop that outfit off for me to wear tonight," thought the mature fit 49 year old sleuth as she got on the elevator. Pulling the keycard from the inside pocket of her running tights Jacky enter her hotel room, looking at her watch.
"I hope Jill gets here soon with the clothes, I'll just have enough time to get showered and ready," Jacky muttered to herself as she sits on the bed and take her running shoes off. As she took of her yellow running top, Jacky heard a knock at the room door.
"Jacky it's Jill Benner, sorry I'm so late," Jacky heard Jill's voice through the door.
"Just a minute, I'll be right there, Jill," Jacky shouted as she struggled to get her top off.
Jacky trotted over to the door and opened it for Jill. "Hey Jacky, so sorry I'm late, Oh, did I disturb you," Jill blushed a little seeing Jacky only in her sport bra and shiny running tights.
"Oh, no Jill I was just getting ready to jump into the shower," Jacky replied.
Jill came into the room and placed a brief case on the bed, "Here is the outfit Jim promised you, I just got it at a vintage clothing store."
Jill opened the case and pulled out a shiny black spandex tank leotard, and a pair of shiny red spandex disco pants with a matching short jacket, "I brought a pair of calf length leather boots also, but I know how you like to go snooping bare foot, and these are easy to remove quickly," Jill said.
"GOLLL-Y, that's a hot looking outfit, Jill, could you model it for me Jill," The mature Scot sleuth asked, being a little embarrassed herself. Jacky wasn't sure if she would look good in that kind of outfit.
"Sure Jacky but I have to hurry," Jill replied, and she went in to the bathroom to change.
Moments later Jill emerged from the bathroom a total disco diva, totally encased in shiny red and black spandex. Jacky's eyes went wide with excitement and desire, she thought, "Jill looks really hot in that outfit."
Jill spun around showing her rear to Jacky, and turned back around. When she did she noticed Jacky's nipples had grown erect under her sport bra. "WOW, I turned on Jacky Graham," Jill thought.
"What do you think Jacky," Jill asked her new friend?
Jacky took a moment, because her mind was really undressing Jill. "OH, man, I really think you look HOT in that outfit, not sure if I would," Jacky told Jill.
"Oh you'll look just a sexy in it Jacky, besides I rigged the jacket already with some secret pocket in the sleeves, and two just inside each breast," Jill told Jacky.
Jacky guessed Jill was right. Jill changed back out of the outfit and back into her regular clothes. The sexy Scottish sleuth hugs Jill when she comes out of the bathroom. Each detective could feel each other's nipples grow erect as they embraced.
"Good luck tonight, Jacky. I told Jim to call me by midnight and let me know you to are okay, if not I'll send in the cavalry," Jill said to Jacky as she headed to the door.
"TOT SIENS, Jill I'll try and not let us get knocked out," Jacky said to Jill as she shut the door.
Jacky knew Jim would be there in an hour or so, and she was so aroused be seeing Jill in that spandex outfit. The Scot lass needed some satisfaction, and wished Richard was there. She realized she was touching herself and rubbing the spandex fabric of her running tights against her very aroused and wet pussy. Jacky felt herself building, "OOHHH..." she moans as she felt moisture coat the spandex fabric. Forcing herself back to reality, Jacky finished undressing, and quickly jumped into the shower. While in the shower the sultry mature 49 year old sleuth found satisfaction for her arousal. Day dreaming of Richard in the shower with her in the shower making passionate love to her. Jacky had a massive orgasm in the shower, she almost falls over as the orgasm rushes through her body. The sexy 5' 8" sleuth shudders, and moans, "UUUNNhhh..." the sexy shamus finishes washing and rushes to get ready for her nocturnal adventure tonight with Jim.

3. Philly Night Life
Jacky perfumed her body and wrapped a towel around her head and body. She emerged from the bathroom and looked down at the spandex outfit Jill had left for her. "I hope I look as good as Jill did in this," Jacky said softly to herself.
Looking at the clock on the wall, Jacky quickly dressed. Slipping on the black spandex bodysuit first and the shiny red spandex disco pants and finally the short jacket. The Scot, South African sleuth went to look in the mirror. She was shocked at how hot she looked, she was certainly going to turn some heads tonight. Jacky added some earing she had and a gold chain belt Jill had brought with the outfit.
She then stood in front of the mirror, posing, spinning around and checking all ends of herself out, "WOW! I really look like a spandex sleuth," Jacky said to herself.
Then Jacky realized she hadn't called Richard. She knew he was waiting for her call, and Jacky wanted to hear for him and the kids. Wondering how their days were compared to the one she had.
Picking up her IPhone she speed dialed home. "Hello, Richard sweetie I miss you so much," Jacky said to Richard as he answered the phone.
"Jacky! I was getting worried, you said you would call when you got in from the seminar," Richard said to his wife.
"I'm sorry I got a little tied up here, "Jacky said.
"WHAT! You didn't get into any trouble, I hope you didn't get knocked out again," Richard said to his sleuth wife. Secretly, Jacky getting into trouble aroused him to no end.
"Oh, no Richard, I just got preoccupied, that's all," Jacky replied.
The mature mother and private detective went on to ask how everything was going back in Glasgow. She was so happy to hear about Richard's day, and enjoyed so much talking to Connie and Alan about their school day. She did miss her family so much. Finally Alan put his father back on the phone, "Oh by the way Richard, I'm working on a case with Jim again."
"What! It better not be too dangerous, you've barely recovered for the last case you worked on with him," Richard said raising his voice.
"Don't get crossed, Richard, this is my profession, and he is my friend, I don't want to have a long distant fight with you," Jacky replied.
"Just be careful, Jacky, you're too far away for me to come to your aid," said her worried husband.
"I'll be fine, I'm with Jim in his home town, and he has the other detectives at his agency to help us," Jacky told her husband confidently.
"You know how I worry when you go on missions, Jacky," Richard said.
"I know, Richard, I'll be careful. I have to go now, give my love to the kids and I love you," Jacky said to her husband as she hung up the phone.

She knew Richard worried when she went out snooping around, but she also knew how turned on he got when she wore her snooping gear. She knew he would be really turned on by seeing her in this spandex outfit she was wearing right at the moment. She secretly knew he got aroused when she told him how she walked into a trap and got captured, or knocked out snooping around, or losing a fight and ending up unconscious and tied up. When she tells Richard about her adventures it always ended up with the best sex they had ever had.
Jacky heard a knocking at her room door. The sexy mature Scot jumped up off the bed and opened the door. Jim stood in front of her, dressed for a night at a '70's era disco. "Well Jacky are you ready for a night of dancing," Jim said to her.
GOLL-LY! Jim you look good," Jacky said to the male sleuth.
"Thanks Jacky, that outfit is you, you look real dishy wearing it," Jim replied.
Jacky almost turned as red as the spandex she was wearing, "your making me blush, Jim, Thank you," she said, as she turned to retrieve her clutch purse.
The two sleuths headed down to the hotel lobby to retrieve Jim's car and head off to the Cherry Blossom club. As the two wait for the elevator, Jacky could help but become a little giddy. She was really excited about possibly working with Jim again.
"Wow, Jacky you look really happy," Jim said to his friend.
"I am Jim, I'm excited to see some of Philadelphia's night life, and maybe to be working on a mystery with you one more time," Jacky told her spandex clad friend. Jim's car is waiting for the two sleuths when they walk out of the hotel.
"Oh wow a vintage Camaro, COOL BEANS, Jim," Jacky said as the doorman opened the passenger door for the mature Scots.
The two detectives get into the car and pull off down 15th street. After a few blocks Jim turns to Jacky and says, "I'm glad you're with me tonight Jacky. I wasn't sure I would take this case, but with your help I'm sure we can crack it in no time at all."
When Jim said this to Jacky, it filled Jacky full of excitement. She was overjoyed to be working on a mystery with Jim, in a foreign country, to her. Walking into unknown dangers, with her friend, was better than sitting in some lecture hall listening to someone talk about new investigation techniques. That thought bored her to no end.
The Cherry Blossom club was in Philadelphia's China town section of the city. It took about 15 minutes, in night time traffic to get there. The two sleuths pulled into a parking garage a few blocks away, and emerged from the building and walking down to Arch Street. Jacky could feel people staring at her, so she decided to shack her 'booty' a little for her audience. Jim saw Jacky wiggling her rear, and smiled knowing she was putting on a show for the locals.
The two sexy sleuths walk down Arch Street to the Cherry Blossom club which is in the middle of the block in an old movie theater. The Cherry Blossom club is partially a private social club and they only let in about 150 public guests each night. Jacky and Jim stand in line not sure if they'll get in to the club. Jacky leans over to Jim and says, "What if we don't get in how we will contact, Yuki?"
"I'm not sure yet, I'll try and slip the Bouncer a 50 to let us in," Jim whispered in Jacky's ear. The two private detectives get up to the door and approach the Bouncer, a large African American man well built.
"Your names," said the Bouncer in a deep booming voice.
"Hello we are guest of Yuki Sumiko, out names are Jacky Graham and Jim Brandon," Jim said to the bouncer. Jim has a 50 dollar bill folded in his hand, ready to slip it to the Bouncer just in case they aren't on the list.
"Ah, yes Mr. Brandon your names are right on top, Ms. Sumiko has even reserved a special table for you and intends to have a drink with you two after her performance," said the bouncer.
The news shocked the two detectives a little. They were getting the VIP treatment, and they weren't sure why. Jim thought that this Yuki woman must really need his help.

4 The Cherry Blossom Club
The Bouncer opened the door for the two investigators and the walked into the Cherry Blossom club. The night club was crowded with people, and Jacky and Jim where shown to their table and a bottle of champagne was sitting chilled waiting for them. They sit down and look around the club as they sip the champagne. Neither Jacky nor Jim are a big fan of champagne, but a free bottle is a free bottle.
The couples are sitting near the dance floor and plenty of people are using it. Jacky and Jim look around and on the dance floor for Yuki, but she is nowhere in sight. "Do you think your client backed out on you, Jim," Jacky asked her friend.
"I'm not sure, let's wait a little while she maybe late," Jim replied.
Jim offers to take Jacky out on to the dance floor, and the two sexy spandex clad sleuths go out and dance for a few songs. About twenty minutes go by and the two detectives spot Yuki. She is walking up on to the stage dressed in a shiny pink spandex outfit. Another woman comes up to the microphone and says, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, the Cherry Blossom club presents Yuki Sumiko for you pleasure!"
Everyone in the club applaud as Yuki steps up to the mic. The young Asian woman starts to sing a song in her native language. Her voice is beautiful and the two detectives are mesmerized by the young woman. Yuki does a thirty minute set of songs in her native language and in English. The club gives her a standing ovation when she is done.
"Thank you, Thank you and Good night," said the young Asian woman to the audience.
Yuki walks off stage and over to the table where Jacky and Jim are sitting. A server brings over a chair and another bottle of champagne to the table.
"Good evening Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Graham," Yuki says as she sits down.
"Hello Ms. Sumiko, you where marvelous," Jim replied. "Yes I enjoyed you show, your quite a singer," Jacky added.
Yuki took a sip from her glass, and said, "Have you considered my offer, Mr. Brandon?"
"I wish you could tell me more about your situation, and call me Jim," Jim told the young woman.
Yuki went on to explain how her sister, Sasha was being held by the owner of the club, and forcing her to sing at the club or the owner would hurt her sister. Also the owner had connections back in China and he would be able to hurt the rest of her family. Doing some detective work of her own, she has found where her sister is being held. "I'm not sure where to go from here, I don't want my sister or I to be deported if I go to the Police, so I'm turning to you," Yuki told the two detectives.
Jim knew that Yuki and her sister wouldn't be deported. He had connections in the State department that would ensure they wouldn't. "I can help you Yuki, but you should be more careful about snooping around yourself," Jim told Yuki.
"You can tell us where she is being held, and we will go and free her if we can, Jacky told the young woman.
"I wish I could tell you, but I am not too familiar with your city, it would be better that I show you where," Yuki told the two private detectives.
"But Yuki it could be dangerous and people could be hurt," Jim told his new client.
"I insist Mr. Brandon my sister doesn't speak any English, and is probably deathly afraid right now," Yuki replied.
Jacky and Jim looked at each other, and Jacky shrugged her shoulders as if to say, 'why not, what could go wrong.' The three finished the bottle of champagne then left the club. Yuki was only doing one show that night, and she would meet Jacky and Jim around the corner from the club. There was a set of eyes on Jacky and Jim as they pulled away from the Cherry Blossom club.
Jacky and Jim retrieved Jim's car and sped off to meet Yuki and block or two away from the club. Jim make a right onto 12th street and on the next corner is standing Yuki. The detective pulls over and Yuki gets into the back.
"Did anyone see you," Jacky asks?
"No, I was very careful, I am sure no one saw me," Yuki replied.
"Which way should I go, Yuki" Jim asked his client?
Yuki told the two detectives to head in the direction of Girard and Kensington avenues. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there, in the late evening traffic. Yuki instructs Jim to drive around on the side streets till she sees something familiar. Finally Yuki shouts out, "That's the street there pull over, Jim!"
Jim parks his car on a small dead end street just off Kensington Avenue. It looked like every building was abandoned. There was an old warehouse at the end and on one side it looked like an out of business hair salon. Jim parked his car at the end of the block, near Kensington Ave. The three people got out of the car and stood on the sidewalk, studying the building.
"I am sure my sister is being held in that building," said Yuki.
"You are sure, it looks pretty deserted," Jacky said to Yuki.
"We just have to be careful when we go in," Jim said to the two women.
Jacky thought it would be better that only she and Jim enter the building, but Yuki protested against this. "My sister is scared to death right now, and if a fight breaks out, I'm afraid of what would happen," she told the two detectives.
"Listen Yuki, Jim and I are professionals, we've been highly trained at this sort of activity, you could get in our way or even hurt," Jacky replied.
Yuki was insistent that she go with the two spandex clad sleuths. Jacky and Jim looked at each other rand shrugged their shoulders, as if what could they do. The three move across the street and hug the wall of the building. Both Jacky and Jim are on their guard for a trap. They both hear little voices in their heads, "Something doesn't smell right about this."
The three get to the front door of the building and Yuki says, "Please be careful, and good luck to you."
Jacky and Jim nod to her and Jim tries the door. It is unlocked, another sign that they are walking into a trap, Jim thinks. Jim opens the door slowly, checking behind the door to make sure no one is lying in wait to cash them from behind. The three people move into the now defunct hair salon. Jacky pulls out a small flash light from the inside pocket of her jacket, and turns it on, shining it around to room. From the look of things this place hadn't been in business for some time. There is trash and old wine bottle strewn about the room. From the look of things Philadelphia's homeless population had used this building for a crash pad.
"Jacky turns to Jim and Yuki, "I'll check up stairs to see if she is there, Jim you back me up down here, and Yuki you stay with Jim."
"Good ideas, Jacky watch your back doll," Jim said to his Scots South African partner.
Jacky headed up the stairs searching for Yuki's sister, Sasha, Yuki and Jim waited at the bottom of the stairs. Jim stood ready to help his close friend in case she got jumped when she got upstairs. Jim watched the 49 year old private detective climb the stairs. Thinking to himself how hot she looked in Jill's spandex disco outfit. Yuki stood behind the 47 year old male sleuth and smiled.
"I am so grateful to you and your friend, my family will be in your debt forever," Yuki whispered in Jim's ear.

5 Good nights Jacky and Jim
As the Scottish female sleuth walked slowly up the stairs, Jim watch intently ready to rush to Jacky's aid if she walked into trouble.
"This is so exciting Mr. Jim Brandon, maybe I can become one of your private eyes at your agency," said Yuki. "I can be your female Charlie Chan," she went on to say laughing a little.
"Well, that could be possible, you have to go to school and learn investigation methods, and maybe in four or five years, you could become a private detective," Jim replied to Yuki.
Little did Jim realize that Yuki had pulled out a .44 Magnum from her purse. He was too preoccupied watching the spandex clad Jacky Graham go up the steps. Jim was excited to be working with Jacky again, he had really enjoyed helping Jacky in Glasgow. Even though they had spent a good amount of time unconscious, and he had a few lumps to prove it. Jacky had made an excellent partner, like Jill and Beverly. These thoughts running through the 47 year old male sleuths mind was a mistake. Yuki raised the pistol and swung it toward the base of Jim's neck.
'TTHHWWAAPP!!!' The sound of the pistol making impact against the black hair cover skull of the unsuspecting detective.
"UUUNNNHHH..." an involuntary groan escaped Jim's mouth as his eye went wide with shock and pain. His vision turned red with exploding stars, which grew dark. Jim's eyes rolled upward as he fell face first on the floor. Yuki had knocked out her employee. Jim's last conscious thoughts were he had taken his friend Jacky right into a trap. Jim felt himself grow aroused, and his penis grew hard under his spandex disco pants. The thought that Jacky would soon be lying next to him also in a forced unconsciousness excited the sleuth to no end.
Yuki swung the pistol and watched it make impact with the back of Jim's neck. She saw the sleuth's body jerk awkwardly and fall forward to the salon floor. Yuki was happy that Jim didn't try to prevent his fall, a sure sign the blow was hard enough to knock the detective out cold. As the Asian woman looked at the fallen sleuth she saw his right leg spasm and raise a few inches the drop to the floor and lay still.
"Now to wait for the girl to come down and I'll soon be able to collect my bounty on Mr. Brandon here," Yuki said softly.
While Yuki was knocking her friend Jim out. Jacky had gotten to the top of the stairs she looked around the small room, "There is no one here, she whispered softly to herself."
Jacky saw some of the same stuff she had seen downstairs, broken liqueur bottles trash, a hair dryer. A wave of fear washed over her as she noticed the police outline of a body on the floor, also against the far wall were three cans of gasoline and a bundle of dynamite. Jacky ran over to the explosives and checked the timer. A sigh of relief escaped her lips, it wasn't active. Then the female Scots sleuth realized.
"RATICUS IT'S A TRAP," screamed Jacky inside her head, as she heard what sounded like a duffle bag of clothes being dropped on the floor. The mature 49 year old woman quickly turned and headed back toward the stairs. Jacky took on last look around to see if the was any signs that someone had been held against their will here. She had hoped the outline of the body wasn't Jim's client's sister Sasha.
Jacky quickly went down the stairs shouting, "Jim, Yuki get out there is a bomb up here!"
The sexy mature sleuth got to the bottom of the stairs and turned, only to see Jim lying knocked out on the floor and Yuki pointing a pistol at her. Jacky's heart sank when she realized the sound she had heard upstairs was of Jim being knocked out. Her back up now unconscious on the floor, Jacky thought she soon would be lying next to him unconscious.
"That's it Mrs. Graham don't make any sudden moves, and put your hands up, I really don't like shooting people, explosives are more my thing," Yuki said to the stunned Scot South African woman.
"Why Yuki, what did Jim do to you," Jacky asked the Asian woman?
"He never did anything to me, but I have been paid very well to make sure Mr. James Brandon meets his maker. You just happen to be caught up in all this, I'm afraid I cannot leave any witnesses," Yuki told the trapped blonde shamus.
"Who paid you to kill, Jim," Jacky asked trying to stall for time to come up with a plan.
"Oh, Mr. Brandon isn't dead yet, he will be and so will you Mrs. Graham, and I'm afraid you won't find out who hired me, but it was a good try. Now if you will come a little closer to me, Mrs. Graham," Yuki told the helpless Jacky.
Jacky walked toward the young Asian hit woman, stepping over her unconscious friend and partner. Thinking, " Richard warned me to be careful." The blonde Scot detective thought of her husband and daughter, Connie and son Allen, she loved them so much, and hoped she would get to see them again.
Jacky walked right up to Yuki. The barrel of the pistol pressing into her stomach. Jacky could feel the barrel through the spandex fabric of her bodysuit. "Oh, boy! Jill is going to be angry with me for getting her spandex outfit dirty," was all Jacky could think of, having just met Jill Benner and becoming so fond of the young blonde detective. She had hoped she would have gotten a better chance to know Jill, since she had convinced Jacky to wear such a revealing outfit, but Jill had a similar body type as Jacky even though she wasn't as old as Jacky.
"Not so close Mrs. Graham, I don't want you to get any chances to attack me, take a step or two back and turn around," Yuki said to Jacky.
"Is it one step or two, Yuki," said Jacky with a smirk on her face.
"I wouldn't be so cocky Mrs. Graham you are about to be rendered unconscious and soon after you and Mr. Brandon will be killed in an explosion, you are in deep trouble. So being smart doesn't help right at the moment," Yuki said with some anger growing in her voice.
Of course Yuki was right, but it was in Jacky's nature to never give up. Jacky knew Yuki could of just coshed her right on top of the head, but now Jacky took two steps back and turned her back to the Asian hit woman.
"Oh, man here it comes," Jacky thought, "Okay now what, Yuki?" said Jacky defiantly.
"This!" said Yuki smiling.
Yuki's pistol came crashing down making brutal impact with the base of Jacky's blonde bobbed skull.
"UNNNGGgghhh...."moaned Jacky as the pain of the blow rushed through her spandex encased body.
Her head jerked back and she winced from the pain coursing through her body. When the Scottish blonde sleuth opened her eyes again, they were already rolling up in their sockets. Her vision turned photo negative and everything started growing dark. Jacky knew all too well she had received a knockout blow. Her knees gave out and she fell on top of her unconscious partner, Jim. The blonde Scottish detective tried to rise one more time, but her muscles convulsed one more time as she collapsed down a dark hole into pain and darkness.
Yuki watched Jacky go rigid at the blow she had delivered took effect. She saw Jacky throw her head back and slump down. Yuki enjoyed hearing the sound of two spandex encased bodies crashing into each other. Yuki saw Jacky try to get up, but let out a faint sigh and went totally limp on top of her partner. Now Jacky lay on top of her friend Jim, both in deep forced unconsciousness.

A private investigator co-owner of S & S Investigations. Love mysteries and snooping around. Often falling into traps and getting knocked out, usually with a female partner. A lot of times with Jill Benner PI.